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UWF First Blood PPV - юни 2011


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Urban Wrestling Federation (UWF) е нова кеч федерация, която съчетава кеч и хип-хоп. Федерацията ще направи дебюта си юни месец с PPV, наречено "First Blood". Реклама за PPV-то:

В шоуто ще участват:

Homicide - Former ROH champion and TNA star and a proven indy draw in the NYC area. His inclusion brings immediate credibility among wrestling fans from a "street" perspective.

Sonjay Dutt - Former TNA X-Division star.

Eddie Kingston - Yonkers, New York-based old school brawler who has worked regularly for CHIKARA as well as JAPW, CZW and other Northeast independent promotions.

Ricky Ortiz - Former XFL football player turned WWE/ECW talent, who's been working Florida and Puerto Rico since his WWE departure. He's also Scott Hall's protege.

Ruckus - Longtime member of CZW and nucleus of the BLK OUT group in that promotion, Ruckus has some really unique aerial moves. Very talented but has never been given a chance on a huge national platform. This will be his chance at that level.

"Skullcrusher" Rasche Brown - Former ROH talent based in the Mid-West, who's popped up in NWA Hollywood in recent months.

Scorpio Sky - PWG and Wrestling Society X talent that popped up on Tosh.0 last year on Comedy Central.

Ricky Reyes - Internationally traveled veteran from the West Coast who's had stints in Japan and Mexico, as well as ROH.

Slyck Wagner Brown - For a long time, Brown has been a talent that upon first glance should have been locked up just based on his look alone nationally, but for whatever reason it has yet to happen. A longtime staple in the New England area, he's got a lot of experience under his belt and has been all over. This will be his biggest chance in some time.

Sabian - Longtime regular in CZW.

Julius Smokes - Manager of Homicide and the Vulture Squad in ROH, but also a decent wrestler, something no one has tapped into yet.

Willie Mack - Very entertaining PWG and NWA Hollywood regular.

Will and Joel Maximo - Joel is heavier of the SAT Tag Team that first broke out in the early part of the decade. With Jose Maximo having left the business, Will Maximo, their younger brother, has slipped into his place and while still developing, has looked very good early on. This version of the Maximos had one of their best matches of their career just a few weeks ago at the CHIKARA King of Trios.

Steve Mack - aka Monsta Mack, formerly one half of tag teams The Heavy Hitters and Da Hit Squad. Pure brute force with a hell of a clothesline.

Facade - PA based talent who's worked a LOT of smaller independent promotions, most notably the IWC in Pittsburgh, where he held the Tag Team belts with Johnny Gargano of DGUSA fame.

Bestia 666 - Second generation lucha star. Bestia is the son of Damien 666.

The Grim Reefer - Longtime independent veteran from the New York City area who's worked all over the Metropolitan area in the last 6-8 years.

Brian XL - Early ROH standout who's now one of the trainers at the House of Glory wrestling school in Brooklyn, NY. Recently had an excellent match with Amazing Red for ICW in Queens, NY in what was his highest profile match in many years.

Murder One - Longtime star in the Georgia independent scene. Similar to Ruckus, this will be his biggest platform from a national standpoint to date.

Big Business - A 7'0 tall talent from CT, who wrestles usually as The Pharaoh.

Buck Chyld - Maryland Championship Wrestling talent who of late has been training at the Team 3D Academy in Florida.

Lowlife Louie Ramos - Jersey All Pro Wrestling and New York City independent regular for many years doing deathmatch style bouts. This will easily be the biggest platform in his entire career.

BC Killer - California based talent who's done lots of bloody bouts in the past.

Dameon Slugga - Early ROH talent (Special K's huge bodyguard) and trainer at the Doghouse wrestling school in New York City.

Eddie Carnage - California based talent who's worked with XPW and other groups, including lots of death matches.

Lance Lude - Southern based talent who's appeared on ROH on HDNet.

Famous B - California based talent, including appearances on NWA Hollywood.

The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz - EC Negro and KC Blade, who have worked for a number of Northeastern independent promotions and are a pretty entertaining duo.

