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459 "Градски легенди" за Pro Wrestling-ът


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Strange.....But True?

Urban Legends of Professional Wrestling


1. Kevin Sullivan spends his vacations at a nudist colony. Take that image through the day.

2. Tommy Rich soaked his balls in a beer mug full of hydrogen peroxide.

3. Roddy Piper having a young "manservant" type who travels with him wherever he goes, holding his bags, opening doors for him, etc. Piper and others referring to the young boy as "cocksucker" like it's his name.

4. Tommy Rich did some favors for Jim Barnett in exchange for the NWA World Title.

5. They had to break Brusier Brody's legs to fit him in a cheap Puerto Rican casket.

6. Virgil got a job by unleashing his hose on Pat Patterson's desk.

7. Kerry Von Erich really had his foot amputated because he thought he could walk across a room on his just-surgically repaired foot for a cheeseburger, thus crushing it.

8. NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski bought Kevin Von Erich a hooker in Las Vegas, when Kevin was TWELVE.

9. A coked up Kerry and Kevin were once playing with a saw blade in the back hallways at the sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the cat, killing it.

10. Kerry Von Erich sees a cat in the All Japan lockerroom. He decides to put the iron claw on it, killing the poor kitty.

11. Steve Lombardi is/was Pat Patterson's secret lover.

12. R&R Express walk in on Jimmy Valiant laying on the floor jerking off under a glass table that a hooker is shitting on. Ricky throws up and leaves, while Robert stays to watch.

13. Bruce Hart, was a substitute teacher while a top face/promoter/booker in Stampede. He impregnated a 14 year-old student and married her.

14. Dusty Rhodes got Baby Doll fired (or something) because he was pissed that she married near-jobber Sam Houston instead of him.

15. According to Japanese tabloids, Giant Baba was bisexual and Genichiro Tenryu had penis enlargement surgery.

16. Victor Quinones tried to rape Tarzan Boy at gunpoint in a bathroom stall. He DID rape some rookie Japanese wrestler at gunpoint in a bathroom stall.

17. Chris Champion went to jail for inappropriately touching an underage girl. While he was wearing his Cowabunga the Ninja Turtle costume.

18. El Dandy's banged both Lita AND Fishman & Lola Gonzales's hot daughter.

19. Manny Fernandez took a dump in "Number One" Paul Jones brand-new Stetson hat, put it back in the hat box on the airplane, like nothing happened, and went to sit back by Jones for the remainder of the flight.

20. Dusty Rhodes booked Rick Steiner to beat Ric Flair in 20 seconds at Starrcade 1988.

21. Superstar Graham once injected Clorox on a dare.

22. Gangrel & Luna are swingers and love to swap out with other couples.

23. Paul Boesch was doing a "Jewish Champion" gimmick somewhere (NY?). A writer from a Jewish magazine came to a show to do a profile on him. The writer wandered into the lockerroom after Boesch's match and saw him in the shower. Thus the writer found out Boesch wasn't really Jewish.

24. Jimmy Snuka killed his girlfriend and played the innocent savage in front of the police while Vince did the talking for him.

25. Raven got caught in a hotel room with Becky Bayless at age 14, and Becky slept with Joel Gertner and his wife.

26. Rip Rogers pulled Barry Windham's keys out of a commode filled with shit and Jack Daniels after a particularly hard night of partying with his bare hands.

27. At a indy show, Sabu had oral sex on one of the valets in the locker room but when one of the other wrestlers asked him if it was good, he said something along the lines of "smell my mustache."

28. There was this dude called John Arezzi who hosted a radio show and did some promoting. He promoted a AAA tour around the US and insisted on using Woman as a manager for Psicosis, because he used to be in love with her. Konnan was booking Baja California, and since he was friends with Woman (from ECW), he got her to do a small tour around Tijuana, Mexicali... After a Tijuana (I think) show everybody went back to their rooms. The TJ guys just stayed at home, Konnan shared a room with his buddies and Woman had her own room. Very late (in the midnight) somebody started screaming and pounding hard on Konnan's door. He opened the door and it was a half naked Nancy Sullivan whose face was a mess. They let her in and she told them that she got high with Metal and they were about to fuck, but he was so fucking wasted that he couldn't get it up from all the shit he'd been doing all day. So... he started biting her ass realllly hard. She hit him in the face with something to get him off, he then hit her back and she just escaped as soon as she could. At the time Konnan was scared because he didn't want to get on Peсa's back side by having an argument with Metal, and he was afraid it would cost him his WCW job if this got to Sullivan. Years later I told him "If Sullivan had found about it, he'd probably have gone down Mexico and cut Metal's balls off". He then said "Not really, he probably beats her up even worse"...

29. Butch Reed has pissed on the carpet and/or furniture of every motel he's ever stayed in.

30. Johnny Valentine would take a dump and strategically place it where it couldn't be found easily like the inside of bed posts.

31. Shawn Michaels supposedly invited three hot girls back to his hotel room. He told them to all get naked and get on their knees. He whips out his ding dong and the girls figure it's going to be a suck-fest, but instead he proceeds to take a piss in each of their mouths.

32. Bruiser Brody was supposed to do a shoot run-in on the first WrestleMania...

33. Hogan vs. Zeus was supposed to headline WrestleMania 6.

34. The Iron Sheik was offered $100K to break Hogan's legs instead of dropping the belt to him.

35. Apparently after Lawler first arrived in the good old WWF a lot of people disliked him for his general arrogant attitude. Hall, Nash, and Michaels didn't take to this too well, so at one of the Royal Rumbles, Lawler left his crown in the dressing room to do the Rumble. So the Kliq decided to shit in his crown. But apparently this wasn't like a couple of turds in the crown. They apparently filled King's precious crown to the brim with a nice, hearty Kilq shit.

36. Matt Striker had a 3 way with Mase and Buff E backstage at a JAPW show in 2002

37. TAKA fucked Sunny while Candido watched.

38. Scott Hall took a dump in Sunny's lunch on a tour of Germany in the spring of 1996.

39. Jushin Liger likes to loan out his wife to folks like Sasuke, TAKA, and Hayabusa. He may also like to watch.

40. Buff Bagwell broke into wrestling by blowing Bert Prentice. Then Ronnie P. Gossett paid to blow Bagwell.

41. Wolfie D was selling pics of PG-13 with Bill Dundee at USWA shows. Bill wanted a cut of the money. Wolfie said no. Bill pulled out a knife.

42. Mae Young & Fabulous Moolah are a lesbian couple.

43. During Eddy Guerrero's indy tour/initial cleanup period, Brian Christopher asked him if he wanted to get high at the FWA UK Revival show.

44. Pedro Morales MAY have pawned his WWWF belt (it showed up in a pawn shop eventually and Tom Burke bought it).

45. There were constant bisexual orgies in the OMEGA lockerroom.

46. Lita has been pissed on by Steve Corino and Danny Doring.

47. Ricky Marvin is rumored to be Negro Casas' bottom.

48. Perro Aguayo Jr. used to cruise the bars in TJ for barrio looking guys to take to his hotel room.

49. Mr. Aguila (Essa Rios) & Nygma are/or were lovers.

50. Simon Dean (Super Nova) enjoys the feel of pudding. Take that for what you will.

51. Tammy Sytch has phone sex with indy guys.

52. Mike Rapada paied $25,000 to win the NWA belt.

53. Apparently, there's a polaroid from the 80s of Ric Flair playing the skin flute.

54. Either Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk were about to double team Terri Runnels(likely) or they were about to get it on themselves (less likely).

55. Kevin Von Erich, once paid a hooker to break in a then 11 year old Chris von Erich. Supposedly, Chris even cried during the act.

56. Curt Hennig was supposedly one of those that shit in Lawler's crown.

57. During one of those Nitros where the wrestlers had to stay under the ring the entire show, it was at least Hennig and Scott Norton under the ring. Hennig had to go and of course, he couldn't exactly leave. So, he shit under the ring.

58. Bill Watts pissing out of his tower office at Turner onto the parking lot below.

59. During the Gold Club investigation, Bischoff admitted that he enjoyed watching his wife and one of the strippers get it on in their hotel room.

60. Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey describes seeing Andre screwing - "like a lion raping a rabbit".

61. Bad News Brown said that Strong Kobayashi liked to cop feels off of his opponents.

62. According to a referee who was released from the WWF, Bradshaw tied up a wrestler in the shower while he was naked and rubbed baby oil all over him threatening to rape him until he cried while the lockerroom looked on and laughed. I think the victim might have date-raped a girl, or may have just not been well-liked. It was never specified who the victim was other than this happened in like '98 or '99 and the guy was a fairly well known wrestler, I also heard it might have been Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay.

63. Some of the Smokey Mountain guys liked to take pisses in hotel ice machines.

64. Remember when David Flair quit IWA Puerto Rico due to unfit living conditions? And everybody ragged on him when they found out IWA had put him up in a nice house? Well, that nice house belonged to Victor Quiones. I shouldn't have to say anymore, but I will. David was sleeping one night and was woken up by Quiones standing over him about to blow a load on his face. David quit the next day.

65. But as I recall, Dynamic Dude #2 Johnny Ace and Z-Man Tom Zenk have just returned from an NWA house show in Cincinnati, OH. They're all over each other, when my friend asks them for autographs and a picture. Zenk and Ace collapse into a loving embrace, climaxing with Zenk planting a big fat snog on the cheek of Animal Jr. Then they realize my friend has a camera and just photographed their loving embrace. Zenk stands up and demands the camera. The fan refuses. Ace stands up and orders him to turn over the camera. Again, my friend refuses. The Dynamic Dude and the Z-Man charge at him, he runs. The only proof this incident ever occured is this photo.

66. Jerry Lawler has a well known foot fetish and he was once caught by a valet (ECW/USWA ringrat Miss Patricia) jacking off into her shoes.

67. Kerry Von Erich was preparing for a match, getting his gear on and listening to his Walkman, but he was so fucked up he somehow laced the headphone cable into his boot laces.

68. Macho Man had his way with Stephanie (she was about 14 then) back in 94/95 and that Vince found out and that was the true ending for Macho Man in WWF.

69. During the 80's when Tommy Rich was to wrestle a show in Parkersburg WV, he decided to skip the show after already taking the money. He was caught stopped by the police and was arrested for having pot on him. They dropped the charges however he isn't allowed back in the country.

70. Andre The Giant once called Kamala a n****r and Kamala stuck a gun to his face. Andre was nice to Kamala after that.

71. Randy Savage once knocked Bill Dundee out in a parking lot of a gym in Louisville after Dundee pulled a gun on him. This was back when Randy was running an outlaw promotion and they would tell folks on their TV show the real names of Memphis wrestlers and give out their telephone numbers. And the way I heard the Lawler's crown story is that it was Steve Keirn who started the crap in the crown battle royal.

72. Lita took off for Mexico in the 90s and bang anyone down there that would "train" her in the ring.

73. Antonio Pena turned half the AAA lockerroom gay.

74. Pat Patterson had a special "relationship" with Jacques Rougeau in the 80's.

75. Bulldog Bob Brower was pretty open about being a card carrying member of the KKK.

76. Trish Stratus and Lillian Garcia getting to “know each other” really well.

77. Sabu kicking a bag down some stairs and all around the lockerroom and then opens the bag and a cat comes out. All the while Sabu has a “I love cats” t-shirt or something like that.

78. New Jack threatened to beat up Gary Yap’s girlfriend.

79. The Kliq and some of the other WWF wrestlers making the Eliminators dress out in the hall instead of the locker room.

80. Jushin Liger has one of the worst acne/pock marked faces you’ll ever see.

81. The Iron Shiek used to do headstands while snorting coke.

82. Bull Pain isn’t afraid to introduce a flashlight to a girl.

83. Bison Smith changing in the WWE lockerroom and HHH sat down by him, stared at him the entire time he changed, not saying a word.

84. Paul Heyman's firing from WCW had to allegedly do with embezellment of funds. The example being that he would have two sets of bills for road expenses thus, I believe, overcharging WCW.

85. Davey Boy asked Dynamite Kid about steroids, and Dynamite gave Davey was he seemingly thought would be his first injection of steroids...only thing was Dynamite put milk in the syringe.

86. Ricky was well known for hitting the nose candy before interviews, hence the rapid-fire unintelligable promos he gave. Word is it that he took a severe toot before going to sign autographs at an indie show. While signing an autograph for a kid, he sneezed and then said , "Goddammit. There went about $500."

87. At least 4 people in ECW killed someone.

88. The Rottens stole from the ECW locker room.

89. Taz did show his penis to the teen at the tanning place. He did that to the females in ECW too.

90. Bradshaw allegedly gets in the shower with new guys and soaps them up. Supposedly he was doing this kind of shit to Paul London a lot.

91. Paul Heyman used to get blowjobs behind the ECW parking lot at 3am while writing checks to a line of a few wrestlers.

92. Stephanie McMahon has a strap-on & has used it on Austin, HHH & Chyna.

93. El Dandy was caught by Fishman when he was banging his daughter (I think she was a minor), and he no-showed several shows where the two were booked together because Fish threatened to kick his ass. When heat died down, El Dandy repaid him by also fucking his wife.

94. This has been dismissed as fake, but one anonymous wrestler claimed years ago in a long letter posted in message boards how Dr. Alfonso Morales used to have coke orgies with underage males and his "pornstar wife" (apparently his wife was a major star in 70s pseudo-erotic movies).

95. Xochitl Hamada and Negro Casas were rumoured to be about to marry when she caught him very late at the Arena Mexico showers in a very tender act with one of his male trainees.

96. 5'1" Super Astro is now a nicely married family man, but in the 80s he was "famous" because of his willingness to insert his astral wang on tall (5'11" or more) women.

97. During one of AAA's long tours in the mid 90s, fatboy commentator Arturo Rivera was anally deflowered by Jerry Estrada.

98. In both AAA and CMLL, Estrada has been known to make a lot of "side money" by running a drug little business of his.

99. More Estrada! He's the Mexican Jimmy Snuka. He didn't wrestle in Tijuana for years (and I haven't checked but maybe he still doesn't even work there) after getting into trouble for throwing a rat off a hotel room's balcony.

100. El Salsero also had trouble in TJ, I believe after trying to rape a girl, so he moved to Monterrey and invested some of his money in a shoes shop. The first thing he did after opening was going shop to shop, threatening to kill all of the local competition owners if they didn't close their shops.

101. Midget wrestler Pentagoncito (original) is in jail for raping a little girl (around 14) with his mask on. He still claims he didn't do it, and that it may have been a kid her age wearing a mask like his'.

102. Mexican version of the Victor Quiсonez sports car of love. Pierroth gave a really great new model sports car to AAA wrestler Estrellita, but he took it back after he learned she was fucking Latin Lover as well. Well, and half of the AAA locker room.

103. AAA's Vatos Locos used to carry coke through the US border hidden in pendants and necklaces with secret compartments.

104. If you go to Mexico City's club "Solo para hombres", for a reasonable price you can fuck most of your favourite CMLL ring girls.

105. Apolo Dantes' uncle old time wrestler Septiembre Negro has a shit fetish.

106. Simply Luscious was dating one of the guys down at the TWA camp back before anyone knew anything about her, and the guy broke up with her. So, she drove to his house and started beating on the door, threatening to kick his ass. This somehow ended with a car chase down an interstate with a loaded gun being carried by the guy.

107. Luscious and Paul London apparantly had a little fling that London ended up breaking off before heading for his stint in Florida, training and working for Dory Funk Jr...the thing is, Luscious, jealous as hell, decided she was going to follow him there, and ended up starting to hang out around the BANG school (I forget if she actually trained there or not, though they found out she was a wrestler and started using her for a short while). They ended up being booked on opposite ends of a mixed-gender tag, and London "took his frustrations" out on SL during the match.

108. Steve Corino might have once had an affair with a female Zero-One office worker that had a pregnancy scare involved.

109. Johnny Valentine put lighter fluid in Jay Yorks inhaler.

110. Owen Hart never drank, so Bret spiked his drink with halcion so he got totally wasted and passed out.

111. Bill DeMott did a shit on Bagwell's face while Buff was sleeping.

112. Gino Hernandez WAS a major coke user, and also a dealer...of course, he's been clean for 18 years.

113. Killer Khan stole a homeless man's hooch, and threatened to give him a Mongolian chop.

114. Masa Saito & Ken Patera broke some windows at a McDonald's after hours when they refused them service.

115. A few months after David passed away in early 1984, referee David Manning, who worked in the World Class office, was autographing David VE 8x10 pictures with David's name on them and they were still selling them throughout the year - all of this at the command of Fritz.

116. CW Anderson told a story of him, Corino, and Spanky getting drunk/high in a hotel room in Japan. They met two chicks, and followed them back to their hotel rooms. The chicks kept saying "Zero 1 wrestlers." When they got back to the 2 girls rooms, the girls tied all 3 up, pulled down their pants, spanked their asses with a cat of nine tails, and then poured hot candle wax on Spanky's ass.

117. At a hotel with Sandman once, he went out on the balcony, dropped his pants and yelled "2 Cold Scorpio ain't got shit on me."

