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Реших да отделя всичко свързано с Crossfire Entertainment в отделна тема. Crossfire Entertainment е сравнително нова федерация в Nashville. Главните им шоута се провеждат в бившия TNA Asylum (Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena). Сайтът им твърди, че Shane Douglas и Maria Kanellis са част от booking екипа. Федерацията работи с the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Резултати от предишните им шоута, макар че "официално" от третото шоу натам започнаха да се наричат Crossfire Entertainment:

"Tribute to the Fairgrounds"

January 29th, 2011

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 1700

Belltime was scheduled for 7:30 pm. There was still a huge crowd waiting outside, so some stalling was done (crowd hyping, etc.) until most people were inside. I've been going to matches at the Fairgrounds since I was a teenager and I've never seen a crowd that big there. National Anthem was sung, and the ring girl was introduced.

1. Arrick Andrews beat Cody Melton. Arrick Andrews issued an "open challenge" to anyone in Nashville to take him on. Cody Melton (I think) answered the call and was immediately squashed.

2. Eric Young defeated Arrick Andrews with a DVD. Andrews got back on the mic, talked some trash, and "Showtime" Eric Young was introduced to a big pop. EY defeated Andrews in a solid back and forth match, with Young doing his comedy bits. Young was way over with the Nashville crowd.

3. Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon w/ Athena) defeated The Maddox Bros. via David Young Spinebuster. The Maddox Bros had lots of high-octane offense and played well to the crowd. The finish saw Young lowblow one of the bros with help from Athena while the ref was down. Solid work from both teams.

4. Chris Michaels defeated Kid Kash with a rollup with the tights. really long match. The story of this one wasn't in the ring as much as Kash being a total heat machine. He was held back several times by security from jumping the railing and gong after fans. He spit, cursed a few people out, and relentlessly taunted an old lady in the front row. He even grabbed some kid's hat and wiped his *ss with it. Easily the most heel heat of the night.

5. Brian Lawler & Kevin White defeated Derrick King Enterprises with a Grandmaster Legdrop. Christopher and White came out to a huge pop. Haskins was gold in his comedy-heel role, selling the hell out of a wedgie by BC. Christopher landed the Alabama Jam for the win. In a really cool moment after the match, Christopher & White brought up a bunch of kids from the crowd for a big dance-off after the match. Really fun stuff here, the crowd was eating it up. Christopher is (and probably always will be) way over with the people in Nashville.

6. No Disqualification Match: Hammerjack defeated Lonestar © for the SAW Southern Heavyweight Championship via Top Rope Body Slam. This was a No DQ, and these two brought out all the stops. Lots of stiff brawling and chairshots. Lonestar was busted open early and these guys brawled all over the arena. Lonestar (who is about the size of One Man Gang) had Hammerjack laid out on a table on the outside, Hammer jumped to the apron and threw Lonestar through the table from the top rope. This sent the crowd into a frenzy. Hammerjack got the pin in the end over a bloody and beaten Lonestar to win the SAW Southern title. This match had the entire arena on their feet. At the end, as a sign of respect, LoneStar gave Hammerjack a fist bump and left the ring while Hammerjack celebrated with the fans. Easily the match of the night. A classic Southern brawl that had everyone ready for a break as it was easily 80 degrees in a packed arena

7. Tracey Smothers, Moondog & Jocephus defeated The Wild Boys. Tracey Smothers came to the ring in what was billed as a "special ceremony". He talked about the history of the building, and all the greats that wrestled there. He talked about the area being the best territory with the best fans and the most stars. He put over Evansville, Louisville, Nashville and Memphis. He was interrupted by (young guy, didn't get his name) and the Wild Boys. They proceeded with a beatdown until Jocephus (who is an uncanny Bruiser Brody look-alike) and a Moondog came in for the save. A pier-six brawl broke out and a ref made a 3 count to give Smothers, Moondog, & Jocephus the win. It wasn't pretty, but most folks were probably just coming down from the previous match.

8. Wolfie D defeated "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert with The Hubcap Shot. Gilbert got on the mic and put over his dad and brother, then insulted the crowd. Wolfie came out to a decent pop. Most people in Nashville or Memphis have probably seen this once or twice, but they put on a good match. Wolfie looked to be in good shape, he blasted Gilbert with the hubcap and Wolfie got the pin for the win. Gilbert got on the mic saying no Gilbert ever left the Sports Arena a loser, and if he stepped out of the ring, he'd never come back.

9. Jerry "The King" Lawler defeared "Superstar" Bill Dundee with a Piledriver - Dutch Mantel was the special guest referee. Lawler was the de facto face in this one. Mantel made it clear he was calling it down the middle and held each man back from punching the other. Pretty much a stand up brawl. They went to the outside and traded chairshots to the back. Action moved back in the ring with Dundee working over Lawler. Lawler no-sold punches in the corner, and the strap came down! Lawler got the piledriver (which is legal in Tn according to Dutch) for the pin. The roof came off with an ovation for Lawler. He grabbed a mic and told Dundee and Mantel they were the two toughest opponents he ever faced. He said the night was one of the highlights of his Nashville career.

*A couple of odd notes. While thanking the fans and the Make A Wish Foundation, the promoter dropped the f-bomb (twice) while addressing the crowd. Just came off as weird.

Out of nowhere, after his match with Lawler, Dundee went into to shoot mode, and said "Jerry Jarrett's little boy" couldn't even fill the arena last time he was there. He also said that if Jarrett wasn't "humping"? Dixie Carter he wouldn't even have a job. It was way out of leftfield, and he's got a pretty thick accent, so it wasn't too clear what he was getting at, but he certainly got a decent pop for it.

The show ended around 10:45pm and it looked like everyone stayed fo the end. A great show that was well promoted, and flowed along nicely. And of course, when it's for charity that's even better.

"Tribute to the Fairgrounds 2"

May 14th, 2011

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 807

Pre Show: LT Falk defeated Damien Payne and Abriella defeated Miss Rachel.

American Idol’s own Jackie Wilson sang the National Anthem, and Ricky Morton came out along with Robert Gibson to give Ricky’s father a 10 bell with his family in attendance to say goodbye to his father in the building where his career started.

Maddox Brothers defeated Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon) after the match was restarted due to cheating by the Diamonds

Arrick Andrews defeated Jocephus. After the match, Andrews attacked Make A Wish's own Bubba Perry.