The Ghetto Mafia - Dope and Qenaan Creed, a regular tag team in Maryland's MCW.

Larry Legend, who is awesome in his role, will be the ring announcer while Jimmy Dylan and D Edwards have been booked as referees.

The UWF announcing team will be Shawn Credle, who works for MCW in Maryland and Robby Mireno, who has done work in CZW and RCW in Baltimore.

Rappers Melle Mel, Red Café, Big Block, Uncle Murda, Brisco, Billy Blue, Gorilla Zoe, Gun Play and Cuban Link are also locked in for the first PPV taping.


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PPV-то ще бъде записaно на 3-ти юни в the Hammerstein Ballroom в New York City.

П.С. Обновен е списъкът с участниците.

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която съчетава кеч и хип-хоп
Toва честно казано не мога да си го представя ,но имаше една сравнително успешна файтинг игра Def Jam Vendetta със абсолютно същата идея ,почти съм сигурен че поне някой от тези пичове я е играл. Edited by HEIDENREICH


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UWF First Blood PPV taping live report

Larry Legend began making introductory announcements as Facade and Beastia 666 brawled out of the entranceway and onto the floor. Facade got the better of their brawl as they entered the ring. A referee rang the bell.

UWF Title Tournament: Facade vs. Beastia 666

Facade hit a springboard into a Lucha armdrag but was backdropped over the top. He skinned the cat and returned to the ring, only to be nailed with a clotheslines. Facade nailed one of his own and then hit an Asai Moonsault for a two count.

Facade chopped away at Beastia. He whipped Beastia into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down. Beastia nailed a twisting rana. He avoided a legsweep and hit a leaping kick then a sunset flip legdrop for a two count.

They battled to the outside where Beastia sent Facade into the railing with a rana, then picked up and dropped him across the railings, which broke apart. Beastia set up a table at ringside. Facade nailed him and drilled Beastia with a chair. He slammed Beastia into the table and tossed him intothe ring.

Facade leapt to the top rope and nailed a double springboard into a missile Van Daminator. Beastia kicked up at two. Facade hit a springboard into a bulldog. He nailed a springboard split legged asai moonsault for a two count

Facade went to the top rope and walked the ropes, trying to nail a move. Beastia grabbed him from underneath for a powerbomb but they fell into the ring with something of a rana. Facade went back for the move again but this time, Beastia caught him from underneath and nailed a sitdown piledriver through a table.

Your winner, Beastia 666!

Note: He was only billed as Beastia on the mic.

Match was decent, especially in front of a crowd who didn't know either talent. When the spots hit, it looked good. When it didn't hit as smoothly, you could see they were off the beaten track and trying to get back to what was planned.

Billy Blue and his crew came out. He told the crowd that usually you celebrate a winner but all he sees is someone who owes him his money. He demanded to know where his money was and told Beastia that his crew was going to reward him. Steve Mack, Black Jeez, Buck Chyld worked him over. They tossed him back into the ring. Mack was going to press Beastia out of the ring but Blue told them not to kill him. He asked Beastia if he understands how he does business now. Jeez kept working Beastia over but Blue told him to stop. Mack carried the beaten Beastia out of the ring.

Lowlife Louie Ramos came out and got a nice chant. He said that he guesses everyone knows who he is. He said that Urban Wrestling has brought the streets to the motherf**ng ring. Music began to play and Ramos was attacked from behind with a chair by Murder One.

Ramos was bludgeoned and laid out. Murder One took the mic and said that he was told that NYC had the hardest core motherf***ing crew in the world. He said that he drew first blood and if Uncle Murda thinks he has a hard crew, he's lost his mind.

Out came Block's crew, Rasche Brown, Grim Reefer, and Ruckus. He mocked Ramos.

Out came the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Uncle Murda. Murda said that he was going to get it popping and show everyone what a NYC beating was like.

Out came the Ghetto Mafia with Brisco. He said that he didn't care about any of them. All around, he was f***ing all the Atlanta and NYC b**ches.

