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ROH Final Battle 24.12.2011г. резултати


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Jim Cornette, Cary Silken, and Nigel McGuinness make their way out to ringside.

Bobby Cruise welcomes the crowd to the show and gets them hyped up, letting them know that very shortly, they will begin broadcasting. McGuinness is introduced, along with his broadcast partner, Kevin Kelly, and so are Jim Cornette and Cary Silken, who both get warm reactions. Joe Kauff is also introduced, he’s a member of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, and it seems as though many fans aren’t too sure who he is. We’re back on standby as we wait for the iPPV to begin.

We get the ten second countdown, and it’s time for this show to begin.

We get a neat little video package, and the show has started.

We start the show, but there’s no audio as Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness stand in the ring. The crowd looks amped up as Kelly turns to Cornette. Cornette says everyone in attendance is part of history as this is the biggest live gate in company history. He says they won’t have the figures until Monday, but it looks as though more people will see this event live, than any other event in ROH history.

Cornette introduces Joe Kauff and Cary Silken. Kauff takes the mic and thanks Silken, saying he’s the reason everyone is here tonight. Kauff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Festivus to all the Seinfeld fans. The announcers exit the ring, and it looks like it’s time for the matches.

The opening contest for the evening will see Michael Elgin taking on TJ Perkins. Elgin is out to the ring first, with a ridiculously dressed Truth Martini leading the way. Elgin gets a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd.

TJ Perkins is out next, and he gets a nice reaction from the crowd, making his way quickly into the ring.

Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins

The bell rings and we’re ready to begin Final Battle 2011. We get a lock up and Elgin tosses Pekins across the ring right away. Another lock up and Elgin tosses Perkins to the ground and kicks him in the face. Perkins scores with a kick, but Elgin shrugs it off. Elgin his a shulderblock but misses a clothesline and eats a dropkick to the back. Perkins sends Elgin to the outside and he follows, leaping from the apron, but he’s caught and slammed into the ringside barricade, thrown into the ring, and pinned for two.

Elgin picks Perkins up and slams him right back down to the mat. Perkins fights back, but Elgin hits him with a big clubbing blow to the back. Elgin picks Perkins up for a suplex but Perkins fights out and hits a kick to the face. Perkins tries for a headscissors, but Elgin counters, slamming Perkins into the mat and pinning him for another near count. Elgin takes Perkins over and locks in a seated bear hug, clasping his hands around Perkins’ waist.

Perkins fights out of the hold and ties himself up in the ropes, but he’s distracted by Martini. Perkins hits an inventive headscissors that sends Elgin to the outside and he follows with a dive over the top rope, scoring this time. Perkins sends Elgin into the ring and scores with a springboard dropkick for a near fall of his own. Perkins tries for a roll up, but Elgin stays on his feet. Elgin goes for a splash, but Perkins moves, and hits a standing corkscrew senton for a one count.

Perkins goes to the top, but he’s stopped by Elgin. Elgin lays in with a big chop before going up after Perkins. Perkins is able to fight him off and shove him away, but when he leaps off, he’s caught in a suplex position, and driven down into the mat hard for a close two count. Elgin goes for a powerbomb but Perkins reverses out. Perkins takes Elgin off his feet, but Elgin is right back up hitting a backbreaker and a tourture rack drop, pinning Perkins for another two count. Perkins avoids a charging Elgin in the corner and connects with a big neckbreaker. Perkins goes for double knees in the corner but Elgin counters, catching him and hitting the buckle bomb. Elgin goes for a powerbomb, but Perkins reverses into a reverse ‘rana, good for another near fall.

Both men are slow to make it to their feet. TJ tries to shoulder Elgin, but it doesn’t work. Perkins hits a superkick and tries again, but Elgin scores with a backfist, hits a second buckle bomb, and hits a twisting sit-out powerbomb for a three count.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Elgin celebrates with Truth holding up his arm, as Kevin Kelly questions what Truth has in store with Roderick Strong later.

They seem to be having some audio issues, which isn’t really a surprise, as they’ve had minor issues with all of their pay-per-views so far.

Nigel and Kevin Kelly begin discussing the upcoming match between Tomasso Ciampa and a returning Jimmy Rave.

Ciampa is out first with his posse the Embassy in tow. He’s led to the ring by Prince Nana, Princess Mia, Ernie Osiris, and Barrister RD Evans.

Nana has a mic and he says something about a fat pig somewhere. He asks Jimmy Rave why? RD Evans grabs the mic and he says that he thinks Nana is having trouble putting words to his thoughts. Evans doesn’t get a warm welcome from the New York crowd. He says the crowd needs to watch their language in the presence of true royalty. He says Rave showing up tonight is like a desperate ex-girlfriend crashing Christmas dinner. But if Rave wants to spend dinner with Ciampa it’ll be a silent night.

The lights go out, and the crowd goes nuts. When they come back on, Jimmy Rave comes through the curtain, and the crowd is happy to see him back.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Jimmy Rave

Rave looks good, sporting a new look with close cropped hair and facial hair. Ciampa and Rave jaw with each other for a bit, Ciampa refuses to follow the Code of Honor. The bell rings and we get a lock up from both men. Ciampa backs Rave into the corner right away, breaking clean. Another lock up and Ciampa works on Rave’s arm, but Rave is quick to turn things around. The two trade holds for a bit, testing each other’s wrestling ability.

Ciampa takes Rave down to the mat and pulls Rave’s arm back by his fingers. Ciampa breaks the hold and allows Rave to back awaom. Another lock up and Rave reverses a rear chin lock attempt. Both men hit each other with chops and Ciampa pie faces Rave so Rave spits in Ciampa’s eyes. Ciampa is able to hit a monster clothesline that sends Rave falling to the floor.

Ciampa follows to the outside and throws Rave into the ringside barricade. Ciampa lays in with a big overhand chop and Rave responds with a knife edge chop, chasing Ciampa around the ring before sending him back. Rave jaws with Nana before coming back into the ring and it allows Ciampa to get the upper hand, taking Rave into the corner and hitting two big running knee strikes to Rave’s face. Ciampa goes for the cover and gets a two count. Ciampa takes Rave into the corner and sends him across the ring hard.

Ciampa kicks at Rave’s head before standing him up. Rave hits Ciampa with a couple of chops, taking him off of his feet. Rave sends Ciampa into the ropes and hits a big clothesline of his own. Rave charges Ciampa in the corner and catches a boot to the face, but he’s able to catch Ciampa in a heel hook, rolling through an yanking on Ciampa’s ankle. Ciampa makes it to the ropes to force a break, and he rolls to the apron. Rave hits Ciampa with a running knee that sends him falling out face first into the barricade. Rave goes for a baseball slide, but Ciampa catches him and throws him into the barricade instead.

Ciampa heads back into the ring, and brings Rave up to the apron, but Rave comes back in with a sunset flip, only to eat a dropkick to the leg. Rave comes back with a big knee to the face. Rave rolls up Ciampa for two, then holds on to hit the Rave clash, rolling Ciampa over into another pin, but Ciampa kicks out at two.

Rave goes for the greetings from Ghana, but Nana is up on the apron, holding Jimmy Rave’s old ‘crown jewel’ robes. Rave drops Ciampa and approaches Nana, but he grabs him. The ref is distracted and Rave avoids attacks from Evans, Ernie and Mia, but the distraction is enough to allow Ciampa to his project Ciampa, and he pins Rave for the three count.

