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IWA-Mid South King of the Deathmatch tournament 2011

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Четиринадесетото поредно издание на ежегодния турнир King of the Deathmatch, провеждан от федерацията IWA-Mid South (Independent Wrestling Association-Mid South) ще се състои на 16-ти (петък) и 17-ти (събота) този месец в Bellevue, IL. Вече са ясни имената на кечистите които

ще участват в него, както и мачовете от Round 1:


Matt Tremont

"Spider" Nate Webb

Simon Sezz

Drake Younger

Devon Moore


Little Mondo

Neil "Diamond" Cutter

Pinkie Sanchez


Juicy Jimmy Feltcher


Damian Payne

Chuey Martinez

Corporal Robinson

Markus Crane

Round 1

#Masada vs Tremont

Barbwire Boards, Tai Pai, Sandpaper Kickpads match

#Freakshow vs Chuey Martinez

Home Run Derby match

#Rory Mondo vs "Spider" Nate Webb

4 Corners of Pain with TLC 1 table in each corner match

#Corporal Robinson vs Dysfunction

Caribbean Spider Web Glass match

#Devon Moore vs Markus Crane

Hardcore Aerial Assault match

#Drake Younger vs Neil "Diamond" Cutter

Fans Bring The Weapons match

#Pinkie Sanchez vs Juicy Jimmy Feltcher

Fans bring the Thumbtacks and Thumbtack Weapons Challenge match

#Damian Payne vs Simon Sezz

Light Tube Ropes and 100 Light Tubes match

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Spider Nate Webb, Dysfunction, Corporal Robinson и Chuey Martines не взеха участие в турнира и бяха заменени съответно от Reed Bentley, Mason Cutter, Devin Cutter и Joey Grunge, което наложи промяна в мачовете от Round 1.


Non tournament matches:

Night 1: BJ Whitmer def. Bucky Collins to claim the vacated Light Heavyweight Title

Night 2: Neil Cutter, Devin Cutter, and Joey Grunge beat Reed Bentley, Juicy Jimmy Feltcher, and Damian Payne in a 6 Man(Losers From Night 1) Tag Match

BJ Whitmer def. Masada

IWA-Mid South King of the Deathmatch tournament 2011:

Round 1

#Pinkie Sanchez def. Juicy Jimmy Feltcher in a Fans bring the Thumbtacks and Thumbtack Weapons Challenge Match

#Freakshow def. Joey Grunge in a Home Run Derby Match

#Simon Sezz def. Damian Payne in a Pop My Cherry Death Match

#Mason Cutter def. Devin Cutter Caribbean Spider Web Glass Death Match

#Rory Mondo def. Reed Bentley in a TLC 4 Corners of Pain Match

#Devon Moore def. Markus Crane in a Hardcore Aerial Assault Match

#Matt Tremont def. Masada in a Barbwire Board, Tai Pai, Sandpaper Kickpads Match

#Drake Younger def. Neil Diamond Cutter in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match

Round 2

#Devon Moore def. Pinkie Sanchez in a 4 Corners of Hell Match

#Drake Younger def. Mason Cutter in a World Series of Glass Match

#Simon Sezz def. Rory Mondo in a "Death Becomes Us Match"

#Matt Tremont def. Freakshow in a Fans Brings The Weapons Match


#Drake Younger def. Devon Moore, Simon Sezz and Matt Tremont in a No Rope Barbed Wire, 250 Light Tubes, Tables and Ladder Match

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