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Resistance Pro е нова indy федерация в Чикаго. Федерацията e собственост на трима души и един от тях е Billy Corgan (от The Smashing Pumpkins), който освен това е и creative director. Raven e agent и също помага за booking-a.

Дебютното шоу е на 25 ноември. Обявени кечисти/ки:

Kevin Steen

Harry Smith (DH Smith в WWE)

Teddy Hart

Necro Butcher

Jay Bradley (Ryan Braddock в WWE)

Simply Luscious

За повече подробности относно федерацията и целите й => прочетете тази статия:


I recently did an interview with Gabriel Baron of RESISTANCE PRO. He is a partner with his with brother Jacques and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. I wanted to know how such a partnership could come into existence and what it means for the world of professional wrestling.

It starts with Dennis Rodman getting into the Hall of Fame.

AAW was promoting their second show at "115 Bourbon Street" a venue in Merrionette Park, IL and Dennis Rodman, along with Scott Hall, were going to be brought in to lend some name recognition to the event. A few weeks before the event, which was to take place on May 15th, Scott Hall had his much publicized health scare which pulled him from the show and Rodman was announced to be a part of the Hall of Fame. Rodman's Hall of Fame commitments took priority over the AAW event, and with both names out of the picture a replacement was needed.

Jacques and Gabriel Baron, who worked with AAW at the time, had met Billy Corgan, lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins, back in 2009 at a small benefit concert. They had hit it off talking about ECW and figured maybe this hardcore wrestling fan would be cool with making an appearance. He was more than happy to oblige.

The day after the show they heard from Corgan, who had such a great time that he now wanted to be involved in a larger capacity. The Baron Bothers approached their partners at AAW with the proposition of bringing the Smashing Pumpkins front man to be apart of the organization. They declined. "They have an awesome product and they have a specific set of fans they cater to which is cool. There's definitely a need for that in Chicago," Gabriel explained. "They just had no desire to work with him at all, which is fine....it's just different creative ideas."

But the Barons didn't want to pass up an opportunity such as this. They decided to break off their relationship with the company and go their own way. "Billy's got a vision and he knows we do too. We share the same vision," Gabriel said. It was their common vision about what wrestling could be that spurred them to form their own company.

The Resistance was formed.

The wrestling fan landscape is filled with cynics. They'd tell you they're realists, and often times they'd be right. How many times have companies promised to "change the face of wrestling as we know it," and fail to come through? It's become cliche for wrestling organizations to promise a big bang and give their fans the same old same old.

In an interview with WGN-TV, Billy Corgan didn't make wild promises about rocking the wrestling world. He was reserved and had educated answers about the industry. He spoke of young wrestlers not being given the tools to succeed at larger stages and how his company will provide that. He made reference to Chris Nowitski and concussion research and how the culture of wrestling has changed. Not the usual "shock and awe" tactics promoters usually employ.

On August 13th, Billy Corgan made an appearance at Wizard World Chicago to make an official announcement on the future of Resistance Pro. He spoke about the wrestlers needing to be able to talk and how they'd feature stories and "not be just another high spot fest." His focus felt more about what Resistance Pro would want from their wrestlers and what the company could do for them. Gabriel Baron confirms this vision. "His words were, 'My dream is to have people sign while they're working for us.' I don't care If we've got a core roster of 20 people and 5 sign on the same day. We lose 5 people, that would be the greatest thing in the world because it means they got the notice and attention they deserved." He went on, "We're looking at ideally taking people who are under-exposed or criminally under-exposed and showcasing them in a new way that they haven't been used before. So that WWE, TNA or even Ring of Honor takes a look at them and says 'Wow we never thought about them this way."

One of those wrestlers is Harry Smith, who was recently released from the WWE. Gabriel Baron seems to be very excited about his future with the company. "He's got a ton of personality. A ton of it. And he's gotta let that shine. I know Billy and Raven are very excited about working on it with him to take him to the next level." At only 25 years old, there's plenty of time and potential for Smith to get to that next level that eluded him during his time in the WWE. "Harry's training in MMA now, and he's really expanding his repertoire. He's trying to find his true voice." Baron thinks the training in MMA will possibly tap into a different part of his personality that he didn't get to show in the WWE and that hopefully he'll be there again to show it.

Another name, one that has gotten a pretty intense reaction from the wrestling fans, is Teddy Hart. "He is a wild card in both his style and personality," Gabriel admits. "But talking to the guy now, he seems to have his demons behind him and he's intent on coming in and making a name for himself in this country. He's already done it in Mexico and Canada. He wants to do it in this country so he can write is own ticket."

But the company isn't just about the men, the company signed Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy graduate Simply Luscious. At the moment she's the only female on the roster, but her involvement won't be a novelty.. "Billy and I are both real big proponents of women's wrestling," Baron says. "You've got a great company like SHIMMER in Chicago. They show beautiful technical wrestling from these women who are amazing athletes. But at the same time it's missing some of the entertainment." He feels that Resistance Pro's focus on bringing out characters in their wrestlers will help make female athletes that compete at an independent level more accessible to mainstream audiences.

To help do this they hired Raven as an agent. Having competed in WWE, TNA, ECW, and WCW, Raven has been on the national stage and understands the importance of character to get one noticed. He was able to get noticed so much, that he held titles in all of those companies. Raven found his voice in Extreme Championship Wrestling, a company who's philosophy Resistance Pro seems to parallel but understand they cannot simply recreate or copy.

The first hurdle is their first show and building the brand from there.. Though there isn't a deal in place for any type of TV or PPV(internet or otherwise), the first show will be released on a DVD that will include vignettes and maybe even some backstage access to the show. "The way we're going to film it will be different than your typical indy show. We plan on shooting vignettes different than you've seen before."

The backstage content won't be anything that will shatter any illusions, but it is meant to help grow a personal connection between the company and the fans.. To help facilitate that relationship, they'll be releasing vignettes via social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. These will not only be about the promotion as a whole, but about the individual wrestlers. "With the first show we're going to get a lot of folks coming because they're Smashing Pumpkins fans. They may not know Jay Bradley or Simply Luscious and this will get them to be looking forward to seeing that person. We want them to develop more of an emotional connection to people."

The first show is on November 25th, at the Excalibur in Chicago. Gabriel hadn't been there before but he's very excited about the venue. "The room we're in, it's got four stories of balconies surrounding the ring - it almost looks like a prison."

After the first show, the goal is to try and run a show every month. As for performing outside of Chicago, Baron explains that their options are open. "Billy bounces back and forth between Chicago and L.A. so I know he's already talked to some venues out there about it, possibly for next year. We're definitely interested in doing Milwaukee. We think that would be a great market to tap into. Right now it's about establishing the brand name and seeing how much interest we have."

