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BritWres-Fest - 1 април 2012


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Няколко от главните британски кеч федерации организират съвместно благотворително шоу, което се очератава като едно от двете най-големи британски кеч шоута тази година:


April 1st, 2012

London, England

Coronet Theatre

FWA Presents: The Resistance vs. The Agenda

Special Guest Enforcer: Johnny Phere

Nick Riley, Sha Samuels & Doug Williams vs. David Deville, Colossus & "The Physical Specimen" Joel Redman

British wrestling’s biggest feud this decade is now fittingly set to take centre stage on the biggest British wrestling show this decade. The war between “The Agenda” and “The Resistance” has engulfed the FWA for almost two years now and at BritWres-Fest 2012, the most important battle so far of that very war, is set to take place.

The battle between “The Agenda” and “The Resistance” is simple. One group have an “Agenda” to use British wrestling as nothing more than a stepping stone, in order to get high paying jobs in America and will stop at nothing to make that happen. The other group believe that British wrestling has a long and proud heritage and will fight for a domestic industry that, they believe, deserves to once again be a National institution. These men are known as the Resistance.

This war has seen representatives from the biggest companies in the world get dragged into it and has already produced some of the most iconic moments in the recent history of British wrestling. It has also seen “The Agenda’s” reach and the equal opposition stretching into other companies such as the XWA and Futureshock, all be it under different names. However, on Sunday April 1st the stakes have never been higher. This is simply because this battle is as much a war of British wrestling philosophy as it is a simple battle of men.

The Agenda have now used their vast political clout on the UK scene, to ensure that the leader of the Resistance, Leroy Kincaide, will NOT be included on the BritWres-Fest show. In fact they have demanded that they will not involve the most recognisable title in Britain, the FWA World Heavyweight Champion which they currently possess, anywhere near the event unless their match can decide the very fate of Kincaide themselves. In short, if the Agenda win the six man tag team main event at BritWres-Fest, Leroy Kincaide will have to leave the FWA completely!

However coming to Leroy’s aid is the man that made the aforementioned title, a recognised belt on the world stage. A man who has arguably done more to fly the flag for British wrestling than any other in the last decade! That man is TNA’s Doug Williams. Williams has used his own clout and political power to demand that if his team win, the Resistance can pick a member of their group to finally get an FWA World Title shot. Williams simply wants to bring the belt that he defended around the globe back where it belongs and into the hands of people who respect it as more than just a “prop to get big money jobs in America.” Those were the chilling words of the Agenda’s founder Martin Stone just moments after he won the belt and weeks before he used it to get signed to the WWE.

To make sure that this already explosive contest is called down the middle and that no outside inference from either faction’s large following takes place the FWA has thrown in a wild card. No card in British wrestling could possibly be wilder than Johnny Phere, who has now been named as the special guest enforcer for this historic contest. Phere himself has recently had huge public battles with both The Agenda and more recently Leroy Kincaide, at the biggest venues in the country in the last 12 months such as the Birmingham NEC and the London Excel Centre. He declares himself completely independent from all factions and sides yet has personal reasons to fight both for and against either group. Who will he side with? What does the addition of Doug Williams, a man whose career is almost the exact ethos of what the Agenda believe, mean in this battle? How far will the Agenda go to end Leroy Kincaide’s career and how hard will the remaining members of the Resistance fight to save it? And what will be the final fate of the most recognised title in Europe after April 1st? These questions are all reasons why the FWA’s match at BritWres-Fest 2012 is a true main event of epic proportions and the perfect way to illustrate the battle the UK scene faces on its road to revival on Sunday April 1st.

IPW:UK vs. ASW: IPW:UK Undisputed Tag Team Title Match

The Leaders of The New School (Zack Sabre Jr. & "Party" Mart Scurll) © vs. "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm & "Xtreme" Dean Allmark

BritWres-Fest 2012 will see British wrestling history being made as IPW:UK Undisputed Tag Team Champions “The Leaders Of the New School” defend their belts against two of All-Star Wrestling’s very best in Dean Allmark and Jonny Storm. In a huge inter promotional dream match for the event, four of the UK’s best in ring performers will go head to head in a contest that will shatter promotional boundaries, in an attempt to give fans another title contest that is truly unique to the BritWres-Fest show.

