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National Pro Wrestling Day - 2 февруари 2013


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A number of independent promotions are coming together to host a free day of wrestling in Philadelphia on Saturday 2/2/13, dubbed "National Pro Wrestling Day". The event will take place in Philly's Derby Ink Gardens and will feature, with free admission, talent and matches from:


Ring of Honor Wrestling (MD)


International Wrestling Cartel (PA)

Wrestling is Fun! (PA)

Women Superstars Uncensored (NJ)

Beyond Wrestling (RI)

Kaiju Big Battel (MA)

Wrestling is Awesome (VT)


New York Wrestling Connection (NY)

Fighting Spirit Wrestling (NY)


CWF Mid-Atlantic (NC)

Resistance Pro (IL)

School of Roc (IN)

Wrestling is Heart (IN)

Absolute Intense Wrestling (OH)

Anarchy Championship Wrestling (TX)


Wrestling is Art (MA)

Metro Pro Wrestling (KS)

St. Louis Anarchy (MO)

Wrestling is Respect (NJ)

The plan is to have an afternoon card at 1 PM, followed by an evening event at 7 PM. Both cards will be broadcast via iPPV as well.

National Pro Wrestling Day will feature different, unique promotions as possible to give everyone some additional awareness beyond their usual fan base and to celebrate the artform that is pro wrestling.

For more details, visit http://nationalprowrestlingday.com

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Следобедно шоу:

ROH Tag Team champions The Briscoes vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino

Corino cut a promo before the show saying that Ring of Honor wouldn't send the ROH champion Kevin Steen because they didn't want him to represent the company. He said that the ROH that Philadelphia knew and loved is dead and tonight they will continue to kill the company by taking back their ROH Tag Team belts.

Cary Silkin, as the official ROH rep, came out with the Briscoes. They did the code of honor handshake before the bout.

Corino and Jay Briscoe locked up. Corino backed him into a corner and nailed several chops. Jay fought his way out. Mark nailed a missile dropkick off the top and the Briscoes nailed a double shoulderblock to send the challengers to the floor. Mark then hit a great flip dive over the top to the floor.

The Briscoes worked over Corino and Jacobs on the floor and used some Red Neck Kung Fu. Back in the ring, Jay nailed a running boot to the face of Jacobs in the corner. Jacobs reversed a whip into the corner and Corino nailed Jay from behind. Corino tagged in and S.C.U.M. beat down Jay, double teaming him.

The challengers worked over Jay until he sent Corino into the buckles and made the hot tag to Mark. Mark cleaned house with his Kung Fu. He was awesome. He nailed a sitdown powerbomb on Jacobs for a two count. The Briscoes then nailed a double team neckbreaker for another two count but Corino returned to the fray.

Jacobs speared Mark and Corino took out Jay. Jacobs nailed Sliced Bread #2 for a near fall. The Briscoes finally nailed the Doomsday Device for the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, The Briscoes!

Steve Corino attacked them and laid them out from behind. He took the mic and said he wanted ROH to die and they would take them out at the March 2nd iPPV. He said evil was coming and ROH would become Ring of S.C.U.M.

Saturyne vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado (with his man servent Herbert) -presented by Wrestling Is Fun

They locked up and Saturyne cinched in a side headlock. Coranado used his power to shrug her off. She nailed several nice athletic moves including a rana to send him to the floor. She went for a dive but Herbert got in the way. She stopped, then wiped them both out.

Coronado took control when they returned to the ring and cheated, choking her against the ropes. He distracted the referee, allowing Herbet to do the same. Saturyne fought back but he cut her off . She tried to mount a comeback but when she rebounded off the ropes, was tripped up. Coronado drilled her with a kick for a two count.

Saturyne made a comeback but was tossed off the top. She finally escaped an atomic drop attempt and dropkicked Coronado in the corner. She nailed a kick to the head for a two count.

Saturyne finally rolled up Coronado with a small package and scored the pin.

Your winner, Saturyne!


Vik Delicious & Ben Ortiz vs. Tommy Dreamer & Hale Collins, presented by House of Hardcore

Dreamer took the mic and said it was great to be here. The fans chanted ECW. He said when he heard of the show, he said he had to be here because the fans are his family and he loves wrestling. He said everything he has is because of wrestling. He said he's here because he's a fan and explained Ortiz is an MMA fighter who is having his first match tonight.

