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Как Samoa Joe е измислил Ole Ole kick-a!


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СТРАХОТНА история. Спуках се докато я четях. От смешните коментари за Low Ki (той какъв ли не беше: негър, мексиканец, пуерториканец хаха), през споменаването на ДЮНЕРИ, просто се разбих. Историята е взета от сайта на Джо.

I :oops: Samoa Joe (and Low Ki :) )

Dear Joe,

I wanted to know how or why you came up with the "Ole' Kick" and if you are a big fan of football (Soccer)?

Mauricio Sayers


Well Mauricio,

I must be honest aside from My Niece's Club Soccer games I do not watch much Soccer. Now if your talking Rugby, well that's a whole different story.

Ok OK on to the question!

Flash back to the joint ROH/FWA card in jolly ol England. Before the show was the Big "FA Cup" game (I believe, not sure but yeah I just going off of what everyone was talking about). So there I was with everyone's favorite black wrestler Low Ki watching the game and chilling out before the show. Now, part of the reason why I don't watch Soccer is because I can't help but start commentating the game like Andrés Cantor ( aka The Goooooal Guy) which is funny for the first 10 minutes then shortly after everyone wants to kill me. Alas I digress, so there I am with the finest Mexican wrestler since Mil Mascaras, Low Ki enjoying the game whilst commentating in very bad spanish with a bit of Portugeuse thrown in because it sounds so cool, and elicits the most bizarre looks from Ki.

While we are watching a Soccer commercial the infamous Ole Ole chant starts up and Ki says

"Hey I wonder if you could get the people to start that up tonight"?

Of course I stare Ki directly back in his face and proclaim

" Nah, I don't think they are into that Mexican stuff here "

Ki counters with,

"Why you scared?"

To which I replied,

"Fuck you honkey, I'll do what I want!"

Of course Ki knows me well and he KNOWS how much of a sucker I am for a challenge (Accursed Blac... err Brown Magic). Ki knew I would try something, hence when my match was up it was a "sell out at the curtain" since he smartened up AJ, and Paul.

So there I am wrestling the ZEBra Kid and I take him to the outside. Now a few ROH shows earlier I had charged Xavier with a kick on the outside which ended up going into a guardrail and looking pretty cool so I decided, why not give it another shot. So I have ZEBra kid on the outside, I ask a fan for the chair which makes another highly inebriated fan behind him scream " Give the man yer Bloody Chair ya FAGGOT!" Which made me fall in love with drunken British fans POST HASTE!

Now while I am on the outside battling with ZEBra I notice Low Ki peeking out the curtain with his seedy Italian gypsy gaze. A scornfull gaze that seemed to be challenging me, mocking me. He seemed to pierce my soul with his judgmental stare! It was all too much, for I was enraged and appalled, I was offended, yet invigorated. I felt the blood of 1000 Spanish conquistadors boil deep inside me. "How dare you, how dare you gaze upon my visage with such mirth laden contempt I say to you Low Ki, I say to you England, I say to the world, I say OLE' motherfucker O fucking LE'!

Now what happened next surprised me, as the words escaped my lips it was almost as if I had set match to kindling. The chant spread among York Hall, and spilled into the street of Bethel Green. Mothers wept with joy, hooligans danced with glee, and Turkish men choked on there Falafels in Donner Kabob shops all whilst defiantly chanting Ole, OLE'!! As each voice joined I felt the spirit of Che, Martin, and those French guys who hated cake, begin to ignite within me. I began my approach and drove my revolution clad hoof into ZEBra's face, decimated the Guardrail in the process. Afterwards I was overcome with Joy, I was BORN ANEW! I celebrated with England, for in that kick was the dreams of a million men and the desires of a billion women. Finally after a hotly contested bout with ZEBra ( who is a fine fine grappler) I stood in the ring with one question in my mind.

"Damnit, I really, really hope that guardrail isn't coming out of my paycheck"

After the show I walked up to Ki. I stared him dead in his good eye, he returned a equally menacing look and said.

"Ehh try doing that bullshit back in the States!"

Ungrateful Puerto Rican bastard!

Well Mauricio I hope that shed some light on how I came up with the "Ole' kick" or as the Ricky Martin fans call it the "Kick of Life" .


Samoa Joe.

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Хаха, наистина много интересна история :lol: Особено как я е описал Джо много ме кефи. По време на мача си видял Ки да гледа през завесата, кръвта му кипнала и не могъл да издържи на предизвикателството. Изпуснал се без да иска и какво станало... скандирането се разнесло чак по улиците. Кефи ме тая история и много ме кефи как Ки, който познава Джо добре, го е предизвикал. Винаги съм обичал такива закачки и предизвикателства между близки приятели.

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Най-накрая стигнах и аз да я прочета тази история и честно казано ми беше много интересна! Начина по който я разказа Джо допринася още повече за детайлното представяне на събитията!



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