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Новата федерация на Tommy Dreamer.

Официално медийно изявление, в което са обявени и първите 5 кечисти:




All great things begin with two combustible elements - passion and work ethic. With one, a competitor may make it far but risks the chance of crashing and burning. The warriors who are able to balance and manifest both, however, are destined for greatness. Those elements form the origin of the term hardcore and the very backbone of the House of Hardcore when it debuts at the last historic wrestling venue still standing and unchanged, the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY on Saturday October 6th.

The term "hardcore" in professional wrestling has been perverted over time and has come to be synonymous with the more violent elements of the business. However, while that gritty aspect may be an element of hardcore, it's not what true hardcore wrestling is only about.

"House of Hardcore is about work ethic," says HOH founder Tommy Dreamer, himself a veteran of countless wars inside the squared circle. "I have chosen the men and women who will compete in House of Hardcore to wrestle on this first show for that reason, work ethic. Hardcore isn't about blood, barbed wire and tables. It was always and will always be about a competitor giving everything they have physically, mentally, emotionally in their match. It is about the passion of what you do, what you give of yourself in the ring. Hardcore is about giving your heart and soul to the fans. That is the backbone of what House of Hardcore will be about."

That mission statement has been the mantra of Tommy Dreamer's professional wrestling career, both behind the scenes and in front of the eyes of the fans. Dreamer has fought the wars, won the world championships and suffered the agony of defeats. He's overcome injuries. He's faced desperation and trials and anguish. Through it all, with each fall, he's risen back to his feet, ready and willing to fight again, his spirit unbroken.

Now, it's time for the broken spirit of professional wrestling to rise like a Phoenix out of the politics, the sideshow, the haze that has hindered its evolution, its honor and its passion. It's time for the House of Hardcore to rise. It's time for a place where wrestling fans can find the wrestling they desire, with no catches.

"Without the fans, quite simply, there is no Tommy Dreamer," said the former ECW World champion. "I am forever in debt to all of them for letting me live my dream. When I left WWE, I said the fans were my family and I mean that. They are my family and they've fed my family. Now, it's time to give back to them. We have the chance to entertain the fans the only way I know how, wrestling, in the last historic building left. The others are gone, gutted or renovated or destroyed. So, we make our stand in Poughkeepsie, for the fans. This is my money, my reputation and my quest to give my family, the fans, an event they will remember for a lifetime. I can remember being there for so many special moments as a fan and being part of so many as a wrestler. I want those moments to happen on October 6th. Via social media, my website and from speaking to fans at events and in airports, I've heard everyone's pleas for there to be something different. So, I am going to risk it all to show the world that change can be made. Pro Wrestling can be great again - and it should be great."

To that end, House of Hardcore announces the first of many competitors who will enter Poughkeepsie that night to do battle -

RHINO - "Rhino is a 34 year old man who remains as intense as any competitor I have ever seen. He's a well established veteran, even at his young age, from WWE, ECW and TNA. He is beyond dedicated and is out to prove to the world that he is still the 'Manbeast" and seriously, who's going to stop him? He is the Juggernaut come to life. Outside of the ring, he is the nicest human being I have ever met. An easy choice for the roster."

SAMI CALLIHAN - "This Combat Zone Wrestling mainstay is the greatest unsigned talent ever. Growing up on the mean streets of Philadelphia, he has a great amateur background and his work ethic is at such a premium that he's lost over 140 lbs. to be taken seriously as a force in professional wrestling. A gritty chameleon who can adapt to every style of professional wrestling. He reminds me of the ferocity Bruiser Brody and Buzz Sawyer mixed with the work ethic of Finlay and Taz's FTW attitude. A great addition to any roster."

CHRIS MORDETSKY - "Known to national audiences as Chris Masters, he was signed to a WWE deal at 19 based on his looks and his physique. He was thrust onto TV too soon in his career and honestly, wasn't ready for what was ahead of him. So, he refocused his life and career, traveling the world over to improve inside the ring and it shows. He has the power and speed as well as an unbreakable full nelson that can't be escaped when it is applied. He has always had the tools to be a top tier player in this industry. Well, now, his talent will be shown."

THE BIG XLG - "This 28 year old is as quick and agile a big man as I have ever seen. Known to WWE audiences as Luke Gallows and Festus, he was signed there at only 21 years of age and at 6'6", he's done it all. He's made headlines internationally for his travels to Mexico, Great Britain, Japan and South Africa, where he wrestled for the President of the country and was involved in many infamous riots. He loves being the antagonist and will inflict as much ring punishment as he can to anger the audience. He will get in your face and let you know how tough he really is. That attitude is just what this roster needs."

THE SANDMAN - "The former ECW champion is a demented Peter Pan. He's still the beer drinking, chain smoking cane wielding SOB. We made our careers together in ECW, destroying each other's bodies to entertain the fans and establishing our legacy. When I texted him to say I am doing a show, he said, "If you are doing it, I am in." Then he said, "God, I hope you don't want to wrestle me, I am horrible." I told him that he was always horrible and he responded that I was right. If you can't respect your friendship with a guy like that, what can you do? I am happy to have Sandman there. If there is trouble, he will be the first to have my back. Plus, I know there is a beer plant right up the road...but that will be for after the show."

These are the first five of many, many more competitors to come. It has been a journey decades in the making, literally a lifetime, birthed out of the love of professional wrestling Tommy Dreamer has carried in his heart seemingly forever.

"I have prepared for this day most of my life. Since I saw my first match as a child, I have loved professional wrestling. Some wrestlers will distance themselves from this, but I am proud to say I am still a fan. I can recall my entire journey with great vivid detail. Taking red marker to my Star Wars toys while imagining they were Tommy Rich and Mr. Wrestling 2 in the heat of battle. Going to the wrestling matches with my Dad. Buying every wrestling magazine and merchandise I could fine. Slapping hands with Bob Backlund - my favorite at the time - before he wrestled. The excitement of my first autograph, Arnold Skaaland. Buying the first 8x10 photo of my hero, a bloody Dusty Rhodes. Wearing my first wrestling t-shirt "Barry Windham - The Kid is Hot Tonight" until it fell off. The joy of Hulkamania. The sadness of waking up Christmas morning and not getting tickets to the Omni's Christmas Day spectacular. The joy of riding the escalator into the first Wrestlemania. Getting up the courage to meeting Ricky Santana in a gym and telling him I would be a professional wrestler. My first day of training. The welts under my arm pits and across my back. My body hurting so bad from the first bump. Setting up the ring. Carrying jackets to the back. The joy of my first match. My first trip on the road. Signing my first autograph. Wrestling my first big star, Tony Atlas. Being flown to a show the first time by a promoter. Finding the ECW Arena. Making the business my life 24/7. My first WWF tryout. My first WCW contract offer. Living and dying by ECW - in the ring, in the studio, in life. Being a part of something so groundbreaking. Designing shirts. Running locker rooms. Winning the ECW World title. Booking shows and angles. My first action figure. My first video game. The lowest part of my life when ECW went under. Getting hired by WWE. Being on the opening of Monday Night Raw. Wrestling in the Garden that first time against Perry Saturn. Working in the WWE office. Helping others achieve their dream. Writing a WWE PPV. Getting to see ECW return to life and be recognized for what it was. Wrestling at Wrestlemania. Receiving another shot as a talent in the ring when I was written off. Winning the ECW title again. The sadness of choosing to leave WWE. My farewell night. Going to TNA. Writing a successful PPV there. Leaving TNA. Returning to the indies. Preparing for life after wrestling. There have been so many memories. All of them, good and bad, happy and angry, have prepared me for this."

But why now? Why the House of Hardcore?

"I have done it all. It's a bad cliche but it's so true. I've seen it all - so much of it great and sadly, so much of it bad. I see the state of wrestling and it kills me, as someone who loves it. I needed to do something about it. I needed to prove to the world and especially myself that pro wrestling isn't based on politics and that the person in charge shouldn't determine your career path. The paying customer should decide who they like and want to see. Talent should be the reason a competitor rises to stardom. Fans want to come to a wrestling show to cheer, to boo, to hold up signs and scream and basically, to be entertained. They don't want BS. They don't want politics. They just want great wrestling. On October 6th, my journey takes me to a place where we can give fans that great wrestling."

"I don't want people to think this show is about Tommy Dreamer. It's about me giving back to the fans and everyone who made Tommy Dreamer so that a new crop of wrestlers can live the dream that I lived. This is my way to thank my parents for supporting me with my wrestling habit. To thank Dusty Rhodes for being my hero. To thank Johnny Rodz for training me. To thank Paul Heyman for believing in me and mentoring me. To thank Terry Funk and Mick Foley for making me Hardcore. To thank Joey Styles for making me legit. To thank Jim Ross for hiring me and never, ever lying to me. To thank John Laurinaitis for supporting me and helping get ECW off the ground in WWE, growing from a PPV to a new show. To thank Shane McMahon for fighting battles for me in the corporate world. To thank Vince Russo for letting me have creative freedom. To thank Dixie Carter for making me have passion again about wrestling and to thank Vince McMahon for being the most influential man in my life beyond my father. Vince's life journey and decisions have really created my career and life path. Every person who worked in pro wrestling has to admit that it did for them as well. Most of all, this is a thank you to every wrestler, both male and female, I have worked with, travel, bled, sweat, laughed, cried and shared so many amazing moments with. I am blessed to have met you all. You have all made my life better knowing you...and beyond all else, this is my thank you to the wrestling fans, my family. I was lucky enough to cross over the guard rail, but I never forgot my roots. I never will."

