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Nu-Wrestling Evolution Destiny - дебютното шоу


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Току-що прочетах резултатите от дебютното тв шоу на тази италианска федерация и ми звучи страшно забавно. Проно видеотата, които съм постал в медия форума от това шоу бяха много добре изпипани и направо човек убивам, за да видя още от тази федерация. Надежда винаги има. Това шоу го дават по италианския канал La7 Sport, но естествено няма как да го гледаме ;). Та ето репорт от шоуто. Звучи много забавно, особено сегментите със Стайнър и Киши :)

Report of the episode aired November 12, 2005

After the magnificent opening presentation it№s already time for Destiny to start , here`s a run down of the first match:

Charlie Haas ( accompanied by Miss Jackie) vs. Ekmo (accompanied by Nidia)

Ekmo, the Samoan, takes the upper hand right from the start thanks to Nidia№s below the belt behaviour and the referee№s lack of attention.This confrontation is downright physical ,full of kicks and punches aiming to weaken his opponent. Haas really takes a beating but Jackie№s incessant encouragement finally helps him get the better of Ekmo. Ekmo, however manages to get Haas into submission with an Abdominal Stretch near the cords and while the referee is trying to work out Haas№s condition, the Samoan takes advantage of the situation and manages to help himself with the ropes and put pressure on his adversarie№s abdominals.Finally the match director realizes what Ekmo is up to and kicks him , therefore preventing this irregular behavior from continuing. Charlie goes for a T-Bone Suplex, but Ekmo№s dishonesty gives him the better hand: after having got out of this backbreaking position and while Charlie Haas prepares himself for an airbourne move, Ekmo grabs the referee Riccardo Blo, and pushes him against the ropes causing Haas to fall. Ekmo performs a Spinning Kick and a Shining Wizard, but Haas resists and manages to escape from Ekmo№s finisher: The Top Rope Big Splash. The moment is now ripe for the final judgment and Charlie strikes while the iron is hot and performs a magnificent Olimpic Slam which

proves to be lethal for the Samoan

Winner: Charlie Haas (accompanied by Miss Jackie)

At the end of the match Miss Jackie and Njdia finish up fighting, with th former getting the worst of it.She ends up in fact the victim of Ekmo№s Top Rope Big Splash, the move that Charlie only moments before had managed to avoid.

Black Pearl№s promo is shown in which he introduces himself to the Italian audience from his home.

The second promo sees Kishi and Scott Steiner rolling up in a flashy car and then meeting up after a long time.They show a strong affection for each other and decide to have dinner together.

The second match of the evening sees the arrival on the scene of the Count of California:

Black Pearl vs. Durren Barridge

The flashlike length of this match reflects the overpowering strength of the Count of California compared to that of his young English opponent. Black Pearl ,with his usual grace and elegance manages to overwhelm his adversary with ahis fatal Reverse DDT. The moment has arrived for Black Pearl to compete against a more powerful opponent.

Winner: Black Pearl

Now its time to see a new promo whose protagonists are Kishi and Scott Steiner. The giant Samoan approaches a passer-by (who is rather overweight), and asks her to take part in a pratical joke on Scott Steiner who is sitting on a bench nearby. The lady accepts and pretending to be a fan of Steiner she sits on his lap, making him a very uncomfortable victim of his heavy admirer. Meanwhile Kishi has a good laugh as he watches the scene .

Straight after ,ominous darkness falls and the Vampiro№s promo begins, accompanied by his new Theme Entrance in which he starts spitting blood in an unspecified place.

The third episode of the exhilarating saga of Steiner and Kishi. The scene takes place in a pub and the two friends are enjoying drink after drinkn after drink. Kishi seems more able to hold his drink but after all these rounds the two friends leave the scene rather worse for wear.

It№s now time for the next big NWE match:

Ultimo Dragon vs Jack Evans

The audience virtually explodes at the entrance of this Japanese who immediately gives a mask to a child sat in the front row. The young

American makes a great entrance too as he as he rides his skateboard in a headstand down the ramp towards the ring.

The match starts off as a fastmoving encounter with kicks and limb bending holds.The Ultimo Dragon often gets the upper hand but his young opponent doesn№t give in. Evan№s first attempt for a submission with a neck move gave the Ultimate Dragon the chance to demonstrate his athletic talents by using a series of leg flexes which left Evans literally dumbstruck. More swift encounters between the two but still no winner in sight. Dragon gets Evans in a submission that almost breaks the American№s back but thanks to his incredible flexibility, Jack manages to avoid being beaten once more. Next, a Moonsault on Evans outside the ring makes the crowds go crazy for

these two athletes!!

Evans manages to take the match in hand with 3 Double Stomps on his opponents back followed by a Standing Moonsault,but the Ultimo Dragon won№t give in. Evans jumps on one of the ring posts, goes for a Plancha, but Dragon uses all his experience to work out what the young rappers next move will be and performs an airbourne counterattack with a Dropkick that lands on Evan№s abdomen. These two sure are exhausted! So Dragon has won back his domino, but not for long. Infact Jack takes him by surprise and lands a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault!!! Jack feels sure that the match is within his grasp and goes for his finisher: the 630° Splash. The Italian audience has never had the chance to see this move іliveІ,but unluckily for Evans Dragon changes position and he brutally misses his target. The match seems to be lost but,wait, maybe not : a series of Pins makes the audience see how competitive these two really are. After a Suplex and a number of kicks in the stomach, Ultimo Dragon to perform his finisher: the Assai DDT. There№s nothing else Jack Evans can do.

Winner : Ultimo Dragon

In the new promo we can see Kishi and Steiner having a great time playing video wrestling games, laughing away and enjoying themselves.. Their friendship just gets stronger and stronger.

In the latest promo we see Seven approaching a church, knock at the door and warmly embrace a monk.Then we see Seven, again in church, alone, praying and behaving mysteriously. The video ends with a message from the monks wishing the wrestler good luck.

The appointment for the second episode of Destiny is at 14.00 on La7 Sport.

P.S. Англииският от репорт-а е тук-там малко грешен, но явно е писан от итиалианец, простено му е лол

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Знаеш ли че човек убивам за това шоу и ми се плаче при мисълта че в PWT няма да го пуснат никога.....дори и един мач от него и все пак няма начин никой да не се интересува от тази федерация и да не го има. Невъзможно и да няма .torrent издание. Ех как съжалявам че няма тракер за Non-WWE-TNA медия.

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Да бе мани, ще се карам аз с тези италианци! Как не се намери един, който да хване шоуто и после да го качи в нета. Преди даже са качвали и хаус шоу на WWE записани с домашна камера, а сега ми се правят тука за шоу по телевизията. Ц, ц, ц... много съм разочарован, но надежда има!

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Мдам, същият :). В медия форума има едни клипчета от NWE и там го има и него, виж ако не си видял. Яко е :)

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Seven?! Заинтригува ме. :P Ще почна да я следя тая федерацийка по често. :)
Как по-точно ще стане това след като никъде няма медия или поне не на тези места където гледам. Отправям призив към всеки който се добие с този турнир или семично шоу от NWE да се обади.
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Как по-точно ще стане това след като никъде няма медия или поне не на тези места където гледам. Отправям призив към всеки който се добие с този турнир или семично шоу от NWE да се обади.
Извинявай, не си ме разбрал. :) Под "следя" имах предвид да й следя развитието на тази федерация. по принцип и PWG (например) е почти невъзможно да се сдобиеш с някое шоу, но си ги следя. :P Иначе ако случайно някъде видя шоу от тази федерация веднага ще го пусна тук.

Мерси за клиповете Фил.

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