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Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors


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Promotion: Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors

Debut: July 16th, 2010 on MTV2

Airtime: Fridays at 10/9c

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors - Behind The Mask (20-minute preview special): CLICK HERE

Roster за сезон 1:


= Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak)

= Charly Malice (Charly Manson)

= Super Nova

= Lujo Esquire (Aaron Aguilera/Jesus)

= Máscara Púrpura

= Magno

= Solid

= PR Flyer (Flip Kendrick)

= San Juan Kid (Louis Lyndon)

= Mascarita Dorada

= Mini Park

= Octagoncito

= Amazing Kong (Awesome Kong)


= Lizmark Jr.

= Tinieblas Jr.

= El Oriental

= Rellik (Johnny Stamboli)

= Chi Chi (Alan Funk/Kwee Wee/Bruce)

= RJ Brewer (John Walters)

= Sydistiko (TJ Perkins)

= Neutronic

= El Limon

= Hijo de Pierroth

= Pequeno Halloween

= Neutroncito

= Misteriocito

= Tigresa Caliente (Rhaka Khan)


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Marko Corleone! *MARKOUT* Клипчето е добро, макар че не издържах да го изгледам цялото. Ще има полза от такива промота, за да се представят отделните rudos и technicos, като тези промота (или подобни) могат да бъдат вкарани в самото шоу като започне. Пак казвам - аз не успях да догледам Behind the mask, така че ми се струва наложително. Очаквания? Не големи, но пък имам интерес. Това, че е по MTV 2 може да даде на шоуто едно по-риалити тип излъчване, което ще е интересно да се види (NXT беше тръгнало в тази посока, но взе да страни от нея). Единственият ми проблем е, че коланът е ужасно грозен. Ама ужасно.

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Те имат ли право на такова нещо ? :unsure: ИНаче някой гледал ли е шоуто, как беше ?


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Току що го изгледах. Общо взето приятно шоу се получи като за първо издание. Началният мач беше много добър :) . Шоуто с джуджетата беше малок шантаво с травестита и всички танци, но имаше и добри моменти. МЕ не беше нищо особено, но се ядваше. Общо взето харесвам Луча Либре и ще го следя чат-пат, забавно изглежда. :)


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Много ми хареса шоуто .Надявам се този първи сезон да не еи последен както стана с Wrestling Society X.

[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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Много ми хареса шоуто .Надявам се този първи сезон да не еи последен както стана с Wrestling Society X.

Днес му видях рейтинга - 0.16, което е горе - долу нормалното за тази тв доколкото разбирам . Значи нито качва, нито сваля засега, ще видим по-нататък как ще е. Ако се запази така и не излиза много скъпо на MTV 2 може и да решат да го продължат още известно време. Друг е въпросът, че едно такова шоу по принцип не ми се вижда да има много "живот" в него. Два - три сезона и кой от къде, защото кой ще седне да гледа всяка седмица Луча Либре ? В СЩ това нещо е просто екзотика, а екзотиката няма на къде да се развива и бързо писва ;)


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Репортаж от първите записи за предстоящия втори сезон на шоуто:

"Lucha Libre USA" TV taping

December 12, 2010

Albuquerque, N.M. at the Hard Rock Casino

On Sunday in Albuquerque, "Lucha Libre USA" taped their Season 2 premiere episodes for the new season airing on MTV2 in January.

Sunday’s Lucha Libre USA show opened about 30 minutes after the announced start time with a ten-bell salute to wrestler Chris Long, a/k/a Solid, who was killed in November. It was a stirring salute, with the entire locker room ringside to pay tribute.

After this, we were told that the Hard Rock Casino is now the “Casa de Lucha”- the home for the second season of MTV’s program, with 13 more shows to be held there between now and June. We were then given the usual chat about how the show was being recorded and to act accordingly (e.g. be loud and enthusiastic to get the attention of cameramen, cheer the babyface tecnicos, boo the heel rudos, etc.)

The crowd was mostly quite full and excited, and there were a lot of families with younger children who might not have recognized many of the wrestlers, but were excited nonetheless to see live wrestling. Since I missed the first season of the show, I was in a similarly unknowledgeable yet enthused mindset. (Aside from a yearly Smackdown house show, New Mexico gets live professional wrestling shows far too rarely.)

Season 2 - premiere episode in January

(1) El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs. Treachery (Rellik and Sydistiko). There were a few missteps at times, with a few awkward mistimed spots, but overall a very fast, exciting opening match with some great tag team moves. The match ended with Sydistiko hitting a beautiful shooting star press for the pin.

(2) The next match was a "first ever Mini Lumberjack Match” with female Rosetta Park taking on Mini Park, perhaps a grudge match arising from the fashion faux pas of both contestants wearing the identical full body skeleton suit. At ringside were various female wrestlers and “minis” acting as lumberjacks. I admit that I was a bit lost during this match. Mini Park was the tecnico here, but I found cheering for a man in full skeleton costume performing backbreakers and forearm smashes on a woman a bit suspect. Other than this it was a relatively entertaining comedy match, with Mini Park winning in the end and performing some great dance moves.

For the final match before intermission (and presumably the main event of season 2’s premier episode) the Lucha Libre USA heavyweight title belt was brought out, and a fatal four-way elimination match was announced to determine the “first-ever” Lucha Libre USA champion. The contestants were Lizmark Jr. accompanied by his Treachery stablemates, Charly Malice, R.J. Brewer (a/k/a John Walters, who had a few stints in Ring of Honor), and Marco Corleone, a/k/a Mark Jindrak, who has been in WCW, WWE, and a few Mexican promotions.

(3) Lizmark, Jr. beat Marco Corleone, R.J. Brewer, and Charly Malice in a four-way match to capture the Lucha Libre USA Title. This was definitely the highlight of the night, with a great pace and a lot of exciting spots. At one point, a man in a light blue mask came out ringside to help the tecnicos against Treachery's interference. Later, though, he turned heel and hit Charly Malice with...a Canadian Destroyer. After Brewer pinned Malice, the mask was taken off, revealing none other than Petey Williams himself. Brewer was soon eliminated after this, though, followed by Treachery throwing dust in Corleone’s face and allowing Lizmark to hit a super kick for the win and the championship. Again, great match, with all the participants really looking like viable main event stars for the small promotion. Jindrak in particular struck me as having a great physique and a tremendous physical prowess.

Season 2 - second episode

After a 15 minute intermission, new champ Lizmark Jr. was brought out for an interview about his victory “last week,” alerting everyone to the fact that this was being taped for the next episode. Lizmark cut a good heel promo about his greatness, and told us that a painter was ringside to paint his portrait.

Sydistiko then challenged any tag team to compete against himself and Rellik, bringing out the team of Magno and ROH’s Rocky Romero, making his debut with the company.

(1) Treachery (Rellik and Sydistiko) vs. Magno & Rocky Romero. This was another fast-paced, exciting tag team match with a lot of quick tags and big spots, with even the larger Rellik hitting some great moves off the ropes. The match ended with Romero hitting his finisher - a very impressive move that starts as a Mickie James-esque jumping DDT and ends with Romero coming down for a RKO-eque cutter - and Magno hit a top rope splash for the pin.

(2) Pequeño Halloween & Tigressa Caliente (Rhaka Khаn in TNA) vs. Mascarita Dorada & Octagoncito. This was another gender-bending match I didn’t quite get, though the fact that Tigressa Caliente was quite a bully to the very talented minis alleviated my apprehension somewhat. The minis won out in the end, with the help of another woman I could not identify who had a beef with Tigressa.

After this match, Lizmark cut another promo about his painting, causing Marco Corleone to storm out and, after feigning respect for Lizmark, dumping a small can of yellow paint over both the painting and the champion.

Petey Williams, billed as hailing from Glendale, Ariz., came out next accompanied by R.J. Brewer. The two are now collectively known as “The Right,” a rudo stable who, as per their moniker, spout conservative, anti-immigration rhetoric (referring to the crowd as a bunch of “ugly immigrants” after the match got the crowd nice and riled up).

(3) Petey Williams vs. Supernova. His mask, size, and speedy luchador moveset had some young fans sitting around me confusing him with Rey Mysterio (this ended when one child sagely noted that Supernova lacked Myserio’s tattoos). I’m sounding like a broken record at this point, but this was yet another high-action, thoroughly exciting match, punctuated by Supernova hitting a few spectacular moonsaults on Williams and Brewer at ringside. The match ended with Williams giving us an encore of the Canadian Destroyer for the pin. (I wonder what it will be called now - The Arizonan Destroyer? The Immigrant Destroyer?) The boastful rudos took Supernova’s mask to shame him, causing Magno to come out and challenge Brewer to a hair vs. mask match on “next week’s show.”

Finally, the audience was privy to a “bonus” legend vs. legend match between Blue Demon Jr. and Tatanka. Blue Demon came out with a blue cape, while Tatanka was in his usual Native American regalia.

Dark Match: Blue Demon, Jr. vs. Tatanka. The crowd was pretty split, though there was slightly more audible enthusiasm for Blue Demon. Given the age of both men, the match had a surprising amount of more demanding physical spots, with Blue Demon hitting some front flip sentons while Tatanka was on the mat, and Tatanka making some believable rollup attempts. There were also a lot of chest slaps in the corners, with some Ric Flair "Whoos" heard throughout the audience for the first time throughout the entire show. Blue Demon won with a dropkick to the side of Tatanka’s face.