On October 6th, professional wrestling returns to it's roots as the sport of kings, where men fought for glory, for vengeance, for gold and for honor.

The House of Hardcore is coming!

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Обновеният списък с участниците в дебютното шоу:

Edge (non-wrestling)

The Steiner Brothers

Tommy Dreamer

Chris Masters



Big Daddy V

Luke Gallows

Mike Knox

Brian Kendrick

Paul London

The Sandman

Shawn Daivari

Mikey Whipwreck (autograph signing)

Sami Callihan

Eddie Kingston

The Young Bucks

Tony Nese

Hale Holins



Maryse (autograph signing)


London & Kendrick vs. The Young Bucks

Rhino vs. Callihan

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Резултати от дебютното шоу:

Our ring announcer is Stephen DeAngelis.

I'd estimate the crowd at 1,850-1,950. There are some scattered seats around the top of the venue but the floor is completely full and the bleachers are 85% too.

Crowbar vs. Shawn Daivari

They locked up and Crowbar backed Daivari into the corner. There was a clean break. Daivari grabbed an arm and began working over Crowbar, who reversed it. They had some nice back and forth wrestling.

They battled to the floor, where Crowbar dropped Daivari on the rail. He tossed Daivari back into the ring and locked in a submission. They battled into the corner and on the top, where Daivaru superplexed Crowbar in.

Daivari made a comeback with a series of punches, clotheslines and a backdrop. Crowbar whipped him into the corner but Daivari caught him with an elbow and nailed a tornado DDT. He went to the top and nailed a big splash for the pin.

Your winner, Daivari!

Good solid opener.

The FBI with Sal E. Graziano vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill (with another Amish person)

Smith James, a Taz student, came out dressed like Roadkill. This is Roadkill's first match since he left WWE.

Doring and Guido started. Guido took him down to the mat but was kicked off. They shoulderblocked each other but no one went down. Doring rebounded off the ropes but was leg sweeped by Guido for a two count. They went back and forth with reversals and then went to dropkick each other. They faced off and the crowd applauded.

The FBI hit a double hiptoss on Doring but he nailed Mamaluke and tagged in RK. RK hit a sideslam for a two count. Roadkill flapjacked him. Doring drilled him into the mat. He went to the floor. Doring hit a dive.

Guido began arguing with the referee (wrestler Scotty Charisma) and shoved. The ref shoved Guido down and hiptossed and covered Guido. RK tried to make the count. The crowd popped and chanted for the ref.

RK and Guido locked up and Guido was lifted and tossed hard. He tried to tag into Mamaluke who didn't want any part of RK. He finally tagged in and stalled but was eyepoked. RK sent him into the ropes but Mamaluke caught him with a flying head scissors and locked on an armbar.

Doring tagged in but was tripped by Graziano. They allowed the FBI to take over and double team Doring in the corner. Guido nailed a nice dropkick to Doring for a two count. They worked over Doring until he whipped Mamaluke into the corner. Doring was kicked off and locked in a guillotine choke. Doring reversed it and suplexed him over.

RK finally got the hot tag and cleaned house. He nailed a splash off the ropes on Mamaluke for a two count. Guido broke it up. Doring superkicked Mamaluke off the apron into the rail. RK and Doring hit their old finisher for the pin.

Your winners, Danny Doring & Roadkill!

What you would expect from these guys.

Roadkill took the mic and asked the FBI to return to the ring. He said that he wanted to tell all of them something. He told a kid to be quiet because if he knows his wrestling history, Roadkill doesn't talk a lot. He said he has a lot of respect for them and the matches they had in ECW. We had the first ECW chant of the crowd. RK said that ECW is the past but HOH is the future and people will be chanting it soon. He said that he wanted to thank all of them. He thanked everyone for their support and asked them to keep supporting HOH.

Doring took the mic and said that you can say ECW or HOH but if there wasn't a FBI, there wouldn't have been a Doring or Roadkill. It was a nice, classy moment.

Jazz vs. Winter

Winter acted like she was enamored by Jazz who shoved her away. They did some nice mat wrestling back and forth. Jazz locked her in a sharpshooter but Winter made it to the ropes.

Winter took control and kicked Jazz in the corner. Jazz reversed it and chopped her in the corner. Winter cut her off with an over the knee backbreaker for a two count. She tied up Jazz on the mat. She worked over Jazz for some time. Jazz fought her way but was caught with a kick for a two count.

Winter went to the top rope but missed a splash. Jazz made a comeback with a back kick but was cut off. Winter went for a slam but Jazz slid out and nailed a Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Jazz!

OK match.

Alex Reynolds vs. Tony Nese with Mikey Whipwreck as the special referee.

They did some nice back and forth wrestling early on. Reynolds shoulderblocked Nese down but Nese came back with a spinkick. Nese wanted to come off the top but Reynolds rolled out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Reynolds cut off Nese and worked him over, yelling at Whipwreck as he did. Nese went into this awesome series of offensive maneuvers and hit a great tope to the floor. The place erupted and went nuts. They chanted, "This is awesome" and "HOH."

Nese tossed Reynolds in and went for a double springboard moonsault but Reynolds pulled his knees up. He tossed Nese rudely to the floor and worked him over, then brought him back in for a two count. Reynolds hit a hangman's neckbreaker for another two count.

Reynolds went for a roll up off the ropes but Nese held on. Nese still caught him with a kick for a two count. They continued back and forth with some great wrestling. Nese hit an awesome back suplex with a bridge for a two count.

Nese began drilling Reynolds with a series of kicks to the chest. Nese powerbombed Reynolds into the corner and hit a big boot for another two count. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" and they were right.

Nese missed a 450 splash. Reynolds drilled him with a forearm and nailed a lungblower to the chest for another two count. Nese was worked over but nailed a reverse rana and then drilled him with a flying knee to the face. Nese went to the top but Reynolds crotched him.

Reynolds had words with Whipwreck who finally nailed him with the Whippersnapper. Nese hit the 450 splash and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tony Nese!

Excellent match and since the majority of the audience didn't know who these guys were, it really was a "star is born" moment.

Scott Steiner vs. Luke Gallows (w/ Eddie Kingston)

Scott Steiner came to the ring for a promo. He said that he wanted to know where his freaks were at. He said that he wanted to thank everyone for following him on Twitter. He said he's been telling the truth about what p***ies Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are, so now he's in a lawsuit.

Out came Luke Gallows with Eddie Kingston. Gallows and Steiner began brawling and they rang the bll.

Steiner clotheslined him over the top to the floor and had words with Kingston. Steiner hiptossed Gallows over the top and back into the ring. He worked him over with chops in the corner and clotheslined him down for a two count. Steiner did push-ups to mock him.

They battled to the floor and around ringside. Gallows was whipped into the guard rail. Steiner nailed him over the head with a hard plastic chair (not a bendable one) and grabbed a cane from a fan at ringside and nailed Gallows with it. He then nailed him with the ring bell and rang it on his head.

They continued brawling around ringside until Steiner tossed him back into the ring. Steiner's leg was grabbed by Kingston, allowing Gallows to worked over Steiner with punches and choked him against the ropes. Gallows nailed a guillotine legdrop off the apron on Steiner, who's neck was exposed.

Galllows worked over Steiner on the floor. He returned the receipt, nailing Steiner with the chair. Rick Steiner came out and checked on Scott. He chased Kingston around the ring.

Back inside the ring, Gallows continued to work over Scott and nailed a sideslam for a two count. He dropped an elbow but Scott rolled out of the way. Steiner mounted a comeback with a series of rights and clotheslines. He smashed Gallows into the buckles. Gallows reversed a whip but was kicked off and nailed with a belly to belly suplex.

Gallows drilled Steiner with an elbow as he charged and came off the ropes. Steiner caught him and nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gallows caught him with a DDT for a two count.

Steiner went for a suplex off the ropes but Kingston nailed him. Gallows came off the top with a big elbow for a two count. Rick chased Kingston into the ring and the Steiner hit stereo Steinerlines. Scott pinned Gallows and celebrated with his brother.

Your winner, Scott Steiner!

Entertaining brawl. Funny to see Scott rip on Hogan and Bischoff while he's being sued. He really has no fear. Really entertaining with everyone doing their job well. Kingston was a hell of a corner man.

MasterLock Challenge

Chris Mordetsky took the mic and ripped out on Poughkeepsie. He knocked a bunch of fans and picked someone, an African-American fan named "Adam" for the Challenge. Mordestsky made a lot of comments about the "Hood."