Winner: Tomasso Ciampa

Following the match, Ciampa and the Embassy celebrate in the ring when Evans takes Rave’s old robe and puts it on Ciampa. Ciampa poses on the turnbuckles much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Rave is slow to get up, but when he does, he gets a great reception, and a ‘Thank you Jimmy’ chant from the crowd.

Kelly and McGuinness begin discussing the return of Jay Lethal, his winning of the ROH Television title, and his triple threat match coming up next.

The Prodigy Mike Bennett is the first man to make his way out to the ring, with Brutal Bob Evans and former WWE Diva Maria in tow. Maria gets a nice reaction, but the crowd don’t seem too happy to see Bennett or Evans.

The crowd is chanting ‘CM Punk’, as he used to date Maria. Bennett gets on the mic and asks ‘Who?’, before making out with Maria. He says Merry Christmas to him. He says there’s nothing better than Christmas in New York. The crowd absolutely hates Bennett. Bennett says it’s funny because he’s standing in the ring with a Playboy model, and they’re sitting at home j***ing off. Bennett says he’s here with Evans and Maria, and he wants to take home the ROH TV Title. So he’s gonna let Lethal and Generico fight it out, then take the title, then they’re going to go out on the town. Bennett makes another masturbation reference, then calls out his opponents.

El Generico obliges quickly, and the crowd loves him, giving him a great reception. And it looks like Generico has a spiffy new mask for the occasion tonight.

The lights dim, and the Champion, Jay Lethal, is the last man to make his way out to the ring. He too get a nice reaction from the crowd, as he’s from nearby Elizabeth, NJ, and he’s no doubt popular with the ROH crowd.

We get formal ring introductions for all three men from ring announcer Bobby Cruise, and it looks like we’re ready to begin this match.

ROH Television Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match

Jay Lethal vs. El Generico vs. Mike Bennett

Generico and Lethal follow the Code of Honor, but Bennett waves it off. The bell rings, and Bennett bails, telling Generico and Lethal to go at it. Lethal and Generico circle and Bennett attacks Lethal from behind before bailing again. Bennett laughs as Generico and Lethal look on from the ring. Generico and Lethl begin circling again and Bennett attacks Generico from behind this time. The action stops again as Lethal and Generico look on frustrated. Generico and Lethal try to wrestle again, but Generico slides out, as does Lethal, and they catch him, trading off hitting him with big right hands before sending him back into the ring.

Lethal and Generico continue to hit Bennett with rights before sending him into the ropes and hitting a double back body drop, then a double clothesline sending Bennett over the top rope and out to the floor. Lethal and Generico argue about who’s going to dive to the outside first. They decide to go at the same time, launching themselves through the ropes and sending Bennett crashing into the barricade and down to the floor.

Generico and Lethal slide back into the ring and finally lock up clean. Lethal locks in a head lock, but Generico fights it off. Lethal is able to roll Generico up for two. Lethal hits a nice headscissors for another near fall. Lethal picks Generico up and sends him into the ropes, hitting a hip toss and a low dropkick to a seated Generico for another near fall. Lethal sends Generico crashing head first into the turnbuckle before hitting him with a chop and sending him across the ring. Generico back drops Lethal to the apron, where he’s pulled to the floor by Bennett. Bennett comes into the ring and hits Generico with a big right hand before stomping away and choking him with his boot in the corner.

Bennett slams Generico down to the mat for a two count. When he pulls him back to his feet Generico hits him with a right. Both men trade punches, and Generico is able to low bridge a running Bennett, sending him crashing to the outside. Generico goes for a dive, but he’s surprised with a springboard dropkick by Jay Lethal, who goes for the cover and gets another two count. Lethal picks Generico up and slams him to the mat, locking in a crazy modified figure four submission.

Lethal slams Generico into the canvas face first for another neat fall. Lethal stomps at Generico before hitting him with a European uppercut, then another. Lethal hits the ropes, but he’s caught with a tilt a whirl backbreaker that’s good for a two count for Generico. Bennett is back in and he attacks Generico from behind, sending him to the outside. Bennett hits Lethal with a big running clothesline in the corner. Bennett takes Lethal down to the mat and hits a nice textbook leg drop. Bennett gloats for a bit before hitting Lethal with a big right hand. The crowd hates Bennett. Lethal drops a clothesline and hits a back handspring elbow that sends Bennett out to the apron. Lethal hits a springboard dropkick to send Bennett to the floor. Lethal is caught from behind by a springboard forearm to the back from Generico that’s good for another near fall.

Generico lays in to Lethal with a blistering chop to the chest that takes Lethal down to his knees. Lethal hits Generico in the gut and the two men trade blows before Generico takes Lethal to the mat. Generico misses a moonsault but scores with a couple of arm drags. Generico thwarts at attack from Bennett, taking him to the mat before hitting him with punches in the corner. Bennett hits Generico with an inverted atomic drop. Lethal hits Bennett with a kick and Generico with another inverted atomic drop and then Lethal drops both opponents.

Bennett rolls to the outside and Generico catches Lethal with an exploder into the corner. Bennett distracts Generico from the outside and Generico rolls out. Generico decks Brutal Bob, and Evans pushes Maria into Generico, allowing him to turn Generico around and hit him with a right, then slam his head into a table. Bennett rolls into the ring and hits Lethal with a powerslam, and Generico with a TKO. Bennett gloats before picking up Lethal and dropping him in the corner, but he eats a yakuza kick from Generico, who in turn eats a superkick from Lethal.

All three men are slow to get to their feet, but Lethal and Generico trade rights in the middle of the ring. Lethal hits the Lethal combination which is good for another two count. Bennett grabs Lethal from behind, but Lethal fights out, hitting a big chop. Bennett catches Lethal with a spinebuster for another two count.

Lethal rolls to the outside and falls to the floor. Generico hits another yakuza kick and scores with the Michinoku driver, putting Bennett down for a two count. Bennett rolls to the outside and Lethal is back up to the apron. Lethal hits Generico with a big kick to the side of the head, then he goes for the top. Generico stops him with a yakuza that drops Lethal to the outside. Generico goes to the apron, and hits a rope to rope dive to the outside on top of Lethal, then gets right up for a through the ropes DDT to Bennett. Generico sends Bennett into the ring and hits a yakuza, then a half nelson suplex but it’s still not enough for a three count.

Generico can’t believe it as he gets back to his feet. Generico is caught from behind by a big neckbreaker from Lethal. Lethal goes out to the apron and up to the top rope. Lethal goes for the top rope elbow drop and he nails is from 3/4 across the ring. Lethal pins Generico but Generico wont quit, kicking out at two. Lethal picks Generico up and slams him down, going for it a second time but Generico is up, attacking Lethal in the corner. Both men are attacked from behind by Bennett, who rolls Generico up for a quick three count.

Generico has been eliminated

Lethal hits the Lethal injection, and he pins Bennett for three.

Winner and STILL ROH Television Champion: Jay Lethal

Bennett is helped out of the arena by Brutal Bob and Maria, while we get some replays that continue the audio/video issues that happened earlier. Lethal and Generico stand across from each other in the ring and Lethal offers his hand to Generico. Generico shakes Lethal’s hand and raises his arm in victory before presenting him with the championship.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness begin talking about the match two years in the making between Kevin Steen and Steve Corino. This match has been highly anticipated by fans, and honestly is the match that has me more excited than anything else on the card.

