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Kenn Doane за отношенията между Cena и Orton зад кулисите, Mickie James/Cena и др.


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Note From Kenn: “First and foremost before reading this interview if your going to say “Your a cheerleader” or make comments of how I got beat in matches then your probably too uneducated and immature to continue so please hit the back button located at the top left of your webpage now. And now lets begin…”

When you were in the Spirit Squad, was there a feeling like this would brand you with a ‘stench’ that would be impossible to shake, or were you just happy to work with DX and Vince McMahon so early in your WWE career?

“We always knew going into it that groups don’t last forever and the best way possible to get out of that ‘stench’ so to say would be simply to fight each other or go back down to developmental and be repackaged. Fortunately Dolph had that opportunity, the other 3 got fired and I got brought back the following week as Dykstra. Spirit Squad was basically a group designed to bring back DX and that’s it. We came in as badass cheerleaders that took advantage of a 5-2 ratio and beat up every tag team they put in our way. Except when it came to DX, no 5 grown men could ever beat 2 not those 2 lol. This is where haters will say “duh haha you got superkicked and pedigreed.” But I’ma let them in on a secret. ITS FUCKING FAKE! I knew what was going to happen and I did because that was my job. That is equal to me saying haha you just got a stack of papers at your desk and now have to work more.”

“People don’t understand that this is a job. Nobody is really the champion of anything. It is a simple show that you watch and enjoy. If you were in a movie with Sly Stallone and beat his ass but then at the end he killed you would you be mad? Absolutely not you would tell everyone to go watch it. We make short action movies where in the end one loses and the other wins. So if you think otherwise then you didn’t read my disclaimer at the beginning and you can hit the back button now.”

What are your thoughts on fellow Spirit Squad alum Dolph Ziggler’s breakout potential?

“I think it’s great and I am a HUGE Dolph supporter. I text him sometimes before big matches telling him I may do a shoot run in and help him win because he deserves it. I think if THEY let him above the glass ceiling he will be a big player when it comes to the future. We already know Cody Rhodes will get through the glass ceiling eventually for sure. His damn father is a writer. Nothing against Cody he is a great talent just saying it how it is. And as for THEY i mean the politicians in the top spots. Guys like… like…. whats his name??? (haters and nerds get ready here it comes) John Cena that’s it. This man seems afraid of losing his spot and I never understood it because they are very high on him as we can all see but I guess when your at the top you must be afraid of falling sometimes. John is greedy in the ring and he is allowed to be. Very rarely do we see top babyfaces selling for anyone anymore. I think this is part of whats missing in wrestling today. I remember Bret Hart would sell for anyone at any level in every match, the reason being is if your babyface isn’t in danger then why do we care to cheer for them? Steamboat did the same thing. But guys feel it makes them weak to sell now when in reality it makes people interested. If we watched UFC and nobody got hurt we wouldn’t watch right? (a verbal yes will do fine here)

Based on what you’ve seen on television and heard from friends still working for the company, what has changed most in WWE since you left in 2008?

“Everybody walks on egg shells backstage. Nobody gets an opinion and everyone is afraid to speak up. That is what i noticed the times i went back there after my release. The new guys are like little kids that got scolded by their mothers and are on strike 2 when they didn’t do anything to begin with. and most are ass kissers which only gets them faster out the door. Nobody has a chance to become anything unless WWE wants them to be. It seems no fun, nobody really jokes or plays around like they used too. I remember bringing heely’s backstage [the sneakers with wheels in the heels], following week everyone had them, we would have races and such but now they all seem afraid to have fun or afraid to smile. their like pawns waiting to get picked up and moved to a certain spot. Silly if you ask me.”

Can you shed more light on your recent comments that John Cena wanted Randy Orton fired when you were in WWE?