The crowd began chanting "Bullsh**" over the guy picked. Masters put it on and wouldn't let go. Hale Collins, who is a local star from the area, came to the ring and said he wanted to take the challenge. Collins got a nice reaction.

Masters locked him in the hold and Collins fought hard to get out. The crowd got really behind their local hero. Collins almost broke it so Masters blasted him from behind and stomped the hell out of him.

They started wrestling and went back and forth. Masters nailed a side slam for a two count. Masters picked him up a delayed vertical suplex. Master blasted Collins in the back and worked him over with a backbreaker.

Collins mounted a comeback with a series of kicks and an enziguiri and a Famouser for a two count. Masters drilled him into the turnbuckles back-first. Collins fired back and went to the top but a masked man came out and shoved him off the top. Masters hit a spinebuster for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Mordestsky!

Good match, although they probably went a little long and lost the crowd towards the end. Collins was really over as the local guy and they had some good exchanged. The masked man was likely Vik Delicious who is "banned" from wrestling in Poughkeepsie after losing a stipulation match for NEW, which ran here last year.

Rhino vs. Sami Callihan

They brawled all over ringside and then back into the ring. Rhino whipped Callihan hard into the buckles and then flapjacked him high into the ring for a two count. Rhino missed a charge in the corner and was drilled with a hard kick to the back of the head.

Callihan nailed him with a running Facewash in the corner. Callihan nailed a series of headbutt. Rhino tossed him over the top onto the ramp. He charged down the ramp and nailed Callihan with a hard chairshot. He set the chair and charged to jump off but was kicked in the air.

Callihan charged the ramp and hit a flip over the ropes into the ring on Rhino for a two count. They battled back and forth with hard chops and shots until Rhino murdered him with a spinebuster. Fans chanted for a gore.

Rhino and Sami continued to battle back and forth. Rhino nailed a TKO for a two count. Callihan nailed a big boot for a two count. Rhino nailed a big belly to belly suplex and set up for the Gore. He went for it but Callihan caught him in a guillotine choke. Rhino refused to tap and fought his way to his feet. He suplexed Callihan into the turnbuckles.

Rhino gored Callihan but he kicked up at the last second. The crowd was surprised by that. They battled back and forth. Rhino nailed him a piledriver for another two count. He pulled him Callihan up to the ropes and nailed the Rhinodriver off the middle turnbuckle for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

Big Daddy V vs. Ham and Egger

Big Daddy, managed by Nicky Benz (Nick Berk doing an agent of the stars gimmick), came out and destroyed a guy who looked like Jake Milliman. V won so Berk called for another opponent.

Another young guy came in and nailed a series of dropkicks but V grabbed him and chokeslammed him into a sit down powerbomb for the pin.

Benz called for another and out came Little Spike Dudley, who got a monster pop. He kicked V low and nailed the Acid Drop and celebrated. V rolled out of the ring and wanted nothing to do with Spike. He left.

Benz was pissed and went after Spike, who ripped off his toupee and nailed him with the Acid Drop and celebrated.

They took a brief intermission because they were ahead of schedule.

When they returned, Adam "Edge" Copeland came to the ring. He said the last time he did a show at this level was 1997 and the reason he is here tonight was Tommy Dreamer. He said Dreamer busted his ass to have this show. He said that he wanted the fans to give themselves a hand for showing up. He said that fans should give themselves a hand for cheering and booing and having fun because that's what wrestling is all about.

He said it was fun for him to see the young guys like Sami Callihan getting drilled by Rhino's piledriver. He said that made him think of Paul Orndorff piledriving Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant getting his hair shaved. He said that he loves moments like those and this next match could be a moment like that. He said the teams remind him of Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz. He said London & Kendrick and the Bucks are going to do things now in their prime, that he could never do.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. The Young Bucks

Matt Jackson and Kendrick started out on the mat with some nice reversals. Finally Jackson slapped him and Kendrick responded with some forearms. Kendrick leapfrogged Jackson and used a forward roll for the pin.

Kendrick worked over his arm and tagged in London. London nailed a double stomp off the ropes and worked over Jackson's arm. London nailed an awesome overhead belly to belly throw on Nick Jackson. Kendrick and London nailed a double kick on Nick as he came off the top and ran him into Matt Jackson in the corner. Nick ended up hitting a rana on his own brother.

The Bucks cut off Kendrick and Matt Jackson stomped the hell out of him. They went for a double hiptoss but Kendrick slipped out and tagged London. London backdropped Nick over the top to the floor and worked over Matt. Nick dragged London out of the ring. When he returned to the apron, Nick grabbed a head scissors, allowing Matt to nail a dropkick to the face.

The Bucks double teamed London in their corner. They nailed a double hiptoss into a double dropkick. Matt covered London for a two count. Nick locked London in a rear chinlock. London tried to fight out but was cut off by Matt. Matt suplexed London over and covered him for a two count.

They went into a series of insane spots including an awesome double plancha. They went back and forth with a bunch of near falls until Kendrick nailed Sliced Bread #2 followed by a London Shooting Star Press on Matt for the pin.

Your winners, Brian Kendrick & Paul London!

Awesome awesome awesome match. Just great stuff. The place chanted "HOH" afterwards.

FWE champ Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox vs. Carlito

Dreamer and Knox went back and forth until Dreamer clotheslined him over the top. Carlito and Dreamer faced off. Carlito hit a springboard moonsault over Dreamer and dropkicked him. Knox charged Carlito and Carlito nailed a drop toehold.

Carlito ate apple and spit it on Knox. Dreamer picked it up and ate some of it. Knox clotheslined them both. They battled to the floor, where Dreamer got dropped over the railing. Dreamer came back and rang the ring bell over Carlito's nether-regions

Dreamer tossed a chair into the ring and tried to nail Carlito into it. He blocked it and drop toe-holded Dreamer into the chair. Knox returned to the ring and nailed a big boot on Knox.

Carlito went under the ring and pulled a ladder into the ring. He placed it into a corner and rammed Dreamer into it. He then dropkicked Knox into the ladder, which snapped in half. Carlito charged and Knox backdropped Carlito into the ladder, then speared Dreamer.

Dreamer nailed an awesome DDT on Knox, who landed standing upside down before going over. Dreamer set up a table on the outside. He tried to suplex Carlito over the ropes through the table but Carlito escaped and nailed Dreamer with a series of rights. Dreamer nearly went off the apron but caught Carlito with a DVDR off the apron through the table.

Dreamer grabbed a cane from under the ring but was kicked by Knox. Dreamer set the ladder on the apron and tried to use it as a base to superplex Knox. He got crotched through the ladder. Carlito nailed the Backstabber while Dreamer was still hooked in the ladder. Knox went off the top with a flying legdrop but missed. Carlito covered Dreamer and won the belt.

Your winner, Carlito!

Really good match. It was actually the hardest I've ever seen Carlito or Knox ever work.

Dreamer presented Carlito with the belt. The crowd chanted "Thank you Tommy" and "HOH."

Carlito and Knox shook hands. Knox laid him out and attacked Carlito. Raven charged out and DDT'd Dreamer. He began beating the hell out of him when "Enter Sandman" hit and out came the Sandman from the top of the Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

After an extended entrance, Sandman rolled into the ring. He ducked and Knox clotheslined Raven. Sandman caned them both and they ran from the ring.

Dreamer took the mic. There was a Thank you Sandman chant. Then a Thank you Tommy. Then a "Thank you both."

Dreamer said that he wanted to thank everyone here from the bottom of his heart. He thought it was going to be a disaster. He said his Mom had a stroke and he thought she was going to die but she's here selling merchandise. He said Edge blew off neck surgery to be here. Beulah and his kids were in the back and he said there will be a HOH 2. He said he loved the boys in the back and picked the roster and wished everyone a safe ride home.

Fun ending to the show.

Really strong first effort on all fronts.

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А шоуто било ли е излъчвано по интернет или нещо такова или си е било само за зрителлите в залата ?


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Второто шоу:



House of Hardcore (HOH)


June 22nd, 2013

Philadelphia, PA

John Morrison vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer (w/ Terry Funk)

The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner) vs. Homicide & Eddie Kingston

Sami Callihan vs. MVP

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

Petey Williams vs. Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds

Also on the show:

Ric Flair


Maria Kanellis

Mike Bennett



The Sandman

Little Guido

Danny Doring

Hale Collins

Vik Dalishus

and more!

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Третото шоу на федерацията:



House of Hardcore (HOH)

November 9th, 2013

Poughkeepsie, NY

Mid-Hudson Civic Center

Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs. Lance Storm & Sean Waltman

Kevin Steen vs. Rhino

Tony Nese vs. Petey Williams vs. Alex Reynolds

Carlito Colon & Thea Trinidad (Rosita) vs. Stevie Richards & Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara)

Also on the show:

Dustin Rhodes (Goldust)

Matt Hardy



Ted DiBiase Jr.