Jimmy Jacobs makes his way out to the ring to be the official for the next match. Jacobs is accompanied by Cornette, who insisted on being ringside, and Cary Silken, who Steen demanded be ringside for the match.

Steve Corino is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and surprisingly, he gets a pretty decent reaction from the usually blood-thirsty New York crowd. Maybe his years as a super-heel outweigh the last year of redemption storyline for Corino.

The lights dim, and the crowd is electric as Kevin Steen makes his return to Ring of Honor for his first match in one year, and his chance to return to active competition

No DQ Match

Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino

When the lights come back on, Steen is up in the balcony and the fan are going nuts. Steen shoves some fans out of his way as he makes his way over the the stairs, and down to the first floor, then through the crowd and over the barricade into the ringside area. Kevin Steen makes his way into the ring, and most captivating man in all of independent professional wrestling has returned to Ring of Honor.

Bobby Cruise reiterates that if Steen wins this match, he will be reinstated. He introduces Cornette and Silken, as well as special guest referee Jimmy Jacobs. Surprisingly, even though this isn’t a title match, we get formal ring introductions for both men.

The crowd seems solidly behind Steen as Jacobs talks to both men briefly before ringing the bell.

Both men stare at each other across the ring. Steen and Corino charge each other and begin trading right hands immediately. Steen rakes the eyes before being sent into the ropes and caught with a big back heel kick. Steen rolls to the outside and Corino follows, only to be slammed right into the barricade. Steen takes Corino to the ring post and drives him into it headfirst before seating Corino on the ring apron, and charging into him with a cannonball against the ring post.

Corino is back up quickly as he charges Steen, leaping from the apron with a diving forearm, crashing into Steen and sailing to the floor. Corino whips Steen into the guardrail, dropping him to the floor. Corino picks up Steen, and whips him into the barricade again before ripping away at Steen’s nose and eyes. Corino sends Steen back into the ring before grabbing a chair and tossing it in. Corino grabs another chair and tosses it in, and a third.

Corino heads back into the ring and picks up a chair, charging Steen in the corner and hitting him in the top of the head. Corino picks up the chair again, but Steen catches Corino with a superkick, driving the chair into Corino’s face and chest. Corino heads to the outside and Steen follows, picking Corino up and powerbombing him hard into the ring apron. Steen goes up to the apron and hits a frog splash out to the floor, crashing down hard into Corino.

Steen Makes his way toward the entrance way, grabbing one of the barricades and bringing it back toward the ring, slamming it into Corino’s head on the way. Steen gets the barricade into the ring, then turns back to Corino. Corino is able to catch Steen with a chop before sending Steen into the barricade. Corino grabs another chair, laying it across the corner of the barricade. Steen blocks Corino and powerbombs him into the propped up chair and Corino crumples to the arena floor.

Steen makes his way over to the commentary table and tells Nigel it’s good to see him before asking him where he’s been. Steen makes his way over toward the ring and looks underneath to find a table. Steen takes the table out from under the ring and props it up between the barricade and ring apron. Corino is able to pull himself back into the ring. Steen makes his way into the ring as well and he goes over to Cornette, who flips Steen the bird. Steen goes for another powerbomb, but Corino fights it off. Steen hits Corino with a kick to the chest and Corino comes back with a big lariat.

Corino goes to the outside and grabs a garbage can, that he throws into the ring. Corino also throws in another chair, then another. Corino brings in the trash can lid with him, but he misses when he swings at Steen. Steen kicks Corino in the gut, and grabs the lid, using it to bash Corino in the head. Steen lays the lid across Corino’s head and hits the front flip leg drop. Steen crawl over to Cornette and talks with him for a bit, Cornette seething the whole time. Steve Corino is busted open on his ear, and Steen bites it.

Steen picks up the garbage can and goes to use it, but Corino hits Steen with a low blow. Corino blasts Steen with the garbage can, hitting him once, the twice. Corino winds up and hits Steen a third time with the garbage can before laying it on the mat and suplexing Steen on the can. Corino grabs a bunch of chairs and lays them on top of each other in the ring, slamming Steen down on the pile. Corino goes to the top and leaps off with a flying cross body. Corino goes for the pin, but Steen kicks out. Corino sets up four chair in the ring, two by two, then lays the barricade down across the chairs.

Corino heads over toward Steen and catches him with a couple of rights. Steen takes him to the mat but is kicked out to the apron. Steen goes for the top, but Corino stops him. Corino goes up after Steen and goes for the superplex, sending Steen crashing down into the barricade and the chairs. Corino goes for the cover, but Steen kicks out!

Steen rolls out to the apron, then out to the table that he propped up between the apron and barricade earlier. Corino heads to the outside and begins looking under the ring. Corino heads back into the ring, then out to the apron, going up to the top. Steen pops up and he stops Corino, punching him and sending him falling back down to the apron. Steen goes to grab a couple of chairs and he takes them to the outside, laying one on the propped up table, and using the other to blast Corino across the back. Steen sets up two chairs laying on the table, then two open chairs facing each other, with another chair draped across it for good measure.

Steen sends Corino crashing face first into the ring post before taking him up to the apron and going for a superplex to the outside. Corino fights it off, but Steen just goes to bite his ear. Corino goes into the ring and grabs the trash can lid, hitting Steen in the side of the face and sending him crashing to the outside through the tables and chairs. Corino heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing chair after chair and throwing it into the ring. The crowd is chanting for fire Corino rolls Steen into the ring and tries for the three count, but he still can’t get it.

Corino grabs one of the destroyed chairs and tosses it down, grabs another and lays it across Steen’s chest. Steen sits up, and Cornette uses another chair to blast Steen in the face. Corino goes for the cover and only gets two and Cornette and Silken are upset at Jacobs. Corino sets up a chair in the ring and tries to suplex Steen on the chair, but Steen reverses it and hits a sleeper suplex, before hitting a trap-door exploder, dropping Corino head first on the chair. Steen goes for the pin but he only gets two.

Steen grabs a chair and looks down at Corino. Corino spits in Steen’s face, and Steen blasts Corino with a shot to the head. Steen goes for the pin, but Corino is still able to kick out at two. Steen is angry, and he grabs a chair. He jaws with Cornette, saying it’s his fault. Steen goes to use the chair again, but it’s pulled out of his hands by Jacobs. Corino hits Steen with something, breaking it in his hand, and Corino goes for the pin, but it’s still not enough.

Corino sets up two chairs next to each other, then another two right across. Corino takes another chair and simply throws it at Steen. Corino picks Steen up to his feet and brings him up on top of the chairs. Corino goes for a suplex, but Steen fights it off and hits a package piledriver through all the chairs. Steen goes for the pin, and Jacobs is conflicted, but he eventually counts to three, and this one is in the books. What an absolute WAR.

Winner and Reinstated in ROH: Kevin Steen

Following the match, Steen tries to get Jacobs to raise his hand, but Jimmy refuses. Cornette is in the ring and he looks angry. Steen has a mic and he says Merry Christmas, the devil is back. Steen calls out the Jimmy Boy’s in the ring. He says he came here to do three things. One was to destroy Corino and get his job back. Number two: Steen drops the mic and hits Jacobs with the package piledriver.