“It was the same night when Cena tried toughening up Carlito (which was absolutely stupid of Cena) he was pretty much bullying him because we all know if Carlito hit Cena and hurt him he would be fired plain and simple. But regardless once John calmed down I asked him what that was all about he ranted and other crap saying people need to hold their own weight around here and some how he got to Randy being suspended saying he is trying for Randy’s release to send a message to everyone that they can all be fired just as easily. As for now I don’t know if John is trying for Randy’s release or not but if I had to guess I would say it is due to the fact that he told me he was before. This assumption could be wrong (meaning this could be false and not the truth) however John telling me in the past he did want Randy fired is true (that’s true because he told me, see how that works haters?).”

Based on your recent tweets about your former relationship with Mickie James, it’s clear that behind-the-scenes romance often winds up affecting WWE storylines. What is WWE’s attitude towards wrestlers dating divas?

“It depends on who you are, top guy like Cena can do what he wants but most of the time they try to fuck with it like put you on separate shows and make one date another on TV. I think its a little sick joke but who knows really. I mean look at past relationships usually their on separate shows.”

Since a return to WWE does not seem likely at this point due to your issues with the company’s top star, are you interested in working for Impact Wrestling? (Turns into a tangent about his relationship with Mickie James, her cheating on him with Cena, Cena’s “rats” and clearing his reputation)

“This is where its going to get interesting i may stray from this question until the end but i will answer you.”

“So one day I see Mickie on the computer and I don’t give a damn it’s not my right to see what she is doing and it never was. I was always great to her. took her many places on vacations and bought her many things, was a great boyfriend. Now at the time Cena was messing around with another diva at the time (who’s name will remain anonymous because she had no effect on my life or job so its not our business) but i ended up using the computer once Mickie got off it and i went to Google and when you start typing it pulls up past searches. Past search was “Mickie James dating John Cena” so I’m not mad just curious I was like hey what the heck is this your trying to find info on? She stared at it for like legit 2 mins and I’m looking at her like “did you forget how to read? say something, WTF” she got up and ran into the other room crying saying she was sorry and she felt bad and admitted to it. I’m not one to get mad or jealous I don’t know why, I think it has to do with all the things I’ve been through as a child that you really cant hurt me much more than i have been already. So i look at it as there are SO many woman in this world why get upset over 1? to me that makes sense. So I don’t have John’s number so I call his diva “road” girlfriend. I ask her if she knows anything about it and she says she had a feeling because John recently dumped her and she is over him now. (yes by this point your probably thinking if WWE just videotaped the real lives of these wrestlers we would have a much better show to watch on Mondays).”

“So here i am sitting on my porch trying to piece all this crap together. Got 1 diva who is married to a guy outside of the business but she sleeps with Cena, then we got Cena who sleeps with rats (groupies, girls not in the biz, girls in the lobby waiting for an invite upstairs, in some countries mules because their fat) and this married diva, and now my girlfriend, then i got Mickie who is supposed to be my girlfriend who is Googling if her secret has been let out. Now I’m thinking before I do anything stupid and risk losing my job that I’ve worked for since I was 13 and gave up college scholarships to play football for I need to think of the best way to handle this. I tell Mickie just leave, go to your moms house or your sisters i just need time to think. I decide to call WWE office and ask for John’s number and explain what happened. They say their sorry and try to make me think they got my side. Following weeks I’m off TV and off the road until i get sent to Smackdown. Ironically Johns former diva got sent too. So now were on complete separate schedules and when their is a joint PPV I’m off the road that day too and get flown in on a Monday for a Tuesday Smackdown. Yeah complete B.S. I get jobbed out then they take me off the road more and fire me. When Johnny ace called me to fire me I asked him if this is why I’m getting fired. He told me we don’t have anything for you and depending on whether you choose to discuss this issue will determine on if your allowed to come back in the future. (so basically if i mention Cena and Mickie then I’m banned) I decide i will keep it to myself since I just want to wrestle and entertain people.”

