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AJPW - 26 януари 2013


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January 26th, 2013

Ota Ward Gymnsium

1. KENSO & Kaz Hayashi vs. Jimmy Yang & Reid Flair

2. Masayuki Kono & Masanobu Fuchi vs. Tomoaki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto

3. Shuji Kondo & MAZADA vs. SUSHI & Andy Wu

4. Special Six Man Tag Match: Masahiro Chono, Suwama & Joe Doering vs. Takao Omori, Ryota Hama & Yasufumi Nakanoue

5. BJW Strong Heavyweight Title: Manabu Soya © vs. Yoshihito Sasaki

6. All Asia Tag Team Title: Junior Stars (Minoru Tanaka & Koji Kanemoto) © vs. Hiroshi Yamato & Hikaru Sato

7. Special Tag Match: Keiji Muto & Ric Flair vs. Tatsumu Fujinami & Seiya Sanada

8. Triple Crown: Masakatsu Funaki © vs. Akebono

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Masahiro Chono, who last week signed with AJPW as an adviser, called for a press conference today in the All Japan office to announce that he will indeed be wrestling on the 26th January show. Chono announced that the match will be a 6-man tag team match as he teams with Last Revolution (Suwama & Joe Doering) to take on the team of Takao Omori, Ryota Hama and Yasufumi Nakanoue. It should be noted that a few days ago Nakanoue had challenged Chono and promised to gain some revenge for Chono slapping All Japan President Masayuki Uchida.

Last year Chono made his intentions known that he wanted to work with Suwama in some capacity but Suwama did not seem to want to align himself with Chono. It seems Chono is now putting himself alongside Suwama to try and make something happen between the two but Chono's real intentions are not known at this time. Could we see a new faction formed in All Japan?

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All five wrestlers who recently left Pro-Wrestling NOAH (Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Kotaro Suzuki & Atsushi Aoki) will be at All Japan's January 26th show. The group will now be known as "Burning". Burning used to be the tag team name of Kobashi & Akiyama back in the 90s as well the name of Kobashi's group in NOAH. Kobashi himself has given Akiyama permission to use the Burning name going forward.

Akiyama said he wants Keiji Muto, Masahiro Chono and AJPW President Uchida to be there for Burning's appearance in All Japan to greet them and for Uchida to shake his hand since Uchida refused to do it when Akiyama [still a NOAH wreslter at that point] was the Triple Crown champion last year. He also said one of their goals was to take the World Tag Team Titles away from GET WILD (Omori & Soya).

Burning haven't signed contracts with All Japan but are scheduled to be part of All Japan's February and March tours.

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Earlier today All Japan held a final press conference before their big show on January 26th. A few of the talent involved in the big matches of the show were on hand to offer final comments prior to the big event.

Ric Flair stated that Muto is one of the best in Japan. Flair is apparently all about business first though as he said he will be training tonight (500 free squats) along with hitting up the famous Ribera Steakhouse, then tomorrow wrestle then afterwords he is looking to hit up Roppongi's night life and maybe Shinjuku's. He said that he is very excited to be in Japan, and is looking forward to the match tomorrow.

The event will be headlined aby Funaki defending the Triple Crown against Akebono. This will be a tough match for Funaki in giving up over 100kg to his opponent, but Funaki stated that he has been building up the mental strength to prepare himself. Akebono stated that there is a sense of good tension for himself and he plans to make the most of this chance that has been laid before him.

Keiji Muto said that this show will be a perfect showing of the "BASIC & DYNAMIC" slogan that All Japan will be using to represent 2013. His match alone will showcase the basic style of pro wrestling with Fujinami and Flair being involved, then Sanada showcasing the Dynamic with his young and gifted style. He is very excited to see what may happen at tomorrow's show.

Reid Flair also got a moment to talk to the press and he said that he is familiar with the Japanese style of wrestling and Keiji Muto is his favorite. He mentioned the fact that he has been a professional wrestler since 2008 and he is excited to be able to compete in Japan.


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Ota Ward Gymnsium
4,800 Fans -
Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Shuji Kondo & MAZADA beat SUSHI & Andy Wu (4:43) when Kondo used the King Kong Lariat on Wu.
2. Masayuki Kono & Masanobu Fuchi beat Kazushi Miyaoto & Tomoaki Honma (7:40) when Kono used a Giant Knee Drop on Miyamoto.
3. 3 Way Match: KENSO beat Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang (3:15) with a Diving Elbow Drop on Yang.
4. BJW World Strong Heavyweight Title: Manabu Soya © beat Yoshihito Sasaki (12:31) with the Wild Bomber (1st defense).
5. All Asia Tag Team Title: Hiroshi Yamato & Hikaru Sato beat Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka © (20:15) when Yamato used a Cross Arm Suplex Hold on Kanemoto to become the new champions.
6. Special Six Man Tag Match: Masahiro Chono, Suwama & Joe Doering beat Takao Omori, Ryota Hama & Yasufumi Nakanoue (9:21) when Suwama used a Last Ride on Nakanoue.
7. Special Tag Match: Tatsumu Fujinami & Seiya Sanada beat Keiji Muto & Reid Flair (15:31) when Sanada used the THIS IS IT on Flair.
8. Triple Crown: Masakatsu Funaki © beat Akebono (11:54) with a Face Kick (4th defense).


- Ric Flair was not greenlit to participate in his match by the doctors, who said he has a venous thrombosis on his left leg. His son Reid Flair was his substitute.

- After the fifth match, Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki, Kotaro Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Atsushi Aoki came to the ring and stated that Burning will be the future of All Japan Pro Wrestling. They announced a 5 Match Series between Burning and AJPW on the 2.23 show, and that Akiyama and Shiozaki will be challenging for the AJPW World Tag Team Titles on 3.17.

- Suwama challenged Masakatsu Funaki for the Triple Crown on the 3.17.


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