Ted DiBiase Sr.

Matt Striker

Lance Hoyt

The Big XLG (Luke Gallows/DOC)

Sean Waltman

Sonjay Dutt

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky)

Reby Sky

Hale Collins

Shawn Schultz

and more!

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Нелош кард, макар че трудно бих дал пари да гледам подобно нещо, дори да е в града, в който живея. А Ланс Сторм не се ли пенсионира официално преди известно време? Какви са тези indy участия?

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В кеча няма такова нещо като "официално пенсиониране". :) От 2005 насам Storm се бие много рядко (само няколко мача на година), но все пак се бие.

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... А Ланс Сторм не се ли пенсионира официално преди известно време...

Можеше да попиташ и за Terry Funk.

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Репортаж от HOH 3:

House of Hardcore (HOH)

November 9th, 2013

Poughkeepsie, NY

Mid-Hudson Civic Center

Ben Ortiz vs. Sonjay Dutt.

Ortiz is a student of the HOH Academy I believe. He's a burly guy. He attacked Dutt as he played to the crowd and choked him with his own ring vest. Ortiz drilled Dutt with a series of rights in the corner but Dutt came back with several kicks to the legs. Ortiz absorbed them and dared Dutt to do more. Dutt fired himself up, getting the crowd clapping, and nailed a springboard dropkick off the ropes for a two count.

Dutt nailed several kicks but was caught leaping off the ropes and dropped across the top rope. Ortiz nailed a side slam and scored a two count. He worked over Dutt's back and nailed him with a running punch off the ropes while Dutt was in the sitting position, scoring a two count.

Ortiz continued working over Dutt's back and nailed him with a running Avalanche followed by a running Superman punch in the corner. He covered Dutt for another two count. The crowd clapped to rally Dutt. Dutt made a comeback and nailed a running Yakuza kick in the corner, then hit a tornado DDT.

Ortiz sent Dutt into the corner but was nailed with a back elbow. He clobbered Dutt and scored another two count. Dutt made a comeback with a backflip into a double stomp and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sonjay Dutt!

Good opener. Ortiz reminded me of a younger Bam Bam Bigelow. He had some nice power moves and hit things with a nice intensity.

Matt Striker vs. Lance Anoa'i

Striker came out and began complaining to the crowd that they are here to chant for Hardcore and ECW, but they are both dead. Some fans chanted for ECW, but he chided them for not chanting HOH and said what they should be chanting for Sports-Entertainment. Fans chanted that and Striker said that if Vince McMahon was watching, "I'm still credible." He was doing Roddy Piper-like mannerisms.

Striker turned his attention to Lance and ran down his family tree, then said in a few years he'll have a grass skirt and fat ass. Lance said Striker was mad that he's going to get a job and Striker couldn't keep one. Striker nailed him with a right hand and suplexed him over, then double stomped him across the chest for a two count.

Striker worked over Lance and hit an exploder into the corner. He covered him for a two count. He scissored Lance's waist and wore him down on the mat, rolling him over on his shoulders several times for two counts. The story here is the cocky heel veteran vs. the young babyface upstart.

Lance made a comeback and came off the top with a splash but missed and Striker rolled him up and hooked the tights, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Matt Striker!

Striker posed like Jimmy Snuka to mock Lance, who attacked him and tossed him back into the ring. He nailed a superkick, laying Striker out on the ramp.

Good old school style match that told a story.

Carlito & Rosita vs. Stevie Richards & Tara

Richards and Tara came out to the old Victoria "Tatu" song that she used in WWE. I popped for that.

The crowd chanted BWO at Richards. He and Carlito started out. Richards is playing his heel WWE persona. They locked up and he pushed Carlito into the corner. They broke clean and Richards said, "I'll show you, you see."

Richards slapped Carlito and he slapped Richards down. They slugged it back and forth. Carlito nailed a dropkick and Richards ran to Victoria, cowering in the corner. He tagged in Tara.

Tara wanted to wrestle Carito but he balked. She slapped him and nailed several hiptosses on him, then slammed him, then nailed a standing moonsault on him for a two count.

They locked up and Carlito ended up holding her in a sexually intimate position, and broke it laughing. Richards tagged in and dared Rosita to tag in. The crowd chanted "Yes!" to this. She was game and tagged in. She got in Richards' face, which was great since she's so much smaller. Richards got on his knees to mock her so she kicked him in the face and challenged him.

Richards easily grabbed her for a sideslam. She turned it into a head scissors. Tara hit the ring and was nailed with a Thesz Press and drilled with punches. Tara was sent into Richards but when Rosita went to rebound off the ropes, he tripped her.

Tara worked over Rosita and raked her on the mat, then drilled her with a series of shoulderblocked in the corner. Rosita caught her with a sunset flip for a two count, but Tara drilled her face first into the mat, then slammed her. Richards tagged in and covered Rosita in an insulting position, then pulled her up. He teased ramming her into the buckles but she slipped off his shoulders and rolled him up for a two count.

Richards and Tara regained control. Tara drilled her down to the mat from a Fireman's Carry position. Tara went for a superplex but was fought off. Rosita leapt off with a leaping rana. She Matrixed out of a clothesline attempt and nailed a stunner for a two count.

Tara went for the Widow's Peak but Rosita slipped out and nailed a neckbreaker. Carlito and Stevie tagged in and fought back and forth. Carlito nailed a springboard elbow off the ropes for a two count. All four battled in the ring.

Stevie and Tara nailed stereo kicks and laid them both out. Carito wiped out the referee in the process. Tara went up for a moonsault but Stevie insisted he get to do it. He went up and changed his mind and called for....The Blue Meanie!

Meanie came to the ring and climbed up. Well he couldn't get up so they pushed him up like Richards used to do in ECW. It took forever so Carlito and Rosita recovered and laid them out. Meanie was still taking forever, so Carlito went outside and spit the apple on him. He fell off the ropes. Rosita nailed a moonsault on Stevie and scored the pin after a new referee hit the ring.

Your winners, Rosita & Carlito!

A good back and tag match with some funny comedy mixed in. A good undercard so far, much better than HOH2 was at this point.

After the match. Tara was so angered, she hit the Widow's Peak on the new referee.

Hardcore Rumble - Pinfall, Submission and Over the Top Elimination

The first two competitors were John Redbeard and Joe Caldo. A lot of the competitors will be HOH Academy students. They are doing entrances every minute. They battled back and forth. Redbeard nailed a suplex and whipped Caldo into the corner. Caldo reversed it and took him down with a leg lariat for a two count.

A third competitor, a masked man named Robert Castillo, hit the ring. He covered Caldo. Redbeard slammed him and Castillo nailed a swanton on him for a two count. The next competitor out was King Danza. He had a manager and attacked arrogant.

They all worked over Caldo in the corner. The referee, who was female, tried to stop them and Redbeard shoved her down hard. The next wrestler out was the referee, Brooke Danielle. She slapped Redbeard and ripped off her shirt to reveal an outfit. She nailed a drop toehold and eliminated Castillo. Caldo and Redbeard eliminated each other. Danza grabbed Brooke and pressed her over the top to the floor into the arms of Redbeard.

Next out was D3 who was in the ring with Danza. He nailed a nice dropkick on Danza, avoided a charge in the corner and hit a handstand into a splash off the top for a one count. D3 nailed a moonsault for a two count. Next out was Harley Cruise. He was a burly guy and teamed with Danza to beat down D3.

Next out was Little Guido, who cleaned house on Danza and nailed the Sicilian Slice on him. Guido teamed with D3 to work on Cruise. Next out was Nick Owens. He nailed a nice powerslam on D3.

Next out was Danny Doring, who was doing commentary. He came out fixing his tights. He hit an awesome Alabama Jam on Owens for a pin, eliminating him. Next out was Devito!

Devito entered the ring and met Doring and Guido in the middle. They all embraced, being former ECW talents, then turned on each other. Devito and Doring nailed a double flapjack on Guido. Doring turned on him, hitting the Bareback and Guido rolled him up for the pin. Devito was eliminated. Doring tossed Guido. The crowd chanted, "bullsh**" at that.

Next out was a wrestler named FUNGUS. Doring was tossed out. D3 took out Caldo and Danza. Fungus snapped his neck over the top. Next out was Anthony Michaels. They all battled. Next out was David Sizzle. He missed a few spots but was trying to do some high flying stuff.

CJ Mirror was out next. Mint Mike Mitchell hit the ring next . The ring was not filling up so they all battled. Out next was the masked Silent Assassin. He nailed a nice double chokeslam.

Bill Carr was up next. He's gotten around a bit, including NYWC. He began clobbering everyone with nice clotheslines. He powerbombed CJ Mirror into the buckles and pinned him. Our next was Hale Collins, who got a nice pop as he's popular in these parts.

Collins hit the ring and clotheslined Harley Cruise over the top to the floor, then took out the Silent Assassin and King Danza. Out next was Shooter Schultz, who hit the ring and raked everyone's backs. Next out was Vik Dalishus. Larry Dallas and Monique were managing him.