“I go back every time their in my area and they always say the same leading on words (we like you we will call you in a week) then never call me at all. So I now figured out their just going to keep doing this because if they piss me off i will reveal their Superstar for what he really is and if they bring me back I could start trouble with Cena and that wouldn’t be great for the company either. Lets go back a little bit shall we. So now I’m gone from WWE and Mickie and Cena are banging full time having a merry old time. Mickie becomes champ, get TV roles and gets attached too. John knowing this is going too far needs to put a stop to it so he breaks it off for whatever reason (maybe he felt guilt as he was getting married) and Mickie flips out cries all over backstage snotting everywhere and it looks really bad. She now loses her title and jobs out and becomes Piggy James (inside joke since she was a piggy for sleeping around, they even had Jared from subway introduce her – ya know, “roast beef”) then gets fired.”

“Now to answer your question. I get flown into TNA to try out. before my try out I see Dixie Carter and tell her thank you for bringing me in and I hope she gets a chance to see what I can do. We talk for a little bit and she ends the conversation with “ya know for a guy who got fired for a bad attitude I don’t think your that bad” I’m like what! so i chase her down and say Mrs. Carter why did you say that and where did you get that information if I might ask. She said its all over the internet. So I do my research and find it all over the place that i got fired from WWE for a bad attitude. So now John and Mickie took my personal life, took my job, and left me with a bad reputation. That’s real nice.”

“When i was there in November i was actually excited to talk with John and I wanted to bury this all. He walked by I put my hand out and said hey you got a minute? he didn’t shake my hand and said “for you absolutely not” so i was like “really OK John, that’s cool”. So to all you people that disagree with me bringing this up now Its merely to clear my name of having a bad attitude, I respond to you haters with respect and I don’t poke fun at you through twitter or anywhere. and because I now realize that if John is there then I probably wont ever be in WWE again. And i understand WWE’s point, he is a bigger star and he is their number 1 guy. I get it i own my own business and am happy doing what i do. I’m not doing this for 15 mins of fame or to try to get bookings or anything like that. Would i wrestle for TNA? if I could make more money working for them or equal to what i do now then yes otherwise it would be a dumb choice right? (verbal yes or head shake is suffice) Another thing people claim my timing is bad on this and maybe your right. John is going through a divorce right now and really wish him and Liz a peaceful divorce. But if anyone of you lost your job, personal life and then got stuck with a bad reputation your gonna honestly say you wouldn’t do the same thing? lets get real people.”

Name Association:

Vince McMahon: Crazy (in a good way).

Triple H: Smartest man in the business (married boss’s daughter come on lol).

John Cena: Tiger Woods

Randy Orton: If he overcame his demons the the future if not then wasted talent.

CM Punk: Great example to kids (drug-free).

Final Thoughts: “Going forward I have no reason but to speak the truth and to make all this up would be absolutely insane. I’m not saying you have to believe anything i say but that is the truth. WWE portrays Cena as this big hero and savior to all of us but truth be told that is a character he plays much like me as a cheerleader. When watching wrestling know your watching a show and not real life situations or scenarios. We are basically live comic books brought to life and make short action movies for you to enjoy. Whether you agree or disagree with me on this is solely your opinion which i respect positive or negative. I don’t wrestle that much anymore and that is simply my choice, I guess when you get such a bad taste in your mouth from previous encounters its not something you try to re-hash lol. To say I’m retired is stupid because who really retires from wrestling? and to say im retired from fake fighting sounds even stupider. so no i still wrestle from time to time. I can be easily reached at @kenndoane via twitter where you can tell me how much you hate me, like me, tell me I’m a cheerleader, tell me i suck and that I’m trying to get 15 mins of fame. Its all accepted with arms wide open. Much love to all of you positive or negative. #GodBless you all. And thanks to @SEScoops for doing this interview. There you have it people Love it or Hate it. Truth has been told.”

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Нали уж Сина и Ортън бяха много добри приятели в живота. :D







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Пуснах и втората страничка на интервюто, че нещо не се беше копнала предния път.