118. New Jack said when he worked for XPW he use to go to a warehouse of sorts for Extreme Associates and Rob Black would pay him in hundreds of porn DVDs.

119. Negro Casas owns Olimpico's ass. Literally.

120. Negro Casas tried to own Ultimatum's ass till he jumped to AAA and became Skitzofrenia, later Electro Shock.

121. Septiembre Negro loves to be shit on.

122. Nino De La Calle was no gimmick. Pena found him at the age of 14 and let him be a wrestler in exchange for... well you guys can figure it out.

123. Mascara Sagrada Jr. told Pena he was done having sex with him. He's yet to be on AAA TV since and rarely gets any special bookings.

124. Zach Gowen and CZW star Z-Barr Doubleteamed some hoe on June 4th after an NWA FL show in St. Petersburg. Z-Barr then proceeded to run around naked.

125. Homicide punched a fire extinguisher at the same hotel, shattering glass and causing him to miss the show the next day and the ROH show after that. I believe he was intoxicated, because he kept hollering "That damn thing owed me money" after he punched it. He was eventually taken to the hospital and was stitched up.

126. New Jack intentionally shoved Grimes towards the outside of the ring in XPW. He wanted revenge for blinding Jack in one eye in ECW.

127. Ron Killings and BG James weren't flown into Nashville for TNA because they couldn't bring their weed on the planes. So they drove in *just* so they could smoke. Of course they had to get local hook-ups once they started taping IMPACT and were required to fly.

128. The guy in the clown wig Monty Brown pounced on Xplosion three weeks ago. I saw him personally sell some "stuff" to a very strung out Larry Z. three months ago at the Fairgrounds out of the back of an mid-90s model Chevy Blazer.

129. Jerry Lynn is a nice guy, but has a special tote bag for pills. Lots and lots of pills. Same for Sabu and Simon Diamond. Sabu's wife told us he can't even walk in the morning without a half hour of motivation. Diamond's back is so f'ed that after each match in TNA he lays on the concrete for twenty minutes to "ease the pain." Concrete. So hell, who can blame them?

130. Raven didn't wear clothes backstage at TNA until someone complained to prevent Dixie from seeing his horsec*ck.

131. Bert Prentice has done "man things" with one of the Naturals.

132. Chris Harris went over to Bob Ryder's apartment early this year (February or March?) and jacked off for Bob. But that had to stop when a beefy, ecstasy addicted Abyss moved in with Bob.

133. This past summer David Young brought his girlfriend to a show early in the day and got her hooked up to be the "ring girl" to return gimmicks (robes, vests, etc.) to the back as the match started. THEN his wife and kids show up so he tells the girlfriend to "play it cool." BTW, his real job? He's a bouncer for a gay bar in Atlanta.

134. Around March-April, several TNA guys started wrestling for gay videos. They weren't told they were in gay videos and wrestled in regular ring gear. BUT the matches weren't in front of a crowd, they were in front a "green screen" where they were told fans would be "super-imposed" later. They were told they would be sold in Germany I believe. Anyway, I didn't believe this at first but Elix Skipper, Sonny Siaki, and David Young all confirmed it. I laughed when they all said Bert Prentice got them the booking.

135. When Dusty Rhodes first came to TNA I found out that a lot of boys HATE him. I couldn't understand why but apparently a few years ago he promoted a show and handed everyone empty envelopes after the show. When the asked him when they were getting paid he just said, "Well when I finalize all of the numbers I'll mail you a check." Then he jumped in the truck and left before the main event was over. Apparently one TNA wrestler wrestled nearly twenty shows w/o being paid believing Dusty would actually pay him.

136. Ryder was living high on the hog in WCW. He bought a $300k boat, a small plane, and a two million dollar house in Louisiana. Well when that shit hit the fan in 2001, he started to lose all of his stuff or mortgage it to the hilt. So once that ran out what did he do? He started ripping off Joey Styles of course. He was handling the accounting and stiffing the staff (Dave, Buck, etc.) and not paying bills on time (bandwidth, etc.). Well out of the blue some collection agent calls Joey for a bill. He doesn't have a clue. He finally gets the accounting from Bill and he realizes that everything and everyone is more than two months behind. Why? Ryder had an addiction. Pills? Of course not. Hardcore drugs? No way. His weakness? Male prostitutes. Lots of them. I've heard from multiple sources that he spent over $40,000 on man sex inside of two months. Needless to say, he's working off debt to Joey now. Which explains why every one of the paid staffers went to PWI. This also explains why the news is painfully slow on 1W now. Free labor only gets you so much. So after that Ryder decided to make himself irreplacable (sp?) to TNA. He wanted to carve a niche for himself that really would have pushed someone else out. He wanted to become the "Jim Ross of TNA" and serve as a talent agent. This would of course put him in direct competition with NWA President, "Ninja" Bill Behrens (also very gay, by the way). So anyway, he couldn't afford the man-whores so why not make new ones under the guise of giving them "their big break" in the wrestling business.

137. James Storm is an asshole. A week into the business he was stretching newer guys and telling them to pay their dues. But that is different now. He cries a lot. If he doesn't like a match, he cries backstage afterward. I'm not making this up. He's just really sensitive now. Odd. But his partner, Chris Harris is now at the very least bi-sexual thanks to Bob. Right before Harris got the big singles push he went to hang out with Bob. One thing led to another and they were both jerking the meat whistle. Magically they both got bumped from $500 / week to $1,500 / week. First, can you believe anyone pays them that? I mean, anyone but TNA? But how great does Storm come out in this? He doesn't whack off for anyone but still gets the good pay days.

138. When Missy Hyatt was sixteen when she met Tommy Rich. She was a virgin, even orally, but jumped at the chance to blow him. So he took her to the show and she blew him on the way. She didn't swallow so he used a towel. He told her to keep it as a souveniur (sp?). She laughed but didn't keep it. Once they got to the arena he asked her to come in for a minute. She met Larry and went down to Larry Land for a meal that night too. She must've been hungry for the business.

139. Joel Gertner went to college at Cornell U., of all places. His parents busted his ass for him to go to school there. He majored in TV production and worked at a TV affiliate in Ithaca while he was trying to break into the biz. With a couple of semesters left from getting an Ivy League diploma, he dropped out of school to follow his dream.

140. There was a rumor floating around RSPW a few years back about Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon and Maxx Payne gangbanging Dark Journey backstage at the Slamboree Legend's Reunion in... I wanna say 92

141. Victor Quinones slipped Shocker a mickey. Shocker feels sickly and goes to sleep. Shocker wakes up with lil' Shocker in Victor's mouth or about to be there.

142. Rita Chatterton who was the WWF's first female referee alleged that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the back seat of his limousine. Chauffeur Jim Stuart corroborated Chatterton's account and filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging that, during his WWF employment, he had been forced into witnessing the commission of crimes. The cases were either dismissed for lack of evidence or settled out of court.

143. Norman Smiley once knocked out Rick Steiner with one punch in a bar fight.

144. New Jack once got liquored-up at a strip club after an indy show and talked shit to Swede Hanson in the parking lot.

145. Sunny and Candido had a 3 way with Jake Roberts for some of his crack.

146. A married Kurt Angle was banging Jacqueline on the road for some time.

147. Jeep Swenson used to pimp out his wife to the boys backstage.

148. The Freebirds had a habit of initiating new wrestlers by pissing on them while they showered.

149. Andre the Giant had a habit of shitting in hotel bath tub's.

150. I hear CM Punk started banging BJ Whitmer's wife while she was still married to BJ. I hear this happened while Punk was (and still is) dating TNA's Tracy Brooks. She, by the way, is hotter in person.

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151. I know this belongs in another thread, but I have more info on Bobby Eaton. He's not the great guy everyone was talking about in the other thread. He's a legit alcoholic who allowed booze to ruin his career and family.

152. Balls Mahoney is also a satanist. James Mitchell is an atheist like Raven and CW Anderson but not a satanist. He thinks everyone is wrong.

153. The 3PW Promoter Jasmin St. Claire once had sex with 400 men in a day! Shocker!

154. Heyman didn't pay ECW boys for well over a month as the company was dying. He wasn't even at the shows. He bought himself time by saying telling everyone to be patient because he was out in California working on securing a new TV deal for ECW. He was actually spending the money hiring an agent, filming Rollberball, and spending money buying drinks and suites for Hollywood types with the boys' pay. Of course everyone knows he never told the boys the company was dead. They just saw him on RAW and figured it out.

155. NWA President and NWA Wildside Owner Bill Behrens has a fetish for young looking boys and black muscles. Ever notice Wildside has more black wrestlers than most other feds? I mean c'mon, it's Georgia and he has an almost 50% black locker room. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Hmm... Well let's just say that's not because he enjoys their "work." Wait, on second thought maybe he does.

156. When Chris Adams was wrestling in Portland during 1982 and 1983, he had his then wife Jeannie Clark (Lady Blossom) along with him. Billy Jack Haynes boinked Jeannie during that time period.

157. I saw Sabu attack a fan outside a show in Buffalo. Sabu arrived at the arena, via his dilapidated camper, in his ring gear and was accosted by a fan who claimed to know him. Sabu, in a hurry to get inside, just hauled off and decked the kid before running in the front door.

158. I also saw the Grimm Twins assault a fan in Albany who was doing nothing more than rib. One of them just hauled off and slapped the heck out of him before Faarooq ran from the ring and started kicking the crap out of him (legit) when the other Grimm attacked Faarooq, Scorpio ran out and they all brawled to the back - I think turning it from a shoot to a work as agents had come out w/Scorpio.

159. Also, I heard about the Iron Sheik being notorious in WCW for not wanting to job. He thought being a former WWF champ meant something so he refused to put either man over until management showed him footage of Vader breaking Joe Thurman's back (an admitted accident). Sheik turned into the world's biggest ass-kisser after that.

160. The Sinister Minister supposedly stole Joel Gertner's wife.

161. When they were all in the UWF, Slater was dating Dark Journey. She hooked up with Sting behind Slater's back, but Slater found out about it and threatened to kill Sting. So Slater shows up in the locker room looking for Sting and finds him putting on his facepaint. Slater gives him a pretty good beat down because Sting doesn't fight back, knowing that he deserved it and didn't want to screw up his reputation by making any more trouble with Slater. After Slater finished with him, Sting got up, put on his facepaint, covering up the cuts and bruises, and went out and wrestled. Slater was fired from the UWF the next day.

162. There's also a greaet story Missy tells about the time she was dating Jake Roberts back in the day. Apparently, Jake had this weird thing where he liked to go to bars with Missy, but have her go in and sit at the bar by herself until some guy started hitting on her. Then, Jake would be watching from outside and come in and stare down the guy talking to Missy until the guy got up and walked away.

163. There's another story (this is sad that I remember all of these) about a time when Missy and Eddie Gilbert were having relationship problems, so she'd moved into her own apartment. She started dating Bill Fralic (thanks to Jim Ross hooking them up), but Eddie found out. One day he comes over to her place ready to go after whatever guy he found in Missy's bed. In the process, he knocks over a grill on the patio of the apartment that he thought was Missy's. When he finally gets into the apartment, Fralic is really cool with him and ends up giving Eddie a ride back to his place. As Eddie is apologizing for barging in, he says he's sorry about the grill. Fralic and Missy say, it's not ours. From the patio comes a voice, "It's mine!" The voice of the grill owner belonged to none other than Buff Bagwell.

164. Akira Hokuta and Kensuke Sasaki kept the whole hotel awake from so much LOVE NOISE~! when they first hooked up at one of those WCW/NJ deals.

165. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch just showed up at the January 2004 MLW tapings in Florida. They weren't booked and just showed up trying to secure future bookings. Well that night (early AM) they ran up and down the floor Court had rented for the boys knocking on every door. Then they started on different floors when they went looking for ice. The kicker: they wearing absolutely nothing. Well Tammy was wearing a sheet when she remembered to pull it up. She's not a big advocate of shaving apparently. Chris was as naked as the day is long. Not very long at all in his case. The hotel tried to evict everyone because of this but Court got them to settle down.

166. Mickey J was at those same tapings. It's twenty minutes until show time and neither of the referees have shown up. Then with five minutes to go before the show starts Mickey J walks in off the street in his gear. He was two hours late and just walked right in off the street in the ref shirt. He stopped by the bar and bought two shots before hopping in the ring. He didn't greet anyone (including Court) or go over finishes. He just hopped in the ring and looked at the ring announcer long enough to say, "Hey tell someone to tell you the finish so you can tell me." He assumed he would do the first match and then go backstage to rest for the second match and get the finishes then. Needless to say, the other ref never showed and Mickey didn't leave the ring for over three hours. He got the finishes during the match from the announcer and worked the entire show.

167. Arn Anderson passed out in a bar in Georgia around 1995. He was in a circular booth with a beer in his hand when he passed out. The funny thing is that even passed out he held the beer in his hand only slightly tilted never allowing a drop to hit the floor. When security came to take him outside they woke him up and he pissed all over himself before calling them "cocksuckers."

168. At those January MLW tapings a few of the boys and regular every day citizens got wet when water balloons fell five stories upon them. The culprit liked to disguise his voice as a bird when he did it. But his voice sounds like a bass CD rumbling it's so deep. The culprit: Low Ki!

169. I don't know if this is true..but Supposedly Koji Kanemoto has been seen with many young boys. Liger recently cut a promo and mentioned the gay part, referring to the junior babyface group as "Kanemoto and his army of gays." I guess the jury is still out on the underage boys thing. All I can say is after reading 20 pages of sleaze here...I wouldn't doubt its validity too much, seems like anything is possible.

170. Manny Fernandez was once booked on an indy card featuring some of Ivan Koloff's trainees, despite Ivan's protests. Manny was a serious power drinker. Manny is booked in the main event as a "mystery opponent", but the promoter pulls Manny when he shows up lit the fuck up. The promoter then books Manny as the curtain jerker against one of Ivan's newer trainees and also refuses to pay Manny his full gate. Manny threatens to kill the promoter when the show is over. Ivan does not think that Manny is bluffing. Bell time comes around and it takes Manny 10 min to get to the ring. During the match, Manny beats the hell out of Ivan's trainee and shouts "I'm gonna kill you" at the promoter, who is sitting at the timekeeper's table. The trainee is mercifully murdered at the 5 min mark after a horrific squash (which the fans pop for) & is stretchered out legit from the ring. Manny rants until he is escorted from the ring by several refs and security. Ivan escorts his trainee to the ambulance and returns with hatred in his eyes. As Manny sees the promoter backstage and lunges for him, Ivan meets him with a right cross, knocks Fernandez cold, and shakes loose three of Manny's porcelain crowns.

171. Italian Stallion held raffles for door prizes at his PWF events. No one won because the raffles were rigged. One of Stallion's friends, trainees not working the card, or family members always seemed to have the winning ticket. Everyone but Stallion's wife (now ex-wife I think) seemed to know that the reason Mad Maxine kept the PWF Ladies Title was because she was fucking Stallion. Stallion's wife was pretty hot and pretty well proportioned, while Maxine was sorta normal looking in the face, but weighed a shade over 270 lbs.

172. Harvey Whippleman was booked at some local Indy in Evansville while he was working for WWF back in like 99ish to ref a match. He came out at the beginning of the show to start the night's angle that set-up his reffing of the match between the promoter and the champ. When they went backstage, Harvey demanded DOUBLE the pay for the night since he "had to work twice, and the only reason all these people are here is because MY NAME is on the card". The promoter said fuck it and gave it to him just to keep him happy. A week later, the promoter got a cease and desist order from the WWF because Harvey told Vince that one of the wrestlers at the show used WWF music.

173. Scott Casey retired from wrestling to become a gigolo in Vegas and there have been rumors that he has been a client for both men & women.

174. Sid Vicious used to take a squirrel with him everywhere he went for some stupid reason and one day a couple of the wrestlers bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a minute. Sid accepted and after about 30 seconds the squirrel bit him in the dick and Sid dropped on the floor in pain crushing the squirrel in the process. He had to get rabies shots and stiches on his dick.

175. Austin got pissed off at Raven one time in the locker room because earlier in the day Debra (who was his wife then) was cutting a promo near the showers when Raven came out of the showers wearing nothing but a towel. Austin hears this and confronts Raven because he thought that Raven was "showing off" in front of his wife (Raven supposedly has a big dick) and basically choked Raven while threatening him verbally until Raven told him that he didn't know that she was there. Austin then apologized and Raven understood because the wrestlers knew at that time that Austin was VERY protective of Debra then.

176. Collette Foley would negotiate with Vince to get more money if Mick took certain bumps & other abuse.

177. Towel Boy Eric Tuttle gave Tommy Dreamer to get into ECW.

178. Sometime during the 90's during a live Memphis Wrestling broadcast, the police showed up to arrest Billy Travis on a delinquent child support warrant. Backstage, Lawler books on the fly and manages to talk the cops into arresting Travis during a live on-air angle involving Travis getting arrested for his part in a backstage beatdown during the previous week's show.

179. The AWA wrestlers in the 70s usually had three nights off in a row. One time Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch got drunk, drove all the way from Minnesota to Louisiana for the sole purpose of kidnapping a mule, and brought it back to their apartment complex in Minnesota. Bored with just having the mule around the apartment, Murdoch got drunk(or was still drunk?), went to some country and western bar in downtown Minneapolis and rode the mule into the bar while firing a gun in the air.

