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Historic Purks International Championship Wrestling


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Това е една южна федерация, за която почти никой в Интернет не е чувал, но реално това е една от малкото indy федерации в САЩ, които draw-ват доста стабилно. Вече 4-то поредно тяхно шоу draw-ва около 1000 човека. От около половин година booker на федерацията е бившия отборен партньор на AJ Styles - Air Paris. Стратегията на Paris е на шоуто да има 1-2-3 по-големи имена и останалите хора на шоуто са местни кечисти. Първо беше book-нал Scott Steiner, после The Steiner Brothers, Diamond Dallas Page, а по-рано този месец Ron Simmons, Christy Hemme & Awesome Kong. Хубаво да се отбележи, че всеки месец шоуто е в един и същи град и в една и съща зала, което прави успеха на федерацията дори по-внушителен и, подобно на успеха на SAW, е throwback към дните на old school territories.

Ето репортаж от шоуто с The Steiner Brothers:

Historic Purks International Championship Wrestling

December 12th, 2009

Cedartown, GA

Historic Purks International Championship Wrestling drew the largest indie wrestling crowd in Georgia this year last night in Cedartown.

Over 1000 people turned out to see the Steiner Brothers reunite for what was billed as possibly their last appearance as a tag team. A solo appearance by Scott in November had drawn almost as many, giving Purks the distinction of drawing the top two crowds for independent wrestling in the state this year.

It was a fascinating experience, which had relatively little to do with the quality of the wrestling, and everything to do with the vibe. Epic stuff. Like time traveling to Georgia wrestling shows from 25 to 30 years ago, but not as violent. The wrestlers were treated like stars. It was the epitome of less is more. Uncomplicated. Light-hearted. No blood, few spectacular moves, plenty of hokey comedy and virtually everything worked.

Purks was the old high school gym in Cedartown. WCW used to run there. They're going with a retro look that is in harmony with the venue - dark except for the ring lights. With 600 seats crammed in tight on the floor, and all but the last rows filled, the heat was off the hook.

SAW's recent events at the Nashville Fairgrounds were far better in the ring. Cedartown get the nod for atmosphere. Nashville fans are more jaded, overexpose is partly to blame. I think it has more to do with how Nashville has changed. The folks in Cedartown still have the hunger for pro wrestling. One of the few things I didn’t like was the show running over three hours long. It mattered not to these fans.

The people in charge of Purks wrestling, promoter Byron Slaughter and booker Air Paris, are doing the right things. It helps that a lot of things have fallen into place - a rare but exquisite occurrence in indie wrestling. Cedartown is small enough and far enough off the beaten path that pro wrestling can still be a big deal, but large enough (population 10,000) to support it. Slaughter owns the building. Slaughter owns the building. They’re promoting heavily in a market small enough where advertising can penetrate and actually make a difference. They’ve partnered with the only radio station in town (WGAA 1340AM) to broadcast live play-by-play of the matches.

Paris took over the booking when Phil Hefner flew the coop just prior to the July show. Hefner drew some impressive crowds early in his run, but attendance had tailed off. Paris hadn’t fared much better until he brought Steiner in for the November show. He appears to have hit on a winning formula, and bringing in a name a month is the plan going forward.

(1) Alexander the Great pinned Lamar Philips. I didn’t see all of this match -- zigged when I should have zagged coming into Cedartown. Then, I ran into Paris. He was one elated guy. Philips has filled out. Alexander has a stock wrestler build and dreads. Philips hit a baseball slide to the outside. Inside, Philips stood like a statue for Alexander’s enzuigiri. Philips made a failed attempt to fly from the top. Alexander hit a full nelson slam/Lionsault combo for the pin. Finish looked good.