After the match, Tatanka send the crowd home happy with a Samoan Drop on Demon. After the show, some wrestlers, including Supernova, sat at the merchandise table and signed merch for those who bought meet and greet tickets.

Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show that left me very excited to catch the second season when it begins to air and anxious to go back and watch the first season that I missed. There really were no dud or terrible matches, all the wrestlers really gave their all like they have something to prove, and the action was well-paced and based on enough classic face/heel interactions that they never devolved into an out-and-out spotfest (which wrestling like this seems especially at a danger of doing).

The highlight was certainly the four-way championship match and the unveiling of Petey Williams. If this taping was any indication, I highly recommend checking out the second season of "Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors" when it premiers in January on MTV2.

Welcome back, Petey Williams! Радвам се да го видя отново на екран и то в нова компания, където за него ще има нови и свежи възможности за изява.

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Репортаж от записите на следващите два (или три?) епизода:

"Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors"

Season Two TV tapings

January 22, 2011

Albuquerque, N.M. at the Hard Rock Casino

On Saturday, Lucha Libre USA held their second taped show at the Hard Rock Casino in Albuquerque. Most of the storylines and feuds picked up where they left off at the first taping in December. Presumably, Saturday’s event was compromised of what will be the third and fourth episodes of Lucha Libre USA’s second season on MTV2.

Though I recall them saying during the December show that this second season would begin in January, no definite date was given at Saturday’s show, so it seems the season two premiere is still a few weeks (or months) away.

The show started as December’s did with a pep talk about staying excited for the cameras, cheering babyface tecnicos, and booing heel rudos. At one point, the crowd was challenged to boo for an entire minute, and this was handily accomplished. Alhough the last show was over a month ago, the crowd seemed to remember the established tecnicos and rudos and gave strong reactions to fan favorites like Marco Corleone, Charly Malice, and Supernova.

Season 2 - Third Episode Taping

(1) John Revellе (a.k.a. "Strongman" Jon Andersen) beat Medianoche. Revellе came to the ring carrying a baseball bat that he promptly broke in two over his thigh before the match. This was essentially a squash match, with Revellе executing a gorilla press slam and a few other moves displaying his strength before casually pinning Medianoche. After the match, Revellе took the luchador’s mask, prompting Supernova to storm the ring. He attempted a few lucha libre-style moves that were all blocked by Revellе before finally fleeing backstage.

(2) Dinastia (Tinieblas Jr. and El Oriental) beat Puerto Rican Power (PR Flyer & San Juan Kid). Considering Tinieblas and El Oriental were treated as tecnicos at the first taping, it was strange to see them facing off against the very babyface Puerto Rican Power (this confusion about Dinastia’s alignment became especially troublesome later during the tag team championship match). PR Flyer and San Juan Kid showed great high-flying, quick paced tag team offense. These two were eventually attacked behind the ref’s back by two men in completely black outfits with the initials “S.L.” on their backs, allowing Dinastia to make the pin.

(3) Marco Corleone beat Sydistiko via DQ. This match continued Corleone’s feud with rudo stable Treachery (Lizmark Jr., Rellik, and Sydistiko) after losing to Lizmark in last month’s Lucha Libre Title match. Both men set a good pace and the action was very well done, though the most memorable part of this match was probably when Sydistiko, held up against the turnbuckles, played the part of a humorously cowardly rudo, flinching whenever Corleone would rear back his fist. This relatively simple spot got a great reaction from the crowd. Corleone eventually won by DQ after Rellik and Lizmark stormed the ring and beat him down. This prompted Shane Helms, making his debut with show, to come to Corleone’s aid. Helms then cut a promo about helping Corleone even the odds against Treachery.

(4) Magno beat R.J. Brewer (w/Lizzy Valentine) in a Hair vs. Mask match. This match was promised for “next week’s show” at last month’s tapings after Brewer & Petey Williams, as rudo stable The Right, attacked Supernova and threatened to take his mask. This was one of the best matches of the night, with both men keeping up a good pace and several very exciting spots taking place around the ring. One memorable spot had Magno recovering at ringside and Brewer near him on the ring apron. Brewer then sprang off the ropes for a very loud, very convincing double stomp on to Magno’s back. Brewer would eventually nail Magno with a chain while the ref wasn’t looking for the pin. However, after the match, the ref saw part of the chain peeking out of Brewer’s tights, and the match was re-started. Magno eventually gained the win. Brewer attempted to escape backstage, but he was stopped by Rocky Romero, who helped Magno shave Brewer’s hair inside the ring.

After this match, there was a 15 minute intermission. The matches that followed were presumably for the next episode.

Season 2 - Fourth Episode Taping

(1) Petey Williams beat Charly Malice. Malice got one of the biggest pops of the night when he was introduced, and the reactions he got from the crowd throughout gave this match one of the best atmospheres of the night. Eventually, R.J. Brewer interfered on Williams’s behalf, and Williams capitalized by delivering his Canadian Destroyer for the win.

For the next match, Magno was introduced. After what appeared to be a delay due to technical problems, The Right, along with Lizzy Valentine, entered wearing gray camouflage vests. Brewer cut a promo about building “fences, not bridges” to keep foreigners like Magno out of his country. This generated great heat with the crowd. He then announced that he had a new member of The Right to introduce for this match, and brought out John Revellе, now dubbed “The Firewall.”

(2) “The Firewall” John Revellе beat Magno. Though a bit more competitive than Revellе’s match earlier in the night, this was clearly another opportunity to establish his dominance. Magno got in a few strikes but was finally pinned after a scoop slam. Supernova and Rocky Romero then stormed the ring to help Magno against the three members of The Right, but were all beaten down.

After this, the Lucha Libre USA Tag Team belts were brought out, and a triple threat tag team match was announced to determine the first ever Lucha Libre USA Tag Team champions.

Match (3) Dinastia beat Puerto Rican Power and. Treachery (Rellik & Sydistiko) in a three-way, three-team tag match to capture the Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Titles. A triple threat tag match felt like a rather convoluted way to determine the first tag champs, though there were plenty of exciting spots. The match felt a little too hectic and unfocused, with tons of interference by teams and partners who weren’t legal and were never really reprimanded by the referee. This was further complicated by the return of the mysterious hooded figures who attacked Puerto Rican Power earlier. When the dust had settled, Tinieblas captured the titles for Dinastia with a cool-looking submission move that combined a figure four-like leg hold with an abdominal stretch, which looked something like William Regal’s Regal Stretch.

Overall, the match and its ending were somewhat undercut by the ambiguous “tweener” status of Dinastia. Though they acted menacing and bent rules like traditional rudos, they also went around giving high fives to the audience after their win. Looking into the crowd, it seemed to me that Dinastia was receiving half cheers and half boos; given Lucha Libre USA’s apparent adherence to classic face-heel dichotomy, this didn’t feel like it fit with everything else on the show.

(4) Mini Park & Octagoncito & Mascarita Dorada beat Tigressa Caliente & Pequeño Halloween & Vladimiro in a “Mini Mayhem” tag match. The “minis” in this match worked incredibly hard, pulling off a ridiculous amount of lucha libre-style moves. Tigressa stayed in her corner the whole match either working on her makeup or acting like she was on her cell phone. When she was finally forcefully tagged in by her mini partners, she became irate and attacked everyone, friend and foe alike. As she was celebrating this, music hit and out came the 6’9” Isis the Amazon, a/k/a Aloisia, who was selected for WWE NXT Season 3 before she was released prior to the season starting. Isis and Tigressa fought each other all the way up the ramp and out of sight. Meanwhile, Mascarita Dorada hit another amazing lucha libre move for the win.

(5) “Hurricane” Shane Helms beat Lizmark Jr. via DQ. The crowd was quite excited to see Helms's in-ring debut. The match itself had a moderate pace, punctuated by a few impressive flying crossbodies by Helms. After run-ins by both Treachery and Corleone, Lizmark was finally DQ’d after a low blow to Helms. Helms and Corleone then ran Treachery out of the ring and celebrated to send fans home happy.

Overall, Saturday’s show didn’t feel quite as exciting as the first show in December, though this could be due to growing pains for the promotion and venue that will eventually be worked out. There seemed quite a lot of delays in between matches, possibly due to technical problems, and I’m sure these problems will not show up on what is televised. Nonetheless, these delays served to kill some momentum in between matches.

These technical issues aside, the show featured a lot of solid action, and it will be interesting to see how storylines develop in upcoming tapings and how they are presented when Lucha Libre USA’s second season finally premieres.

Btw, шоуто има нов продуцент - Craig Leathers (a.k.a. човекът, който беше продуцента на WCW Nitro).

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Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors

Season Two Tapings

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Albuquerque, N.M. at Hard Rock Casino

Lucha Libre USA continued their tapings for a second unscheduled season Saturday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Albuquerque. This was the third round of tapings and presumably will be made into the 5th-6th or 7th-8th episodes of the next season (which, for those curious, has still not been given a definite premiere date at any of the shows).

From the start, it was clear that several of the problems plaguing the last two shows had been addressed. Technical difficulties and delays were almost entirely absent, and a new ring announcer had great charisma and got the crowd excited from the get-go. Unfortunately, it appeared as though Lucha Libre USA has not been doing a great job at keeping people excited about the product - the “Casa De Lucha,” which in December was entirely sold out, seemed to be only a little over one-thirds full for Saturday’s event. For my part, I had only heard a few unspectacular ads on radio and basic cable for the show. Signs were passed out by the crew to some of the fans in the audience, which seemed to encapsulate how insecure the company feels about the excitement they have been garnering.

