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European Heavyweight Championship(Wrestlermaniac's Clasic Stories,Bios,Titles:Episode 1)


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В Тази Тема ще пишем за European Heavyweight Championship. Eто ги и шампионите:

Atholl Oakeley 1 1932

Heinrich Froehner 2 1933

Karl Pojello 1 1933 Nottingham, Great Britain

Henri Deglane 1 April 1934

Dan Koloff 1 April 7, 1934 Paris, France

Henri Deglane 2 Unknown title history.

Al Pereira 1 July 1937 Paris, France

Dan Koloff 2 1937

Al Pereira 2 1937

Dan Koloff 3 1937 Unknown title history.

Felix Lamban 1 1940s Lamban holds the title during several shows.

Victorio Ochoa 1 1940s Unknown title history.

Yvar Martinson 1 1949

Felxi Miquet 1 November 8, 1949 Paris, France Unknown title history.

Jack Dale 1

Jose Tarres 1 August 28, 1948 Barcelona, Spain Unknown title history.

Bert Assirati 1 1949

Vacant August 1952 After Assirati left for India.

Shirley Crabtree 1 1952 Crabtree defeated Yvar Martinson for the vacant title.

Joe Robinson 1 1952

Vicente Febrer 1 1952 Unknown title history.

Milo Popocopolis 1 1961

Shirley Crabtree 2 1961 Unknown title history.

Jim Olivera 1 1961

Billy Joyce 1 1961

Bill Robinson 1 June 12, 1965 Manchester, Great Britain

Vacant 1970 After Robinson left for North America.

Horst Hoffman 1 July 1971 Cologne, West Germany

Albert Wall 1 February 4, 1974

Hans Streiger 1 1978 Stuttgart, West Germany

Pete Curry March 24, 1978 Liverpool, Great Britain

Wild Angus 1 1978

Vacant 1978 Wild Angus was stripped of the title.

Hans Streiger 2

Steve Veidor 1 September 15, 1978 Liverpool, Great Britain

Hans Streiger 3 1979

Johnny Kincaid 1 1980 Hamburg, West Germany Unknown title history.

Wayne Bridges 1

Kwick-Kick Lee 1 January 25, 1983 London, Great Britain Unknown title history.

Pat Roach 1 March 1990

Giant Haystacks 1 February 6, 1991 Great Britain

Pat Roach 2 1991 Unknown title history.

John Prator 1 1995 Unknown title history.

Rob Brookside 1 1999 On August 25, 2001, Bochum, Germany, Brookside confirms his claim by winning the European Wrestling Union's European Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Karl Krammer 1 October 10, 2001 Berlin, Germany Kramer won the title after Brookside did not defend it within its 60 days ruling.

The Flatliner 1 February 1, 2002 Exmouth, Great Britain

Vacant February 17, 2002 After The Flatliner breaks his leg.

Rob Brookside 2 February 19, 2002 Yeovil, Great Britain Brookside defeated Justin Starr in a tournament final for the vacant title.

The Flatliner 2 2003 Exeter Won a 20-man battle royal Очаквайте на 1 Май:World Heavyweight Title(History and Winners)

Hello Im Foreign Wrestling-Sport maniac Curent BXW Heavyweight Champion

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Чакаме следващата тема!!! :cool: :cool:


Hello Im Foreign Wrestling-Sport maniac Curent BXW Heavyweight Champion

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Темата в този си вид е спам. Всеки може да извади тази история чрез Google.

Ако искаш да направиш някаква наистина полезна тема за историята на някоя титла виж тази и се постарай и твоята да изглежда по подобен начин.

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