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Dana White: "Super Boss"

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Как г-н White е уредил няколко фена за UFC 133. Наистина доста му пука за феновете на UFC!

UFC president Dana White has tried his best to establish a fan-friendly environment during his decade-long tenure as the Octagon’s head honcho. On Saturday night at UFC 133, White took his generosity to a whole new level by showing several disgruntled fans much love in The City of Brotherly Love.

Considering the first five preliminary bouts on the card went to the judges’ scorecards, White had plenty of time on his hands to peruse his Twitter account for messages. One fan who was already inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania notified White that the UFC’s lighting equipment was severely obstructing their view:

Fan: ayoo @danawhite!! Look whats in our way. Can you help us out please?

[ obviously an image of some lighting equipment that fecking doesn't exist anymore ]

DW: holy [expletive]!!! What seats are you in?

Fan: @danawhite yo row 8 section 220 seats 13-16…id appreciate it!!

DW: on it!!!!

Fan: @danawhite damn bro this is absolutely crazy!!!!! I cant thank you enough man..Def made it worth the drive from long island lmao! they moved us to better seats where it wasnt too close or too far that we had to look up at the monitor. #insane. guys a #boss.

However, White’s ticket-wielding ways didn’t stop there. Another couple had their passes stolen prior to entry and sent out a desperate plea for help:

Fan: @danawhite some [expletive] just stole my wife and i’s tickets.I don’t want to call the cops coz we got them from a tout.This was our 1st event! What a bad day….. Last time I go into Philly!

DW: where are you?

Fan: @danawhite we went home about half an hour away. My wife is pretty upset.

DW: if you want to come back I will take care of u

Fan: @danawhite are you serious? Where should we go? It’s my wife and I?

DW: call me right now at [*** *** ****]

Fan: @danawhite sorted my wife and I amazing tickets after ours were stolen! Thanks Dana! we got amazing floor seats in section 1. Close to brad Pickett. @danawhite hooked us up big time! More than we ever expected!

@danawhite is the man. He turned a very bad day into an amazing night for us!

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