(2) Shaun Banks beat Simon Sermon in 10:30. Best match of the night. Both guys were on, and they did just enough at just the right times. Being conditioned to seeing Banks work as a heel, I was unprepared for his sheer awesomeness as a babyface. No question that he has the physique and athleticism for the role. Sermon was in Adrian Street mode. He was introduced as hailing from Queens. A simple lariat over the top by Banks got a major pop. A missed charge left Sermon dangling from the ropes. Banks helped him to the floor. Banks chased Sermon around the outside of the ring, and Sermon cut him off on the reentry. Sermon hit a Saito suplex and used a folding press for two. They traded punches. Good ones. Sermon hit a tilt-a-whirl pancake for another near fall. Sermon took the Flair flip bump of the top. That also got a great pop. Banks mounted the ropes and rained down the 10 punches of doom. Sermon double legged Banks and pinned him with his feet on the ropes. Ref Spanky Emerson caught it and called for the restart. Banks immediately rolled Sermon up. The restart deal got a tremendous reaction. Such an easy crowd.

(3) David Young beat Mystic Warrior in 11:44. Young was really over. He’s dropped over 20 pounds. It needed to happen. They didn’t do a whole lot. No need with this crowd and a main event that would be easy to overshadow athletically. Warrior worked on Young’s knee. A variation of the Muta lock was the extent of his Oriental arsenal. Warrior got the figure four and used the ropes for extra leverage. Nice selling by Young, who was limping when Warrior shot him into the ropes. Crowd chanted “David”. Warrior ducked a spin kick but Young’s enzuigiri connected. Comeback time. Superkick for a near fall and the patented spinebuster for the pin.

Intermission. Line a mile long for photos with the Steiners. Everybody that wanted one got one. It went on for 45 minutes.

(4) Tracy Taylor beat Nigel Sherrod in 4:44. Highly entertaining. Taylor is in her best shape since her WWE development days in Deep South Wrestling. The hula dancing is back. Quite delightful. And her wrestling has improved markedly since then. Sherrod’s gimmick is a tribute to Andy Kaufman. It’s a perfect fit for the crowd in Cedartown. He was wearing tiny tights that fully exposed his far from flawless physique and acting like a complete dick. His mic work got a ton of heat. Sherrod had previously worked a program here with Bambi. He claimed to have retired her and said Taylor didn’t deserve a shot at his Intergender Championship. Instead of embarrassing her in the ring, Sherrod offered to take Taylor out for a night on the town. “I think you’re embarrassing yourself just by coming out here,” she said, and the crowd popped for the line. Sherrod bumped huge for a shoulder block. Taylor surfed on Sherrod’s back. Sherrod took over with a neckbreaker. He used Taylor’s hair for beel throws, choked her with her lei and with his wrist tape. The hope spots worked great, The crowd bought one of them as the finish. Emerson got bumped as Sherrod was giving Taylor a body slam. Sherrod brought a chair in. Too Tall Shortts hit the ring and got into a tug of war with Sherrod for the chair. Visually, this was hilarious. Sherrod gained control just in time for Taylor to dropkick the chair into this face. 1..2..3.

Sherrod and Shortts went back and forth on the mic to set up a match for January 2.

(5) Thunder & Lightning (Chris Ganzer & Chris Lightning) beat HardCore Properties (John & Adam Arden with Jackie Rosedale) via count out in 12:38. HCP retained the tag team titles. Adam Arden is a damn good worker. The undersized babyface team opened up a can of high energy offense on Adam. John did the running the ropes comedy deal where the heel stops and gets slapped. He’s amazingly nimble for a guy that goes 350. John bumped for Ganzer’s dropkick. Lightning did a tope where he caught his foot on the ropes and took a nosedive into the floor. Scary but he was fine. HCP got heat on Lightning. Highlights were a top rope headbutt by Adam and an overhead release suplex by John. Lightning hit a variation of Jimmy Rave’s Move That Rocks The World to set up the hot tag. Ganzer hit a reverse flying heel kick to take out John. T & L had Adam beaten after a Hart attack style missile dropkick, but John pulled him out of the ring, and the champions took the count to save their titles.

Ring announcer Josh Hayes announced a 5 minute intermission. It went over 20.

