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NEW Wrestlefest 15 - 15 януари 2011


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Northeast Wrestling: Wrestlefest 15

January 15, 2011

Mid Hudson Civic Center

Poughkeepsie, NY

Main Event

Matt Hardy vs. MVP

Steel Cage Match - The Final Encounter

"The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

5-man Grab For The Gold Ladder Match

The winner gets a Northeast Wrestling Title Match later that night

Also on the show:



Sgt. Slaughter

NEW Champion Matt Taven

The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dilishus)

and more!

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Steel Cage Match - The Final Encounter

"The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler.На това му се вика мач.Дамо Томи да бие.

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[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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Northeast Wrestling: Wrestlefest 15

January 15, 2011

Mid Hudson Civic Center

Poughkeepsie, NY

On Saturday night, Northeast Wrestling (NEW) held their 15th annual Wrestlefest in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. The show featured numerous big-name performers, including Jerry “The King” Lawler, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Matt Hardy, MVP, “The Hurricane” Gregory Helms, and former WWE Champion Sgt. Slaughter.

(1) The Hurricane (Gregory Helms) defeated Brian Anthony. This was a pretty standard match between Anthony and the former WCW/WWE Cruiserweight champion who was released by WWE last year. The finish came when Anthony hit Helms with a spinebuster, but missed a follow-up moonsault, after which The Hurricane chokeslamed Anthony and got the pin.

(2) Hale Collins defeated Sabu, Vik Dilishus, Tommaso Ciampa, and Ryan McBride in a five-way ladder match for a shot at the NEW Hvt. Title later in the evening. Collins and Dilishus work as a tag team called The Now and are billed as from Poughkeepsie. The two were massively over with the crowd during this match that featured constant use of tables, ladders, chairs, and the guardrails. The wrestlers suplexed each other into the ladders until the ladders were completely bent, so much so that one fell to pieces as Sabu attempted to climb it. As soon as the crowd began chanting “We want tables,” Sabu drove an opponent through a table, sparking an “ECW” chant. The Now worked as a team throughout the match and held off the other competitors, until Collins grabbed the contract with the assist of his partner. Collins’s mouth was bleeding at the end of the match, resulting in him signing the contract with his own blood.

(3) Roxxi defeated Mia Yim. This match was fairly sloppy, as both performers did not appear to be on the same page. Mia Yim played a perfect heel, but got a good amount of cheers from the audience.

Romeo Roselli (formerly of the Heart Throbs) and Max Bauer came to the ring with their manager and cut a promo against the people of Poughkeepsie, who they remarked were extremely ugly. They stated that they had found a way to counter the cobra clutch, meaning that their victory was assured. They also noted that some local radio celebrity named Boris was going to be in their opponents’s corner.

(4) Sgt. Slaughter & Private Starr defeated Romeo Roselli & Max Bauer. The crowd wanted to see a good deal of Slaughter in the ring, and that’s what they got. Slaughter was beaten down a bit, and twice tried to make the tag to Roselli, who once shouted, “Wrong corner!” Roselli maintained a great deal of heat throughout the match, mocking the fans who were chanting “USA” by responding, “That’s where we’re all from!” The finish of the match came with all four wrestlers and their managers in the ring, two cobra clutches, and Starr landing a moonsault to get the pin.

After a cage was erected during intermission, Jerry “The King” Lawler came to the ring and cut a promo about the guys who he said he genuinely disliked in the wrestling business. He listed Micheal Cole and The Miz, who he has recently been involved with in WWE storylines, but also stated that he had a sincere dislike for Terry Funk. Lawler then listed Tommy Dreamer and detailed the history of their feud: the two began battling during a WWE-ECW cross-promotion in 1997, which resulted in Dreamer defeating Lawler at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997. The two also battled at last year’s Wrestlefest, where Dreamer again defeated Lawler. Though Lawler did not make note of this fact, the match was also interesting because it was between a current WWE employee and a current TNA employee.

(5) Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Tommy Dreamer in a cage match. A really solid, classic match that seemed like a genuine mix of Philadelphia and Memphis styles. The two brawled inside the cage, but eventually went outside, as the only way to win was via pinfall or submission. The two grabbed multiple weapons and threw them into the ring, while also pummeling each other. Dreamer used the ring bell and a kendo stick on Lawler, before Lawler bound Dreamer’s neck to the cage with a cord and hit him with the kendo stick. The two also beat on each other with a chair until Dreamer landed a piledriver. Dreamer was unable to get a pinfall due to a rope break, but was soon hit with an unexpected fireball from Lawler. Lawler pinned Dreamer, and the crew ran into the ring to douse Dreamer with water.

(6) NEW Hvt. Champion Matt Taven defeated Hale Collins via disqualification in a title match. A very fast-paced and technical match that showcased the abilities of both wrestlers. Taven repeatedly attacked Collins’s arm, which had been bandaged up after the ladder match. Collins also began to bleed from the mouth once again. Collins attempted to go for a superkick, but Taven ducked and the referee got hit. Collins then landed a superkick on Taven, but was unable to get a pinfall as there was no referee. Taven soon countered and another referee ran to the ring. Still, Collins kicked out at the two-count, to the delight of the audience. Collins then mounted more offense and did get the pin on Taven. Collins was about to be announced as the new NEW Champion, but the referee who had been accidentally super-kicked grabbed the belt and announced that Taven was the winner via disqualification, since Collins had assaulted the official.