After winning the belts on December 5th 2010 against the international dream team of Paul London and El Generico, “The Leaders” have successfully taken on all challengers from across the globe. However at BritWres-Fest 2012, they will have their most experienced opponents yet as they take on their near 30 years collective experience of two of the most respected performers on Brian Dixon’s All-Star circuit for the last decade. Between them, Jonny Storm and Dean Allmark are considered two of Britain’s most technically gifted and consistently excellent in ring performers. Whilst Zack Sabre Jr, who is now a regular in Japan’s Pro Wrestling Noah, and Marty Scurll, who recently made National newspaper headlines with his recent appearance on ITV’s “Take Me Out”, have developed a reputation for being two of Europe’s best wrestling exports as singles stars. Yet as a tag team, they are arguably the best tag team in Britain today.

IPW:UK promoter Andy Quildan said “After taking all comings from around the world it seems fitting that the Undisputed Titles now be defended against two of the very best there is from the UK”. He continued “Having a massive inter promotional match like this, against arguably two of the top wrestlers from the most successful touring promotion in the England, is IPW:UK’s chance to show fans how seriously we are taking BritWres-Fest 2012 ahead of our huge event at the Troxy on April 28th”.

NGW Presents: Triple Threat for the NGW Title

Rampage Brown © vs. "The Showstealer" Nathan Cruz vs. "The UK Luchador" El Ligero

Brit-Wres Fest 2012 is really shaping up, an incredible array of contests from some of the best British wrestling promotions in the country. Now Hull's New Generation Wrestling has announced the match that they will present at the history making event on Sunday April 1st. The newly crowned NGW Champion Rampage Brown is set to lock horns with 'Mexican Sensation' El Ligero and 'The Showstealer' Nathan Cruz in the biggest tripple threat bout the company could possibly present.

Since Rampage Brown made is debut in NGW, after a stint for WWE feeder FCW, he has instantly become the new stand out of the promotion, caputuring the NGW Championship in convincing fashion just this past weekend on March 10th. But in Triple Threat competition, Brown will have his work cut out for him with El Ligero, who already holds one half of the NGW Tag Team Championships. Ligero is considered to be not just one of the best wrestlers in NGW but certainly one of the very best on the entire UK scence.

The other challenge comes from Nathan Cruz. Cruz become the breakout star of NGW after beating Alex Shane for the rights of 'The Showstealer' name in 2010. He has since gone from strength to strength both in the ring and as a name on the British circuit. A former NGW Championship himself and now a regular for Brian Dixon's All-Star Cruz, is without question, one of the most promising prospects in British Wrestling so far this decade. With this being the first high profile defence of Rampage Brown's NGW Title and also a showcase on the world stage for three of the best talents in Europe, this match is the perfect addition to an event that is already well on its way to achieving new heights for British wrestling shows.

XWA Match

"The Bollywood Dream" RJ Singh vs. "The Baby Jesus of Professional Wrestling" Rockstar Spud

BritWres-Fest 2012 will see a battle between the two most famous characters in the modern era of British wrestling, as the XWA have now announced their match for the history making event on Sunday April 1st in London. The rivalry between RockStar Spud and RJ Singh dates back to the old FWA. Their first big match was at the famous but sadly now departed Morecambe Dome in July 2005 in the finals of the first ever FWA Flyweight Title Tournament, when RJ Singh (then Ross Jordan) defeated Spud to become the inaugual Flyweight Champion. Singh and Spud went on to wrestle each other many times in the old FWA including in brutal Last Man Standing and ladder matches. Meanwhile after the old FWA folded in 2007 and was reborn as the XWA, Singh went on to hold the Flyweight Title on three occasions while The RockStar made history in 2009 by becoming the only man to ever hold the XWA Heavyweight and Flyweight titles at the same time.

The winner of this contest will earn themselves a spot in the main event of the XWA's biggest event of the year "War On The Shore", in a number one contenders four way. XWA promoter Greg Lambert said: "I can't think of two better men to represent the XWA at BritWresFest. The legacy of The RockStar and the Bollywood Dream in our hometown of Morecambe is well documented, where their rivalry dates back seven years. They typify what the XWA is all about, strong characters with great gimmicks who can wrestle and entertain. And their ring entrances should be worth the admission price alone!".

In the last year both Spud and Singh have attracted mainstream press attention with Snog, Marry, Avoid and a BBC Asia documentary respectively. As a result this match was the first on the BritWres-Fest 2012 event, to be announced in a national newspaper, courtesy of the Daily Star.