First Half of the TV taping

The show started with rudo R.J. Brewer coming out with a camouflage bag. He said he had stolen the masks of Supernova and Magno because, while they may represent something good in Mexico, they are “bad for our country.” As in the last two shows, this racially charged promo generated heat among the largely Hispanic crowd. Brewer then put the bag on a hook hanging over the ring and sat at ringside for the next few matches.

(1) Dinestia (El Oriental & Tinibieblas Jr.) beat Rocky Romero & Charly Malice via DQ to retain the Lucha Libre Tag Team Championship. Dinestia suffered from their ambiguous technico/rudo tweener status, but this was still an entertaining match throughout that kept the crowd’s attention. The match ended when Charly put his reverse Figure-Four finisher on El Oriental, only to have the two masked figures who attacked other teams during last month’s show come out and attack Oriental in the ref’s sight. The dirty finish was a letdown, but it thankfully gave some much needed rudo heat to Dinestia, who gloated a bit too much after their cheap win.

(2) Marco Corleone & Shane Helms def. Treachery (Lizmark Jr. & Sydistiko). A planted sign in the audience informed us that “Treachery FEARS Marco!” It was true through most of this match, as Lizmark and Sydistiko played the parts of cowardly heels who constantly went for tags or fled the ring altogether. Other than that, this match was well-paced and worked, with a few huge ringside splashes punctuating the action. The match ended with Helms hitting his Hurrichokeslam on Sydistiko for the win.

After the match, Marco challenged champion Lizmark to a Lucha Libre championship match, though it was unclear if this was a promise for a future big main event or just a way to make Lizmark look more cowardly.

(3) Supernova & Magno beat The Right (R.J. Brewer and Petey Williams w/Lizzy Valentine) in an impromptu ladder match. As far as I could tell this technically wasn’t a “match” as no bell rang at beginning or end; it was simply a battle to grab the bag hung above the ring, as Petey Williams wished to burn it before Magno and Supernova could regain their masks. This was one of the best live matches I’ve witnessed from Lucha Libre USA so far, as the ladder stipulation gave the four wrestlers plenty of chances for unique spots. In one, Supernova was lying on the turnbuckles, and Brewer and Williams set one ladder up pointing at him and another on that ladder, forming a “T” shape which the two dropkicked simultaneously into Supernova’s chest. In another spot, Supernova and Magno did a double back drop to Brewer onto a leaning ladder; Brewer bent the ladder in a very convincing (and painful-looking) way. They do this all the time in WWE’s gimmick-filled PPVs, but it’s truly something to behold live and up close. Finally, Supernova and Magno regained the bag, only to find that a red, white and blue piñata was inside. The Right walked away gloating to end the first half of the show.

Second Half of the TV taping

After the intermission, Lizmark Jr. (with his championship belt) and Sydistiko came to the stage a cut a heel promo that generated a lot of heat. Suddenly, female ring announcer Reby Sky came out with chilled champagne and told Lizmark that the Hard Rock Casino was treating the champ to a night on the town. This was either a setup to a pre-taped segment or, who knows, an attempt to turn the entire casino heel.

(4) LA Park beat Octagoncito, Chi Chi, a mini in light blue Ultimo Dragon-style gear whose name I missed, Tigressa Caliente (Rhaka Khan), Mascarita Dorada, Pequeño Halloween, Mini Park, ODB, and a Mouse-eared Luchador (name missed) in a Mini-Rumble. This might be the best way to showcase the minis and exoticas in the company - how better to present an essentially gimmick league than with a big gimmick battle royal? The match started with Octagoncito (introduced, wittily, with Blink 182’s song All The Small Things) and Chi Chi, with Chi Chi doing a terrific comedy routine. It took until there were seven wrestlers in the ring for any eliminations, which gave the match a chaotic, unpredictable feel. ODB had been advertised to show here so it wasn’t a great surprise to see her, though a spot where she motorboated Mascarita Dorada’s head between her breasts was surprising, to say the least. LA Park earned the win after some very entertaining comedy spots with Chi Chi.

(5) Shane Helms beat Sydistiko via DQ. Shane got a tremendous pop entering the ring, while Sydistiko got a great rudo reaction. This was another very intelligently-worked, intelligently-paced match. That said, the match had a tremendous moment when Helms performed a huge splash on Syd off one of the sturdier crowd railings. Helms eventually performed what looked like a reverse Killswitch/Unprettier, a Nightmare on Helms Street, and a running cutter on Sydistiko, with Syd kicking out of all of them. Sydistiko finally gave Helms a low blow to Helms for a dirty finish.

Sydistiko then trapped all of Helm’s limbs and his head in chairs, and proceeded to jump off the top rope onto Helms's left arm. Syd then set up to jump from the top rope onto Helms’s head when Marco ran from backstage to assist Helms. Helms sold the injury to his left arm as he and Marco walked backstage to a special ovation. This felt like the kind of applause usually reserved for legitimately hurt athletes. I only hope it translates well when it airs on TV.

(6) Mascarita Dorada & Mr Griegos (not sure of name) beat Pequeño Halloween & Vladamiro. This was a gimmick match and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a dark match that won’t be televised. Mr. Griegos is apparently a faculty member of nearby University of New Mexico, and was there to manufacture love for UNM. The match ended with Mascarita winning with a roll-up, allowing the arena to break out into more “Lobos!” (UNM’s mascot) chants.

(7) LA Park (w/Mini Park) defeated Petey Williams (w/Lizzy Valentine). Despite his older age, LA Park looked quite viable in this match with Williams, hitting a few big enzuigiris and other moves. In one of the best comedy spots of the night, Park threw the referee at Williams, causing the ref to inadvertently pin Williams as Park made a fast three count. The referee celebrated quickly before the match resumed. Park finally pinned Williams after a spinning headlock elbow drop. Given the amount of heat that The Right garners, it seems strange that Williams would be pinned clean by a wrestler that probably is not going to be a regular performer for the company.

Overall, I thought this might have been Lucha Libre USA's best night in Albuquerque so far. It was disappointing that there was not a Lizmark vs. Marco championship match for the main event, but otherwise the show fulfilled the promise of having “something for everyone,” from a great ladder match to several solid tag and singles matches to an entertaining mini/exotica match.

The problem persists, though, that the company has done nothing to broaden their audience. The live crowd was enthusiastic, but small, and it feels as though nothing has been done to let a larger audience know that this will broadcast on MTV2 soon. From a strictly wrestling perspective, though, Lucha Libre USA continues to deliver tremendous action.

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Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors

Season Two Tapings

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Albuquerque, N.M. at Hard Rock Casino

Lucha Libre USA returned to the Hard Rock Casino for its first set of tapings in over two months for an upcoming second season that, according to LLUSA’s Facebook page, should have a premier date announced by mid-summer or so.

The promotion appeared to take a month off to redouble efforts in marketing to get a larger crowd to come out for the TV taping. It seemed to work, as the crowd was large and enthusiastic.

The show started with ring announcer Leticia Castro and cross-dressing luchador Chi Chi bringing some audience members into the ring for a cartwheel contest and a few other goofy gimmicks to get the crowd excited and cheering. Unfortunately, technical problems still seemed to plague the proceedings - mics and entrance music would cease to function, and an intro video projected onto the sides of the showroom started to glitch halfway through and was promptly aborted.

(1) Nikki Corleone beat Chrissy Cialis. In a return to the bad habits of March’s show, this match started off with planted fan interference by a pair of irate female fans (it was unclear what exactly they were irate about). After a scuffle that lasted way longer than it needed to, Nikki and Chrissy had a fine match that lasted a few minutes. It ended with Nikki scoring the pin after a nifty move that transitioned a bearhug into a sort of seated spinebuster.

After the match, R.J. Brewer and his Right stablemates entered the ring. R.J. complained that he was the last man eliminated in the Lucha Roulette match (at March’s show); as Charly Malice had failed to capture the Lucha Libre Championship, Brewer felt he should now be #1 contender. This prompted Marco Corleone to enter and argue his case for fighting the champ. Finally, Lucha Libre champion Lizmark Jr. came out with stablemate, Sydistiko, and mocked both men, but said he would choose opponents for them; if they could win their matches, he said he would consider giving them a match.

Sydistiko then flaunted a picture of Shane Helms in the hospital after his recent motorcycle accident. Marco then attacked him to start a match.

(2) Marco Corleone and Sydistiko fought to a double count-out. Given how many matches these two have had over the past several months, it feels like they could put together a solid, exciting match in their sleep. This was no exception. Both men did great work and the crowd was behind each move in the match. The two finally fought outside and up the entrance ramp for a double count-out. The ending was slightly disappointing but did not seem to effect Marco’s chances of getting a title match opportunity.

Next, the color commentary team was introduced for the first time at any of Lucha Libre USA’s shows. The commentary team consisted of Ring of Honor’s Kevin Kelly and former WWE and TNA wrestler Stevie Richards. Kelly explained some of the ongoing feuds. This segment worked well and felt sorely needed after March’s often-confusing show (the audience learned, for instance, that Mascarita Dorada had apparently abducted The Right’s valet Lizzy Valentine).