180. The first time ECW came to Detroit, me and a friend wanted to go, but didn't have credit cards to but tickets ahead of time. We decide to just say fuck it and drive in from 4 hours out of town from Northern Michigan on a whim. If tickets were still left, cool, if not, no biggie. We get to the arena around 3PM and ask the ticket lady is there's any tickets available. She says no, but not because they're sold out, but because they haven't arrived to the office yet. Me and my friend are scrambling when we see someone in a New Japan ring jacket. My friend walks up to him and asks him if he knows someone we can get tickets from. Turns out it's ECW ref, John "Pee Wee" Moore. He tells us to just follow him out to his car, he's got a stack of tickets. We go to his car, he says the tickets are 20 bucks. I search through my wallet looking for a 20 in a stack of dollar bills, I'm having trouble finding it. Within several seconds of me struggling to find the 20, Pee Wee asks, "If you don't have the cash, you got any weed?"

181. During PG-13's run in ECW, Sandman starts dressing down Jamie Dundee in the locker room over some sort of breach in ECW locker room etiquette(whatever the fuck that means). Jamie Dundee replies: "I was on Wrestlemania, bitch! What the fuck have you done?!"

182. Dynamite Kid used to wake his wife up by putting a pistol to her head... and pulling the trigger once her eyes opened. Then he would say, "One day, it will be loaded."

183. The Anvil taught Davey Boy how to drug his wife's orange juice right before bed time each night. Then the next morning their wives would awaken with bloody, sore anuses. It took them a few bloody anuses to realize their husbands were anally raping them.

184. Someone tell the story about Dynamite Kid breaking his niece's kneecaps for insurance money. I know he did it with a hammer while her father held her down. I know she walks with a limp for the rest of her life. I know they did it because she was in a car wreck that didn't really hurt her. But I feel like I'm missing some details...

185. I heard the TNA ring girl Athena has a foot and leg fetish and apparently was caught trying to run off with Zach Gowen's fake leg.

186. A wrestler who worked Stampede blamed Dynamite Kid for John Foley's death. Dynamite would constantly slip uppers and downers into Foley's drinks and Foley eventually had a stroke and died.

187. Hawk started taking Rhesus Monkey Hormones, which were big in the bodybuilding community at the time. He told Bill Watts that every morning his first thought when he woke up would be that he wanted to kill somebody. "That's a wonderful way to live." said Watts.

188. Brad Armstrong has appeared in adult films, including a hardcore wrestling movie called Headlock.

189. Piper got high with Kerry Von Erich. Not such a big deal until he reveals they were both standing on a tiny ledge outside their hotel room window on the third floor.

190. Piper was doing some show in a dilapidated facility with no bathroom. He took a shit in a brown paper bag and then just threw it in the corner backstage.

191. Chris Adams pimped out his wife Toni Adams in the WCCW/USWA Texas locker room late 80's/early 90's.

192. Brian Pillman was a definite racist.

193. Action Jackson, former Global alumnus, shoots homemade porno videos with several fellow wrestlers playing lead.

194. Haku nearly bit off Jesse Barr/Jimmy Jack Funk's nose off in a bar fight after Barr got too rowdy for Haku's liking.

195. Don Fargo (Jackie's "brother") had a pierced cock. Apparently, he liked to hook it up to a dust pan and pull a brick around the locker room. No word on whether this was meant to entertain or intimidate his fellow workers.

196. Austin Idol convinced a promoter to put up a real $10,000 check for one of those battle royals in the early 80s. The promoter did, Idol won, took the check and immediately left the arena.

197. Rock loves to lay the smackdown on Trish Stratus.

198. Tommy Dreamer and Francine were quite the item. Dreamer would not Francine to shit if necessary and Francine would knock on other talents hotel doors to ask to use the bathroom.

199. Trent Acid cops drugs and gets high outside of the CZW shows in the parking lot with the fans.

200. Fat Frank from JAPW loves to shit in a cup and leave it places or hand it to unsuspecting workers.

201. Victor Quionnes whipped out his johnson in front of Homicide and asked him favors. Homicide proceeded to beat the sh*t out or Victor.

202. At WM 13, supposably Psycho Sid shit his pants in the match with the Undertaker and Undertaker said it was some horrible smell in the ring.>br>

203. Back in 1995-1996 in ECW, Raven was banging Francine. I think everyone knows he likes to degrade women... a lot. Well he would choke her, slap her, tie her up, call her names, spit in her face, etc. But what finally broke her was when he fisted her while she was tied up. She started crying so he stopped but didn't untie her. So he started sticking the hotel remote control in her, which he did at every hotel room they stayed in. She was cool with that. But then he broke out the coffee cups and she finally left him when he untied her.

204. Sable used to live in a trailer park before she met Mero. They have a bogus "how we met story" they tell everyone. The truth is that he met her while he was in WCW on the road... at a strip club. She was a stripper who offered "extras" for a price. Mero was impressed with the service and asked her to come on the road with him. She did. Mero didn't have any interest in making it a serious relationship though. He just wanted a regular piece on the road with him. So he started pimping her out to the boys a little bit. I know of at least five boys who took Mero up on it before she got pregnant. When she got pregnant Mero, as a part-time Christian, did the honorable thing and married her. Once the pregnancy was "handled" Sable continued to bang the boys but this time it was done w/o Mero in the know. She is apparently really into three and four way "dances" with her in a handicap match of sorts. BTW, she tells the boys they cannot wear condoms because she is "allergic" to them. I know one guy suggest lambskin but she wouldn't allow it because she is a vegan. The guy said, "Well you don't have to eat it." That made me laugh.

205. Ahmed Johnson did a lot of coke back around 1996 at the height of his WWF pay. I don't think I have to tell you that Chris and Tammy enjoy their fair share of nose candy. Well once they had blown through their cash but were still jonesing, they got desparate. They asked Ahmed for an eight ball on credit. He laughed and said, "Black people don't believe in credit. But we can barter." Chris asked what he wanted and Ahmed nodded in her direction. Chris looked at Tammy who shrugged before he said, "Well hey don't hurt her, okay?" So like twenty minutes later Ahmed finishes and Tammy leaves his room with the tiny, paper envelope. Instead of going back and using it with Chris (who was in their room freaking out), she did the coke with Shawn Michaels and spent the night in his room. A few hours later a frantic Candido starts banging on Ahmed's door. Ahmed answers the door and Candido asks, "Is Tammy here?" Ahmed shrugs and Chris says, "Where the fuck is Tammy?" Ahmed says he doesn't know because she left hours ago. Candido immediately abandons his search and says, "Well did she take the dope with her?" The next morning he still hasn't seen Tammy so he goes to the front desk where he runs into Shawn Michaels in the lobby. Shawn walks up to Candido and pushes a nostril close, sniffs, and says, "Thanks for the bump, Chris." Chris asked where Tammy was and Shawn said, "She's probably back in your room now." Candido stormed up to see her, got in a big argument, went to the building, and quit on the spot. The agent told him he couldn't quit w/o a written notice. So he picked up a booking sheet, flipped it over, and wrote: "I quit. Chris Candido" And that was the end of his WWF career.

206. The gimmick was that Ron Fuller put his boat on the line in a match. I do not think Fuller was wrestling but anyway none the less, Garvin won the match and "won" the boat. Garvin had a legit blow up with Fuller. Garvin tells Fuller he is keeping the boat. Fuller sues Garvin in court for the return of the boat. To keep kayfabe Fuller has to admit under oath wrestling is real and the results are not predetermined. Fullers testifies that Garvin won the match and one of the conditions of the match was the winner gets the boat. The Judge throws out the suit because Garvin won the match fair and square, Fuller ends up losing the boat.

207. Bruiser Brody once assaulted a fan with a vomit-drenched mop, because he was trying to kill the territory.

208. -"He had scar tissue on his butt from so many injections over the years, and it wa s hard to shove the needle in." - Superstar Billy Graham on injecting Hulk Hogan with testosterone.

209. More Graham-on-Hogan action: "We're flying to Minnesota, and Hulk Hogan, who is sitting across from me, pours out a pile of cocaine onto a mirror. He offers me some but I decline. 'Yeah,that's smart,' he says. 'Coke is a tough habit to break.' Then he proceeds to shove three lines up his nose."

210. According to "Dr. D" Dave Schultz, Hogan sold a "potpourrI" of drugs in the early 80's and was know as "the Tampa Pipeline," especially funny considering Hogan implying that Jesse was the pot hookup back in those days awhile back.

211. At a TV taping in Amarillo in late January, McMahon order his wrestlers into a private room and close the door. 'You motherfuckers all tested black again,' McMahon started in. 'That's it, goddamn it. I've had enough. I'm not covering for you anymore.' Hogan knew the warning did not include him. At least one jobber has allegedly been peeing in test cups for the Hulk since the W.W.F. began cocaine testing in 1987."

212. Back when Raven was working in Oregon regularly he and the promoter bonded because they both had coke habits. They were jonesing but remembered that their dealer had just been raided. Raven decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and go to the house to just "sneak in" hoping to find some that been hidden that the police missed. Well he gets there and finds a rock. He breaks it up and snorts... sheet rock.

213. Back in college, Stephanie McMahon would take a limo with her girlfriends into New York City and hit all the clubs, and she would pick up guys, fuck them in the limo, then kick them out in the middle of nowhere and drive off.

214. Someone made fun of Bob Backlund for being the only person in WWF locker room who didn't drink or do any drugs. He kept bugging Bob about it, so Bob took him down, tied him into a hold, and sat on his back for about an hour, not letting him up.

215. Randy Savage was doing cocaine backstage at the Arsenio Hall show before going on to talk about how he did steroids "back when it was legal".

216. Terry Gordy was all coked up one night working on his deck and he fell and caught his nutsack on a nail, ripping it almost completely off. In the same post someone said they heard he actually cut his finger off in a coked up sawing accident. Not sure if either is true, probably not.

217. Has anyone mentioned Chris Adams ripping off Rod Price's weave during a match? Supposedly, Adams later found the bloody "hair" near his locker with a note saying "payback is a bitch".

218. Ricky Morton let Killer Kyle & Robbie Eagle (Maestro) watch him get it on with Andrea one night. After Ricky was done apparently Eagle sheepishly asked Ricky, "can I eat that?"

219. It was Tony Anthony who did it to him, he shoved a piece or either broken wooden chair or broken table up the kid's nose so far he tore his sinus cavity open, he also beat him bloody and I think dislocated his shoulder or his elbow. The story is that Lotus was being touted as being "the next big thing" in the Jersey indies, I don't know if it was a gimmick or how he was bieng pushed, and Anthony did this to him to "teach him a lesson, according to someone I know who was at the show anthony kept screaming things like "welcome to the big leagues" or "I've been there you never will" or somethign along those lines. I was at really crappy show about a week later that Lotus was supposed to be in but couldn't wrestle. My friend and I were talking to him during intermission but he refused to say what the issue between him and Anthony was.

220. During Hacksaw's first days in the fed (around Wrestlemania 3) there was this ring rat that he saw at the first 3 WWF dates he worked, that he thought was attractive...and on his 4th night there, there's the girl, with a bunch of the boys jerking off ready to unload on her face (I can't recall the names of them other than Butch Reed) and a DOG going down on her at the time!

221. Back in 1988 or 89, at one of the shows, the fed rented rooms in 2 different hotels, both directly across from eachother. Anyway, Bret Hart tipped the roommate of Pat Patterson's room to keep the drapes open just to see what was going on...and that night, Hacksaw, Niedhart, Bret, and maybe 2 or 3 other guys witnessed Steve Lombardi come in the room, ram Lombardi up the poop shoot, and then turn him around and have him blow him afterwards...Hacksaw said he puked after seeing that.

222. Rene Goulet the former WWF agent is notorious for being one of the biggest slobs in the business. He use to piss and shit himself in his hotel bed apparently cause he didn't care....anyway, long story short, Rene came storming out of a room one night, announcing to all the boys in the back; "I don't have to whipe my ass for a week! Rhonda (Bertha Faye in WWF) gave me a rimjob!!!!"

223. Koji Kitao's on a working vacation in the States and Steel City has him booked against Preston Steele. Kitao's getting ready in the locker room when Steele heads over and tells him something along the lines of "DON'T WORK STIFF. IN AMERICA WE DON'T WORK STIFF, WE WORK LIGHT." He says this loud and enunciates every word, obviously to overcome the language barrier. Steele leaves, Koji turns to Sam and says something like "Stupid fucking asshole. Doesn't he think I could speak English?" Match happens. Koji promptly hits a HUGE chokeslam on Steele and seperates his shoulder. The End

224. Chris Hamrick had 1001 Ricky Morton stories & I think I heard this one also. We could have an entire 30 page thread about nothing but Ricky Morton stuff. There is an amusing story about the R&R getting all drunk in Charlotte and seducing some petite stripper from a local club to come back to their hotel room. The stripper is somehow smart enough to stay sober and gets Ricky & Robert to get naked first. Once they disrobed, the stripper found out that Robert was pretty well hung, and would probably cripple her if he hit it, and the boys seemed pretty intent on nailing her at the same time. She then convinced them to go into the bathroom to put on condoms, and fled the scene when they shut the bathroom door. The R&R came out of the toilet to find that the stripper had run off, but not with their money. They looked at each other for about 10 min, and then pushed the two beds in the hotel room to opposite sides so they could sleep with their asses pressed against the walls of the room.

225. I heard from an indy promoter the same story about Trish and Lilian. He also told me during one of his shows a long time ago he saw Lita and Luna Vachon making out backstage, then when Luna saw him watching them, she tried to beat the crap out of him.

226. Also there were some crazy sleazy stories in the Diana Smith book, the ones about her being drugged and anally raped have been covered but she also talked about her brother Smith. Apparently Smith married some sleazy Latin American girl and the two lived upstairs in the Hart house smoking pot and living like swine. She made it sound like he was a real sleaze bag. This is the same guy that pulled the Adolph Hitler imitation routine in Germany before JBL. Diana also wrote that Mongo McMicheal was a coke and morhpine addict and he used to beat the shit out of Debra before she hooked up with Austin. Apparently Owen used to complain to Diana about Arn telling Mongo to "go get your rails" before each match, he had to do lines of Cocaine in order to perform in the ring.

226. One night Brian Christopher decided to rib Flex Kavana when he was working Memphis by telling him to get a ride to the next town with JC Ice. On the ride Ice, who was driving, spent time alternately rolling joints and snorting coke while driving like a lunatic. Kavana, who later became Rocky Maiavia, got to the dressing room and cussed out Christopher for having him ride with such a nutcase.

227. Fernandez, Manny: Arrested 2-1998 on an independent show in North Carolina after holding a raffle for some merchandise then skipping out with the money and never holding the drawing. Fernandez was released on bail later that night.

228. Apparently Don Muraco had an indy booking a few years ago, but had to cancel last-minute because he was jailed -- for beating up his daughter.

229. Rip Morgan of the New Zealand Militia cried after someone (my guess, Black Bart) crapped in a bucket and put it in front of his locker.

230. Killer Karl Kox has a glass eye. He would secretly remove the eye and put it in his foreskin. When a girl went to go down on him, they got an "eyefull" and left screaming.

231. One of the Bushwhackers once entered a shower and put his mouth around Adrian Adonis' dick. When Adrian jumped, the Bushwhacker said "Blew your gimmick, mate!"

232. I've heard rumor that on occasion Lawler was known to pay the boys with food stamps.

232. Shawn Micheals got Marty Jannetty a hooker for his birthday, had her show up at the tv studio on the day of the interview tapings and proceeded to giive him a blowjob while the cameras were left running. Verne Gagne's daughter showed up at the studio that day while the production crew was watching the replay of the action.

233. Larry Zybsko first wife had nude photos of herself taken and would leave them on the cars of the boys with her phone # and address.

234. Sherri Martel showed up one day during the interview segments and stood in a postion where only Nelson and Zybsko could see her in the studio. She then proceded to hike up her dress giving them a shot of the full moon then left in a hurry.

235. Donovan Morgan did a shoot with a couple of friends of mine and told a short story of how he left APW to become the head trainer at XPW. On his first day he went to lunch and when he came back to the office they wouldn't let him in the door. He peeked in and saw a nice girl sitting at his desk blowing about 6 guys. He quit shortly after. There are a lot of XPW sleaze stories, the sad part are the ones that stuck around though the sleaze.

236. Big T/Ahmed Johnson/Tony Norris supposedly bragged about how when he was pimping underage girls, that he had them sooo pimped that he used their tongues for TP.

237. There was an indy guy up here known as Michael Stryker (I believe he was originally Matt Stryker, but then changed his name because of the Heartland Matt Stryker). He was a nice guy, really short cruiser, and apparently he had a habit of pretending everything he could get his hands on was his dick. So they're backstage, pissing around, and Stryker is there with his girlfriend. The Highlander uses a big axe for his gimmick, so Stryker picks up the axe, dangles it from his groin, pretending it's his junk. The axe falls, and chops his girlfriend's toe off. I heard he ended up marrying that same girl, and she's the one who convinced him to get out of the business. I guess you can only have your toe chopped off once before you decide whether wrestling is really what you want to dedicate your life to or not.