(6) The Steiner Brothers (Scott & Rick) defeated Air Paris & Bobby Hayes (with Jackie Rosedale) in 15:45. Steiners were incredibly over. The set up was Paris interfering in Scott’s match with Purks Heavyweight Champion Hayes last month. I would have never known Hayes was the champion. It’s an aspect of the presentation that needs work. Scott said he had brought the Dog Faced Gremlin to town to take a bite out of Paris’ ass. Rick, who wrestled in a t-shirt, was biting any heel that came into his vicinity, and the crowd was loving it. Rick was in most of the way. Scott’s contribution was mainly chops that threatened to cave in the chest of Paris. Rick cleared the ring with clotheslines and the brothers did their signature pose. Hayes confused Rick with clean breaks. Rick accepted a handshake, and Hayes sucker punched him. Rick took one bump – off a lariat. There never was a hot tag. Scott just barged into the ring and it broke down to four way action. Paris used brass knucks on Rick, but Scott made the save. Scott hit a big move on Paris, but Hayes broke up that pin. Scott tossed Hayes out. Rick hit the bulldog off the top to pin Paris, and all was well in Cedartown.

Postmatch, Paris shook hands with the Steiners. Hayes took exception to it and turned on Paris, laying him out with a Liger bomb. Steiners made the save. Paris said he shook hands with them because they had just whipped his ass.

Paris announced that Diamond Dallas Page was coming in for the next show on January 2. It got a much bigger pop than I would have expected. Scott closed out the festivities by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Статия за шоуто с Dimaond Dallas Page:

DDP draws a large crowd at The Purk

Wrestling for just the second time in four years, former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) superstar Diamond Dallas Page showed he still had it as he teamed up with another former WCW wrestler Air Paris to defeat The Purks International Heavyweight Champion "The Butcher" Bobby Hayes and Alexander the Great in a tag team match last Saturday at The Purks.

The event, which drew a large and loud crowd, started with Hayes and Alexander coming out to the ring and questioning whether or not Diamond Dallas Page - known to his wrestling fans as DDP - was actually in Cedartown or not. His partner, Air Paris, came out and said that DDP was not there yet but he knew he would show up.

After being challenged by Hayes and Alexander to go ahead and start their match, Air Paris entered the ring for a 2-on-1 battle. But before the fight could begin, DDP rushed the ring and his opponents fled as the crowd went crazy. DDP then grabbed the micophone and used a lot of his famous wrestling lines before concluding with perhaps his most famous one and that was that before the night was over someone would feel the "bang".

The first wrestling match of the night featured former Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestler Jimmy Rave against "The Rocker" Terry Lawler. In one of the best matches of the night, Rave pulled out the win. The second contest saw The Purks tag team champions HCP successfully defend their belts against Thunder and Lightning in a lumberjack match.

After a 40 minute intermission for fans to get DDP's autograph and to take pictures with him, wrestling resumed with Nigel defeating Too Tall in a crowd-pleasing match. The fourth fight saw Shaun Banks battle Simon Sermon. Each wrestler lost their cool in this match as it resulted in a double disqualification.

That set the stage for the main event between the teams of DDP and Air Paris against Hayes and Alexander. The crowd was energized nearly the entire match and the main event ended with DDP coming true on his promise that someone would feel the "bang" as he executed his finishing move the "diamond cutter" to record the win with Air Paris.

At the Saturday night event, it was announced that TNA Knockout star Awesome Kong would be wrestling Nigel next month in Cedartown. Also, former WCW and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Ron Simmons - also known as Faarooq - will be on hand. The 51-year-old is a Georgia native who was born in south Georgia but now resides in Marietta.

Lastly, a very popular name was announced to be coming and wrestling next month at The Purks and that is current TNA member Christy Hemme. The 29-year-old is perhaps most well known for her days as a WWE Diva but she currently works as a backstage interviewer for TNA and wrestles on the independent circuit. Hemme was a Playboy cover girl in 2005.