Collins and Delicious, who feuded all over the Northeast for NEW, started out. They went back and forth. Ortiz and Dreamer tagged in. The crowd chanted for Dreamer. Ortiz overpowered Dreamer and nailed a big suplex. He went for an elbowdrop but Dreamer rolled out of the way.

Dreamer and Collins double teamed Ortiz for several near falls. Collins went for a kick but was caught in a head and arms Tazplex for a two count. Ortiz began working over Collins' leg, snapping and twisting it.

Delicious and Ortiz continued working over Collins, who finally came back with a Famouser. Dreamer ade the hot tag and cleaned house. He nailed a neckbreaker on Delicious. Collins worked over Ortiz on the floor.

Dreamer snapped Delicious into the buckles and covered him for a two count. Dreamer nailed a DDT on one. Collins hit a top rope frog splash and they pinned their opponents in stereo.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and Hale Collins!

Another decent bout.

Ortiz and Delicious laid out the referee after.

Ethan Page vs. Josh Alexander, presented by Absolute Intense Wrestling

Alexander attacked Page at the bell. Page was run into the buckles and sent to the floor. Alexander hit a sliding kick to the floor. He then powerbombed Page on the apron for a two count.

Alexander went for a slam but Page's manager (a hot brunette, didn't catch her name), distracted him. This allowed Page to get the upper hand and choked Alexander against the ropes. He nailed a series of strikes. Aleander fought back but missed a discus punch. Page wiped his legs out and nailed a big elbow for a two count. Page used his feet to choke him against the buckles.

Page was drilled in the corner but fought back and nailed a big suplex. Aleander drilled him in mid-air with a knee and reversed it. He locked in a surfboard variation on the mat. They battled back and forth with reversal and uppercuts.

Page drilled Alexander with a big forearm smash for a two count, Alexander came back with a sitting inverted piledriver for a two count. Page returned with a big lariat for a two count. Good back and forth match.

Alexander was drilled with several shots but used a big forearm to escape. The manager tried to grab his leg so she was pulled onto the apron. Page went for a big boot but Alexander caught it and sent it into the manager. Nice spot. Alexander finished it up with a tombstone for the pin.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

Good match!

Arik Royal & Chiva Kid vs. Ric Converse & Trevor Lee, presented by CWF Mid-Atlantic

Royal and Converse started out. Converse controlled early. Lee and Kid tagged in. Kid hit a series of hot moves that the crowd got into. Lee cut him off with a big elbow. They worked over Kid in their corner. He fired his way out with elbows and punches, then nailed a springboard dropkick on both. Kid followed that up with a leaping dive to the floor on Lee, then returned to hit onto on Converse, who was on the opposite side.

Back in the ring, Kid was cut off by Converse, who drilled him with rights and a back suplex. Lee tagged in and cut Kid off, working him over on the mat. Converse tagged in and worked over Kid, including a nasty spike DDT.

They went back and forth with some great stuff. Royal tagged in and hit some nice stuff. Kid went for a springboard but was caught with a sitdown slam. Converse drilled Royal with a big kick. Kid tricked Lee into nailing Converse. Converse was nailed with a brainbuster. Kid went to the top and hit an insane double rotation moonsault. THAT brought down the house.

Your winners, Arik Royal & Chiva Kid!

Excellent old school match with Kid bringing some kickass flying. NC was well represented today.

Matt Tremont vs. Latin Dragon vs. Rory Mondo, presented by CZW.

Tremont overpowered the others when he locked up with them. Everyone is wearing "Wrestling Fears CZW" shirts. They sent Tremont to the outside. Mondo went for a dive through the ropes but caught his legs on the ropes and nearly died. How he was OK is beyond me, but he was. He came back to hit an Arabian Press on Dragon.

Tremont returned to the fray and began beating the piss out of both men. He nailed Dragon with a Facewash, then did the same to Mondo. Mondo went for a flying head scissor but slipped, so he ended up taking a back suple to the floor. Dragon hit a dive over the top on both.

