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WWC Honor vs. Traicion - 10 ноември 2012


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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Honor vs. Traicion"

November 10th, 2012

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Attendance: 1,100

1. WWC’s Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Steve Joel became the new WWC Jr. Heavyweight champion after he defeated Jay Velez.

2. AJ Castillo defeated Barrabas Jr.

Carlito’s music hits and he comes out followed by “La Familia Cool” (Thunder & Lightning, Apolo, Andy Leavine & managers Orlando Toledo and Barrabas Sr.) Carlito grabs the mic and starts talking about how there has never been another group quite like this one in Puerto Rico. He has surrounded himself with nothing but the best and they will be able to destroy everyone that steps in their way. He points out that Apolo is in great shape takes care things; Thunder & Lightning are ugly without their masks, but they are beasts that will literally tear apart whoever gets in their way; Andy Levine is another beast that will continue his path of destruction in the island. And then he talks about Toledo and especially Barrabas, who are the masterminds behind them taking care of what needs to be taken care off. He states that Invader #1 and Carlos Colon Sr are old and grumpy and should not be around the business anymore. That’s why he had to do what he did to Invader a couple of weeks ago; to show that he does not belong in the ring, rather he should be in a retirement home. He finishes off by stating that tonight he will get rid of someone else that does not need to be wrestling anymore: Rey Gonzalez. He will finish him and take away the WWC Universal title to defend it around the world.

3. Xix Xavant defeated El Diabolico.

4. Sebastian Guerra defeated Samson Walker.

5. Andy Leavine defeated Chris Angel. Leavine again used a hidden object inside his elbow pad to apply his version of the “clothesline from hell” for the win.

6. Sons of Samoa defeated Thunder & Lightning in what was a really good “old school” tag team match. Really good back and forth, stiff match. The finish was almost blown as Thunder missed a spot and landed awkwardly in the ring. However, all 4 guys recovered and went for a new version of the finish that saw Thunder taking a Samoan Drop and then a Samoan Splash from Afa Jr. for the win. This match really got the crowd going.

After a quick 45 minute intermission, out comes WWC President Victor Jovica for his “face to face” with Savio Vega. Jovica starts saying that he welcomes everyone to WWC’s house. He states that he was punctual with the time that he told Savio to be there for their face to face, but being unprofessional as Savio always is, he has not arrived. He let everyone down once again and that is one of the reasons he does not want him in his company. Savio’s music hits and comes out through the crowd, jumps the rail and gets in the ring. His first words are: “Welcome to the house that Savio built!” (this arena was the home turf for years of IWA-PR, which was Savio’s company). They go back and forth with Savio making fun of Jovica’s Spanish. They finally start talking about why Savio is here. Savio says he is here because as much as doesn’t like Carlos Colon, he cannot stand how disrespectful Carlito has been to him. Colon does not deserve how he is being treated by his son after he stood up for him when Carlito was fired from WWE for his “issues”. He says that he told Colon Sr. back then that he should not make excuses for him, but he did not listen and now look at how he gets disrespected by this “tecato” (addict). He then tells Jovica that he is also here to ask him why… why Jovica does not want “T.N.T.” (Savio Vega's name when he used to be in WWC) to come back into the fold. Jovica tells him that after all these years he dares to ask him? After all the damage he inflicted to him personally, to his finances, to his company, to the family of the people that work for this company and he still dares to ask him why he does not want “T.N.T.” to come back... He tells Savio that he almost destroyed everything he had accomplished during the over 30 years that he had been in Puerto Rico. He does not forget and will never forgive him for that… In fact, he wants him out of his ring, out of his arena and out of his life for that matter. Jovica calls for security to get him out of the arena. Savio tells the guards that if they come through the ropes he will be forced to hit a homerun with their heads (Savio had his signature bat with him). Guards take a couple steps back, but then decide to come in the ring. Savio goes to the outside and jumps back through the crowd, not before telling Jovica that this is not over yet, and that in PR things are still done “…a mi manera, o pa’ la calle!!” (my way or the highway).

7. “The Precious One” Gilbert defeated “El Leon” Apolo w/ Barrabas Sr. After the match, Apolo attacked Gilbert in the ring. He then throws him to the outside and gives Gilbert a couple of nasty chair shots to the head that knocked him out and gets him busted open. Apolo leaves him lying in the ring after applying his finisher “Fondo del Abismo” (his version of Rock Bottom”).

8. WWC Universal Title Match: Ray Gonzalez © retained the title after surprising Carlito with a small package. This was another really good hard fought match. The two brawled all over the place, but when they were in the ring they put a solid match together.

After the match Gonzalez told Carlito that he had warned Barrabas when he went to sign the contract that he should read it before and he did not do it. There was a stipulation on the contract and now that he won he will have him where he wants him. There will be a rematch, but it will not be for the title. The rematch will be a Hair vs Hair match and it will happen before the year is over. He tells Carlito that he knows that it is his trademark and nobody in the world will want to book him because he will be bald. He will cause him thousands of dollars and he will have to come begging his father to give him work. Carlito is going mad arguing and telling him that he won’t do it. Out comes Jovica and tells him that he will do it because the contract has been signed. The match will take place in December at the “Ruben Rodriguez” Coliseum as part of their final live show of the year. And to make things interesting, he is adding a stipulation himself. He will like to have a special guest referee, but since he is always thinking about the fans, he wants the fans, he asks everyone to go to the WWC fan page on facebook and vote for one of two choices. The first one is Invader #1. This gets a fairly decent pop from the crowd. The second one, even though he does not like the idea, he will show that he thinks of the fans… The second one choice is……. SAVIO VEGA! The crowd went nuts and it was an interesting way of sending the fans home happy.


- Crowd was not as large as it was a couple of weeks ago when they brought in about 2,000. This show was closer to 1,100. Still, a good house for this show that was basically put together on the fly to try and capitalize of the success of “Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza”. The company is definitely hot and their shows have been really good during the last few months. They have been able to build their stories carefully and not rushed for the most part. The angles make sense in pretty much everything they're doing, which makes the shows enjoyable.

- I had not been to a show after Gilbert’s face turn. This guy is way over with the crowd and he keeps getting better every single time. He was a great heel and now he is growing into an awesome babyface. He is skilled on the mic and people are just drawn to his character.

- “La Familia Cool” is a very well put together stable and should be kept together for a while. Their angle can be taken in different directions and keep people guessing for a while. Carlito will keep coming back and forth to the island, but will also keep participating remotely as he has in the past.

- It seems that Savio will continue to work regularly with WWC to maintain the heat on the angle. This story will most likely lead to a match between Savio and Carlito down the line. This is a money angle here in the island, so I would probably target “Aniversario 2013” for the match to take place. But who knows… they can always pull the trigger earlier if they feel like it.

- Next event will be “Crossfire”, which will take place on Saturday November 24 at the “Pepin” Cestero Arena in Bayamon, PR. The main event is going to be Carlito vs. Ray Gonzalez in a Hair vs. Hair match with Savio Vega or Invader #1 as a special guest referee.

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