Many speculators have wondered what exactly Billy Corgan's role in the company is. Is he seriously apart of this company or are the Barons using the rock star as a special attraction to garner interest? Gabriel sets the record straight, "Billy is so extraordinarily hands on. He's very very committed to it. Billy is not a gimmick"

In one conversation, Billy told Gabriel that if he were on tour in England and Resistance had a show on a day off, he'd fly back on his own dime. "Billy being involved isn't a gimmick as far as just us saying, 'Oh we've got a rock star who's here, he's hanging out on stage!' He's more worried about being back stage and producing his vision as far as how wrestling should be, how these characters should be portrayed, and what the business should be in general. It's extraordinarily important to him."

And it's not all about the creative end. Corgan is looking at this as a business. "He's already got a five-year plan written out." Baron told me with a chuckle "Realistically he's one of the smartest business people I've ever met in my life. Everything is business. He still has fun with it and he enjoys it but he looks at it like running a business."

With Corgan's involvement, along with a shared vision that focuses on helping wrestlers make the most of themselves, it appears that there's a lot to be excited about as a fan and as a member of the industry. While it's too early to tell if Resistance Pro is the "real deal", the approach of its partners feels refreshing and level headed. They're clearly passionate about wrestling and about making a difference in the world of professional wrestling. I know I'll be at the Excalibur on November 25th to see if they can.

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Ъпдейтнат roster за дебютното шоу:

Teddy Hart

Harry Smith

Kevin Steen

Colt Cabana

The Briscoe Brothers

El Generico

The Sheik

Jay Bradley

Gran Akuma




Kyle O'Reilly

Tony Kozina

Danny Dominion

Arik Cannon

Rinaldo Piven

Joel Gertner

Cheerleader Melissa

Simply Luscious

Taylor Made

Sassy Stephie

Miss December


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Резултати от дебютното шоу:

Announcer Joel Gertner did a good job getting the crowd ready for the first match. It was announced that The Sheik, El Generico, Kevin Steen, and Harry Smith are all eligible for the title.

1. The Sheik beat El Generico. Lots of smack talk from Steen about who is going to have and walk away with the heavyweight title. The match was even throughout between the two until Steen dominated toward the end with some near falls. There was no room to move in this venue, but that didn't stop Generico from diving over the ropes onto Steen. In the end with Steen distracting him, Sheik put Generico in a choke and got the win.

2. Kyle O'Reilly and Tony Kozina defeated Frightmare and Matt Classic. Frightmare tried to tag his partner in but he wasn't paying attention. He was too busy flexing his muscles. Kozima and Kyle did an awesome job of working together working together, whereas Frightmare's partner never tagged in. Also, a shout out to Tim and Doug who guessed that the masked partner was Colt Cabana. Frightmare tapped out.

3. Jay Bradley defeated Icarus. Icarus was thrown to the mat right away. Bradley did a few hits across the chest and that's all she wrote. He threw Icarus upside down and pinned him.

4. The Briscoes defeated Teddy Hart and Gran Akuma. The Briscoes came out with their new hot (according to my husband) female manager. The most I can say for this match is big Briscoe boots were flying everywhere. They know how to entertain. Hart climbed the ropes to the second balcony. The Briscoes brought him down and they both landed hard. Teddy came in out of nowhere and brought some Hart family moves and knocked both brothers down. Finally, the Briscoes pinned Akuma for three. Hart puked on the mat at the end.

5. Melanie Cruz won a gauntlet match to become the first RPW Women's champion. Cheerleader Melissa, Sassy Stephanie, Taylor Made, Serenity, and Simply Luscious were also in the match. One by one, the girls got into the ring. The crowd seemed more into this women's match than I've seen at other shows. All the girls ganged up on a guy who dressed as a girl and claimed he deserved the women's title. The winner was Melanie Cruz, who looked like the bartender. She came out of nowhere and pinned Melissa.

6. The Canadian Destroyer (w/ Tony Kozina) beat Colt Cabana and Necro Butcher in a three-way. All three of them were fooling around and showing off in the ring at first. Highly amusing match, just as you would expect from anything involving Cabana. Butcher threw down the barrier sideways to throw Petey onto it and ended it up on it himself. Cabana almost won when Kyle O'Reilly came and pushed him over. Finally, Petey got the win, but he was upset with O'Reilly for interfering in the match.

7. Kevin Steen fought Harry Smith to a draw. Nice exchange of barbs back and forth. Steen seemed to control the barbs and moves for awhile. Steen performed a backbreaker more than once. They exchanged head butts, then Harry suplexed Steen off the top rope.

Harry then repeatedly punched him to a ten count in the face. Harry put him in the sharpshooter and Steen was going to tap, but the time limit was reached and the bell rang. The owners gave them five more minutes. Harry had him in a Sharpshooter again and Steen didn't tap. It was a draw to be continued at the next event. Steen said he fulfilled his contract so he isn't wrestling again. Sheik came down and started beating on Harry, but they all just left the ring.

The show took place at the Excalibur nightclub. As a result, the show was only for 21+. I know this disappointed a lot of people leading up to it, but I can see why the company picked this place, as it was a very unique setup.

The impression I got was that they wanted all the matches to have an underground fight feeling. There were very few seats in use, so it was 90% standing room only. The club had four tiers of areas to watch the show, so we're all standing, looking down onto the ring. All the music was brand new, created by SSTARIA just for the company. I loved the general theme of all the songs, which was "you're entering a fight", although for the most part, they were interchangeable among the wrestlers, and in the cases of some people, like the comedic Colt Cabana, it didn't seem to fit. And finally, they wanted it to be gritty, so smoke was constantly being pumped in. But overall, an interesting, unique setting.

After an opening video, the ring announcer introduced one of the commentators, Joel Gertner. He did his usual thing, being disgusting and hilarious all at once. They then brought out the four men in the mini tournament to crown the first World Champion: The Shiek (w/ Rinaldo Piven), El Generico, Kevin Steen, and Harry Smith. Piven, Steen, and Smith gave their comments on why they or their men will win the tournament. This lead to the first match:

1. The Shiek defeated El Generico. This was a decent match, which picked up as it went along. Although the ending left a lot to be desired, as the Shiek used a spike for the win.

2. Team Ambition: Kyle O'Reilly and Tony Kozina (w/ The Canadian Destroyer) defeated Hallowicked and Matt Classic. Classic was a last minute replacement for Frightmare, who's out injured. The Destroyer, as you could guess, is Petey Williams in a mask. This was essentially a handicap match, as Classic spent the whole time doing his usual pre-match stretching, constantly walking away from the corner when Hallowicked was ready for a tag. Solid action from all three who wrestled, but the injury really screwed things over for this match. Hallowicked eventually tapped out to a submission. Afterwards, Team Ambition said they wanted tougher competition.

3. "Lonesome" Jay Bradley defeated Icarus. Squash city, including a killer lariat for the win. Bradley then talked about how he was gone for a year, and got a new nickname (it used to be "Ass Kicker"), and made some comments about women and drinking.