И за финал репортаж от последното шоу на федерацията (retirement мача на Ron Simmons):

Historic Purks International Championship Wrestling

February 6th, 2010

Cedartown, GA

Purks International Championship Wrestling continued their phenomenally successful run in Cedartown last night with a show featuring Ron Simmons’ official retirement match, as well as appearances by Awesome Kong and Christy Hemme.

Attendance at the Purks Building was 900-1000. It was the fourth consecutive month Purks has drawn crowds in that range, numbers unheard of during the 12 years I’ve been covering indie wrestling in Georgia. Not coincidentally, the current run started with the decision to bring in major stars for each show - Scott Steiner, Steiner Brothers and Diamond Dallas Page consecutively. They may have had more in the building in December for Steiner Brothers, but there were few tickets given away for last night, so it was their best paid crowd thus far.

Similar to my Purks experience in December, it was a very entertaining show with a super responsive crowd. One that doesn't care all that much about the quality of the wrestling. The Cedartown fans turn out to see stars and to see them up close and personal. They want a good story. Purks wrestling delivers the goods.

Booking a monthly show presents its own unique challenges. Purks only books five or six matches. For various reasons, they ended up doing only four this time, leaving little room for fluff or deadening material. No worries. The stories kept things plenty interesting enough. The silver lining in the way the show was structured, was the way it minimized the chances of overexposing things in the ring.

Christy Hemme opened the show with the announcement that A. J. Styles was coming Purks Wrestling on March 6. There must be a hefty percentage of TNA viewers in Cedartown, because they popped huge for it. Hemme then led the crowd in a “TNA” chant.

Hemme was joined by the Purks Heavyweight Champion Bobby Hayes and his evil cronies, Terry Lawler and Alexander the Great. They all got the rub, so to speak, of being in the ring with Hemme. Television does not do her justice, and she comes across as someone with a true passion for pro wrestling. Hemme accused Hayes of having something to do with his scheduled opponent Jimmy Rave not being there. Hayes didn’t deny it and added that he wanted something to do with Hemme. She slapped him. The scene was turning dark and ugly. Air Paris (scheduled to open against Lawler in a singles) came to her rescue, one against three. He got some shots in before the heels beat him down. David Young sprinted (yes, sprinted) to the ring for the save and got a great pop. The heels bailed to ringside. Young said the more things change, the more they stay the same – the same pieces of trash still causing trouble. Young pointed out that he and Paris had both beaten Hayes, and now Hemme was whipping his tail. “I’ve never been so glad to see your ugly, fat head,” Paris said. He knew the odds were against him, but he wasn’t going to allow Hayes and Co. take advantage of a woman. Paris suggested they get a partner and make it a six man for the main event, and they would have Hemme in their corner. Very well done all the way around and a great way to use Hemme.

(1) Shaun Banks defeated Simon Sermon in a falls count anywhere - no DQ – no time limit match (10:40). This was the blow off of a feud that has been building for several months. Match wasn’t announced as falls count anywhere, but that stip became apparent soon enough. Banks skinned the cat and dropkicked Sermon, who dipped to the outside. Banks posted him and covered on the floor. Banks took a wicked looking shot into the post and Sermon got a near fall on the floor. Banks deposited Sermon head first into a giant trash barrel. Made a great visual and the crowd loved it. They brawled through the seating area a bit. Sermon hung Banks over the top rope by his do rag. They took turns bashing each other with a plastic Coke bottle. Sermon resorted to a low blow. Sermon used a chair to do a number on Banks, including an atomic drop on the edge of the chair. Sermon busted out an honest to God wrestling move, a Saito suplex. Payback proved to be hell, though, as Banks used a testicular claw to start his comeback. Banks hit two spinkicks and finished Sermon with a beauty of a top rope corkscrew elbow drop. Great stuff. Not what you would normally want in an opening match, but this wasn’t a normal show.

