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IPW:UK Brawl At The Hall - 5 декември 2010


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Едно много добре изглеждащо шоу с участието на доста топ британски indy имена:

International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom

The 6th Annual BRAWL AT THE HALL

December 5th, 2010

Sittingbourne, England

The Swallows Leisure Centre

Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship Match

"The Human Hate Machine" Dave Mastiff © vs. Sha Samuels

Grudge Match

"The Vigilante" Johnny Moss vs. Leroy Kincaide

Undisputed British Tag Team Championship Round Robin Challenge

The LDRS of the New School (Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. Paul London & El Generico

Undisputed British Tag Team Championship Round Robin Challenge

The LDRS of the New School (Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. The All Stars (Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite) ©

Undisputed British Tag Team Championship Round Robin Challenge

Paul London & El Generico vs. The All Stars (Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite) ©

The 6th Annual Brawl At The Hall Match

The Thrillers ("The Irresistible" Iestyn Rees, Gilligan Gordon & "The Technical Wizard" James Tighe) vs. "The Physical Specimen" Joel Redman, ??? & ???

International Challenge Match

"The Star Attraction" Mark Haskins vs. Eddie Edwards

Plus: The Rockstar Spud & much more!

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International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom

The 6th Annual BRAWL AT THE HALL

December 5th, 2010

Sittingbourne, England

The Swallows Leisure Centre


Match 1 - British Tag Title Round Robin Match #1: The Leaders of the New School (Scurll/Sabre) defeated The All Stars (Whiplash/Dynamite) © with a small package in 13:30 to pick up 3 points..

Match 2 - Singles Match: 'The Guvnor' Martin Stone defeated Leroy Kincaide in Stone's IPW:UK farewell. After the bout, Stone cut a goodbye promo to the fans of Sittingbourne.

Match 3 - International Singles Match: 'The Star Attraction' Mark Haskins defeated RoH TV Champion Eddie Edwards after a Cradle Tombstone Piledriver.

Match 4 - British Tag Title Round Robin Match #2: Paul London & El Generico defeated the All Stars © to pick up 3 points in the Round Robin challenge and ensure that there WILL be new Tag Team champions tonight!

Match 5 - Brawl @ The Hall Match: Joel Redman, Mark Haskins & Terry Frazier defeated The Thrillers combination of Iestyn Rees, Wolf Alexander & 'Gentleman' Gilligan Gordon in 15:01, lastly with Redman pinning Gordon! After the bout, Redman & Haskins shook hands and posed as winners, finally getting their come-uppance on former manager Gordon. Redman eliminated Alexander a mere 4 seconds into the bout, and Frazier was eliminated after successful interference from Sha Samuels.

Match 6 - IPW:UK Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Sha Samuels defeated Dave Mastiff © via disqualification after Terry Frazier interfered, giving Samuels a Rock Bottom! Since titles cannot change hand on a DQ, Mastiff retains but Frazier finished with one-up on Samuels this time!

Match 7 - British Tag Title Round Robin Match #3: With both teams tied on 3 points a piece, The Leaders (Sabre/Scurll) defeated London & Generico after 22 minutes and 35 seconds of all-out action to regain the Undisputed British Tag Gold and end the year as they started, the best tag team in Europe!

Well, where to start? I'll begin with the timing of the show, I travelled from and back to Liverpool for this show all on the same day. Yep, the show finished 40 or 45 mins later than advertised but to be quite frank I couldn't have given any less of a shit if I tried; it was completely worth driving North through the thickest fog imaginable and only getting home at 2:30 am. Now that's out of the way lets get onto the show.....

The Leaders and The All Stars contested the opening match and it was the first match in the Round Robin tournament. Coming into the show I had huge anticipation for what the three matches in the RR tourney would offer and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. On the trip down we tried to predict who would come out on top and finish the night as Tag champs and after considering all of the possible permutations we decided that we would remain undecided which would make the RR all the more intriguing. These two teams have faced eachother quite a bit this year and the chemistry was in abundence lastnight and helped to provide probably the best match that they have had with eachother. Whiplash, sporting a dyed barnet that was somewhere between pink and ginger and wearing his mothers red dressing gown continued to impress me here as did all 3 men for that matter but The Leaders continue to prove they are by far and away the greatest tag team on our shores currently. As mentioned in the above posts the Leaders took the victory and chalked up 3 points in the process, The All Stars would have their work cut out for them now against The Danger Bees. This match would've been MOTN if not for what was to follow later on but it came very friggin close!