Dragon continued to work over Mondo but was caught with a big head and arms suplex by Tremont. Tremont chopped away at Mondo. Mondo fought back and drilled Tremont with a double stomp off the top. Dragon caught him with a full nelson suplex and went to the top for a 450 splash. Tremont came off the top with a frog splash on both as Dragon tried to pin Mondo, then powerbombed Dragon for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

Good match but man some of those spots scared me. Mondo is lucky not to be dead.

Wrestling Is Art presents Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush

They battled back and forth with some nice counter wrestling. Cabana pulled out some trademark silliness. Quackenbush tied up Cabana on the mat but was caught in flying head scissors. Quack finally bounced his way out of it and landed on his feet.

Quack began working over Cabana's arm but Cabana rolled to the mat and kicked him off. They did a series of reversals, leading to Cabana cinching in a rear chinlock. The crowd rallied Quack.

They went into some fun Johnny Saint inspired British comedy and takedowns. It was awesome. They went into a great back and forth series of pinfall combinations.

They continued going back and forth until Cabana shocked the entire place getting the pin with a forward roll. They shook hands after. Great match that was a totally different spin on pro wrestling.

Your winner, Colt Cabana!

After the bout, Bill Apter came out to present an award to Cabana for being the ambassador for independent pro wrestling. That is certainly a deserved honor. Cabana said that everyone came here because they love pro wrestling. He said when he was a kid, he read the old Pro Wrestling Illustrated issues and had a dream to be one of those heroes, so he's touched that he gets to come full circle and get an award from Bill and give something back to pro wrestling means the world to him. He told a story about going to WWE and being treated like crap but coming back and being welcomed with open arms by the family that is independent wrestling. He said that indy wrestling isn't a taboo but a family and it has some of the best athletes and performers in the world. Great speech.

Beyond Wrestling: Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic vs. Eric Corvis & Chris Dickinson

They started off hot with Dunkerton and Epic working over Corvis. Epic controlled Corvis but was cut off. Dickinson tagged in and controlled Epic, who was trapped in the opposition's corner. They tagged in and out working him over.

They continued working over Epic as Dunkerston rallied the troops. Dickinson suplexed Dunkerton on the floor. Corvis missed a charge in the corner and was nailed by Epic. Epic went for a superplex but was shoved off. Corvis hit a splash. Dickinson hit the scene and drilled Epic with a series of kicks. Epic fought back with several hard shots as Dunkerton finally pulled himself to the apron and tagged in.

Dickinson tagged Sugar with a series of kicks but Dunkerton got right into his face and challenged him for more. They traded some stiff headbutts and forearms. Dunkerton nailed a back suplex but was grabbed by Corvis for a tombstone.

Corvis whipped Epic into the corner but was nailed with a stunner. They continued going back and forth. I missed the finish because they had so many guys around the ring.

Your winners, Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic!

Rey De Voladores Tournament: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Jojo Bravo vs. Oliver Grimsley vs. Shane Hollister

They went back and forth with some fun combinations early. Bravo is a smaller guy billed from Monster Island, which led to some creative stuff where he needed help to leap up, etc. Hollister has an unbelievably hot redhead with him. He nailed Bravo with a tilotwhirl backbreaker as Scorpio returned to the ring.

They ran off everyone else. Bravo tried to slam Scorpio but failed. Scorp nailed him with a big shot across the back and a series of forearms. Bravo came off the top with a double knee to the chest for a two count. Hollister returned to the scene and battered both with forearms. Bravo used a head scissors to send him into the buckles.

Bravo was eliminated. He had a good showing.

Scorpio was grabbed by Grimsley in the well, nipples. Grimsley used them for momentum to send Scorp up and over to the mat. That was funny. Hollister drilled Grimsley with a running boot. He redhead grabbed him but Scorp nailed Hollister.

Grimsley reversed and grabbed the redhead, who I am told is nailed Scarlett. Scorp teased a powerbomb but was superkicked by Hollister. Hollister was nailed with a 619 by Grimsley. Scorpio then nailed Hollister with a kick, sending him to the floor. Hollister and Scorpio battered each other back and forth.

They battled to the top but Scorp failed to nail a top rope rana. Hollister called him and old man and drilled him from the top for a two count. Scorpio nailed a 450 splash and pinned Hollister who was eliminated. Grimsley immediately nailed Scorp with a splash and covered him for a two count.