Ghetto Mafia vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz vs. Grimm Reefer & Ruckus

All six brawled around and inside the ring. KC Blade hit a nice powerslam on one of the Mafia, Reefer and Blade chopped back and forth. Reefer missed a clothesline but nailed a secind one. Negro nailed a nice cobra clutch slam. One of the Mafia ducked a charge and Negro took a bump to the foor.

One of the Mafia hit a nice pescado to the floor on everyone as they brawled. Reefer went to the top and hit a springboard flip into the chaos. Ruckus hit a backflip moonsault off the apron, followed by Reefer hitting a splash to the floor on a DRS member. He tossed Negro back intio the ring and worked him over with a series of rights.

Reefer hit a flying headscissors into a crippler crossface on Negro but Blade broke it up. DRS drilled Reefer with his finisher but The Mafia returned to the ring and broke up the pinfall. The fans began chanting "Let's go New York." Murda started chanting it on the mic

Mafia tried to work over Negro, who fired back against both. They nailed a variation of the old Demolition finisher on him. Ruckus and Reefer returned to the fray. Ruckus hit the Razzle Dazzle on a member of the Mafia. Reefer worked him over with chops. The Mafia made a comeback and worked over Reefer, nailing a double powerbomb into the corner.

DRS attacked and threw the Mafia out of the ring. They nailed a spike reverse tombstone on Reefer. Blade played to the crowd as Negro sold an arm injury, allowing the Mafia to score the pinfall.

Your winners, The Ghetto Mafia!

Uncle Murda called it bulls*** and led the crowd in a chant that it was, indeed bullsh**, as opposed to, I don't know, goosesh**. Reefer attacked Blade as he left and they brawled backstage.

Hard working, chaotic tag match.

UWF Title Tournament: Homicide vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston was accompanied by Melle Mel. Homicide came out with Uncle Murda.

Kingston attacked Homicide and threw him tio the floor. Homicide fought back and tossed him into the rail. He went for a tope con hilo but Kingston walked away. Homicide went to the apron and nailed a flip off to the floor on Kingston.

They chopped the hell out of each other oin the floor. Homicide tossed him back in the ring and nailed a running knee to the prone Kingston in the corner. He nailed a Facewash. Kingston was placed on the top rope but tried to scrape his way out. Homicide got the better of the exchange and tossed him into the ring. Homicide and Melle Mel started going at it, jawing with the other so Homicide ripped at Kingston's face, holding him in front of Mel.

Kingston made a comeback and nailed a gourd buster. He ripped at Homicide's face and stomped on his chest. Homicide tried to fight back but ate a thumb to the eye. Kingston chopped away at him in the corner. Homicide fought back and slammed him into the buckles. Homicide nailed a running clothesline but was caught and slammed into the mat.

Kingston locked on a waistlock, trying to wear Homicide down. Homicide began to fight his way to his feet and reversed Kingston into a pinning combination for a two count. Kingston slipped out and cinched in a side chinlock. He whipped Homicide into the corners. The second time Homicide grabbed his arm and went down. Kingston scissored Homicide's body with his legs, trying to force a submission. Homicide made it to the ropes and help Kingston's leg as he went to the floor, slamming his leg over the apron.

They battled on the floor. Homicide ran a section of the barricade into Kingston's chest and then threw it atop of him. They battled back to the ring. Kingston went for the rapid fire chops in the corner but they only fired Homicide up. Homicide nailed several leaping forearm smashes in the corner. He went for another but was caught with a Yakuza kick. This is good stuff!

Kingston avalanched him in the corner. He whipped Homicide to the opposite corner but was caught with a droptoehold when he charged. Homicide slammed him and nailed a flying headbutt off the top for a two count. Homicide nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for another two cout. He went for an Ace Crusher but was sent into the corner and nailed with a backdrop driver. Homicide kicked up at two.

Kingston caught Homicide with a lariat but again, Homicide kicked up. Kingston was getting frustrated. He made his way to the ropes but was caught by Homicide. Homicide nailed the Ace Crusher out of the corner and the Gringo Killer. He covered Kingston for the pin.