Postmatch, the flamboyantly gay Sermon engaged in a catch as catch can mat scramble with referee Spanky Emerson.

(2) Awesome Kong pinned Nigel Sherrod in 8:39. Too Tall Shortts was the special referee due to past humiliations suffered at the hands of Sherrod. The formerly mild mannered Deep South broadcaster was doing his loudmouth-sexiest-man-to-hit-Cedartown routine. It’s ridiculous and totally obnoxious and gets incredible heat. Sherrod warned Shortts not to stick his nose in, or risk being sent out on the short bus, cut down even shorter than he already was. Sherrod guaranteed a powerbomb on Kong. The pop for Kong’s entrance was huge. Sherrod gyrated as he stripped off his vest and licked his biceps. And I thought Rhett Titus was disgusting. Kong chopping the bejeezus out of him. Sherrod took a spin bump off Kong's clothesline. Kong squashed Sherrod with a corner freight train splash. Sherrod's shoulder tackles couldn't make a dent. The heat started when Kong charged and Sherrod pulled the ropes down to spill her out. The deal was Shortts doing super slow counts for Sherrod’s pin attempts. It didn’t make sense for Kong to need help against the likes of Nigel. Better Shortts calls it down the middle and acts amused at Sherrod’s predicament. Sherrod tried for a powerbomb. That got nowhere and Kong flattened him with a butt drop. Kong leveled Sherrod with the spinning back fist. Sherrod headed for the dressing room. Shortts bit Sherrod’s butt to send him back to the ring. Sherrod tried to fight off the Awesome Bomb, but it was no use. Kong carried Shortts back the dressing room on her shoulders. Very entertaining.

Long intermission for inring photos with Simmons, Kong and Hemme. It really helps when you can bring in stars as gracious as these people were.

Ring announcer Josh Hayes disclosed that he had received a phone call threatening him with a beatdown if he showed up, but he wasn’t backing down. I have no clue what’s up with that.

John Arden entered the ring with manager Jackie Rosedale. John said brother Adam couldn’t be there to defend the tag team titles because he had a 102 degree fever. Arden said he and his 400 pounds would defend the tag team titles alone. Rosedale insisted on a partner and brought out Sermon. Arden objected. Sermon compared Arden to a dinosaur – big size, small brain. Sermon instructed Arden to do as he was told. Arden continued to resist until he was attacked by Thomas Britain, Sermon’s partner in Exotic Ones. Arden bled, just enough to make the point. Sermon demanded the title belts. Thunder & Lightning came out. Was this a title match? Only time would tell.

(3) Thunder & Lightning (Chris Ganzer & Chris Lightning) beat Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain) to win the Purks Tag Team Titles in 11:16. T & L got off to a fast start, using quick tags to keep a fresh man in at all times. Ganzer hit a flying bodypress on Sermon but Britain jumped in to break up the pin. Great cut off spot by Sermon – a jawcracker out of crucifix powerbomb position. Ganzer was the babyface-in-peril. Sermon carried the load, mostly working on Ganzer’s shoulder. Lots of crowd love for T & L here. Off the hot tag, Lightning cleaned house and took Britain over the top with a huracanrana. Emerson got bumped. Arden returned to smoke Simon with a spear. T & L hit a missile dropkick variation of the Hart Attack. Lightning pinned Britain.

Arden presented the belts to Thunder & Lightning. He said they could hold them for now, but he and one of his brothers would get them back.