Before the next match, some of the VIPs were introduced. Shane Douglas, who was helping out the show in unspecified aspects, Tara, a last minute addition, longtime Chicago broadcaster Chet Coppick (who I believe arrived in a Macho Man cape), and finally, NBC 5 Sportscaster, and yes, former Raw General Manager, Mike Adamle, who was booed out of the building.

D'arcy Dixon, a fitness model, came out as the new manager for the Briscoes. She gave a little speech, and the crowd didn't care. But, they went crazy when the Briscoes came out. Jay made some rather lewd comments about Dixon too. Gran Akuma then came out, followed a full minute later by Teddy Hart.

4. The Brisco Brothers defeated Gran Akuma and Teddy Hart. As far as pure action, this was the match of the night. Lots of brawling inside the ring, and in the small area outside. Several huge high spots as well, including superplexes and moonsaults from the second level. Briscoes with the Doomsday Device for the win. Teddy seemed to really be favoring his knee, and puked up something in the ring as the match ended.

5. Melanie Cruise won a "gauntlet" match to become the first Women's Champion. This was a weird match. First the rules, and I'm not sure if I have them down properly. Anyone can enter the ring at anytime. Elimination occurs via pinfall, or being thrown over the top rope. A gong would be hit when someone was entering. Initial participants include Cheerleader Melissa, Miss December, Sassy Stephie, Serenity, Simply Luscious, Taylor Made, and a guy wearing a cheerleader outfit. No idea who it was, nor do I care. Melissa was the first one in, and this match was pretty much all about her. The guy eliminated most of the women, although Melissa would kill him with a lariat, and eventually eliminate him. It appears that Melissa would win, pinning Serenity, until Melanie entered in her street clothes. One spinebuster later, she wins the match and the title. She says everyone is the drizzling s*its, and says while Melissa is the Future Legend, she's THE Legend.

6. The Canadian Destroyer defeated Colt Cabana and the Necro Butcher. This was to determine the "King of the Nightlife", for whatever that's worth. This had a lot of comedy in it, thanks to Colt. A lot of it consisted of Colt calling the Destroyer Petey, with phrases such as "Come on, we know it's you Petey" and "*cough*PETE!" Moving past the comedy, good action from all involved. Necro Butcher was powerbombed on a guardrail, and following interference from Team Ambition, the Destroyer won with his namesake finisher. Petey wasn't happy with his team getting involved, and turned on him, although Cabana then took out Petey.

7. Kevin Steen vs. Harry Smith ended in a time-limit draw. Another solid match, although Steen spent a lot of time yelling at various people, including Tara. Smith locks on the sharpshooter, but the match ends as a time limit draw. They're given five more minutes, and the same thing happens again, with Steen surviving the sharpshooter. They were going to then restart the match with no timelimit, but Steen refused, saying he's injured, and that Corgan said this promotion is all about safety. Therefore, the Championship match at the next show will be a three way: Kevin Steen vs. Harry Smith vs. The Shiek.

The Shiek and Piven come out, saying Shiek should be awarded the title right now, and Shiek and Steen start beating up Smith, until he fights them off.

The afterparty began immediately in the room next door. Everyone was signing for free, although they did have merchandise available for purchase. A CD of all the show's music was being handed out, and SSTARIA was there to autograph it. Posters of the show were being sold, including some autographed by the entire roster for $50. Raven, who's officially the promotion's agent, was also out signing.

Billy Corgan was not at the show, as the Smashing Pumpkins is currently on tour, but he later noted on Twitter that he watched the whole show via Skype.

Overall, I liked the atmosphere, and the general theme of the evening, but I felt many of the matches could have been done better. I get that Billy wants to tell stories, and some of these are only the first chapter, but some of these actions had me scratching my head. It's a decent start, and I'm looking forward to what they have in the future.

Resistance Pro returns to Excalibur on Friday, January 13 with "RISE."

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Второто шоу на федерацията:

Resistance Pro: Rise

January 13th, 2012

Chicago, IL

No Disqualification, No Countout, No Time Limit Match to crown the first Resistance Pro Heavyweight Champion with the winner being crowned by Billy Corgan

Kevin Steen vs. Harry Smith vs. The Almighty Sheik

El Generico vs. PAC

Davey Richards vs. Colt Cabana

Resistance Pro Women's Title Match

Melanie Cruise © vs. Serenity

Tag Team Tournament Match

Da Soul Touchaz vs. Gringo Loco & Heros

Tag Team Tournament Mаtch

The Daivari Brothers (Shawn & Arya Daivari) vs. "Mr. 450" Hammet & Robert "The Ego" Anthony

#1 Contenders Match

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sassy Stephie

Jay Bradley vs. Steven Walters

Plus free aftershow meet and greet with Billy Corgan, Raven, PAC, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Harry Smith and more!

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На петък 13-ти 2012 година в Excalibur, Chicago,Harry Smith е станал първият ESISTANCE Pro Heavyweight Champion,след като е победил Kevin Steen и The Almighty Sheik.След като творческият директор BILLY CORGAN го е представил с титлата,феновете са започнали да се снимат с новия шампион,след което нa ринга се е появил бившият ECW и TNA World Champion - Rhino. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o14ZRPUrulE&context=C3a131fcADOEgsToPDskKbuTY1OGKpi2R5hCmBFi2Z

[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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Резултати + репортаж + снимки:

Resistance Pro: Rise

January 13th, 2012

Chicago, IL

1. Resistance Pro Women's Title Match: Melanie Cruise © beat Serenity to retain her Title

2. Tag Team Tournament Match: The Daivari Brothers (Shawn & Arya Daivari) beat Robert Anthony & Mr. 450

3. 4-Way Match: El Generico beat PAC, The Canadian Destroyer & Matt Cross

4. Jay Bradley beat Steven Walters

5. Colt Cabana beat Davey Richards via knock out

6. Tag Team Tournament Match: Da Soul Touchas beat Gringo Loco & Hero

7. Winner Becomes the N1 Contender for the Women's Title: Cheerleader Melissa beat Sassy Stephie

8. Resistance Pro Heavyweight Title Match: Harry Smith beat Kevin Steen and The Sheik to become the first ever Resistance Pro Heavyweight champion!

Friday the 13th was bad luck for weather but good luck for wrestling fans as it marked the second show of Resistance Pro Wrestling at the Excalibur. For the unfamiliar, Resistance Pro Wrestling is a new federation based out of Chicago that was co-founded by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins who serves as the creative director. They’ve been lining up some great talent of some familiar faces and a lot of fresh up and coming workers and aim to offer up a nice alternative to the big two federations. Focusing heavily on actual matches and having the show in a night alone makes them stand out in a good way and this federation really has the ability to grow into something special.

