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IWA Histeria Boricua - 6 януари 2011


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International Wrestling Association: Histeria Boricua

January 6th, 2011

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

IWA World Title Match

"The Gold Mine" D-Niss © vs. Escobar

Steel Cage Match for the IWA Intercontinental Title

"El Boricua" Savio Vega vs. Chris Angel ©

IWA Puerto Rico Title Match

Noel Rodriguez © vs. Hiram Tua

"The Threat" Bryan vs. Cruzz

IWA Caribbean Title Match

"The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant © vs. "The Infernal Beast" Damian

IWA World Tag Team Title Match

Atomo & Sónico © vs. The Academy (Jamal & Phillips)

Xtreme Combat Division Title Match

Havok © vs. Julián Jamrock

For the first time in Puerto Rico: Shockwave the Robot!

Will the person behind "The Mysterious Voice" finally be revealed?! Is he coming alone?!

and more!

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Ray Gonzalez and Apolo return to IWA! Escobar wins the World Title!

International Wrestling Association: Histeria Boricua

January 6th, 2011

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Attendance: 2 200

1. Xtreme Combat Division Title Match: Havok © def. Julián Jamrock to retain his Title. Afterwards The Academy's manager came out, attacked both guys and announced that he wants the Title.

2. "The King of the Ring" Cruzz def. El Renegado del Infierno. This was supposed to be Bryan vs. Cruzz but Bryan said that the IWA President had allowed him to choose the stipulation so he chose to have another guy wrestle in his spot and if Cruzz won he would eventually get a match against Bryan.

3. IWA World Tag Team Title Match: Atomo & Sónico © def. The Academy (Jamal & Phillips) to retain their Titles

4. Shockwave the Robot def. Nicholas D.

5. IWA Puerto Rico Title Match: Noel Rodriguez def. Hiram Tua via disqualification when Spectro interfered and attacked Noel

6. IWA Caribbean Title Match: "The Lost Soul" Xix Xavant © def. "The Infernal Beast" Damian to retain his Title

7. Steel Cage Match for the IWA Intercontinental Title: Chris Angel © def. "El Boricua" Savio Vega to retain his Title

8. IWA World Title Match: Escobar def. "The Gold Mine" D-Niss © to win the Title! Bryan came out to celebrate with Escobar after the match and together they beat the crap out of D-Niss. IWA President Miguel Perez came out to stop the carnage. He then demanded to know who the person behind "The Mysterious Voice" is and a familiar music started blasting through the audio system... Rey Fénix (Ray Gonzalez) returned to IWA! Fénix came out in the same mask he used back in the day when he first jumped to IWA from WWC. He proclaimed 2011 to be the year when everything would change in IWA and teased taking his mask off. Then "The Mysterious Voice" started speaking through the audio system (so it appears "The Mysterious Voice" wasn't Ray Gonzalez) and said that change is coming to IWA. At that point another familiar music hit the air... "El Leon" Apolo returned to IWA!

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