Vik hit the ring, killed D3 and eliminated him. Vik and Collins, who feuded in NEW in the same venue, began brawling all around the ring. He nailed a dropkick but was attacked by Carr, who killed him with a great clothesline. They all battled.

Last out was Spike Dudley, who nailed Acid Drop on Shultz and Carr and pinned them. He was tossed over the top. Collins and Vik were left. Collins had him beaten down and went to the top. Monique got in the ring to block him and Collins grabbed her hair, only it was a wig. He was distracted long enough by that shock, that Vik shoved him over the top to the floor.

Your winner, Vik Dalishus!

Luke Gallows (with Amber O'Neal) vs. MVP

They locked up and ended up muscling each other to the floor and around the ringside area. They returned to the ring where Gallows slapped him and grabbed a side headlock. MVP fought back and they battled to the outside, where Gallows was slammed into the guard rail.

MVP brought him back to the ring and drilled him in the back with a hard kick, followed by a leaping kick to the face. Gallows made a comeback and stomped the hell out of him. He peppered him with punches to the face and mid-section in the corner. He nailed him with a short arm clothesline for a two count.

Gallows nailed a series of elbows. He held him down but MVP fought back. They battled back and forth and went to the floor. MVP made a comeback and nailed an awesome belly to belly overhead suplex. He nailed the Ballin' elbow for a two count.

MVP nailed a neckbreaker for a two count. Gallows came back with a big chokeslam for a two count. Gallows nailed him with a chair for a two count. Gallows missed a charging knee in the corner. MVP nailed the shining wizard for the pin.

Your winner, MVP!

Good back and forth slugfest. I liked this one a lot.

Homicide & Eddie Kingston (with Amber O'Neal) vs. Devon & Matt Hardy (with Reby Sky)

Homicide and Devon started out. Devon and Hardy is such a weird pairing, by the way. They started slow. Kingston and Hardy tagged in. Outlaws, Inc. controlled Hardy and tagged in and out.

Devon tagged in and nailing a running splash in the corner on Kingston for a two count. Kingston has dropped a lot of weight. The crowd chanted for Tables. Devon elbowed Homicide off the apron but was pulled down and crotched to the ringpost as Kingston distracted the referee.

Homicide tagged in and choked the hell out of Devon against the ropes. Devon was elbowed by Kingston and snapmared into an rear chinlock. Devon elbowed his way out but was nailed with a lariat for a two count. Kingston and Homicide nailed a double shoulderblock on Devon for a two count.

They knocked Hardy off the apron and continued beating on Devon. Devon came back with a Bubbaslam on Kingston and fought to make the hot tag to Hardy. Hardy tagged in and cleaned house on Homicide, including the Sidewinder.

Hardy nailed Kingston with a clothesline and bulldogged him as he clotheslined Homicide down. Devon tossed Kingston to the floor and slammed him into the ringside table. Homicide choked out Hardy in the corner. Hardy came back with the Side Effect but Amber attacked him. Sky hit the ring and they battled back and forth. Amber caught her going for a kick and slammed her leg down, forcing Sky to split her legs. She then kicked her in the face. Sky came back with a DDT.

Hardy slammed Homicide and called for the Wazzup headbutt off the top. The crowd went nuts for this. Devon told Matt to get the tables. Hardy instead got a ladder and began nailing Homicide and Kingston. Hardy nails an elbow off the ladder. Devon sets up a ladder and they nailed a double Uranage through the table and score the pin.

Your winners, Matt Hardy and Devon!

A solid tag match.

After the match, Hardy took the mic and said that they gave the people what they wanted. Hardy said that he was stepping out of the Matt Hardy character and said that he has more respect for Devon and Bubba than anyone else. Hardy then paid tribute to his wife, nothing this was the venue where they met and that he loves her. He thanked her for sticking with him through thick and thin. Devon closed it out by testifying.

Kevin Steen vs. Rhino

They began slugging it out right away. They battled to the floor. Steen slammed Rhino into the guardrail. He began arguing with a fan, which allowed Rhino to recover and nail him from behind. Rhino removed a piece of the guard rail but Steen attacked him. Rhino battled him off and they returned to the ring.

Steen attempted to suplex Rhino inside the ring but Rhino battled back and Steen nailed a DDT into the ring. He preened to the crowd and began stomping away at Rhino, then choked him against the ropes. Steen argued with the crowd, allowing Rhino to make a comeback.

Steen began ripping at Rhino and tearing at his face and choking him against the ropes. Steen rebounded off the ropes and locked in a chinlock. He controlled Rhino. Rhino made a comeback and they battled back and forth. Rhino nailed a belly to belly suplex.

Steen nailed a missile dropkick off the ropes, then hit a running cannonball into the corner. Steen grabbed a chair and brought it into the ring. He wedged it between the turnbuckles. He went to whip Rhino into it but Rhino nailed him with an F5.

Rhino went for the gore but Steen moved and Rhino ate the chair in the corner. Steen hit a move but Rhino kicked out. He hit the gore for a two count. He brought the guard rail into the ring. The crowd chanted "ECW."

He went to nail Steen but was shoved down into the rail. Steen covered him for a two count. He grabbed another chair and went for a move but Rhino grabbed him for a belly to belly on the rail, the belly to belly suplexed him on the open chair. Rhino went for the gore but got kicked. He rebounded and gored Steen for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

Alex Reynolds vs. Tony Nese vs. Petey Williams

They started off strong with some good back and forth wrestling. Williams took Reynolds up and over with a head scissors takedown, then hit a leaping rana off the ropes. Williams nailed a dropkick into Reynolds,who was draped against the ropes.

Reynolds made a comeback and went for a double leap dive to the floor but missed. Williams hit a dive to the outside. Nese hit a reverse flip dive over the top, which woke the crowd up.

Back in the ring, Nese chopped away on Reynolds. Nese nailed a flying leg lariat for a two count. Williams returned to the fray and nailed a series of moves but was laid out by Nese and hit with a double springboard quebrada. Reynolds drilled Nese, hit Williams with a knee, then covered Nese for a two count.

Reynolds continued working over Nese, who fired back with shots. Reynolds covered Nese for a two count, then locked in a rear chinlock. Nese nailed a superkick and went for another but Reynolds sidestepped it and drilled him for a two count.

Reynolds went for a suplex but Nese blocked it. He went to rebound off the ropes but Reynolds caught it. Nese battled back with a suplex. Williams hit the ring with a codebreaker to the face of Reynolds. He set up for the Canadian Destroyer. He then hit a rana to the outside on Nese.

Williams was nailed with a roaring elbow by Reynolds. They went into some awesome back and forth stuff with Nese. Reynolds drilled Nese with two knees and nailed a moonsault for a two count. He locked in a body scissors around Nese's neck. Williams grabbed Nese for a Sharpshooter and turned then both over/ They made it to the ropes.

All three battled back and forth, nailing kicks. Williams and Nese both went for superkicks and their legs got intertwined. They all went for kicks at the same time and laid each other out. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Nese caught Reynolds on the top but was shoved off. Reynolds went for a tornado DDT but was caught and muscled back up. Nese nailed a rana off the top for a two count. He was tossed out and Williams tried to set up for the Canadian Destroyer. Nese returned and they ended up hitting a crazy combo into the buckles.

Williams nailed the Destroyer. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome." Reynolds nailed a Destroyer like move on Williams,who kicked out a t one. Williams made a comeback but Reynolds elevated and nailed him with a knee for a two count.

They battled to the top, where Reynolds was nailed with a top rope Destroyer and pinned. Nese hit a 450 splash off the top and scored the pin on Reynolds.

Your winner, Tony Nese!

Some really good, flashy stuff here.

Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk vs. X-Pac & Lance Storm

Waltman cut a promo and basically said he was going to beat up Funk because it was best for business. Lance said that in this building, he broke Dreamer's back and he has something just as evil set for tonight. He called out Angelina Love and Justin Credible, saying he was having them in his corner tonight.

Dreamer came out and got a great pop. Funk came out to Desperado and there was a huge, long Terry chant and standing ovation. Dreamer got choked up and hugged Funk.

Dreamer and Waltman tied up. Waltman crotch chopped him and Dreamer nailed a right hand. He hiptossed Pac, who tagged in Lance. Dreamer and Storm went back and forth. Dreamer caught him with a back elbow. Storm challenged Funk to get in the ring.

Funk tagged in and drilled Waltman and Storm with a bunch of punches and DDT'd Storm for a two count. Dreamer and Funk doubleteamed Storm. Funk went to the outside and attacked Credible, throwing him into the rails. He and Credible brawled to the back.

Meanwhile, Dreamer was beaten down and double teamed by both of their opponents. Funk returned to the ring with Beulah McGuillicuty. Waltman naile the Bronco Buster on Dreamer. Storm and Dreamer went back and forth. Storm worked him over. Funk tried to come in and help but the referee stopped him.