It was announced by Andy Quildon at the start of the show that Jonny Moss and James Tighe wouldn't be on the show tonight (along with Spud.) So with Match 2 pitting Leroy Kincaide against the absent Jonny Moss Andy said that Leroy had been given the opportunity to choose any opponent on the roster. Unsurprisingly Leroy chose Martin Stone. The two of them went at it in a match that totally eclipsed their singles affair from the FWA show at Memorabilia 2 weeks earlier. The exchange when Stone nailed a massive German suplex into the corner and Kincaide was straight back up and smashed into Stone with his spear was immense and I definately enjoyed this more than the aforementioned FWA main event. After he picked up the win Martin Stone proceeded to deliver what I interpreted as a farewell speech and then cracked open a couple of tinnies ala Stone Cold Steve Austin and rose a toast to the fans and IPW. It's a shame that although I've been watching Martin Stone for the past 5 years or so it's only in the last year or so I've found myself appreciating him more. If he is Stamford bound then they've certainly bagged themselves an intense and skilled worker and I wish all of the luck in the world to Mr Stone!

Match 3 would be our first International showdown. One half of the American Wolves Eddie Edwards would be going against Mark Haskins. The night just continued to impress as we were presented with another fine effort. Maybe I had too high aspirations for this contest and it didn't quite live up to my estimations but still it was a fine effort and was more than enough. Given Edwards was nursing his Collarbone injury too it made his efforts all the more impressive. Edwards targeted Haskins leg and Haskins played the injury to perfection, possibly to divert attention away from his possible involvement in a match later on in the evening. Mark Haskins got the win after hitting his always impressive Tombstone Driver. After the bell both men shook hands in a show of respect. After the ring had cleared Andy announced that at the next show on March 6th which is entitled 'No Escape' we will have Edwards' tag partner Davey Richards in the house which went down immensely well!...I'm already there! It must also be said here that Andy did a great job with his announcing duties this evening, although in hindsight he probably would've been better getting somebody else to do the gig on this show he battled through with knackered vocal chords and all and did himself proud!

So, the final match before the interval and it was The All Stars and the Danger Bees up next. Before the show I got the chance to meet and have a small chat with Generico and London and both were fine upstanding guys. I've met Generico on many an occasion but this was my first time chatting to Paul London but he seemed very humble and had alot of time for fans at his gimmick table. He did remark that he hadn't slept for over 24 hours which made his performances lastnight all the more remarkable. If I had to pick I'd say this was the weakest of the three matches in the Round Robin brackets but then I suppose it always would be. That's taking nothing away from the match though, it was still a very good affair as you would expect from these four guys. With the Danger Bees picking up the win after the Brainbustah! and Shooting Star combo it meant that we would have brand new champions crowned in the main event and The All Stars would be heading home with nothing more than a nice Red Dressing gown to show for their troubles.

Interval time.

The second half of the show began with the Brawl In The Hall 6 man match. Gilligan Gordon came out first with Iestyn Rees in tow and said that he had "scoured the internet and some maps" and managed to find the perfect man to take the missing James Tighe's place in the match, he brought out LDN's Polish powerhouse Wolf Alexander. Gilligan also revelled in the fact that he had it on good authority that Joel Redman had no friends left in IPW and it would be a 3 on 1 handicap match. I'm afraid much to Gordon's chagrin Redman hadn't come alone and he had indeed found himself two friends that he could rely on; namely Terry Frazier and his ex Thrillers compadre Mark Haskins. That's a great babyface team right there for you. Alexander was eliminated early on and not long after Sha Samuels came in behind the ref's back and nailed Frazier with a chair which resulted in the sides being levelled at two men apiece. I can't remember the order of elimination of the next two combatants but I blame that on Gilligan Gordon removing his T shirt resulting in me wiping the rest of the match from my memory in order to avoid horrific flashbacks of the sight that presented itself before me. Haskins was pinned after a lowblow (I'm never a fan of those endings) and Rees tapped out to Redmans leglock. This left Gordon alone to face Joel's wrath and despite begging off and trying to leave and take the cheap countout loss he was confronted and marched back to the ring by Mark Haskins. 'Skins stayed at ringside to witness his former partner decimate their former manager and pick up the win by tapout. They Weren't done there though as the two nailed Gordon in the postmatch with one of their old Thrillers doubleteam moves and made me feel quite nostalgic in the process. Ok, teh match wasn't as strong as anything that had gone in the first half of the show but then it didn't need to be; it accomplished it's goal of telling the story and allowed Redman to get his revenge on Gordon once and for all.

