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Хайде, вече официално има и тема за така отбягваната досега PWG. Предположих, че първото шоу за 2010 ще е добро време за начало, особено заради страхотния theme.


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Kurt Russellmania

at Wrestlereunion 4

on January 30, 2010!

Overboard Tag Team Match

The Great Muta & KAI vs. "The Professional" Scott Lost & Joey Ryan

Tequila Sunrise Singles Match

Davey Richards vs. Super Crazy

Captain Ron Singles Match

Brian Kendrick vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen

Tombstone Eight-Person Tag Team Match

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler), Ryan Taylor, & Christina Von Eerie vs. Johnny Goodtime, Malachi "CK" Jackson, Candice LeRae, & Jerome "LTP" Robinson

Sky High Three-Way Match

Chris Hero vs. Roderick Strong vs. "The Whole F'N Show" Rob Van Dam

Escape From LA Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson - Champions) vs. Human Tornado & Chuck Taylor (Challengers)

Big Trouble in Little China Singles Match

El Generico vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Stargate Singles Match

Brandon Bonham vs. Brandon Gatson


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OMG.. невероятен PWG card! От скоро не вървяха нещо нещата (лично мнение), но с този евент ще разбият всичко!! То това Hero-Strong-RVD.. то това Richards-Crazy... то това El Generico-Jushin Thunder Liger! Нямам търпение да гледам това чудо.

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Доста е добре да има по една тема за всяка от по-малките федерации в САЩ :) А и то PWG не е чак толкова малка де - нищо чудно и да е на 4-то място след WWE, TNA и ROH. Между другото, не виждам шампиона Kenny Omega в карда?


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^ Доколкото разбрах, Omega е в Япония. Първата му защита на PWG титлата ще е насрочена за февруари, вероятно срещу Chris Hero.

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Pre-Show Notes: Due to the weather in the Mid-West, Chuck Taylor's flight was canceled so there will be a lineup change yet to be announced...I am told there is at least one surprise planned for the show tonight....There is a live band scheduled to play for Rob Van Dam's entrance tonight.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Kurt Russellmania opened with WrestleReunion's Sal Corrente coming to the ring thanking everyone for their support. He reminded everyone of the talents that would be appearing tomorrow and thanked everyone for their support. He said they were thankful and happy to present a PWG event tonight and feature talents like Great Muta, Super Crazy, Rob Van Dam and Jushin Liger. He wished everyone a good night and asked them to have fun.

Excalibur came to the ring with the PWG ring announcer. He said he wanted to welcome everyone to JaMarcus Russellmania before he was corrected and told it was Kurt Russelmania. He introduced the announcer, John Ian. Ian welcomed everyone to the event. He explained the code of conduct for fans tonight.

PWG Tag Team champions The Young Bucks and Brian Kendrick came to the ring. Matt Jackson said he'd like to introduce themselves. Jackson said he's tired of being referred to by these "given names" of Matt and Nick Jackson and said they want to use their real names, Max and Jeremy - Generation Me. He said a few years ago, they started out in Los Angeles and they were naive and didn't know anything about the business. Two and a half years later, they became bigger than the business and PWG. He said it took leaving a crummy city like LA for a beautiful place like Orlando. Max said that hanging out with Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and The Nasty Boys is the best. They gave a shout out to Dixie Carter. They said by going to Orlando, they realized that this generation belonged to them.

They told Kendrick he didn't fit in with them and attacked him. Paul London hit the ring in street clothes and helped Kendrick clear the ring. London took the mic and said he just happened to live in Los Angeles. He said that he's been watching Brian Kendrick from afar and he isn't as motivated as he once was. He said that he understands, and said that they should put things in a blender and reunite to wrestle Generation Me tonight.

London led a "F*** the Young Bucks" chant. Kendrick pointed out Exaclibur and London asked if he was Octagon. Kendrick demanded Excalibur make the match for tonight. They headed to the back as London said we'll have to see what happens.

The show is sold out and they had to turn a long line of people away.

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler), Ryan Taylor, & Christina Von Eerie vs. Johnny Goodtime, Malachi "CK" Jackson, Candice LeRae, & Jerome "LTP" Robinson

Team Cutler attacked Team Goodtime before the bell. LaRae hit a rana off the apron onto Robinson. Goodtime and Jackson hit stereo dives. It settled down into Eeire, who has a bgreat CBGB punk rock look, taking on laRae, who is a pretty blonde. Eeire clotheslined her and tagged out to Taylor. LaRae caught him in an abdominal stretch but one of the Cutlers kicked her. The Cutlers stomped her. They nailed her with a double shoulderblock. LaRae started mounting a comeback agauinst one of the Cutlers, nailing a rana. She tagged out to Jackson.

