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AAA Guerra de Titanes - 16 декември 2011


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Promotion: Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA)

Event: Guerra de Titanes

Date: December 16th, 2011

Place: Puebla, Mexico

Arena: Estadio de Beisbol Hermanos Serdán de Puebla

AAA Latin American Title Match

Dr. Wagner Jr. © vs. LA Park

Grudge Match

Jack Evans, Drago & Fenix vs. Los Perros del Mal (el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza & Halloween)

TNA vs. AAA: If Mesias Wins He Gets a Shot at Jeff Jarrett's Title, If He Loses He Can Never Wrestle Jarrett for the Title

AJ Styles vs. El Mesias

Cibernetico's Return

Cibernetico, El Zorro & Electroshock vs. La Parka, Octagon & Silver King

Battle of the Monsters

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero, Gunner & Chessman vs. Los Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown & Psycho Clown)

Flaming Tables Match

Xtreme Tiger & Joe Lider vs. Nicho el Millionario & X-Fly

Lumberjack Match for the AAA Reina de Reinas Title

Pimpinela Escarlata © vs. Sexy Star

Minis Match

Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis

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"CMLL" invades AAA! LA Park becomes the new Latin American champion! Vampiro returns to AAA! Mesias beats AJ Styles & Rob Terry to earn a shot at Jeff Jarrett's Title! Sexy Star wins the Women's Championship!

AAA Guerra de Titanes

December 16th, 2011

Puebla, Mexico

Estadio de Beisbol Hermanos Serdán de Puebla

Attendance: 8000-9000

1. Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito & Mascarita Divina beat Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis. This was Dorada's first match in AAA since he returned to the promotion a few weeks ago. Dorada won the match for his team.

Octagon came out after the match and confronted Octagoncito. The two fought.

2. Lumberjack Match for the AAA Reina de Reinas Title: Sexy Star beat Pimpinela Escarlata © to win the Title! Sexy won with help from Konnan.

3. Flaming Tables Match: Xtreme Tiger & Joe Lider beat Nicho el Millionario & X-Fly. Both Nicho and X-Fly went through a flaming table.

4. Los Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown & Psycho Clown) beat Gunner, D'Angelo Dinero & Chessman. Murder Clown pinned The Pope.

5. Cibernetico, El Zorro & Electroshock beat La Parka, Octagon & Silver King. Towards the end of the match La Milicia ran in and tried to help the rudos but Los Bizarros returned to AAA and ran them off. Ciber pinned Parka for the win.

6. El Mesias beat AJ Styles. The match was about 20 minutes. At the end Mesias hit a backcracker on Styles and then hit a splash from the top rope for the pin.

Konnan and Dorian Roldan came out and told Mesias that he won't be getting his Title shot, even though he beat Styles. In order to get the Title shot he would have to beat another TNA wrestler as well - "The Freak" Rob Terry.

7. El Mesias beat Rob Terry. Terry came to the ring with a chair. Shorter match. Terry controled most of it. Towards the end Terry got the chair and set it up in the corner. Meanwhile Mesias recovered and used the chair setup on Terry for the win.

After the match Gunner and Pope ran in and attacked Mesias. Ozz and Cuervo ran in for the save but were beaten up by the TNA crew. Then, out of nowhere, Vampiro made his return to AAA and saved Mesias. Vampiro cut a promo basically setting himself up as new leader of the El Inframundo group. Joaquin Roldan came to the ring and Vampiro apologized for turning on AAA last time we saw him in the company.

Las Reinas del Ring danced.

8. Los Perros del Mal (el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza & Halloween) beat Jack Evans, Drago & Fenix. Jack made Perro bleed. Garza got the pin on Fenix.

9. AAA Latin American Title Match: LA Park beat Dr. Wagner Jr. © to win the Title! Dr. Wagner III (Dr. Wagner Jr.'s son) was Wagner's second. Octagon was LA Park’s. Prior to the match, Toscano came to the ring. He wore a CMLL shir,, was presented as a CMLL wrestler, and declared their wrestlers were better than AAA. Wagner disagreed. LA Park got into to it with Marisela Pena again during the match. Octagon attacked Wagner, so Octagoncito ran out to get him. Park took out the ref Copetes, and Wagner got a few pins with no one around to count. Park fouled Wagner just before another ref came in, but could not get the pin. Park took out that ref too. Park dropped Wagner with a super DDT, but no ref again. Wagner recovered, Octagon attacked him, Wagner took him out, and Park used the distraction to hit Wagner with knucks for the pin and the title. Park was joined by Toscano, Texano Jr. and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. as psuedo-CMLL faction. It appears the group's name will be "El Consejo". They all beat up the Wagners until Psycho Circus made the save.

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Защо от ААА толкова залагат на El Messias ? В ТНА не ме впечатли особено, а мексиканците имат д-р Вагнер и Ел Зорро, които са уникални просто :) , мислех, че те ще са главните лица на ААА в тая вражда.

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Mesias & Wagner са Главните лица на AAA като цяло през последните 2 години и половина. От миналогодишната Triplemania насам LA Park е третото Главно лице. В AAA/TNA историята освен Jarrett и шефовете на La Sociedad & AAA други постоянни главни лица няма. Този месец акцентът е на един човек, а следващия месец на друг. В момента акцентът на Jarrett vs. Mesias. Преди това беше на Jarrett vs. Zorro, Jarrett vs. Wagner + Jarrett vs. Park.

Mesias беше в TNA за прекалено малко време, а и не беше в най-подходящата роля за кечист от неговия тип. Иначе за мен лично Mesias е all around един от най-добрите в света (под all around имам предвид харизма - визия & присъствие, образ, говорене на микрофона, умения на ринга - wrestling & working, т.н.; всички важни качества взети заедно). El Zorro e добър - даже на моменти и в някои неща много добър, но Mesias e по-добър от него във всяко едно отношение, а и през последните месеци Zorro не е на нивото, на което беше преди (заради контузии & лични проблеми). Wagner, обаче, е друга работа и бих казал, че като "цялостен пакет" с Mesias са си равностойни. LA Park също е в тяхната категория като "цялостен пакет". Hector Garza може да бъде на тяхното ниво и понякога е, но според зависи колко е мотивиран. el Hijo del Perro Aguayo също беше на това висшо, елитно all around ниво преди няколко години, и макар и още на моменти да е много добър, просто не е това, което беше. Oстаналите главни звезди в AAA (Cibernetico, Lа Parka, Electroshock, Vampiro) просто никога не са били на all around нивото на Mesias, Wagner & Park. Определено са добри и дори много добри в някои отношения, но като цяло не са толкова добри колкото Mesias, Wagner & Park. Според мен.

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