Brian Christopher & Boogie Woogie Boy defeated Chris Hamrick & Kevin White. White turned on Christopher before the match started and Boogie made the save to set up the tag team match.

Hammerjack defeated “King” Shane Williams.

BG James & Wolfie D defeated Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich. Diamonds in the Rough interfered in the match because James and Wolfie cost them their win earlier in the night, and all four heels attacked James & Wolfie.

After Intermission, “Dirty” Dutch Mantell came out and thanked all the fans for coming out. He announced the next Tribute event at the Fairgrounds for Saturday, August 20 with the return of Jerry “King” Lawler. The big announcement Mantell had promised was the debut of Crossfire Entertainment, LLC along with Crossfire Wrestling that will be producing all future Fairgrounds events.

Jerry Lynn defeated Simon Dean in his return match after a 10 month long recovery from his back surgery. Afterward, Lynn was thanking the crowd and out of nowhere, Kid Kash hit the ring and attacked Lynn and issued a challenge for August 20. Lynn accepted the match.

The Rock 'N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated the Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton). After the match, the crowd gave both teams a standing ovation. Fans continued to chant "Rock and Roll" after the house

light were brought up until Ricky and Robert came back out.

Crossfire Entertainment: Tribute to the Fairgrounds 3

August 20th, 2011

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 917

Nashville wrestling fans came out in droves for the Make-A-Wish Foundation at Tribute to the Fairgrounds 3.

With almost a thousand fans packing out the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena, the night of wrestling was just as hot inside as it was outside.

Starting off the night, Nashville fan favorite "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant picked up the win over LT Falk.

"King" Shane Williams picked up a count-out victory over Jocephus with Abriella at ringside.

With a lot of different promotions, cage matches are at the end of the night, and Crossfire Entertainment owner Marcus Pastorious promised he would show a change with the cage match coming at the beginning of the night.

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell would pick up the victory over "Superstar" Bill Dundee. But Dundee would not be happy with the decision, so watch for more between these two legends.

As the show officially began, Crossfire Entertainment would come to the ring along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation officials, including Bubba Perry, who runs Big Bubba's Bash for the foundation each year. Earlier this week, Crossfire Entertainment would grant a wish for one of Make-A-Wish's wonderful children, Chyna Douglas, with a mani-pedi-spa day with former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. The crowd would hear from Maria and Chyna about their day and the whole night would be just for these children!

After clearing the ring, Bubba Perry would get into a confrontation with Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews. This duo had a little bit of history with Tribute to the Fairgrounds 2, and neither one of them were too happy to see the other. Perry would start taking blows from Andrews before Cassidy Riley would make the save and start the match.

Riley would have a successful return to the ring with the victory over Andrews. This would not make Andrews happy and he would take it out on Perry until Andrews' former partner, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant would make the save.

Next up would be the tag team of the Maddox Brothers vs. Derrick King Inc. While Drew Haskins was short a partner in Derrick King but would bring on LT Falk as his partner against the Maddox Brothers. The tag team match would be a strong showing from all four men, but the Maddox Brothers would take the victory after Haskins' attempt at using a chain to finish the match would be stopped by Falk and gave the win to Shayne and Shaun Maddox.

The implosion of PG-13 would come up next. While both men have had great success together and apart, it would a match of prides between Wolfie D and JC-Ice (Jamie Dundee). Starting off with a war of words, Dundee would try to get the advantage early in the match with powder to Wolfie's eyes, but it would be a strong back and forth battle between the two with Wolfie D taking the victory.

No Holds Barred Matches have spilt blood, sweat and tears all over the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena throughout the years. Having Raven vs. Hammerjack in one of these matches was one of those the fans will not soon forget. The former ECW Champion Raven had a lot of these types of matches behind him knowing that the experience would be his advantage. Heading into the night, Hammerjack knew that he would have his work cut out facing this wrestling legend. With Hammerjack's battles from January nearly tearing down the fairgrounds, he would have his path set for another knock down match. The duo would continue to be one of Hammerjack's diamonds in his career and with taking the victory over Raven, this will be a stepping stone for Hammerjack in Crossfire Entertainment's future.

Never to be outdone by any other match, Kid Kash would head into his match ready to bring on his brand of chaos to the ring against Jerry Lynn. While this duo has crossed paths at before, this match would be one that the fans would never forget. The fans would see a lot coming from both of these superstars but seeing the referee get knocked around and only seeing Lynn with the chair. Kash would walk away with the victory, but Lynn will be back for more.

In the main event of the evening, Too Cool's Rikishi and Brian Christopher reunited for the evening with Maria Kanellis at ringside to face off against The Diamonds in the Rough with Drew Haskins at ringside also. David Young and Sigmon have been a tag team force in Crossfire Entertainment and have proved that they were the tag team to beat coming into Saturday night's event. Rikishi and Christopher posed their challenge at a press conference for Crossfire Entertainment on Friday. Neither team disappointed their fans and gave one hundred percent. Add in all the theatrics by Kanellis and Haskins, this proved to be a night for victory for Too Cool and a celebration for the Make-A-Wish Foundation afterwards.

Crossfire Entertainment: A New Beginning

November 5th, 2011

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 720

The main show opened with "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. He cut a seething promo accusing Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff of "killing pro wrestling" so they did things their way in Philly. He said Dixie Carter was a "billionaire bimbo" which got a good reaction. He said TNA turned their backs to the fans in Nashville when they moved to orlando. He said Crossfire would start a revolution in wrestling. Good promo from Douglas to fire up the crowd.

1. The Maddox Brothers beat 7oh4. The Maddox boys are apparently heels now. Not sure when that happened. Lots of fast paced action and 7oh4 looked like future stars. Finish saw a ref bump and a Maddox holding the tights for the win. Good opener.

2. Wolfie D beat Arrick Andrews. 
Good reaction to Wolfie from the hometown crowd. Andrews got in lots of offense and Wolfie was bumping hard outside. Back in the ring, Andrews tried to use a chair but was thwarted by Bubba Perry, and Wolfie got the win with a neck breaker.

After the match Shane Douglas came out to announce that Andrews would face Perry on Jan. 14th with guest referee Mick Foley! The crowd ate that up.

Maria Kanellis came out to announce that she's going to bring women's wrestling to Crossfire at the next show. This brought out "King" Shane Williams with Becky Bayless (a.k.a. TNA's Cookie). Williams was backing Maria into the corner when Chase Stevens came out to a big pop.

