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ROH: Best In The World 2012 (results)


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Чак сега го изгледах - доста стабилно шоу. Steen и Richards тоя път направиха мача, дето трябваше да направят на Border Wars. Направо се разкъртиха.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Guardians of Truth

Truth Martini introduces his mystery tag team but they're masked! WHO ARE THEY?!

Martini throws something at the Briscoes, distracting them while his team takes over. They batter the Sandy Fork Hopefuls but Dem Boys quickly gain the upper hand. They batter the mystery team until the referee is forced to keep both of them out of the ring.


The outside Guardian rolls the hurt Guardian out and uses his freshness to get control of the match. They work over Jay pretty fierce but the elder Briscoe is finally able to get the hot tag to Mark AND REDNECK KUNG FU~!

Mark clears house and lands a top rope elbow drop but the pin attempt is broken up. The Briscoes set one Guardian up for the Doomsday Device but Jay rolls him up for the pin instead? Weird ending.

Dem Boys set Truth up for the Doomsday Device but the Guardians prevent it and hit a double flapjack on Jay before some ROH dudes run in to stop the melee.

Weird opener.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers via pinfall

What's up next, ROH? Two world champs duking it out? OKAY!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Homicide vs. Eddie Edwards

NYC looks Homicide. Who doesn't, though?

Homicide SPITS in Edwards' hand before the match! Edwards slaps him! LET'S GO!

Edwards knocks his opponent to the outside! Suicide dive! Chops along the guard rail! Hot start!

Homicide rakes the eyes and takes advantage but soon Edwards regains the upperhand. The action spills back inside the ring and Edwards nails Homicide from the top rope and brutalizes his fellow former champ.

Homicide regains his composure and we're treated to an ROH-style chop battle. Dual Yakuza kicks and Homicide takes control. Typical Homicide offense from the former champ and he starts to go for the Three Amigos but Edwards starts to reverse!

The former TNA talent fights it off and heads to the top rope. Edwards follows him up and suplexes the "Notorious 187" to the mat. Edwards fights offa cutter attempt and hits a modified DVD and then another move which slams Homicide to the mat for a two count.

Edwards with the crossface! Homicide is closing to tapping! But he's also close to the ropes! He makes it, breaking the hold!

Solid match so far from the former champs.

Homicide takes over with a Manhattan drop and then a tornado DDT. CUTTER from Homicide! Kick out! Homicide with a big boot but Edwards refuses to stay down!

Edwards tries to sneak a pin but Homicide kicks out. Whip to the ropes and Edwards rolls his opponent through for the Achilles Lock! Homicide reverses out of it and HITS THE GRINGO KILLER~!

Winner: Homicide by pinfall

Edwards is more gringo than anyone so I called it the Gringo Killer, sue me. I guess that means Homicide is back full-time? GOOD!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hybrid rules match: Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly

I had toddler issues to deal with to start the match off but I came in to see O'Reilly NAILING Cole with Kawada kicks, busting the poor kid open. They claim his teeth are knocked out but I'm not sure. Are they?! (поне един беше отлетел)


They're going back and forth, O'Reilly nails him with some vicious strikes and sinks in a guillotine choke! Cole counters into a modified brainbuster-type move! COLE GETS UP!

Holy hell, the audience is hot as hell for Cole.

Cole with a giant superkick which knocks O'Reilly to the outside. He pulls him back in and nearly submits to an armbar but counters into a Texas Cloverleaf! O'Reilly battles out but eventually gets caught in a figure-four! O'Reill taps!!!

Winner: Cole via submission

Cole may have teeth knocked out but he for sure his lip is definitely busted apart. Holy crap. He offers his hand but O'Reilly slaps him and leaves the ring. SOUR GRAPES!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fit Finlay vs. Michael Elgin

Each man starts the match off trying to measure the other up. Finley fakes a punch in the corner but Elgin doesn't flinch. Finley with some catch wrestling to get Elgin off his feet and then a stomp to the fingers as "Unbreakable" gets to his feet.