238. Jake Roberts was working an NWA Southwest show against (I think) Kevin Northcutt (we'll say it's Northcutt). While he has Northcutt in a chinlock, Jake then proceeds to stick his index finger up the poor guy's ass. Jake later hits the DDT and Northcutt, upsert that he was the victim of Jake's sick sexual antics, kicks out of the pin and says "That's for putting your finger up my ass!" Jake, just having all his heat killed off, decides to finish the match by walloping Northcutt with his leather boot.

239. It was well circulated in the sheets back then that when Dutch Mantel was doing the Uncle Zebekiah gimmick, at the motel one night he and Eli Blu got really fucked up on No-Doz and wood alcohol and they shaved off a bunch of Dutch's back hair, glued it to his crotch, and Eli "ate him out."

240. A Music City wrestler and some friends were at Bert Prentice's home talking about wrestling. Bert's dog was sitting on the floor. In the middle of the conversation Bert slips off his shoe, and starts messaging his dogs nutsack with his big fat stinky toes.

241. This might be the R. Kelley ECW story in more detail, I don't know. . . .. But in the mid 90s all the ECW boys stayed at the scummy Travelodge in Philly after the shows. There were a lot of rats, but there was this one Asian slut who was such a whore that even the boys were embarrassed for her, and some actually thought she was a pest. I actually saw her undo her top a button when the boys would get to the hotel and walk by her to the elevator. One night Stevie Richards and some of the boys took her up to a room and violated her in the ass with a coke bottle, then threw her out of the room naked.

242. This guy was driving Kevin Von Erich to a show. Kevin asks him to pull over at a store, and hands the driver money and asks him to buy a six-pack of beer. The guy buys the beer, gives it to Kevin, and they hit the road again. 10 MINUTES LATER Kevin asks him top pull over at another store, hands him money, and asks him to buy beer because he just drank the last one. There's another version of this story in my mind with Kerry in the car, a case, and 10 minute intervals too . . .

243. This was reported in the Observer:: a Cleveland promoter paid his boys in food stamps.

244. On his shoot tape, Dennis Coraluzzo says that Derrick Domino got shit canned because he was caught stealing money from the boys bags for drug money. Dennis also tells a great story about how he was on the road with his fat right hand man Gino Moore, and Moore had some chocolate chip cookies with him. Gino fell asleep (as we have learned in this thread, that is not a good thing to do). Dennis proceeded to stick the cookies in between his bare butt cheeks, and put them back in the box . . and Gino woke up and start eating them.

245. I remember this one timekeeper during a match with Scott Putski and Missy Hyatt telling me Scott had absolutely no clue or what planet he was on during the entire match.

246. Ah one more. More of a sad sap story than a scum story, but what the hell. This is also from the Dennis tape, and I also heard it before I saw the tape.. This concerns the King of All Marks, this POS from Pennsylvania named Royce Prophet, real name Tom Cusadi. Tom blew his Moms inheritance on wrestling. He was the ultimate money mark. He would promote shows just so he could manage on them. One time he paid to have The Nasty Boys and some other workers flown to the Bahamas for a shot. When they got there, they discovered there was no show; Tom just wanted to hang out with wrestlers.

247. Tim Horner bought some frozen chimichangas and at the checkout line the cashier (chick) is like, "oo, nice, have you had these before?". It seemed she was talking to him in a flirtatious way about the chimichangas. Well, anyway, nothing really materialized there, but he ate one of the chimichangas and was ripping ass all night. All he could think of all night was "do you think she's into getting farted on, and dutch ovens and that kind of thing?" So he ends up going back to the shop the next day and getting more chimichangas, and she's all excited, and he gets the hook up and they go out later that week. Turns out they went to her place and she tied him up, and tried to take a shit on him!

248. Jaime Dundee is a sick puppy. Guys have known that for quite some time. Unfortunately, he took it to a whole new level a few years back. Apparently, after a drinking, pot and coke binge with his cousin, he fucked her. And I don't just mean missionary. They did it all. I'm still in shock. The worst part is that he defended it by saying that she's really hot. Not sure if it's worse that he did it or that he was bragging about it.

249. When the ring broke at Hardcore Heaven 1996 Kimona was asked to do a striptease by Paul E while the ring was fixed. Only problem was that Heyman promised her that it wouldn't be taped, but it was of course, and was later put on an ECW commercial video.

250. Yes, its true: Shawn Michaels was a man-slut. But he shared the wealth, if you know what I mean.

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251. Man Mountain Rock was not the most popular person after people realized that he taped a lot of their most intimate backstage moments. Before he was fired, several of the wrestlers, including a certain "trucker" and a certain Portuguese Man Of War took a cumulative shit in a plastic bag and left it in his gym bag..

252. Nobody treated Nikolai Volkoff with any respect during his run as Ted DiBiase's lackey. Brian "Crush" Adams would constantly degrade him verbally, and Bryan "Adam Bomb" Clarke would often hold Volkoff down and give him noogies and pink bellies. Everytime I saw this, I'd just shake my head and keep on walking.

253. The character of TL Hopper was created because of Pat Patterson's secret plunger fetish. Don't ask.

254. Before Jeannie came to WCW as Steve Austins valet, his original WCW valet was called Vivacious Veronica. The only reason she was a valet is because she was fucking a Turner executive an he was bankrolling her coke habit..she threatened to tell his wife about their affair unless he made her a TV star, so he put her on WCW TV. She was so fucked up that she didnt last long.

255. Buzz Sawyer got into a fight outside a club. The other guy pulls out a gun and sticks it in Buzz's mouth saying hes going to blow his head off. Buzz just stands their laughing with the loaded gun in his mouth and the other guy freaks out and leaves.

256. ECW in 1999, they ran a show in Buffalo, NY. Mikey Whipwreck had invited his brother and some of his brother's friends to the show. Judge Jeff Jones gave GhB to Mikey Whipwreck's brother, who subsequently gave it to one of his friends, who then OD'd and died. Jones was subsequently fired from the company. For all those wondering why Jones disappeared all of a sudden, there's your answer.

257. A friend of mine wrestles Indy shows in the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma area. One show that he worked involved that big muscular guy Jonah from MTV Tough Enough (I think it was the second one). I for one had no idea that the Tough Enough kids were taking indy bookings, but anway.. While Jonah was in the area, he stayed with my friend. I guess all sorts of crazy drunken things took place, as Jonah used his mighty MTV celebrity status to get free drinks and cheap drugs for everyone. One night after clubbing it up, Jonah got one of my friend's geeky smart-mark buddies involved in some kind of orgy with underaged girls in the back seat of a camaro. It may or may not have been this guys first time. So hang out with Jonah if you can, nerds. MTV psuedo-celebrities will getcha the midwest poontang.

258. Madusa was a big time WWF ringrat when she was working as women's champ for the company. There's rumors about her and HBK, Bret Hart, and Kevin Nash. There's even an old issue of WWF magazine with an interview with Luna Vachon in it, and within her tirade of insults towards the then-Alundra Blayze she even refers to her as a ring rat.

259. Forgot one, when we were on SMW Fanweek 1994, Boo Bradley (Balls Mahoney) had recently gotten his johnson pierced. After this knowledge became known, over the course of the rest of the week in at least 3 different wrestling venues I witnessed Fanweek attendees go up to talk to Boo, Boo would motion for them to go into a back hallway and a few seconds later, they would emerge with Boo having this proud look on his face. As if the thought of viewing that wasn't bad enough we were also informed that week that Boo only liked to shower like once a week.

260. This isn't sleazy, but a funny story. My friend Luther & I were in Philly in 1995 for an ECW show and stopped by the Denny's south of the airport, and the Bushwhackers were sitting in there. When we walked in, I commented that it looked like them, but it wasn't until they sat us 2 booths away were we sure. As we were waiting for our food, Butch got up and started walking around the restaurant asking any and all customers if they knew who had won the FSU football game that day. We marked out & he gave us a business card to their restaurant.

261. Ok, so my brother, who works at a fast food joint, walks in the door, and who is eating there but none other than Buff Bagwell. About five minutes later or so, Buff, who was with a few people, starts to leave the restuarant, walking around all wobbly and stuff. Just before he gets to the door, Buff starts shaking and all of a sudden starts falling to the ground. His buddy tries to get to him in time, but Buff Bagwell ended up eating the floor. So his friends help him up, and, with the help of the manager, they carry Buff Bagwell outside. Just before they carried him out, Buff did a half-hearted wave goodbye to no one in particular. The speculation is that Buff was on "medication", so take that for what it's worth. Also, he apparently is a good-bit shorter than he appears on TV.

262. C.M. Punk started banging Tracy Brooks in TNA but Lucy/Daffney didn't know this while she was in OVW during her WWE dev. deal. So when TNA P-P-Vs were over, he'd go over to OVW land and boink Lucy and then back to Brooks at ROH shows on the weekend. This lasted for a while... until Lucy got let go by WWE at which point she asked him about possibly going back to ROH. Realizing his sharade was about up, he told her that Gabe didn't have any room and then broke up with her. Devastated beyond belief by the shock of losing her WWE deal, getting dumped by her boyfriend and then learning about Tracy Brooks, then getting blocked in ROH, she quit the business.

263. Remember back in the final days of the ministry when Viscera was tearing up the jobber circuit left and right? Well his abrupt firing shocked fans but I remember reading the real story of why he was fired. I don't remember exactly but it went something like this. It was before a live taping of monday night raw and big Vis hadn't been seen all night. Well Vince Mcmahon is in his office doing paperwork when Shawn Michaels busts in, which was odd because at this time Michaels wasn't even on the active roster. He was still playing up his neck injury angle at this time. So anyway Michaels busts in and tells Vince he just saw Viscera on the hood of a limo snorting the longest line of cocaine he'd ever seen in his life. This had to be a big freakin line of cocaine cause you have to assume Michaels had seen some big ones in his life. Vince is outraged instantly, but before he can say anything Vis walks in Coked up out of his mind. Michaels then proceeds to just say "ain't that right vis?" Viscera in his cocaine voice replies "yeah... thats right shawn." Vince stands to his feet and tells Vis he's fired on the spot. So it was right back to the 3rd ring of hell, memphis wrestling, for Vis. Fans never even got a fairwell match.

264. USWA/IWA Mid-South worker Tower of Doom(aka "Macho Warrior"Rick Hogan) is currently spending time in jail for having kiddie porn in his computer.

265. Traci Brooks and Sinn (of the new Church, NOT Chris Champion) were an item when they both went up to Nashville for NWA-TNA together....until Traci cheated on him and banged CM Punk!

266. A coked-up Jarret and Road Dogg doing the Fargo strut down the hallway of a hotel. Both were fully naked, except Jarret was wearing the IC belt and Road Dogg was wearing Jarrett's cowboy hat.

267. Mabel getting everybody kicked out of a diner after telling their waitress that he wanted her "luscious pussy lips on a plate".

268. The constant bullying and humiliation of Tiger Jackson (aka Dink) at the hands of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. One particular moment involved Hall drawing a big black dot on Jackson's bald head. Hence, giving him the permanent locker room title of "penis boy".

269. Tony Atlas had a shoe fetish and would jerk off in girl's shoes. He would steal shoes from rats going in with other guys and jerk off into them. He also paid hookers to step on his face wearing heeled boots. Heard that one from someone with a connection....

270. Indy female worker Lady Victoria is well known for her "private" matches she has with guys (for a fee). She also has had other female workers "move in" with her for a while to convince them to film "special" girl vs. girl movies. She is involved with indy wrestler Johnny Rayz, who she met at a show several years ago. Apparently his dick was in her mouth while her then husband was in the ring for a match.

271. Nadia Nyce was rumored to get paid off in weed instead of cash when working with IWA MS. She was 17 when she started with the company and several hardcore pics of her turned up on flyers (as has been mentioned) and other sites thank to her former boyfriend.

272. Chris Hamrick's one time girlfriend (don't know if they are still together) was very possessive. Supposedly after road trips, she would demand to smell Hamrick's penis to make sure he hadn't screwed around on her.

273. Jeff Jarrett wanted Chyna to do him with a strap on, so when she wouldn't he asked for a bunch of money instead, this was also supposedly a reason why Chyna never showed up in TNA cuz Jeff again asked her to do it and she said no

274. Tara Charisma likes to have her ass pounded and then pissed in

275. Teddy Hart smuggled some pot over the Canadian border when he went to the last Ballpark Brawl, he was smokin with a guy he knew, the guy asked where he got the pot and Teddy said from his ass, that gives a whole new meaning to Teddy's real last name

276. Atsushi Onita went to Puerto Rico to do an angle there that was intended to draw out Invader, the killer of Bruiser Brody. Onita intended to get Invader to go to Japan and have him killed by the Yakuza in revenge for murdering brody. Invader either found out or the angle fell thru, as it never happened.

277. JC Bailey, despite being an ok guy, is a coke user, and pretty heavy according to some sources.

278. Necro Butcher is a big pothead and drinker. He was so fucked up once that he accused his girlfriend of sleeping with Jyushin Lyger and other New Japan wrestlers.

279. Mike Samples once laid out Jon Zandig because he was sick of Zandig lying to Great Kojika about CZW's status.

280. Ian Rotten was once at a restaurant with Madman Pondo and RD Reynolds, and some other workers. The place was nuts and packed and they had some young waitress who was struggling to keep up with all the tables she was waiting. Ian, being the egomaniac, was throwing a fit about service, and finally got flabbergasted, stood up and yelled 'dont you people know who I am!?" if im right I believe the whole place looked at him like "no, we dont."

281. Part of the reason Ian Rotten cannot run shows in Louisville and Indianapolis is because he would do a terrible job cleaning up the glass from his matches. Apparently the old people playing bingo in said armories and halls tend to take off their shoes while playing, and since Ian didnt clean the glass good, well go figure...

282. Onita slept with hundreds upon hundreds of women during his FMW tenure.

283. Lawler allegedly liked to share Stacy Carter with workers while he watched. The Mike Maverick thing just bit him in the ass and her "cheating on him" or whatever was the spin he put on it.

284. Paul Roma supposedly did favors for Pat Patterson, which resulted in the Young Stallions *chuckle* getting a push.

285. The CWA in Cleveland once let a scrawny 18 year old, who thought the business was a shoot(!) and was managed by his equally mark-ass pops, get his ass kicked for real by the 300+ lb. RoadHawg, because someone no-showed. The kid got shoot germaned and, after he was pretty well out on his feet, powerbombed. He put his elbows behind him on the powerbomb and seperated a shoulder. His dumbfuck dad tried to do a shoot run-in and thought better of it when RoadHawg slapped the frig out of him.

286. This is a story about Ricky Morton and Kid Kash known then as Dave Jericho when they first started teaming together. They did a show together but were riding in seperate cars,since Ricky had his wife and kids with him.Well,Dave is following Ricky and they are speeding down the road.A cop pulls Dave over. Somehow the topic gets to about wrestling.Dave tells the cop that he teamed with Ricky as the new Rock and Roll Express.The cop,who must have been a fan,tells Dave that Ricky and Robert are the Rock and Roll Express.Well,when Dave got pulled over,Ricky stopped in front of him.So,Dave tells the cop that Ricky Morton is in the car in front of him.The cop goes up to Ricky's car.Dave is watching Ricky give the cop pictures and autographs,so,he figured he was going to get out of the ticket.So,Ricky and the cop both come back to Daves car,and Ricky hands Dave the ticket and tells him to slow his ass down.

287. Jamie Dundee sold his USWA tag belt to pay for some crack.

288. Basically Nailz confronts Vince McMahon about his pay from Summerslam 1992. McMahon doesn't budge; Nailz attacks him and chokes him out. Agents break up the fight. Later Nailz claims that McMahon molested him. I think there is a lawsuit. It doesn't pan out. Nailz testifies against McMahon at the steroid trial but ends up making himself look more foolish with incoherancy and mistakes. Later, Bischoff hires Nailz (thinking he's getting another WWF superstar) and puts him on for only one or two matches. He's so awful they pay him to sit at home for at least a year. Years later he makes the tours of indies and starts almost killing fans by throwing chairs in the audience and being generally the most unbalanced man to ever wear tights.

289. Shawn Michaels & Davey Boy Smith & X-Pac vs. Some Thugs from a Bar in Syracuse, 1996

We all know this one. As the story goes, Shawn got a little too flirty with a female who was dating one of the military thugs at the bar. Once outside, the thugs jumped Michaels and beat him silly. Big ol’ Davey Boy and small but feisty X-Pac jumped out of the car to help out Shawn until the thugs ran away. A battered and bruised Michaels appeared on Raw shortly thereafter and the announcers acknowledged the legit beating. WINNER: Thugs, and all Canadian fans who hate Shawn.

290. Shawn Michaels vs. Ron & Don Harris, 1996

I think this happened right before the Syracuse incident. The Harris twins were on their way out of the WWF, and decided to shake a little fear into HBK in the locker room before they left. If they really wanted to scare Shawn, they should’ve threatened him with tapes of their matches in WCW in ’99. WINNER: WWF fans, who didn’t have to watch the Harris twins wrestle anymore. And the Canadians again.