3. Chase Stevens beat Shane Williams (w/ Becky Bayless). I considered to be the best match of the night. These two can really go.

Brian Christopher came out to promote his CD release. Seriously. Wolfie D came out to congratulate him and to join in the party. Wolfie started in on a beatdown and an impromptu match was started.

4. Brian Christopher defeated Wolfie D. Wolfie dominated most of the match. After exchanging back and forth finishers BC got the win via a rollup. Wolfie instantly got his heat back by hitting BC with a chair. Derrick King was originally advertised for the match, not sure why he wasn't there. Good match though, Christopher was super over as usual with the Nashville crowd.

5. Hammerjack beat 2 Tuff Tony in a no DQ match. This one was a wild brawl that went all over the arena with a mob of fans following along. These guys pulled out all the stops. At one point Hammer set up a cinder block between Tony's legs and bashed it with a sledge hammer. Hammer ended up with the win but Tony did his spot where he lights his fist on fire with vodka and punched Hammer to get his heat back. Damn good hardcore brawl that had everyone on their feet.

6. Kid Kash beat Stevie Richards. The story as usual here was Kash's off the charts heel heat. He really knows how to piss off a crowd. People constantly try to get at him. Throwing beer, water, etc. Kash isn't afraid to try and jump the rails to get after them either. Stevie was selling the leg hard and after a sort of botched ref bump Kash won with a leg sweep. Security escorted Kash to the back. Kash is pure gold when it comes to being the bad ass heel. Stevie looked to be in awesome shape and they had a good match despite all of Kash's antics with the crowd.

7. New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Road Rogg) beat Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon). Huge reaction here for the NAO intro. Lots of the usual comedy stuff from the Outlaws here. DIR controlled most of the match beating up on Road Dogg. Billy finally got the hot tag from Road Dogg and hit the Fameasser for the win. The crowd ate this up as well. For a guy who's 48 yrs old, Billy was absolutely jacked.

8. Fit Finlay beat Al Snow. The match started with basic chain wrestling. Finlay controlled the pace most of the way through the match. The finish saw (yet another) ref bump, Snow Plow, and as Snow was about to use Head, Rudy Charles grabbed Head. Finlay whacked Snow with the shillelagh to get the win. The crowd wasn't nearly as into this one, as I assumed everyone was pretty blown out. Good traditional wrestling match from two solid veterans.

Crossfire is really hitting their stride with these fairgrounds shows. If I had to guess The fans were hot all night until the very end. I'd highly recommend to anyone attending one of their shows as they get better every time.

Crossfire Entertainment: Wrestling Revival

January 14th, 2012

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 1322

Crossfire Ent returned to the Nashville Fairgrounds with a near sell out crown, just under 1322 people in attendance for what was Mick Foley's last non-WWE apperance ever. Pre Show Meet and Greet was great with all the wrestlers out and were happy to sign autographs and take pictures.

1. LT Faulk defeated Chrisjen Hayme. This was a pre-show match. LT is son a tony Faulk. Match was decent and good exposure for the young guys.

2. "The King" Shane Williams defeated Shane Eden. Williams won clean with a fist drop/piledriver. Williams has a decent look but is solid in the ring.

3. The Hotshots (Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens) defeated Diamonds in the Rough (David Young and Sigmon). The Hotshots got second loudest pop of the night only second to Foley. This was a great tag team match and the only one on the show. Riley is in the best shape I have ever seen him in.In the ring and physically. These two guys could easily carry WWE or TNA's tag team divison. David Young is still agile even though he is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Stevens and Riley physically. Very good fast paced tag match that saw the Diamonds attack Hotshots after the victory, so expect to see this return at the next show.

Maria Kanellis comes out for introduction of the ladies match:

4. Jessica Havock defeated Allysin Kay. Crowd was really up after the tag match but the divas never got out of the gate. It looked very weak especially after the hard hitting in the previous match. Match went waaaayyyy to long and never got the people involved at all.

5. No Disqualification Match: Hammerjack defeated Rhino. Really good brawl with lots of ECW chants. Rhino even took a fall from the balcony to the floor. After match sees a gore from Rhino and he tells Hammerjack he wasn't the one sent after him. Really fun match and these guys beat the hell out of each other. Just what needed to happen after a lackluster women's match to bring the crowd back up and back into the show. Rhino looks great! This had an ECW feel to it. We now know it wasn't Raven, 2 Tuff Tony or Rhino sent after Hammerjack. Interested to see whats next for him.

6. Wolfie D defeated Brian Christopher. Wolfie won after hitting Brian with brass knuckles with a distraction from J.C. Ice. Wolfie came out an accused Brian of beating his girlfriend after the Steelers defeated the Broncos last year and said he was going to the back to get her to bring her out. He went to the back, but circled around and attacked Brian from another corner of the arena. At the finish, J.C. Ice runs down the aisle, earing a woman's hooding and with a stuffed bra and wig. He climbs the apron, flips some knucks to Wolfie. He eventually KOs Brian (when Rudy bumps and Ice and Brian fight for a chair) and gets the pin. After the match, PG-13 beats Brian down.

7. Jerry Lynn defeated Kid Kash. Lynn won after interference from some local MMA fighters that accompanied Kash to he ring backfired. Kash had a TON of heat! He makes the security guys earn their money for sure. Probably not the best match these two have ever had, but it was still very good. Jerry Lynn is awesome and always works super hard, and Kash's heat always is entertaining to watch. Fans showered Kid Kash with water and drinks as he leaves the ring back down the isle post match.

8. Carlito defeated Chris Masters. Carlito spit an apple in Masters' face and came away with a victory. Carlito points to his abs, and is leaner than he was when he was on TV, but next to the Masterpeice it was hard to tell. Masters is built like a greek god. Both started out as faces, but Masters eventually grew frustrated and started working more aggressively. Good match and afterwards saw the two stars hug it out.

Mick Foley comes out to the loudest pop of the night to referee the main event. Foley cuts a typical Foley promo and pops the crowd again by mentioning "Good Ole Nashville, Tennessee!"

9. "Big" Bubba Perry (w/ "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant) defeated "The Dragon" Arrick Andrews. Perry is part of the Make A Wish Foundation is why he was slotted in the spot. He was a former wrestler and wasn't horrible( although he wasn't good either) in the ring, Andrews is a decent local heel and no doubt this was the biggest match of his career. I understand the premise of having this match here with Foley being apart, but it really just wasn't that good. Andrews tried hard but the best thing about it was when it was over. Finish saw Andrews getting rolled up after elbowing Foley accidently and then using a chain on Valient and Shane Douglas who ran down to try to make sure justice was served. After Perry gets the win Arrick Andrews argues with Foley only to get SOCKO! This made the people seem to forget about the poorly booked main event.