They battled back and forth. Grimsley nailed a springboard into a bodypress for a two count. Scorp went for a slam but it was turned into a twisting DDT. Hollister nailed a backcracker on Scorpio for a two count.

They had some nice exchanges and near falls until Scorpio nailed the 450 splash for the win.

Your winner, advancing to the finals tonight, 2 Cold Scorpio!

Really fun match!

Kaiju Big Battel presents American Beetle & Neo Teppen vs. Dr. Cube & Sekmet.

Kaiju Big Battel features characters that are "monsters", inspired by the old great Kaiju films (think Gamera and Godzilla). It's awesome but there are so many wacky characters I don't know where to begin, but if you haven't had a chance to check them out, you should. American Beetle's team won. It was great. When no less an authority than Tony Lewis loves it, you know it's good.

Wrestling is Respect presents Drew Gulak vs. Francis O'Rourke.

They did some really good back and forth mat wrestling and reversals early. Gulak trapped O'Roure in a head scissors. Just as he was about to escape, Gulak snapped on a side headlock.

They went back and forth and finally battled their way to the top and Gulak was drilled with a monster superplex. Gulak was worked over but came back with a rolleup into a submission and forced O'Rourke to tap.

Really good submission style match.

Your winner, Drew Gulak!

Rey de Voladores Opening Round: Bolt Brady vs. ACH vs. Lukas Sharp vs. Surfer Mitch

Bradley and Sharp opened up the bout. Lots of ACH chants. Sharp called time out and left the ring, opening the door for ACH to get involved. He nailed Brady with an inverted atomic drop. Mitch tagged in and nailed a series of armdrags and a splash for a two count.

Sharp and Mitch went back and forth and exchanged kicks. Mitch was wiped out with a big clothesline that sent him inside out. ACH nailed a series of chops on Lukas and drilled him with punches and leaping kickss. Mitch cut him off during a charge but was sent to the outside. ACH hit an awesome clothesline that sent him flying feet first through the ropes to the floor.

He nailed Brady with a leaping leg lariat. He drilled Brady with a right hand then hit an awesome leaping, twisting dive to the floor. ACH missed a big flying bodypress . Lukas grabbed him in a Torture Rack with a death valley driver. ACH was worked over by Lukas but came back with a series of thrusts to the chest.

Brady tagged in and nailed a leaping back elbow. He nailed a Thesz Press for a two count but Mitch interfered. Brady nailed a Jay Driller over his own knees for a two count. ACH cut him off ad whipped Brady into the corner. Brady caught him coming in with a knee, then nailed diving knees to the mat for a two count. Brady was drilled by Lukas and pinned. Mitch then wiped out Lukas and pinned him.

ACH killed Mitch with a series of hard big boots. ACH nailed Code Red for a two count. They rebounded off the ropes and nailed a double clothesline. Mitch used a head scissors takedown to send ACH into the ropes, then drilled him with a dropkick on the apron.

Mitch came off the top with a body press for a two count. The crowd tried to rally ACH. Mitch went for a move but ACH battled him off with a series of elbows. He went to grab Mitch but was suplexed in a nasty way into the buckles.

Mitch went to the top but took too long. ACH reached him but was shoved off. He leapt back up and hit a leaping rana and a splash for the pin.

Your winner, ACH!

OK match that got really good when it came down to the last two. It will be Scorpio vs. ACH later on!

Вечерно шоу:

Wrestling Is Heart presents Heidi Lovelace & Mat Russo vs. "The League" of Reed Bentley & Tripp Cassidy

The League attacked Lovelace and Russo, who fought them off. She had some really athletic moves and looked the most impressive of the quartet early.

Cassidy worked over Lovelace and nailed her with a suplex, followed by a forearm smash to the face. He tagged out to Bentley, who locked in a camel clutch, then smashed down on her back.

They kept beating down Lovelace, including flipping her over in a Pendulum but she kept kicking out. The crowd got into that. She finally made the hot tag to Russo, who came off the top with a rear elbow. Lovelace used a head scissor like move to drill Bentley's head into the mat. Russo missed a splash off the top on Cassidy.