291. Eddy Guerrero vs. Road Warrior Hawk

Heard about this one in passing while listening to “Wrestling Observer Live.” Dave and Bryan were discussing the Hawk-Savage incident and brought up this fight. I suspect it happened in Japan. Meltzer said, “How could anybody beat up Eddy Guerrero? He’s like the nicest guy.” WINNER: Hawk. But he's also a loser because he came off as such an arrogant bully. Well, he is.

292. Randy Savage vs. Road Warrior Hawk, 1996

Backstage at a New Japan show, words were exchanged between the two men (over what I'm not sure) but it ended up with a fight where Hawk hit Savage with a right hook and knocked him out. Heat obviously still existed between the two because they had another confrontation three years later in the United States backstage at a Kid Rock concert at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Fl. Hawk saw Savage coming in his direction so he put his hand out (probably just out of respect) but Savage immediately threw a sucker punch that staggered Hawk. Hawk's wife was then attacked by Savage's then girlfriend Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George) and another female leaving her badly beaten. Hawk claimed that he would take legal action against the two women for attacking his wife but not against Savage since fights amongst wrestlers are usually kept away from the law. However, no action was ever taken. WINNER: Whoever got to see this Jerry Springer-like free-for-all lucked out big-time. (thanks to Rob Harvey and TPPW.net)

293. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, 1997

Tension had been brewing between these 2 for months. They had a shouting match in the locker room and Michaels just had to yell out, “What are you gonna do about it?” Bret punched him, they rolled on the floor, and Bret left with a clump of Shawn’s hair in his hand. WINNER: Shawn Michaels, for laying the foundation for the upcoming double-cross plot.

294. Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon in Montreal, 1997

What did Vince expect? After the infamous double-cross at Survivor Series, Vince approached Bret and got a handful of knuckles. A groggy Vince is seen walking out of the room in the movie, “Wrestling with Shadows.” WINNERS: A&E, some documentary filmmakers, Bret Hart, and bookers who plan to use this finish for centuries to come.

295. Nasty Boys vs. Ken Shamrock

This was quite a few years ago before Shamrock was a UFC star. They really roughed him up in a 2-on-1 hotel room brawl. I heard Ken was thrown right through the hotel room window! Rumor has it that a few years ago when Shamrock was in the WWF, Rock and Shamrock were walking thru an airport. One of the Nasty's was walking around and Shamrock spotted him. Story has it that Shamrock immediately went into the "zone" and Rock had to really calm him down, before all Hell broke loose WINNERS: Nasty Boys, although it wasn’t a fair fight. (thanks to Matt Mazany)

296. Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

During the Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude program, Rude came back after the match & asked Warrior to "lighten up" a bit...Wariror got right in Rudes face & said, "I don't have to, cause I'm the Warrior." Rude knocked him silly with one punch & walked away. (thanks to "name withheld by request.") WINNERS: Rude, and anyone who hates Hellwig.

297. Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page, 2001

It was due to Kimberly Page finding an illegal substance in a locker room, then telling management that it belonged to Tammy Sytch (Sunny). Management confronted Tammy and she flat out denied it and offered to take a piss test. She passed. Scott Steiner found out and chased Kimberly out of the building and she never appeared on TV again. DDP tried starting something at the next taping where Scott shooted on TV and that is what lead to the fight where DDP got his ass handed to him. (thanks to Dazraven) WINNER: Steiner. Duh.

298. Andre the Giant vs. Ernie Holmes, 1986

I guess Holmes got hot-headed backstage at a WWF taping. Andre muttered, “You know, you talk too much,” and Ernie never said a peep after that. According to two people in the van when it happened (it was a rehearsal for the Battle Royal at the 1986 Mania), Holmes was talking about how tough he was and Andre got tired of hearing about it. Holmes was ready to fight, but was talked out of it and nothing happened. I forget who told Holmes that it was probably a bad idea. WINNERS: Wrestling fans who hate football. (thanks to Dave Meltzer)

299. Andre the Giant vs. Akira Maeda, 1985

Major disaster. The mega-hyped match that turned into a near shoot because Andre wouldn't sell Maeda's offense. Maeda was getting a big head and Andre was told to embarrass him in the ring since everyone believed in the Andre myth. Maeda didn't know and Andre, even drunk, was powerful as hell, and started going for Maeda's eyes after no selling his submissions. When Maeda saw it was on, he reacted as only he could. The reason it wasn't stopped earlier was the idea was for Andre to kick Maeda's ass and they were waiting for it to happen. Maeda was kicking Andre's knee until it turned bright red and took him down rather easily a few times. He turned to Kantaro Hoshino and asked if he could finish him off and Hoshino shook his head "no." Maeda was pissed and threw a kick at the guard rail that was more brutal than any kick he threw at Andre. Maeda has been very unprofessional at certain points in his career and is a baby, but in this case, a guy twice his size started it with him and he was trying to protect himself, put some fear into Andre, and not hurt Andre all at the same time. Dick Murdoch, who believed in the myth of Andre, as did everyone at the time, came back and said that he thought Maeda was going to end Andre's career. WINNER: Certainly not the fans. (thanks to Dave Meltzer)

300. Lex Luger vs. Bruiser Brody, 1987

Brody was, despite his natural charisma and ability to get the fans going, a pain in the ass. Luger who was leaving the territory and refused to job on the way out, and not the other way around. Brody showed up hung over with razorblades(!) taped to his knuckles. He played around for a bit before no-selling everything Luger tried to do. Referee Bill Alfonso told Luger it was all a rib, but later on realized it wasn't and told Luger to go right for the ref bump. Luger did and scampered out of the cage immediately. Said to be hilarious. Right after it went down, Hiro Matsuda, who was the owner of the promotion, was running around the locker room, which had Ron Simmons and Dewey Forte, laughing about how football players think they are tough and they are all chickenshit next to a tough wrestler. (thanks to Dave Meltzer, "Jesus Christ" and HB2KBuzzsaw) WINNER: Brody.

301. Brian Pillman vs. Sid Vicious, 1991

Ahh, the original dying days of WCW. Sid said some words about a would-be feud with Pillman that never came about, and it led to a skirmish. Sid left and came back with the infamous squeegee. People who know Pillman say he’d kill Sid in a street fight, which is hard to believe but I believe it. WINNER: Pillman. Sid will never hear the end of this one.

302. Arn Anderson vs. Sid Vicious, 1993

Perhaps the most famous shoot brawl of all. Lots of versions of this story. Sid started going off on how Arn had never drawn money, and they had both been drinking. Words were exchanged and maybe a beer was thrown, but both went back to their hotel rooms. Sid later went to Arn’s room and blindsided him with an object, and started a pummeling an unconscious Arn. Arn woke up and the two really got into it. Scissors were involved and the entire hotel hallway was smeared with blood. 2 Cold Scorpio came to the rescue. Just a mess that embarrassed the company. WINNERS: 2 Cold Scorpio for saving Arn’s life, and Arn for defending himself against a huge monster and holding his own.

302. Dynamite Kid vs. Davey Boy Smith, 1994

After years of pent up aggression between the two, which included Davey phoning up All Japan, telling them Dynamite had died in a car crash, just so he could try and ruin Dynamite's deal in Japan, Dynamite finally had a chance to do something, when Davey was booked on an independent show in Howe Bridge in 1994, just a few miles away from Kid's house. He arrived at the arena, where he found Davey's dad, and tipped over a table with pictures of Smith on it. He then taped his fists as he walked down the corridor to "knock fuck out of him". Davey had gotten word Dyno was coming, and locked his dressing room door. Davey had also phoned the police, and Dynamite was escorted from the building. WINNERS: No one. This family feud was out of control. (thanks to Hb2kbuzzsaw)

303. New Jack vs. Pitbull

Jack jumped him backstage over some comments Bull had made, I think. Jack was so unpopular that the guys let them fight because they knew Bull would hurt him. Not sure how this ended up. WINNERS: The locker room guys, who got to witness someone they dislike get roughed up.

304. Buff Bagwell vs. Shane "Hurricane" Helms, 2001

Buff Bagwell told Helm's he would never be a superstar because of his size and a few more words were said. Bagwell slapped Helms, but then Helms threw a frozen bottle of water at Bagwell, and punched him in the back of the head a few times, causing Bagwell's head to split open. This incident led to Bagwell's last moment on TV, where Bradshaw powerbombed him twice. After the first, Bagwell had said his neck was broken. Bradshaw called him a pussy and powerbombed him a second time. It was during a moment when all the WWF guys ran in on some of the WCW guys, and it was pretty well known that it was Bagwell's last WWF TV appearance. WINNER: Can Bagwell ever be a winner? He does win at being a loser. I actually went to college with a guy who went to Bagwell's high school. It was Spraberry High, which isn't a name you forget, and Ventura made fun of that name like crazy on WCW commentary at the time. (thanks to Doug Adams, Trevor, & Chris)

305. New Jack vs. Junkyard Dog Not sure about this one, but it’s pretty sad. Dog was older, got a good reaction from the ECW fans, and this was his last high-profile gig before passing away. May have been over a $500 loan from New Jack that Dog wouldn't pay back. WINNER: Nobody. Even if Jack got the better of this, he looked really bad in hindsight. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)

306. Tony Atlas vs. Paul Orndorff

Paul and Tony were in the car with Tommy Rich and Brian Blair on the road for GCW. Brian's driving with Tony riding shotgun. Paul's in the back seat right behind Tony. Rich is in the back, too. Tony reclines his seat way back to where it's crowding Paul. Paul asks him to sit up a little and Atlas shoots back at him, "you don't want none of this...blah, blah, blah...". Anyway, Atlas pushed the wrong guy too far. Paul told Brian to "pullover!" Tommy Rich got scared and tried to smooth things over. Blair finally pulled over at a truckstop between two semis. Paul and Tony got out and squared off. Orndorff kinda bearhugged tackled Tony and bit part of his ear off on the way down. Blood everywhere! Ear on the pavement. Tony's in shock. Fight over. Cops coming. They scrambled to their feet, picked up the ear, and went straight to the hospital to have it sewn back on. WINNER: Orndorff. (thanks to The Masked Man and wrestlingclassics.com)

307. Paul Orndorff vs. Big Van Vader

Vader cornered Paul in an office backstage at a WCW show and picked this fight, which he soundly lost. Paul knocked him right down and kicked him in the face repeatedly. Vader had showed up late for the Center Stage tapings and Orndorff started yelling at him to hurry up and do his promos. There had been previous heat between the two. Both got face to face and Orndorff begged Vader, who outweighed him by 200 pounds, to start something. Vader shoved him down with a palm blow and Orndorff came back fighting, flooring Vader and knocking him for a loop with a punch from his bad left arm. Orndorff proceeded to kick at Vader?s face with his sandals until all the wrestlers broke it up. Amazingly, everyone just left Vader on the floor in a fetal position and went back to doing their thing. If you didn’t think Paul was tough before this, you knew after this one. Also, as a sidenote, Vader has said in his shoot video that he declined to strike Orndorff back in fear of losing his job. Orndorff later said on Wrestling Observer Live that he attacked Vade from behind. (thanks to Asa Taylor, Tom Hogan, "Jesus Christ" and an unknown website where this info came from). WINNER: Orndorff. Does this guy ever lose a fight?

308. Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Janetty Read about this in a Janetty interview. The two never did really get along. WINNER: Janetty, according to himself (I believe it).

309. Kevin Nash vs. Roddy Piper

On the very same night that Michaels and Hart were fighting backstage at Raw, Piper and Nash were doing some of the same at Nitro. After a match that ended up being a complete mess between Scott Hall & Nash against Piper & Ric Flair, Nash stormed backstage, booted Piper's dressing room door open and leveled Piper with a punch to the head before the pair were pulled apart by various backstage personnel. Nash went unpunished (which became the theme for WCW later) and nothing further came of the fight. WINNER: Nash, but he picked on someone half his size. (thanks to Rob Harvey and TPPW.net)

310. Eric Bischoff vs. Juventud Guerrera

Nothing physical, but they exchanged words at a recent WWA show. Juvi was in character and there is still bad blood between them. Juvi SHOULD be pissed after the way Bischoff made him take off the mask and buried him in WCW after having some incredible matches. WINNER: Anyone who theorized Juvi can’t act like a professional, because this situation proves him/her right.

311. Buddy Rogers vs. Some Loudmouth at a Restaurant

This happened when Rogers was well into his 60s, I believe. Not sure how it happened, but the loudmouth was several years younger, and it was over in 1 punch. WINNER: Rogers!

312. William Regal vs. Van Hammer

They were at DDP's Christmas party and Hammer was saying some naughty things about British and/or Mexican wrestlers. Regal got word and reportedly gave him a royal thrashing. Word has it he headbutted him 5 times over the punch bowl. Hammer stunk but I always dug his gimmick because I’m a metalhead. Still, Regal is a tough hombre. (thanks to several who wrote me on this one) WINNER: Regal. LOSER: Heavy metal fans.

313. Rickson Gracie vs. Yoji Anjoh

What an embarrassment. Anjoh goes down and challenges Gracie an impromptu shoot to prove he’s tough. Gracie drove to his gym, taping his fists on the way. Once there, he gave Anjoh the beating of a lifetime. What a career killer. WINNER: Gracie and all the pupils who got to witness this massacre.

314. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle, 2001 Not really a fight, but a friendly challenge of who could take down whom. Not surprising who won, but it’s still impressive given the size of that Lesnar beast. WINNER: Angle.

315. New Jack vs. Junkyard Dog

Not sure about this one, but it’s pretty sad. Dog was older, got a good reaction from the ECW fans, and this was his last high-profile gig before passing away. May have been over a $500 loan from New Jack that Dog wouldn't pay back. WINNER: Nobody. Even if Jack got the better of this, he looked really bad in hindsight. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)

316. Riki Choshu vs. Akira Maeda, 1987

An unprofessional “shoot kick” to Choshu in a 6-man tag that obliterated his eye. Not cool, and what’s worse is that kick turned Maeda into a superstar for many years. WINNER: Maeda’s career.

317. HHH vs. Bill Goldberg, 1999 or 2000

Nothing physical, just Goldberg shouting at HHH at an autograph signing over some harsh words HHH had to say about Goldberg in an interview. Goldberg also said on ESPN that the wrestler he’d like to beat up in real life the most is HHH. If WWE signs Goldberg, expect the sparks to fly! WINNER: Goldberg. Only because HHH is such an ass.

318. Capt. Lou Albano vs. Shane McMahon, late 80s

Albano was one of the people Vince Sr. asked Vince Jr. to "take care of" after he died. So Lou apparently tested this one out one day. An 11-yr-old Shane would always walk up to Lou and say, "What's up, Fatman?" This would piss Lou off and give the boys around a chuckle. One day Shane went up to Lou and said once again, "What's up, Fatman?" Lou reportedly told Shane if he called him Fatman one more time, he'd forget who he was and slap the taste out of his mouth. Sure enough, little Shane said, "No problem....Fatman." Then little Shane got slapped a good one! (thanks to Matt Mazany). WINNER: Shane, who will soon be the new owner of WWFE for decades to come.

319. Buff Bagwell vs. Ernest Miller

Bagwell's parody leading up to Road Wild of Miller didn't go down too well. Right before the live PPV match, Miller approached him about it. Bagwell slapped him. Miller immediately responded with two punches, and Bagwell fell, cutting his elbow badly. Bagwell backed off before more damage could be done, and the match went ahead as planned. Bagwell won, and neither man was disciplined. WINNER: Miller. How many times you think he has bragged about this one? (thanks to HB2KBuzzsaw)

320. Eddie Gilbert vs. Jeff Gaylord, 1991 or 1992

Gilbert talks about this on that tape, "Looking for Mr. Gilbert." A promoter named Gordon Scorazzi (sp?) was mad at Gilbert for no-showing a show or something like that. The guy put a $1000 bounty on Gilbert's head and Gaylord sucker punched him in the dressing room of the Sportatorium after a TV taping. Eddie, Doug, Bruce Prichard and James Beard were in the office talking and Gaylord showed up asking to speak to Eddie. Eddie walked out of the room and there was a noise that told everyone something was up. Doug bolted out the door with Bruce and James behind him. Gaylord had sucker punched Eddie from behind, but before he could continue, Doug caught him in the head with a Coke bottle/can that was not entirely empty and Gaylord ran out holding his head. Eddie said he wished he'd known what Gaylord was up to, because he would have split the "hit money" with him (Gaylord) and turned it into an angle so both of them could make a little more money from it. But, Gaylord didn't see that side of it. WINNER: Gilbert. Someone with a last name like Gaylord has the advantage because he probably got in tons of fights as a kid. (thanks to James Beard & Robert Solari)

321. Rod Price vs. Chris Adams, early '90s

Rod's opponent yanked out his implanted hair, which caused quite a bit of blood loss. They always worked stiff with each other. Rod missed about 2 months work because of it. But, Chris apologized and that was all that happened concerning it...nothing physical. WINNER: Cy Sperling, who received a repeat customer at his hair loss clinic. (thanks to Chuck Richmond, James Beard, & Brandon Finch).