Cornette checks on Jacobs immediately, asking him if he’s ok. Steen looks at Cornette and holds up three fingers. Cornette begs off, but Steen catches him. Generico is in the ring and Steen stops in his tracks as Cornette escapes to the outside. Generico and Steen begin trading punches!

Generico backs Steen into the corner and blasts him with the yakuza kick. Generico seats Steen on the corner and goes for the top rope brain bustah, but Steen fights it off, sending Generico to the ring apron, and hitting a package pile driver off the apron and down to the floor, crashing through a table. Steen is smiling!

Steen is back in the ring, and he’s getting welcome back chants from the crowd!

Steen makes his way to the back as Nigel and Jim Cornette check on Generico who is laid out on the arena floor. Kevin Kelly is calling for medical personnel, and Bobby Cruise gets on the mic to call for help. Doctors come to the back to put Generico on a stretcher, and Kelly says they’ll be taking this time to head into intermission.


Back from intermission for the second half of Final Battle 2011, and it looks like the Tag Team Gauntlet match will be kicking things off. This is for a guaranteed shot at the ROH World Tag Team titles in 2012.

ROH Tag Team Gauntlet

The All Night Express vs. Future Shock vs. The Bravados vs. The Young Bucks vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

The Bravado Brothers are the first team to make their way out to the ring for the match. They don’t get the warmest reception from the crowd. Team number two out for the match is Caprice Coleman and Cederic Alexander.

The Bravado’s jump Coleman and Alexander before the bell, knocking them out to the floor, where they follow and continue the assault. The Bravado’s send Alexander back into the ring, but they’re surprised by Coleman, and that allows Alexander to leap over the top rope with a plancha taking out both brothers. Coleman and Alexander send one of the Bravado’s back into the ring and go to work on him, getting a two count out of their work. Lance is able to fight back and Harlem low bridges Coleman, sending him to the outside. Alexander and Lance fight on the inside while Harlem catches Coleman with a boot on the outside. Back in the ring, the Bravado’s pancake Alexander for a two count before Lance sends him crashing into the corner.

Lance catches Alexander with a corner clothesline and a big suplex for another near fall before tagging Harlem. They hit a double back elbow and a double elbow drop that’s good for a one count. Harlem hits Alexander with a boot to the chest and draws the ire of Coleman, sending him to the outside. The ref is distracted, but Alexader still hits Lance with an enzugiri that sends him to the outside. Coleman dives in on Harlem and moonsaults out onto Lance, and Alexander puts Harlem down for another two count.

Harlem catches Alexander with a big boot, so he responds with an enzugiri. Alexander tries for a suplex, but it’s countered into a small package for two. Alexander is able to roll up Harlem for the three count.

The Bravado’s have been eliminated.

Future Shock (Adam Cole and Kyle O’Rielly) are team number three.

Kyle looks to start things off with Alexander. They trade forearms in the middle of the ring and Kyle gets the upper hand. Kyle hits a big leaping knee, and follows it off with a kick to the chest for a two count. Kyle tags out to Cole who comes in and hits a low drop kick after Kyle hits a knee to the gut. Cole goes for the pin on Alexander but he can’t keep him down for three. Cole hits a snap suplex and floats over for another two count. Cole tags out to Kyle, and Alexader fights off the double team, only to end up being hit with a face buster that’s good for another near fall. Coleman is able to make the blind tag, and he comes in, hitting a Hart attack style leg drop that’s good for a two count. Coleman hits a beautiful dropkick that’s good for yet another near fall.

Cole makes the blind tag and comes in to hit an assisted Northern lights suplex. Cole lays in with a couple of knees to Coleman’s back and a quick dropkick that’s good for another two count. Cole sends Coleman into the corner and tags in Kyle who comes in and takes Coleman down with a backbreaker and a knee drop to the back of the head, then another. Kyle goes for the pin and gets a two count. Quick tags as he tags back out to Cole who slams Coleman to the mat, pins him for two, then tags back out. Coleman surprises both men with a double dropkick and he tags out to Alexander, who comes in with clotheslines for both men. He and Kyle hit simultaneous clotheslines, and both hit big kicks, with Alexander coming out on top. Coleman shoulders Cole, and Alexander hits a double stomp to the back before Coleman dumps Cole on Alexander’s knees. Coleman hits a nice rana from the top rope to Kyle and Alexander dives from the top with a splash for another two count. Cole catches Coleman with a kick to the face and Alexander finds himself in a tree of woe, eating a double dropkick to the face. Kyle shoulders Alexander and they hit a dual clothesline and leg sweet, pinning Alexander for three.

Caprice Coleman and Cederic Alexander have been eliminated.

The Young Bucks are team number 4.

The Bucks shake each other’s hands, but eat baseball slides from Cole and Kyle. They catch a diving Kyle, but Cole comes in and helps his partner takes down the Bucks. The Bucks team up on Cole, hitting him with a sliced bread on the apron before Nick springboard splashes Cole in the ring for a two count.

Nick takes off his shirt and tosses it in Cole’s face before tagging out to Matt. The Bucks hit a double back elbow before slamming Cole face first into the mat after a superkick to the gut. Matt pins Cole arrogantly, before taking him to the corner and tagging out to Nick who comes in with a senton over the top rope.

Nick makes the tag to mat who comes in with a double axe handle smash to the arm. Cole slaps Matt and Matt comes back with a slap of his own before pulling Cole’s hair. Matt lays in with a big right hand, and Cole fights back, fighting off both Bucks in the corner, but it’s too much as Matt hits a jawbreaker, then chokes Cole in the corner with his boot.

Matt hits a suplex that’s good for another two count, then locks in a rear chin lock. Cole is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but Matt knocks Kyle off the apron, catches Cole with a clothesline, and holds him for a double stomp from Nick. Matt goes for the pin as Nick dives to the outside on Kyle, but Matt can only get two. Nick tags back in and continues the assault, tagging back out to mat, whipping his brother into Cole. Cole fights off a couple of suplexes and tags out to Kyle. Kyle comes in and kicks both Nick and Matt. The Bucks end up crashing into each other and fall victim to a double dragon leg whip. Nick catches Kyle off guard, but he comes right back, suplexing Matt, and countering a splash from Nick by putting his knees up. Kyle hits eight rolling butterfly suplexes in a row before tagging out to Cole and hitting an assisted DDT, German suplex combo that’s good for two before the pin is broken up by Nick.

Nick is able to catch Kyle with a facebuster, but when he goes to the apron, Cole pulls him down into a wheelbarrow and slams the back of his head into the apron. Kyle goes for a diving dropkick in the corner but misses and crashes to the floor. Cole kicks out of a roll up by Matt, but falls victim to a double superkick, and more bang for your buck, being pinned by Matt for the three count.

Future Shock has been eliminated.

The All Night Express is the final team.

Matt tries to catch them off guard with a dive over the top, but the ANX just move, then pepper Matt with right hands before whipping him into the barricade. Nick tries to piledrive Titus, but Titus back body drops him on the floor. King hits a front flip splash on Matt, then follows it up with a moonsault, both from the barricade, before sending things back into the ring. King splashes Matt in the corner, but Titus is caught from behind by Nick, who wraps his leg around the ring post.

King hits a spinebuster on Matt for two as Titus rolls to the floor. Nick pulls King to the outside, but he fights him off, going to the apron only to be hit with a dropkick to send him out to the floor. Nick sends King back into the ring where he’s kicked at by Matt. Matt taunts King before beating on him in the corner. Nick attacks Titus on the outside, leaving him laying. Nick chokes King from the outside while Matt distracts the ref. Matt picks King up and King tries to fight back but Matt slams him down to the mat and hits a couple of elbow drops instead.