Your winner, Homicide!

Very good match and thus far, the best thing on the show. Really enjoyed this one.

Uncle Murda said that Homicide "was the one" and proclaimed Brooklyn's dominance.

They are having a lot of production delays due to a server in the building's production room. The promotion is filming and using the venue's facilities.

UWF Title Tournament: Ricky Reyes vs. Slyck Wagner Brown

Reyes was accompanied by Cuban Links. They talked trash back and forth and had a hot opeing sequence. Slyck missed a reverse elbow but caught him with a big kick. Theywent to the outside, where Slyck worked over Reyes and nailed a catapult under the guard rail. They were counting pinfalls on the outside so I guess falls count anywhere in the UWF.

Reyes fought back but was tossed into one of the railings, which collapsed. They battled back to the ring, where Slyck held a standing vertical suplex for a long time before dropping it. Wagner went for an Uranage but Reyes fought him off with several elbows. Wagner cut him off and went for a hangman's neckbreaker. Reyes turned it into a backslide for a two count.

Reyes nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner for another two count. Reyes drilled Wagner with several forearms. Wagner fired back with strikes of his own. Wagner nailed a sweet looking move where he picked up Reyes in a Fireman's Carry and then flipped him into a slam for a two count. Wagner continued the assault but Reyes kicked up. Wagner locked in a single leg crab and torqued the leg hard, trying to force a submission. Reyes fought his way to the ring and the referee forced a break. Wagner didn't like that.

Wagner went for the Uranage but Reyes fought his way out. They started slugging it out. Reyes nailed a DDT and a crossface. He finally forced a submission.

Your winner, Ricky Reyes!

They are having a lot of production delays due to a server in the building's production room. The promotion is filming and using the venue's facilities to transmit and store the different camera angles on the hard drive for later edit.

Willie Mack vs. Sabian vs. Famous B vs. Scorpio Sky

Lots of crazy sequences to start this off. Jeez was shoulderblocked down by Sabian. Mack nailed a crazy exploder on Sky. They are working at Mach speed here. Jeez nailed a leaping rana on B into the corner, then nailed running knee strikes. Jeez then nailed a missile dropkick for a two count. There were a lot of dives, culminating with a big running flip dive by Jeez.

Mack went for a drive but B attacked him. B hit a springboard dive to the floor. Mack nailed a dive to the floor. The crowd loved that. B hit a nice swanton for a two count. Mack whipped B into the railing. Jeez nailed a double stomp off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Jeez!

Match was all crazy spots. The middle rope began sagging during the bout, which messed up the timing towards the end but it was entertaining and the crowd was on its feet for this more than anything else on the show.

Rashe Brown came into the ring and grabbed the ring mic from Larry Legend. He said that there's a problem here in the UWF and that's the b**** Rich Ortiz. He said Ortiz had the balls to try and talk to one of his b****es when he wasn't around. He demanded Ortiz come and face him like a man before they get worse "than they are going to be."

Ortiz (Ricky Ortiz of WWE ECW) came out and called Brown the B***ch. He said that he doesn't care about Brown or his girl. Brown nailed him with a big forearm and they rang the bell.

UWF Tournament Bout: Rich Ortiz vs. Rasche Brown

They slugged it out in the center of the ring. Brown got the better of it in the end. He chopped Ortiz in the corner several times, working him over. Ortiz fired back. Ortiz has cut his hair short. Brown nailed a running boot in the corner and a big shoulderblock for a two count.

They slugged it out back and forth. Ortiz nailed a belly to back suplez, followed by a German suplex for a two count. Ortiz picked up Brown and rammed him into the corner. He worked him over with body shots and then went to the outside. Ortiz ascended to the top and tried to come off and drive Brown to the mat. Brown slugged him and went to the top for a superplex. Ortiz tried to fight him off with shots to the mid-section. Brown fought to regain the control of the situation and they slugged it out on the top. Ortiz tried to suplex Brown over the top to the floor but Brown reversed it into a superplex into the ring. The entire section behind them thought Brown was going to be tossed onto them and scattered. That was hilarious!