Foley cuts a post match promo saying this is his last non WWE apperance, and puts over the talent and promotion for hard work. They bring in some of the Make A Wish children and they dance and Foley Struts with "Superstar" Bill Dundee to close the show.

Overall a really fun show with the only lull being the women's match and I didn't like the way the finish was done in the main event, having an older non-wrestler, accompanied by a guy who isn't even good enough to get on the main show (he has worked preshow matches last few shows here) defeat a really good young heel. But overall well worth the money spent and I will definitely be back for the next show in March to see Fit Finlay and Chavo Guerrero.

Loudest Pops:

Mick Foley

The HotShots (Chase Stevens & Cassidy Riley)



Most Heat:

Kid Kash (by far)

Wolfie D/J.C. Ice

The girls match (not in a good way)

^ Промота за шоуто:

"Grandmasta Sexay" Brian Christopher

"The Natural" Chase Stevens

Kid Kash


"The King" Shane Williams

Wolfie D

Mick Foley

Промо от шоуто:

Kid Kash pre-match promo

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Мистериозният партньор на Brian Cristopher ще бъде Scotty 2 Hotty ;)

Напротив... Изгледай промото на Brian Christopher. Директно си каза, че няма да е Scotty, нито Rikishi. :)

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Изглежда много добре на пръв поглед. Ростъра е екстра и ако booker-ите са добри може да се получи един добър продукт. Надявам се в най-скоро време да пуснат шоутата в интернет, за да можем да ги следим и да преценим дали наистина са добри.

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Официални резултати от последното шоу:

Crossfire Entertainment: Reborn

March 17th, 2012

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 923

Nashville’s own Crossfire brought in some of the top talent in the wrestling business on Saturday night.

The ever flamboyant Aaron Camaro started off the event with welcoming everyone to the show, his style made sure that the event started off with a bang.

1. LT Falk beat Chad Williams. Back and forth match which gave the fans a really good pre-match show and set a great pace for the rest of the night.

2. Mike Bennett beat Caleb Konley. The clashes of styles made into an amazing debut and win for Bennett and showed the fans a new side of Konley.

3. Grudge Match: The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young and Sigmon) beat The Hot Shots (Chase Stevens and Cassidy Riley). These men have been fighting off each other for the last couple of Crossfire shows and have brought their own fire back into the tag team division. Even though Sigmon and David Young walked away with the victory, it would be clouded with controversy. The Hot Shots demanded a return match against the Diamonds in the Rough.

WSMV’s Kacy Hagerty and Crossfire Creative Director Maria Kanellis brought out the ladies of Crossfire. Jessicka Havoc made her second appearance she was ready for the challenge against the debuting Angeldust.

4. Jessicka Havoc beat Angeldust. Havoc and her strong style took on Angeldust’s high flying speed, but it would be Havoc taking the victory and would start to attack Angeldust. Kanellis would reprimand Havoc and even threaten suspension. But Havoc would continue with her attack on Angeldust. Will Havoc be at the May show?

Shane Douglas would come out to address the fans of Crossfire. Douglas would start out making comparisons on different companies who would start in Nashville and move on and forget the town. Douglas would tell the fans that no matter what the future brings, Crossfire would be Nashville’s own Crossfire Entertainment and continue to bring the best in wrestling to the fans and to bring more support and grant more wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With the chanting of “Crossfire!” coming out of the lips of the crowd, it would be Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews that would come out to address the wrestling legend. Andrews, who would come inside the ring, would not only question Douglas, but it would be the legend who would have to face the challenge of Andrews. Will Shane Douglas lace up the boots once more to face off against Arrick Andrews?

5. "The King" Shane Williams beat U-Gene. Williams, who has been taking on all comers for Crossfire, would face off on one of wrestling’s favorites in U-Gene. This pair would give the fans a taste of old-school wrestling with a new age twist. This match was another jewel in Williams’ record with the victory over the ever talented U-Gene.

6. No Disqualification Match: Hammerjack beat Sinn Bodhi. The ever controversial Sinn Bodhi was in the match tonight for only one purpose: punish Hammerjack! These two men would make the no-disqualification stipulation fall on it’s ear. Both men fought all over the ring and made the night of the hardcore fans of the night. With the victory going to Hammerjack, it would be a night of revelations for Hammerjack when he would find out who was sending all of the hardcore legends to take him out: Maniac Marc Anthony! Will Anthony finally face off against Hammerjack or will he send another mercenary to take him out?

7. Best of Series: Jerry Lynn beat Kid Kash by disqualification. Kash, who would announce Lynn’s plans for retirement at the end of the year, wanted to end Lynn’s career last night. This pair have showed some of the best matches that Nashville has ever seen and last night was no exception. With the decision going to Jerry Lynn by disqualification, it will be a 2 to 1 going into May.

8. Brian Christopher & Ron Simmons beat PG-13 (Wolfie D & Jamie Dundee). While Wolfie D and Jamie Dundee would take the early upper-hand early on attacking Christopher. However, Christopher would scream that he would have protection against PG-13. Then enter WWE legend and future WWE Hall of Fame member Ron Simmons. Simmons would be the turning factor for Christopher to give the team the victory! The after celebration of the match would give the “Hall of Fame” chants new breathing for Ron Simmons and Nashville’s Crossfire fans gave him a warm welcome to any legend.

Next up, Jelly Roll would show that Nashville isn’t just the country music capital, but that rap would be taking over with his new style and infinite possibilities for the future! Not only would he give one of the best rap performances seen in this town, but stood up to none other than Fit Finlay! While Finlay would start to be preoccupied with Nashville’s hottest talent in Jelly Roll, he would soon be completely focused on the main event against Chavo Guerrero.

9. Chavo Guerrero beat Fit Finlay. This match was nothing short of a true clinic and showed one of the most memorable matches that Crossfire Entertainment has ever put on. Finlay and Guerrero both showed the fans what Crossfire Entertainment is all about: strength, power, perseverance and a want to bring the best to the best. With Chavo picking up the victory, it would be a night to remember for all the fans.

Nashville’s own Crossfire Entertainment will be returning to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 19, 2012! Already announced for that night include to Crossfire debut of former WWE/TNA superstar Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, and much more!