Chet Coppock was the ring announcer for the evening and he was the first one out to announce the first match which was ladies champion Melanie Cruise versus the young and spunky Serenity. Melanie came out with a two-woman entourage that consisted of one girl carrying a dog (who was amazingly well-mannered and very cute) and another girl who carried a riding crop and had a sort of dominatrix-light thing going on. Serenity was a ball of energy from the moment she stepped into the ring. She unsuccessfully tried to get momentum off the ropes to clothesline and/or tackle Melanie Cruise but Melanie was easily 50% larger than she was and just shrugged the attempts off. There was a little back and forth but Cruise mostly dominated the match and it didn’t take long for her to wear down Serenity enough to hit her with her finisher and get the pin. After the match the still stunned Serenity was mounted by the Riding Crop girl who planted a kiss on her and then covered her for a pinfall of her own and counted to three. As the champion and her to cohorts left the ring, Serenity came to her senses and looked disgusted by being in the receiving end of the kiss and kept wiping her mouth off and had a look on her face like she ate something nasty. The match was fairly quick and was pretty solid which got the show off to a good start.

The Davari Brothers (the older one wrestling fans may remember from his time in the WWE) took on Mr. 450 and Robert Anthony in the first round of the tag team title tournament. Anthony and 450 were clearly the heels in this match and Robert Anthony was good in his role spouting attitude and making amusing threats to everyone who was listening as he threatened to “kick them in the penis”. The Davaris came out dancing and parading around while wearing sunglasses and were full of energy. When the match got started there was a lot of back and forth action between the two teams for a while and 450/Anthony had the upper hand for a while before the Davaris rallied for a comeback. The match was pretty fast-paced for the most part and had a lot of great ring-work by all four participants. It was a satisfying match from start to finish which really showed how talented the four guys were. The Davari Brothers took the hard-fought win to advance in the tournament. Hopefully it won’t be the last we see of Mr. 450 and Robert Anthony though as they were a really solid team.

Masked wrestler, El Generico (who at the Black Friday show lost a match to The Almighty Shiek) took on PAC. These guys were equally paired and in the first part of their match the traded holds and counters that showcased their technical abilities. There was a lot of handshaking after spots and eventually PAC started getting a bit frustrated at not being able to best El Generico. They started picking up the pace and doing bigger moves, all of which got strong reactions from the crowd when all of a sudden The Canadian Destroy (Petey Williams who gets angry anytime someone calls him Petey) came out and demanded that he be included in the match. Generico and PAC agreed and Williams quickly hopped out of the ring and hung around on the floor deciding to let the other two wear each other out. That didn’t stop him from tripping El Generico anytime he turned his back and got too close to the ropes. Eventually Williams decided to be a more active participant in the match and there was a lot of teamwork between PAC and El Generico to wear down Williams. A few minutes later Matt Cross came to the ring and demanded to be included in the match. It looked like he was going to side with the other two guys against Williams but then suddenly turned on them, aiding Petey. For awhile it almost worked like a tornado tag match as it was two-on-two but eventually it splintered into every man for himself. The action and pacing of this match was top-notch and the only thing keeping it from earning a perfect rating was they could have been tighter and taken less time conveying the story of adding the additional two guys into the match. Had they picked up the pace and gotten to the point quicker, it wouldn’t have broken up the action as much and the fans would have been popping non-stop for the 25 minutes these guys were out there. It was one of the best matches on the card and El Generico especially shined during this match, taking a much deserved victory at the hands (er, shoulders) of Petey Williams. This is the kind of match that gets people out of their homes to a wrestling show and these guys deserved the big applause they received.

Lonesome Jay Bradley took on Steven Walters in the shortest match of the evening. Walters tried unsuccessfully to take Bradley off his feet and got kicked, thrown and taunted for his troubles. Bradley asked the referee to tell Walters to start trying harder and when Walters looked like he actually might get something going to knock down Bradley, he got folded in half by a huge clothesline which earned Jay the quick win. Walters was still folded in half when Bradley got up and left the ring and when he came too, he asked the post-match interviewer if it’s time for his match as if either he had split personality or he was knocked out so hard that he forgot he even had a match.

Fan favorite, Colt Cabana, squared off against Davey Richards in a more traditional match with old-school pacing. Colt kept Richards at bay with a lot of mat work to wear him down and it seemed that whenever Richards would fight back, Colt would get him into another hold and take control. Richards tossed Cabana out of the ring where Tony Kozina started choking out colt with a towel and stomping on him. After tossing him back into the ring, Richards got the upper hand until Colt started a comeback. A lot of back and forth action followed that really did a great job building excitement including a top rope spot and Colt administering the flying ass. When the dust cleared Colt squeezed out a very hard-fought victory. Angry at his defeat, Richards and Kozina delivered a post-match beating on Colt to make themselves feel better about losing. Great ringwork by both wrestlers in this match made it another highlight of the evening and Colt was as amusing as ever in the beginning stages of the match. This was a great example of how you put together a meaningful wrestling match as opposed to an exhibition of high-spots. When the two busted out some bigger moves, they meant something and were exciting.

Next up was another tag team qualifying match that featured The Soul Touchaz taking on El Gringo Loco and Heros. The match seemed to get off on the wrong foot from the start and the two teams never geled enough to put on a very good display. El Gringo Loco was on the receiving end of a beating at the hands of both Touchaz for most of the match and there was a lot of blown spots. Highlights of the match included Loco diving off the turnbuckle to tackle everyone else on the floor (and nearly knocking his own head off in the process on the ring apron) and the extremely large Toucha jumping off the top rope onto the poor Gringo Loco laying on the mat. The Soul Touchaz won by pinfall after the big top rope move by the behemoth. When the match was over the Touchaz inflicted a bit more punishment on their opponents before everyone left the ring. Sadly the match was mostly a train wreck that you can probably just chalk to up everyone involved having an off night and miscommunications.

In a match to determine the number one contender for the Women’s title, Cheerleader Melissa took on Sassy Stephie. The two ladies traded holds, flipped each other around by the hair and bent each other up like pretzels for a few minutes showing that both of them have more actual in-ring skills that most of the diva roster of the WWE. When it looked like Melissa was going to win, Melanie Cruise’s assistant came to ringside and threw makeup powder into Melissa’s face that blinded her. This gave Stephie the opening to nail her finisher on Melissa and take the win. Melanie Cruise came out and congratulated Stephie on her win which she of course orchestrated as she viewed Cheerleader Melissa as a bigger threat to her title than Stephie. Good pacing in this match and it won back the crowd after the match that preceded it.