Matt goes for another cocky pin, but he doesn’t get anything from it. Matt makes the tag to Nick who comes in and works over King in the corner. King tries to fight out of the corner, but Nick makes the tag, hits a chest breaker, then follows it up with a neck breaker from Matt. Titus is shown still writhing in pain on the floor.

Matt chokes King in the corner, wearing him down and jawing with the crowd. Matt makes the tag to Nick and Titus is finally crawling back toward his corner. Nick catches King with a kick to the stomach, but King responds right back with a exploder suplex.

Titus is able to crawl up to his corner and he makes the tag, coming in and hitting both Bucks with repeated right hands. Titus sends Nick across the ring into the corner and slams him down to the mat by the back of his head. Matt breaks up a pin attempt and hits Titus with a kick to the chest, but Titus comes right back with a sit-out powerbomb, only for it to be broken up by Nick. Nick catches King with a kick to the top of the head, and the Bucks look to double team Titus. King catches a springboarding Nick and plants him with the coronation, but Matt sends him to the ring apron and plants him with a big DDT that sends both men crashing to the floor.

Back in the ring, Nick hits Titus with a kick to the leg, but Titus responds with a big clothesline. Titus is caught from behind by Matt with a chop block and Matt begins kicking viciously at Titus’ leg before stretching it with a step-over toe hold.

Nick goes to the top and dives down on Titus’ knee, during the submission, and Paul Turner calls for the bell.

Winner by referee stoppage: The Young Bucks

Paul Turner apparently decided that Rhett Titus was no longer able to continue, due to the condition of his leg, and that’s what led to his stopping this match.

The Young Bucks continue the assault after the match, hitting Titus with a 450 splash, before King throws a chair into the ring and the Bucks bail, making their way back up toward the entrance.

Titus is helped to the back by King and officials, complaining the entire way, and not looking too happy about the results of the match.

Nigel and Kelly begin talking about the next matchup with Roderick Strong featuring an invitational challenge. Kelly asks about the rumor that Nigel was asked to participate in the match, but Nigel says obviously Truth Martini didn’t want Roderick facing off with Nigel.

Speak of the devil, Truth Martini is out leading Roderick Strong out to the ring. Roderick gets a pretty favorable reaction.

Roderick’s got a mic, and he says that it’s sad that it’s Final Battle and he doesn’t have an opponent. He says he put out the challenge to prove that he’s exactly what he says he is, and that’s the best in the world. He says the list of talent that ROH sent him was sad. He says they sent him a list of has-beens. He says what he wants right now, is for the person ringing the bell to just go ahead and ring it so Strong can go party with some broads. Truth Martini says he’s going to count to ten, and if the crowd can count with him they can. Truth begins counting, saying stupid rhymes the whole time, biting Joel Gertner.

Martini makes it to nine, but before he’s able to make the ten count, the Kings of Wrestling’s music hits, and Chris Hero makes his way out to the ring to a HUGE pop from the crowd! Chris Hero has returned to ROH!

Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong

The bell rings and both men circle each other. The crowd is way over for Hero. Roddy bails to the floor. Hero sends Roderick into the ropes and hits a shoulderblock, then another. Hero flips over the ropes to the outside and catches Strong with a big boot. Hero takes Roddy down to the mat and hits a big splash to Strong’s back. Hero catches Strong with a big chop in the corner, then another against the ropes.

Hero beats on Strong in the corner before sending him across the ring and hitting him with a big running elbow. Hero goes for the pin but Roddy fights out of it. Hero locks on a cravat, wrenching away at Strong’s neck. Strong is able to fight out of it, and avoid a monkey flip, hitting Hero with a nasty chop to the chest. Hero responds with a big boot to the face that sends Strong to the outside. Hero goes out to the apron and drops to the floor as Strong makes his way back into the ring. Strong distracts the ref and Martini hits Hero with the Book of Truth.

Roddy heads out to the floor and hits Hero with a couple of chops before picking him up and dropping him with a belly to back suplex on the apron. Strong sends Hero back into the ring and begins working him over with repeated right hands, going for the cover and getting one. Roddy hits Hero with chops and kicks in the corner, choking him with his boot.

Roddy sends Hero into the corner, and Hero tries for an elbow, but Strong backs him up into the corner yet again. Strong stomps at Hero before simply standing on his chest. Strong picks Hero up and chops him hard against the ropes before catching him with a boot to the side of the face. Strong drops to the outside and brings Hero with him, sending him into the barricade and hitting him with another nasty chop.

Strong heads back into the ring and distracts the ref again as Martini rips away at Hero’s face. Strong makes his way back out and hits Hero with a chop before sending him back into the ring. Hero catches Roddy with a kick as he makes his way back into the ring, and he slides back to the outside. Strong is able to whip Hero into the barricade yet again, knocking him down to the floor. Strong picks Hero up over his shoulders and rolls him back into the ring, going for the cover and getting a two count. Strong locks in a rear chin lock.

Hero fights up to his feet and Strong hits him with several clubbing blows to the chest to drop him back down to the mat. Strong locks in another rear chin lock, ripping at Hero’s face, before breaking the hold and kicking away hard at Hero’s face and chest.

Hero fights back with chops and Roddy responds with forearms. Hero begins throwing forearms back. He misses an elbow but connects with a flash kick to the side of the head, and both men are down.

Both men get up and Hero catches Strong with an elbow, then a chop to the chest. Hero walks through a chop and hits strong with a big elbow before slamming him to the mat and hitting another back senton. Roddy rolls out to the floor, and Hero won’t have it, jumping out to the apron, then back into the ring and hitting a big baseball slide to the outside on Strong. Hero catches Strong with another couple of big forearms before sending Strong back into the ring. Hero follows and hits Strong with a running big boot in the corner before placing Strong on the top turnbuckle and hitting a cravat suplex to plant Strong in the middle of the ring for another two count.

Hero picks Strong up to his feet and goes for the death blow elbow but Strong fights it off and hits a jumping knee that puts Hero down for a two count. Strong picks Hero up in the corner and lights him up with chops before seating him on the top turnbuckle. Hero shoves Strong away, but Strong comes right back, kicking Hero in the back. Roddy goes up after Hero again and picks him up, dropping him down back first on the top turnbuckle for another two count. Strong locks in the Stronghold.

Hero is able to turn over the hold and kick Strong away, getting to his feet and hitting another cravat suplex. Martini tries to coach Strong in the corner, but Strong eats a big leaping elbow, a stomp to the back of the head and a rolling elbow, but it’s still not enough to put Roddy down for a three count.

Hero pulls Strong into the middle of the ring and goes up to the top for the moonsault. Roddy moves but Hero lands on his feet. Roddy suplexes Hero into the corner, hits a big kick, a gutbuster, and a gibson driver, pinning Hero, but Hero wont stay down!

Roddy stomps away at Hero, hitting him with rights to the side of the head. Hero gets to his feet and responds with a big elbow, then a big chop. Roddy chops Hero, and both men go back and forth. Roddy catches Hero with a knee to the gut. Hero hits a big clothesline, then a huge rolling elbow, then another, and a giant rolling kick. Hero goes for the cover but Strong kicks out at two.

