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IWA Juicio Final - 2 април 2011


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IWA (International Wrestling Association): Juicio Final

April 2nd, 2011

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

Coliseo de Toa Baja

The Rematch of the Century

"El Mesias" Ricky Banderas vs. Ray Fenix

IWA World Title Match

Tua vs. Escobar ©

IWA World Tag Team Title Match

Cruzz of Fear ("The Face of Fear" Spectro & "The Infernal Beast" Damian) (w/ Cruzz) © vs. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning)

IWA Intercontinental Title Match

"The Threat" Bryan vs. "The Academy" Chris Angel ©

IWA Puerto Rico Title Match

Cruzz vs. "The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant ©

Special Challenge

Los Duenos de la Malicia (D-Niss Rivera & Noel Rodriguez) vs. La Zona 101 ("The Illegal One" Chicano & Abbad) (w/ La Morena)

Phillips vs. "The Buffalo" Bison Smith

Lucha X for the vacant IWA Cruiserweight Title

Lash vs. Enigma

The person behind the mysterious voice is finally revealed!!!

And more!

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IWA (International Wrestling Association): Juicio Final

April 2nd, 2011

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

Coliseo de Toa Baja

Attendance: 1500-2000

1. Lucha X for the IWA Cruiserweight Title: Havoc def. Lash to become the XCD champion! Very good opener.

The Cartel (Rey Fenix, Bryan & the IWA World champion) came out for a promo and they were interrupted by The Academy (Phillips and the IWA Intercontinental champion Chris Angel) and then by The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning). This all lead to Fenix betraying The Cartel and joining forces with The Academy & The Heavy Artillery to form a new group in IWA!

2. IWA Puerto Rico Title Match: Xix Xavant © def. Cruzz to retain his Title - Slow match but the people got into it towards the end. Xavant's new attire looks good.

3. La Zona 101 (Chicano & Abbad) (w/ La Morena) def. Los Duenos de la Malicia (D-Niss & Noel). Best match of the night. Instead of supporting the babyface team (Noel & D-Niss) the people were behind La Zona 101.

4. IWA World Tag Team Title Match: The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) def. Cruzz of Fear (Spectro & Damian) © to win the Titles! Slow match but overall it was OK.

5. IWA Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Angel © def. Bryan to retain his Title. The match was good but too long. Diabolico returned to IWA after the match and tried to attack Angel but Angel escaped.

6. IWA World Title Match: Tua def. Escobar © to become the new champion! Workrate-wise the match was very good but the people weren't that much into it.

7. The Rematch of the Century: "El Mesias" Ricky Banderas def. Ray Fenix. As expected, excellent main event. After the match Rey Fenix took off his mask and revealed that he - Ray Gonzalez - was the person behind "The Mysterious Voice" all along!

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