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wXw USA tour - 9-10 април 2011


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Една от топ федерациите в Европа отново с шоута в САЩ. Първото шоу е iPPV.

wXw (Westside Xtreme Wrestling)

April 9th, 2011

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Asylum Arena

No Ropes Barbed Wire Match

Jun Kasai vs. Drake Younger

International Dream Match / wXw Unified World Wrestling Title Match:

Daisuke Sekimoto © vs. Chris Hero

Intercontinental Tag Team Showdown

Johnny Moss & Michael Elgin vs. Brodie Lee & Big van Walter

Sami Callihan vs. Bad Bones

16 Carat Gold Rematch

LDRS of the New School (Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly

Also in action:

Emil Sitoci

Brandon Gatson

and more!

wXw (Westside Xtreme Wrestling)

April 10th, 2011

Union City, NJ, USA

ACE Arena

Main Event - Tag Team Match

The Briscoes vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Johnny Moss

Hardcore Match

Jun Kasai vs. Sami Callihan

International Dream Match

Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Emil Sitoci vs. Adam Cole

Big van Walter & Drake Younger vs. Bad Bones & Scotty Vortekz

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wXw (Westside Xtreme Wrestling)

April 9th, 2011

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Asylum Arena

Germany's Westside Xtreme Wrestling returned to the ECW Arena for Kreuzzug, a special matinee event.

The show is being aired via Internet PPV at Hybried.ent. They have live commentators at ringside...Southern wrestling legend George South is in attendance as he had an appearance at the K&S Wrestlefest earlier today.

Brandon Gatson vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Johnny Gargano.

Sitoci is from the Netherlands. All four began battling at the bell. Sitoci dropkicked Taylor out of the ring. It came down to Sitoci and Gatson, who went back and forth. Gargano and Taylor attacked them. They all went back and forth. Sitochi hit a dive to the floor on Gargano and Taylor. Gatson then nailed a space flying tiger drop to the floor on everyone.

Back in the ring, Sitoci slammed Gargano but missed a moonsault press. Gargano drilled him with a kick and an Ace Crusher for a two count. The crowd began clapping slowly for the match. Sitoci faked out Gargano, who ended up on the floor. Taylor took out Gargano and Gatson. Gargano returned with several kicks.

Gatson nailed him with a sideslam but was nailed with an Uranage and kick by Taylor. Sitoci broke up the pin and went for a slam. Taylor slipped out but was caught with a spinning tombstone and pinned.

Your winner, Emil Sitoci!

Very good opener.

Sami Callihan vs. Bad Bones

Bones is from Germany. He's a big muscled up bald guy who has a real bad ass walk to him.

They went nose to nose at the bell and then slapped each other. They started wailing away on the other with stiff as hell chops. They then exchanged big boots to the face. The two bruisers just kept beating the hell out of each other back and forth.

Bones ended up on the apron where he tried to suplex Sami to the outside but failed. Sami nailed him with several kicks on the apron. He went to nail a big right but was blocked. Bones nailed him and again went for a suplex to the outside. Callihan blocked it but Bones finally succeeded, picking him and dropping him onto the ropes and the apron. Callihan crashed to the floor.

Bones beat Callihan with chops against the railing on the outside. They battled to the entrance ramp, where Bones tackled Sami and sent him flying. They were almost counted out on the floor but rolled back in at the last minute.

Back on the ring, they exchanged stiff blows and kicks in the center, with only the ropes saving them from collapsing. Sami drilled him with kicks but was caught with a powerslam for a two count.

Bones nailed a massive running clothesline that saw Callihan take a crazy bump. Sami kicked out, which started the fans chanting for him. Sami escaped a charge in the corner, nailed an enziguiri and a Face Wash for a two count.

Sami nailed several clotheslines but Bones didn't go down. He rebounded off the ropes but was speared for a two count by Bones. Bones charged but was nailed with a running knee to the face. He came back with an Ace Crusher for another two count.

Bones nailed a pump kick for another two count. Bones screamed at Sami to stay down and slapped him. He ascended to the top rope but missed a back senton splash. Sami nailed him with a running forearm smash for a two count. He locked in a leg submission and trapped Bones in the center, kicking him in the back of the head. Bones struggled but finally had no escape and tapped.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Good back and forth match with lots of hard hitting shots.

Brodie Lee and Big van Walter vs. Michael Elgin and Johnny Moss

When Lee came to the ring, some 10 year old looking kid was giving him static so Lee stared him down. The kid began daring him to take a shot. Lee grabbed a chair, so the kid pointed to his head and gave Lee the finger. Ah, Philadelphia. Home of our future President.