322. Road Warrior Hawk vs. some patron

An old news program reported on Hawk punching some guy in line at a movie theater, reportedly because the guy's brother had killed a Minneapolis (Hawk's hometown) cop earlier. WINNER: Hawk. LOSER: The unlucky recipient of Hawk's violent wrath. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)

323. Juventud Guerrera vs. Australia, 2000

Old Juvi Juice was reportedly tripping on ecstasy and went on a spree beating up cops (what cop can't handle a guy the size of Juvi?). He may have broken the ribs of a female cop. WINNER: Wrestling fans who have something to talk about. LOSERS: Wrestling fans embarrassed by a truly phenomenal wrestler. (thanks to Chuck Richmond and Lewis Feinman)

324. Messiah vs. ? & ?, 2002

Finally saw the "America's Most Wanted" piece. Two guys broke into Messiah's apartment and beat him down, cut off his thumb, and broke a fish tank over his head. The suspects are still at large. WINNER: Messiah, who got this case some national pub.

325. Jim Cornette vs. Ed Ferrara, 2002

A few months back, Ferrara went to shake Jim's hand, and Jim responded by spitting in his face! Yeah, go Jim! He told Ferrara "That was for JR." What a hero Cornette is. WINNER: All of us. (thanks to several, including Chuck Richmond)

326. Jim Cornette vs. Bruce Mitchell & Wade Keller, 1993ish

I remember this one crystal clear. Bruce and Wade had written negative articles on SMW based on the "riot" in Wise, VA. Cornette hated the story and left nasty voicemails on their machines, saying if he ever saw them, he'd "Slap 'em until they fought me." Apparently he once went after Bruce in the stands at a house show, but I've heard stories saying otherwise. Let's just say Jim was going through a lot of stress at this point in his life. WINNER: Me, because I can't stand Bruce. (thanks to Chuck Richmond)

327. New Jack vs. Sandman

Don't know the specifics but allegedly New Jack overheard Sandman telling some racial joke. Jack jumped him and Sandman kicked his ass. Don't know if that's true but the story has gone around more than once. (thanks to David Crawford)

328. Big Bill Miller & Karl Gotch vs. Buddy Rogers

Rumors abound that the two broke the Nature Boy's arm, but what is certain is that they roughed him up real good. Hey, Rogers was hardly a shooter. (thanks to Tom Hogan)

329. Jacques Rougeau vs. Dynamite Kid

Dynamite was mistakenly accused by the Rougeaus of cutting their clothes with scissors (while notorious pranksters, the Bulldogs were innocent here....it was Curt Hennig who did it). In short, Dynamite punked out both Rougeaus for their false accusations. Two weeks later in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jacques and Raymond Rougeau got their revenge as Jacques suckered Dynamite, knocking out four of his teeth. Dynamite got money from WWF agents to get the teeth fixed. When Vince McMahon sat down both sides to talk out the problem Dynamite suggested the Rougeaus pay the bill. Not knowing the agents paid for it, they unwillingly agreed to pay for the broken teeth. All that happened was that Dynamite Kid got an extra $1,800. Thus the real winner was Dynamite Kid, who got his teeth fixed and some extra money. (thanks to Tom Hogan and Nicholas Argirakis)

330. DDP vs. Firebreaker Chip

Chip was mad because he thought DDP tried to take advantage of him during a match. Ended when DDP hooked Chip in a front face lock, and had to be pulled off Chip. WINNER: DDP. And just where was Todd Champion in all of this? (thanks to Justin Newbould)

331. Big John Studd vs. Basil Devito Jr.

Studd, upset over the marketing of the football players over the wrestlers for WrestleMania 2, and showed up at Devito's hotel room (Devito was director of marketing for WWE, and I believe was laid off earlier this year). He yelled at him, picked him up, and slammed him against a wall. WINNER: Devito, who kept his job. (thanks to Justin Newbould and "WrestleMania: The Official Insider's Story")

332. Vince McMahon vs. Kurt Angle

Not really a fight, but yet another Angle skirmish. On an airplane, Vince jokingly reminded Angle that he was the only person to take him down. Angle decided to have a little fun, and promptly took Vince down in the aisle. For the rest of the flight, Vince would try to take Angle down at any opportunity he had. During one altercation, the noise woke up a sleeping Undertaker, who either not knowing who was wrestling with Vince, or not realizing that they were just messing around, grabbed Angle from behind, and choked him out. WINNER: Angle, who now has a good reason to kick Undertaker's ass if he ever decides to. (thanks to Justin Newbould and Kurt Angle's book)

333. ECW vs. XPW

XPW wrestlers showed up at an ECW event for publicity. The ECW guys, understandably, didn't like it. There may have been something involving Francine and a valet from XPW. Anyway, some ECW and XPW wrestlers started fighting, and the ECW guys got some help from security. The fights ended up going into the streets. WINNER: Heyman, because XPW will never be close to what ECW was. (thanks to Justin Newbould)

334. RVD vs. Taz

After a match involving RVD and Sabu wound up Taz, he went around the ECW locker room saying he was gonna kick RVD's ass, Sabu's ass, etc. Word got around to Van Dam, who went up to Taz, and said "Pick the hand." Taz replied, "What?" and RVD punched him in the mouth. Taz went on the defensive, saying he didn't want to fight him. (thanks to HB2kBuzzsaw)

335. New Jack vs. Dances with Dudley, 1995

New Jack talks about this in his shoot interview with R.F. Video. He said some rumor had started backstage that Jack was going to shoot on Dudley during the match, which apparently he had no plans of doing. During the match Jack hit Dudley with a stiff clothesline and apologized right after it happened... shortly after the match they went to the outside of the ring and Dudley tried to hit Jack with a still belly to belly on the cement floor, in which Jack had to hang on to something to prevent being lifted up. Then after the match backstage, New Jack jumped him. (thanks to Matthew Singh and Ron McCrae)

336. Scott Norton vs. Tony Halme, early 90's

Both were in a Japanese bar, when Halme flattened Norton for an unknown reason. Norton reportedly put up no resistance whatsoever and has since claimed he was drunk at the time of the incident. WINNER: Halme. Had Norton been sober, trust me he wouldn't have such an easy time. (thanks to Matthew Singh)

337. Sid Vicious vs. A Squirrel

Vicious had a squirrel he took with him everywhere. Two wrestlers (I'm pretty sure one of them was Arn Anderson) bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a whole minute. Vicious accepted the challenge and stuck it down his pants. After about 30 seconds the squirrel bit a very sensitive area, if you get my drift. Vicious fell down in pain and crushed the squirrel. He needed a rabies shot and stitches on his genitalia. WINNER: The squirrel, who is now a hero to all squirrels worldwide for flattening Sid. (thanks to "Jesus Christ")

338. Shane Douglas vs. Brian Lee vs. Tracy Smothers

During a Brian Lee vs Pitbull #2 match, they got a little out of control in the stands and Shane Douglas went to Todd Gordon and Paul E. and said they should be fired. Sandman and Tracy Smothers overheard this and Sandman told Lee about what Shane had said. Lee went over grabbed Shane by the throat and dragged him across the hall into the shower and put the fear of God into Shane before releasing him. Shane went running into the locker room and yelled, "Who stooged me out?" Before Sandman could answer, Tracy Smothers tackled Shane and start beating on him until they were separated. Turns out that a long while back Shane was living at Tracy Smothers house back in his younger days for free and Shane had recently said some unkind things about Tracey, who had a horrible temper. After it was all said and done Sandman told Shane that he stooged him out. (thanks to Dazraven)

339. Sandman vs. Shane Douglas vs. Bill Alfonso

It was the Triple Threat vs Sandman and 2 others, and Sandman had told the wrestlers earlier not to touch his cane when he dropped it for a spot later. Anyways during the spot where Sandman gets knocked out of the ring and the cane is in the middle of the ring, Shane picks up the cane, shakes his head in disgust and drops it right back to the same spot. Sandman was livid and after the match goes up to Shane in the locker room and gets right in his face and says, "Shane, if you ever touch my fucking cane again, I'm gonna beat the hell out of you." He then goes down the hall into another room and sits down next to Bill Alfonso. Sandman went on to say that even if Shane had picked up the cane and used it, he wouldn't have been mad, but to just stare at it pissed him off. So back to the story, Sandman is next to "Fonzie," and they hear Shane coming down the hall, Sandman is still seated and Shane gets closer cursing, when Bill Alfonso tackles Shane and starts hitting him. It gets broken up shortly after. (thanks to Dazraven)

340. Big Show vs. Ballz Mahoney

The next story involves Big Show when he was still training to be a wrestler at Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory, where Ballz was helping to train people. Giant showed up with some of his buddies and they stood around, while Giant was working some weights. Ballz came up the his buddies and asked them to leave because they were training. The men said, "Oh, well we're with Paul Wight and he said we could stay." Wrong thing to say to Ballz, who has a horrible temper and even told Vince McMahon to, "Go fuck himself" one time. Ballz got right in their faces and told them to get the hell out. Giant walked over and asked what was going on. They told him and he tried to calm the situation, but Ballz was pissed and got in Giant's face and challenged him. He told the Giant, "Sure you're 7ft tall, an 500pds, and you could probably kick my ass, but what happens if I kick your ass!" Giant simply sighed and took his friends and left. Ballz later admitted he was glad it went down that way, because Giant would have killed him. (thanks to Dazraven)

341. New Jack vs. Dances w/ Dudley

DW heard a rumor that New Jack was gonna shoot in the match and DW started shooting w/ Jack. The match was really stiff, but basically Jack was cheap-shotted and responded. They beat on each other until the match went outside where they called a truce until they got back to the locker room and jack hit him w/ the baton. (thanks to Dazraven)

342. Frank Gotch vs. George Hackenschmidt

For wrestling historians, this is one of the most famous matches in pro wrestling history. Sometime in 1911, Gotch had beaten Hackenschmidt three years earlier and was universally recognized as the world heavyweight champion and this was the first ever rematch of the century. Weeks before the match took place, a sparring partner of Hackenschmidt's by the name of Ad Santel had done some damage to his partner's knee in training. It later turned out that Santel was paid $5000 by the Gotch camp to do a number on it. A record breaking crowd was expected for the show so the promoters kept the injury quiet from the media (who actually cared about wrestling back then). Gotch obviously knew about the injury told Hackenschmidt, who wanted to pull out, that he would carry him to a credible match and give him one fall in the best-of-three falls. Once the match started though, Gotch double-crossed him and started to shoot quickly won two straight falls. (thanks to Rob Harvey & TPWW.net)

343. Ed Don George vs. Strangler Lewis

Promoter Billy Sandow (who basically worked with Lewis) worked closely with another promoter called Paul Bowser were making big bucks with a former football player called Gus Sonnenberg as the world champion. Sonnenberg, who supposedly couldn't wrestle a lick, was beaten up in the street by a middleweight wrestler in a set up organised by rival promoters. At this time, the heavyweight champion had to be looked as being the toughest man in the world because people still thought wrestling was real so Bowser then had Sonnenberg drop the world title to George, who was a great Olympic wrestler, without consulting Sandow or Lewis (who was meant to be next in line for the world title). George was then later booked in a match with Lewis where he was meant to win. However, it didn't quite go down like that because while they were in the ring, Lewis told George he was taking the belt and they could either do things the easy way (George doing the job) or the hard way (Lewis beating the living piss out of him and taking the belt). He took the easy way. (thanks to Rob Harvey & TPWW.net)

344. Strangler Lewis vs. Henri DeGlane

Three weeks after the Lewis vs. George match, Paul Bowser booked Lewis to defend the title in Montreal (sound familiar?) against the 1924 Olympic gold medalist. Lewis went into the ring knowing he was going to win the match by 2 falls to 1. Back in these days, wrestlers would return to the dressing rooms after each fall. After the second fall, DeGlane bit himself in the arm until he drew blood and then came out for the final fall with the arm covered. Within seconds of the third fall starting, DeGlane starting screaming like he'd been shot. Lewis then backed off not knowing what happened but the referee then saw the bite marks on DeGlane's arm and then DQ'd Lewis and awarded the belt to DeGlane. Lewis then went backstage to beat the shit out of Bowser but he had six bodyguards armed with baseball bats waiting for him. (thanks to Rob Harvey & TPWW.net)

345. Wendi Richter vs. Spider Lady

November 25, 1985 at Madison Square Garden. Minutes before going to the ring to defend the WWF women'' title, Richter was given a contract by Vince McMahon which included a clause to sign away all her merchandise rights. Richter said she wanted to look at the contract after her match. McMahon then demanded she sign the contract but Richter stuck to her guns and said she would look at it after the match. However, Spider Lady wasn't the same lady who had played the character previously. It was Fabulous Moolah. During the match, Moolah rolled up an unsuspecting Richter and held her tight for the pin. Richter never worked for the WWF again. Moolah claims that she wasn't aware of the double-cross and she didn't expect the referee to count the three. Again, does it sound familiar? (thanks to Rob Harvey & TPWW.net)

346. Vince McMahon vs. Kevin "Nailz" Wacholz

Some of you older fans may remember Kevin Wacholz as Nailz, the former convict, in the WWF back in 1992. Story goes that Wacholz, who was in line for a program with the Ultimate Warrior before he left the company, was pissed at Vince McMahon because of his pay off from SummerSlam 1992 which was, and still is, the highest attendance ever for a WWF event. Wacholz confronted McMahon about the pay off and reportedly, McMahon blow it off which angered Wacholz more so he attacked McMahon and choked him until he was turning blue. Wacholz was fired because of that incident and aside from one pay-per-view appearance in WCW against Sting, he hasn't worked in the big time since. To add another chapter to this story, later at the Vince McMahon steroid trial, Wacholz gave evidence against Vince McMahon but he came off so badly on the stand (including continuously contradicting himself) that word is that his evidence probably was what kept Vince from doing time. WINNER: Nailz, for doing what so many others have dreamed of. (thanks to Rob Harvey & TPWW.net)

347. Rick Steiner vs. Corporal Cajun/Big Vito/Konnan

On three straight Nitro's prior the to sale of the WCW to WWFE, Rick Steiner took blatant liberties with all three men during singles match. Steiner, who has a reputation for being a tough guy, had no clear reason to shoot on these three men. For the record, all three of his opponents on these nights stayed professional and tried to work their parts in the match. Rumor has it that prior to the news that the WWF had bought the company, many people backstage were planning on running in during a Steiner match on the final Nitro to beat him down live on the show. Whether it would have happened or not we will ever know. WINNER: Steiner. I'm afraid to call him a loser. (thanks to Rob Harvey and TPPW.net)

348. New Jack vs. Brian Pillman

On June 1, 1996, Brian Pillman returned to the ECW Arena just week after breaking his foot in a Humvee accident. Pillman cut a promo in the ring where he made a reference to the NWA (the rap group, not the wrestling organization). To this day nobody expect New Jack is 100% on what he thought but it's believed that New Jack either misheard the comments or was misinformed by someone backstage but he went nuts backstage anyway talking about the infamous N-word. When Pillman came backstage, in his wheelchair mind you, both men got into a very heated confrontation where many believe New Jack would attack the crippled Pillman. To his credit, Pillman never backed down to anything. New Jack threatened to leave the company over the incident and Pillman never went back to work for ECW ever again. Days later, Pillman signed the first ever guaranteed contract issued by the World Wrestling Federation. (thanks to Rob Harvey and TPPW.net)

349. Andre the Giant vs. Ultimate Warrior

During their series of matches. They had a spot set up where warrior would charge Andre w/ a clothesline knocking the Giant back into the ropes to be tied up. Problem was, that Warrior would charge at Andre going at full speed. Now it didn't hurt Andre, but pissed him off royaly. When he was hit by the clothesline, Heenan would hear Andre grunt. This went on for a while, match after match, same thing. Warrior at full speed and Andre grunting. Finally Andre had enough. The spot came up and Warrior charged full speed at Andre, but the Giant simply held up his fist which connected and Warrior was knocked senseless. Next match, spot comes up, Warrior goes for the clothesline and basically goes in slow motion and connects with the clothesline. Andre gets tied up in the ropes and leans over to Bobby and says "He's learning." (thanks to Dazraven).