Hero picks Strong up and connects with the death blow elbow, but when Hero pins Strong, Truth Martini dives into the ring to break up the pin. Hero rolls out of the ring and stalks Truth around the ring. He chases Martini into the ring and catches him, but Roddy rolls up Hero. Hero kicks Roddy off and connects with a kick to Truth, but Roddy hits the sick kick, and pins Hero for the three count.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Following the match, Strong celebrates all the way to the back with Martini. Hero doesn’t stay for long, rolling out of the ring and heading straight to the back without acknowledging the crowd.

Kevin Kelly send it into a video package setting up the rivalry between the Briscoe’s and Wrestling Greatest Tag Team. There is apparently no video package however, instead we just get Nigel’s thoughts on the match before the Briscoe’s make their way out to the ring to a big pop from this NYC crowd.

The ROH World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, make their way out to the ring next, and they get a mixed reaction overall, surprisingly.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team © vs. The Briscoe’s

Bobby Cruise does formal ring introductions for both teams and we’re ready to begin the semi-main event.

Haas and Benjamin blast the Briscoe’s with the titles before the ref can call for the bell. They lay into the Briscoe’s with boots that send the brothers out to the floor. On the outside the Briscoe’s are sent into the barricade with Jay being suplexed into the barricade by Haas and Mark being whipped into the barricade by Shelton. Haas whips Jay into the barricade and Shelton suplexes Mark on the entrance ramp. Haas whips Jay into the barricade yet again and this is just a flat out brawl. Haas suplexes Jay into the apron again, and Shelton back drops Mark on the floor.

Haas has a chair and he uses it to hit Jay across the back. Shelton has a chair and he uses it to hit Mark in the head. Shelton slams Mark head first into a chair on the apron. Haas continues to wear out Jay with the chair in the ring before hitting Mark with a straight up chair shot to the face. Haas flips off the NYC crowd before hitting Jay with a forearm to the face. Haas whips Mark into a chair shot to the face from Shelton.

Haas goes out to the floor where he continues to fight Mark, and Shelton works over Jay, hitting him with another chair shot. Mark is sent back first into the barricade by Haas before being sent back into the ring. Shelton continues working on Jay on the outside and Haas is absolutely working Mark with chair shots to the back. Shelton throws Jay into the barricade hard.

The crowd is not happy with the actions of Haas and Benjamin. On the inside Haas holds up Jay in a full nelson so Shelton can drive a chair into his gut. Shelton prevents Mark from getting into the ring, then holds Jay up so Haas can whack him with the chair. Haas hits Mark with a couple of shots from the chair, and Jay fights back for a bit, only to be hit with another shot from Haas. Haas hits Jay with another shot from the chair to the top of the head, and Jay Briscoe is bleeding.

Haas chokes Briscoe in the corner before kicking him square in the groin. Mark begins to fight back, but he’s thrown over the top to the outside by Haas. Shelton hits a belly to back suplex on Jay in the middle of the ring, and Jay continues to bleed heavily. Shelton and Charlie pose on the turnbuckles, and the crowd are showering them with boos. Shelton places Jay on the top rope while Charlie holds on to his legs. Shelton leaps over Charlie onto Jay’s back. We finally get the bell as Mark makes his way into the ring. Mark fights off both Benjamin and Haas for a bit before being planted with a DDT by Shelton.

Shelton picks Mark up to his feet and they set Mark up on the ropes with Haas holding the legs again. Shelton hits the ropes, but when he turns around Jay hits him with a superkick out of nowhere. Jay stands up and Haas is there to stare him down. The two men look at each other for a long time before each man hits a right. They trade rights for a bit, each getting fired up, and Haas hits a big kick to the chest that stops Jay in his tracks.

Shelton picks Mark up in the corner and hits him with a big right hand before sending him across the ring and hitting a big splash. Shelton sells his injured ribs, and when he turns around he eats a spear from Mark. Jay is back in the ring and he catches Haas with a big forearm before he and Mark hit a double Beale toss on Shelton.

Jay rips off Shelton’s shirt to expose his taped ribs, before he chokes him with his own t-shirt, then stomps away at him. Mark tags in to the match and he beats on Shelton in the corner, burying his shoulder in Shelton’s midsection repeatedly before tagging back out to Jay. Jay comes in and hits Shelton with a big kick in the corner before taking him across the ring and slamming him head first into the turnbuckle, then laying in with a couple of chops. Jay hits Shelton with clubbing blows to the ribs before hitting a running clothesline in the corner. Shelton is able to hit a back body drop and make the tag to Haas who comes in and peppers Jay with a couple of jabs and back elbows before he hits a big clothesline.

Haas hits a back drop on Mark before hitting Jay with a knee lift, and a beautiful exploder suplex for a two count. Haas shoves Jay into the corner but eats a boot to the face, only to come right back with a powerslam. Mark breaks up a pin, but he’s thrown hard to the outside by Shelton. Back in the ring Haas sends Jay into the ropes and hits an atomic drop, Shelton follows up with a superkick and Haas pins Jay for two. On the outside, Mark whips Shelton into the barricade. Haas charges Jay in the corner, but Jay plants him into the turnbuckle with a reverse STO. Mark hits a running kick in the corner before he plants Charlie in the middle of the ring for Jay to pin him, but he only gets two.

The Briscoe’s call for the doomsday device. Jay goes for the Jay driller first, but Shelton pulls Mark to the outside and Haas fights out of it. Haas hits Jay with a German suplex, then a second, and finally a third. Haas poses for the crowd, to their boos.

Haas locks in the Haas of pain on Jay, cranking back and pulling hard. Mark is up in the corner and Shelton lays himself across Haas, but Mark leaps off the top with a big elbow drop, and crashes into Shelton, breaking up the pin and sending Shelton to the outside. Paul Turner heads to the outside to check on Shelton and calls for help, bringing down several other officials who check on Benjamin. The Briscoe’s use the opportunity to double team Haas with Jay holding up Haas and Mark laying in punches.

Shelton is carted to the back by referees and Mark is finally pushed out of the ring by the ref on the inside. Jay makes the tag and both men hit a double shoulderblock to Haas, putting him down to the mat. Mark chokes Haas, drawing a four count before he breaks and tags out to Jay. The Briscoe’s go for a double back drop, but Haas stops himself, kicks Jay, and hits Mark with an Angle slam that also knocks out the ref, and here comes Shelton Benjamin back to the match.

Benjamin goes under the ring and grabs a wood plank, breaking it over Jay’s head, drawing ‘hooooooo’ and ‘USA’ chants from the crowd.

Haas picks up part of the board and uses it to blast Jay across the back while the ref is still down. Haas picks Jay up to his feet and seats him on his shoulders. Shelton goes up to the top, but Mark hits Shelton with a piece of broken table and Benjamin falls to the outside. Jay hits Haas with a superkick, and the Briscoe’s connect with the doomsday device on Haas, double pinning him, and scoring the three count, and their seventh World Championship.

Winners and NEW ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoe Brothers

The Briscoe’s get a bunch of post-match streamers as they’re handed their belts. Jay kisses the title before holding it up in the air to the cheers of the crowd.

Haas and Benjamin look dejected and disappointed as Dem Boys makes their way to the back with their newly won titles.

Kelly and McGuinness turn their attention to the main event of the evening that sees the ROH World Champion, Davey Richards, taking on his partner and friend, Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and like anyone who’s watched ROH for any period of time can tell you, he is over in New York. Edwards is accompanied to the ring by Dan Severn, who looks a lot older than I thought he would.