(4) Bobby Hayes & Terry Lawler & Alexander the Great (with Jackie Rosedale) beat Air Paris & David Young & Ron Simmons (with Christy Hemme) in 19:07. Paris introduced Simmons (wearing a DAMN t-shirt) as the third man for yet another great babyface pop. This Cedartown crowd is amazing. They were psyched. Simmons manhandled Lawler in a test of strength, and none of the heels wanted to mess with him. Comedy ensued with the bad guys accidentally hitting each other when Simmon ducked. A couple of good offensive spots as well – a tandem Russian legsweep by Young and Paris and Paris with a huracanrana to the floor. The heels triple teamed Simmons in their corner, but he fought his way out. Paris moved and Lawler took a flying crotch bump onto the middle turnbuckle. The crowd popped like it was a spot they had never seen before. At 10 minutes in, the heels finally got heat on Young. Crowd got behind him right away. Emerson missed a tag due to distraction, and the crowd went nuts. Young to his knees up on Alexander’s quebrada. Very hot tag to Paris. Match broke down with Simmons going after Hayes on the outside. Inside the ring, Paris DDTed Alexander. Young turned on Paris with a lariat. Young hugged Alexander. Paris didn’t see the hug because he was down. Young pretended to be sorry before giving Paris the spinebuster. Alexander pinned Paris. Simmons had to keep his back turned an unbelievably long time for the finish, but it wasn't an issue.

Afterwards, Young said he had no problem with Simmons. His problem was with that white trash Paris. Said they weren’t friends, never were friends and never would be friends. Paris apologized to Simmons and the people for letting them down. Simmons said Young was the one that let the people down, and Paris was still a winner in his eyes and in the eyes of the people. “There’s not one word I can give you,” Simmons added.

Paris said there was one word. Everyone knew what was coming, and Simmons did a long, dramatic pause to let it build before giving them the “DAMN!” It got a long and loud pop to close the show. Simmons thanks the fans and said this was officially it for his wrestling career.

NOTES: Simmons did a Q & A immediately after the show. He said he would continue to make wrestling appearances that included physical involvement, like throwing a punch, but there would be no more singles matches...Adam Arden canceled...Jimmy Rave is out of action with a broken nose...Purks is working on in bringing in a huge superstar for either April or May.

Следващото шоу на федерацията е на 6-ти март с main event: Air Paris vs. AJ Styles! Плюс, Velvet Sky vs. Tracy Taylor.

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Historic Purks International Championship Wrestling

March 6th, 2009

Cedartown, GA

Purks International Championship Wrestling brought TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles to Cedartown, Georgia Saturday night. The result was the largest crowd in Purks history with approximately 1100 fans in the building.

It was another very good show from Purks ICW. The stuff on top (Styles/Paris) got over great and could not have worked much better. I personally didn’t like this event quite as much as my two previous trips to the Purks (December featuring Steiner Brothers and February with Ron Simmons’ retirement/Awesome Kong). Some of the matches were too long and/or lacked full effectiveness. The show started 30 minutes late and ran over 3 hours. It’s not like those things were an issue for the star struck fans in Cedartown. These people will seemingly let nothing stand in the way of having a good time. Each time I come away amazed at the crowd response. SAW is drawing similar numbers at the Nashville Fairgrounds. At peak moments, the Nashville crowd is as hot, but no way do they stay hot all night long like they do in Cedartown.

(1) Simon Sermon (with Tommy Too Much & Jackie Rosedale) beat John Arden in 11:27. Coming off a babyface turn last month, Arden was heavily cheered during his intro. Match opened with Sermon running scared. I hate it when the ref allows the heels to meander around ringside forever, and that was not the case here, as Emerson was aggressive with the 10 counts. Arden squished Sermon with a 400 pound freight train corner splash and followed with a two back splashes, then a third per the crowd’s request. Arden, however, soon got caught up in interference by Too Much and Sermon clipped his knee. It became a 2 against 1 situation with Exotic Ones pulling all kind of shenanigans behind Spanky’s back. Sermon popped the crowd taking the Ric Flair slam off the top rope. Arden channeled Dusty Rhodes with a bionic elbow. Finish saw Arden spear Sermon out of the ring. While Rosedale was distracting Emerson, Too Much switched in and rolled Arden up. The fans were highly pissed at Emerson. Ring announcer Josh Hayes further incited them by announcing that Emerson refused to reverse the decision despite what they all saw. This match worked really well.

Arden offered to face either of the Exotic Ones for the return date of April 10.

