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Tully Blanchard comments on why Windham is best choice for Horsemen WWE HOF


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Former NWA legend Tully Blanchard is scheduled to be inducted into the WWE HOF on Saturday March 31st as a member of the famed 4 Horsemen along with JJ Dillon, Ric Flair, Barry Windham and Arn Anderson. Many longtime Horsemen fans were upset over the WWE leaving Ole Anderson out in favor of Windham. However, Tully doesn't agree with those fans. According to a Thursday January 19th report by BustedOpen.com, Tully Blanchard commented on why Windham makes the best choice for a 4 Horsemen induction:

"The most dynamic group that we had was with Barry. You had more guys that could perform with more opponents. Big, small, all sizes and that was the most powerful group we had. Barry came back as a heel you had 4 guys that who could perform with Andre the Giant or the Rock and Roll Express or The Road Warriors. We could go out with all shapes and sizes and go out and tear the house down, and that is where your dynamics and your benefit for your promotion came."

Blanchard echoed the sentiments of JJ Dillon who also believed the most talented version of the Horsemen was with Windham. Although both men recognize the importance of Ole Anderson and the contributions that he made, Windham made the Horsemen the most diverse and talented group in the business.

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