Both men were out and were nearly counted down but made their way to their knees and battled back and forth. They fought their way to their feet, never stopping the barrage of shots. This is a hell of a war.

They went back and forth until Brown nailed a nasty spear and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rasche Brown!

Real entertaining slugfest. Ortiz looked better here than he ever did in WWE.

Big Block came out and put over Brown. Brown put the boots to Ortiz hard.

After they all left, Billy Blue asked the crowd if they loved money. He demanded his entire crew come out to the ring right now. They all came out Blue said that Buck Chyld had beef with Steve Mack because Mack was hitting his girl. Blue was trying to incite an issue between them and told them they had to fight.

Steve Mack vs. Buck Chyld

Mack shoved him down but Chyld nailed a Thesz Press. They rolled around on the mat fighting. Chyld worked him over but Mack drilled him with a stiff clothesline. Mack choked him against the ropes. Mack controlled him but was drilled with a punch when he went for a suplex.

Mack caught him with a press and slammed Chyld down. Mack set up as Chyld pulled himself up in the corner, but missed a running splash. Mack nailed a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Mack went to the top rope but was cut off by Chylda, who suplexed him into the ring.

They recovered and battled back and forth with hard strikes . Chyld nailed several rebound elbows and a clotheslines to take Mack down. Chyld nailed a twisting moonsault press, taking down Mack for a two count. Mack came back with a nice half nelson suplex for a two count.

Mack went for an over the shoulder powerslam but Chyld slipped out and nailed the Acid Drop on Mack for the pin.

Your winner, Buck Chyld!

Billy Blue ripped on Mack, saying he had faith in him but can't have a weak link. He mocked Mack for talking trash on Chyld for being white. He told the rest of the crew the way it needed to be and Beastia began putting the boots to Mack. Chyld joined in. Jeez didn't want to do it. Blue called him on it so Jeez nailed Mack with a big right. They kept pulling him up and beating him back down. Jeez went to the top and nailed a double stomp onto Mack's gut. Jeez ripped off his shirt and choked Mack with it but you could tell facially he didn't want to do it.

40 Glocc's crew came to the ring - Lance Lude, Brian XL, Big Business.

The Maximos vs. Lance Lude & Brian XL

Will Maximi started with Lude. They went back and forth. Lude caught him with a Lucha style headscissors. XL and Joel tagged in and XL drilled him with a big rana. XL was caught with an enziguiri. He came back with a sliding kick to the outside but was caught and drilled by Joel. Lude nailed a dive. XL tossed Will out of the ring after cutting him off and nailed a moonsault.

It settled down into Will and XL battling back and forth in the ring. Joel tagged in but Lude nailed him with a flying knee. Will caught Lude with a tilotwhirl backbreaker for a two count. The Maximos worked over Lude and scored several two counts.

XL tried to interfere but was forced back by the referee. Will locked in a rear chinlock, then brought Lude into their corner. The Maximos tagged in and out, working over Lude. XL tagged in and hit a springboard splash on Joel. Lude hit an insane Spiral Tap-esque move to the floor on Will.

The Maximos worked over XL then caught Lude with the Washing Machine. XL was nailed with an elbow as he hit the corner. Joel tried to powerbomb Lude off the ropes but was caught with a rana. XL nailed a twisting DDT out of the other corner on Will for a two count.

Will went to the top but was cut off by Lude. Lude was nailed by Joel. The Maximos hit the Spanish Fly on Lude and scored the pin.

Your winners, The SAT!

Melle Mel and Big Business got into it and Mel clotheslined him out of the ring. The two crews brawled out of the ring and through the crowd. They all fought on the floor. Brian XL was lifted up to the first balcony to do a dive but Will Maximo attacked him up there. Maximo tried to suplex him out of the balcony but Maximo escaped. He tried to slam XL but XL nailed him, then hit a moonsault off the top to the floor. Maximo then hit a big dive out of the balcony to the chaos below. The crowd loved that.

