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CZW Tournament Of Death 9


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TOD 9 | June 26 2010

June 26th 2010 @ 3:00PM

UV Underground in Townsend, DE


First Time Ever - Stipulation TBA!


"Havoc's Happyland" - Lighttube Bundles and Structures


"Weapons of Mass Destruction" - Kenzans and More!


Thumbtack Kickpads and Panes of Glass



"Sit and Hit" - Taipei Death Match


Ultraviolent Tag Team Deathmatch - Fans Bring the Weapons


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Еее супер, дано бързо го пуснат на двд за да можем да го гледаме :)


Everyone else might be a Paul Heyman guy, i'm a Paul Bearer guy.



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We want Hero!!

За сега има много яки мачове,дано работата да не се пре*бе.Като краен победител очаквам да е някой по-изненадващ.Може би Danny Havoc ще е сензацията на турнира.Ще се радвам да го вземе отново.Може би ще очаквам и Thumbtack Jack да се появи,но не вярвам да го спечели,след като му отнеха 8,макар и да му дадаха смешния rewind.

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Дано и Некро Бъчър-а се появи и да обърне 1-2ма :D


Everyone else might be a Paul Heyman guy, i'm a Paul Bearer guy.



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Combat Zone Wrestling, as a promotion, has been in an interesting position in recent months. In the early part of the decade, it was the promotion that really kicked off the revival of independent wrestling in Philadelphia and the former ECW Arena. It featured a new and fresh crop of talents, some of whom were extremely violent brawlers and some of whom were equally entertaining wrestlers. The shows drew, especially at first, and it would have seemed like they were poised to conquer the scene and then expand onward. It didn't really happen that way. In hindsight, the infrastructure wasn't prepared in the least. Injuries, age and personal problems would catch up to a number of roster members. Some like former TOD champion Nick Mondo, retired. Some, like Lobo, were forced to bow out due to injuries. Others, like the Briscoes, moved on to other places.

The Pennsylvania Commission began cracking down on the violence and weapons aspects of the show. Bookers changed. Fans moved on. The wrestling business cooled overall. CZW Television moved from a weekly series to nothing to a semi-regular special broadcast. CZW changed venues before returning to the Arena. PPV projects and national DVD releases were CZW's hype and buzz.

All that brought up to Combat Zone Wrestling holding their Tournament of Death 9 event on Saturday 6/26 in Townsend, Delaware on the estate owned by CZW owner Dave "DJ Hyde" Markland's family. To say the experience was one of a kind goes without saying. It was a surreal scene, standing in a field on farmland with mother nature serving as the background for the most violent event of Combat Zone Wrestling's year. Surveying the scene through a heavy nicotine haze, one couldn't help but shake their head and laugh while thinking what someone who wasn't a wrestling fan would think if they suddenly stumbled out of those woods and arrived upon this gathering - breaking glass, insane bumps, blood running deep in every match and some unique, twisted characters populating the ring and the audience alike.

CZW's Tournament of Death is sort of the wrestling equivalent of a punk rock festival. If you like the style and the scene, you are home. If not, you'll never understand it. That is certainly the best way to describe the show. If you are into the extremely violent Death Match style matches, this was the show for you. If blood, crazy (and sometimes contrived) spots, all out violence and weapons shots aren't your thing, this certainly was not the show for you, not in the least and you would have hated every minute of it. Perhaps another CZW event would have been for you, but not this one. It was all or nothing when it came to the violence and CZW delivered in that regard.

The show opened with a ten bell salute for former CZW star Michael "Trent Acid" Verdi. I believe DJ Hyde made a speech about Verdi, but I hadn't arrived yet due to traffic issues, so I'm not sure what was said.

CZW TOD Round One: In a Lighttube Bundles and Structures match, JC Bailey pinned Havok with a Michinoku Driver onto a ton of light tubes. Lots of back and forth brawling and a tons of light tube destruction. Bailey hit a double stomp off the top through tubes as well. He continued beating down with tubes after the match, leaving him laying. Really violent and entertaining opener setting the stage for the carnage from what I saw.