Lovelace went for a Lucha takedown of some sort but was shoved off and punched hard in the face with a forearm by Bentley, who covered her for the win.

Your winners, Reed Bentley and Tripp Cassidy.

The match was pretty much a spotlight for Lovelace who took some incredible bumps and a beating that Spike Dudley would have cringed at.

The Maximos vs. Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik, presented by Fighting Spirit Wrestling

They started out fast with a hot opening sequence before Ortiz and Draztik took control on Joel Maximo. Joel slid out of the ring to escap Draztik who followed and was caught following him back into the ring. Will Maximo tagged in and the SAT hit several double team moves before Will brought him back to the mat with a chinlock.

Ortiz finally tagged in but was trapped in a number of pinfall attempts by Will. Draztik tagged back in, took control of Will Maximo and nailed a cannonball in the corner. Draztik continued working over Will with some good offense.

Joel drilled Draztik with a kick and went to DDT him off the apron to the floor but was wiped out when Ortiz hit a tope on him. Draztik returned to the ring and dropkicked Will to the floor, then hit a nice moonsault off the buckles to the outside on everyone.

When they returned to the ring, they continued with a good pace with some back and forth action. Draztik failed with a top rope rana. Will sent him into the air, where Joel speared him. Draztik went for a rana off the top but was caught and powerbombed by Joel. Joel then hit a Kryptonite Krunch on Ortiz.

Will went for a powerbomb but was backdropped over. Ortiz and Draztik double teamed him. The Maximos finally hit the Spanish Fly on Ortiz to score the pin.

Your winners, The Maximos!

It started out iffy but it got very good as they went farther along. Draztik has some real potential. Ortiz was good. Solid.

Christina Von Eerie vs. Ezavel

Von Eeris is a substitute for Marti Belle. She's working heel. Ezavel, a masked blonde, had control early but was cut off with several kicks to the gut.

Von Eerie controlled the flow of the match and worked over Ezavel with a series of knees to the gut. She continued cutting off Ezavel until finally she was speared and beaten into the mat.

Ezavel faked out Von Eerie, who sailed through the ropes to the floor. Ezavel followed and they battled back and forth with forearms. They fought back into the ring, where Ezavel caught Von Eerie with a sunset flip for the win.

Your winner, Ezavel!

OK match.

After the match, Ezavel was attacked by Von Eerie and choked out with a studded belt. Several officials had to drag Von Eerie off of her.

Resistance Pro presents Jay Bradley & Darcy Dixon vs. Resistance Pro champion Robert Anthony & Thunder Kitty.

Kitty and Bradley started out She went for a waistlock from behind but couldn't budge him. Bradley spun in circles until she let go and fell to the mat, then stomped her.

Dixon and Anthony tagged in. Anthony grabbed a wristlock but she rolled through and took him down. He fought to his feet and backed her up into the corner. She ducked a backhanded and nailed several punches, but was scooped and slammed down.

Thunder Kitty tagged in and they began fighting back and forth with chops and stiff forearms. Kitty sent Dixon hard into the corner, then nailed her with a rolling cannonball. Bradley hit the ring and drilled Kitty with a lariat from behind.

Anthony and Bradley went back and forth. Anthony got free and drilled Dion square in the face with a big boot. The crowd was shocked at that one. Bradley sent Anthony into the ropes and drilled him with a back elbow on the rebound.

He dropped a knee across Anthony's back for a two count but was caught in the gut with a hard shot. He stomped Anthony off. Anthony caught him with a death valley driver. Dixon tagged in and tried to go for a fisherman's buster. He reversed it but she landed on her feet, which he didn't realize. Anthony preened to the crowd and when he turned around, she drilled him with a forearm and death valley driver for a two count. She then nailed him with a powerbomb out of the corner.

Thunder Kitty grabbed Dixon for a loing airplane spin which ended when she fell dizzy. Dixon tossed her to the outside but was nailed by Anthony. Bradley tagged in and drilled Anthony, then called for the Boomstick. Dixon wanted to be tagged in and they had words. That allowed Anthony to catch him with a small package for the win.

Your winners, Resistance Pro champion Robert Anthony and Thunder Kitty!