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^ Резултати:

Crossfire Entertainment

May 19th, 2012

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 953

Before starting off the night, Crossfire Wrestling granted the second wish for a Make-A-Wish Foundation family. That gave the warm feeling to the hearts of the family, the fans and the wrestlers giving the night an extra lift.

Starting off the night in the pre-show, Caleb Konley picked up a hard fought victory over LT Falk.

The main show would start off with announcements for the fans of the upcoming event on Saturday, August 4, 2012, with WWE Hall of Fame Legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart coming to Crossfire and more announcements which shocked the fans and gave them another extra surprise for the summer!

Starting the action for the main show, Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews came to the ring to address “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. With Andrews stating that Douglas was scared of “The Dragon”, but Douglas would come out in classic form. Even though Douglas cannot face him contractually, but he did have a surprise for him in the form of former Douglas trainee, the debuting Jimmy Vega$! Vega$ would be able to keep Andrews quiet by picking up the victory over the Dragon. But that infuriated Andrews even more even to telling Douglas that he will do anything possible to take out “The Franchise”!

The tag team action headed to the ring. With The Diamonds in the Rough’s David Young and Sigmon already having enraged The Hot Shots’ Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens with an attack at the last show; all four men knew that this wouldn’t be a normal tag team match. Both teams took tag team action to the limit giving their all for the fans, but it would be Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens picking up the victory over the Diamonds in the Rough.

Reby Sky would make her Crossfire Wrestling debut on Saturday night. While in the ring, Sky would be thanking the fans for the warm welcome, but the NY Giants Girl would be interrupted by the suspended Jessicka Havok. Even though Havok was under suspension, the Director of Crossfire Women’s Division, Maria Kanellis, was unavailable. Havok would state that Kanellis was scared of her so Havok decided to take out her aggressions on Sky. Sky would put up a good fight, but the spite behind Havok would give her the additional advantage and the victory. After the match, Jessicka Havok showed the fans and Maria Kanellis that she cannot be stopped and attacked Sky.

A Loser Leaves Town match is always surrounded by emotion. With both Brian Christopher and Wolfie D wanting to stay, these two men fought to keep their spot in Crossfire Wrestling and in Nashville. The match would be close between the two former Memphis and WWE standouts, but it would be Christopher who would pick up the win over the former PG-13 member.

Hardcore fans were drooling over the next match. No disqualification rules would be the only thing that Hammerjack vs. “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan would have. Since Hammerjack found out that “The Taskmaster” had been sending the mercenaries to take him out, he has been focused on nothing else. Hammerjack finally got his hands on the wrestling legend, but Sullivan did not take the match easy. With both men fighting all over the arena and even out to the parking lot, it would be a classic for Crossfire Wrestling. But Sullivan would not be satisfied with just beating down Hammerjack, “The Taskmaster” would douse Hammerjack in lighter fluid! Just as Sullivan was going to burn Hammerjack, the locker room would empty to save Hammerjack! Safe to say that the match would end in a no contest, but Sullivan gave the following warning to Hammerjack: “Hell has just begun!”

Kid Kash and Jerry Lynn have been embroiled in a fiery battle of their own in the “Best Of” Series. Going into the night, the tables were not balance. While these two wrestlers have brought everything to the ring, Kid Kash picked up the victory over Jerry Lynn and balanced out the totals to 2-2 going into the August event. While the fans thought Lynn should have gotten the win, it would be Kash taking the victory and making the odds even.

Shark Boy returned to Nashville on Saturday night and made his debut for Crossfire Wrestling facing off against royalty in “King” Shane Williams. While Shark Boy had all the fans behind the man from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Williams made sure to show him the reason why he is royalty in Crossfire and in Nashville. Williams would pick up the victory over Shark Boy and continue with his reign over Nashville.

In one of the biggest main events Nashville has ever seen, Matt Hardy would hit the ring to face off against MVP. This feud has been all over the world and even though it was thought they had settled their differences, the duo showed that the feud still was being fueled by the past and wasn’t finished. The match was one of the best that the fans have ever seen in Nashville with Hardy taking the victory over MVP! The two men finally seen eye to eye and not only thanked the fans from the ring, but thanked them from the floor with a surprise meet and greet after the show.

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Crossfire Wrestling announces a national TV deal

At last night's Crossfire Wrestling event in Nashville, TN at the Nashville Fairgrounds (aka The TNA Asylum), the promotion announced their November return would be a TV Taping for a new national TV show that would be shot in both HD and 3D.

The outlet was not announced, although word making the rounds backstage before the show was that it would air on a subsidiary network run by Paramount, which could be EPIX or possibly a new network.

While "national" was the term used, it remains to be seen how much of a reach the new network will have but obviously, this is a positive for Crossfire, who have been putting on good shows and drawing strong crowds in the venue for almost a year.

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Crossfire Entertainment

August 4th, 2012

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 2,000+

The opening match for the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship Tournament, "King" Shane Williams defeated Brian Christopher.

Crossfire's Director of Operations "The Franchise" Shane Douglas came out to the ring to introduce the latest youngster to have his wish granted, Caden, where he talked about his beach vacation he went on. After that, it was down to business, where Douglas said as much as he would love to face Arrick Andrews, his contract with Crossfire is more important and Shane declined the match. While Shane was walking to the entrance way, Andrews attacked him through the curtain. They brawled to the ring, where Andrews took a chain from under the ring and used it to hang Douglas from the ropes until wrestlers, security, and Crossfire officials came out to stop him. Arrick grabbed the mic and said if you aren’t going to face me then one way or another, I will wrestle tonight.

Another opening round match for the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Harry Smith made his entrance to the ring for his match with Jerry Lynn. When Jerry's music hit and he came to the ring, Kid Kash attacked him from behind, injurying Lynn to the point where he needed help to the back. With Harry left with no opponent, Arrick Andrews made a challenge to Harry to face him, and Harry accepted. Harry defeated Andrews to advance.

The special guest of the evening Bret “Hitman” Hart made his way to the ring to a standing ovation with the new Crossfire Heavyweight Championship. Bret talked about the history of the Fairgrounds wrestling, the legacy of his career and the memories and talked about how important the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship meant to the wrestling business. Bret thanked the fans for coming out this evening as he got a "Thank You Bret" chant that echoed throughout the fairgrounds as he exited the building.