Air Paris called Styles out to the ring. Fans were on their feet with a monster pop for Styles, who lives within 100 miles of Cedartown. He also got a “TNA” chant. Styles said it had been a long time since they had been in the ring together. He put Paris over huge as he talked about their history together, including their run in WCW. Styles said he went on to become a world champion - “but what happened to you?” Styles said Paris had a great little thing (with the accent on little) in podunk Cedarville, while he was on TV in front of millions. Paris said he thought “Alan” was his friend, but he was coming off like a jackass. That got a major pop. Styles ran down the way Paris was dressed (like your typical Cedartown fan). Paris said at least he could look himself in the mirror and not see an ass like Styles. Crowd popped for that line, too. Styles said Paris was a nothing happening nobody that was going nowhere. Styles started to leave. Paris grabbed onto the title belt. Styles wasn’t about to let go of it. As they held it between them, Paris said it should be no big deal for Styles to do a title match in Cedartown. The crowd wanted it bad. Styles said that wasn’t happening and Paris was lucky to get a match with a champion. That being the case, Paris vowed to kick Styles’ tail all over the building. Mission accomplished – they got the crowd to do a complete 180 on Styles.

(2) David Young (with Purks Champion Bobby Hayes) beat Shaun Banks in 18:03. Young turned on Paris and Ron Simmons last time in favor of the NWO like faction headed by Hayes. They did a funny comedy spot early - Bank delivered a pair of hiptosses and Emerson gave Young a third. Banks and Emerson then did the Steiner Brothers pose. Emerson as the dog-faced gremlin was surreal. Young was bumping big for Banks. The game changer was a field goal kick to the nuts when Banks tried for an up and over. A long heat segment ensued. Crowd lost some steam here. Hayes got involved, and the two against one stuff was too similar to the opener. Banks ate, and I mean ATE a boot charging in. That momentarily woke the crowd up. When Young missed a moonsault, the crowd was back full force. Banks got a near fall with a X factor. Young tried to boost Bank into the top turnbuckle. Banks put on the brakes and Young got him with a backslide and his feet on the ropes. Alls well that ends well. The finish was super smooth.

(3) Tracy Taylor beat Velvet Sky in 10:40. Family show or not, Sky’s ring entrance was hugely over. Guys at ringside had their hopes up, as Sky chose which side to come through the ropes. A goodly number of workers were out to ogle, um, watch this match as well. Who could blame them? And they had a pretty good match to boot. Sky came across as more athletic than she does on TV. Sky was primping and posing in the early going. She smacked Taylor across the face. Sky knocked Taylor down with a shoulder block, then struck a Beautiful People pose and popped the crowd with a great face bump on the trip up spot. Taylor surfed on Sky’s back. Taylor dished out payback for the slap. Sky took a powder and snapped Taylor’s neck off the top rope to take over. Sky used a spinal tap/ basement dropkick combo for a near fall. Both women down on a collision of flying lariats. They traded blows and Taylor was walloping Sky with forearms. Nice comeback by Taylor – a trio of dropkicks and a slingshot sunset flip. Sky dumped Taylor out and went for the spray bottle, but Emerson took it away leaving Sky wide open for Taylor’s roll up.

(4) Nigel Sherrod defeated Too Tall Shortts in a Loser Leaves Town Match (6:08). This was OK. Not as entertaining as the previous matches Purks matches I’ve seen involving Sherrod. It didn’t help matters any that Shortts lost his hearing aid during the match. Sherrod applied Boston crab on the little guy that was just cruel. Shortts ducked a high boot and bit Sherrod in the ass. Sherrod came back with a variation on the Oklahoma Stampede for a near fall. Shortts used a diving headbutt for a near fall. Shortts applied a Crippler Crossface. Sherrod busted out the Bronco Buster. It must be Sean Waltman night. Finish saw Shortts bonk his head on the turnbuckles, and Sherrod pinned him with a full moon roll up.