In the main event of the evening, The Almighty Shiek, Kevin Steen, and Harry Smith (son of wrestling legend The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith) fought in a three-way, no time limit and no DQ match for the Resistance Pro World Title. Steen once again played a great role of comedic heel and simultaneously made fun of The Shiek while enlisting him to team up with him to take down Smith. The two beat up on Harry for quite a while until each started wanting to be the one to get the pin so Steen and Shiek started fighting each other. Shiek took off one of his loaded boots to try to use it to get the win but Steen got ahold of it and used it on the Shiek to knock him out of the match. This gave Harry enough time to get his wits about him and pull off a comeback that featured a big sit-down powerbomb before putting the Sharpshooter on Steen who submitted which made Harry Smith the first Resistance Pro World Heavyweight Champion.

Billy Corgan came into the ring to congratulate Smith and present him with the belt. As the two were celebrating, Rhino (you may remember him from ECW, WWE, or TNA) came into the ring saying he bought his ticket for a photo of him with the champion and Billy (this was a legit ticket that was available to the fans) and he wanted his picture taken. He was also carrying a small duffel bag. He posed for some pictures with Billy and Harry and then he turned to them and demanded a title shot. He went on about how he was a world champion and had a belt of his own (which he never actually took out of the bag) and that he is the one that is a real champion, setting up a feud for the title between Rhino and Smith (which would be one hell of a good matchup!).

When the dust settled the show was over and there was a meet and greet in the adjoining room where all the talent came down to shake hands with the fans and sign autographs. The overall show was a nice step up in quality over the first show and this federation looks like it is will pick up momentum and keep growing with their future shows (which will be happening once a month now). Wrestling fans in the Chicago area would be wise to come check out their future shows as it many cases it’s a better wrestling show than they are going to see on television currently.

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Следващото шоу:

Resistance Pro

"Vicious Circle"

February 17th, 2012

Chicago, IL

Resistance Pro Heavyweight Championship Match

Harry Smith © vs. Rhino

Teddy Hart vs. "M-Dogg" Matt Cross vs. Mr. 450

The Almighty Sheik vs. Steven Walters

Tag Team Tournament 1st Round Match

The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. The Kentucky Buffet ("Original Recipe" Matt Cage & "Extra Crispy" Alex Steele)

Resistance Pro Women's Championship Match

Melanie Cruise© vs. Sassy Stephie

"The Ego" Robert Anthony vs. John Skyler

Tag Team Tournament 1st Round Match

Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic vs. Dany Only & Eddie Graves

Open Challenge

"Lonesome" Jay Bradley vs. ???

Also on the show:

D'arcy Dixon

Rinaldo Piven

Nikki St. John


and more!

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^ Репортаж от шоуто:

Resistance Pro: Vicious Circle

February 17th, 2012

Chicago, IL

1. Matt Cross beat Mr. 450 and Ricochet. There was an added stipulation in this match that whoever wins gets to take the last slot in the tag tournament and pick their own partner. This would be extra beneficial to Mr. 450 who competed in it last time around and came up short. In that match 450 really made an impression on the fans with then partner Robert Anthony, and despite being in the ring with one former Tough Enough star and one of the best fliers in the world, he still managed to stand out and impress. This was a really good sprint, with 450 starting out as the lone heel until Matt Cross double crossed Ricochet gaining the ire of the fans in attendance. Matt played it up too, which added a fun twist in the story half way through the match. Finish came when Matt Cross capitalized on a Ricochet mistake and hit the Shooting Star Press for the win. After the match Matt Cross asked the fans who they wanted him to pick for his partner. Everyone chanted "Chet" for ring announcer and CHICAGO SPORTSCASTING LEGEND Chet Coppock, who is now surpassing Bryce Remsburg for biggest fan reactions for non-wrestlers. Cross picked... MR. 450! I love this. I think Mr. 450 may be the person who has really made the most of their opportunity. I can see him getting a lot more work after these shows.

2. Steven Walters beat The Sheik (w/ Rinaldo Piven) via disqualification. The Sheik came out and his manager Rinaldo Piven ran down the fans and said that their was some racial prejudice going on and that the Sheik deserved to be in the title match tonight, not Rhino. They were then going to have The Sheik kiss the flag to show how much he loves America, but Walters came out to interrupt this horrific scene. Then they wrestled some uninteresting wrestling untill... At some point Walters got his bell rung and turned into Hacksaw Jim Duggan. No joke. He fell out of the ring came up with a 2x4 and started yelling "HO!." When he got in the ring he kind of, I don't know, zonked out, and did the ol' Marx Bros. Mirror routine with Piven before The Sheik blindsided him. It was...strange. Sheik locked on the camel clutch but Walters made it to the ropes. Sheik wouldn't break the hold and got DQ'd. Then it got nasty. Sheik didn't want to stop beating on poor Walters so he too the guardrail I was leaning on and powerbombed Walters on to it. It was painful looking.

D'arcy Dixon came out and said she'd gotten a new trainer named Eric St. Vaughn to work with her Darcy Dynasty, which will rule the Resistance Pro roster. They then started to do some body builder poses until Robert Anthony came out. He kicked them out of the ring because he had a match. The crowd loved him for this. I dig D'arcy's act though. She's pretty confident on the mic, gets straight to the point, and can be a little entertaining. Hope this "Dynasty" that she's putting together is good group.

3. Robert Anthony beat John Skyler. Now both of these guys, I guess are heels. And they both have some of the worst looking gear in wrestling. But none of that matters, because Robert Anthony was killing it all match. He kept pretending like he would got for a big move and then deliver a headlock instead. Then we all just started chanting for headlocks. Robert Anthony got the headlock over as a move to look forward to in 2012. The highlight would have to be Anthony's top rope hurricanrana which he does by running across the ring and leaping onto the guy's shoulders from the mat. It's pretty impressive and he should make more of a show of it. It happens so quick that I think some people don't realize how fucking awesome it was that he can do that. Match was kind of a dud, saved by Anthony's antics. Keep this guy.

4. Tag Team Tournament Match: Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic beat Danny Only and Eddie Graves to advance in the tournament. Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic started a new act and it's...a little different. Dunkerton and Epic are essentially prisoners. They're lead to the ring in shackles by a security guard and a Warden, unbind them and allow them to wrestle. Read that again and think about it. I'm not sure what I think and I don't think the crowd did either. Are they good? Are they bad? Why are they prisoners? So many questions. The match itself kind of suffered from it. It's such an over the top kind of thing that I think the crowd needed more to go on before they could get behind it. It wasn't a bad match by any means, Graves and Only are scuzzy guys and easy to hate. They're not incredible or anything but they don't have to be. Dunkerton worked hard and got the crowd firmly on his team's side, which one convincingly, and really his performance is what made the gimmick work after the match. So they're celebrating and then the security guard comes in with the cuffs and the look on Sugar's face tells the audience the whole story and it's almost like you could hear it clicking into place for people (myself included). The Warden is using them to get the tag titles for his personal trophy case. They do the work he gets the glory. The only time they're free is in the ring but when that bell rings it's back in the chains. All it took was that look of total disappointment from Dunkerton at the end to make something kind of ridiculous...work. I don't know if this kind of gimmick has long legs, but I'm intrigued to see where it can possibly go from here, which is good enough for me.