Before the tag team rematch could start, the Diamonds in the Rough brought out their personal attorney Jonathan Augusta to discuss the matters of the last show, where the Hot Shots used an "illegal choke hold" to win the match. The Diamonds announced they will be suing them for damages and barring the Hot Shots from using any submission choke hold on them during their match. While it seemed the Hot Shots were on their way to victory, Mr. Augusta distracted the referee while Sigmon hit Chase Stevens with a ladder to knock him out and David Young scored the victory for the team.

Another opening round match for the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship Tournament saw Kid Kash and Golddust battle to a 10 minute draw. The fans kept chanting 5 more minutes, until Kid Kash grabbed the microphone and trashed the fans. Golddust had enough and put Kash into the corner for his signature Shattered Dreams. The fans stood on their feet and erupted as Golddust delivered the move to Kash, but the match had ended and neither man advanced to the finals.

In a Tennessee Street Fight, Hammerjack took on not one, but two Juggalos in 2 Tuff Tony and Mad Man Pondo. They brawled throughout the whole building, using chairs, tables, the ring truck and even a taser. The Juggalos did a powerbomb/suplex combo from the top rope on Hammerjack onto steel chairs which knocked Hammerjack out cold. While they were about to finish him off, Maniac Mark Anthony appeared through the crowd and attacked the Juggalos and put Hammerjack on top of them for the win. Mark Anthony took Hammerjack into his arms in the middle of the ring and cradled him while saying "He is mine, he is mine, huss huss huss huss!" What does this mean?? His Mark "the one" who has been sending men against Hammerjack, or is this an alliance??!

Maria Kanellis presented the Ladies of Crossfire as the debuting Jillian Hall took on Jessicka Havok. These two girls put on a great match until Havok used a chair to score the win. This didn’t sit too well with Maria Kanellis as she came to the ring and reversed the decision, disqualifying Havok and announcing Hall as the winner! As Havok screamed at Maria, Jillian hit her from behind with a chair, getting her revenge much to the delight of the fans.

In the main event of the evening, to crown the first ever Crossfire Heavyweight Champion, "King" Shane Williams took on Harry Smith in the finals of the tournament. These two men put on a classic wrestling match that fans are sure remember for years to come. In the end, Williams got one up on Smith to score the victory and be crowned the NEW Crossfire Heavyweight Champion and be deemed the leader of the revolution that is Crossfire!! What does this mean for the future of Crossfire??

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Следващото шоу:

Crossfire Entertainment

September 1st, 2012

McMinnville, TN

Crossfire Heavyweight Title Match

"The King" Shane Williams © vs. Matt Hardy

#1 Contenders Match

Chris Masters vs. Carlito

Maria Kanellis presents the Ladies of Crossfire

Jessicka Havoc vs. Reby Sky vs. Allysin Kay

Tag Team Street Fight

Hammerjack & ??? vs. The Juggalos (2 Tuff Tony & Mad Man Pondo)

Teacher vs. Student

Ricky Morton vs. Kid Kash

Tag Team Grudge Match

The Hot Shots (Chase Stevens & Cassidy Riley) vs. The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon)

Caleb Konley vs. Johnny Davis

and more!

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Crossfire Entertainment

HD/3D National TV taping

November 3rd, 2012

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Crossfire World Heavyweight Championship Match

"The King" Shane Williams © vs. Carlito Colon

Chain Match

Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn

No Holds Barred Match to Settle the Score

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas (Crossfire Director of Operations) vs. "The Dragon" Arrick Andrews

Matt Hardy vs. Paul Burchill

Open Challenge

Chris Adonis (a.k.a. Chris Masters) vs. ???

Also on the show:

Tito Santana

"Cowboy" Bob Orton

Shane Helms

Maria Kanellis (Creative Director of Crossfire)

Jillian Hall

Brian Christopher


The Hot Shots (Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens)

Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon)

Jessicka Havok

Reby Sky

Derrick King

Jimmy Vega$

Matt Taven

Kasey Ray


"Maniac" Mark Anthony

Johnny Davis

Patrick Bentley

and more!


"The King" Shane Williams

Jerry Lynn

Maria Kanellis

Reby Sky

Diamonds in the Rough

The Hot Shots

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^ Резултати

Crossfire Entertainment

HD/3D National TV taping

November 3rd, 2012

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 757

Nashville’s own Crossfire Wrestling returned to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena to make history on Saturday, November 3, 2012. With the first 3D/HD National Television Taping, Nashville’s own Crossfire Wrestling brought some great wrestling action to the fans and to benefit the Make-A-Wish of Middle Tennessee.

Before the show could even begin, Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews made his way towards the Director of Operations,“The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Andrews had been coaxing Douglas over the last several months trying to bring out the Extreme legend to the Crossfire Wrestling ring. Andrews would attack Douglas at the memorabilia section and take Douglas to the ring. But it would be Douglas who would pick up the victory over Andrews. While this was the pre-show match, it would set a strong start off to the evening.

Starting off the first match of the main show, it would be a battle of two newcomers to Nashville’s own Crossfire Wrestling. With Patrick Bentley and Matt Taven hitting the ring, these two men started off the night with some great action. Taven would pick up the win over Bentley.

The tag teams would be ready next. The battle between the Diamonds in the Rough and Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens, these two teams have beaten each other bloody several times, but it would be Riley and Stevens taking the victory.

One of Nashville’s own Crossfire Wrestling favorites would be up next. Matt Hardy would hit the ring to face off against Jimmy Vega$. While Vega$ had the size over Hardy, it would be Hardy taking the win. But he also had one distraction with Shane Helms at the ramp.

The lovely Ladies of Crossfire were up next. With the Creative Director of the Crossfire Wrestling ladies division, Maria Kanellis, making the introduction, Angeldust would take on Jillian Hall. While Angeldust showed her speed and agility, but it would be Hall taking the victory. But Jessicka Havok would prove a distraction to these ladies. What will Kanellis have to say to Havok before the January 5, 2013, event at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds arena?

Nashville’s own Crossfire Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Shane Williams, has been showing an extraordinary reign as champion. With Williams defending against all comers, he would be headed to the ring to face off against the number one contender, Carlito Colon. While these two would give their all for the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship, it would be a roll-up with the tights by Williams to gain the victory over Carlito Colon.

More tag team action was in store for Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens as they headed back to the ring to face off against a new team, Blink 2-4-7. Blink 2-4-7 would see the return of Derrick King and Tatt2. While King and Tatt2 would show an exciting debut in the tag team division, it would be Riley and Stevens taking the victory.

