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Далновидни IWC дискусии от медната епоха.


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alt.pro-wrestling.wwf (топици за WWF, първият бидейки от юни '98)

alt.pro-wrestling.wcw (топици за WCW, първият бидейки от май '98)

Изобилие на постове-трепачи като:

Watching wrestling used to be pretty fun...It was good

competition, flashy and the wrestlers were colorful....now, they are just a

bunch of lame, foul mouthed, bird flippin, sex crazed bozos

But hey, look at all the ratings...(yea, right). I sure do miss the 1980's WWF!!

Tell ya what I`m getting tired of....I`m an advid Stone Cold fan I liked the

way he spoke his mind saying I`ll whip your ass for the first time on TV

...But the stuff between him and vince is getting old...Its like I told my

wife monday night with that presentaion I told her for once I`d like Stone

cold to be civil and nutin be said to him or bout him ..But I guess when you

got a makrket such as vince run with it !!!!!

>HHH and the New Age Outlaws, Kane

>and maybe The Rock are great wrestlers...

Except for The Rock, who has the potential to be a superstar, all the

wrestlers you named are nowhere near great. The whole DX thing just


> Austin would be a midcard wrestler if he was in a

>company with the kind of superstars that the WCW/nWo have!

Here's a little preview... RIW will have his ass kicked on Monday!!! Don't

get me wrong, I like the WWF, I think Vinny Mac is doing good with the

number of superstars he have! I prefer a little bit WCW/nWo lately because

it has more superstars and because HBK is not there right now... I also

think that the pro WWF fans are going way too much crazy with the past

5-6-7-8 ratings victories of RIW, don't forget that Nitro won it something

like 90 weeks in a row!!! Don't also forget that Nitro is a 3 hours show(it

really should switch back to 2 hours) and that it's then more difficult for

them to keep their audience! WCW/nWo has also Thunder on Thursdays for what

they have to keep some good stuff!

I think austin sucks. all he knows what to do is swear. He cant wrestle as

good as



The rock

Val Venis



and most of the other super stars. The only person he wrestles better than


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