Melle Mel began screaming that that was how they do it and it wasn't over.

UWF Championship Bout: Homicide vs. Ricky Reyes vs. Beastia 666 vs. Rasche Brown

All four battled around the ring to start it out. Rasche and Homicide brawled on the outside. Beastia and Reyes did some nice Lucha inside. Beastia went for a dive but Homicide tripped him and worked him over. Beastia caught him with a powerslam for a two count.

Homicide went for the Three Amigos and nailed it. Before he could cover Beastia, Brown tackled him, then pressed and slammed Homicide. They all went back and forth in the ring. Beastia went for a Lucha takedown on Brown but was caught. He turned it into a sunset flip for a two count.

Homicide returned to the ring and started stalking Beastia from behind. Beastia nailed a suicide dive to the floor on Brown. Homicide then hit a dive through the ropes on Brown. Beastia scored several near falls on Homicide Homicide went for the Cop Killa and nailed Beastia, who was eliminated.

Brown drilled Homicide and took him down. He press Homicide, but Homicide slipped out from behind and nailed Brown. He forced him into the corner and went for a top rope rana but Briown held on. Reyes nailed him with a suplex and pinned Homicide. Homicide was eliminated.

The crowd was yelling "bullsh**" when Homicide was taken out.

Reyes nailed Brown with a suplex and covered him for a two count. He peppered him with forearms but was caught and slammed. Brown speared the hell out of him and scored the pin.

Your winner and the first UWF champion, Rasche Brown!

Match was decent. Interesting choice for a first champion. The fans seemed to assume Homicide would go over.

Big Block and his crew all celebrated in the ring, smoking blunts and standing triumphant.

That's it from the debut of the UWF!

Backstage news from the Urban Wrestling Federation debut

The Urban Wrestling Federation taped its first three one hour PPVs in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night before a crowd of about 300. While that number is extremely low (and I'd assume the paid attendance was even lower), UWF owner Steve Karel told the wrestlers during a meeting on Thursday that he wasn't concerned about the size of the crowd. Karel actually told the roster that he didn't care if he had 18 or 1,800 there, because the tapings were about establishing and rolling out the product. Plus, the goal for the taping was to film enough footage for the first three PPV shows, which the company did accomplish.

As for the taping itself, I thought it was different and for the most part fun. From a wrestling standpoint, Homicide vs. Eddie Kingston was by far the best match of the night. However, there were a lot of fun highspots, an entertaining slugfest with Rasche Brown vs. Rich Ortiz and a lot of hard work up and down the card. I have no idea how the final product will come across (and obviously I am not part of the demographic they were going for) but I was never bored during the taping when the matches were being filmed. There were brawls, there were hardcore spots, there were dives, there was some solid wrestling. How much you like the hip hop aspect of the company will likely temper how much you like the product, since they weren't trying to reach the standard wrestling fan, but a more broad, urban audience.

From speaking to a lot of the crew before and after the show, many of them knew this was really their best shot at being seen on a larger scale and wanted to put their best foot forward. While some of the veterans there, like Homicide and Kingston, saw it as just another day in the office, there were others that were treating it like they were working Wrestlemania.

The original plan was to hold the taping upstairs in the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom, where ROH runs and where WWF debuted Raw. The venue came back to the UWF a few weeks later and informed them that the venue had received a bid to book that room for most of the summer and requested they bump the UWF downstairs. So, that's how the promotion landed in the larger venue.

The entire concept of the hip hop themed promotion was Karel's brainchild. Karel, who worked as the General Manager of the original ECW, has had his fingers in the hip hop world and is a big fan of that genre. Karel brought on Steve O'Neil, who he worked with in Women's Extreme Wrestling as one of the Supervising Producers. O'Neil then tapped Kevin Klinerock of XPW AND WSX fame to come in as the other Supervising Producer. Former ECW official Greg Bagarozy was also working in a backstage capacity. Dam McDevitt and Cody Michaels worked as agents on the taping. Charlie Bruzzeze, who handled production for ECW, was in charge of the filming and will be editing the PPVs.

