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WWC Aniversario 37 - 9, 10, 11 юли 2010


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Обявени участници:

Scott Steiner

Shelton Benjamin


Tommy Dreamer

Mickie James

Katie Lea Burchill

Tony Atlas

и редовните WWC кечисти

Обявени мачове:

WWC Universal Title: Scott Steiner vs. Ray Gonzalez, with "El Mesias" Ricky Banderas as a special guest referee.



WWC held their first show of their 37th Anniversary tour at the Luis T. Diaz Coliseum at Aguadilla. The show was held with a good crowd, described as close as 600 fans on different reports.

1-Tommy Diablo won am Extreme Rules Junior Heavyweight Title match to retain the title. That match it’s final came when Tommy Diabli pinned Rikochet with a school boy. Black Rose took part of the action, as she came with Lynx and Niche and applied a top rope move to the wrestlers that were outside the ring.

2-ODB defeated Daizee Hayze. Match was originally booked to be a mixed match with Chicky Starr and Jose Chaparro being involved. Jose Chaparro came in heated fans saying that Chicky Starr no showed because preferred to be at a bar drinking. Also talked about Starr being advising some political men. Match was average with ODB using his alcohol bottle against Hayze to win the match.

3-Chris Joel defeated BJ and Hiram Tu ato become the top contender for the Puerto Rican Title. During the match the ring wood panel that supports the match broke and after the match they took half an hour to fix it. Was during that time that Hugo Savinovich took time and did what the called the Atangana Tour, with Mesias Ricky Banderas (advertised as El Tres Veces Mega Campeon) signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.

4-Chicano defeated Tony Atlas with the filomena kick.

5-Black pain defeated Tommy Dreamer with the black hole slam. Hardcore match where at a point Pain chokeslammed Tommy on a mountains of folded chairs. They a brawled over the place, with Tommy using a stick on Pain at the fans stand. A ladder was used as well.

6-Thunder & Lightning defeated Idol Stevens & Abbad when they did their 3D to Idol. During the match there was problems with the mat once again, but the left it that way for the rest of the show.

7-Carlitos defeated Noriega. At a point of the match the referee was knocked. Noriega applied a neck breaker and went to wake the referee, so Carlitos recuperated and applied Noriega the 767. Referee was still knocked and then El Mega Triple Campeon (Ricky Banderas) took the referee, woke him and throwed him back to the ring and then did the three count. After the match Mega Campeon argued a while with Noriega.

8-Shelton Benjamin & Orlando Colon defeated Primo Colon (announced that way) & Ray Gonzalez when Shleton applied his final move to Primo.

WWC held their July 10 event, the second night of the Anniversary 37th tour, at the Salvador Dijols Arena at Ponce. N

Hugo Savinovich started the event with a section named The Atangana Tour with Carlito as his guest. Carlito claimed he won’t be back to WWE, as the promotion denies rest to wrestlers who asks for it. He eventually said that he has no clean plans for his future. He added that Savio Vega was so scared of him when a fan louded a ‘tecato’ chant to him and claimed that he has better history at the WWE than Savio did.

1-Rikochet & D’JourTwins defeated Niche & Lynx & Tommy Diablo

2-Chris Joel defeated Tony Atlas on a match that lasted close to four minutes.

3-OBD defeated Dayzee Haze when OBD spit his alcoholic beverage to Haze and pinned her.

4-BJ defeated Noriega. Reported as a great match with BJ telling Noriega that who laugh last laughs the better.

5-Shelton Benjamin defeated Tommy Dreamer after Dreamer hits Chaparro on his head, causing his distraction. Reported as a not so good match.

6-Los Aereos (Carlitos & Hiram Tua) defeated Idol Stevens & Black Pain. Los Aereos used a new outfit.

7-Ray Gonzalez defeated Orlando Colon. Ata moment of the match Shelton Benjamin came in and attacked Ray with a kick that made Ray bleed. Ray managed the situation and ended winning the match with a small package, then Shelton entered once again and attacked Ray. Tommy Dreamer and BJ did the save.

8-Carlito & Primo Colon defeated Thunder & Lightning. During the match Carlito tried to play a full heel, trying to used objects to attack his opponents, but Primo managed and controlled that and avoided Carlito on using a knux. It ended when Primo managed to convince Carlito in not using the knux. But Carlito extracted a second one and hits Lightning to win the match. After the match Thunder and Lightning attacked the Colons and applied them a double chokeslam.

World Wrestling Council: Aniversario 37

July 11th, 2010

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Attendance: 4500

1. Open Challenge to determine the N1 contender for the WWC Puerto Rico Title: Chris Joel defeated Joe Don Smith, Lynx, El Niche, Los Gemelos D'Jours, Rikochet, Angel and Tommy Diablo

2. Hiram Tua defeated Noriega

3. Special Challenge: Black Pain def. Tony Atlas

4. Shelton Benjamin def. Primo Colon

5. Diva vs. Knockout: Mickie James def. ODB

6. WWC Universal Title Match with Ricky Banderas as special guest referee: Ray Gonzalez def. Scott Steiner © to win the Title

7. WWC Puerto Rico Title: Orlando Colon def. Carlitos © to win the Title

8. WWC World Tag Team Titles: Thunder & Lightning def. Idol Stevens & Abbad and Chicano & BJ to win the Titles

9. Three Faces of Fear Match:

9.1 Carlito Caribbean Cool def. Orlando Colon via countout

9.2 Carlito vs. Booker T ended in a no contest after the referee was knocked out

9.3 Ricky Banderas def. Carlito.

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Wow с толкова много звезди и този ME мисля,че се очертава страхотно шоу.Ще чакам ъпдейта на карда да видим има ли още нещо което ще ме заинтригува.От бая време не съм гледал пуерторикански кеч.Запоследно гледах Euphoria и останах много приятно изненадан.

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От кой сайт мога да си драпна кеч от пуерто рико.

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[size="4"]Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"[/size]

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