Dreamer came back with a double clothesline. Funk was tagged in and nailed a bunch of punches and headbutts. He put the spinning toehold on Waltman. Dreamer did the same to Storm. Dreamer and Storm battled to the floor. Funk got a trash can lid from somewhere and began beating Lance and Waltman with it. Dreamer tossed a trash can in and Funk walloped Waltman in the head with it several times.

Dreamer pulled Lance out to the floor. Everyone battled on the floor. Dreamer rang the ring bell on Storm's privates. Waltman choked Funk at ringside but was slammed into the guard rail.

Storm went for a superkick but Dreamer caught him and nailed the Spicoli Driver. Love broke it up and Dreamer grabbed her but Lance nailed him and held her. Love was going to attack Dreamer but Beulah attacked her and they had a catfight. Lance clotheslined Beulah and went to put the Sharpshooter on her. Dreamer threw him out and piledrove Love.

All this time, Waltman was beating Funk down outside the ring, then returned and nailed Dreamer, covering him for a two count. Funk tried to return but was caught up in the camera cord and snapped himself backwards.

Funk tossed a ladder into the ring. Funk did the airplane spin with the ladder and walloped Waltman and Storm. Funk drilled Waltman with the ladder and scored the pin.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk!

The crowd chanted "Thank you Terry!"

Dreamer took the mic and said he has an announcement before everyone leaves. He said that they had a great show again thanks to the fans. He said a 69 year old man with a torn abdominal stole the show. Dreamer said that this will be the last time you see them tag and it's been a hell of a run from 1995 on, so thank you very much.

Funk said that Dreamer is a great man and gives him more credit than he deserves. He said that Dreamer was there to stay from day one. Funk said that not many people knew it but he knew that Dreamer had it, because he knew Dreamer loved the profession that Terry's father taught him.

Dreamer said that by the size of this house, they are of this house, they are onto something and that's the next show...and then BULLY RAY hit the ring from the crowd and laid out both Funk and Dreamer. He began whipping them with a chain.

Bully grabbed the ring mic and said, "Do you know who I am?" He kept whipping Dreamer and Funk. He told Dreamer that he was his best friend in the world but Dreamer doesn't invite him to HOH? "That's how you do me?" He attacked Dreamer. He invited Dreamer to come back here on December 30th - One Night Only - TNA presents Old School. He challenged Dreamer to face him in an Old School Street Fight with Falls Counting Anywhere in the business.

Ray said that he wouldn't miss this in the entire world. He said he was going to destroy Terry Funk and no one can do a damn thing about it. Spike Dudley hit the ring and went for the Acid Drop but Bully tossed him and attacked him.

Devon hit the ring. They teased fighting but instead hit Dreamer with 3D. Bully said that he's been waiting for this moment his entire career. He told Devon they were going to piledrive him through the table.


Sandman hit the ring and caned the Dudleys but was overwhelmed. He was caned and left laying. Bubba said this is what happened when you mess with the best tag team in the world. He said tonight was House of Hardcore 3D. He and Devon walked out.

The heroes recovered. Dreamer said that HOH is going to kick the "living sh**" out of TNA.

Dreamer thanked Funk and said the ring is his because he earned it more than anyone in the business. They left Funk in the ring.

Funk said that he hopes everyone has a safe trip home because he loves them all so damn much. He said that he thinks of them all. This is the House of Hardcore, and "by God, it's a resurrection of hardcore....and its going to be here forever....FOREVER.....FOREVER.....FOREVER....AMEN!"

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House of Hardcore IV

June 6th, 2014

Poughkeepsie, NY

Mid-Hudson Civic Center

Hardcore War

Tommy Dreamer & Abyss vs. Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon)

AJ Styles vs. Chris Hero

Outlaws Inc. (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)

Kevin Steen vs. Adam Pearce

Tony Nese vs. Alex Reynolds vs. Petey Williams

Hale Collins vs. CW Anderson

Also on the show:

Matt Striker

Al Snow

Danny Doring

The Godfather

Little Guido


Shane Helms


Vic Dalishus


House of Hardcore V

June 7th, 2014

Philadelphia, PA

National Guard Armory

Kevin Steen vs. AJ Styles

Monster's Ball

Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss

Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon) vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)

Chris Hero vs. Adam Pearce

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese vs. Petey Williams

Also on the show:


Danny Doring

Matt Striker


Eddie Kingston

Hale Collins

Little Guido


Vic Dalishus

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"House of Hardcore VI: The West Coast Invasion" (+ Fan Fest & Autograph Convention)

June 14th, 2014

Valley Center, CA

Harrah's Resort Southern California

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

Tommy Dreamer (w/ Terry Funk) vs. Matt Hardy (w/ Reby Sky) vs. Carlito Colon

The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) vs. Bad Influence (Chris Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis)

Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Striker

Mil Mascaras vs. Aaron Aguilera

Bob Holly vs. Adam Pearce

Joey Ryan (w/ Candice LaRae) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Chris Mordetsky issues an open

Masterlock Challenge to any Legend

and more!

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"House of Hardcore VII" (iPPV)

November 15th, 2014

Philadelphia, PA

2300 Arena (former ECW Arena)

The Hardys (Jeff & Matt Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

Old School Extreme Rules

Ethan Carter III vs. Tommy Dreamer (w/ Beulah McGillicutty in her final wrestling appearance)

Austin Aries vs. Drew Galloway

The Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer)

Christian York vs. Brian Myers

Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw

Also on the show:

Gail Kim

Thea Trinidad

CW Anderson

Velvet Sky

Mindi O'Brien

and more!

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House of Hardcore VIII (iPPV)

March 7, 2015

Philadelphia, PA

2300 Arena (former ECW Arena)

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

South Philly Street Fight

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young

Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon) vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Matt Hardy vs. Carlito vs. Lance Hoyt

Also on the show:


Mikey Whipwreck

Velvet Sky

Thea Trinidad

Tony Nese

Brian Myers

Alex Reynolds

Team Tremendous

Vik Dalishus

Ben Ortiz

Hale Collins

Eddie Kingston

Matt Striker

and more!

Plus, pre-show meet and greet with:

Kelly Kelly


Ashley Massaro

IRS Mike Rotundo

Lanny Poffo

Magnum TA

Earl Hebner

and more!

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^ Репортаж:

Pre-Show Notes:

The show is sold out with about 200 fans turned away at the door. The promotion considered adding standing room but opted against it.

The Blue Meanie and Homicide, who are both injured and can't wrestle, are visiting at the show. Homicide is dealing with a torn rotator cuff. Meanie broke his hands in several places slipping on the ice in Philadelphia. Surgery is imminent for both men.

We are told there are several surprises scheduled tonight. I didn't see anyone out of the ordinary backstage, so they may be hiding them outside of the building until it's their time to appear.

Stephen DeAngelis welcomed everyone to the show. They aired a video spotlighting the top matches.

Brian Myers vs. PJ Black

Black is the former Justin Gabriel. Myers is the former Curt Hawkins. Black was on offense early, including hitting a flying bodypress for a two count. Myers gained control and locked in a side chinlock. Gabriel tried to mount a comeback but Myers tripped him up as he rebounded off the ropes. Myers nailed an elbow for a two count.

Myers continued the assault. Gabriel fired back with right hands but was caught with a slam. Myers tried to charge but was caught with a sidekick. Gabriel went to the top and nailed a beautiful 450 splash for the pin.

Your winner, PJ Black!

Black is victorious in his debut at the former ECW Arena.

A good, athletic match to kick off the event. Solid stuff.

The crowd, which was all over Myers for a New York Mets-inspired shirt, chanted, "Get the F*** out" at Myers.

Matt Striker vs. The Amazing Red

Striker came out to the old Starrcade theme. Red received a huge pop.

Shane Helms is guest commentating on the iPPV.

They went back and forth with some good counter wrestling early. Red surprised Striker with a fast two count, which aggravated Striker, who began getting more aggressive with his smaller foe. Striker used several shoulderblocks and tried to cover Red, but Red would escape every time, which the Arena loved.

Striker forced Red into the corner and kicked him stiff in the back. He began focusing on Red's mid-section and back, slamming Red down. Red fired back with chops but Striker caught him arm, twisted it and forced him to the mat. Striker used a forward roll to mount an armbar submission attempt. Red made a comeback and nailed a float-over DDT for a two count.

They went back and forth. Striker and Red fought on the top. Red gained control and nailed the Code Red off the ropes and scored the pin.

Your winner, The Amazing Red!

Good bout. Striker worked harder than I can remember him working in a long time and was a good, aggressive heel. Red did a great job as the babyface in peril making the comeback.

The crowd gave Striker a big ovation and a "Thank you Striker" chant. He acted moved, then heeled the crowd. They then chanted, "F*** you Striker."

Alex Reynolds vs. JT Dunn

They had some really good wrestling early. Dunn nailed a spinkick for a two count on Reynolds. Dunn was tossed to the floor. Reynolds teased a dive, but stopped and flipped off the crowd. Dunn hit the ring pissed but was taken down to the mat and locked in a side chinlock. Dunn fired back but was taken back down to the mat. Dunn fired back with several elbows to the mid-section and rebounded off the ropes with a clothesline.