(3) For the night’s third match, minis Vladamiro and Mascarita Dorada came to the ring. However, before the match could begin, Right member Jon Rekon marched into the ring. Vladamiro humorously fled the ring while Rekon took out Dorada and minis Octagoncito and Mini Park who had come out to help. In one of several scary spots throughout the night, Rekon literally tossed Dorada by his neck, and the mini landed on his side after spinning two or three times through the air. After Rekon left, Vladamiro jumped in and got a cheap three count on Dorada that the referee bizarrely had no scruples about making. Octagoncito and Mini Park continued to sell Rekon’s beating in the ring as Chrissy Cialis and Tigressa Caliente (formerly Rhaka Khan in TNA) ran to the ring to start a tag match with the minis. Again, the referee seemed to see nothing wrong with this and motioned to ring the bell.

(4) Chrissy Cialis & Tigressa Caliente beat Octagoncito & Mini Park in a minis/chicas tag team match. Chrissy and Tigressa dominated from the start, and finally finished off Park with a tag team double chokeslam. The match was questionable to say the least, and continued to drive home that there seems to be no plans to give the company’s mini and woman wrestlers any real storylines or feuds.

Richards and Kelly then spoke to the audience again, and explained that the Lucha Libre Tag Team Championship would be on the line in the next match.

(5) Hooded Mystery Team “Sol” beat El Oriental to earn the Lucha Libre Tag Team Championship. Richards informed the audience that the black hooded figures who have been causing trouble over the last few shows are known as “Sol.” It became clear that El Oriental’s tag team partner, Tinieblas Jr., was not present, so the match became a handicap match. Oriental nevertheless managed to pull off some inventive offense to keep the two hooded figures at bay. In what is easily the scariest live moment I’ve witnessed at a wrestling show, Oriental attempted a suicide dive on a Sol member outside the ring. However, Oriental’s feet seemed to get caught for a moment on the top rope, causing him to land seemingly directly on his head with a loud thud on the thinly-carpeted floor. Miraculously, Oriental was soon moving and was able to finish the match unphased. Sol finally gained the pinfall.

After the match, Sol continued to beat up Oriental, causing Aguila (who wrestled for WWE for a time in the late '90s) to come out and make the save. The two luchadors finally ripped off the black mask of one of Sol, revealing a second mask… that of Tinieblas Jr. Oriental sold disbelief at this betrayal as the show went to intermission.

After the intermission, the audience was told Tinieblas and Sol were stripped of the tag team titles because of winning them in a handicap match, and that a series of matches would determine the teams to face off for the vacant titles.

(6) Rocky Romero and Supernova beat the PR Flyers in a tag team match. As usual, these four put on an athletic, terrifically fast-paced match. In one memorable spot, a suicide dive to the outside by one of the Latin Liberators was followed by a moonsault and topped off by a huge top rope corkscrew by San Juan Kid. Supernova finally earned the pin after an impressive lucha libre-style DDT.

Rebecca Reyes came to the ring and told a strange story about being drugged by Tigressa Caliente and forced to marry mini luchador Pequeño Halloween. This brought out Halloween in a wheelchair accompanied by Tigressa and Chrissy Cialis. The three women then turned on Halloween, claiming the whole thing was a set up so Reyes could divorce him and take half of his money. This brought out Chi Chi, who claimed that in reality Halloween had signed no such agreement, and in fact had put a restraining order on Reyes. Reyes was dragged off by security to end one of the most confusing, boring segments Lucha Libre USA has offered. The crowd was entirely dead except for Chi Chi’s final declaration that he was “Born This Way.”

Petey Williams and Jon Rekon then took the ring, followed by masked luchador, Magno. Magno. Magno said that because his Latin Liberator stablemates had already wrestled, he needed to find a new partner. Thankfully, he was able to find someone who Petey “can’t stand...you’ve fought him all over the world, and he’s definitely more Macho than you.” Out came “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, decked out in his terrific Randy Savage gear and robe, to start the next match.

(7) Petey Williams & Jon Rekon beat Magno & Jay Lethal. Lethal did not get a lot of in-ring time during this match, though the time he did have was full of some terrific high energy offense. I thought it was a bit disappointing that he wasn’t given more time to pay tribute to Savage after Savage's death last week - I was expecting a top-rope elbow drop or something similar. After some scuffles outside the ring, Rekon finally caught Magno with his Samoan Drop finisher and allowed Petey to make the pin.

After the match, there was yet more planted fan interference. This was thankfully brief, as a front row fan shoved Petey and was immediately dragged off by security. Just like at March’s show, this felt utterly unneeded - The Right continues to garner tremendous heat without any gimmickry.

(8) R.J. Brewer beat Psicosis II. Psicosis came out wearing his signature mask. After a solid 5-10-minute match, Psicosis hit his signature top rope leg drop. R.J.’s stablemates came out to interfere, though, and allowed R.J. to hit his fireman’s carry-into-cutter finisher for the pin.

Rocky Romero came out for the next match. He cut a promo questioning Lizmark Jr.’s masculinity, and demanded a title shot. Lizmark came out and accepted.

(9) Lizmark Jr. beat Rocky Romero to retain the Lucha Libre Championship. Despite the lack of buildup or backstory, this was a pretty terrific match that held the crowd from start to finish. Both wrestlers played their parts wonderfully - Rocky with his speed and tecnico charisma, and Lizmark with his thuggish rudo tactics. After 10-15-minutes of back-and-forth action, Lizmark attempted his Lizmark Bomb. Rocky escaped this and attempted his Cuban Cutter finisher, which Lizmark then countered into a beautifully executed superkick for the win. This match was both a joy to watch and succeeded in establishing Lizmark as a strong champion going into next month’s show and presumed title matches against R.J. and Marco. As the main event, it definitely sent fans home happy.

Flyers were passed out after the show advertising LLUSA’s next show, “Masked Warfare,” that will be on June 18.

Overall, Lucha Libre USA’s two-month absence helped to magnify both the strengths and weaknesses of the company. On the positive side, the main feuds and matches continue to be extremely compelling and exciting. Both tecnicos and rudos are really connecting with the audience, and the build-up to an eventual big title match between Lizmark and Marco Corleone continues to be tremendous (I for one can’t wait to see Marco get his hands on the dastardly champ).

However, other aspects of the show continue to be something of a mess. Technical problems keep sprouting up, while the mini and women wrestling continues to be a mess without reason or rhyme. It makes sense for a promotion like this to try and offer “something for everything,” but even casual fans have responded best to the matches that are solidly booked and worked and have a clear storyline behind them. It remains to be seen whether the minis and women will be given the type of program that their in-ring work deserves; as it is, though, Lucha Libre USA continues to offer lots of great action that feels like it will translate well into a weekly TV show when it premieres later this year.

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Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors

Season Two Tapings

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Albuquerque, N.M. at the Hard Rock Casino

Lucha Libre USA wrapped up taping on Saturday for the second season of its Masked Warriors show that will air (though there is still no definite premiere date yet) on MTV2. Dubbed “Masked Warfare,” advertising and press releases promised this finale would feature every championship on the line.

From the beginning, the production quality felt markedly improved from prior shows. The projection screens in the showroom that became glitchy and were called off at last month’s show were working throughout. Before the show, a video was played introducing the audience to the basics of Mexican lucha libre and the company’s Mini, Chica, and Luchastars, and during the show the live footage that will presumably be seen on TV was projected - the footage I saw when I looked up at the screens from time to time looked very professional.

The commentary team for the night was introduced and consisted of Stevie Richards and LLUSA’s head of creative Alex Abrahantes (who I spoke with after the show) filling in for Kevin Kelly. We were told that tonight’s show would make up three whole episodes of Masked Warriors, culminating in the “Masked Warfare” finale show where both the LLUSA Heavyweight Championship and LLUSA Tag Team Championships would be on the line.

(1) Rocky Romero beat Petey Williams. This was one of two matches that worked to build up the eventual match between The Latin Liberators and The Right for the vacant tag team titles. This was a great match to open the show, with several nearfalls and exciting spots. The match ended with a particularly clever sequence. Petey had dodged Rocky’s lunge into one of the ringposts, though Rocky had avoided crashing into the post. As Petey recovered, Rocky got in position and played possum to make it appear that he really had been hurt. Petey then casually set up his Canadian Destroyer; Rocky easily reversed this into a pin for the win. Subtle spots like this are often lost on an audience, but this one seemed to go over quite well (a few fans took relish in yelling reassurances to Petey that he indeed had the match as good as won).

El Oriental came to the ring and cut a promo in Spanish. A few spanish-speaking fans nearby explained that after Tinieblas’s betrayal at last month’s show, Oriental wanted Tinieblas to come to the ring and finally let everyone know who is the better luchador. Tinieblas entered the ring through the crowd dressed in the black hood of the group Sol that he is the apparent leader of.

(2) El Oriental beat Tinieblas Jr. The match started out with Oriental hitting a suicide dive on Tinieblas before he entered the ring. After the close call with Oriental’s botched dive at last month’s show, it was a relief to see the move executed perfectly. Tinieblas played the part well of a treacherous rudo, and attempted throughout the match to tear Oriental’s mask off. Oriental would finally win with a surprise rollup.

After the match, Tinieblas’s Sol stablemates stormed the ring and attacked Oriental. As at last month’s show, Aguila made the save. However, once the ring was cleared of Sol, Aguila turned and attacked Oriental. Oriental sold disbelief at this latest betrayal.

R.J. Brewer was introduced to the commentary table for the next match. We were told this match would determine whether or not the LLUSA championship match would include tecnico Marco Corleone (R.J. earned his spot in the match by defeating Psicosis at the last show). Marco hit the ring, followed by Lizmark with a microphone. Lizmark stated that he had a very special opponent for Marco tonight. Out came Headhunter 1, looking menacing in facepaint and whiteout contact lenses. Lizmark interrupted his entrance, though, and stated that he had forgotten that he had one other special guest - Headhunter 2. Marco sold worry as the handicap match started.