After the match, Collins and his partner, Vik Dilishus, purposely assaulted the ref.

(7) MVP defeated Matt Hardy. A standard match in which both not-so-slim competitors were supposed to be babyfaces. Despite his current villainous status in TNA, Hardy seemed to be cheered by a slight majority of the audience. The performers used chinlocks and headscissors at a frequent rate. Both wrestlers showed moderate signs of ring-rust, which almost manifested itself tragically as the two botched a move on the turnbuckles.

After the match, Hardy stated that there was no real loser and that the two would have a beer together after the show.

Although former WWE star Carlito was billed to appear at the event, he did not. On a random side-note, throughout the evening, there was a plethora of one-counts, which actually seemed like a refreshing change.

The Civic Center looked like 99% full but it may have sold out. Before the show Sgt. Slaughter, Brian Anthony, The Now, Matt Hardy, MVP, Jerry Lawler, Hurricane, Tommy Dreamer & Sabu sign autographs and took pictures. I got Lawler, Slaughter, & Sabu. Slaughter was nice. Lawler was the nicest and was letting people wear his crown. I asked Jerry if he was enjoying his in ring work as of late on Raw. He said he has, and asked if I was enjoying it. I said I did. Sabu was quiet but nice as well.

Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer. Highspots was filming the show and people can pre-order the DVD at NEW's site.

A local radio station's personality Boris came out and plugged The Man show at the Civic Center next month. He threw shirts out to the crowd.

1. Brian Anthony vs. The Hurricane (in mask w/ old theme song). Ref Kevin Keenan. Match went over 10 minutes. Nice action. Hurricane won with a chokeslam.

2. Sabu vs. Brian McBride vs. Tomasso Campo vs. The Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dillishus) in a Ladder Match with a contract on the line to face Matt Tavern for the NEW Title. The Now got the biggest pop of the night as they are from Poughkeepsie. The match was AWESOME! Wow, Action was everywhere. Tons of chair shots by Sabu & others in the match. The Now slammed Campo & McBride into a ladder in the corner and got the favor returned bending the ladder in half!!! Sabu went to climb the ladder but it broke and he fell. For a big man, Vik hit an amazing moonsault from the top rope onto Campo. Sabu put Vik through a table and then onto a chair. Campo hung Vik with a cord as Vik hung outside the ring. It was crazy to watch as there was something always happening. In the end, Hale climbs the biggest ladder on the outside. And jumped higher into the air and landed putting McBride through the table and the sound was so loud. Campo jumped out of the ring laying out Sabu & Vik. Leaving only Hale to climb and grab the contract. The Now celebrated for awhile then after everyone left Sabu posed in the ring. Refs Kevin Keenan & Shawn Hansen worked the match. It took about 5 minutes to clean up all the broken tables, ladders, and chairs. The match was the match of the night; everyone should buy the DVD just for this match! Match was about 20 minutes long. Crowd was going insane throughout the match, even Bobby Cruise was smiling watching it.

MVP came down to the ring. MVP said this was his first wrestling show since leaving the WWE. MVP said he wanted to put the rumors to rest, when he was released he asked for his release. A fan yelled "You Suck", MVP said your mom sucks. A fan yells "PG sucks." MVP says PG wrestling does suck but that’s not the reason he left. He said he wanted pro wrestling. He wants to see wrestling. He said backstage is pro wrestlers. MVP said he and Matt Hardy had a good feud on Smackdown and were also Tag Team Champions together. MVP said tonight it’s not going to be PG; people are not going to tell them what to do. They’re going to have a main event match like they should of hand and they’re going to do it their way.

3. Mia Yim vs Roxxi. Ref Shawn Hansen. Match was under 5 minutes long. Some weak looking moves by Yim. Crowd was the quietest of the night. Roxxi won with the Voodoo drop.

4. Romeo & Max Bauer (w/ Kurt Adonis) vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Private Starr (w/ Local Radio Host Boris). Ref Shawn Hanson. Before the match, Romeo cut a promo saying how he remembered how ugly everyone in Poughkeepsie was. He told a lady in the crowd don't be mad at my abs be mad at your face. Romeo said he is going to take out the WWE Hall Of Famer Sgt. Slaughter. Adonis said he had taught Romeo & Bauer how to get out of the Cobra Clutch. Romeo & Bauer practiced with each other on how to get out of it. When Sgt. came down to ring the crowd chanted "USA". This got Adonis to cover Romeo’s ears. Slaughter told them to listen up maggot. He said how Private Star has a big gun rack. Starr & Romeo worked most of the match. Sgt had the cobra clutch locked on Romeo but he reached the rope. Adonis hit Sgt. on the outside then choked him with his tie. Outside the ring Boris layed out Adonis and threw him in the ring. Sgt & Romeo were not league at the time and Sgt had Romeo passed out in the Cobra Clutch. Boris put Adonis in the clutch as well. Starr won with a Swanton Bomb on Bauer.

