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ToW 5 - 5 март 2010


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^ Къде си тръгнал да ги буташ в залите на WWE. :) Шоуто ще бъде в 2700-ния Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, което всъщност пак си е доста голяма зала за това шоу, но не за първи път правят шоу там, така че явно си избиват разходите и/или просто залата е евтина.

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ToW 5 results

1. Iceman def. Van Hawk

2. Extreme 10: Sexxxy Eddy & Jeremy Prophet won the 10-team gauntlet to become the Tag Team champions.

= The Édouard Carpentier tribute was very well done.

3. Steve Rush def. Big Daddy V chairshot. Good match. This was Steve's first match in 5 years and he did well.

4. Pierre Carl Ouelette def. Hernandez via Cannonball. Second best match of the night.

5. Samoa Joe def. Franky The Mobster. Franky cut a heel promo prior to the match to turn the crowd against him but he still got some crowd support during the match. It was a very good match and the best match of the night.

6. Casket Match for the CRW Heavyweight Title: Sylvain Grenier def. Darkko & Dru Onyx to win the Title. Samson was injured so he was replaced by Dru Onyx. Dru was eliminated first around the 10 minute mark. Then it was down to Sylvain and Darkko. Sylvain won.

Overall, it was a good show.

The attendance was about 1200-1400.

It was announced that Beer Money, Inc. will compete at the next ToW show.

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