(3) Marco Corleone beat The Headhunters in a handicap match to earn a place in the LLUSA championship match. Like most handicap matches, this match consisted of several prolonged beatings. Marco was still able to get some interesting offense, including a great plancha onto both Headhunters outside the ring. At one point, one Headhunter was on the apron holding Marco on the ropes. The other Headhunter came in for a clothesline but Marco escaped, sending one Headhunter right into the barricade at ringside. I was actually standing front row right in front of this spot, and it looked like the steel barricade was legitimately bent by this fall. After the other Headhunter missed a top rope move, Marco capitalized for a quick pin to earn a place in the championship match.

For the next segment, Rebecca Reyes came out for what appeared to be the usual Best Sign contest that LLUSA features at every show. However, after pretending to admire a child’s sign, she ripped the sign up and hurled invectives at the audience. This cemented Reyes as a rudo after her attempt to cheat Pequeño Halloween at the last show (and as Pequeño Halloween was a rudo before this, it appeared to be a double turn).

After this, The Right, Marco, and Lizmark came out to sign the contract for the upcoming championship match. Ring announcer Leticia Castro announced that Lizmark had added a few extra stipulations to the match. If R.J. lost, The Right would have to disband. R.J. defiantly said he didn’t need The Right to win the match; this angered Petey and Jon Rekon, and the three argued back up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile, it was announced that if Marco lost he would have to shave his hair. Marco recalled that he had already defeated Lizmark in a hair vs. hair match in Mexico several years ago, so he was not worried. After the contract was signed, Marco said he didn’t want to wait until Masked Warfare for the match, and attacked Lizmark before triumphantly leaving the ring. I found this segment simple and incredibly effective - it added even higher stakes for the big match, positioned Marco as a strong tecnico challenger, and had the crowd hot to see this championship match later on.

Rebecca Reyes then made another appearance, announcing that she would face Pequeño Halloween at Masked Warfare. She then brought out Chrissy Cialis and Vladamiro (who could not help himself from trying to bite the two chicas), and said that the match would now be a three-on-one handicap.

(4) Supernova beat Jon Rekon via count-out. This was another singles match pairing off members of each team in the upcoming tag championship match. Rekon dominated for almost the whole match with his strength and size. However, after the action spilled out of the ring, Supernova was able to avoid some of Rekon’s moves and jump into the ring just in time for the countout victory. As with the earlier Williams-Romero match, this positioned the Latin Liberators as a team with speed and cunning despite being out-muscled by The Right.

After this match there was the usual intermission. When everyone was back the first full commercial I have seen for Masked Warriors’s second season was projected onto the showroom screens. The ad featured many memorable high spots from the last several months of Albuquerque shows (and seemed to make specific mention of Petey Williams’s surprise debut with the company) and overall looked very convincing in hyping Lucha Libre USA’s return to TV.

(5) Aguila beat El Oriental. For some reason, this match-up seemed to fall a bit flat with the audience (though perhaps it was just because everyone was still getting back into the groove after intermission). The two luchadores worked incredibly hard to win the crowd over anyway. Aguila started the match with a front flip plancha over one of the ringposts; Oriental, meanwhile, impressed with a few terrific chain grappling/submission sequences and a spot where he attempted three moonsaults in a row (Aguila rolled away from the third one). Aguila gained the pin after a tremendously painful-looking corkscrew moonsault - it looked as though he had landed with all his weight on Oriental’s abdomen. Oriental sold pain and utter despair as he made his way backstage.

(6) Jay Lethal (w/Pequeño Halloween) beat Medianoche (w/Mini Park). After Lethal’s relatively short debut at last month’s show, it was great to see him get more in-ring time. He didn’t disappoint, offering tons of his signature explosive offense and charisma. After an exciting match, Lethal won with a Macho Man top rope elbow drop. Once Lethal and Medianoche left the ring, Halloween and Mini Park shook hands, signifying that Park had joined up to fight Reyes’s team later.

After this, Lizmark entered the ring and said that he will retain the championship. This brought out Marco, who feigned entering the ring. Finally, R.J. hit the ring as well, and the two challengers beat up on the champ until four members of Sol ran to the ring and beat down R.J. and Marco. The showroom went dark for a moment; when they returned, the Sol members were surrounding Lizmark. Lizmark raised his hand in triumph, apparently as the new leader of this group.

(7) Petey Williams & Jon Rekon of The Right beat Supernova & Rocky Romero of The Latin Liberators to become the new Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Champions. The two singles matches earlier in the night did a terrific job setting up the dynamics of this tag match, and all four wrestlers played their parts wonderfully. There were lots of great spots throughout, including Rocky pulling off his Cuban Cutter finisher, several big ringside dives, and Petey finally pulling off his Canadian Destroyer (the first time the Albuquerque audience has seen it since January) on Rocky for the win. The crowd response as Petey and Rekon gloated in the ring once again proved just how successful The Right’s rudo gimmick has been - the boos were deafening.

8. Pequeño Halloween & Mini Park & Octagoncito beat Rebecca Reyes & Chrssy Cialis & Vladamiro in a three-on-three minis/chicas elimination tag match. This match benefited greatly from having a storyline going in that the audience understood. After several quick eliminations, Halloween finally pinned Reyes. The three mini tecnicos celebrated in the ring, much to the delight of many of the younger fans.

The main event (and season finale) title match was next. R.J. Brewer came out first, draped in the Arizona state flag. Next out was Marco Corleone, wearing both the United States and Mexican flags. Out last was defending champion Lizmark Jr. in a red robe.

(9) R.J. Brewer beat Lizmark Jr. and Marco Corleone in a triple threat match to become the new Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Champion. The crowd was extremely excited for the start of this match, and the tremendous work that all three men did throughout kept the atmosphere electric. The match played out largely like a typical triple threat in that the match was mostly divided into one on one scuffles, but the seamless transitions and big match feel made the match extremely exciting. Among the many memorable moments of this match, R.J. put Marco in a Sharpshooter, only to be superkicked by Lizmark. R.J. would also hit his Fireman’s carry cutter to Marco, with the count broken up by Lizmark. Later, Marco hit his Mark of Excellence belly-to-back sideslam but also knocked out the referee in the process. This brought out three Sol members, including Tinieblas Jr., whom Marco made quick work of with a gigantic plancha to ringside (Jindrak apparently had the highest vertical jump of anyone in WWE when he was there, and it was on full display with this move). As he made his way back into the ring, though, Marco was knocked out by Lizmark’s trademark cane. Suddenly, Stevie Richards stormed out to the ring, Steviekicked Lizmark, threw R.J. over him, and woke the ref. Marco was unable to break up the count as R.J. was declared the new Lucha Libre USA heavyweight champion.

After the match, R.J. celebrated with the belt as his Right stablemates came to the ring and displayed that the stable was now in control of every championship in Lucha Libre USA. Stevie Richards grabbed a mic and demanded the outraged audience to acknowledge R.J. Brewer as their champion. Unfortunately, a net of red, white, and blue balloons over the ring failed to open, and some crew members (as well as The Right) looked visibly upset at this snafu. R.J., Petey, Rekon, and Stevie stood tall at the top of Lucha Libre USA’s entrance ramp to close out the show.

After the show, I was able to spend some time speaking to Alex Abrahantes, Lucha Libre USA’s head of creative. He said that all the shows since last December will comprise Masked Warriors’s 13-episode second season, and that the next show in Albuquerque on July 30 will be the premier of tapings for a third season also comprised of 13 episodes. He stressed that the differences between the first and second seasons of Masked Warriors on MTV2 will be like “night and day.” He also stressed the differences between Lucha Libre USA and other promotions like WWE and TNA - especially LLUSA being truly inspired by authentic Mexican lucha libre.

Overall, this was easily LLUSA’s best-produced show at the Hard Rock Casino, and a tremendous finale for the second season. It was great to see the projectors working in the showroom, and far fewer cues for audio were missed than at previous shows. Meanwhile, storylines and feuds are extremely compelling moving into Masked Warriors’s planned third season. It was a surprise to see R.J. win the championship instead of Marco, but in the grander scheme of things it feels like the perfect decision. LLUSA has possibly the most compelling heel stable currently in wrestling (at least that I can think of) in The Right, and the addition of Stevie Richards to the stable and the possible tecnico teams that will stand up to their dominance (possibly Marco teaming with the Latin Liberators to make it a four on four feud) make for compelling possibilities moving forward. It is exciting to see what is in store for Lucha Libre USA both in its upcoming live shows and in its televised program when it begins airing.

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^Въпросните headhunters онзи отбор от зората на ECW ли са? Онези едричките със структура ala Abdullah The Butcher, дето правеха moonsault-и? :)

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^Въпросните headhunters онзи отбор от зората на ECW ли са? Онези едричките със структура ala Abdullah The Butcher, дето правеха moonsault-и? :)

Да, същите.

И между другото, Jon Rekon = "Strongman" Jon Andersen.

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В момента не и не е 100% ясно кога/дали ще почнат да го дават. По принцип федерацията се излъчваше по MTV 2 & MTV Tres, но известно време след края на първия сезон на шоуто MTV Tr3s започнаха да излъчват испаноезичната версия на TNA IMPACT. Затова сега не е ясно дали ще им се занимава повече с LLUSA и дали няма да решат да си останат само с TNA повторението. LLUSA си записват епизоди и твърдят, че ще се завърнат на екран по-късно тази година. Ще видим дали наистина ще стане работата и ако да - дали ще са по двете телевизии или само по едната.