They took intermission as the staff set up the cage. It took about 30 minutes to set the cage up. While they did that Reby Sky was asking the fans questions & trivia. Handing out DVDs & shirts & other merch. She was getting mobbed by people! They announced that Reby would be in the ring after the show to sign autographs and take pictures.

5. Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Steel Cage Match. Ref: Kevin Keenan. Lawler had trouble getting into the cage. The door opening was right against a turnbuckle. Lawler said it was hard getting into the ring, he wonders how hard it’s going to be after the match. Lawler said how many fans ask him if everyone is friends backstage. He said he despises Tommy Dreamer. He said ever since 15 years ago in ECW. He said how last year they wrestled here in Poughkeepsie and they will again tonight. Lawler says tonight it ends forever in a cage. He says never again will they wrestle against each other. A fan yelled "If the price is right" Lawler said no way no money in the world would make him wrestle Dreamer again. Lawler's promo lasted about 10 minutes, really long. Mixed reaction for both Lawler & Dreamer. Dreamer struggled to get through the door as well. Dreamer tried to throw Lawler into the cage but Lawler blocked. Dreamer then was successful and threw Lawler into the sides of the cage. Dreamer pushed Lawler (helped Lawler) to get through the cage door and they fought outside the cage. Lawler grabbed a fan's crutch and used it on Lawler. Lawler took a chair and knocked Dreamer down. Dreamer threw Lawler into the guardrail. Dreamer spit a fan's beer in Lawler's face. Dreamer got a kendo stick but Lawler pushed a table into Dreamer. Lawler looked at his crown which looked to have a hole in it now. Lawler threw Dreamer into the table twice. Dreamer returned the favor to Lawler. Dreamer got back in the cage and pulled Lawler back through the tight door. Dreamer put the ring bell on Lawler's jewels and hit the bell with a kendo stick. Dreamer missed an elbow off the top rope and hit a chair. Bobby Cruise was laughing looking the damaged crown. Dreamer hit the dreamer driver on Lawler but Lawler put his foot on the rope to break the count. Lawler took a chain off the cage and tied dreamer neck to the cage. Lawler hit Dreamer with the kendo stick many times. Dreamer got free and cane'ed Lawler. Dreamer had Lawler in the corner and went to hit him with a steel chair but Lawler threw a big fireball in Dreamer's face!!!!! Lawler then pinned him for the win. Dreamer ripped off his shirt and put it on his face. Two guys came running out and put towels on Dreamer. Keenan poured water on him. Lawler watched then posed in the ring. After 1/4 of the cage was taken down, they helped Dreamer to the back. Match went about 20 minutes.

6. Hale Collins vs. Matt Tavern (NEW Champion) for NEW Championship Title. Ref Shawn Hansen. Match was ok and went about 10 minutes. Crowd was really hot for Collins from Poughkeepsie. Collins missed Tavern and nailed Hansen with a kick. Hale layed out Tavern but there was no ref to count the 3. Tavern hit a spinning neckbreaker and then a frog splash and Ref Kevin Keenan ran down but Collins kicked out. Tavern grabbed Keenan and yelled at him. Hale got a small package and rolled Tavern up for the win! The place erupted, fans were going crazy. The other 1/2 of The Now ran out and celebrated with Hale. Ref Hansen came back into the ring a ripped the title away from Hale and gave it to Tavern. Cruise said that Hale had been DQ’d for hitting the ref so Tavern is still champion. Keenan & Hansen got into a shoving match. Tavern left. The Now grabbed Hansen and layed him out with VIk holding him up and Hale landing on him off the top rope. Keenan ran back and pretended to count to 3. Bobby Cruise announced that on 4/15 in Newburgh,NY at Sping, Tavern will defend his title against Hale in a No DQ match where they must have a winner.

7. MVP vs. Matt Hardy. Ref Kevin Keenan. Start of the match was boring and fans around me complained about Matt’s weight and MVP in a main event and some left. Matt got some of the fans cheering again and later in the match after MVP hit ballin, the crowd seemed awake again. Match went about 15-20 minutes. Towards the end of the match they had a lot of near falls with both hitting their finshers multiple times but the crowd did not go crazy for it. MVP hit some impressive german suplexs. Matt & MVP were on the ropes, Matt went to suplex MVP but fell and threw him off the top rope instead. Matt went for the Twist of Hate but MVP rolled him up for the win. After the match, Matt said congrats to MVP and hugged him.

I went down to ringside for the Reby Sky autograph/picture session but Cruise announced that Matt Hardy would sign autographs in the ring next, and did not say anything about Sky. About 200-300 people were waiting to meet Hardy so I did not wait around and left.

Good show, the Ladder match was amazing to see. Lawler’s fireball was cool as well. Hope Wrestlefest 16 is from Poughkeepsie as well next year.

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