(5) Alexander the Great & Terry Lawler & Bobby Hayes beat Thunder & Lightning (Chris Ganzer & Chris Lightning) to win the Purks Tag Team Championship in 18:27. The undersized dynamos got off to their usual hot start. Out of the blue, it was announced that Emerson was going to allow the challengers to invoke the Freebird rule. Huh?? The bad guys beat up on Lightning and switched in without tagging. The highlights of the heat were a fallaway slam by Hayes and a double jump quebrada by Alexander. An astute observer noted that Alexander was like the late John Kronus, in that he can do agility moves you wouldn’t expect from a guy with his build. Lightning made a comeback. It was one those deals where the babyface is trying to get too much stuff instead doing the logical thing by going for the tag. Ganzer cleaned house one against three. The finish was messed up. Alexander and Hayes nailed the champions with stereo kicks and Lawler pinned Ganzer. Emerson was supposed to do a reluctant three count. I don’t know why he would mind, since he allowed the Freedbird rule. Be that as it may, he stopped at two, and I think restarted. It was clear as mud.

Josh Hayes announced a five minutes intermission to look into what just happened. Naturally, nothing more was said about it.

(6) The non-title match between TNA Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles and Air Paris was ruled a no contest due to outside interference at 22:24. I had no illusions that this would be the type of groundbreaking match they were doing back in 2000 at NWA Wildside, neither would that have been wise or necessary to satisfy the fans at the Purks. Paris hasn’t wrestled full time in years. He wrestled smart and stayed within his limitations. It was going to be up Styles to carry the action, and carry it he did. Dan “The Dragon” Wilson was the guest ring announcer. He’s still got it. All the cheers were for Paris this time out. Styles said he didn’t want a Cedartown ref and called out Mike Posey. Paris said he was taking the belt with him if he won. The champion’s arrogant conduct got a bigtime “Styles sucks” chant. Styles was having with way with Paris early on. Paris made a spirited comeback and Styles took a powder. Styles took over with a catapult into to the bottom rope. Styles did his signature dropkick. Styles softened Paris up with a pescado and a backdrop driver, and started working on the knee to set up the figure four. Paris hit a DDT out of left field. Paris broke out the Burning Hammer for a big near fall. Styles answered with the springboard forearm. Paris fought off the Clash. Styles hit a vintage move of his own – the quebrada into a reverse DDT. Styles went up top. Paris shook the ropes to crotch him and hit a superplex for a near fall. Paris missed a high knee, and Style moved in for the kill with the figure four. After a long struggle, Paris was able to reverse, and Styles immediately grabbed the ropes. Posey got bumped. Tons of ref involvement tonight. Styles hit the Pele and went to use the title belt. Paris cut him off with superkick. Styles’ selling of it was nothing short of awesome. Paris nailed Styles with the belt and covered. Emerson ran out to make the count and got pulled out by Posey. Hayes and Young attacked Paris, and Posey waved off the match.

Styles was about to give Paris the Clash, when out came none other than Ron Simmons. I think he got the pop of the night. Simmons said he watched Styles get to the top, and knew how hard he worked to get there. Simmons said Styles was way short on gratitude, and should be a role model whether he liked it not. Styles said he didn’t need the people and was a winner at any cost, and pointed out that Simmons was a FORMER champion. Styles said he was going to retire Hogan on Monday night “and I’ll do the same to you, boy.” Crowd knew he should not have gone there, and they knew what was coming next - “DAMN!” and great looking punch to the kisser of the champion. Styles bailed.

Simmons said he had been hired as commissioner and his first act was to bring in “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash to team with Paris vs. Young & Hayes on April 10. The crowd went completely nuts for the announcement of Nash. Based on the response, expect another big turnout next month.

NOTES: Notable personalities backstage included Bill Behrens, Micah Taylor and Frenchy Riviera. I didn’t recognize Riviera, who is literally half his former size. Styles’ wife and three children were in attendance, as were the children of Tracy and Micah…The event was taped by David Pierce.

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