Finley using his experience and grappling know-how to take advantage. Every time the young bruiser cracks him with a chop or a forearm, the former WWE Superstar goes back to the mat with a submission maneuver.

Slow build-up to this match so far. After the last match, this might be the wrong call. I'm losing interest fast.

Finley attacks the knee and feeds a boot from the corner to Elgin but eventually gets clotheslines. Action spills to the outside but Elgin loses control. Finley is trying to break his younger opponent down but Elgin won't stay down

I get the story of the match now. I kind of don't like it.

Elgin gets caught in a chin lock but works his way back to his feet and hits a suplex on Finley. "The Belfast Bruiser" is quick to latch on a submission but Elgin fights his way out. Finley is quick to attack the knee again.

Finley's last match with Sami Callihan is how you work a HOSS FIGHT with Finley, not like this.

Elgin hits an enziguri and clotheslines the shit out of Finley in the corner. Elgin lifts his opponent up and slams him to the mat for two. Action back to the outside and Finley takes over. He takes Elgin back inside and gets a near fall. The announcers play up Elgin's toughness and Finley's doubt about winning.

Finley with a Tombstone piledriver but Elgin kicks out. Finley lifts him up but Elgin hits a spinning back fist and then a Buckle Bomb. Spinning Powerbomb gets the three count.

Winner: Elgin via pinfall

Disappointing match-up from these two like-minded wrestlers. Oh, well.

After the match, Martini comes out and gloats. Finley offers his hand but Martini tries to say no. Elgin shoves him away and shakes his opponent's hand.

Intermission time, folks!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And we're back!

... and we got Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and "Brutal" Bob Evans making their way out.

Looks like Bennett finally got his pink t-shirt. Nice. "Better Than The Best." Well done. A "You Suck Dick" chant from the crowd. Stay classy, ROH fans.

Bennett cuts a rulebreaker promo and Mike Mondo interrupts him. You'll remember him as Mikey from the Spirit Squad. He wants to fight and he wants to accomplish his dream to wrestle in the Hammerstein. He calls Bennett a bitch.

"I wanna fight. And I wanna fight you, Mike Bennett. And after I fight you... I'm gonna f##k you!" pointing to (Maria) Kanellis (и аз бих я ебал).

Aaaaaaand we're off!

Mike Bennett vs. Mike Mondo

Mondo spills Bennett to the outside and splashes Evans! Bennett delivers a spinebuster to the apron! Mondo sells it like he's been knocked out. For some reason, that bugs me.

They're back and forth inside the ring. Bennett has Mondo hurt and mocks him before getting rolled up.


Winner: Mondo via pinfall

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TV title triple threat up next!

(man, I love The Embassy's music (и аз))

World TV Championship Elimination match:

Roderick Strong vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jay Lethal

Ciampa and Lethal go straight to work on each other. Strong eventually makes his presence felt and we've got a standard three-way match on our hands, with one of three getting laid out while the other two do battle.

We've got Ciampa and Strong until The Embassy member lays the champ out and then Lethal comes in, only to get brutalizes by his longtime foe.

Eventually Lethal gets the upper hand and sends Ciampa out which leaves the former champ and and the champ alone in the ring. Chop battle until Ciampa makes his way back in and they both chop away at the rulebreaker.

This match is elimination, by the way.

Lethal gets Strong into a figure four leglock and also locks Ciampa into a chinlock! Pretty cool spot.

Ciampa gains the upper hand and nails Lethal with a top rope elbow drop but Lethal kicks out. He's about to powerbomb Lethal but Strong hits Ciampa with a jumping knee. Lethal repays the champ by superkicking him. Lethal puts Ciampa up on the top rope but Strong attacks before he's able to get a move off.

Superplex from Strong and Lethal hits a top rope elbow drop!