5. Resistance Pro Women's Title Match: Melanie Cruise © (w/ her entourage) beat Sassy Stephie to retain her Title. If you remember Stephie beat Cheerleader Melissa to get in this match after Cruise intereferred in the match. Cruise played up a knee injury, saying she didn't want to wrestle but the ref made her anyway. This was... not so great. There was some sloppy work and the crowd didn't seem to really care one way or the other. There was some interesting moments, like when Serenity dove into the ring after sneaking in from the balcony to take stop some of Cruise's entourage from interfering, but for the most part it was kind of forgettable. Cruise won with Burning Hammer kind of move. I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping for the story with her and Mellisa to be furthered a little, but nothin'.

6. "Lonesome" Jay Bradley beat a couple of jobbers. Jay Bradley came out and issued an open challenge. The first guy out was Chris. Chris was like a little Samoa Joe, but Latino and less scary looking. Basically if the Manny from Modern Family became a wrestler. This never even really started, as Bradley pretty much blasted him with a Lariat for the win right off the bat. After the match Jay berated the crowd and Billy Corgan for not giving him anything to do. He said he wanted another match. Out came this thick white guy in a poncho and sombrero. Chris said it was his uncle but I think he wasn't in the right mind to speak. I wish I knew this guy's name because he gave Bradley a pretty good match. Easily the best performance for Bradley since this company started. It was just two dudes brawling around and being stiff as hell. It's totally worth looking for. Bradley's opponent kind of had this low-rent Hijo Del Vader thing going on that I LOVED. Lots of intensity between two heavyweights beating the snot out of each other. One of the better matches of the night that ended with Jay squeaking out the victory with a surprise Lariat.

7. Tag Team Tournament Match: The Rock n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) beat ("Original Recipe" Matt Cage and "Extra Crispy" Alex Steele) to advance in the tournament. THE MOTHER F'N ROCK N' ROLL EXPRESS, MAN! This match was awesome. The crowd was nuts the whole time and the guys in the ring deserved it. Ricky Morton can still bump and work a crowd, brother. It never slowed down, they did some really fun spots and the Kentucky guys were perfect foils for the older and wiser RnRs. I screamed like a mad man the whole match. I can't even believe they WON. Which means they're coming back for another match in the tournament. This one is worth looking for if you want to see a couple of legends who aren't embarrassing themselves when they step in the ring. Really fun.

8. Resistance Pro Heavyweight Title Match: Harry Smith © beat Rhino to retain his Title. Harry Smith is like the John Cena of R-Pro, except I think he's actually really good. But no matter what he does he can only get a certain section of fans to cheer him while the dudes cheer for whoever he's up against. They did it for Steen and they definitely did it for Rhino. This match was really good and didn't disappoint. Rhino looked to be in great shape and they cut a pretty decent pace for two bulkier heavyweights. It's been a while since I've seen Rhino wrestle but he can still go and honestly should still be on national TV. He was beaming with this bizarre intense charisma the whole match and a lot of the crowd was eating it up. There was no stopping him. The finish was pretty nifty with Harry reversing a pin attempt into a Triangle Choke for the tap. It caught some folks off guard, and felt a little abrupt for my tastes. I think some of that feeling may come from the crowd not really feeling it for Harry's comes backs in general. After the match, Rhino said that it was supposed to be 2 out of 3 falls and challenged Harry to keep going. Harry wasn't feeling it. Then Rhino challenged him with something near and dear to him, something he said meant more to him than life itself. His ECW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE. Billy Corgan came down and made the match for next month Title vs. Title.

Overall show: Easily the best show so far. Only a couple of matches were clunkers but there was a lot more quality than on past shows. R-Pro has a good mix of heavyweight guys and juniors, comedy and serious. And with this show it seemed like it was hitting on nearly every cylinder. The tag tourney is really a highlight right now. We're getting a large variety of people that all seem like fun candidates to win and the matches are usually the best ones on the show. I wish they'd create a bracket or something for people to follow and get excited about, because right now it seems kind of made up on the fly, which hurts the stakes in a big way. The title feud is really fun. Rhino is killing his promos and I feel like their first match delivered and I have high hopes for the second. Harry is a legit good wrestler. Great technique. Great pacing. Solid selling. I don't know what he has to do to get the crowd over to his side. Face the Sheik 1 on 1, I guess. No one wants to cheer that guy. There's still some weirdness, but it's more apart of the midcard stuff than the main attractions, so it's easier to live with. The good news is that I think after three shows it's pretty clear what wrestlers they should keep around and which ones should be phased out. If you're going to check out Resistance Pro, so far this would be the show I recommend you watch. This is the show where you can really see the potential for something awesome.

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Федерацията подписа местна тв сделка в Чикаго. Следващото им шоу/първите им тв записи:


Resistance Pro

"A Small Deadly Space"

May 15th, 2012

Chicago, IL

Steel Cage Match for the Resistance Pro Heavyweight Title

Special Guest Referee: Raven

Harry Smith © vs. Rhino

"First Come, Last Served" Match

Melanie Cruise vs. Shelly Martinez vs. "The Matrix" Taylor Made vs. Sassy Stephie vs. Serenity vs. Nikki St. John

Resistance Pro Tag Team Title Tournament Second Round Match

P-Dawg Millionairz (Shawn & Arya Daivari) vs. Da Soul Touchaz

The Almighty Sheik & Steven Walters (w/ Rinaldo Piven) vs. John Skyler & ???

"The Ego" Robert Anthony vs. Mr. 450

Also on the show:

"The Man They Call" Vader

"Lonesome" Jay Bradley (n1 contender for the Resistance Pro Heavyweight Title)

Christopher Nowinski (Resistance Pro Commissioner of Wrestler Safety)

Jocephus Brody

Chris Hall

Darcy Dixon

and more!

^ Edge щеше да участва в шоуто, но поради друг ангажимент в крайна сметка няма да участва.

Rhino promo


Jay Bradley promo


Robert Anthony promo


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Подробен репортаж от шоуто/тв записите:

Resistance Pro

"A Small Deadly Space" (television tapings)

May 15th, 2012

Chicago, IL

First things first, it's a new venue and it's AWESOME. Nice space, good seating and no bad sight lines. While the Excalibur looks cool, in practice it's not the best place for wrestling fans. And I think based on the way this show turned out, the folks at Resistance Pro might want to think about booking this place again in the future. Crowd was hot all night.

Secondly, this show was taped for WCIU and will air on June 10th. That's five days before the next live Resistance Pro show which will be back at the Excalibur. By the way, when they announced we'd be going back to the Excalibur the crowd booed.

