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Интервю с Terry Funk

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- Last night Terry Funk Joined Low Blow Radio for a 60 minute, historic interview on ECW Hardcore Justice, TNA and WWE’s products, and more! Here are some of the highlights…

Overall thoughts on TNA deciding to run the ECW reunion show, Hardcore Justice…

“I don’t think that they could have made it without it and I think they are going to make it. I think they were on their ropes. I think they’re on the right track now. I thought in my own mind and thoughts that they were on their ropes, a sinking ship, but the ECW and the ECW people, possibly Paul Heyman if he’s there, will help. Rob and Tommy and all those guys will produce great matches. It should not just be ECW, it should not just be the ECW return if they’re smart. It should be something the wrestling fan’s can sink their teeth into and chew on for years to come.”

If he was confirmed or even contacted to compete at Hardcore Justice…

“No, not all all and I don’t really care to at this time. I would love to be there but at a different time in my life.”

Who he’d like to face if he had one more match on a national scale…

“I like to have Ric Flair in the ring one more time in the MMA or the UFC. I’d like to beat the hell out of him.”

Thought’s on rumors of Paul Heyman to TNA creative…

“I think he’d do great things to chance the product.”

Thought’s on Tommy Dreamer rumors to creative team…

“I think it would be great. They should go ahead and put him as the head man.”

Thought’s on Kevin Sullivan to TNA creative…

“I think he would be very good on the committee. He’d be excellent. Kevin has a great deal of ideas and a very sharp guys in the business. He keeps up to date with the business and what’s going on. I think that he is one of those guys who is sitting at home when he should be down there and have a say as far as the creativity and what goes on your television goes every week.”

Overall thoughts on TNA Product…

“I think they’re on the right track. They did away with the 6 sided ring, lowered the lights, took away the double entrances, and made it wrestling. Whoever was responsible for all this is a very sharp person. Am I totally sold that they’re going to make it? Not really, but they’re on the right track.”

Thoughts on TNA potentially doing PPV’s free on TV…

“I think that’s a sharp deal. I think if they go ahead and do that it will increase their ratings. It’s a matter of building back. I mean you couldn’t have gotten much worse than their ratings were a few months ago. I think they were in dire need of this concept an they’ve got it.”

Take on TNA’s requests by many to leave the Impact Zone…

“I think it would be like taking five steps backwards. The reason is, take it out when you’re doing good not when you’re doing bad. You’ve got your lighting set, the atmosphere set, and you’re going to go out to another arena? I don’t think so.”

Thoughts on veterans in TNA…

“It all about the manipulation and all about how they use them. If you bring them in there as nothing they mean nothing. Can you have to much of an abundance of them? Yes, but if they do things properly there is no age limit in wrestling. I’m too old for myself. Look at the Undertaker. He’s used properly, manipulated properly. Nobody thinks about his age. There is no age limit to wrestling. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are great to have on your side but using and abusing are very related.”

What's Hardcore?

“What is hardcore? Hardcore is not just being hardcore, hardcore is going in the ring and giving 100% of yourself. Hardcore is great fans.”

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Някой да каже за какво става дума, че владея френски, но не и английски. И Terry Funk ли се присъединява към TNA. Не е ли стар за кеч.

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Non, Il ne veut pas participer a la PPV. Il simplement parle pour la PPV et ses collegues comme Tommy Dreamer et Paul Heyman. Je suis desolee pour mon pauvre francais, mais ...

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Дай лопата на гробаря
работата той си знае.

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