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SMASH 15 - 18 март 2011


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Първата годишнина на федерацията на TAJIRI:


March 18th, 2011

Tokyo, Japan

Korakuen Hall

1. World Tryout: AKIRA vs. Jon Cutler

2. Yuji Kito & Yusuke Kodama vs. Ultimo Dragon & TAKA Michinoku

3. Takao Omori vs. Sir Robin

4. FUNAKI vs. Kana

5. Hardcore Match: Sabu, Shuri & TAJIRI vs. Michael Kovac, Lin "Bitch" Byron & Gabriel Antonic

6. Tommy Dreamer vs. StarBuck

7. Main Event: KUSHIDA vs. Hajime Ohara

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March 31th, 2011

Tokyo, Japan

Korakuen Hall

1,200 Fans

1. World Tryout Match: AKIRA def. Jon Cutler (8:15) with a Musasabi Press

2. Ice Ribbon Offer Match: Riho , Minami Asuka & Tsukushi def. Emi Sakura , Makoto & Mochi Miyagi (9:38) with a Cradle by Riho on Miyagi.

3. Ultimo Dragon & TAKA Michinoku def. Yuji Kito & Yusuke Kodama (6:25) with an Asai DDT by Ultimo on Kodama.

4. Takao Omori def. Sir Robin (8:47) with an Axe Bomber.

5. Starbuck def. Yoshiaki Yago (11:18) with a Piledriver.

6. FUNAKI def. Kana (4:26) with a Horizontal Cradle.

7. Hardcore Match: TAJIRI, Sabu & Shuri def. Michael Kovac, Lin "Bitch" Bairon & Gabriel Antonic (17:52) with an Arabian Facebuster by Sabu on Antonic.

8. Hajime Ohara def. KUSHIDA (16:11) with a Finnish Forearm.

= Hayabusa was in attendance for the show.

= Hiroshi Tanahashi showed up to watch KUSHIDA's last match as a SMASH wrestler and afterwards Tanahashi shook KUSHIDA's hand. KUSHIDA is now a member of the NJPW roster.

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