For those who wondered how the hip hop artists would get along with the wrestlers, for the most part, it was pretty famously. I am told only one of the rappers was stand-offish to the concept and the wrestlers when the company started filming footage this past Wednesday but by the time the company was filming matches, he was completely on board as well. Melle Mel seemed to be the most excited about the concept since he's trained as a wrestler, but all of the rappers were talking old school wrestling with the wrestlers, which created a common ground for them to bond.

A ton of promos were taped all across the NYC area over the days leading into the taping - close to 100 promos total, as there are some that will be stand-alone and some that will mashed together like the old ECW "Pulp Fiction" concept. The wrestlers and rappers were told to go as wild as they wanted with verbiage, but were stopped from using the "n" word. From seeing some of the promos, I can tell you the company will be very R rated. It was interesting to note that there were also times that promos were stopped because they were "too wrestling" as the concept of the promotion is to be a gritty urban drama featuring wrestling as the "battles." Eddie Kingston described the promotion to me during an interview for the Elite section as "The Wire" with "wrestling replacing guns" for the battles.

The taping ran way long than planned due to production issues in-house with the Manhattan Center. The taping was shot with five cameras - a hard cam, a crane shot and three handhelds. All of the filmed footage was being transmitted to the production room of the Center so it could be stored on hard drives for later editing use. There were a number of times during the taping where the word would come down that the server had crashed or that the drives were having issues, leading to the multiple delays between matches.

The promotion also used flip cameras that shot things from the crowd (like Brian XL's moonsault off the balcony) to give certain shots a different, gritter, real feel.

While the live crowd was not aware of this, the promotion was also filming promos live right after the matches backstage to keep a "real feel" for the eventual PPV broadcast, so that led to dead time in front of the NYC audience as well.

There were plans for the Murder-One vs. Lowlife Louie Ramos angle to have far more violent hardcore weapons involved but they were pulled, likely due to the Athletic Commission. Ramos, who was said to be heartbroken about the changes since it was his PPV debut, ended up taking some extremely hard chairshots in the angle but was fine afterward.

A lot of the NYC-based wrestlers were excited about working Hammerstein since they grew up ECW fans and attended PPVs there.

Prior to the matches held at last night's taping, several matches were pre-taped during a secret filming in New York City, Eddie Carnage, representing 40 Glocc's crew, defeated BC Killer, who was representing Cuban Link in a hardcore style match that saw the two brawl all over a club, using fire, light tubes and even a toilet. It was your traditional violent fare. They filmed the match once with each of their respective crews watching from balconies in the club.

The company also shot a fight in a back alley, legitimately, with Lowlife Louie Ramos from Uncle Murda's crew defeating Murder-One, repping Block's crew after choking him out with barbed wire and a plastic bag. This was a short but violet match that in storyline will follow the angle where Murder-One laid out Ramos in the Hammerstein. A lot of models were hired to be part of the rappers' entourages via Wakamba Entertainment. Each rapper had a female as part of his crew that accompanied him to the ring and then sat ringside.

The wrestlers were told not to wear traditional tights and instead make sure they were wearing urban-themed clothing in keeping with the theme of the promotion. The company was very careful not to allow anything that would be copyright or trademark issues upon airing when it came to the clothing. The company has already signed a merchandising and clothing deal, so once that product rolls out, the plan is to have the wrestlers wearing the shirts for the company and the different crews as a way to brand and sell them to the fans. The hope is to translate the brand and cross it over into the demographics they want to tap into.

No injuries last night.

Robby Mireno, Julius Smokes and Sean Credle all recorded commentary live from ringside as the matches were held, and will clean up whatever is needed in post-production.

The promotion was selling UWF banners and bandanas last night. No other merchandise.

The wrestlers were given an October date for Miami, FL. I haven't confirmed the venue or actual date yet. There is no planned return to the Hammerstein yet.

ROH's Prince Nana was visiting before the show.

The first PPV will debut on 6/26.

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