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Телевизионното шоу на AAA започва да се разпространява извън Мексико & САЩ


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Mexico's #1 Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) League To Be Available Outside North America For The First Time In Company's 20 Year Plus History

March 28, 2012 - San Diego, CA

The wonderfully colorful and amazingly entertaining world of lucha libre, well known for its masks, acrobatics, and often circus like antics, is the most popular sport in Mexico next to soccer. For the past two decades, AAA Lucha Libre, has been the premiere company bringing its brand to the fans with nightly live events throughout the country, a weekly television show airing on Televisa in Mexico and on Galavision in the U.S., and the country's only regular running wrestling Pay Per View events including their annual mega-show TripleMania.

Now, teaming with Masked Republic, AAA is primed to deliver an all-new 1-hour all HD format of its wildly popular show for international syndication.

"For many years now we have known that our fans all over the world have been waiting to see AAA on their televisions, and that fans of wrestling who have not yet been exposed to our product will gravitate to it once they see what we have to offer," said AAA President Marisela Pena. "We are happy to be working with Masked Republic, a company that understands both the world of lucha libre and the foreign television landscape. This is a great new opportunity both for AAA and fans of lucha libre around the world."

"The vision that I had over a decade ago, and has since become a mission for everyone at Masked Republic, is becoming a reality: bringing lucha libre to the masses around the world," said Masked Republic founder and CEO Ruben Zamora.

"Ever since AAA started selling out the L.A. Sports Arena in the early 1990s, I knew that lucha libre had a huge future outside its homeland," said Masked Republic President Kevin Kleinrock. "Bringing the AAA product out of Mexico and to the rest of the world has been a goal of mine for a number of years now and with Masked Republic's mission of expanding lucha libre beyond its current borders, the timing was finally right. We could not be more excited."

With the industry's biggest stars, including LA Park, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesias, Octagon, Cibernetico, Perro Aguayo Jr., and Konnan, and the hottest young stars, including Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Fenix, and Daga, along with guest stars from top wrestling companies in the U.S. and Japan, AAA Lucha Libre delivers non-stop, action-packed, high-flying, dramatic, colorful sports entertainment like no one else in the world.

AAA Lucha Libre is distributed by Masked Republic in association with the company's exclusive international distributor. Broadcasters interested in the program can email aaatv@maskedrepublic.com or visit MaskedRepublic.com.

Интересно развитие. :) По принцип интернационалата дистрибуция на телевизионни права е най-доходоносното нещо за WWE и TNA. CMLL са на трето място в света в това отношение (т.е. имат най-голямо интернационално тв покритие). AAA досега не се излъчваха никъде освен Мексико & САЩ, тъй като имаха спор с телевизията, която ги излъчва относно това кой държи правата на шоуто, но явно сега този спор вече е решен и AAA започват да търсят интернационални тв сделки. Като се има предвид, че в момента AAA имат повече звезди, връзки и ресурси от CMLL ще е интересно да се види какво ще могат да постигнат.

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