Walter, a large bruiser wearing amateur tights and Elgin, who was just signed to ROH, started out. They tested each other out with shoulderblocks but neither man budged. They went back and forth. Elgin got the better of him and suplexed him over, then tagged in Lee. Moss was then tagged in.

Lee missed a shot in the corner and was chopped hard by Moss. Lee held off when whipped into the ropes and nailed a kick but Moss sent him to the floor. Moss then ducked when Walter charged and he went to the floor. Moss hit a dive to the floor. Elgin then hit a twisting dive to the floor. Crazy to see guys of their size pulling that stuff out,

Back in the ring, Walter took over on Moss. Moss made a comeback and he and Elgin nailed several double team moves, including a double back senton and double suplex, working over Walter and scoring several near falls,

Moss kneed Walter, who fell into his corner and tagged Lee. Lee came back with a faceplant and scored a two count. Walter and Lee took turns working over Moss. Walter drilled him with a big boot. He held Moss and Lee measured and nailed him. They continued working him over.

Walter slammed Moss for a two count. Lee continued the assault with a uppercuts but Moss came off the ropes with one of his own and a big forearm smash. Moss tagged Elgin who came off the top with a big shoulderblock. He worked over Lee, picking him up for a Fireman's Carry but Lee slipped out. Elgin finally nailed a powerslam for a two count.

Walter grabbed Elgin from behind but was sent into Lee. Elgin nailed a sitdown powerbomb but Lee kicked him to break up the pin. Elgin and Lee went back and forth. Elgin nailed a sitdown slam for a two count.

Elgin piled up Lee and Walter on his back and hit a massive Samoan Drop. He covered Walter for a two count. Lee killed him with a boot to the face and then nailed a rana. Walter picked up Moss and dropped him over his knees. Lee clotheslines him for a two count. Lee drills him with a running boot in the corner. Walter nailed an Avalanche in the corner then sent Moss into a Black Hole Slam for a two count as Elgin broke it up.

Lee nailed several running kicks but was caught in a suplex into the corner. Moss hit a German suplex on Walteer as Lee nailed Elgin with one. Moss and Lee faced off, going back and forth with clotheslines and shots. Moss nailed a back suplex on Lee.

Moss picked up Walter on his shoulders. Moss came off the top with a shoulderblock. They then doubled on Lee. Elgin came off the top with a twisting moonsault and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jonny Moss & Michael Elgin.

Necro Butcher vs. Karsten Beck

Beck, who is one half of the WXW Tag Team champions, did some mic work ripping on the fans and Necro. Necro came out to "Freebird" and easily received the biggest reaction of the show thus far.

Beck kept talking on the mic, so Necro punched him in the face. Beck grabbed some chairs from under the ring and tossed them into the ring. Necro busted himself open punching himself. They set the chairs up in the middle of the ring facing each other. Beck drilled Necro with several punches to the jaw. Necro then fired back. Beck attacked Necro and shoved him over.

Beck nailed several forearms and locked in a rear chinlock. Beck followed up with a running kneelift to the face. He nailed a second and Necro, who was now bleeding heavily, went down. Necro came back with a series of stiff punches and chops. He kicked Beck in the gut and then in the face,

They went to the outside where Beck was nailed in the gut with a chair. Necro slammed Beck and the chair on the floor. Beck cut off Necro and chopped him stiffly several times. Beck trashtalked the crowd and turned back to Necro, who tossed a chair into him. Necro wrapped an electrical wire around Beck's face and throat and began choking him out.

Necro rammed Beck into one of the pillars in the building and then gave him an atomic drop on the railing. Necro then shoved the ring steps into Beck before rolling him back into the ring. Necro put Beck on the ropes, drilled him with a punch and hit a top rope rana. Seriously.

Necro rolled up Beck for a two count. Beck ducked a clothesline and Necro ran him into the corner, Beck kissed the female referee he was run into and when she was wiping her face, lowblowed Necro and caught him with an inside cradle for the pin.

Your winner, Karsten Beck!

OK match. Necro, who has put on some weight , seemed like he was hurting. He still got a nice reaction for everything he did and a nice chant on the way out. Beck is a good heel.

Kyle O'Riley & Adam Cole vs. LDRS, Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre and O'Riley start out and have some nice back and forth grapping and exchanges. Cole and Scurll tagged in and it was more of the same. Really good wrestling early on. The Leaders of the New School took turns working over Cole in the corner.