Davey Richards it out next, and he too gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Richards is accompanied to the ring by Kyle O’Rielly and Tony Kozina.

ROH World Championship Match

Davey Richards © vs. Eddie Edwards

We get formal ring introductions for both men, and it’s finally time for the final ROH match of 2011.

Richards and Edwards have words while the referee is cleaning the streamers from the ring.

Edwards and Richards stand toe to toe, having a few more words and staring each other down before finally shaking hands.

The bell rings and Edwards charges in with a big kick right away. Both men catch a couple of forearms and Davey hits a big kick to the chest. Eddie goes for the dragon sleeper but Davey fights out. Davey goes for a couple of kicks, but they’re all blocked by Edwards.

Both men back off and the crowd seems to be pretty split as to who to cheer for. Eddie takes Davey down to the mat and both men trade holds before backing away from each other again.

Davey takes Eddie down to the mat and ties up his leg, but Eddie wraps his hands around Davey’s face. Davey goes up to his feet and continues to stretch Eddie’s leg, rolling over and tying up Eddie’s legs, putting pressure on the knees and ankles. Eddie makes it to the ropes to force a break and Davey backs off.

We get a lock up and Davey backs Eddie up into the ropes. Davey breaks clean but Eddie shoves him. Davey hits a forearm but Eddie hits a chop that sends him to the mat. Eddie sends Davey to the mat again with a back elbow before locking in a rear chin lock.

Davey kicks away to break the hold, so Eddie responds with a kick to the back of the head before grinding his boot into Davey’s face. Davey is able to come back by catching Edwards with a boot to the chest coming out of the corner. Davey goes for the ankle lock but Edwards makes it into the ropes. Eddie gets back to his feet and Davey hits him with a nasty kick to the chest. Davey hits Eddie with a snap mare that sends him down to the mat before tying him up in a submission and working over Eddie’s arms and legs.

Nigel calls the submission a modified scorpion death lock with a hammerlock. Eddie makes it to the ropes to force a break. Eddie gets back to his feet and both men hit each other with forearms until Davey hits Eddie with a kick to the gut. Davey hits another big kick to Eddie’s chest, but Eddie comes back with a suplex that sends Richards to the outside. Eddie follows and lights Davey up with a big chop to the chest before he whips the champ into the barricade and hits him with another chop to the chest.

Davey and Eddie hit each other with chops before Richards whips Edwards into the barricade and hits him with a huge running boot to the face. Richards sends Edwards back into the ring and follows, but he gets a big chop to the chest for his troubles right away. Edwards ties up Davey’s leg and bridges back, putting all the pressure on Davey’s knees.

Davey is able to punch his way out of the hold, but Edwards comes right back, hitting him with a rough head butt in the corner, then another. Edwards follows Richards around the ring, hitting him with another head butt. Richards back drops Edwards to the outside where he hits his face on the apron. Edwards ducks a kick from the apron but Richards connects with a second attempt before hitting Edwards with a nasty kick to the chest. Richards heads back into the ring and launches himself through the ropes with a tope that sends Eddie crashing into the barricade.

Richards sends Edwards back into the ring and heads to the top, coming back into the ring with a missile dropkick to the side of the head that’s good for a two count. Richards goes for a suplex but Edwards fights it off. Davey lays in with a series of forearms, tying him up in the ropes and continuing to lay in blows to the side of the head. Richards suplexes Edwards into the middle of the ring and goes for the pin but Eddie kicks out at two.

Richards hits a running knee in the corner and goes for another suplex but Eddie fights it off and hits a big chop. Both men jockey for position, and Davey is able to roll through into a knee bar, transitioning into an ankle lock, but Eddie fights it off and rolls Davey through into the achilles lock. Davey turns it into a small package but Edwards kicks out. Big suplex from Edwards and both men are down on the mat.

Both men make their way up to their feet and Eddie charges Davey in the corner, hitting him with a big chop to the chest. Eddie whips Davey across the ring and hits him with another big chop. Edwards hits a leaping leg lariat that puts Davey down to the mat for another two count. Edwards picks up Richards to his feet and tries for the die hard, but Richards fights it off. Both men trade forearms but neither will go down.

Eddie sends Davey into the ropes and he hits a back handspring, but Edwards catches Richards and dumps him over the top rope. Edwards leaps out to the apron and hits an asai moonsault, smashing his knee into the barricade in the process, and wiping out the champ.

Edwards is able to stand and send Richards back into the ring. Eddie heads to the top and tries for the double stomp but Davey moves. Davey goes to the top but Eddie hits an enzugiri and connects with a backpack stunner for another two count.

Edwards picks Richards up to his feet but Davey tosses Eddie into the corner. Edwards comes back with a codebreaker. Davey tries for the cross armbreaker but Eddie turns it into a roll up. Eddie tries for another roll up, then turns it into an STF before breaking and going for an ankle lock, Davey’s own hold.

Davey is able to kick Edwards off, but Edwards responds by grabbing Davey’s arm and kicking repeatedly at his head before rolling him up to his knees and hitting a big chop to the chest. Davey stands to his feet and both men stare each other down. Davey slaps Eddie so Eddie responds in kind. They trade many slaps to the face, then Eddie hits a couple of chops before Davey hits repeated slaps to the face. Eddie hits a superkick but Davey hits a big lariat. Cover from Davey for a one. Discus clothesline from Davey for a two count. Davey heads to the top rope and comes off with a double stomp to Edwards’ back, then a kick to the chest. Davey heads to the top and hits another double stomp, this one to Edwards’ chest, but it’s still not enough to keep Eddie down for the three count.

Davey picks Eddie up and hits him with a big kick that sends him into the corner. Davey seats Eddie up on the top turnbuckle, and follows after him. Davey and Eddie trade some nasty head butts before wearing each other out with right hands. Davey connects with an enzugiri, then another big head butt before heading up to the top and connecting with a big superplex. Davey rolls through and picks Eddie up, delivering a suplex over the top rope sending both men tumbling out over the apron and to the floor.

Both men are able to make it back into the ring before the 20 count, but they still struggle to make it up to their feet. Both men eventually do get back up and they charge into the middle of the ring, both hitting big kicks. Then again. Edwards hits a big chop only to eat a kick from Richards. Edwards hits another big chop, only to get a kick to the chest. Another chop, another kick. Another chop, then another and a third from Edwards, backing him up into the corner and hitting Kenta Kobashi-esque chops in the corner. Richards responds by backing up Edwards with kicks, then hitting him with numerous kicks in the corners. Edwards turns it around hitting numerous chops, only for Richards to turn it around and hit him with more kicks to the chest, and even a couple to the face.

Eddie makes it to his feet and both men are back in the center of the ring to stare each other down. Edwards slaps Richards, then they trade chops and kicks. Richards kicks Edwards in the head. Eddie hits Richards with slaps to the face. More kicks to the head, enzugiri from Edwards. Eddie hits Davey with a backdrop driver and Davey responds in kind. Another backdrop driver from Eddie and another from Davey. Dragon suplex from Eddie, and one from Davey.