Lethal gets distracted by Truth! He ducks out and nearly decks the manager but Prince Nana comes up behind him to attack! Lethal turns around in time and chases him around the ring! Meanwhile, Ciampa has Strong set up for a powerbomb but Nana rolls in and ends up chop blocking his own man!

Strong drops down and gets the pin. Lethal nails him and looks to set up Lethal Injection but Martini nails him in the back with the Book of Truth allowing Strong to nail Lethal with a devastating backbreaker (верно БОЛЕН беше).

One, three, three.

Winner and STILL champion: Strong via pinfall

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

World Tag Team Championship match:

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. The All Night Express

The GF claims Titus' wiener is weird looking from the outside of his trunks.

Probably the best comment I've heard so far during this event.

Prior obligation kept me away from my TV screen but the match ends with a quick roll-up of Haas by Titus.

Winners and NEW champions: The All Night Express via pinfall

I dunno but I am starting not to care about the revolving feud between ROH's three tag teams. It's a disservice to The Briscoe Brothers who should be huge stars.

WGTT with a post-match beatdown.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

World Championship match:

Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards

Steve Corino out to announce he's going to join the commentary booth.

Before the match start, O'Reilly is out to basically tell Richards off and say he's his own man. He tells Richards and NYC to kiss his ass.


Steen on the apron and Richards boots him through a table and delivers an Ole! kick to the champ. Richards brutalizing Steen along the ringside area but Steen comes back and SLAMS the former champ into the ring apron. Yikes.

Steen rips the ROH sheet metal signs off the guard rail and covers Richards with them. He splashes him and then whips the signs with a chain before rolling Richards back into the ring.

The champ goes for a top rope move but Richards gets his knees up! Richards tries to get the upper hand but the champ stays in control. Back to the outside and Steen superkicks the bellkeeper, I believe. He threatens to do the same with Cary Silken but Richards suicide dives him.

Exploder suplex on the ring apron and Richards sets up a table. He sends the champ CRASHING through the table and then hits a double knee stomp from the top rope for a two count.

Davey with a chair but he eats it and then hits a splash in the corner. He gets control back, though and superplexes the champion on a pile of chairs!!!

Richards sets up another table and lifts Steen to the top rope. Steen fights him off and bites his face! Steen drops him through the table!

So far, it's a giant spot fest but it sort of fights in the storyline as each knows only something huge will put the other down.

More brutal spots from each fighter until Richards knocks out the referee!

Now a ladder?!

Richards slides it in and walks right into an F6 but no referee! One finally makes his way out but Richards kicks out at three. Package piledriver to him.

Richards hits his own package piledriver on the ladder but no one is there to count! He finally drags the original referee in and sets the ladder up in the corner. Jacobs jumps in and gets on top of Richards. He pulls out the railroad spike but Jim Cornette comes in and grabs it from him!

Corino from behind! Low blow! Jacobs grabs the spike but eats a suplex onto the ladder! Richards grabs the spike and holds it up! But Steen has his own spike and stabs the former champ in the balls with him! Package piledriver, one two three.

Winner and STILL champion -> STILL via pinfall -> STILL Kevin Steen -> KILL STEEN KILL!!!

Steen накрая цъкна якото promo, но за съжаление започва да ми се потвърждава едно наблюдение от известно време - smark-ската публика (на моменти) е бич Божи за кеча. Нюйоркчани направо се изсраха на главната история (и на продукта на ROH) накрая. Аз лично адски се подразних от "умното" им държание и тоталното игнориране на "борбата" между Steen и ROH (или по-скоро Cornette). Останах с гадно чувство в устата от тоя завършек, но иначе всичко друго беше много добро. Дори Finlay с/у Elgin се получи приличен old school мач, макар и нещо накрая да приключи твърде припряно. За съжаление, времето на подобен тип мачове явно безвъзвратно е отминало, сега всичко трябва да е spot след spot...

Как да е, за пореден път се убеждавам, че колко и да им е скапана продукцията, PPV Продуктите на ROH си струват некъде около два пъти повече от тия на WWE и TNA.

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