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Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors

Season Three Premiere Tapings

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Albuquerque, N.M. at the Hard Rock Casino

Lucha Libre USA returned to the Hard Rock Casino Saturday night for the first round of television tapings for a third season of the Masked Warriors TV show. This season will continue the storylines and feuds of the show’s second season that has yet to be given a definitive premiere date. Many of the trends from June’s terrific “Masked Warfare” season two finale carried over to Saturday’s show, including a pre-show “Behind The Mask” special, a season 2 commercial, and live in-ring action all projected onto the screens around the showroom.

The turnout was also quite impressive - LLUSA’s recent marketing stressed the availability of inexpensive general admission seats and the showroom looked nearly, if not completely, filled. This was especially impressive considering that up to about two-thirds of the showroom appeared to be empty only a few shows ago.

After a pre-show dance contest featuring luchadores Chi Chi, Mini Park and Rebecca Reyes, the announce team of Alex Abrahantes, Kevin Kelly, and Stevie Richards was introduced. Stevie acknowledged his rudo turn in joining The Right at last month’s show, and said he would be competing in-ring tonight. Also of note was the change in the luchadores’s entrance music from season 2 - the selection of songs by popular artists was replaced with what sounded like generic groove metal and hard rock.

The show kicked off with Right member Petey Williams standing in the ring in front of a podium facing the hard camera. He noted the dominance of The Right (which is in possession of both the LLUSA heavyweight championship and tag team championship) and that his tag partner Jon Rekon was backstage checking the visas of all the luchastars.

Williams then introduced “The Voice of The Right” Stevie Richards. Richards came down from the announce table to the ring. He explained that he had been called up by R.J. Brewer’s mother, Arizona governor Jan Brewer, to help out her son. Richards then brought out The Right’s newest member, Kip Gunn (Kip Sopp, A/K/A WWF’s “Badass” Billy Gunn). Gunn claimed he joined The Right because he was tired of all the “high-flying masked guys” stealing his spotlight.

Finally, The Right’s leader and LLUSA champion R.J. Brewer was introduced. He sold fighting back tears as he described his championship victory and how proud it made his mother. He declared that The Right is strong and will be making changes around Lucha Libre USA. This lengthy segment ended with Gunn declaring that “If you ain’t down with that, we got two words for ya - Right Power.” This long promo section wisely placed the focus of season three on The Right, their dominance, and the threat they pose to the traditions of lucha libre.

(1) The PR Powers (PR Flyer & San Juan Kid) beat Mascara Purpura & Diamon Face. The crowd seemed surprisingly quiet for this opening match, though it may have been because of its unfamiliarity with the two teams. The luchadores tried their hardest to win the crowd over with a variety of innovative movies. In one impressive moment, Diamon Face tagged in Purpura after performing a cartwheel right on the top ropes; Purpura then delivered a top rope 450 splash-into-arm drag to his standing opponent. The San Juan Kid finally gained the win with an impressive shooting star press with a back-first senton landing.

(2) Aguila beat Anibal Jr. The announce team build up Anibal’s status as a legend in Mexico before the match. The match started out with Anibal hitting Aguila with a dive to ringside. Among other memorable spots, Aguila hit a front-flip plancha over the ringpost, and Anibal hit a gory bomb for a great near fall. Aguila gained the pinfall with a surprise roll-up. Anibal sold intense anger, even going so far as to threaten the referee. The announce team sold disbelief at Anibal’s out-of-character actions.

Ring announcer Leticia Castro then interviewed former champion Lizmark Jr. at the top of the entrance ramp. Lizmark complained that he had been cheated out of his title at Masked Warfare, and that his deal with the stable Sol had gone wrong. He said that he was always a “fighting champion” willing to take on any challenger, and that Brewer should do the same and give him a title re-match. Lizmark and Leticia’s mic finally cut out; Stevie Richards claimed this was because The Right now ran LLUSA and was tired of hearing Lizmark’s nonsense.

(3) Magno beat Petey Williams via DQ. Before the match, Stevie Richards humorously built up Williams by declaring him “the future best man at my wedding.” Magno was also noted as a “returning” luchador, as he had not been at LLUSA’s last few tapings. The few months off seemed to have been good to Magno, as he looked to be in great shape and brought a lot of energy to the match. This was overall a very solid match. Magno made a few great counters on Williams, including turning a hurricanrana into a powerbomb and a Canadian Destroyer attempt into a fireman’s carry to sit-out scoop slam. Magno was about to put away Williams with a top rope move when Richards stormed away from the announce table and attacked Magno for a DQ. The Right beat down Magno until Marco Corleone ran out to make the temporary save.

Marco then grabbed a mic as The Right re-gathered at ringside. Brewer gave Marco one last chance to join up with The Right. Marco then cut a pretty terrific tecnico promo, explaining that, while Brewer and his cohorts judge people by their culture and their differences, he “and all decent people” judge people by their individual character. Marco said he won’t stand for disrespect towards Mexico or the traditions of lucha libre, then took a fighting stance as The Right surrounded the ring. Suddenly, Supernova and Rocky Romero appeared and joined Marco and Magno in a four-on-four brawl all the way backstage. Leticia Castro then spent some time with the audience as Stevie Richards presumably got in gear for the next match.

(4) Stevie Richards beat Rocky Romero. Before the match, Rocky came out and cut an entertaining promo on Richards, channeling Razor Ramon at the end in referring to him as “chico.” Like his fellow Latin Liberators in their matches, Romero showed great energy with some explosive moves off the ropes. In following the trend of the night, this match was interrupted by Right member Petey Williams. Rocky was able to take him out with a dive to ringside, but the distraction was enough for Stevie to pull off his Steviekick for the win. Marco ran out to help Rocky but was taken out by Gunn. The three Right members stood tall over Marco and Rocky before heading up the entrance ramp. Marco and Rocky finally recovered and shared a fist pump of solidarity before leaving the ring.

(5) El Oriental beat Chi Chi (with Pequeño Halloween). It seemed a rather odd choice to place Oriental - who had a pair of hard-hitting, very believable matches at June’s show - in what amounted to a comedy match, though he was quite game and played along well with Chi Chi’s great comedy routine. The two received one of the biggest pops of the nights when, locked up in a grapple, Chi Chi kissed Oriental passionately on the lips. At one point, Mini Park appeared out of nowhere and apparently turned rudo by attacking Halloween. Meanwhile, Oriental pinned Chi Chi with a roll-up. Rudo Rebecca Reyes came out and joined in on the attack on Halloween before dancing with Mini Park. This apparent rudo turn by the much beloved Mini Park seemed to really confuse the audience.

(5) Marco Corleone beat Kip Gunn. Gunn started the match by blindsiding Marco as he posed on the turnbuckle; Marco came back, though, and took Gunn to the floor at ringside. Gunn then took control of the match for a long stretch. The Right once again ran out to interfere, though Marco was able to evade the attack and hit his Mark of Excellence on Gunn in the confusion.

Soon, all the members of both The Right and The Latin Liberators were once again brawling, with the Liberators and Marco finally gaining control of the ring. Marco, still reeling from the attack, took a mic. He said that while he had been focusing on Lizmark, Jr. for the past several months, The Right now had his “undivided attention.” He then reintroduced the audience to luchadores in the ring- the “King of the Cuban Cutter” Rocky Romero, the “American Mexican” Magno, and the “mysterious, high flying” Supernova. The four tecnicos were then rechristened collectively as The International Alliance. This new stable posed for the crowd as the show went to intermission.

After the intermission, The Right’s podium was once again set up in the ring. Brewer then spoke of the changes that, thanks to “the best lawyers in Scottsdale,” would be coming to LLUSA tonight. They included changing the name of the show to Professional Wrestling USA: American Warriors, and the banning of all masked, mini, and chica wrestlers from the company.

Suddenly, a man in a suit and a red, white and blue mask resembling LLUSA’s logo came to ringside. He introduced himself as a representative of LLUSA’s commissioner’s office, and explained in a humorously soft-spoken manner that Brewer’s changes will not be taking effect; in fact, Brewer would have to defend his championship against Lizmark later in the night, while Williams would have a match with Supernova up next.

(7) Supernova beat Petey Williams. This was another highly-entertaining match in the series of matches these two have had over the months, with many high-speed exchanges and big spots, including a huge top-rope hurricanrana by Supernova. Supernova would eventually gain the pin with his trademark lucha DDT.

Kip Gunn then came to the ring and angrily stated that he was going to make up for his loss to Marco by destroying Magno. He then forced the ref to ring the bell and begin a 10-count to force Magno out. Magno then snuck into the ring and rolled up Gunn for an immediate win. Gunn sold complete anger as Magno slipped backstage.

(8) Octagoncito & Pequeño Halloween (w/Chi Chi) beat Vladamiro & “Mini Park” (w/Chrissy Cialis and Rebecca Reyes). The recent tecnico and rudo turns by Halloween and Mini Park seemed to confuse the audience as to whom to root for; as a consequence, most of the cheers were reserved only for big moves. In the middle of the match, another mini with a Mini Park match stormed the ring and beat up the rudo Mini Park. He then ripped off the rudo’s skeleton costume, revealing another red colored skeleton costume. After this beatdown, Halloween hit a split-legged corkscrew moonsault on this fake Park for the win.

