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AAA Heroes Inmortales - 9 октомври 2011


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AAA Heroes Inmortales

October 9th, 2011

Monterrey, Mexico

Attendance: 8000

1. Glow In The Dark Match: Velvet Sky, Jennifer Blake & Sexy Star beat Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache & Mary Apache. Jennfier wrapped some tape around her arm, but Sexy Star’s gear was the only glow in the dark material that showed up well. Sexy Star pinned Faby after chair shots to the back, and the rudas danced in the ring after the match.

2. Lumberjack Match: El Elegido, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata beat Alan Stone, Mini Histeria & Polvo de Estrellas. The usual strap match combined with usual Pimpi match. She submitted Alan Stone. After Elegido & Octagoncito left for no apparent reason, the exoticos attacked Pimpi and Cassandro made his return to AAA to make the save.

3. Tables, ladders & Chairs Match for the AAA World Tag Team Titles: Abyss & Chessman beat Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans © to win the Titles! Good match. Tiger did his guillotine legdrop off a ladder onto Chessman. Rudos rallied, Abyss chokeslammed Tiger through a table with tacks on it, and Chessman put Jack through another table before grabbing the belts. New Champs.

4. Copa de Antonio Pena: Electroshock beat Jeff Jarrett, Magnus, La Parka, Joe Lider, El Zorro, LA Park, Cibernético and Silver King. Heavy Metal did not appear. Royal Rumble rules. Parka and Park started, followed by Silver King, Electroshock, Cibernetico. La Parka eliminated himself and Cibernetico and those two fought to the back. Zorro came in, with his stick in play. Jeff Jarrett followed, and Silver King was thrown out. Joe Lider was in next, then Magnus. Park dropkicked Zorro out. Electro lowbridged Magnus to send him out. LA Park monkey fliped Lider off the apron to eliminate him. Jarrett and Park beat up on Electro forever, but when park went to pose on the middle rope, Park tossed him. Jarrett had a fit, then later tried to pull Park off the apron. Park fought him off, but a Masked Zorro ran in to attack, and Electroshock threw him out for the win.

5. Sting vs. El Mesías ended in a no contest. Short match. The story was, which was already explained on AAA TV, that Sting did not want the TNA guys interfering in the match. Jarrett led the TNA guys to ringside. Brutus offered Sting a chair, but Sting hit him instead. The TNA guys then all beat up Sting but eventually Sting and Mesias ran them off. No DQ for any of this, and Mesias and Sting shook hands and posed to end it.

6. Bull Terrier Match for the AAA Latin American Title: Dr. Wagner Jr. © beat el Hijo del Perro Aguayo to retain his Title. Octagon & Konnan Big were the seconds, with Silver King wandering out to join in too. Silver and Konnan got involved a lot. Octagon stood around and argued a bit. Expected brawl. Rudos dominated early, Wagner came back while taking off his chain so he could do his dive. Wagner got the chain back around and, after some near falls, hit all six corners for the win. After the match, Octagon came in the ring, and hit Wagner with a chair! La Parka ran down for the save, but he also turned on Wagner. Wagner was totally destroyed, and Konnan announced Parka & Octagon as new members of La Sociedad. They did look skinnier than usual, and they may be setting up a reveal that they’re fakes just like the Masked Zorro, but the implication here was they were the real Parka & Octagon.

7. Hair/Mask Steel Cage Match: Los Psycho Circus (Monster Clown, Murder Clown & Psycho Clown) beat Los Perros del Mal (Damián 666, Halloween & Nicho el Millionario). Advertised as a dome cage match, but took place in the usual six side cage. Mini Clown got in the match to start, and took a piledriver. He was up and fighting five minutes later. Order of escape was Mini Clown, Murder Clown, Halloween & Monster escaped somewhere in here, Bestia came in, Bestia left, Joe Lider came in (he’d been stretchered out of the Copa Pena match) to attack Nicho, Bestia came back in to help, Lider destroyed him, Psycho tried to leave, Perros stopped him, Bestia left again, Damian left with him, Lider set up Nicho on a table, Psycho jumped off the top of the cage with a spash, and both Lider and Psycho left for the win. All three Perros were shaved. Nicho was strechered out.

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