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Dave Meltzer се присъедини към екипа на MMAFighting.com


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Дам, същият Dave Meltzer, който освен с кеч анализите си, също е известен като един от пионерите на MMA журналистиката. MMAFighting е един от малкото MMA сайтове, които чета (чета е относително понятие, след като не мога да се концентрирам върху нищо по-дълго от 100 думи), като за него работят хора като Ariel Helwani, Dave Doyle и Mike Chiappetta. A little snippet:

After the publicity surrounding the cancellation of UFC 151 - which will forever go down in history as the phantom card that never took place - Jon Jones, who has taken a share of the blame, is now likely to find himself, at least temporarily, as a member of a select group.

You can use the term villain, bad guy, or heel, but it's the big star who goes to the cage with thousands booing their lungs out, hoping to vicariously live through their opponent in seeing them beaten. When one of the fighters is truly hated by the crowd, it can increase ticket sales and it creates a great atmosphere surrounding fights.

But heels in mixed martial arts are very different from those in the movies or in pro wrestling. In the movies, the bad guy is scripted ahead of time and everyone knows the role they have to play. In pro wrestling, the same is true, although it's not as cut and dried, because the live audience sometimes has a mind of its own. Sometimes they like people they are supposed to hate...

A Look Back at Some of the Greatest Villains in MMA - MMA Fighting

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Деба, MMA Fighting, откакто смениха собственика, постоянно ми се бъгва на Операта.

Та, фаворитите ми в момента са:


http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/ , в чийто форум, разбира се, се намира и епичната тема на Уес Симс за двубоя с Любо:


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The Olimpic Hero

http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/ , в чийто форум, разбира се, се намира и епичната тема на Уес Симс за двубоя с Любо:

Можеш ли да ми дадеш точен линк към тази тема, че ми стана интересно.


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Ами, аз линкът съм го включил, но може би не работи или не си го забелязал. Но все пак:

Линк към статията от сайта:


Линк към темата във форума:


Big Wes е юзърнейма на Уес Симс. На първата страница има само едно мнение, но по-нататък разказва още забавни неща.

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I never lied about tapping, and if you can find a quote where I say otherwise I applaud you. I said from the beginning when on the ground my opponent refused to let me up so when he came to the ground I grabbed his leg, went for knee bar to heelhook and he rolled over on my ankle and pulled. So much was going on I did not recall tapping on his leg-never said I did not tap, and the purpose of even informing anyone of the fucked up experience was to let everyone know about the promotion. Shorting money, pulling guns, and mafia involvement. Thanks

I am still being contacted by reporters and government agencies in Bulgaria about the fight and promotion.


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John, thats all the police/promoter got out of me at that instant.

After the fight they shorted me on my purse as well (along with a gun to my head).

The guy I was with lived in a few different third world countries so when the situation stated he knew what to do and we hid our money, they easily could have taken close to $400 (thats all that we had between the two of us) but due to us not appearing concerned they stepped on the driver harder than us.

Bulgaria is actually a pretty cool country (very nice people), but as you said it is over run with gangster scumbags.


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Абе тая луда тема чак сега я виждам, тия хора наистина си мислят, че тука в България е като във филмите Hostel. Едва ли не сме разни митични същества тип орки или нещо такова и тука всеки се разхожда с по два автомата за да отиде да си купи кисело мляко и съответно участваме в по четири престрелки минимум на ден. :eek:


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this sounds like a movie. The Bulgarian Job.

This is why you don't fuck with crazy euro countries.

Уаха млаха.

Ще вземете брадите, ве, маняци.

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Wes, I need more info on the gypsy prostitutes, this is by far the most interesting part of the story.

You just want to see some gypsy girls

Same here, man, I just want to get in on that hot, hot gypsy prostitute action!


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