The real Park continued the attack on this faker, eventually tearing his mask off (the rudo hid his face with a shirt). While it was certainly a smart move not to legitimately turn Park- he remains one of the most popular luchadores with younger fans, and his mask seems to sell very well - this bit was completely confusing and will hopefully be explained when it airs.

At the announce table, the team riffed on WWE’s Raw Anonymous GM, with Abrahantes checking his iPhone and announcing, “And I quote,” that LLUSA’s next show would feature the debut of Charly Malice Jr. The original Malice has not been at LLUSA’s shows since his arrest for assaulting two police officers in Mexico in April.

(9) Lizmark beat R.J. Brewer via DQ in a Lucha Libre USA Championship match (title did not change hands). Lizmark was introduced to moderate tecnico reaction which only grew stronger as the match progressed. The match was back-and-forth throughout, with a variety of big moves, including a spinebuster and spinning side slam by Lizmark. Finally, a teased superkick by Lizmark was countered into Brewer’s fireman’s carry cutter finisher. However, as Brewer went for the pin, three hooded Sol members rushed the ring. Brewer tried to fend the men off from entering the ring, until one tried to toss Lizmark his trademark cane. Brewer caught the cane and nailed Lizmark right as the referee turned to him and then signaled for the bell. R.J. fled with the belt as Sol loomed over the unconscious Lizmark. They left him lying, apparently breaking the alliance the two entities shared. Lizmark finally recovered and left the ring to a hearty tecnico response.

This match ending felt a bit confused. With Brewer as the top rudo in the company, it didn’t make sense to give him tecnico sympathy by having to fend of an attack by multiple men all by himself (The Right had been banned from ringside for the match). Likewise, the Sol interference felt a bit like overkill after a show full of run-ins.

Overall, though, LLUSA’s season three opening episodes (this show will make up three episodes) did a great job of progressing the main storyline that was set up at the end of season two. As the main focus of the night, The Right continued to look like viable top rudos and earned tremendous heat all night. The formation of The International Alliance, meanwhile, offers The Right a great top opposition made up of tecnicos that can work great matches and are extremely over with the Albuquerque crowd. The apparent tecnico turn of Lizmark Jr. was also very believable; it looks like it will lead to an upper mid-card feud between Lizmark and his Treachery stablemates and a Tinieblas Jr.-led Sol faction. With solid matches, a total lack of technical problems, and the largest live turnout since its Albuquerque debut in December, Lucha Libre USA looks very strong going into Masked Warriors’s third season.

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Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors

Season Three Tapings

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Albuquerque, N.M. at Hard Rock Casino

Lucha Libre USA was back in Albuquerque on Saturday to continue tapings for a third season of their Masked Warriors television program. This was the second set of tapings for the third season after the premiere episodes were taped last month. No premiere date has been given for seasons two or three yet, though it was promised by the announce team that there would be news about this soon.

After the usual pre-show with exotico luchador Chi Chi and ring announcer Laticia Castro, the announce team of Kevin Kelly, Alex Iz (Alex Abrahantes, LLUSA’s head of creative) and Stevie Richards were introduced. Iz told the audience they would be taking part in the taping for a commercial for the upcoming second season. Out came an old man in a cowboy hat, dubbed “OBL,” with ring valet “Kay Young” to wrestle another old man in a red do-rag and blond goatee dubbed “The Huckster.” The announce team called the match in an over-the-top manner until the two men fell asleep in the middle of the ring during a sleeper hold. I would guess that this will be used to make a commercial to contrast Lucha Libre USA to TNA and WWE (something like “This isn’t your old man’s wrestling!”).

(1) Chrissy Cialis & Vladamiro beat Octagoncito & Pequeño Halloween. Before the match, Rebecca Reyes and the red Mini Park (known as Evil Park) from last month’s show ran down and beat up the tecnicos. The combination of the odd opening commercial taping and this early run-in seemed to tire the crowd, though the minis did their usual impressive work. Vladamiro finally gained the pin with the help of Evil Park and Reyes.

(2) Aguila beat Huracán Ramirez Jr. The announce team built up the iconography of Huracan Ramirez as a movie star and lucha legend in Mexico. Aguila played off this by offering Huracan his hand in respect at the beginning of the match, only to attack him right after in a classic rudo gesture. The match started out with some impressive action, including Huracan hitting a suicide dive to ringside. After a few minutes, though, the action seemed to slow down drastically, with Aguila rather audibly calling spots and Huracan’s moves appearing labored. Aguila would eventually hit his split legged moonsault for the pin. After the match, the stable Sol ran to the ring to attack Aguila, but he was able to escape for the time being.

Laticia Castro was out to introduce the next match when Mini Park ran out to interrupt her. Park spoke in Spanish, and Laticia explained that he demanded his brother Evil Park come out and face him. This brought out Evil Park along with Rebecca Reyes. The two were getting ready to gang up on Park when another woman came out and took out Reyes. She said her name was Lady Luck, and challenged Reyes to a lingerie match for later tonight. The star of this segment by far, though, was Mini Park - the Albuquerque crowd absolutely loves him.

(3) Magno & Celestrial beat The Right (Petey Williams & Jon Rekon) in a non-title tag match. Celestrial, who hasn’t been at any other Albuquerque show, was a smaller luchador with a blue, full-face mask that heavily resembled Sin Cara's. The beginnings of the match felt like it would end as a squash, with Rekon handily throwing the two luchadores all over the ring. However, the match shifted when Petey tried heelishly to rip off Magno’s mask. Once he ripped it off, it turned out Magno was wearing another right under it, and Magno promptly forced the mask onto Petey. Rekon was then blinded by an eye rake, and mistakenly took out Petey with his Samoan Drop which allowed the luchadores to win. As this was Petey and Rekon’s first tag match together since winning the title, it felt odd to have them lose and look rather buffoonish here. However, it looks like there will be time to build them back up before a match with a more established team.

El Oriental came out next, but was quickly threatened by Sol. Aguila made the save, though. Kevin Kelly then came out to the ring to interview Aguila. Aguila said he wanted to team up with Oriental to face Tinieblas Jr. and Lizmark (who apparently was still a member of Sol). Oriental agreed.

(4) Anibal Jr. beat Chi Chi. This was another odd choice to pair with Chi Chi. Anibal worked hard with a few big moves (including a dropkick of the top rope), while Chi Chi did the usual comedy act and, at one point, countered Anibal’s powerbomb attempt in a very provocative way. Anibal would still eventually get his powerbomb for the win. Anibal roughed up Chi Chi in a rudo-like way afterwards.

(5) Lady Luck (w/Mini Park) beat Rebecca Reyes (w/Evil Park) in a lingerie match. Reyes came out wearing a black cutoff shirt and shorts, while Lady Luck came out in a one piece shiny blue outfit. Both women were eventually down to their bras; Lady Luck gained the win when she turned a Boston crab into an opportunity to rip off Reyes’s shorts. The biggest pop of the match, though, came from Mini Park performing a moonsault on Evil Park when he tried to interfere.

The International Alliance of Marco Corleone, Rocky Romero, Supernova, and Magno then made their appearance for the first time in the show. Rocky said that he and Supernova were in the three team “Lucha Ladder Match” to determine the #1 contenders to the tag belts, and he promised success. Stevie Richards then interrupted them, saying they were nothing but a “gang” that was nowhere as good as The Right. Marco ran up to the announce table and confronted Stevie, and said he, the International Alliance, and all the fans know he’s better than R.J. and can beat him for the title. Stevie mocked him, and challenged him to a match, which Marco accepted. The International Alliance huddled up and played to the crowd to end the segment.

(6) El Oriental & Aguila beat Tinieblas Jr. & Lizmark, Jr. via DQ. Lizmark and Tinieblas entered the ring through the crowd and wearing Sol’s black cloaks. Tinieblas dominated early with big boots and other Big Man moves. Aguila and Oriental also got in a few very impressive acrobatic moves. Finally, two other members of Sol entered the ring and attack Oriental and Aguila, ending the match.

Lizmark, Aguila, Tinieblas, and the two Sol members all had a stare down. Suddenly, one Sol member superkicked the other. He then took off his black mask to reveal that it was Lizmark’s longtime henchman, Sydistiko. The other Sol member was revealed to be Anibal, Jr. Anibal and Tinieblas ran away as Lizmark, Sydistiko, and Aguila, apparently as a reformed Treachery stable, gloated in the ring and took turns elbow dropping one of the Sol masks. As the show went to intermission, the announce team noted that this segment left “more questions than answers.” Considering all the sudden realignments and turns, this felt like an understatement for much of the audience.

(7) Marco Corleone beat Stevie Richards. The crowd was extremely excited to see Marco in action, and the match had great energy. It was clear throughout that these two had a great understanding of how to play to the crowds and build up excitement. Marco would finally counter a Steviekick attempt into his Mark of Excellence for the pin. The ending felt strangely abrupt.

Next, the new Treachery of Lizmark, Sydistiko, and Aguila came to the ring. “Did you really think I’d bow to you?” Lizmark asked openly of Tinieblas. He said he’s the emperor of Lucha Libre USA and bows to no one. Sydistiko then bragged that Treachery was back. He also played up the boos coming from young fans at ringside, telling Lizmark to ignore them as they are “practically retarded.”

Suddenly, the lights went out and Sol’s music played. Treachery grabbed chairs and held Sol back from entering the ring. Once they had retreated, Treachery sat down in the chairs facing the hard cam. After what appeared to be a face turn by Lizmark at last month’s show, it was quite impressive to see such a great rudo reaction for Treachery.