Both men trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Richards hits the alarm clock, and Edwards connects with a knee to the face. Both men are down and Roderick Strong is down to the ring. Kyle O’Rielly isn’t happy, but Roddy throws him into the barricade, then he throws Kozina into the barricade, but he’s backed up and eventually assaulted by Severn. Elgin is down to attack Severn and Severn fights him off. Severn gets a hold of Martini and drags him off to the back while Team Richards fights off the rest of the House of Truth and Richards and Edwards are still down in the ring.

Both men make it up to the feet before the ten count, just barely. Eddie is on wobbly legs, but so is Davey. They wander back toward the middle of the ring and Edwards shrugs. Richards hits him with a forearm, then Eddie responds with one of his own. They trade forearms and both are dripping with sweat. Eddie hits a big boot to the face, so Richards hits one of his own. Eddie hits another, and then a third. He traps Davey’s arms and hits a big suplex, sending Davey down hard in the corner.

The referee begins the count again, but Edwards makes it up to his feet and picks up Richards. Eddie seats Richards on the corner facing away from the ring and he follows up after him. Eddie traps Davey’s arms, but Davey is able to fight it off with repeated elbows. Edwards hits a running knee to stop Davey cold in the corner again. Both men stand on the top rope and Eddie hits a hurricarana before dropkicking Richards into the corner, hitting a powerbomb and a sit-out powerbomb. Eddie holds on to pin Davey, but Davey kicks out at two. Eddie hits a superkick while Davey’s on his knees, then hits a chop to the throat, but it still wont put Davey down for three. Eddie locks in the dragon sleeper but Richards reverses into a roll up for two. Edwards is able to lock in the dragon sleeper again but Davey fights up to his feet, only to be put down with a tombstone piledriver, then the die hard, but Richards still kicks out at two!

The crowd is absolutely loving this match, and I have to agree that it is pretty darn awesome. Eddie picks Davey up to his feet and takes him over into the corner, seating him on the top turnbuckle and hitting him with a big chop. Eddie goes up after Davey and tries to get him up for a superplex, but Davey fights him off, hitting a head butt and trying for a sunset powerbomb. Edwards holds on to the ropes and fights Richards way, but Richards comes back with a blow to the back of the knee that seats Edwards down on the top turnbuckle. Richards hits Edwards with big clubbing blows to the chest before going up to the top and hitting a big full nelson suplex from the top rope, pinning Edwards, but he still can’t keep him down for three!

Edwards goes out to the apron and Richards follows. Richards tries for another big suplex but Edwards fights it off. Edwards eats a couple of big kicks to the chest, but he comes back with some huge chops. Davey catches Eddie and suplexes him from the ring apron down to the floor. I didn’t see if Eddie hit the apron, but it was a nasty landing either way.

Eddie is able to make it back to his feet and into the ring, but he catches a kick to the side of the face from Richards, and a big full nelson suplex on the apron that sends Edwards crashing back out to the floor, and the referee beginning the count again.

Edwards is a man possessed as he wont stay down, making his way back to his feet and up into the ring, and Richards can’t believe it.

Richards stares down Edwards as he lays on the mat, struggling to make his way up to his feet. Richards has a look of disgust on his face. Richards picks Edwards up to his knees and kicks him in the face, then to the side of the head. Richards goes for the pin but it’s still not enough to keep Eddie down. Richards locks in the ankle lock and Edwards screams in pain, but he’s able to roll through into a roll up. Richards kicks out and keeps it locked in. Richards breaks and hits a huge kick to Edwards’ face, but it’s still not enough.

Richards stares Eddie down and hits him with three huge kicks to the side of the head, and that’s finally enough to keep Eddie Edwards down for a three count.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Davey Richards

Richards is another recipient of post-match streamers, as he bends down to check on his partner. Davey asks for the mic.

Richards asks if the crowd wants to hear some honesty. He says when he got to the arena today Cornette said that no matter what happened tonight, he wants the winner to let the loser that he’s the toughest guy they’ve ever been in the ring with, but Davey doesn’t need to say that, because the crowd saw him in the ring tonight, and they know. And Davey will always be beside Edwards.

They’re interrupted by Kevin Steen who asks that they stop their a** kissing. Steen says honestly if Davey makes his way up the ring Steen will take him apart. He says he and his MMA group should finish their j*** fest in the back, because what matter tonight is that Kevin Steen is back, and in 2012, he’ll take the ROH World title, and he’ll hold the whole company hostage, because he’s Kevin Steen, and he’s the anti-Christ of professional wrestling. Steen says Merry Christmas b**** before heading off to the back. Davey is furious.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness thank us all for joining them tonight for the final event of ROH in 2012, while Davey Richards stands alongside Kyle O’Rielly and Tony Kozina in the ring, looking stunned, while Eddie Edwards recovers on the mat.

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Радвам се че най-сетне някой пусна тема за това много силно ROH PPV, което ме върна в най-силните години на indy компанията. Тук мога да препоръчам 2 от мачовете, които се превърнаха в класика. Единият е между Steve Corino и Kevin Steen, който се превърна в същинска кланница, много spot-ове, много бруталия, и определено се радвам че Steen отново официално е в roster-а на ROH. В момента Steen е може би любимият ми heel в кеча, няма подобен образ, мега психопат, който не признава нищо и тъпче всекиго. В мача видяхме брутален финал - package piledriver върху 4 стола, след което и през маса от ръба на ринга върху Generico. Steen може да се превърне в следващият лидер на ROH, просто в момента радва на максимум.

Main Event-а ни предостави поредната класика между Davey Richards и Eddie Edwards. И двамата се срещнаха няколко пъти тази година, но този им мач беше може би най-силният. 40 + минути, изключително изпълнения, и двете половини на "The American Wolves" доказаха че заслужиха световната титла през последната година. Сега се очертава здрава битка между Davey Richards и Kevin Steen, и аз лично нямам търпение. И двамата са мега-злите кучи синове и просто евентуален мач между двамата ще бъде зрелище, каквото не сме виждали отдавна. Не че са нямали сблъсъци, но просто моментните им образи са на "супер злобните кеч машини" и дава предпоставка за големи очаквания.

Като цяло PPV-то беше много силно. ROH през последните няколко месеци навлезе във вярната посока, и се доближава до най-силният му период 2004-2006 година, когато в компанията вирееха имена като Nigel, Dragon, Joe, Gibson и Punk. Палци горе и чакам с нетърпение следващото PPV, а напоследък обмислям и да възобновя гледането на шоутата, след като спрях през 2009, когато се излъчваха по HDnet.

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Безпорно това беше един страхотен турнир .Определено ROH са поели в правилната посока и показаха как трябва да се развива правилно една кеч компания и се превърнаха от най-добрата Indy кеч компания в третата най-изявена кеч компания в САЩ (зад WWE и TNA) .Но да се върна на темата за турнира .Безпорно най-добрите мачове от турнира бяха два: Steve Corino vs Kevin Steen.Това беше просто един меко казано брутален мач който както каза radoslav1948 - същинска кланница и лично аз се радвам ,че Kevin Steen отново е част от ROH,защото определено ROH се нуждаят от един стабилен heel и смятам че в момента Kevin Steen е идеалният човек за тази роля .Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards това просто беше мачът на вечерта.40 минутен мач в който двата дадоха най-доброто от себе си и доказаха ,че и двамата заслужават да са шампиони на ROH (лично аз се надявах Eddie Edwards да победи).Сега се очертава една брутална и ожесточена вражда между Kevin Steen и Davey Richards за титлата на ROH.

[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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