CZW TOD Round One: In a "Weapons of Mass Destruction" match, Big Japan Wrestling's Abdullah Kobayashi pinned Nick Gage in what was Kobayashi's first ever appearance in the United States. Gage took the mic before the match and said that he's beat the hell out of everyone who's ever come into CZW, so now they want to bring a Japanese P**** into the company. He said he was going to kick Abdullah Kobayashi's teeth down his throat. When Kobayashi came to the ring, Gage warned him he was in the ring with him and who did he think he was. Kobayashi screamed his name in response. Gage hit Kobayahi over the head with a light tube. He no sold it and then ate one. Sick! He smashed another one over Gage's back and ate the remnants. He dropped Gage over broken shards then r ipped at his face with a piece. Gage came back with several kicks to the groin. Gage drilled him in the back with a barbed wire chair. He smashed a keyboard over Kobayashi's head, then smashed him with a giant plastic water jug with Christmas ornaments. Gage nailed a diving attack off the top for a two count. Kobayashi came back with a dropkick and a shining wizard, then dropped an elbow for a two count. Kobayashi nailed a belly to back suplex for a two count. Gage put a Tekken, which has a LOT of tiny little spikes and is used to hold flowers in place on Kobayashi's head, then drilled it into his head with a chairshot, Then, he repeated it. SICK! Kobayahi has done that in Japan before but seeing it live was a hell of a sight. Fans began chanting for CZW. Gage then tried to pull them out but they were too deeply embedded. He nailed Kobayashi with a plastic bat that had thumbtacks glues around it. He went to use the jug but Kobayashi stole it and beat Gage with it. He drilled Gage with a leaping DDT, then placed a number of tubes on Gage's chest and stomach. Kobayashi came off the ropes with an elbow and pinned Gage. Crowd didn't like that and a lot of people were catcalling about it. Kobayashi screamed into the mic he loves Death Matches and American people. Gage warned him if he ever sees another Big Japan talent in CZW again, he was going to f*** them up. Since the plan is to bring others in, I guess Gage will be doing a lot of f***ing them up. Great stuff - this was my favorite Gage match in sometime.

CZW TOD Round One: Thumbtack Kick Pads and Panes of Glass Martch: Scotty Vortez pinned Vortex. They choppd the hell out of each other early. Dysfunction suplexed Vortez into a plane of plexiglass but it didn't break. So, he powerbombed him into it. Glass showered the audience. That would be why I don't sit ringside for these things. Dysfunction nailed Vortex with an over the knee backbreaker. Vortex came back with a diving kneedrop off the top through a glass pane bridged between two chairs. Dysfunction was killed but came back with a superkick. Dsyfunction sat Vortex on his shoulders and slammed him down through a pane. He drilled Vortex with a chair, then set up another pane between two chairs. They battled on the top until Vortex hit a Flux Capacitor off the top through the glass for the pin. Decent with some incredible bumps.

CZW TOD Round One: Masada pinned Drew Moore, who substituted for John Zandig. Masada came out first but when Zandig's music hit, out came Devon Moore driving a farm vehicle. Masada demanded to know why he was there but there was no explanation and they rang the bell. The reality was Zandig has been dealing with a bad back injury for well over a year stemming from a car wreck where he was hit by a woman driving with such force it flipped his truck. The morning of the TOD, he woke up in such pain, there was no way he could have worked the date. The promotion probably should have made an announcement before the show. Zandig wasn't at the event. Moore went for a discus clothesline but bounced off. Masada tossed him out of the ring and called for Zandig. The crowd was deflated by no Zandig. Moore returned to the ring and hit a flip dive over the top to the floor. Masada returned to the ring and backdropped Moore over, then clotheslined him to the floor. Masada beat Moore around the outside. Masada set up several chairs near the station where the announcers were set up. He knocked off some wood from the structure and set it between the chairs, then suplexed Moore through it. Fans began chanting, "This is bullsh**" but I don't know if it was because of bad sightlines or no Zandig. Moore hit a shooting star press off the station. They battled back to the ring where they destroyed a car windshield. Masada pinned him with a stiff clothesline. The crowd never gave this a chance in my eyes but it was OK.