(8) R.J. Brewer beat Magno to retain the Lucha Libre USA championship. The announce team told the crowd that R.J. had challenged Magno to the match, and noted that Brewer has never defeated Magno. The match had good early action, and a few well put-together grappling segments. Magno, among other moves, hit a big top rope guillotine leg drop, and great enziguiri. This set up for a final top rope move, but R.J. was able to counter this move and pin Magno with a fistful of tights. After the match, the rest of The Right came out to beatdown Magno, but the rest of International Alliance came out. Marco and R.J. eventually brawled into the audience and out of the arena. R.J.’s title belt was left in the ring, making for a nice visual.

(9) The Puerto Rican Powers beat The Latin Liberators (Supernova & Rocky Romero) and Medianoche & Mascara Purpura in a three-way “Lucha Ladder” tag team match for #1 contendership for the Tag Titles. After a show that had been a bit low on actual in-ring action, it was great to see this match featuring some of LLUSA’s most impressive high-flyers. They didn’t disappoint, and all the participants brought out a ton of innovative ladder-based moves. One impressive sequence saw Purpura hit a shooting star press off a ladder held up between another ladder and the ropes, followed quickly by Medianoche hitting a backdrop off the very top of the ladder. San Juan Kid also hit a tremendous corkscrew moonsault onto Purpura lying on a folded ladder. Petey Williams and Jon Rekon eventually stormed the ring and tied the Latin Liberators to the ropes with zip ties. After a few scuffles between the other two teams, the PR Powers finally grabbed the contract after dropping Medianoche through a propped ladder in an amazingly painful-looking spot.

As the announce team thanked the crowd for coming out, they sold concern over Medianoche’s fall. No return date was given for the next show.

Overall, this felt like something of an “off” show for Lucha Libre USA. While the matches were all quite solid, many of them were sullied by bizarre swerves and run-ins or had the feeling of novelty matches that didn’t connect to larger storylines. For people like myself who have been following LLUSA, these moves made some sense; as a standalone show, I saw that many people in attendance looked very confused. The actual in-ring work continues to be great, though, and when the confusion has settled, it looks like the feuds that have been set up (Treachery vs. Sol and The Right vs. The International Alliance) will make for some great programs. For any of its flaws, Saturday’s show still proved that LLUSA has an excited following in Albuquerque and that they are serious about making Season 2 of Masked Warriors an excellent wrestling show when it premieres.

Lucha Libre USA, which ran for a little over a month on MTV2 in 2010, has started to tease that there is a big announcement on the horizon.

Sources indicate that the promotion told their roster that something would be announced very soon. They have been stating for a long time privately that they would be returning to MTV2, something that MTV sources have indicated was not in the cards.

On their Facebook, in responding to a fan that stated they were excited about a 10/1 return to MTV2, a representative for the promotion deleted the comment and posted, "At this time, no dates have been confirmed and we will be making several important announcements in the near future. Thank you for your patience."

LLUSA personality Reby Sky wrote on her Twitter, "AND BY THE WAY A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT LUCHA LIBRE USA IS COMING VERY SOON !!!!! Wonder no more ! :D :D :D"

The promotion has regularly continued TV Tapings in Albuquerque, New Mexico over the last year.

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High-Flying, Exuberant Fun from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque

New York, NY (September 14, 2011) – Over-the-top is an understatement when it comes to Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors, the high-spirited Mexican wrestling spectacular that marries exciting aerial maneuvers and extraordinary acrobatics with flamboyant characters and outlandish story lines. Beginning on October 1, Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors begins its second season of explosive battles—in and out of the ring—on MTV2 and MTV Tr3́s. The series is recorded before enthusiastic live audiences at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque in NM.

Almost a religion in Mexico, where it rivals soccer in attendance, lucha libre (free wrestling) boasts a 75-year history of colorful, fun-for-the-whole family entertainment. The tradition of wearing masks harkens back to the Aztecs and the designs are meant to evoke the power of animals, gods and other ancient heroes. The “luchador” or wrestler takes on that identity and the mask is so sacred that to wager and lose one’s mask in a battle is considered a disgrace.

But make no mistake, this is not a sport frozen in time. Having already won the loyalty of generations of Latino fans of all ages, Lucha Libre USA is conquering American audiences—particularly the sought after young male 12-34 demographics—with its unique spin on the art of wrestling and the outsized personalities of its Luchastars.

Beyond the mystique of the mask, lucha stands apart from American pro wrestling with its strict code of honor, the six-sided ring and its own set of tag-team rules. Unlike their American pro wrestling counterparts, luchadors rely on their speed and agility not just power to subdue opponents. Using the ropes, luchadors catapult themselves through the air and stop their opponents with a succession of rapid-fire moves and complex submission holds.

“Lucha is like an action telenovela,” says Lucha Libre USA’s CEO Steven Ship. With over 50 million Hispanics living in the US and a huge contingent of American wrestling fans itching for something to reinvigorate the sport, he sees a bright future for this English language version of this global phenomenon.

To capture that audience, Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors has brought in a well-known, world-class roster of Mexican and U.S .wrestlers, like Lizmark Jr. Super Nova, Marco Corleone, Shane Helms and Tinieblas Jr. They’ve also created some new larger-than-life characters, such as RJ Brewer, an Arizona patriot and supporter of the state’s anti-immigration bill SB 1070, and Tigresa Caliente, a woman of Amazonian proportions.

“Unlike other professional wrestling, our Luchastars come in all shapes, sizes and sexes,” Ship continues. “We have co-ed and trio tag teams and a mini-division of Luchastars under five feet. Outside the ring, we introduce compelling stories that can range from battles over a divorce to immigration issues, from money to morality. Inside those ropes, you’ll witness action you won’t see anywhere else. You have to be a trained athlete and in superb condition to perform these moves.”

“I can't wait for pro wrestling fans to check out Masked Warriors,” says Corleone. “It's really a much different product than U.S. fans are used to seeing. As someone who wrestled in the States for years, I can tell you that the lucha style is a lot more high-flying and thrilling than traditional pro wrestling. Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors is going to take the lucha experience to a whole new level.”

Ship has upped the production values for the series too, bringing in Craig Leathers to co-produce and direct the program. “Craig was the executive producer and director of WCW Nitro and is responsible for some of the highest grossing pay-per-view events in the industry,” he says.

Along with the television show, live tours and action figures available in stores like WalMart and Toys R’ Us and other mass merchants are powering the strong momentum for LLUSA. In addition, a new Lucha Libre USA app for iPhone and Android will allow fans to create and become their own Masked Warrior.

“With Lucha Libre USA,” Ship says, “we have created a distinctive fusion of American pop culture and a great Mexican sport, one that appeals equally to the Hispanic audience, the mainstream wrestling fan and the MTV2 viewer.”

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LLUSA с тв сделка в Индия:

Lucha Libre USA announces partnership with Reliance Broadcast Network

The global hit show will air on BIG CBS Prime each Friday at 9:00pm and on BIG MAGIC – each Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm.

Lucha Libre USA announces a long-term partnership with international multi-media entertainment conglomerate Reliance Broadcast Network, of India, for its bouquet of Channels. The first season of the Masked Warriors will air simultaneously on its English Entertainment Channel BIG CBS Prime, part of the Channels launched through its joint venture with US’ CBS Studios International, and its regional entertainment channel – BIG MAGIC – targeted at the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. The global hit show will air on BIG CBS Prime each Friday at 9:00pm and on BIG MAGIC – each Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm.

This language agnostic programming is a free style wrestling show that boasts of some of the most death-defying showmanship and premiers in India, exclusively through the partnership with Reliance Broadcast Network. Lucha Libre USA has seen a tremendous increase in popularity among Indian audiences especially among the 15-24 year old demographics. To capture that audience, Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors television series includes a well-known, world-class roster of Mexican and U.S. wrestlers, such as Lizmark Jr., Super Nova, Marco Corleone, Shane Helms and Tinieblas Jr.

BIG CBS Prime, which has grown to a leadership position in under a year of launching in India, has been delivering its promise of offering the latest, freshest and hottest entertainment straight from the United States. With this offering, the Channel stays true to its commitment of offering audiences superlative and an unmatched entertainment mix.

BIG MAGIC, launched in April of this year, is the India’s first variety entertainment channel targeted at the core Hindi heartland, locally relevant entertainment around Humor, Reality, Music & Bollywood, along with high end international content that appeals to the people of the heartland. Bringing in Lucha Libre is in line with the programming strategy to offer the audiences in India’s heartland, international content that appeal to their tastes.

“Sports programs are known to draw huge audiences in India. A deep audience insight mapping indicated an excellent opportunity to bring to India the Masked Warriors, showcasing the new and iconic warriors of Lucha Libre. We are confident that this offering will resonate well with our audiences across both channels, and are extremely pleased with the partnership”, said Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd. in a statement.

“We are excited to be partnering with Reliance Broadcast Network to bring this incredible tradition of Lucha Libre to audiences in India and allow them to view the program across demographics. We are confident, the reach and rich relevant audience base of BIG CBS Prime and BIG MAGIC will allow us to create sizeable impact in the Indian market.” says Lucha Libre USA’s CEO Steven Ship.

Междувременно, тъй като в момента не се излъчват в американския ефир, LLUSA започнаха да качват мачове онлайн (по един мач всяка седмица).

Shane Helms vs. Lizmark Jr.

Tatanka vs. Blue Demon Jr.

Petey Williams vs. LA Park

ODB, Nikki Roxx & Reby Sky vs. Jackie Moore, Rhaka Khan & Kristin Astara

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