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PWS Vendetta - 8 май 2010


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Без съмнение едно от най-внушително изглеждащите indy шоута за годината:

Promotion: Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Event: Vendetta

Date: May 8th, 2010

Place: White Plains, NY

Match #3 In The Best Of 5 Series - Dream Partner Tag Match

Desmond Wolfe & Jack Evans vs. Teddy Hart & Amazing Red

The BEST OF FIVE SERIES between Teddy Hart and Jack Evans continues as they enter Match #3 with the Series tied 1-1. For this third encounter, there has been an added twist. This time each had to select a DREAM TAG TEAM PARTNER from the TNA Roster! Teddy Hart has selected one of the best high flying wrestlers in the world, The Amazing Red. Jack Evans has selected one of the most innovative wrestlers in the world Desmond Wolfe! It goes without saying, but Teddy & Jack each selected a Tag Team partner to try to counter act each other as Jack Evans is arguably the best high flying wrestler in the world today, and Teddy Hart without question is arguably the most innovative wrestling superstar in recent times.

PWS Title Match

Butterbean © vs. Kevin Matthews (w/Alexa Thatcher)

The Pro Wrestling Syndicate gold that belonged to Reality Check leader Devon Moore for the past two years is now wrapped tightly around the 400+ pound Champion "Butterbean" Eric Esch. Butterbean is a veteran MMA fighter and a former Boxing Super Heavyweight Champion with a very outstanding W-L record. Now he must defend his PWS Title, and do so against the 6'6 270 pound former WWE Developmental standout Kevin Matthews. Matthews is of course an integral part of the hated PWS clique Reality Check, and will have the RETURNING Alexa Thatcher by his side for this epic encounter as he will try to bring gold back to Reality Check. Will Matthews' wrestling experience edge be enough to overcome the brutal power of the PWS Champion?

First Time Ever Match

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs. "The Ripper" Paul Burchill

A potential Match Of The Year candidate is what's in store for May 8 as for the first time ever we will see two of the most athletic men in Professional Wrestling square off against each other in Singles action for the very first time. On one side of the ring is arguably the UK's best pound for pound wrestler "The Ripper" Paul Birchill, who is hungry for competition as he takes part in his very first wrestling match since departing from the WWE a few short weeks ago. On the opposite side of the ring is another man that needs no introduction. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles has been on top of the TNA mountain as their Heavyweight Champion and is without question one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the world today. This epic battle will be sure to feature some of the best technical wrestling ever witnessed.

First Time Ever Match

Jerry Lynn vs. Vampiro (w/Shelly Martinez)

Speaking of great technical wrestling. How about a FIRST TIME EVER MATCH between two of the INNOVATORS of mixing high flying, technical wrestling, and brawling all into a unique style of its own. "The New E'ffin Show" Jerry Lynn is aFormer WWE Light Heavyweight Champion and a Former ECW Heavyweight Champion. This man is a true Wrestling Legend and has not lost a step along the way. Lucha Libre headlining sensation VAMPIRO will be making his very first appearance in the United States in several years, and the former WCW star/Wrestling Society X Champion will have

the lovely Shelly Martinez by his side. Like Lynn, Vampiro too is a Wrestling Legend known to the world as being one of the top innovators of all time.

First Time Ever Legends Match

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Doink The Evil Clown

And if those two are not legendary enough... Two WWE Wrestling Legends and house hold names will get into the ring against each other FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! That's right folks, this will be the VERY FIRST TIME that Wrestling icon HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN will be squaring off in Singles Action against (THE ORIGINAL) DOINK THE EVIL CLOWN! Which one of these true iconic greats each with 20+ years of in ring experience will come out on top? To add to the equation is the little known fact that these two men used to actually be Tag Team partners before hitting the big time, which means these two will both have something to prove at Vendetta!

First Time Ever Match

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. "The Assassin" Dan Maff

Keeping with the theme of First Time Ever Matches, how about this potential wrestling classic... "The Assassin" Dan Maff makes his PWS debut after basically ... assassinating the rosters of every company he has ever stood foot in. However, while Dan Maff is one of the top independent wrestling stars in the world today, his opponent has some accolades of his own. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero is a current top star in TNA Wrestling and without question one of the company's most popular. Dinero is also a WWE veteran and like Maff brings a similar strong style of wrestling to the table.

PWS New York State Title Match

Trent Acid vs. Danny Demanto vs. Grim Reefer vs. August Wright vs. Fala (w/Ox Baker)

A brand new PWS Title will be introduced at Vendetta as five of PWS' top stars will compete to become the first ever PWS New York State Champion! Trent Acid is very hungry for gold after losing the PWS Championship and is looking to restablish himself as one of the company's top stars. The popular Grim Reefer has been close to reaching gold since entering PWS and like Acid is looking to establish himself as a top PWS star. "The Dynamic Sensation" August Wright is venturing into the Singles Division after a successful tag team run with his Air-O-Dynamic partner Javi Air. The monsterous "Samoan Warrior" Fala has been on a recent win streak and will have Wrestling Legend Ox Baker by his side. Reality Check's Danny Demanto is eager to eat up the competiton and bring gold to Reality Check.

Wrestlicious Match

"The 80s Rocker" Thorn (Portia Perez) vs. "The Ice Princess" Autumn Frost (Jennifer Blake)

PWS is very happy to present a very special WRESTLICIOUS MATCH. That's right... you fans can get to see the same gorgeous girls of WRESTLICIOUS that you see on television every week LIVE at Vendetta, as Thorn "The 80s Rocker" goes head to head with the beautiful yet hated "Ice Princess" Autumn Frost! But don't be fooled by their good looks, as these two young women are easily two of the best technical wrestlers in North America, and are returning to The United States eager to make an impression on the PWS fans.

PWS Tag Team Title Street Fight

The Urban Legends (Devious & Wes Draven, w/Poison Pen) © vs. The Buckout Road Ballers (Timmy Aiight & Joey Ayyo) vs. The Cowboys From Hell (??? & ???)

PWS Tag Team Champions The Urban Legends (Devious & Wes Draven) have defeated every Tag Team in PWS, therefore PWS Officials have decided to create not one, but two brand new Tag Teams for The Urban Legends to defend their belts against... at the same time! The Urban Legends will have their manager (Sony Records hip hop star) Poison Pen in their corner as they enter this Three Way Tag Team Title STREET FIGHT against "The Buckout Road Ballers" Timmy Aiight & Joey Ayyo... and the mystery team known only for now as The Cowboys From Hell!

PWS Bikini Contest - Special Guest Host: Shelly Martinez

Leticia Cline vs. Annie Social vs. Britney Savage vs. Amber vs. Chloe Campbell...and more

Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez will be hosting the very first ever PWS Bikini Contest featuring some of the most gorgeous ladies in all of wrestling! And who will be the judges (other than you fans)? Stay tuned for much more on this.

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