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Интервю с Maryse


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Former WWE Diva Maryse was a guest on the Hit The Ropes radio show Wednesday night. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

What she’s been up to recently with House of Maryse:

“Well, I have been working on House of Maryse for about a year and a half now, so you know I’m very excited about it and I’m hoping we will be launching in the summer. Hopefully June or July. So basically House of Maryse is all of those little things that I love. You know I’m a girl and when it comes to fashion and you know lingerie, make-up, shoes. It’s just something that I love so I decided to create lines about it, something that would be creative and made by me. So I think it’s something my fan’s would love to have access to…. it will be available world wide at HouseofMaryse.com and available in 400 stores in the states also.”

Other goals:

“Well I’m in LA and being in LA, like they say I surround myself with a lot of good people and a good team and it’s so important. That is one of the elements you need when you out there, and I love acting, I love being a character. I mean if you watch my character on TV, you’ll know I have so much fun with it. Now it’s like- I wanna play other characters, you know it’s like a TV show. I’m done with that one, I want another one. So I’m ready to play different character. So yeah, of course, acting is like my main goal and I’m working really hard on it and it’s awesome.”

Thoughts on current Divas Division:

“Oh, right now I wish management would give them more time, because like I said, I think there’s a lot of potential. It’s hard to perform and give everything that you have, it one or two minute match every week. So the girls need to get the microphone, you need to be able to get time to talk so people can relate to them and like I said they need more time, that’s for sure. More time on TV.”

Her feelings on her release:

Well, you know I had six fantastic years with the WWE. I, you know, if I would have to do it again I would do it. I mean it’s a big part of my life, I’ve been traveling so much, I’ve been learning so many experiences and you know there’s nothing like it. There’s nothing like performing in front of the WWE fans. Any job you could do, you could imagine like performing for the WWE Universe. But I mean, I had fun and now it’s kind of like, next chapter of my life. Like what would I want to do, I have other dreams, I have other stuff I wanna work on and it was impossible being under contract with WWE. Now I’m free, I’m free to do whatever I want. But I had a good time, but now it’s like next. I want better, I want bigger and I’m working towards it. So it’s all positive stuff, it’s all positive.

The school girl that was Maryse:

“Well, I remember the I was involved so many things. I even did hockey for about three years. Then I moved to cross country and I really used to be involved in all of those sports. It’s funny because people couldn’t imagine me doing that. Tall, blonde looking girl, everyone said I was a model, and couldn’t do sports. I was very involved in sports and very athletic. Then when I got to be 18-19-20 I kind of calm down and got more into hair, fashion, make-up. But in college I was very athletic with the boys.”

Episode 26: 3rd Annual Ropey Awards 2011 w/ Maryse and Charlie Haas - аудио

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