Chris Adonis, formerly known as Chris Masters, had issued an open challenge to anyone in the Crossfire locker room. While Adonis was open to anyone, there was a shocking appearance for his opponent in Brian Lawler! Brian Lawler answered Adonis’ challenge, but it would be Adonis who would walk away with the victor’s purse.

Hammerjack was expecting a match on Saturday night, but what he wasn’t expecting was the appearance by wrestling icon Kevin Sullivan! Sullivan and Hammerjack would brawl outside of the locker room and all over the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena. With the duo fighting inside and near the ring, it would be out in the parking lot where the brawl would ensue. The duo would fight through the guard rails, over and on cars in the parking lot, it would be security who would have to pull these two men apart and the match was thrown out. But the one thing that stood out in everyone’s mind, who or what is the link between Hammerjack and Kevin Sullivan that made this battle so intense?

Matt Taven would be headed back to the ring in singles action facing off against Johnny Moore. These two men would battle off in the ring, but it would be Taven taking the upperhand and getting the pin on Moore.

The Ladies of Crossfire would head back to the ring. This time, Jessicka Havok would hit the ring to face off against Reby Sky. Havok would prove her skill in the ring, but Sky held her own against the dominating Havok. Sky would pick up the victory, but everyone knows that Jessicka Havok is not finished with Sky.

Paul Burchill would make his Crossfire Wrestling debut against Matt Hardy. These two men are no strangers to each other. With the match going strongly for both, but the fans would notice the reappearance of Shane Helms. While Hardy would pick up the victory over Burchill, one still wonders what is up with Helms after attacking Matt Hardy?

In the main event of the evening, Jerry Lynn would face off against Kid Kash in a Chain Match. The two men would put the chain between them to good use. While Lynn would look to have an upper hand, it would be Kash taking the victory. While the victory would be tainted, Lynn would issue a challenge to Kash. With Kash’s second already at ringside, Lynn would demand a tag match in January with the duo while his partner would be none other than Kash’s trainer and one-half of the Rock-N-Roll express, Ricky Morton!

Освен това:

Crossfire Entertainment out of Nashville, Tennessee recently mailed out contracts to several wrestlers. Local talents are being given $30,000 per year deals and were told that the company is being backed by Paramount and will air their show on national TV. Crossfire recently held their first HD/3D TV tapings and will hold the second set of tapings on January 5th, 2013. No word yet on when or where the first set of tapings will air. They have had some buzz online lately but it remains to be seen how far they will go. Stars booked for their January tapings include Roddy Piper, Carlito, Matt Hardy, Colt Cabana, Maria Kanellis, Kid Kash, Jerry Lynn, Shane Helms, Chris Masters, Reby Sky, Jillian Hall and others.
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Crossfire Entertainment

HD/3D National TV taping

January 5th, 2013

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Crossfire Heavyweight Championship Match

"The King" Shane Williams © vs. Carlito Colon

Matt Hardy vs. Colt Cabana

Tag Team Grudge Match: The Final Showdown

Jerry Lynn & Ricky Morton vs. Kid Kash & Josh "War Hammer" Schockman

Fans Brings the Weapons

Hammerjack vs. Kevin Sullivan

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Mia Yim

"M-Dogg" Matt Cross vs. Samuray del Sol

Also on the show:

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell

Shane Helms

Chris Adonis

Maria Kanellis

Jillian Hall

Reby Sky

Jessicka Havok

Kasey Ray


The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon)

Chase Stevens & Cassidy Riley

Blink 2-4-7 (Derrick King & Tatt2)

Jimmy Vega$

Matt Taven

Caleb Konley

Johnny Moore

Mark Anthony

Patrick Bentley

Tony Falk

and more!

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^ Резултати:

Crossfire Wrestling

"2nd Year Anniversary Show (HD/3D National TV taping)

January 5th, 2013

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Attendance: 1,008

Starting off the night in the pre-show match, two wrestlers made their debut with the company. Nick Iggy and Se7en made their way to the ring to face off against each other. Iggy, who is a rising star in Nashville, took on Se7en who has been making his name known around Nashville and in Georgia. Iggy would take the victory and took the hearts of the crowd.

The main show started off with Jon Morton, son of wrestling legend Ricky Morton, to sing the national anthem and into the show.

A fast paced match would start off the night with “M-Dogg” Matt Cross taking on Samuray Del Sol. These two men took the lightweight division of Crossfire Wrestling into the heavens. With Del Sol taking the victory, it would be a high mark to start off the main show.

The ladies of Crossfire would head to the ring when Cheerleader Melissa made her Crossfire in-ring debut against Jillian Hall. While Melissa would look to have the victory over Hall, Paul Burchill would make his way to ringside to give the assist to Hall and the match would be thrown out by Hall since she has taken over the women’s division.

Shane Helms would head to the ring next to take on Patrick Bentley. These two men went toe to toe, but Helms would show his in-ring veteran status and take the victory over Bentley. But Helms found out that Matt Hardy had filed a restraining order against Helms after his attack at the November event. So Helms took out his aggressions on Bentley post match. What will happen between Helms and Hardy in the future?

Caleb Konley would take on Johnny Moore in the next event. These two wrestlers were showing that they are ready for the next level in their match. Konley would get the three count over Moore.

Jillian Hall announced that she had support from Paul Burchill in Crossfire Wrestling, but it would be a surprise when David Young would join Paul Burchill in his support of Hall and the new team called Rough Cut. The team would head to the ring with Jillian at ringside to take on Blink 2-4-7 (Derrick King and Tatt2). Derrick King and Tatt2 showed that they are ready to take on the newest tag team in Crossfire. But Burchill and Young meshed well and showed they are ready to take on all comers in Crossfire with the victory.

A fan’s bring the weapons match would be up next. Hammerjack would hit the ring in a fury against Kevin Sullivan. With an arena of different weapons available, Hammerjack would take it to the limit with Sullivan. The duo would tear into the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena, but it would be Sami Callahan who would get between the duo. The match would be thrown out, but it will be a steel cage match to be set up in March between Kevin Sullivan and Hammerjack. That may be the only thing to hold these two men in the ring.

Next would be a battle of two giants in Crossfire. Chris Adonis (a.k.a. Chris Masters) would take on Jimmy Vega$. These two guys would battle until they hit the outside of the ring. The match would be a double count out, but a surprise interruption by wrestling legend The Warlord would give the fans something to talk about.

