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IWA Summer Attitude - 30 юли 2011


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International Wrestling Association (IWA): Summer Attitude

July 30th, 2011

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

IWA World Title Match

"El Dueño del Mundo y el Espacio" Tua © vs. Chris Angel

Tornado Match for the IWA World Tag Team Titles

La Zona 101 ("The Illegal One" Chicano & Abbad) © vs. Los Dueños de la Malicia ("The Gold Mine" D-Niss & Noel)

Savio Vega makes his return to speak about IWA invading WWC Aniversario!

Will any WWC wrestlers accept Savio's challenge and show up at Summer Attitude?!

The war between the Cartel and the Malice continues: Chain Match

Escobar vs. "The Face of Fear" Spectro

Tables, Ladder & Chairs Match for the IWA Caribbean Title

"The Lost Soul" Xavant © vs. "The Intellectual" Phillip

IWA Television Title Match

"The Hollywood Star" Lash © vs. Enigma

Riddix vs. Jacobs

Zaion vs. Psycho

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= Основателят на IWA Victor Quiñones беше сложен в Залата на славата, но "The Precious One" Gilbert от WWC се появи по време на церемонията, обиди паметта му и строши снимката на покойния Quiñones. В края на този сегмент Shane, Carlitos, Blitz, Mr. Big, Niche, Lynx и други WWC кечисти нападнаха Savio Vega и го пребиха. IWA кечистите спасиха Savio. Savio предизвика WWC и WWC приеха предизвикателството за бой между двете главни пуерторикански федерации.

= Нов Световен шампион на IWA - Chris Angel. Angel спечели с помощ от президента на IWA Miguel Perez.

= Los Dueños de la Malicia победиха La Zona 101 за отборните титли.

= Xavant победи Phillip.

= Spectro победи Esssssssscobar.

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