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Бивш рефер на WWE и TNA отваря училище за рефери


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Legendary Wrestling Promoter and TNA founder, Jerry Jarrett started in professional wrestling as a referee as did his son, Jeff Jarrett. When asked about the importance of referees in professional wrestling, Jerry Jarrett said, “The ref is the third man in the ring. As a wrestler, you don't notice the good ones. A bad one will kill the match. I was fortunate to have great refs working for us. A good ref is one who does not bring any attention to himself and is there when needed and not in the way when not needed. I always thought it was the toughest job in the business and the least appreciated.” Mr. Jarrett believes that wrestlers can not have a great “5 star match” without a great referee in the ring.

Mike Posey (former WWE/TNA Referee) in conjunction with ULTIMATE NWA, announces the opening of the “Mike Posey Professional Wrestling Referee School”. Mike Posey has 10 years experience in professional wrestling as a referee & wrestler, and is a certified personal trainer. He appeared on WWE’s Raw, Smackdown, ECW, PPV and Wrestlemania twice, plus TNA’s IMPACT & Xplosion & PPV and on live events around the world. Now with his help & guidance aspiring wrestling referees can realize their dream and get their start in professional wrestling officiating by signing up at the Mike Posey Professional Wrestling Referee School.

Training sessions will take place before ULTIMATE NWA shows which take place almost every weekend all across north and central Alabama. Potential students must be willing to travel, set up and tear down rings, and sacrifice there time and effort just as all the current referees that work WWE and TNA have before them. All potential candidates must pass a tryout to be accepted into the school. Tryouts include basic conditioning assessments and knowledge of the current wrestling product in general. Upon acceptance into the school students are guaranteed work on most, if not all ULTIAMTE NWA shows. This is a unique opportunity for those wanting to get their foot in the door of the professional wrestling business.

For pricing and complete details please email Mike Posey directly at mposey1078@yahoo.com


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