Dixon and Bradley had words so he shoved her down. She got back in his face so he drilled her flush with a running lariat and left her laying. Bradley covered her and counted his own pin, then walked out.

Real good match. Dixon is a real talent to watch. Thunder Kitty plays a great throwback female talent, almost like a female version of Matt Classic. Anthony and Bradley are polished like hell. Good showing for Resistance Pro.

CHIKARA presents F.I.S.T & Los Ice Creams vs. 3.0 & The Colony.

LOTS of fun comedy early. They did a bit where Scott Parker played matador to one of the Ice Creams, then blinded him with the cape. He then went for a bodypress and missed because the blinded Ice Cream didn't walk into the line of fire.

They then went into a full blow Lucha style match some great takedowns, exchanges and guys entering the ring as others were tossed out. They worked over 3.0 for a long time, leading to a "defense" chant. The Colonh finally got involved and cleaned house on Icarus, including a double dropkick in the corner.

They went into a great series of dives before the Colony and 3.0 scored the win.

Fun match with a great mix. The crowd was really into this and chanted "CHIKARA" after.

NYWC presents the Slop Hunters vs. Tony Nese & Apollyon

Silver started with Apllyon but couldn't budge him. Apollyon exploded and killed Silver with a clothelines. Nese tagged in and went back and forth with Reynolds in an awesome sequence, then killed Silver with a clothesline. Everyone ended up on the floor so Apollyon hit a dive through the ropes, which is quite the sight to see.

Nese hit a double jump moonsault on Reynolds for a two count, Silver came back and nailed a running boot to the back of the head, then a splash off the ropes for a two count. He nailed several knees and covered Nese for a two count.

Nese began killing Silver with a series of stiff kicks and went for a back suplex but Silver landed on his feet and drilled Nese with a double knee attack to the chest. Reynolds tagged in but was caught with a gutwrench powerbomb for a two count.

Apollyon tagged in and clotheslined both Slop Hunters, then nailed a spinebuster on Reynolds. He chokeslammed Reynolds and driller Silver down with an over the shoulder Michinoku Driver at the same time. He charged Reynolds, who ducked and Apollyon went to the floor. Nese sent Reynolds to the floor, then hit a reverse dive over the top.

Back in the ring, Apollyon and Nese double teamed Silver. The Slop Hunters nailed a series of double team kicks on Apollyon, who finally went down. Reynolds nailed a back suplex on Nese, who kicked out at the last second.

They went into a series of near falls until Apollyon squashed Silver with a big splash off the top for the pin.

Your winners, Apollyon and Tony Nese!

Awesome match. NYWC is the best training ground going right now. So underrated.

Your winners, Apollyon and Tony Nese!

EVOLVE: AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland

They went back and forth with some good athletic reversals and faced off. They battled onto the apron. Strickland jumped away from the apron to the floor. Fox hit a running moonsault off the guard rail to the floor, the hit his springboard back first dive, wiping out Strickland.

Back in the ring, Strickland was wiped out in the corner and Fox cinched in a rear chinlock. Strickland elbowed Fox to stop a charge and used a handstand into a head scissor takedown to bring Fox down. Strickland nailed a series of leaping kicks and a dive to the outside. Really good, athletic stuff.

Fox caught Strickland with a kick while he was on the top rope but was shoved off when he went for a move. Strickland came off with a leaping kick and covered Fox for a two count. Fox fought back and wiped out Strickland with a series of dives to the outside. He nailed a swanton off the top for a two count.

Strickland nailed a leap into a tombstone that was awesome. He got a two count out of that. The crowd rallied both men while they were down. Strickland went for a running boot but was caught, flipped to the mat and nailed with a big kick. Fox came back with a leaping spanish fly and scored the pin.

Your winner, AR Fox!

A fellow named Sidney Bakabella, who echoed the great Tony Clifton (google it!) cut a promo saying Fritz Von Erich now owned Wrestling Is Awesome and if Vince McMahon Jr. wanted to steal Kerry, they would take his entire territory. Uh.... OK!

Wrestling is Awesome! presents Devastation Corporation vs. Proud Oak & Thunderfrog

Devastation are bigger burly guys who were killing their opponents. Thunderfrog is well, a frog with a big hammer. Not sure what Proud Oak is but he ate a flapjack. Thunder frog came off the top with a leaping attack but was laid out. They werent able to lift his hammer, just like Thor's opponents can't. They tried to get Thunderfrog to lift it then shoved him away, but it was too heavy to hold.