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Ако Сина иска Ортън да бъде уволнен, ще го каже точно на тоя пич :lol: Ренди винаги се е изказвал добре за Джон, ако това беше истина, по - скоро щеше да го е атакувал физически за толкова години :D Понеже се споменава, че през 2007 дотогавашното гадже на Джон също е била пратена в Смака, видях, че драфта праща там две диви - Тори Уилсън и Виктория :lol:

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Или той лъже или всеки друг е лицемер. Толкова години излизат репорти, че Сина бил добричък и т.н. Но все пак има резон в неговите думи. Винаги съм се чудел как ще си толкова голям и в същото време няма да си поне малко нагъл.

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Според мен четивото изглежда лигитимно. Смисъл всичко друго е PR и поддържане на този имидж на супергерой, на добрия чичко. Всичко е фарс!


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Tara (Victoria) признава, че е имала връзка с John Cena:

Kenn Doane said a Diva married to someone not in the business who moved from RAW to Smackdown in 2007 was sleeping with John Cena. Considering I had nothing to do with why he was whining on the internet, he sure gave enough details about someone he claims he wasn’t trying to involve. I was the only Diva married to someone not in the business who moved from RAW to Smackdown in 2007.

I want to address this both professionally and personally. Professionally, you hear people talk about ‘backstage politics’ in wrestling. I’ll tell you what that means to me. Backstage politics is not some kind of psychological maneuvering. You work and travel with your wrestling co-workers more than you want to work and travel with anyone. The people who complain about backstage politics generally don’t have the ability to respectfully interact with others.

I treat everyone with respect. Everyone. Ask the caterers, building security, wrestlers, executives, crew, fans, anyone, who I don’t treat with respect and they would be at a loss for words. And because you spend so much time with these people, you know a lot about the people who you travel with and work closely with. I found that the best way to not make waves is to keep my eyes and ears open, and my mouth shut when it comes to other people’s business.

The people who complain that they were the victim of backstage politics often either don’t show people respect, or bud into other people’s business.

On a personal level, what Kenn said was mostly false, although there was a little truth.

I have been with my husband for 20 years. He’s the best guy in the world. But like any 20 year relationship, we have some good times and we have had some bad times. And anyone who I traveled with knows that. Because you learn intimate details about each other whether you want to or not.

We have separated a few times. One of those times that we were separated, I dated John for about a month. It was not in 2006 or 2007. It was in 2002. It was when we were both in Louisville. I was married but separated. John was single. I was never his 'road girlfriend'. I know that when we were separated, my husband also dated a couple girls. That’s what happens when you are separated.

In 2002, it was common knowledge that John and I dated. It fed the rumor mills for people who have nothing better to do than gossip like old ladies. So for Kenn to use bits of information that he was only able to pick up because he was allowed in the inner circle of WWE, and smear me, when I only treated Kenn with respect, over an incident that he is upset about from 5 years ago, tells me that he didn’t learn anything about ‘backstage politics’ and how it relates to being a decent human being.

Moving forward, I’m a glass-is-half-full kind of girl. Only my glass isn’t half full. My glass is 99% full. I am blessed. And I’m done discussing the 1%


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It was not in 2006 or 2007. It was in 2002. It was when we were both in Louisville. I was married but separated. John was single. I was never his 'road girlfriend'

като цяло, какво значение има кой, кога и с кого е спал?

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Общо взето след казаното от Tara всичко се изясни. Kenn Doane просто плямпа чул-недочул разни работи, в които има някаква минимална истина, която да ги подхранва, но в по-голямата им част са измислени и доста украсени. Няма безгрешни хора, така че със сигурност и John Cena си има недостатъците и грешките в живота, има си и проявите, които заслужават уважение, и честно казано не сме никои, за да го съдим.

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Явно човекът няма какво хубаво да каже за себе си на публиката и за това е решил да привлича внимание като говори лошо за друг.

Не ме интересува кой е крив, кой е прав. Постъпката е много жалка...

Universal Prediction Champion


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