In a non-tournament match, Joe Gacy and Sami Callihan beat DJ Hyde and Greg Excellent in a great a Fans Bring the Weapons Falls Count Anywhere match. Callihan and Gacy attacked their foes in the aisle and they immediately brawled all over the field through the crowd. They used a wood backboard stretcher that the EMTS the company had hired had with them on Hyde's back. They worked over Hyde and whipped him into a wooden fence, which collapsed. They ripped a branch off a tree and whipped Excellent with it. They dragged Excellent back to the ring and worked him over with weapons. Hyde returned and they worked him over and hit him with a watermelon, which didn't break. Hyde speared them and then destroyed them with the melon. They went back and forth with some crazy weapons shots. Hyde was sent off the apron through some nutty barbed wire construction a fan brought. They finally powerbombed Excellent off the top through a barbed wire glass pane that was placed atop a TELEVISION. That was a pretty sickening bump and Excellent looked to be badly hurting after the match but later on seemed to be moving around OK. Really, really fun brawl.

*TOD Semi Final: In a barbed wire board and log cabin lighttubes match, JC Bailey pinned Abdullah Kobayashi. Kobayashi was all bandaged up from earlier. Bailey used headbutts early but Kobayashi fought back with chops. Bailey nailed him over the back with a chair and peppered him with rights. He placed a log cabin across his chest and then did a double stomp off the top on Kobayashi. He began beating Kobayashi with the remnants of the tubes. Bailey set up another on Kobayashi and went to the top but Kobayashi escaped and threw a steel chair in Bailey's face. Kobayashi hit a Samoan Drop then put a log cabin over Bailey, then splashed off the ropes, destroying the structure. Bailey was bleeding hard from the chest. Kobayashi placed a circular structure over Bailey's body and used shooting kicks to destroy it. So it was 2-1 for Abdullah. Bailey and Kobayashi carved each other with tubes. Kobayashi got the better and went to the ropes for an elbow. Bailey fought him off and superplexed Kobayashi through a log cabin, tying it up. They faced off with chairs with Bailey getting the better and killing Kobayashi with two stiff shots to the head. Bailey finally nailed a back senton off the top through a log cabin for the win. The crowd went from apathetic for Kobayashi to loving him over the course of his two appearances, with a large crowd lining up for photos later in the day. I've always loved his work so it was really cool to get to see him do his thing live.

*In a Barbed Wire Boards Death Match, Scotty Vortex pinned Masada. The story here was Masada beat the holy hell out of Vortex to make him "earn" the win. Vortex caught him with head scissors early. They battled back and forth. Masada hit a reverse suplex through a barbed wire board propped in the corner. Masada slammed a cinder block over the remnants of the board, then covered Vortex for a two count. Masada nailed a butterfly suplex onto the board wire for a two count. Outside, Masada stiffly powerbombed Vortex through a glass tubes board. Masada's manager Bill Gram got into it with the referee and shoved him The ref shoved him back, knocking Gram into a barbed wire board. Masada bridged another barbed wire board between the guard rail and the apron, then used it as a teeter totter as Masada came off the top with a chair, slamming it into Vortex's head. Masada beat Vortex with light tubes. Back in the ring, Vortez mounted a comeback with a series of chops. Masada returned in kind. Masada nailed a charging elbow in the corner. He pulled several cinder blocks into the center of the ring and slammed Vortex onto them several times. The first slam was nasty as hell and I can't see how Vortex wouldn't be feeling that tomorrow. Vortex kept battling back but Masada caught him with a kick to the back for a two count. Masada leaned a barbed wire board against two chairs in the middle of the ring. He tried to powerbomb Vortex, but Vortex escaped. Vortex fought off Masada, then hit diving knees, drilling Masada through the board. Bill Gram attacked Vortex who got the better of him, nailing him with a kid's bat surrounded by thumbtacks, then killing him with light tubes. The ref tossed Gram, who was possibly the bloodiest mess out of everyone all day, out. His long hair got caught up in barbed wire and some of it was ripped out. Ouch. Masada went for a powerbomb but Vortex slipped out. He nailed him a second time. Masada called for his manager to be taken to the back. Vortex caught him with a kick to the head and used a forward cradle for the pin. Masada shoved several fans on the way out. I know he's a heel and all but perhaps getting physical with fans while on the property of the owner of the company (who would be completely liable if anything happened) wouldn't be the smartest of ideas.