Rough Cut with Jillian would hit the ring against Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens. Stevens and Riley have been one of the best tag teams in the area and showed that they are still one of the best. But Young and Burchill vs. Stevens and Riley was one of the best tag team matches of the night. With Riley and Stevens getting the victory, it would be a maylay after the match with Young, Burchill and Hall attacking Stevens and Riley. While Cheerleader Melissa would run to the ring to try and help Riley and Stevens, Rough Cut and Jillian Hall would leave all three in the ring.

The Crossfire Heavyweight championship would be up next. Shane Williams has been taking on all comers for the title and hit the ring against a very worthy opponent in Carlito Colon. Williams and Colon fought hard to gain the top title in Crossfire Wrestling. However, referee Rudy Charles would get hit by the belt by Colon and got knocked down long enough for another ref to come down and count the three count for Colon to win the title. But when Charles would come to, he would reverse the decision and give the win to Williams.

News channel 5’s Jon Burton would come to ringside to introduce WWE Hall of Fame legend Rowdy Roddy Piper and Piper’s Pit. Piper would introduce Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee and Crossfire’s newest wonderful wish grantee Joseph and his wonderful family. It was an emotional night for all of Crossfire Wrestling and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

But it wouldn’t take long before Piper’s Pit went into full swing with his guest, Shane Helms! Helms, who had been friends with Matt Hardy for years, but when Helms blamed Hardy for not being at his side after a life threatening accident, Helms became bitter. While Piper tried to get through to Helms to no avail, Colt Cabana would hit the ring to tell him that Hardy was there. But Helms and Cabana would start into a brawl until Piper made the save.

The ladies of Crossfire would head back to the ring when Jessicka Havok would take on Angel Dust. These two ladies would show that they have the heart to be in the ring, but Havok would show her dominance over the ladies division with the victory over Angel Dust. Havok would start to attack Angel, but Reby Sky would hit the ring for the save for Angel Dust. The feud for Havok and Sky is definitely not settled. What will happen next with Havok and Sky?

Just to add insult to injury, Trick Pony’s Keith Burns would come to ringside to present a signed guitar for Crossfire, but Kid Kash and War Hammer would interrupt the presentation and nail Burns with the guitar. That would bring the main event out with a fury.

In the main event and in Jerry Lynn’s retirement match for Nashville, Jerry Lynn would tag up with one-half of the Rock’N Roll Express, Ricky Morton, to take on Kid Kash and Josh “War Hammer” Schockman. The tag team match would be a boil over for the four men after Lynn had been attacked on several different occasions with Kash and War Hammer. But Lynn would bring in Kash’s mentor, Ricky Morton, to even the odds. The four men fought one of the best matches and the victory would go to Jerry Lynn and Ricky Morton to send Lynn off with style.

The locker room would empty to give Jerry Lynn a hero’s send off and end the night with a handshake between Lynn and Kash.

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Crossfire Wrestling

HD/3D National TV taping

March 9th, 2013

Nashville, TN

Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Speacial Appearances By Wrestling Legends

Diamond Dallas Page & Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Steel Cage Match

Kevin Sullivan vs. Hammerjack

Crossfire Heavyweight Championship Match

"The King" Shane Williams © vs. Carlito Colon

Shane Helms vs. Colt Cabana

The Ladies of Crossfire

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Katarina Leigh

Adonis Challenge with The Warlord as a special enforcer

Chris Adonis vs. Jimmy Vega$

Also on the show:

Matt Hardy

Cliff Compton

Rough Cut (Paul Burchill & David Young)

The Hot Shots (Chase Stevens & Cassidy Riley)

Blink 2-4-7 (Derrick King & Tatt2)

The Untouchables (Drew Haskins & Jeremiah Plunkett)

Matt Cross

Samuray Del Sol

Caleb Conley

Johnny Moore

Jillian Hall

Reby Sky

Jessicka Havoc

Santana Garrett

and more!

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Crossfire Wrestling Gone

Nashville's Crossfire Wrestling has shuttered operations. A number of talents who were booked for their 3/9 event are now listing other dates and have noted publicly they are taking other dates.

In speaking to several who received the email, they have stated Pastorius told them company was done and they he was unable to get the company "in the green" over the last five weeks, noting the limited amount of time he had to do so. He also stated he wanted to give them several weeks' notice to try and get other bookings, as opposed to canceling the show at the last minute and thanked them profusely for what they had built with the company.

I was told that in the email, Pastorius stated he had copied his attorney to the email and forewarned everyone not to forward it out as the email was between "employer and employees" and that he was upset about "mud-slinging" and false information about the company on the Internet.

Pastorius also claimed that one person, who he did not specify, had gone out of their way to contact talent, sponsors and "the TV Network" Crossfire had been filming potential episodes for to bash him and clear their own name. I am told that Pastorious also promised to go after those who had hurt the company with their actions legally.

There were issues with pay coming out of the company's January date at the Nashville Fairgrounds with a number of headlining talents not being paid. We have confirmed there were some talents paid, however.

Shortly after the show, Pastorius told talent via email that a deposit in the amount of $25,000 was lost by the bank. What happened with that money depends on who is telling the story from that point. One version that floated around over the last month is that an investor demanded his capital back suddenly. That may or may not be the case. The bottom line was that the situation suddenly put the promotion, which had never had an issue with paying talents before, in a bad way. At the time, Pastorius claimed that he would get everyone the money owed and pay them in advance for 3/9.

Shortly after, www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com broke that Pastorius was being sued by Adam Will, his employer at Red Rooster Bar & Music, claiming that Pastorius failed to pay back a $20,000 loan.

PWInsider.com has learned from one source that an entity claiming to now own Crossfire's video rights has reached out to third parties selling that material, claiming they, not Pastorius, now own the material and that none of the footage can be sold via deals made with Pastorius. Whether that is actually correct or not remains to be seen.

The Crossfire promotion, which drew nice crowds in the Nashville area for quarterly events, had claimed they were shooting 3D HD TV episodes for future broadcast with an unnamed cable network. We are told that in his email to talent informing them Crossfire was shutting down, Pastorious still stated that the promotion's TV would debut on a "national TV slot" this May.

None of Crossfire's websites or social media accounts have yet acknowledged the cancellation. I was told that in his email to talent, Pastorius claimed a public announcement would be made in due time and he knew that with it would come a negative response but he was proud of what the company had accomplished and singled out several for their help, including David Young, Mike Bucci and Shane Douglas.

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