Next was the big title match. It was Sha's big opportunity to gather him so gold and could he pull of an upset of sorts by defeating Big Dave Mastiff? Unfortunately he would come up short on this occasion thanks to Terry Frazier's involvement meaning that Sha won by DQ but as we know the old adage that Titles cannot change hands via a DQ would mean that Mastiff kept hold of his belt. The match was only a short one and I was left a little disappointed by that but all the same given the amount of time they had they both still contested a very tempestuous match up that spilled out into the audience on one occasion and the sight of Mastiff's huge somersault cannonball move onto a prone Sha into the turnbuckles brought tears to my eyes. As mentioned, Frazier's involvement will set up him and Sha's match at 'No Escape' in March and given the title of the show I wouldn't be at all surprised if this wasn't billed as a Cage Match so the two get to finally settle their score. I'd also like to see Sha given another crack at the Title belt in the near future as surely as he was 'robbed' of his opportunity here he is deserving of a rematch otherwise it kind of makes this match a little redundant and it's sole purpose being to set up the Frazier/Samuels match at the next show. Danny Garnel challenged Mastiff to a match at the March show afterwards and generally just acted like a bit of a tosser which Dave soaked up and no doubt, and I really fucking hope he does, completely rip Garnell apart come March!

So onto the main event, and with my expectation at optimum level for this match, coupled with the fact that it was now the deciding match to crown the new Tag champs would it live up to the hype and expectation? Jesus Christ would it ever...and then some! The two teams started with a slower pace but quickly built the tempo up to crazy proportions; there were big moves aplenty, some stiff mean kicks and chops, one chop in particular from Generico on Zack looked to have knocked him completely silly! The action spilled to ringside and things really picked up here as the four of them went at it hammer and tongs, Generico and Zack legitimately looked like two guys going at it outside a kebab shop (albeit one of them wearing a mask!) and looked like they genuinely wanted to kill eachother. Intensity personified! Back in the ring there were a number of near falls, finishers being hit and kicked out of, The Danger Bees hitting the Leaders' "See ya Later" on Zack resulting in a kick out too and all the while the crowd soaked up each spectacular near fall. It had to end sometime and The Leaders took the win after some crazy dual kicks to Generico's head. New champs were crowned and the place went nuts!....Post match Marty Scrull paid homage to the fans and to their opponents and Paul London also returned the plaudits onto the Leaders saying he wished there were more guys with their talent and hunger in the States...all the while Generico acted like a Luchador possessed and wanted to still get into it with The Leaders until London managed to calm him down and all four men shook hands. It must also be noted that London said he and Generico would like another crack at the titles somewhere down the road and I'm all for that happening...as soon as bloody possible please IPW!

SO there you have it, after all of that I still had what turned out to be a five hour trip home through freezing fog but it was all so worth it! I've decided IPW is now the British promotion I'm going to throw my hard earned cash at because of all the promotions and shows that I've witnessed if it's value for money, the finest talent in Britain, the best imports available, the hardest hitting, action packed matches anywhere on this island and the greatest pair of socks ever seen on a ring announcer that you're after then really you should look no further than IPW because you will truly never leave a show disappointed. Immense!

Wow, this show exceeded my expectations 1000%!! So glad I made the trip from Ireland!

The main event was incredible and would have been right at home as the main event of a DG-UK or PWG show. Zack and Marty had the match of their lives. They looked like one of the elite tag teams in the world right now. London put in by FAR his best performance since he left WWE, and this was after already wrestling once in the night. Generico proved himself to be the best wrestler in the world and I will brainbuster anyone who says different!!!

The other two tags in the round robin were realy good, with the All Stars making for a great heel/babyface dynamic. The opener with Zack and Marty was such a perfect start to the show and the crowd were mental for it.

Haskins vs. Edwards did not disappoint. Really strong story to it, and A+++ technical wrestling exchanges.

The 6 Man tag was very storyline driven, and while I wasn't super familiar with all the characters, the rest of the crowd was and they were INTO THIS. Gilligan Gordan the heel manager who put on his gear for the night, gave a performance Bobby Heenan would be proud of. That dude was so great.

Martin Stone has the best fucking punches in wrestling!!!! and he threw many of them against the also impressive Leroy Kincaide. Very very solid match.

Only down point for me was the abrupt finish of the Mastiff match. That dude is such a fucking killer though, I need to see more of him stat. He should have a squash match against some small trainee on every show forever.

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