1. Thunderkitty beat Aida Marie. Aida Marie had Vickie Guerrero's annoying voice down pat, and so it was really easy to hate on her. Thunderkitty.... oh man, Thunderkitty was awesome. She looks like an old time women's wrestler from the 50's, and even better, she can wrestle like it. It's kind of the perfect package, really and I think a lot of people dug it. The match was so so, but the crowd was having fun with it, and I popped huge when Thunderkitty won with a SLEEPER HOLD. So hells yeah, sign me up for the Thunderkitty fanclub.

2. Chris Hall vs. Dacobra ended in a no contest when Rhino interefered. Dacobra is a Muay Thai master and has snake skin pants and some snake eyes. He also moves like a...um... snake. Rumor has it he's cold blooded and full of venomous fury. So it was extra impressive when Chris Hall started manhandling him. Some big time power moves from Chris Hall like the ol' press power slam which got a nice reaction from the crowd. But fear not, future Dacobra fans, he survived the onslaught and slithered his way into a comeback using his snappy kicks and slick acrobatics. Too bad for him and Chris Hall that Rhino showed up and Gore'd them all to hell. Hopefully we get a rematch in the future, both guys worked pretty well together. Lou E. Dangerously came with Rhino and said they were going to win later in the cage, and thus concludes the Dark Match portion of our show.

Jay Bradley hits the ring looking pretty nice in a suit. He says he's got a problem with the Baron Brothers and Billy Corgan - the three owners of the company. He's fine with Rhino and Harry beating the snot out of each other tonight, but he wants to know why he's not booked on such a big show. "You don't send your blue chipper to the bench," he says. The Barons agree and tell him it's time.... IT'S VADER TIME! So it'll be Jay Bradley vs. Vader later on the show.

3. "First Come, Last Served" Match for the Resistance Pro Women's Title: Melanie Cruise © beat Shelly Martinez, Taylor Made, Sassy Stephie, Serenity and Nikki St. John to retain her Title. So the rules are a little different. It's elimination but the first woman to eliminate some one gets to sit out the match until there's only one other woman left. It's a neat little benefit to get that first pin. Surprisingly, Nikki St. John, one of Melanie Cruise's entourage got the pin, defeating Sassy Stephie, so she got to chill out. Serenity was then eliminated by the other Cruise entourage member Taylor Made. The deck was stacked against Shelly Martinez and she only managed to eliminate Taylor before getting put down by the champ. This was all kind of uninteresting and may have only taken a little longer than it took me to write this paragraph. So this left Nikki and Melanie. Melanie told her to lay down and Nikki refused and Melanie doesn't like being refused so she slapped her a good one. These two worked really well together and showed more of Melanie's strengths than the matches she's had in the past. I had no idea Nikki was any good, but she really came out tonight and I think folks really took to her. She survived some big moves from Melanie, but just couldn't get it done. Melanie retained and left with Taylor Made. Crowd politely clapped for Nikki as she made her way to the back. Looking forward to a possible Nikki's Revenge Storyline.

4. Jocephus Brody beat Ace Hawkins. I'll be honest, I kind of wasn't looking forward to a Bruiser Brody tribute act, but Jocephus was a lot of fun. He squashed poor little Ace Hawkins dead, and the crowd loved him for it. Just a typical squash match. Fun stuff.

5. Resistance Pro Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Arya Daivari beat Da Soul Touchaz. So apparently Shawn Daivai couldn't make it, so this was a handicap match. I was disappointed with that, as I had really high hopes for this tag. Thankfully, they still managed to put on a fun show. Acid Jaz and Marshe Rocket won the rock, paper, scissors game, forcing Willie "Da Bomb" Richardson to cheerlead with C-Red and Dyamond. First half of the match was a lot of underhanded tactics from the dastardly Soul Touchaz, with everyone getting involved. Arya Daivari did a GREAT job selling and getting sympathy from the crowd. C-Red, was also great trying to get reactions from the crowd. He yelled at one kid to stop cheering behind me and the kid was ELATED that a wrestler called him out. C-Red is the best when it comes to that kind of stuff. Arya made a big comeback, dodging some big dives from Marshe and Jaz, and even avoided a splash from a desperate Willie Richardson, before catching Jaz with a superkick for the fluke win. Crowd went nuts for it. Everyone involved made some fans for their great performances (Acid Jaz in particular was an awesome cocky heel) and this was so much better than the disaster the Touchaz had at the last R-Pro show they wrestled.

Chris Nowinski came out and was introduced as the new head of Athletic Safety. He said that Billy Corgan is doing things the right way, to make sure the wrestlers are taken care of. He also said there would be a line the wrestlers could not cross, which included chair shots to the head. Out came D'Arcy Dixon and her stud, Eric St. Vaughn. She said she's been having head problems and wanted to get his expert opinion on it. Apparently it stems from a loose headboard. Then Rinaldo Piven came out and told Nowinski that the Sheik didn't give a crap about his rules and he and Nowinski left. D'arcy was still wanting an answer to her head aches, when Mr. Ego Robert Anthony came out. He said that they always seem to be in his ring when he wants to come out. He then told them to leave before he kicked them both in the penis. Before he could do so, D'arcy said her newest client to the D'arcy Dynasty was Anthony's opponent, Mr. 450.

6. Robert Anthony beat Mr. 450. Both guys, every time out, have really tried to stand out and make the most of their time. This match was no different. These two tore it down. They worked quick early on, with some fun counters and some deep ass armdrags. Very fluid and very crisp. Lots of cool stuff, and I can see people calling this the match of the card. Mr. 450 hit the only big dive of the night, jumping through the ropes and taking out Anthony and maybe some folks in the front row. I want to point this out again: It was the only outside dive of the night. This made it feel so much more important than if every dude on the card was throwing suicide planchas. Just an observation. Finish was screwy (in a good way for once) as 450 hit his namesake and D'Arcy got on the apron cheering, yelling "ONE MORE TIME!" This of course distracted the ref from the pin and allowed Anthony to catch his breath before nailing 450 with his finisher for the win. Great match. Afterwards, 450 left with D'Arcy and St. Vaughn, a little confused and a little frustrated. I kind of like where this is going, if it's actually going anywhere.

7. Vader beat Jay Bradley. This match rocked. It was very different than anything else on the card. Vader looked even better than some of the recent Zero-1 footage I've seen of him. He was hammering Bradley something fierce and ended up cutting Jay's eye. Jay tweeted a picture, which can be seen here: http://t.co/Hn0DkWy4. What I loved most of this match was the psychology of it. Vader dismantled Jay Bradley, first with strikes and then with arm holds. He picked apart Bradley's lariat arm, and the crowd got into it. The section I was in was chanting "BREAK HIS ARM!" I was really happy the crowd was as hot for this, which was a little slower paced and methodical as they were for the more spotty Anthony/450 match. Eventually Bradley made a comeback and shocked the room when he hoisted Vader up for a bodyslam. Place went for bananas for this. Bradley sold it perfectly, holding his back and looking exhausted (I imagine he really was, that's a lot of man.) He then went for his lariat, but it didn't take the big Vader off his feet. Turns out Vader's plan worked and the arm wasn't going to be effective enough to help Jay out. Vader then got back in control and hit a nasty Vader Bomb for the win. A very surprising result. Bradley was undefeated in the company AND the #1 contender and then Vader kicked his ass. There's no shame in that. He kicks everyone's ass. Maybe my favorite match of the card. Loved it.