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350. Curt Hennig vs. Brock Lesnar, 2002

Can't believe I forgot to list this one. On the "Plane flight from Hell" earlier this year on the European tour, Curt was loaded up on booze and challenged Brock to take him down. Brock, new to the industry, didn't know what to make of it. Heyman reportedly told him if he doesn't do anything about it now, he'll nevnever live it down. So Brock did take his ass down, and nearly burst a hole through the plane in the process. I'd love to have seen this one. Hennig lost his job over his behavior on this flight. WINNER: Lesnar. (thanks to Matt Phillips and Steve Vendeland)

351. Bill Watts vs. Scott Steiner In the early 90's, Bill Watts and Scott Steiner had been hating each other backstage. I believe Steiner began requesting title shots, and Bill Watts told him that he could have the TV title (which Steiner eventually would win). Scott apparently went ballistic on Watts (possibly due to roid rage as well), and a number of superstars had to pull him off. (thanks to Steve Vendeland)

351. Scott Steiner vs. DDP, Part 2

I think that Scott Steiner and DDP had another fight a week before Superbrawl 2001. This was a different fight, but DDP got his ass kicked, and Kevin Nash left with him afterwards, thus changing the format of the whole show. I remember Steiner said some trash about DDP and his wife in the ring. Backstage, the two got into a fight where DDP jumped Steiner, got beat up, and a bunch of wrestlers had to pull them apart. To make up for some time lost, Mike Sanders and the Natural Born Thrillers went to the ring and improved for a little bit on the stick. I'm not 100% sure when this was, but it must have been before early 2001/late 2000. That's all I can remember. (thanks to Steve Vendeland)

352. Kevin Nash vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte, 1995

Need more info on this one. Apparently Pierre didn't want to lose in when the WWF was touring Quebec, so Nash may have given him a beating. I think Kevin Nash referenced to that incident in late 2000. This was at a house show. (thanks to Steve Vendeland & Martin Filion)

353. Steve Austin vs. HHH, 1999

I remember hearing something at the Summer Slam '99' taping. After the main event witch included Mankind, HHH and Austin, Austin confronted HHH about the way he was hitting him with chairshots. I heard they got in a heated conversation but don't know if any fists were thrown. (thanks to Melissa Munoz)

354. Bill Goldberg vs. Evan Karagias, 2000

Before the 9/5/00 Nitro, Goldberg was backstage with Kevin Nash when Karagias walked up to shake Goldberg's hand. Bill was slow to acknowledge Karagias and apparently Evan took offense to it and said something to Goldberg. So, Bill grabbed him by the throat and pinned him on the floor, choking him out. Goldberg later tried to apologize but Evan refused, which made Goldberg angry again but nothing came of it. This was during the time period that Goldberg was going through major heat with Russo and obviously couldn't control his temper throughout the duration. On a side note, 3 Count was told by management they would go over Kronik to make up for the incident, but Kronik, when they heard this, again refused to sell for the smaller guys. Winner: Goldberg and anyone with a big man/bad management fetish. (thanks to Troy Anthony)

355. Steve Austin vs. Raven

Steve Austin once exchanged heated words in a locker room with Raven. Debra was cutting a promo near the showers backstage, when Raven came out wearing nothing but a towel. Austin confronted him, grabbing Raven and verbally laying into him, feeling that Raven was showing off in front of his wife. Raven claimed he didn't know Debra was there. The situation was quelled quickly, but wrestlers have said Austin was always over-protective of Debra. Austin later apologized. Winner: None, but is there any doubt that Austin would have whipped his ass? (thanks to Troy Anthony)

356. Sabu vs. a Fan

I also recall an incident when Sabu kicked the shit out on some fan for pulling off his turban while Sabu was walking to the ring. This happened in Japan, I have it on tape somewhere. Anyway, after the fan pulled off the turban, Sabu hopped the railing, chased him down, then knocked him out with a few punches and some wicked ass knees to the face! Afterwards Sabu continued to the ring and proceeded to wrestle Eddie Guerrero like nothing ever happened. (thanks to Troy Anthony)

357. Mike Awesome vs. a Fan, 2000

At Halloween Havoc 2000, Mike Awesome knocked a fan out with one punch during a crowd tour with Vampiro. The fan tried to jump in and give Awesome some clubs to the back when Awesome laid him the F out. (thanks to Troy Anthony)

358. Bill Johnson vs. Tony Galento

State police arrested Two-Ton Tony Galento, former heavyweight boxer, on an assault - and - battery charge. The charge was filed by Bill Johnson, a wrestling promoter in nearby McKeesport. Johnson said the Galento knocked out four of his teeth after a wrestling show in an altercation over a split of the proceeds. Johnson later dropped the charges when Galento agreed to pay him $250 for hospital bills. The 41 year old Orange, N.J. saloon keeper appeared on a wrestling card at McKeesport. (thanks to Bob and Associated Press)

359. Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff, 2003

On the night of a recent Raw taping, Bischoff and Raw exchanged a few words about their past in WCW. Words got heated up and it led to blows. The scuffle was quickly broken up, but while it lasted, Flair got the better of it. Suspiciously, WWE officials, Flair, and Bischoff have been extremely tight-lipped about this. WINNER: Flair, I guess. Go figure, the guy finally stands up for himself, about 15 years too late. (thanks to Scott Ryan Czasak & several others)

360. Chris Jericho vs. Bill Goldberg, 2003

Yet another recent incident at Raw. Goldberg mouthed off to Nash about Jericho, stemming from their real-life feud in WCW years back. Word got to Jericho what Goldberg said, and he confronted him about it. Seconds later, they were rolling around on the ground (violently, not lovingly, you jokesters). It was broken up before any punches really landed. Jericho was quite the hero for this, with Hurricane reportedly being his biggest mark. Don't these guys know their fights will be broken up right away? Knowing that, even I'd pick a fight with Goldberg just to look brave for 2 seconds. Both guys ended up shaking hands when it was over. WINNER: Neither, but this incident showed the Balls of Jericho. (thanks to Scott Ryan Czasak, Ronnie Pruitt, & many others)

361. Ric Flair vs. a Backstage Guy named Richard Fullerton

Ric said hello to Richard and Richard said Flair was too old to be wrestling, and that his wrestling has always stunk. So Flair attacked him and the two got in to a major punch up for about 3 minutes, until others broke it up. It was believed that Flair won the fight (thanks to Michael Gawith)

362. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. a Bunch of Stupid, Drunk Kids, Spring Break Nitro, 1997

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx (Sean Waltman) were guests on stage as a part of MTV's annual spring break coverage. The three were there to punish losers of a talent contest I think and to build up the annual Panama City Nitro that Monday. Anyway a drunk guy in the crowd was causing trouble and threw something at the stage. The NWO guys asked security to get a grip on the rowdy crowd, but were blown off. When the guy threw something else the NWO guys astonished their MTV hosts by leaping off the stage, grabbing the guy themselves, and turning him over to security. They then threatened to walk out if security didn't get the crowd under better control. MTV usually shows the footage annually as a "wildest ever moment" while building up spring break coverage. (thanks to Tamalie, wrestlingclassics.com, & the Meatball)

363. Great Sasuke vs. Dirtbike Kid, 1999

It was in July of 1999, in the Michinoku Pro promotion. They were having a "Mask Tournament" where all the competitors were, well, wearing masks. One of the first matches was all-time-asshole (and owner of M-Pro) Great Sasuke vs. the Dirtbike Kid. The match starts out normally, and a minute or so in Dirtbike Kid is hitting all the offense. After taking a few moves, Sasuke starts to become a little lethargic, not no-selling stuff, but kind of half-assing it. Anyway, something Dirtbike did must have pissed him off or maybe he just wanted a sandwich or something, because about 2 minutes in he stops taking offense and starts kicking the hell out of Dirtbike in the legs and in the torso. I've read some reports that Sasuke may have cracked the dude's ribs. Then after kicking the snot out of him for a bit, he picks the Kid up and puts him in a standing choke-hold. Dirtbike Kid starts flailing around like crazy and the ref calls for the bell. Then Sasuke kind of stands around, stares at the kid for a minute, and then heads straight for the back. (thanks to Ed Reese)

364. Tommy Lee vs. Shawn Michaels, 1995

Apparently there was some sort of altercation backstage at Wrestlemania 11 with Shawn Michaels and Tommy Lee in which Tommy Lee tried to jump Michaels from behind, causing Sid to intervene and pin him against the wall. Pamela Lee Anderson's face during the match was like she didn't want to be there. (thanks to John Regent & Powerslam magazine)

365. Bradshaw v Steve Blackman, 1999/2000

WWF was in between shows at the local airport, and the wrestlers were waiting by the baggage collection bay and Bradshaw decided to dick about trying to push Blackman onto the moving luggage belt. Blackman turned around unflustered and planted a crescent kick flush on Bradshaw's jaw, knocking him clean out, picked up his bag and walked on. Both shook hands when it was done. (thanks to Steven & Chris)

366. Bradshaw vs. Duke Droese

There was a scene between Bradshaw and Duke the Dumpster Droese, that has gained some fame. Apparently, Droese was making homemade GHB, and slipping it into girls drinks and raping them. The wrestlers backstage had told him how distasteful it was. But someone got word of it, and told Bradshaw to take care of it. So he essentially tied Droese up in the shower, and the stories vary from there. The most widely told version would be that Droese ended up raped in some way shape or form. I am more likely to believe that Bradshaw just made him think he was going to get raped. (thanks to Chris)

367. William Regal vs. Bill Goldberg, 1998

Regal had the moment with Goldberg where he did a little unscheduled mat wrestling. I think the only reason why this is considered, is because Goldberg didn't know what was going on. Regal could lead a dead man through a believable sequence, and I believe that is what he was trying to do. But Goldberg flopped around, and ended up looking like an idiot. I remember watching this live on Nitro, and didn't know about it, but it sure looked like something was wrong. (thanks to Chris & codytheimpaler.com)

368. William Regal vs. The Giant (Big Show)

Regal came to near blows with Paul Wight. Wight was complaining about selling for Rey Misterio Jr, and Regal got in his face and told him he was a fat slob, and that the only difference between Wight and Ron Reis was a push (ouch, that hurts). They were broken up quickly after that. (thanks to Chris)

369. Nobuhiko Takada vs Trevor Berbick

Berbick (ex (WBC I think?) Heavyweight Boxing Champion) was brought into UWF-I to have a worked match with Takada, but Takada double crossed him in the ring and started kicking him in the knee. Berbick protested to the ref about these being illegal blows (below the belt), but the ref said go on and fight. Berbick tried to fight back, but Takada's leg kicks and footwork were such that the Bozer couldn't get position to throw, let alone land, a punch. He backed into the corner, Takada kicked him some more, and Berbick left the ring and ran away. WINNER: Takada (but this is the only real fight he won in his life) (thanks to Alex Boothroyd)

370. Torrie Wilson vs. Chyna & Trish & Debra

According to numerous reports during the Alliance-era, Torrie Wilson was not very welcome by three WWE Divas apon her hiring. Apparentally Chyna was caught backstage mocking Ms. Wilson by Torrie herself. And if you didn't read at least one report about Trish and Torrie not getting along backstage then you must have been living under a rock. Finally Debra got the impression that Torrie had the hots for Stone Cold and was being a little too nice to the then-WWF Champion. Looking down the score card.... Trish and Torrie have reportedly patched up their difference while Chyna and Debra were both eventually released/left. WINNER: Two out of a three-- Torrie Wilson. (thanks to Lita Maivia)

371. Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Kevin Nash

Nash had been talking smack backstage during his first tour of New Japan and supposedly made some derogatory comments to Fujinami. Fujinami, taking exception to it, walked over and hit Nash (who was seated at the time) with a palm strike (open hand slap). Nash didn't say anything to Fujinami the rest of the tour. (thanks to Nick)

372. Jim Duggan vs. Balls Mahoney

Balls Mahoney tells a story on his shoot tape about Hacksaw Jim Duggan. At the time Balls is still doing the fire breathing gimmick. He was working all the tops faces that came in to work shows. Before the match they go over some stuff they want to do in the match, including the fire gimmick, which Duggan will duck. So they got the match going and Duggan screws up the first two planned spots. So Balls decides to just finish it and get over it and Duggan agrees. As they are going for the finish, Balls get the fluid in his mouth, lights the lighter, gets ready to blow..... Duggan just knocks the lighter out of his hand. Mahoney ends up just spitting fluid. No fire. Balls stops. Flips Duggan off in the ring. Drops and rolls out of the ring and goes to the back. Mahoney gets in the back and is ready to kill. Some of the guys lock him in an office. At the time Mahoney was working in Puerto Rico and carried a knife at all times. He was ready to come out swinging. Someone got to Duggan who was blaming Mahoney for everything going wrong and told him if he didn't leave it would be bad for his health. By the time Mahoney got out of the office. Duggan got his stuff and had left. (thanks to WJD and wrestlingclassics.com)

373. Tatanka vs. Max Moon, 1992

From what I've heard, Tatanka and Max Moon got in a fight backstage at the '92 Rumble after Tatanka found out Moon was hitting on his wife. They were separated and even locked in different dressing rooms, and then during the Rumble itself Vince made sure the two would not wind up in the ring at the same time. (thanks to Bishounen No Kawai)

374. Big Bossman vs. Sam Martelli, 1993

Back around the middle of '93, Big Bossman and Nailz did a series of shows for the AWF. On one particular night during their match, Nailz flung Bossman into the turnbuckles, which came loose and caused half the ring ropes to collapse. When the ring crew came out to fix it, Bossman and Nailz brawled around them and some words were exchanged between Bossman and Sam Martelli (one of the ring crew and also local wrestler). After the match, as Bossman was passing Martelli, a few more words were exchanged before Bossman abruptly put his hand in Martelli's face and pushed him to the floor. He received a huge cheer and he even came back later to pose for pics. (thanks to Stan Zanesky)

375. Nathan Jones vs. Cremator

A lot of Aussie wrestlers resented Nathan Jones when he got the WWA gig and a few were very vocal about it. The Cremator, who worked for a rival organization to Jones, would get on radio every week and bad mouth the big man. Jones finally had enough one morning and called in from his car saying he was on his way to the studio to put cremator in his box. When the show went off air they said he hadn't arrived at the station but I heard there was a confrontation in which Cremator took a beating. Might be true because he didn't appear at the next 2 shows for the company. (thanks to Rudy Zarzoff)

376. nWo vs. a fan, 1996

A Hogan fan jumped the railing, got into the ring, and is immediately met by a punch from Kevin Nash that sends him to the floor. Upon noticing this, Scott Hall advances and lays a thunderous kick to the mans head. (thanks to Rudy Zarzoff)

377. Hogan & nWo Sting vs. a fan, 1997

A fan in a Sting mask scaled the cage and was immediately tackled by nWo Sting. Hogan noticed the kid in the corner and went over with Savage and beat on him outside the ring. He then dragged him into ring and continued his attack until security broke it up. Savage looked like he was trying to calm the fan down. (thanks to Rudy Zarzoff)

378. Jesse Ventura vs. the Road Warriors

On a local radio show a few months back, a DJ was saying that there was a slight altercation between Jesse Ventura and the then Road Warriors. To keep the story short, Ventura made a comment about how Animal's motorcycle that Animal took the wrong way. And Animal punched Ventura in the stomach so hard that Ventura pissed himself. Hawk called into the show about 20 minutes later and said that the story was true and neither himself or Animal liked Ventura at all. (thanks to HHBX)

379. Jack Victory vs. Sandman, 2000

I don't know the details but supposedly Sandman was drunk as usual and running his mouth. Anyway, they wound up trading blows with Victory allegedly getting the better of Sandman. The fight was eventually broken up single-handedly by Big Sal E. Graziano. (thanks to BurningHammer)

380. Eddie Guerrero vs. a fan, 2002

During an RVD-Guerrero ladder match on Raw, some (presumably) drunk fan ran in the ring and knocked over the ladder right as Eddie was climbing it. Eddie saw the guy coming in and was able to land safely. The ref tackled the jackass and held him up for one free shot from Eddie before being dragged out of the ring. Eddie got in one stomp to the head before security had completely gotten the guy onto the floor. (thanks to BurninghHmmer)

381. Sabu vs. the Yakuza

On the Mike Awesome shoot interview, he talks about Sabu getting jumped by the Yakuza at an FMW show. Apparently, the Yakuza were always present at ringside and the wrestlers were told to avoid brawling where they were. Sabu just didn't care. He threw his opponent out by the Yakuza and proceeded to do one of his suicide dives right into the crowd where they were. When a couple of them got in his face, Sabu started throwing punched at them. They chased Sabu into the back and were beating on him, when Mike Awesome heard the commotion as they passed by the locker room. He opened the locker room door and saw one of the Yakuza standing over Sabu, trying to smash his head in with a chair. Mike knocked him down and threw a couple other guys off of Sabu, then quickly helped Sabu up and they ran into a nearby locker room and locked the door. According to Mike, they were stuck in the locker room for an hour, with security guarding the door, because the Yakuza refused to leave. They were threatening to stab both Mike and Sabu. After a while tensions eased and the Yakuza left. (thanks to EpidemicOfHate)

382. Bruiser Brody vs. Seiji Sakaguchi, 1985

Taken from wrestlingclassics.com: Brody and Sakaguchi got into a legit fight during a singles match the night before. Brody was mad about not getting his promised broker fee in setting up the World Class/New Japan deal, but more likely, probably figuring reprisals may have been coming that night. It wouldn't have been over losing, because Snuka was doing the job, and Brody had no problem working tag matches if his partner was taking the fall. (thanks to Dave Meltzer)

383. Tom Pritchard & Manny Fernandez vs. 2 drunks

Taken from Tom's column on WWE.com: I have only been in two bar fights. I was with Manny Fernandez each time. Manny was the kind of guy who liked to fight. I don’t know why, because all it really did was get him banned from places we really wanted to go. One night Manny decided this guy was “looking at him.” I couldn’t imagine why. I mean, here was a guy with big white bandages on his forehead standing by the bar ordering double shots of Jack Daniels and tequila. Hell, nothing wrong with that. But Manny had to ask the guy “what the @#$%” he was looking at! Without saying a word, this cowboy hauled off and punched Manny right in the mouth. It must have been a glancing blow because Manny shook it off and proceeded to grab the guy’s cowboy shirt and punch him three times in the face. Immediately, one of the bouncers jumped in to pull Manny off. At the same time, the cowboy’s friend tried to take a poke at Manny. When he did that, I grabbed his neck in the best rear chinlock I could and pulled him down on top of me. This was great. Now I’m on the floor with beer and spit with a 250-pound drunk on top of me. More bouncers arrived and pulled us up. Luckily, the manager (Jim) was a good friend of Manny’s and the bartenders all agreed that the cowboy started everything by looking at Manny sideways. Jeez! (thanks to Terry Borsum)

384. Tom Pritchard & Manny Fernandez vs. more drunks

Taken from Tom's column on WWE.com: Another time, same place, Manny and I went in just to “say hello” to Jim and have the proverbial “one drink.” Note: Whenever Manny Fernandez or Bradshaw says we’re only going to have one drink, DON’T BELIEVE THEM! Once again, some cowboy was talking too loud for Manny’s taste and he wanted to shut him up. This time Manny didn’t say anything. He just walked up and punched the guy in his eye! The guy dropped like a rock and someone at the bar grabbed Manny from behind. I made an attempt to help Manny when I felt an arm come across my throat and pull me back. Damn! The same bouncers came and broke it up. This time the police came. Once again everybody vouched for Manny. But when the cops left, Jim told Manny he couldn’t come back anymore. I was glad because this time could have turned out real bad. (thanks to Terry Borsum)

385. Adrian Adonis vs. Dan Spivey, 1986 Spivey, for an unknown reason, gave Adonis several black eyes in front of all the wrestlers. This was back when both were in WWF, and if you recall, Adonis briefly wore a veil over his head to cover the marks on his face.