Dunn nailed a sick looking double-stomp to the back of Reynolds' neck and head. Reynolds was sent to the floor. Dunn hit a tope suicida to the outside. Reynolds was draped over the railing. Dunn came off the ropes with a legdrop. The crowd chanted, "Holy sh**." Dunn charged Reynolds in the corner but was kicked down.

Dunn went to nail a lariat but Reynolds nailed a kick to the face. Dunn went for a move but someone got on the apron and distracted him. That alowed Reynolds to nail a superkick and then tossed him into the air, drilling him with a knee for the pin.

Your winner, Alex Reynolds!

Eddie Kingston vs. Rhino

Kingston attacked Rhino as he came to the ringside area and they battled on the floor. Kingston drilled Rhino backwards into the apron. Kingston suplexed Rhino on the apron. He sent Rhino into the ringpost. He went for a suplex on the floor but Rhino reversed it. Rhino tossed him into the ring and Kingston begged off. They officially rang the bell.

Kingston tried to nail Rhino who blocked it and nailed a series of rights. Rhino went for the gore but was kicked in the face. Kingston covered him for a two count. Kingston kept working over Rhino, who tried to mount a comeback. Kingston nailed a snapmare and dropped a kneedrop for a two count.

Rhino nailed a series of rights and a big elbow. Rhino nailed a shoulderblock in the corner. Kingston tried to fight back but was nailed with a big piledriver for a two count. They battled back and forth while on their knees with punches and slaps. They battled back and forth until Rhino caught him with the Gore for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

Easily the best Kingston showing in HOH to date as he actually had a chance to really work and be a heel. The crowd loved seeing Rhino and popped huge for all his offense. Solid stuff.

Ben Ortiz & Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus vs. Team Tremendous & Tony Nese

Team Tremendous frisked the referee and found contraband. They "ejected" the referee and demanded a special guest referee. Out came Mikey Whipwreck. That was funny!

Collins and Barry started out. They went back and forth until Barry nailed a springboard reverse elbow. Nese and Ortiz tagged. Ortiz used his size and girth to take Nese out early and aired a nice spinebuster. Bill Carr tagged in and cleaned house with a double clothesline. Barry nailed a nice missile dropkick.

Carr, Nese and Barry all had their way with Collins in the corner, drilling him with chops. Mikey tossed the manager for Ortiz' team. Team Collins gained control and worked over Barry. Ortiz tagged in and drilled Barry with an elbow drop for a two count. They went back and forth. Carr shocked the Arena whipping out a rana on Ortiz. They all battled on the floor. Hale nailed a dive off the top to the floor. Nese nailed his backwards flip to the floor. Barry nailed a spinning dive over the ropes to the floor. Carr nailed a forward senton over the top to the floor, wiping out everyone. Mikey, having enough, hit a flip dive off the top to the floor.

Nese and Ortiz returned to the ring and did some great back and forth sequences. Hale hit the scene but Nese lifted him and nailed a one-arm powerbomb in the corner. At this point, they all went crazy with big spots and the crowd loved it. Vik tried to use a foreign object but Mikey took it away. He went to hit Mikey and ate a Whippersnapper for his troubles.

Bill Carr nailed him with a Canadian Destroyer for the pin.

Your winners, Team Tremendous and Tony Nese!

It started a little dicey but once they turned up the juice, the crowd really liked it. There were a ton of tremendous spots here that really dazzled.

Papadon, Amazing Red and Brian Myers came out. They announced tonight, they were paying tribute to Mikey and played a nice video showing highlights of his career and the wrestlers he trained. Whipwreck, who didn't know this was coming, was stunned. The crowd called for a speech. Mikey said he doesn't really talk but his first bump was right here in this building. The crowd chanted "ECW." Mikey said someone of his size (at the time) didn't deserve a chance in Philadelphia but the fans gave him one. He said that he worked hard and he appreciated them all. He thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart.

Matt Hardy vs. Carlito vs. Lance Hoyt

Hoyt attacked Hardy as he came out and took out Carlito as well, controlling the scene early. The crowd was all over him, chanting, "Tramp stamp." That made me laugh. Hoyt brought a ladder into the ring but Hardy and Carlito returned with chairs and nailed the ladder in unison, knocking Hoyt down.

Carlito slammed Hoyt into the chair. Carlito set up the ladder and climbed up but there was nothing to grab. Hoyt chokeslammed him off the ladder. That was goofy. Hardy and Hoyt battled. Hoyt got the better of him and nailed a double arm suplex. The Arena fans were all over Hoyt's tattoo again.

Hardy set up the ladder against the rope and went for a suplex but Hoyt reversed it and nailed a suplex onto it Hoyt charged Hardy who ducked and Hoyt ate a chair. Carlito and Hardy faced off, then agreed to team together. They suplexed Hoyt into the ladder. They did it again, breaking the ladder.

Hoyt was drilled with a chair. Carlito stood over Hoyt but Hardy rolled him up for a two count. That set off a battle between the two. The crowd turned on Hardy, chanting, "F*** Matt Hardy." The ladder was placed across the turnbuckles and Carlito picked up and dropped Hardy on the ladder.

Hoyt took advantage and worked over both. He went for a moonsault but they each stepped out of the way. Carlito went to use a chair but Hoyt punched it into him. Hoyt went to hit a Razor's Edge on the ladder but Hardy kicked him and went for the Twist of Fate. He was shoved off but Carlito nailed the backcracker on Hoyt. Hardy caught Carlito with the Twist of Fate for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Hardy!

OK match. Something wasn't clicking here.

Stephen DeAngelis introduced a guest ring announcer, Rocco, from a New Jersey radio station. The crowd chanted, "F*** you Rocco" and "You suck d***" before he even came to the ring. He began talking and was pretty bad. The crowd chanted for him to shut the f*** up. He tried to get the crowd to chant his name. They crapped all over him. I hope this is leading somewhere. Out came former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts who said that the audience put him in his place just like they are for him now. He offered to take over.

Roberts said that he was at Wrestlemania and called the announcements of all these major names and felt nothing but tonight, he's feeling nervous and he knows the fans are going to give it to him and he's OK with that. The fans chanted, "Bring back Rocco." He said that's what he likes, that the fans let people know what they like and don't like. He said that the problem today with pro wrestling is that. He said the last few years in pro wrestling, he lost his passion and there were a lot of politics.

A little kid was sitting on his dad's shoulders and gave him the finger. The crowd popped for it. Roberts ripped the WWE for sending garbage out to the ring every week on Monday. He said the fans deserve better and that's why they d here. They are here for a good f***ing show. The crowd popped for the F word. He said he's loved professional wrestling his entire life and wondered if he should leave it, but then he saw that Tommy Dreamer, who loves pro wrestling, was running shows. He knows what the fans love and there's no politics and no glass ceiling here. If you suck, you are gone.

He said the business is healthy on the surface but inside it's dying a slow death. The wrong people are making the decisions and the fans deserve better. He said he was tired of talking so, he announced the next match.

Team 3D vs. The Addiction

There was electricity and a big fight feel once the former Dudleys came out. The Addiction attacked them before the bell. They controlled the the early portion of the bout, working over Devon with double-team maneuvers. Devon tried to fight his way out but Kazarian drilled him from behind.

Bubba was smashed through a table and was out on the floor. Kazarian took the mic and started saying that this is just proof that Devon was Bubba's b**ch. They ripped on the Dudleys and said this is the end of the Dudley story. This fired up Devon who made a comeback on both and nailed a sideslam on Kazarian.

Bubba returned to the ring for some clubbering and he and Devon set up for the Wazzup headbutt. They called the tables and brought one into the ring. Rosita hit the ring and low-blowed the Dudleys. She trash-talked them but Velvet Sky made the save. There was a Catfight. They set up for the Wazzup headbutt on Rosita and Devon stayed there like he was enjoying the taste of where he landed. I don't even know what else to say. The crowd loved it and chanted for Devon to keep going....except in a crude way.

Sky disposed of Rosita. The Dudleys finished off Addiction with a 3D through a table on Daniels for the pin.

Your winners, Team 3D!

The crowd chanted, "You still got it." Bubba took the mic and said, "It might not always be pretty but it was damn entertaining." Devon took the mic and told Rosita, "I'll eat out with you anyday."

Velvet Sky took the mic and said, "As you all know, I was recently fired by a company." The crowd chanted, "F*** TNA." Bubba took the mic and said, "What?" The crowd chanted it again. Sky joked, "I'd rather not, thank you." She said she was fired from a company that she dedicated the last eight years of her life to and she had never had the chance to say goodbye. She said she wanted to say that to all the fans that supported her and said thank you to everyone who's suppported her over her career.

Devon closed it out with a big "Testify!"

South Philly Streetfight: Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young.

