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WWC Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza - 28 октомври 2012


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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza"

October 28th, 2012

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Special Challenge: Fight for Respect

Special Guest Referee: "The Legend" Carlos Colon

Invader #1 vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

WWC Universal Title Match

"Mr. Rayting" Ray Gonzalez vs. "The Bad Man" Andy Leavine © (w/ Orlando Toledo)

Tag Team War

"The Lion" Apolo & "The Precious One" Gilbert vs. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning)

Battle of the Powerhouses

"The Academy" Chris Angel vs. Samson Walker

Battle of the Dark Side

"The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant vs. "The Prince of Darkness" El Diabolico

Triple Threat Match for the WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title

"The Promise" Jay Velez vs. AJ Castillo vs. "The Man of the Streets" Barrabas Jr. ©

Puerto Rico vs. The Dominican Republic

Sebastian Guerra vs. "The Man of Rank" The Colonel

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World Wrestling Council (WWC)

"Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza"

October 28th, 2012

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Pepín Cestero Arena

Attendance: 2,500

Willie Urbina started the show.

1. Battle of the Dark Side: Xix Xavant and El Diabolico wrestled to a 15-minute time limit draw. Very good match. Diabolico had Xavant beat but the time limit expired right before the referee could make the third count.

2. Handicap Match: Sebastian Guerra beat Alex Raide & Bob the Bouncer. Guerra submitted Bob with a Full Nelson and then put a Full Nelson on Alex too, even though he had already won the match.

3. Battle of the Powerhouses: Chris Angel beat Samson Walker (w/ Orlando Toledo). Angel won after an interference by Sebastian Guerra.

4. Triple Threat Match for the WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title: Jay Velez beat Barrabas Jr. © and AJ Castillo to become the new champion!

5. WWC Universal Title Match: Ray Gonzalez beat Andy Leavine © (w/ Orlando Toledo) to become WWC Universal champion for the 17th time! Lots of interference by Toledo. Gonzalez won with a German Suplex. Afterwards, Gonzalez cut a promo on Carlito for turning his back on Puerto Rico and the Puertorican fans.


Savio Vega, who is not part of the WWC roster and for years was one of the people running WWC's rival promotion IWA, kept his promise and showed up to prove that Pepín Cestero Arena in Bayamon is his house. He got a huge reaction from the fans. Lots of "Uncle Savio" ("Tio Savio") chants. Eventually, the WWC president Victor Jovica came out and tried to have security escort Savio out of the building but Savio went in the crowd and finished his promo from there.

6. Tag Team War: The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) (w/ Barrabas) beat Apolo & Gilbert. The finish was Gilbert going for a flying clothesline on Lightning but Lightning moved so Gilbert hit Apolo instead. The Heavy Artillery then threw Gilbert out of the ring and hit the 3D on Apolo for the win. Afterwards, Gilbert apologized to Apolo and explained what had happened. Apolo accepted his apology and shook his hand.

7. Fight for Respect, with Carlos Colon as a special guest referee: Invader #1 beat Carlito Caribbean Cool via disqualification. They brawled all over the building. Invader hit Carlito with multiple chairshots. There was some tension between father and son but the finish was Invader trying to punch Carlito, Carlos blocking the punch and Carlito taking advantage of the situation to hit a backstabber on Invader. Carlito then took a chair, placed it on top of Invader and jumped from the second rope hitting the chair with his foot. He then continued to beat down Invader until AJ Castillo ran in for the save but Carlito hit a backstabber on him. The same thing happened with Jay Velez. Then Thunder, Lightning and Barrabas joined Carlito and helped him beat down Invader even more. Gilbert and a few others ran in for the save. Then Andy Leavine ran in and hit Gilbert from behind. Apolo then ran in to save Gilbert but turned on him and hit him with the Rock Bottom. Carlito, Thunder, Lighting, Apolo & Leavine continued to beat down Invader and Gilbert when Ray Gonzalez ran in with a shovel in hand and laid them all out except for Carlito. Gonzalez was threatening to hit Carlito with the shovel, Carlito was on his knees begging Gonzalez not to hit him and then Carlito managed to roll out of the ring before Gonzalez could hit him. Gonzalez picked up a microphone and challenged Carlito to a match on November 10th (WWC Honor vs. Traición). Carlito said no because he's an international superstar and he's got other commitments outside of Puerto Rico but if Gonzalez was willing to put the WWC Universal Title on the line Carlito said he would reconsider. Gonzalez agreed to put the Title on the line but said why wait, let's do it right now. Carlito refused and said that if the fans of Puerto Rico want to see him wrestle again they would have to buy tickets for November 10th. Invader was stretcher out.

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