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WWC Aniversario - 15 & 17 юли 2011


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38-годишнина на WWC и по традиция главното шоу за годината в Пуерто Рико. Тази година Aniversario ще бъде 2 шоута:

July 15th - Ponce, Puerto Rico

July 16th - Bayamon, Puerto Rico


World Wrestling Council (WWC): Aniversario

July 15th, 2011

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Main Event

"The Sensational" Carlitos & El Invader #1 vs. "The Precious One" Gilbert & Chicky Starr

The Colons (Carlito & Primo) vs. "The Buffalo" Bison Smith & "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino

Mr. Big vs. "The Monster" Abyss

WWC World Tag Team Title Match

The Street Fugitives (Lynx & El Niche) © vs. Chavo Guerrero & Orlando "The Nightmare" Colon

Black Rose vs. Sarita

The War Continues

Mad Man Manson vs. "The Destruction Machine" Black Pain

Tag Team War

"The Phenomenon" BJ & "Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell vs. "The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo & "The Rebel" Noriega

WWC Junior Heavyweight Title vs. Mask Match

"Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo © vs. Rikochet

World Wrestling Council (WWC): Aniversario

July 16th, 2011

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

The Fight That Puerto Rico Wants To See - Invader Comes Out of Retirement To Fight Gilbert!

Special Guest Referee: Chicky Starr

El Invader #1 vs. "The Precious One" Gilbert

WWC Universal Title Match

Carlito Caribbean Cool © vs. "The Monster" Abyss

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico

Primo vs. Chavo Guerrero

Triple Threat Match for the WWC Caribbean Title

"The Sensational" Carlitos © vs. vs. Orlando "The Nightmare" Colon vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino

Battle of the TNA Champions

Mickie James vs. Sarita

Hair vs. Hair Match

"Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell vs. "The Rebel" Noriega

Grudge Match

"The Phenomenon" BJ vs. "The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo

Street Fight

"The Destruction Machine" Black Pain vs. Mr. Big

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Гледах две шоута на WWC и мога да кажа,че останах много доволен от видяното.Надявам се да качват още шоута на WWC ,както и турнирите.Като гледам Card-овете,този турнир ще е страхотен.

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[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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World Wrestling Council (WWC): Aniversario

July 15th, 2011

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Attendance: less than 1000

1. WWC Junior Heavyweight Title vs. Mask Match: Rikochet def. Tommy Diablo © to win the Title!

2. AJ Castillo & Cuervo def. The Joel Brothers (Chris & Steve Joel) (w/ Debbie Ross).

3. Mad Man Manson def. Mr. X.

4. Sarita def. Black Rose after hitting her with a chair.

5. Joe Bravo & Noriega def. BJ & Shane Sewell - Noriega had scissors with him and after the match he tried to cut Shane's hair off but BJ stopped him. Then Shane took the scissors and almost cut Noriega's hair off but Bravo pulled Noriega out of the ring. Afterwards all four guys spoke on the mic to build up the Shane/Noriega and Bravo/BJ matches on the next Aniversario show.

6. WWC World Tag Team Title Match: The Street Fugitives (Lynx & El Niche) © def. Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Colon to retain their Titles. Lynx pinned Chavo. After the match the long-time IWA referee Pelayito Vazquez and The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lighting) hit the ring to beat up the WWC Tag champions and the WWC referee. A bunch of WWC babyfaces ran out for the save. Thunder & Lightning challenged the Fugitives to a Tag Team Title match at the next show. They also said they're not not alone... Then Savio Vega's music played and the crowd exploded! IWA is invading WWC!!!

7. Tag Team War: Carlitos & El Invader #1 def. Gilbert & Chicky Starr after Gilbert accidentally hit Starr with a chair.

8. Black Pain (w/ Jose Chaparro) def. Mr. Big (w/ Mr. Magoo).

9. Main Event: The Colons (Carlito & Primo) def. Abyss & Bison Smith (w/ Jose Chaparro) - Primo busted Chaparro open.

Участията на Corino бяха отменени и затова бяха направени няколко промени в card-овете.

Освен това следващото шоу беше преместено с един ден и съответно участието на Mickie James също беше отменено.

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Немислимото стана... След над 10 години война между двете компании, след над 10 години кражби на кечисти, след над 10 години съдебни дела, след над 10 години омраза... IWA и WWC ще работят заедно! Всичко започна по-миналата седмица в тв шоуто на WWC, но вчера нещата станаха официални: IWA invaded WWC!! Казано накратко: това е пуерториканският еквивалент на WCW vs. WWF инвазията, с тази разлика, че двете компании са собственост на различни хора, а не само на един човек, който може да си прави каквото си поиска с историята. :)

World Wrestling Council (WWC): Aniversario

July 17th, 2011

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Attendance: 7000

The WWC announcers, including TNA's Willie Urbina, kicked off the show.

1. Scramble Match for a Title shot: Mad Man Manson won it. At one point in the match El Cuervo climbed on top of the lighting structure and jumped. HUGE spot! Good opener.

2. Black Rose def. Sarita (w/ Jose Chaparro). Just like on Friday, Sarita wore a mask. The weakest match of the night. Afterwards Sarita argued with Chaparro.

3. Street Fight: Mr. Big def. Black Pain. OK match. Lots of weapons were used.

4. Grudge Match: Joe Bravo def. BJ after a low blow. Decent match.

5. Hair vs. Hair Match: Shane Sewell def. Noriega. Short but good.

6. WWC Universal Title Match: Carlito Caribbean Cool © def. Abyss (w/ Jose Chaparro) to retain his Title. Finish was Carlito powerbombing Abyss into thumbtacks and pinning him. The match started slow but the ending stretch was pretty good. Carlito backstabbed Chaparro after the match.

Hercules Ayala tribute.

7. The Fight That Puerto Rico Wants To See, Special Guest Referee - Chicky Starr: El Invader #1 vs. Gilbert ended in a No Contest. Lots of emotion and storytelling in this match. Invader's daughter and son both got involved trying to help their father. After receiving multiple chairshots - just like he had done to Invaders a couple of months ago - Gilbert started bleeding. Towards the end of the match Invader accidentally punched Starr.

8. WWC Caribbean Title Match: Chavo Guerrero def. Carlitos © and Orlando Colon to win the Title! Great match. After the match Chavo offered a handshake to Carlitos but then hit him with the 3 Amigos instead.

9. WWC World Tag Team Title Match: The Street Fugitives (Lynx & El Niche) © vs. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lighting) ended in a double pinfall. The match had two referees - a WWC one and an IWA one. Best match of the night. After the match the two teams continued fighting. The two refs fought as well. Then Savio Vega's music hit and Uncle Savio came out to a HUGE pop and with a bunch of IWA wrestlers. They hit the ring and attacked the WWC Tag Team champions. Among the invaders were D-Niss, Noel, Spectro, Tua, Chicano and others. Savio then took a microphone and welcome everybody to IWA's anniversary. The WWC locker room emptied out and ran off the IWA guys. Savio continued his promo from the entrance way. He took shots at Shane Sewell, Blitz, Carlitos, Mr. Big, Lynx & Niche for leaving IWA and insulted Carlito Caribbean Cool. Savio finished off the promo by inviting WWC to come to IWA's next big event - Summer Attitude on July 30th.

Лудият скок на Cuervo:


IWA invasion:


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