Pro-Wrestling:EVE presents: Pro-Wrestling:EVE Title Match - The Rematch

"The Female Fight Machine" Jenny Sjodin (v) vs. "The Professional Predator" Alpha Female

BritWres-Fest 2012 is proud to announce the first match for the historic show on Sunday April 1st in London. Pro Wrestling EVE will present the much anticipated rematch from their recent iPPV “No Man’s Land” as “The Female Fighting Machine “ Jenny Sjodin takes on her number one contender, German giant, Alpha Female.

A huge spear to the outside of the ring, through the time keepers table, lead to a double count out in their recent headline contest at “No Man’s Land” on February 18th. As a result EVE promoter Dann Read was quick to seize the opportunity to present the rematch on the biggest British wrestling stage of them all, BritWres-Fest 2012. “Everyone who has seen the first match between Alpha and Sjodin have given rave reviews and expressed what an amazing representation of the current female wrestling scene in Europe it really was” Read said. “Fans demanded the rematch and we saw BritWres-Fest as the perfect platform to give it to the world for free, help a great cause and in the process show the rest of the companies presenting matches at the event that Pro Wrestling EVE means business”.

Event Organiser Jamie Hadley said “The decision to make the Pro Wrestling EVE Title match the first one to be announced is our way of saying that BritWres-Fest 2012 is the ultimate showcase for the UK scene. The matches on offer will be the very best we can give the fans”. He continued “Pro Wrestling EVE made history with their recent iPPV, a first for British wrestling. Their prime role on this show is our way of applauding their progressive attitude towards our domestic industry and giving their all female roster equal billing to the men’s scene at the same time”.

Lucha Britannia Presents: Lucha Britannia Title Match

Lean Britannico © vs. Santeria vs. Dark Britannico vs. Metallico

On Sunday April 1st, British wrestling fans can expect something completely different as current Lucha Britannia world champion, Leon Britannico will face Metallico, Santeria & his mysterious half brother, Dark Britannico, in a fatal four way for the championship at BritWrestFest 2012!

At Lucha Britannia Underground on March 16th, this match was firmly made. Dark Britannico unexpectedly laid out the referee with a spectacular shooting star press, during what would have almost certainly been the winning pinfall on Leon Britannico by the monster Santeria. Dark Britannico then took out the giant, looking like he was going to save his brother from clear defeat. However, what happened next was a huge shock to everyone. Dark Britannico dropped his own half brother, the Lucha champion Leon Britannico & looked towards the championship title with envious eyes. At this point Metallico, a long term friend of Leon, entered the ring. It was just in time because as a now recovered Santeria went to hit the fallen Leon, he instead found Metallico blocking his path. Sadly Leon recovered to see Metallico standing over him and wrongly assuming it was in fact Metallico who had struck him earlier. An enraged champ hit his friend with a huge 720 turning kick and within seconds friends became rivals as Metalico & Leon ripped each other appart with a huge brawl to the shocked silence of all in attendance.

It now appears that everyone is after a shot at Leon Brittanico but for totally different reasons. Santeria feels he would be the champion now if it was not for the actions of the Dark Britanico. Metallico has a personal score to settle with his former friend and the Lucha Britania title just happens to be in the way of dealing with it. While who truly knows the motives of the Dark Britannico? What makes this even more interesting now is that it also appears to all, after March 19th, each challenger has a side issue with one of the other competitors too. One thing is for sure, it will certainly come to a head on Sunday April 1st.

If you've not seen Lucha Britania before, here is what to expect from the four wrestlers on show:

- Leon Britannico is the high flying star who has been wowing crowds all over the UK for the last 8 years. His superhero look & fighting style make him a fan favorite whenever he makes an appearance. He is also the current Lucha Britannia World champion.

- Metallico is part man, part machine, all puroresu power & technique. Like a bionic man rebuilt from spare parts of other wrestlers. Some say he has a bit of old British style 'Burridge' within his bone crunching Lucha curcuits.

- Santeria is the ultra menacing near 7ft tall 'brujo' or 'witchman' with incredible powers of suggestion, technical ability & agility which defys explanation for a creature of his size. The mere sight of this Voodooesque giant leaves most of his opponants frozen with fear!