Thunderfrog was chokeslammed on the apron. Oak was pressed and dropped. They splashed Oak and pinned him.

Your winners, Devastation Corporation.

IWC presents John McChesney vs. Logan Shulo

They almost immediately began brawling on the floor. Shulo drilled McChesney with a series of chops and used the ringpost as a weapon. McChesney came back with a nice dive through the ropes. They battled back into the ring. McChesney drilled him with a backbreaker and locked on a rear chinlock.

McChesney came back with a big throw suplex off the top and a discus punch for a two count. Shulo used a straightjacket into a backcracker. Shulo drilled McChesney with a big boot and covered him but McChesney grabbed the ropes.

They went back and forth untl McChesney scored the pin.

Your winner, John McChesney!

Good match.

Shulo attacked McChesney after and hit him with a sitdown powerbomb.

Hurricane Helms & Matty de Nero vs. Ophidian and Kobald.

Nero and Ophidian started. Lots of playing to the crowd. Hurricane tagged in and Ophidian did his break dancing, so Hurricane responded with some silly hoe-down dancing.

Ophidian shoulderblocked Helsm down but was backed off when Helms got into his trademark pose as Ophidian rebounded off the ropes. Helms tossed him and went into the karate kid Crane Kick pose, which freaked Ophidian.

Kobald tagged in and dropkicked Helms off the apron to the floor, which was a far bigger bump than you'd expect Helms to take. Helms tricked Ophidian into taking out Kobald on the floor, then hiptossed his partner over the top onto them. Helms put on his cape and dove off the top onto everyone.

Back in the ring, Nero and Kobald battled with Kobald getting the better of the exchange. They battled back and forth and at one point, tried to hypnotize Helms.

In the end, the heroes won out.

Rey de Voladores Finals: ACH vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

They did the old 2 Cold Scorpio "buff, cut, chiseled and jacked" ring intro. They locked up and ACH was backed into the corner. Scorpio broke clean. They locked up again and this time, Scorpio was shoved and trapped into the corner. ACH broke clean and danced to mock Scorpio. Scorp laughed and shook his hand.

They locked up again and ACH used the ropes as a springboard to slip out of a wristlock. He grabbed Scorpio in a hammerlock. Scorp backed them up into the corner and went for an elbow to break free but ACH evaded it.

ACH grabbed a side headlock but Scorpio maneuvered him into a back suplex. ACH refused to break the hold and held on. They went back and forth until Scorpio shoulderblocked him down hard. ACH acted dizzy.

They went to the floor and exchanged punches and forearms on the outside until ACH stopped and went "ooowww!" They battled back to the ring, where ACH regained control and nailed a standing splash ion the corner following by the running clothesline that sends him out of the ring feet first.

ACH went to the top with a big flying bodypress for a two count. ACH continued the assault on Scorpio but couldn't finish him off. He tied Scorp to the tree of woe, then did a handstand on the top turnbuckle, using it to swing back in with a dropkick to the face.

ACH continued working over Scorpio, who battled to his feet. Scorpio came back with several kicks and a big superkick in the corner. Scorpio mounted a comeback, including an awesome twisting bodypress off the top for a two count. The crowd chanted for ACH. Scorpio responded by drilling him over and over with knees

They battled outside onto the apron, where ACH was kicked down but came back with a kick to Scorp that sent him to the floor. ACH hit a springboard dive to the floor. They brawled around ringside. They were close to being counted out so Scorp rolled in to break it and went back to the outside. The battled continued. ACH hit a big dive over the top onto Scorpio.

They battled back and forth. ACH draped Scorp over the second rope and nailed a kick on the outside to his face. ACH hit a springboard into an Ace Cutter for a two count. ACH naiked a 450 splash but Scorpio kicked up.

ACH whipped Scorpip, who reversed it and nailed a flip into a kick in the corner. Scorp went to the top and dropped the bomb, then scored the pin.

Your winner, 2 Cold Scorpio.

Scorpio is the 2013 Rey de Voladores tournament winner!

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