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BWC Top 20 Wrestlers of the Month - Декември 2010


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1. Edge (WWE/SD)

2. The Miz (WWE/RAW)

3. CM Punk (WWE/RAW)

4. Dolph Ziggler (WWE/SD)

5. John Morrison (WWE/RAW)

6. John Cena (WWE/RAW)

7. Randy Orton (WWE/RAW)

8. Alberto Del Rio (WWE/SD)

9. Kane (WWE/SD)

10. Douglas Williams (TNA)

11. Sheamus (WWE/RAW)

12. AJ Styles (TNA)

13. Jeff Jarrett (TNA)

14. Michael Cole (WWE/RAW)

15. Matt Morgan (TNA)

16. Jeff Hardy (TNA)

17. Mr. Anderson (TNA)

18. Alex Shelley (TNA)

19. Rob Van Dam (TNA)

20. Wade Barrett (WWE/RAW)

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