Young asked if this was the world famous Arena. Uh, you've been here before. He said he hated all the old tapes he watched from here, that the fans ruined wrestling and that they think they are someone and part of the show but they really are nothing. He said that brings him to their appointed leader, Tommy Dreamer. He said the fans want to cheer and support Dreamer but they are all going to lead him to getting beaten. He said that the fans see themselves in him and he agrees. He said that when he beats Dreamer down, he's beating down all "you fat marks" and he's going to burn this place to the ground. Uh, I already lived through one fire incident here, so ixnay on the fire, OK?

They brawled on the floor as soon as Dreamer got to the ringside area. Young got the better of Dreamer and tossed him from the ring back to the floor. He placed a chair over Dreamer's face and ran him into the ringpost. Young got a stop sign and stomped it on Dreame's face. Young continued to work over Dreamer but missed a flying elbow off the ropes when Dreamer rolled out of the way.

Dreamer and Young battled back and forth with punches. Dreamer got the better of the exchange, and whipped him into the corner nailing a big boot for a two count Dreamer grabbed a Singapore Cane from under the ring but Young nailed a dropkick through the ropes. Dreamer ducked a cane shot and used it for a Russian legsweep. Dreamer caned Young, then whipped him into the corner. Young did the Flair Flop and was nailed several times with the cane, before crashing off the apron to the floor.

Dreamer went under the ring and retrieved a number of weapons. Young came up bleeding a gusher and was beaten with the cookie sheers. Dreamer used a cheese grater to the face, then to his groin. Dreamer bit Young's bloody face. Ugh. Dreamer pulled a barbed wire board out from under the ring. He set it in the corner.

Young cut off Dreamer and went for a piledriver. Oh, no, Dreamer's pants are going to split! No, Dreamer escaped and went for the Spicoli Driver. Young slipped out and nailed the referee. Dreamer gained control and nailed a catapult into the barbed wire board. That looked awesome. Dreamer nailed a piledriver but there was no referee to make the count. Another hit the ring for the count but stopped and took his shirt off to reveal he was EC3. The crowd chanted, "F*** TNA."

Dreamer nailed EC3 and went for the Spicoli Driver but Young kicked him low and hit a piledriver. The referee counted three.

Your winner, Eric Young!

EC3 and Young kept beating on Dreamer. Some students hit the ring but were beaten and thrown out. The crowdikrst again chanted, "F*** TNA." The lights went out and when they returned, it was Rey Mysterio Jr. making his first appearance here since March 1996. He cleaned house on Young and EC3 and drilled both with a 619. The crowd chanted, "Welcome back" and then chanted Rey's name. The crowd then chanted, "Si!"

Mysterio took the mic and said that he would have been one pissed off little Mexican if Dreamer hadn't invited him here tonight. He said that the first city to welcome him to pro wrestling here was Philly. He said the first company to witness Rey in the States was ECW. The crowd chanted for that company. He said that he wanted to say thank you and led a "Muchas Gracias" chant.

Dreamer said that the Rey Mysterio, Konnan and Paul Heyman brought Lucha Libre to the United States. He said that we are La Familia for life and no matter what you can always go home to the best fans in the world. He thanked the fans.

Great brawl. Young REALLY worked his ass off here. The Mysterio surprise was great.

The Young Bucks vs. Bobby Roode & Austin Aries

Slow start as they were feeling each other out. Bobby and Aries took turns tagging in and out, working over Nick Jackson's arm. Matt Jackson tagged in but Aries gained control and he and Roode continued controlling the slow, early minutes of the bout. After several minutes, the Bucks finally knocked Roode to the floor and caught Austin with a double team dropkick. The crowd reacted to that big-time. Aries cut off the momentum and nailed a slingshot splash on Nick Roode and Aries worked over Nick in their corner.

Roode and Aries continued the assault, working Matt over. Nick finally made the hot and began hitting all sorts of hot offense. He hit a dive to the floor but Aries followed suit. They all brawled on the floor. They made their way back to the ring at which point, it became all sort of crazy Bucks sequences. The Bucks went for the Meltzer Driver but Roodek knocked Nick off the apron and supericked Matt. Roode worked over Matt and locked him in the Crossface.

All four battled on the top. The Bucks knocked Roode and Aries to the mat. They went for stereo 450 splashes but Roode and Aries got their knees up. They started killing the Bucks will all sorts of big-time offense. The Bucks fought back with the Super Kick Party. Aries killed them with forearms but they came back with superkicks galore. They nailed the Meltzer Driver on Aries and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

A hell of a main event.

They all showed respect to each other. The Sandman's music played and he came to the ring. Big beer bash to close us out.

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degenerat 2

Не съм особен фен на самата концепция на HoH, поради което и не оставам твърде очарован от шоуто, но МЕ-та беше страхотен. Dream мач на хартия и напълно оправда това в действителност. Много силно представяне и от четиримата.



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degenerat 2

^ От моя гледна точка, до голяма степен връщане към ECW спомените и 'духа' на команията (думи на Dreamer, aко помня правилно цитата). Нищо лошо в това разбира се, просто съм гледал и не малко предишни/други подобни проекти.



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Tommy Dreamer issued a press release on Thursday to announce a television deal with The Fight Network out of Canada for his House Of Hardcore promotion.

As noted, Dreamer’s HoH promotion will travel north of the border for their first ever Canadian-based events in Toronto on July 18th.

Below is the press release that was sent out today with all of the details:

Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore Coming to Fight Network

Toronto – Fight Network, the world’s premier 24/7 television channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, today announced a global programming deal with professional wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer’s promotion House of Hardcore.

Fight Network will televise eight one-hour shows featuring highlights from all the House of Hardcore events to date, beginning on Tuesday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes will premiere on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET for eight consecutive weeks leading up to the debut House of Hardcore live event in Canada on July 18 in Toronto.

House of Hardcore on Fight Network will air on Cablevision’s Optimum TV, Grande Communications, Shentel Cable and Armstrong Cable in the U.S., nationwide in Canada, Roku devices across North America, and globally in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Dreamer, who wrestled and worked for every major wrestling organization in North America throughout his 25-year career, describes the television deal as the next step for his company.

“It’s a great day for House of Hardcore,” said Dreamer. “This partnership with Fight Network changes the game for me personally and for this company. I’m thrilled that we’ll bring House of Hardcore to more households, not only in Canada, but across North America and the rest of the world. Fight Network’s global reach continues to grow, as does House of Hardcore, and I think this is a great fit.”

“Tommy Dreamer has a stellar reputation in the professional wrestling business and we’re excited to partner with him to bring his House of Hardcore product to television,” said Ariel Shnerer, Director of Programming at Fight Network. “Dreamer is a consummate professional and his shows constantly feature a who’s who of established stars in the industry, from Tommy himself to Team 3D, Christopher Daniels, Matt Hardy and A.J. Styles. If the buzz surrounding his brand is any indication, we expect House of Hardcore to be a hit with our viewers.”

Dreamer also announced the signing of Stoney Creek, Ont.-based “The Power Factory” as Agency of Record for all business development and strategy related to House of Hardcore.

Dreamer founded House of Hardcore in 2012. Its first show was held at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and subsequent shows have been held in Philadelphia (four times), Valley Center, Calif., and Poughkeepsie (three in total).

Fight Network also owns and operates Live Audio Wrestling, the longest running wrestling radio program in the world. House of Hardcore talent will be regularly featured on the weekly show.

Canadian fans will get their first live taste of House of Hardcore on July 18. Dreamer has a long and storied relationship with Canada and the expansion is a personal milestone for him.

“I held a poll on Twitter, in which I asked fans where they wanted me to hold my next show, and Canada, specifically Toronto, was overwhelmingly No. 1,” said Dreamer. “For me not having television exposure until now, the demand for the product up there is almost surreal to me. And now having Fight Network behind us, I look forward to bringing my perspective of professional wrestling to some of the most rabid, passionate wrestling fans in the world.”

For more information on House of Hardcore, go to www.houseofhardcore.net.

For a full listing of Fight Network’s broadcast schedule, please visit tv.fightnetwork.com, follow us on Twitter @fightnet, become a fan on Facebook and visit us on Instagram @fightnet.

Евала му правим. :beer:

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Team 3D vs. The Young Bucks in a tag-team bout has been officially added to Tommy Dreamer's next “House Of Hardcore” event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also announced recently is Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. Matt Taven & Michael Bennett (w/Maria Kannelis). Scheduled to appear at the show in her final appearance is former TNA Knockout Traci Brooks.

House of Hardcore 9:
Saturday July 18, 2015
Ted Reeve Community Arena
175 Main Street
Toronto, ON, Canada

Confirmed Matches:
The Young Bucks vs. Team 3D

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) vs.
Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Hero

Rhino issues an open challenge to anyone!

Also appearing:
John Hennigan
Tony Nese
Eddie Kingston
Thea Trinidad
Tommaso Ciampa
Team Tremendous
Traci Brooks makes her final appearance!

Plus surprises and more!


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