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FWA European Uprising - 20 ноември 2010


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Frontier Wrestling Alliance: European Uprising

November 20th, 2010

Birmingham, England

The FWA's biggest event in it's 10 year+ history! Prepare to witness Europe's top professional wrestlers going head-to-head in a wrestling world war. As 'The Agenda' try to sacrifice British wrestling and use it as a stepping stone to their own personal goals of reaching America, 'The Resistance' stand up to protect the industry from destruction in what could be it’s final battle!

FWA World Heavyweight Title match with Alex Shane as special guest referee

Leroy Kincaide vs. "The Guv'nor" Martin Stone ©

This match has been months in the making. Martin Stone has been champion since February this year, but has not been willing to give Leroy Kincaide a title shot. Will Leroy Kincaide finally get his hands on the FWA champion and the FWA Title? Or will Stone be leaving with the title in the hands of the Agenda. After the continual breakdown of matches involving The Agenda and after suffering a vicious beatdown at their hands, FWA Head of Content Alex Shane has added himself to this mix as the special guest referee!

Ladder match for the "Wonderkid" name

"The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm vs. "The Wonderkid" Rockstar Spud

For the rights to be the true Wonderkid. The Rockstar, not content with just being the self proclaimed ‘baby Jesus’ of British Wrestling has demanded he is also classed as the true Wonderkid. Jonny Storm may have something to say about that! The title of the Wonderkid is up for grabs in this high risk ladder match!

Grudge match

"The Mexican Sensation" El Ligero vs. "The Bollywood Dream" RJ Singh

El Ligero has one thing on his mind – revenge! Singh’s actions over the last year have been nothing short of deplorable. Singh has cut the horns from Ligero’s mask, and was also nearly blinded by Singh attempting to do the same again at the Hope and Glory. An intense match if there ever was one!

FWA Tag Team Title tournament semifinal match

The Leaders of the New School (Zack Sabre Jnr. & Marty Scurll) vs. Stixx & Malen

Both teams have a chance to become the FWA Tag Team champions by winning this match and advancing to the next round of the tournament. Stixx and Malen have stamped their mark on the tournament by their decimation of the Dare Devil Dragons at The Art of War in the previous round, however the LDRS are not easy pickings by any stretch of the imagination!

The Resistance vs. The Agenda - 6-man Grudge Challenge

Nick Riley, Sha Samuels & ??? vs. "The Irresistible" Iestyn Rees, "The Human Hate Machine" Dave Moralez & "The Physical Specimen" Joel Redman

After the actions the Agenda took at the end of FWA @ Expo just a few weeks ago, which left Terry Fraizer with an upper spine injury and FWA Head of Content Alex Shane hospitalised, Sha Samuels is regrouping an army to take on the Agenda at European Uprising. The first person to join this army is none other than BWC rookie, Nick Riley. Samuels has promised to announce the second man to join him in this war next week, and says it will be a real surprise to all!


The best of the up and coming wrestlers in the country have the opportunity to shine before the main European Uprising show! Matches from XWA Adrenaline will start at 11AM and there will be one match on the hour from 11AM until 1PM for the build-up to the main show.

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