386. Sting vs. Dick Slater, 1986

Don't know much about this, and have heard several versions. Basically, backstage at a UWF show, Slater really gave it to Sting (known back then as Bladerunner Sting). Sting apparently didn't fight back much and just took it like a man.

387. Terry Gordy vs. Dallas Police Department, 1986

Gordy was arrested at a Dallas nightclub after a night of heavy drinking. He didn't hurt any cops, but he destroyed a few patrol cars.

388. Terry Taylor & the Fantastics vs some taunting fans, 1986

Some fans were heckling the babyfaces, who probably had the hearts of the fans' girlfriends. The fans said wrestling was fake and that the blood was fake. Taylor punched the guy to prove the blood wasn't fake, and the wrestlers were arrested in Baton Rouge.

389. Chris Adams vs. a pilot, 1986

Adams caused a disturbance on a flight to Ft Worth, and was arrested upon landing. He apparently made some threats to the co-pilot.

390. Justin Bradshaw vs a drunken fan

This one was on RAW. Bradshaw was in a singles match (I forget who). Anyway the action spills outside into the crowd, and this fan starts taunting Bradshaw. At first he ignores the fan, but he (the fan) still eggs him on. As if that weren't bad enough, the fan throws beer on Bradshaw. Next thing you know the big guy turns around and knocks said fan out. Meanwhile King and J.R. go on with the show like nothing ever happened. (thanks to Ian Anderson)

391. Bubba Dudley Vs Renee Dupre, 2003

It was Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance. The Dudleys gave Sylvan Grenier a 3-D, and Renee Dupree was meant to break it up, but Renee was out of place, forcing Grenier to kick out of the 3-D. All through the match, after Bubba worked stiff on Renee and some words were exchanged backstage, allegedly it ended in a scuffle with Bubba and Renee. (thanks to Ash)

392. Chris Jericho vs. a fan

Jericho was at the bottom of the ramp and a fan jumped him and clubbed him in the back but security grabbed him and Jericho got in a punch to the back of his head as they drag him away. They just pretended nothing happened and because Undertaker was the next out and the arena went black. (thanks to Lance)

393. Blackjack Mulligan vs. Bob Roop, 1986

After a show at the Miami Marine Stadium, Mulligan (father of Barry Windham) saw Roop in the dressing room and beat him so bad that Roop needed medical attention. This apparently stemmed from years earlier when Roop was booking Florida.

394. Kevin Kelly vs. Sheik Kaissey, 1987

No, this isn't the Kevin Kelly who announced for WWE. These two got into it while taping interviews at an AWA taping, and reportedly "Kaissey was beaten to a pulp."

395. Bruiser Brody vs. Paul Heyman, 1987

From the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: "Brody and Paul E. Dangerously had an out-of-the-ring fracas at the World of Wheels show in Atlanta. Dangerously wasn't hurt although I bet his heart skipped several beats." This show was promoted by Jerry Blackwell (former AWA champ), and Heyman was talking a mile a minute, and Brody exploded and threw him to the ground. There was no "fight," as Brody just wanted to shake Heyman up and scare him (it worked). There was never any heat between them after this. (thanks to Dave Meltzer)

396. Badnews Brown vs. Cuban Assassin, 1987

Assassin showed up at the WWF TV tapings in Wichita, and Brown ended up chasing him around with a chair. There was bad blood between the two from Calgary, when they and their wives all got into a brawl, which resulted in Assassin leaving the territory.

397. George Steele vs. a security guard, 1987

Steele shoved down a security guard during a house show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The guard ended up pressing charges.

398. Tennis star Lindsey Davenport filed a lawsuit against USWA charging sexual harrasment.

399. Bobby Heenan and Nick Bockwinkle, if they couldn't find anyone they would kind of help each other out with a knob job from time to time.

400. I've also heard stories about Dick the Bruiser and his penchant for young Japanese girls. Child porn and prepubescent prostitutes were the norm for Japan until what, 2000...Bruiser had his share when he was in Japan with Crusher so it's been alleged.

401. Bruiser has been accused of fiddling with his own grandkids before he died...and from talking to some people who were married into the family at one time or another, it had long been rumored to them but no one ever followed up on it, at least legally.

402. Beulah was a stripper/centerfold/"starred" in a vid before she was spotted at a strip club.

403. Francine liked to flash her implants and got passed around the locker room.

404. Macho's valet, Gorgeous George, also made a masturbation vid, and Denise Riffle, aka Chastity, appeared in the porn flick, "Live Bait."

405. European wrestler Sigi the Swisstank (semi-famous from Chris Hero's Best of the Best IV promo) used to use the internet to get himself male company for lonely nights in hotel rooms.

406. An oldtimer I know who was friends with both Brody & Invader asked Invader why he did it afterwards. He said that he had a grudge with Brody for years, dating back to the first time they met in NYC.Bruiser was mad he had to wrestle the shorter Gonzalez,and called him a fucking midget. That was why he said he did it. He only wanted to teach him a lesson,but Brody had taken 7 aspirin before to get good juice and the Doctor couldn't stop the blood flow.

407. TNA pitched to Macho Man the idea of a worked shoot angle/feud with Lex on the basis that he killed Elizabeth, basically.

408. While this will come as no surprise 90% of the CZW lockeroom smoke reefer.

409. Someone used the term pay for gay, and no more apt a description could be given of the relationship between Dory Funk Jr and Adam Windsor. You didn't think he got put over so much because of his skills did you?

410. I personally know that Richard Arpin of NWA Tristate frequents the "buddy booth" at A to Z adult bookstore in Parkersburg WV for a couple of hours a week.

411. Half the Mid Atlantic and East Coast Indy scene has jerked off on Dawn Marie's face.

412. Jackie Gayda pretty much sucked everyone from Vince to Al Snow to Big John to get her contract and change it to two girls winning as opposed to the conventional ending.

413. Spanky's real reasoning for leaving the WWE was Bradshaw and his homoerotic hazing, as the E was planning a big push for he and London.

414. Taylor didn't win Tough Enough because of refusing at the time to get her tits done.

415. Zach Gowan had his leg stolen at virtually every show he worked in WWE.

416. EVERYONE hates Steve Corino.

417. Outside of wrestling Nick Gage and Justice Pain, while brothers can barely look each other in the eye.

418. Crowbar almost found himself dead at a show in the North East. He accused Low Ki of stealing his "heat" such as it is by kicking out of his little lame ass facebuster. Low Ki didn't know it was his finish, and when he found out laughed his ass off. Crowbar shoved him and within half a second The DHS had him against a locker and Homicide had a strait razor to his neck.

419. Divine Storm pretty much broke up over Trinity, who is, without question, the biggest indy whore there is. Quiet Storm didn't fuck her, but damn near EVERYONE else did, and QS kept his mouth shut, out of loyalty to some, and out of the fact that he didn't care for Divine too much.

420. Gangrel got into a fight with a young kid that just started working the shows because the kid had almost the same gimmick as him. He kept yelling at him "Give me my gimmick back" And " You took my gimmick" as he kicked the crap out of him.

421. Steve Corino walked out on a booking after he seeing the ring. Because he felt the mat was too dirty for him.

422. Dawn Marie would give head to some of the workers for rides to buy coke and pot after shows.

423. Vince McMahon asked Goldust to get breast implants put in and he seriously thought about it.

424. In a match between Bad News Brown & Andre once, when Andre did the sit down splash on Brown, he lost control of his bowels and shit all over him.

425. Back when Sullivan, Roop, Lewin et al were running their Satanic gimmick in Florida, Roop was calling around to plastic surgeons to find out how much it would cost to make them look really grotesque...

426. Tommy Rich and Doug Gilbert bladed during a match with PG-13 in Memphis and were getting ready for the post match interview.Rich freaked out when Gilbert wasn't as bloody as he was so he wiped his own blood onto Gilbert's wounded forehead.

427. Another tough short guy,Rey Misterio of Tijuana, once broke Mike Aweome's jaw in FMW after Awesome mocked him out backstage and no sold him, Misterio kicked him in the face legit. And got sent home the next day.

428. Jerry Estrada pushed a coked up whore off the balcony of a Tijuana hotel, killing her, then getting to the airport and out of town before the cops arrived.

429. In the 80s All Japan Women had this "three no's" policy and one of them was no men. When the Jumping Bomb Angels went to the WWF, one of them (don't know which one) saw Lord Alfred Hayes' wang (apparently of Dandyesque proportions) and thought maybe in the US the policy wouldn't apply.

430. Bull Nakano was fired by the WWF after being caught in the Canadian border with coke.

431. During the WCW days, Juvi and Psicosis wanted to rib Brad Armstrong, acting like they were going to run over him with a car. One problem. Juvi (the driver) was totally stoned and actually ran over him, literally destroying Brad's ankle in the proccess.

432. John Walters did some private "wrestling" with Jim Ketner to get the ECWA title.

433. The real reason Raven got fired back when he was Johnny Polo and got a shitty deal durning his Raven run with the WWE was because Vince blames him for corrupting both Shane and Steph when they were teens Shane moreso than Steph. Scotty(Raven) would take Shane out all night partying and load him up on coke and angeldust. He also once gave Steph weed when she was 14.

434. Harley Race speeding through the Lake of the Ozarks at night, smashing his speed-boat into a family's much smaller dingy, killing the folks on the little boat.

435. X-Pac, Sean Waltman, Syxx whatever you want to call him pushed around a fan at some Wisconsin amusement park or some such thing because the guy was pestering him for an autograph. Apparently the guy of course sued him and they ended up settling.

436. Ricky Morton talks about how one night Flair gets really loaded and says to Ricky, "Come on man, we have have to go ride on my boat." Both men are piss drunk, but they drive whatever number of miles and make it to where Flair keeps his boat and head out onto the lake. A few minutes into the journey an incredibly blitzed Flair falls off the boat. The bad part is that no one notices for a long period of time. When they finally notice, they go back to find Flair flailing in the water. Flair gets back up on the boat and is very upset that not only did he get his clothes wet, but he is missing a sock. Never once worried about dying apparantly.

437. Sabu bitch slapped a fan for using his real name outside of a show. What Sabu did not know was the guy was a childhood friend he had not seen in like 15 years. Also Sabu would smoke pot before matches to help with the pain.

438. I did a show Bam Bam Bigelow was on about 4 years ago. He told me on the way home that when he was in WCW that Eric Bischoff would hit on the female talent and would get the boys hookers to keep them happy. Also that Bischoff would swap wives with DDP all the time. And that how DDP got his first big title run.

439. Dick Togo stabbed a man in a restraint for spilling wine on him. Togo was a very angry man. He also snapped a kids arm in the ring for missing a spot.

440. Glen Gilbertti would jack off before he would go out for matches because he thought it gave him a glow for the TV camera. I also herd he tried to bang Stacey Keibler one night when she was wasted after a show. Also David Flair pimped her out to people.

441. After a show Juvi was banging some prostitue high as a kite with Norman Smiley in the bed next to his all while doing running commentary while watching his own match he was just in on TV.

442. When Mad Man Pondo was in high school, his grandmother took him to a wrestling show in Kentucky. After the show, Pondo spotted Jos De Luc outside of the arena. Pondo's grandmother suggested that he go get De Luc's autograph, so pondo went up to him and asked. De Luc, either out of his mind or way too into character, lept on Pondo and started beating the shit out of him, even banging his head on the concrete, until Pondo's grandmother pleaded enough to get him off. The funny thing is, Pondo went to school the next week and bragged that he fought with De Luc.

443. Ron Fuller was running a series of shows in Knoxville, TN during the Summer of 2000. Terry, as expected, started to run free shows in the general vecnity. Cornette and Ron Fuller ignored it, but then Cornette got wind of a rumor. The Rumor was that Fuller was working with Landell. Cornette got pissed and went to confront Landell. Cornette drove up, they argued, Terry pepper sprayed Cornette, but most of it got in Synn's eyes. Cornette tries to drive away, he's half blind and almost runs over one of Terry's security. So Terry decides to press charges for assault with a deadly weapon and Cornette is "banned" from TN because he'll be arrested. They didn't extridite though and Terry has the Knox Co. Sherriff in his back pocket.

444. Lit from Special K loves shotting acid near his eyes.

445. Juvi, strung out on ecstasy that Glen Gilbertti had allegedly given him, ran naked through a hotel, screaming. The police were called in and he attacked a female officer. One story had him breaking her ribs. They had to subdue him with pepper spray before arresting him.

446. Chris Benoit invented the triple German suplex back in the 80s; Steve Strong was the Trans-Canadian Heavyweight Champion, but was a real dick about it backstage, so one day before a match with Benoit, Beef Wellington jacked off all over the back of the belt before he put it on. Once the match began, Strong's belly was so sticky that Benoit couldn't get his arms off of it until after the third suplex.

447. Dynamite Kid was originally called Explosion Lad, but got the DK monicker after an hilarious "RIB" wherein he violated a sleeping Leilani Kai with a stick of dynamite.

448. William Regal hates the US but is forced to work here out of fears of prosecution in the UK; it seems he was a middleman in the whole Queen Elizabeth drug dealing thing Lyndon LaRouche exposed in the '80s.

449. Hugh Morris once broke Matthew Lesko's jaw in a barfight over the question marks on their outfits.

450. Apparently Dan Spivey's modeling career never took off because when he sent his photos in to the agency, he accidentally sent compromising shots of himself and Mike Rotundo instead of the Speedo muscleman poses he was banking on getting him into the business.

451. Brutus Beefcake is gay and only likes black guys. He also only works for feds that get him blow.

452. Randy Savage used to keep Elizabeth locked up in a seperate dressing room during WWF shows so no one would look at her.

453. Terry Funk got caught banging Terri Runnels by his wife.

454. Jake Roberts was prone to traveling with a big pink dildo in his gear bag for himself.

455. The last time the WWE was in Vancouver, my buddy sold Orton and Batista some pot, about half an ounce. He and a friend ran into them at a mini mall over by my house in Richmond (a suburb of Vancouver) Trevor didnt have a clue who they were, but his friend marked out and was asking for autographs, during the autographs Orton leaned over and asked my buddy if he had any, they drove to his house, next door to mine at the time, and sold them this wonderful stuff that tased like oranges. Now where im from this is not sleaze, just funny. Also, they were driving in a Navigator full of women, (how many seats does a navigator have?) so I doubt that Orton is gay. Ive known Trevor sence high school he wouldnt make that shit up.

456. Medusa maxed out Eddie Gilbert's credit cards.

457. Many years ago Jerry Lawler and Dick Slater were riding through together and stopped at the restaurant to eat. Slater left a $20 tip and she commented that it was such a big tip, and Slater said "Miss, I'm from Texas. And it's true what they say, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!" and then stuck his thumbs in his pockets with his hands hanging near his crotch. She looked for a second and then blushed profusely (she was just 18 or 19 at the time).

458. At the beginning of the Attitude era, when Vince was going nuts with merchandising ideas-- one of his pet concepts was for a set of WWF Legends commerative cockrings which would have been available in adult speciality stores like Spencers.

459. Ranger Ross got put in jail because he freaked out and held up a bunch of cops hiding in the woods like Jonny Rambo. He's a legit Green Beret and he evidently had one of those Vietnam flashbacks like Strawberry in "Up in Smoke" and decided he was going to take on the world. He held off the cops hiding in the woods for several days in full camoflage regalia with military style arms and booby traps set up.

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