8. The Almighty Sheik & Steven Walters (w/ Rinaldo Piven) beat John Skyler & Cedric Alexander. This match had a tough spot as it came after two huge matches, but I think everyone involved did incredibly well. It was well paced and never dragged, and even though the crowd was a little drained from Vader, they managed to keep everyone in it. Skyler was a solid face in peril, and Walters and Sheik work incredibly well for a team. Lots of quick tags. Nowinski was at ringside for this, and let his presence be known when things started to get out of hand. Sheik took a steel chair and tossed it in the ring. He picked it up to use on poor John Skyler, but before he could crush the guy's skull, Chris Nowinski, and I'm not making this up, BLEW A WHISTLE. Sheik turned around with the best "Wut in da hale?" look of the night allowing Skyler to roll out for the hot tag. While Cedric Alexander cleaned house, Nowinski and Piven got into it on the outside, and Nowinski decked him with a punch. It's crazy, but Nowinski kind of looks like a bad ass when he turns it on. Crowd loved it. I actually can't remember what happened, but during all the shenanigans, the bad guys cheated and won. I'm a bad reviewer. It was still a really good match, maybe the best tag match they've had yet, and it's not even apart of the tourney! I really hope they use Skyler and Alexander more. They're a fun babyface team that do a great job at making their opponents look good. I'm a little weary of making a storyline out of wrestler safety, but it's too early for me to say if it's bad or good. I can say that Nowinski did a really great job on the mic, and I'd like to see more of him. My favorite line of the night, may have been his when he said, "Some of you may remember me as the guy who should have won Tough Enough."

9. Steel Cage Match for the Resistance Pro Heavyweight Title, with Raven as a special guest referee: Harry Smith © beat Rhino (w/ Lou E. Dangerously) to retain his Title. Jeremy Borash from TNA came out to announce the main event. He put over the show and said he was scouting for talent. Apparently he made a phone call and got Jay Bradley a tryout at Impact in 2 weeks. Interesting. Crowd was a little more split than in the past. Lots of "Detroit Sucks" chants. I don't think this was as good as their last match, but it was still really fun. These two just work really really well together. Rhino just brings out a very competitive side to Harry Smith that I most folks don't see from him. Both guys look very comfortable kicking each other's ass and it translates to the fans. When they hook up, it actually feels like a fight. Weird Rhino Spot Of The Night: Rhino yells "WOAH!", stopping Harry from punching him. Rhino then locked on a very loving hug. After an awkward beat, Rhino then started to caress Harry, obviously crossing Smith's line of acceptable contact. My one complaint was the cage didn't feel like as big a deal as I had hoped it would be. they smashed each other into it a couple of times and that was about it. It kind of felt like their other matches, but with a steel cage window dressing. And the finish, made the cage even more useless. Rhino hit the gore, Raven counted a near fall that looked.... a little suspicious. Everyone thought it was a three, and it actually looked like Raven stopped before Harry lifted his shoulder. Then Lou E. Dangerously, just waltzed into the cage. A guy next to me said, "Well what the hell is it there for if anyone can just get in?" Dangerously, carrying the ECW title told Rhino that he had his back. Raven came over to confer with them and it looked like poor Harry was about to get screwed. Then Raven grabbed the title and knocked Rhino out. Harry made the cover and Raven counted to three to end the match.

Lou E. took the ECW title and strapped it around Raven's waist while Harry was awarded his Resistance Pro title. Raven then took the mic, and in a long rambling promo, told the crowd about why he and Harry are now buddies and why Raven would screw Rhino. For one, he says everyone thinks Harry is a good little boy, but it's all an act. He just does it because his mother asked him to. He's really kind of sadistic, a trait he got from his grandfather, Stu. And as for Rhino, Raven said it was BS that Rhino even had the belt, because everyone knows Raven is the most famous of all the ECW champions. So now he was taking the belt back. He finished it off by saying he was now Harry's new manager, and they did the Raven arm pose to end the show. The execution of the turn wasn't great, but I think it was the right thing to do. Harry doesn't get very warm reactions, and I think making him a heel champion is something the crowds can get behind. It also allows for someone to chase him, which is part of the fun of wrestling - good guys chasing bad guys for titles. And based on how he works in the ring, I think this meaner Harry Smith will work out great. My one big problem was that Raven did a lot of the talking, and it felt like a lot of the stuff he was saying about Harry, should have been said by Harry. It felt like he was pitching this idea for a new Harry Smith character to the audience. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fitting character idea, but I'd rather have it shown to me, than told to me.

My only real complaint was Raven's promo and the use of the cage, and those are only slight misses. More like glancing blows, really. Other than that, this show was a resounding success. Some great wrestling from lots of talented people. Everyone busted their ass, and for the first time none of the booking hampered anyone. When the promotion first started Gabriel Baron (one of the owners) said in an interview that he wanted the company to feel like ECW where you could see anything. Not just one style of wrestling, but a melting pot of different wrestlers busting their ass and putting on a good show. I think they finally captured that feeling tonight. It has nothing to do with Raven or Lou E. Dangerously or the ECW title. It has to do with a strong variety of wrestlers, new and old, performing as hard as they can and having FUN. Rhino/Harry Smith, Mr. 450/Robert Anthony and Vader/Jay Bradley were three good but very different matches wrestled by 6 very different people. What they all had in common was that they wrestled smart and left it all out there. I'm not saying this is as good as ECW or that it should even be compared to ECW. What I'm saying is that for the first time since they've started, they've actually done what they set out to do in the first place and that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

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The debut episode of RESISTANCE Pro's television show, originally broadcast on WCIU's U-TOO in Chicago on Sunday June 10th, 2012. This episode introduces newcomers to R-Pro and the major forces currently dominating it's live shows including current Heavyweight Champion HARRY SMITH, Women's Champion MELANIE CRUISE, and number one contender "Lonesome" JAY BRADLEY. Also in this episode: VADER, RHINO, RAVEN and The Smashing Pumpkins' BILLY CORGAN.


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Scott Daniels

Шоутата на Resistance Pro oт 17.02.2012 - "Vicious.Circle" и 23.03.2012 - "Obsession" вече са качени в XWT.Ето и линковете:

1.Resistance.Pro.2012.02.17.Vicious.Circle - http://xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/details.php?id=95979 .

2.Resistance.Pro.2012.03.23.Obsession - http://xtremewrestlingtorrents.net/details.php?id=95999 .

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