- Dark Britannico is the slightly larger half brother of Leon who was thought missing in action. He has now resurfaced to claim what he belives to be his, the Lucha Britannia World Championship Title. DB seems to be able to do everything his little brother can do but with a nastier, nore deadly edge to it. A high flying Lucha Libre genius with a grudge is a dangerous foe indeed!

FSW Presents: Futureshock Title Match

Jack Gallagher © vs. Zack "Diamond" Gibson

With Brit-Wres Fest looking to be a showcase of the best and brightest talent in the UK, all competing for a great cause it seemed only fitting that FutureShock would send two of its best wrestlers to compete for it's biggest prize. FutureShock Champion Jack Gallagher, who gained global wrestling attention when Davey Richards said he gave him one of the best matches he ever had, will defend his Title against friend and rival Zack Diamond. Zack has been tipped as one of the best new talents to come out of the north of England in the past few years with high profile matches for FWA, NGW and GPW in the last 12 months, making this a mouth watering bout for all true grappling fans in the UK.

However with the FutureShock Championship on the line, this will be much more than a simple exhibition between two equally talented young wrestlers. Both men will be looking to impress on what promoters are promising will be a worldwide stage and as such Gallagher and Diamond will want to prove why they are not only two of the best new talents in the north of England but two of of the best in Europe.

Progress Wrestling Presents: BWC Scarlo Scholarship Ladder Match

Xander Cooper © vs. Wild Boar vs. Sam Bailey vs. "White Lightning" Mark Andrews

The Scarlo Scholarship Championship is the most hotly contested prize in the entire BWC system and at BritWres-Fest 2012, it will be defended in a jaw dropping four corners Ladder Match. This match will feature a selection of the UK's top young talents as part of the BWC Progess Division, as the 6th match announced courtesy of London's new "Progress Wrestling".

Since winning the scholarship at the inaugural BritWres-Fest in February 2011, in a brutal Ladder Match, Xander Cooper has gone on to make a real name for himself in both the FWA's "Adrenaline Division" and his home promotion, Manchester's Futureshock Wrestling. Under the guidance of names like Alex Shane and Justin Richards, Cooper has made huge strides in the last 12 months since winning the prestigous scholarship. However some believe that his recent success has had an extremely negative effect of his ego . None more so than his former fellow trainees and wrestlers at FutureShock.

Enter the second competitor. “Super Stylin” Sam Bailey is a man who had a hand in training Cooper in the early stages of his career and has now been put forward by Futureshock Wrestling for the Ladder Match at BritWres-Fest for one simple reason. Although Bailey is by no means a trainee, the BWC allowed him to compete at Futureshock managements request under one condition. Should he win, the scholarship would be passed onto a more humble representative of the Northern wrestling scene. The BWC's acceptance of this offer from Futureshock appears to illustrate that the views of Coopers fellow students are not so isolated!

The third competitor is a man who has a name for himself all over the world in the last 12 months, wrestling for companies all across Europe and even Chikara Pro in the USA. “White Lightning” Mark Andrews is a highflying sensation from the South Wales BWC school, Dragon Pro Wrestling. Dragon Pro also brings us the fourth and final combatant and the much like Cooper and Bailey, this man is the perfect balance for Andrews.“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman is best known for his sheer intensity in the ring and has recently entered show stealing performances against the likes of Zack Sabre Jr. Andrews and Hitchman have a well documented rivalry that has seen them wrestle each other all over the UK. Including a bout in the FWA, during the companies Easter Weekend Shows at Thorpe Park, which many considered to be one the best matches of the entire four days event.

Will Sam Bailey take the championship back to Futureshock for one of the rising stars of FSW School to represent the BWC's youngsters in a more positive light? Can the top young talent in Wales climb even higher in 2012 and solidify their legacy with a BWC Scholarship? Or will Xander Cooper’s ego continue to ascend by extending his reign as Scholarship Champion for another year on the biggest UK stage of them all? One thing is for sure. This match has the potential to blow the roof off the Coronet Theatre on Sunday April 1st in London.

"EastEnders" star Tony Discipline and Jacqueline Jossa will be at the show

With just ten days to go until the biggest British wrestling event in over a decade, EastEnders celebrity couple Tony Discipline and Jacqueline Jossa will be showing their support by being their live, at BritWres-Fest 2012! Get your tickets free of charge at www.wrestlingwithethics.com

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