*In a Taipei Death Match, Brain Damage pinned Drake Younger. For this world, Damage is one hell of a great brawler and has this intense look. He spit in the face of a woman as he made his way to the ring. Wow. They punched each other. Younger filled Damage's mouth with glass and punched him. Younger came off the ropes but got punched in the face for a two count. Damage tossed him to the floor. Damage beat Younger down with a pair of water jugs connected by a stick (think an American Gladiator-like joust). Younger made a comeback but was kicked down. Younger fought off Damage and splashed him with a light tube. Younger nailed a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Damage nailed a Michinoku Driver on light tubes for a two count. Damage went to the top rope but Younger fought him off and nailed a superplex onto light tubes and another water jug jousting stick. Younger went for a Gringo Killer on tubes but Damage came back with a powerbomb through them for a two count. Damage nailed a package piledriver for the pin. Intense brawl.

TOD Finals: Scotty Vortex pinned JC Bailey in a Tables, Ladders, Light Tubes and Anything Else Still Left in the Back Match. Vortex pushed Bailey off the top through a table covered in light tubes. They battled on the floor. Back in the ring, Vortex covered Bailey with light tubes around the groin, then slammed a ladder into them. Bailey fought back with kicks and Vortex responded in kind. Bailey got the best and nailed a fisherman's buster suplex into the broken glass. Bailey was whipped into the corner, where he ran up a ladder but was caught with a back suplex. Vortex brought a table into the ring and set it up. At the same time, Bailey set up a ladder. They began battling and Bailey got the better of it. Bailey set up another ladder. Bailey put a log cabin light tube on top of the table. He clobbered Vortex with a light tube over the head. Bailey dragged Vortex up the ladder then hit a Side Russian Legsweep through the table and log cabin. Both men were down as the referee began counting them out. They got up right before the 10 count. Vortex came back with several light tube shots to the head and chest. Bailey caught and stopped Vortex,then kicked one into Vortex' chest. He grabbed a light tube contraction wrapped in barbed wire and set it up over Vortex's chest, then nailed a double stomp for a two count. They battled back and forth with punches, forearms and headbutts as fans chanted back and forth for each man. Bailey slid a light tube between Vortex's legs and shattered it. Vortex made a big comeback and set up Bailey on the top rope. He grabbed a massive amount of light tubes and smashed them over Bailey's head. He finally superplexed Bailey in and scored the pin. They were obviously tired and from the standpoint of a climactic moment, this didn't have that but given all they went through in the course of the show, you can't fault them one bit.


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CZW Tournament of Death 9 Clips


Дано бързо го пуснат на двд :)

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Everyone else might be a Paul Heyman guy, i'm a Paul Bearer guy.



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Свалил съм го на двд и в момента го рипвам, но мисля да кача и двд версията, менюто е меко казано БРУТАЛНО -


самото меню е видео клип, опитват се да извадят това нещо от главата на някой но не става :D


dvdrip_нах го и го качих тук -

http://zamunda.net/details.php?id=227671 :2funny:

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Everyone else might be a Paul Heyman guy, i'm a Paul Bearer guy.



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А, ти ли си го качил - много благодаря ! Ще гледам кеч за първи път от много, много време !


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Ей, от кога не бях гледал кеч. Истинско шоу за феновете, а не "ентъртеймАнт" -а на мейнстрийм федките :mad: Изроди, изроди и пак изроди ... кефих се на макс. Не мопня от кога не се бях кефил така на кеч. Още има кървави нощи, макар да останаха по дворовете, че иначе току виж децата спрели да купуват ичграчките :dry: Теглете, не го мислете, още веднъж благодарности на ъплоудъра !

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