O'Riley tried to get involved but was sent to the outside. They then hit some great back and forth stuff with Cole before taking him out. They then locked Cole and Kyle in a double camel clutch with their legs intertwined while facing away from the other. Real original!

O'Riley caught Scurrl going for a rana, setting up Cole to nail a big dropkick. Cole and O'Riley cut the ring off on Scurrl, working him in the corner. Cole suplexed over Scurrl for a two count. He and O'Riley nailed a double Northern Lights Suplex. O'Riley locked in an armbar as Cole dropkicked Sabre off the apron.

Scurrl finally drilled O'Riley with a pair of knees and tagged Sabre. Sabre kicked Cole off the apron and worked over O'Riley. He nailed several kicked and caught him in a rolling armbar. Cole broke up the move. They began going back and forth. They battled in the corner where O'Riley accidentally caught his partner with a kick to the face.

Sabre drilled O'Riley with a sitdown bomb for a two count. Cole dragged him out of the ring. Scurrl used a rollup on O'Riley. When he kicked up at two, Cole was waiting with a kick to the face, which started off a series of back and forth near falls. Real good stuff.

Cole was left in the ring with LDRS and they double teamed him. Zack hit a kick to the back of the head and Scurrl dropped him over his knees for a two count. Cole tagged in O'Riley who nailed a missile dropkick off the top on both. He nailed a series of kicked on both and locked in a forward choke on Scurrl. Sabre measured him and drilled him in the face with a kick.

abre launched himself over the ropes and came down with a double stomp on the apron. Cole, insensed, killed him with a suicide dive to the outside that was awesome. Cole returned to the ring and superkicked Scurrl, who fired back with one of his own. O'Riley and Sabre battled back and forth. All four were on the mat and nearly counted out as the crowd applauded.

They all continued to battle on their knees, going back and forth with punches and chops. The LDRS fired up and killed their opponents with headbutts and chops. Scurrls was nastily sent to the outside. Cole and O'Riley drilled Sabre with a series of moves but he kept kicking out. Great stuff.

O'Riley set up Scurrl on the top rope for a superplex but he fired back. He then came off the ropes with two big knees on O'Riey, who was hanging on for dear life. Cole and Sabre battled back and forth with forearms. The LDRS worked over Cole. Scurrl came off the top with a missile dropkick on Cole, who was then tombstoned by Sabre. O'Riley caught the spent Scurrl and crucifixed him for the surprise pin.

Your winners, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Riley!

Really good match. Excellent stuff here all around. The crowd chanted for the LDRS to come back soon.

wXw United World Heavyweight champion Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Chris Hero

Sekimoto is also representing Big Japan Wrestling.

Some really great mat wrestling early as Hero tries to work on Sekimoto's arm. He gets powered over into a headlock takedown. Hero scored a pin attempt pulling him back over and continued to work on the arm. Sekimoto slammed Hero down and Hero backed off, trying to find his strategy.

Hero locked in a cravate but was slammed over as Sekimoto was too powerful this early. Hero then went for a single leg takedown and got it, grabbing his ankle and twisting it. Hero grabbed a headlock and held onto it, even as Sekimoto tried to escape. He finally did and Hero came off the ropes with a shoulderblock to no avail. He tried for another but Sekimoto didn't budge. He went for a third, same result. Hero then got Sekimoto to go for one, and when he did, Hero ducked under and dropkicked him. Sekimoto, undaunted, came back with a big tackle.

They exchanged chops. Hero nailed a leg lariat and then snapmared him over. Sekimoto went to the outside. Hero faked a springboard dive, then nailed a kick through the ropes. Hero continued to work him over on the outside and when they returned to the ring, scored several near falls.

Hero continued the assault with elbows and a back senton splash, but was caught and pulled up. Sekimoto went for a German suplex. Hero slipped out and ducked a clothesline attempt. They faced off. Hero nailed him with one of the hardest chops since Garvin vs. Valentine. Sekimoto fired back in kind. These things were just evil. They began exchanging forearms next.

Sekimoto got the better of it and worked Hero into a corner with chops, then held him down with a knee. Hero fought back and tried to block a suplex but failed. He was suplexed over for a two count. Sekimoto then tried to turn Hero into a Sharpshooter but Hero was able to grab the ropes.

Hero nailed a big forearm smash to the face, which dazed Sekimoto. He still continued beating on Hero. Hero grabbed another headlock but was lifted up and dropped into an atomic drop across the knee. Sekimoto measured Hero and chopped him in the corner. He went for a butterfly suplex and nailed it for a two count.

