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UFC: Mark Munoz се е контузил, Michael Bisping ще се бие с Chael Sonnen!

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От twitter-a на Dana White:


Munoz is injured and out of the FOX fight! Now it's Chael Sonnen vs Mike Bisping jan 28th and the winner will fight Anderson for the title.

Както виждате победителят от този бой взема title shot срещу Anderson Silva!

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Да те е*а.Сети се да се контузиш дни преди event-а.Сега треа да гледаме как Сонън си прави т*ашаци със Спитспинг.Е, поне пътят към титлата е изчистен за Сонънчо.

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Аз съм доволен, искам Sonnen да затвори устата на Bisping веднъж завинаги. Да, Sonnen говори много, но всичко е шоу, докато Mike просто има нужда от добър пердах от някой в top 10-на на дивизията, особено заради това, че повтаря постоянно, колко е добър и заслужава title shot, а конкуренцията която му изправят не е особено голяма. Poster boy vs. Gangster.. gg!

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Жалко, че няма време до самия ивент. Двамата нали се бяха заяли нещо един с друг заради реплики на Биспинг към един от треньорите на Хорхе Ривера. Още тогава двамата трябваше да се срещнат като треньори в TUF и после в мач естествено, но на Сонен му върнаха лиценза няколко дни по-късно и нямаше как. Надявам се все пак да се появи стабилен trash talk, колкото и малко време да има.

Прогноза: Sonnen via submission/decision

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Доста добра новина, ко питаш мене. Първо - 90 на 100 означава, че ще гледаме Сонън - Силва, което всички искат. Второ Муньоз няма да бъде закопан, защото момчето заслужава тайтълшот, а така или иначе или той, или Сонън трябваше да се лишат от такъв. Сега и двамата ще имат шанс. И трето - Бизбинг, ако падне от Сонън, ще стои далеч от титлата, както и трябва. ;)


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Идеята ми е,че исках да гледам Сонън/Муноз - ей така, заради самия въргал, ама като гледам, да, прав си - наистина е по-добре така да се наредят нещата.


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Sonnen относно промяната в интервю:

"I'm a Bisping supporter," Sonnen says. "I'm not on the anti-Bisping bandwagon. I never have been."

- What was your reaction when you first heard that Mark Munoz was injured?

"I don't know if had a reaction. I don't like to hear anybody being hurt, in the ring, outside of the ring. So I wasn't happy about it. I hope he's ok. I hope it's a matter of "Take a little ice and a couple of Tylenol and you'll be back," but I don't know the extent of it. I'm not a doctor."

- How would you describe Bisping as a fighter? What jumps out about his style?

"I think he's real active. I think if he had a strength, it would be the fact that he'll go hard. He'll fight hard the whole time. He's been in some real donnybrooks that have come down to the last moments of the last round, and he's able to continue fighting. While other guys are fading, he's still pushing. I think he's a very tough guy in that regard. I think he's good. I hear a lot of negative things said about him, but I think most of it comes from frustration of maybe his personality or something like that. I think if you're real objective and you look at his skillset and his in-ring ability, you'll know that he's a talented guy."

- You just mentioned his personality -- why do you think so many people dislike him, and on the flip side, why don't you?

"I can only guess. He appears to be a little bit brash. He's definitely cocky and arrogant, which is two qualities that I like in a person. I like a cocky guy and I like an arrogant guy, so he earns points with me in those regards, but I think it turns a lot of people off.

But I've never even seen Bisping in trouble. I've never seen him come out of there cut and scraped and bruised. He seems to go in, take care of business and go home."

- How do you decide which fighters deserve your support and which ones deserve your disdain?

"First off, I never go after anybody unless he's on top.

When I started on the Nogueira brothers -- and of course, I leave them alone now; I don't take any pleasure in them falling from grace, or certainly the big one having to go through an injury; that brings me no pleasure at all. But when I started on them, they were supposedly this untouchable pair, fighters of fighters, men's men. And I'm looking at it going, "No, you're not.

That's really where it started with Anderson too. Anderson became this untouchable guy. I've got to walk around in the back at the UFC and watch fellow fighters ask him for his autograph, and it makes my stomach sick."

PS - Maia ще се бие с Chris Weidman на същото събитие!

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Абе, така ли ми се струва или Сонън напоследък хлеби по-малко от нормалното - очаквах да каже някакви глупости в това интервю, а той...взе че се държа...човешки :huh: ?


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