Sekimoto chopped Hero so hard he went over the ropes and onto the apron. Hero was suplexed in and covered for a two count. Sekimoto sent Hero into the corner. Hero began trying to steel himself for a comeback. Hero nailed an elbow as Sekimoto charged him in the corner. He stopped Sekimoto and nailed a big forearm smash in the corner.

Hero made a comeback nailing a big boot and a running forearm smash in the corner. He nailed a standing moonsault for a two count. Hero's chest was all red and raw. Hero went for a top rope moonsault but Semimoto moved. Hero landed on his feet but was hit with a dropkick off the turnbuckles.

Sekimoto picked up Hero for a Torture Rack but Hero slipped out and locked in a sleeper in the center of the ring. Sekimoto was able to turn it into a back suplex. Both men were out as the referee counted and the fans clapped. Great stuff.

Sekimoto returned to his feet first. Hero, dazed, got back to his feet as Sekimoto reached him. He was nailed with a chop and slammed down. Sekimoto came off the top rope with a splash and I had visions of Buzz Sawyer. Hero got his knees up and fought to his feet. Hero beat him with a series of forearms but Sekimoto fought back.

Hero dazed him with another roaring elbow and nailed a piledriver for a two count. Hero went for a neckbreaker but it was turned into a backslide for a two count. Sekimoto charged but was kicked off. Hero hit an awesome pump kick for another two count.

Sekimoto came back with a rolling German suplex for a two count. He killed Hero with a lariat and scored yet another two count. He finally got Hero with a German suplex with a bridge and scored the pinfall.

Your winner and still WXW Unified champion, Daisuke Sekimoto!

Both men shook hands and Hero showed respect to Sekimoto after the match.

Excellent Japanese style wrestling match. For my money, this may have been the best bell to bell match I've seen all year, working a very methodical. hard hitting style. Loved this to death.

No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: Jun Kasai vs. Drake Younger

They actually did some nice wrestling early. Go figure! Kazai tried to maneuver Younger into the barbed wire but he was unsuccessful. He then tried to force him into a barbed wire board set up in one of the corners. Kasai snapmared and dropkicked Younger. He whipped Younger into the wire but he slid out of the ring. Kasai followed and they battled on the floor. Younger sent Kasai into the ringpost.

On the floor, Younger dug the barbed wire into Kasai's face, then slid a ladder into the ring. Back in the ring, he went for a suplex onto the ladder but Kasai blocked it and slammed Younger onto it. He whipped Younger into the corner but Younger reversed and Kasai went into the barbed wire board, which shattered. Younger covered him for a two count and peppered him with punches.

Younger suplexed Kasai onto the barbed wire in one area, then slammed him onto another. He went under the ring and retrieved a pair of chairs, drilling Kasai with one. He set it up on the mat and slammed Kasai onto it. He then placed it over Kasai's chest and set up the ladder. Younger went to the top of the ladder with the mic, said "JC motherf***ing Bailey" and came off with a double stomp for a two count.

Kasai came back and tried to whip him into the barbed wire. Younger stopped short and was shoved into it and then dropped throat first onto it. Kasai clotheslined Younger for a two count. Younger backdropped him. Younger gave him an atomic drop onto the barbed wire and grabbed a parking cone from somewhere. He then gave Kasai an atomic drop on that before hitting a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Younger went for the veterbreaker but Kasai slipped out an nailed an enziguiri. Younger came back with a death valley driver on a ladder. Younger grabbed a chair and hit a Snowplow onto it for a two count. Younger set up several chairs and the ladder in the ring, stomping on Kasai. He placed a barbed wire board, barbed wire face down, onto the chairs and went to the top rope. Kasai escaped and reversed the board, then met Younger on top of the ladder and SUPERPLEXED HIM through the barbed wire board. He nailed a Michinoku Driver onto the remnants of the board but Younger kicked out.

Kasai nailed a Jay Driller onto the barbed wire for another two count. Kasai went to the top of the ladder but was caught and superplexed into the barbed wire. He fired up which the crowd loved. He caught Younger with a back suplex into the barbed wire board. Kasai went back to the top of the ladder, put on his googles and nailed a big splash for a ONE COUNT!

Younger, who's face was a mess at this point, was nailed with another Jay Driller and pinned.

Your winner, Jun Kasai!

Great, crazy main event. Loved every second!

Шоуто беше излъчено на живо като iPPV. Johnny Moss vs. Bryan Danielson е бил излъчен като бонус мач, докато подготвяли ринга за главния мач.

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