Jackson and one of the Cutlers went back and forth. Cutler slid out of the ring and tripped him, then the other Cutler nailed a dive to the floor. The Cutlers worked over Jackson. Johnny Goodtime argued with the ref and tried to get in the ref. Eerie tagged in but was cut off with a kick. She monkeyflipped him out of the corner and got a two count. She then suplexed Jackson for a two count. The Cutlers tagged in but Jackson got the better and tagged in Goodtime.

Eiere nailed Jackson with a flip into a DDT. She held LaRae for Ryan Taylor to kiss but LaRae moved and he planted a smacker on Eerie. Robinson powerbombed Eerie for a two count. Robinson stunned Robinson, who snapped back into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. They did a Tower of Doom spot in the corner with everyone. Goodtime cut off one of the Cutlers and hit a top rope Frankensteiner for a two count.

The Cutlers nailed Goodtime with several doubleteam maneuvers. The Cutlers grabbed LaRae and hit a spike tombstone piledriver to score the pin.

Your winners, The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler), Ryan Taylor, & Christina Von Eerie

I missed a lot of spots here since they were working so hard and I'm not familiar with their nuances, but this was a hell of an opener. I was especially impressed with the girls who more than held their own with the guys.

Brandon Bonham vs. Brandon Gatson

They did some nice back and forth wrestling to start. Gatson took over and caught Bonham with a right. Bonham came back with a dive over the ropes and covered him with a two count. He chopped away at him. Gatson was whipped into the corner and did the Flair flop. He grabbed Bonham in an inverted Tarantula. Gatson nailed a spinkick. Bonham came back with a kick to the face. Bonham charged the corner but Gatson moved.

Gatson grabbed Bonham and flipped him into the corner. Bonham whipped Gatson into the corner but it was reversed. Gatson nailed the space flying tiger drop. They teased a countout. Back in the ring, they went back and forth with near falls. Gatson nailed a sitdown powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner, Brandon Gatson!

Excalibur announced that Chuck Taylor won't be able to make the show due to the snowstorm, so Human Tornado vs. Super Crazy will take place while Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen was added. He confirmed London and Kendrick vs. The Bucks.

Human Tornado vs. Super Crazy

Tornado attacked him at the bell. Crazy slid underneath and caught him with a clothesline. Tornado nailed a dive over the top and they battled around the ring. Tornado nailed a suplex, a backhand and a reverse T-Bone suplex. Tornado hit a twisting dive off the corner for the pin.

Lots of crazy stuff we missed here, but a super fun match.

Your winner, Human Tornado!

Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards

A fan flipped off Steen so he told the fan he was going to knock him out and "have his way with your body." Tremendous!

They faced off. Steen grabbed a waistlock but Richards grabbed an arm. Steen kissed him to break it and remarked. "I don't get enough affection at home." Richards went to the floor. Richards got back in the ring, they locked up and Richards kissed him back to show he can't be psyched out. The fans chanted, "Mrs. Wrestling." Richards began working over Steen on the mat, focusing on the arm. Richards rebounded off the ropes several times with a shoulderblock but couldn't move Steen. Steen snotted on him so a pissed off Richards began throwing stiff kicks and spinkicks. He drilled Steen with a dropkick.

Richards clotheslined Steen to the floor, the followed. He slammed Steen into the guard rail. They battled in the crowd. They battled over by the RVD band. They returned to inside the ringside area, where Steen was tossed into the rail and then hit with a charging big boot. Steen lowblowed Richards and worked him over on the floor. Steen chopped away Richards, then slammed him, He continued to work over Richards. He whipped Richards into the corner, then backdropped him.

Steen continued to control until missing a charge into the corner. He hit his shoulder in the corner and went to the floor. Richards hit a monster tope through the ropes on Steen, landing in the crowd. He tossed Steen back in the ring and nailed a Japanese style dropkick off the top. Richards tuned up Steen with a series of massive kicks. Steen was nailed with a leaping leg lariat. Richards began trying to nail a back suplex but Steen was too fat. He mocked Richards for not having the strength.

Richards continued to beat down Steen with kicks. Steen came back with a rolling pinfall attempt. He killed Richards with a forward flip into the corner, smashing him into the buckles. The crowd rallied behind Richards. Richards began slugging away at Steen, who responded in kind. Richards again went for the back suplex. Steen reversed and nailed one but Richards landed on his feet and hit a running clothesline. Steen cut him off and nailed a pumphandle suplex for a two count.

Steen went for a swanton but Richards got his knees up. He charged across the ring, killing Steen with a clubbing clothesline, then nailed the back suplex finally, for a two count. The crowd chanted for Davey. He went to the top for a shooting star press but Steen got out of the way. Richards went for a kick but Steen ducked and rolled up Richards for a two count. Richards finally caught Steen in a Kimura.

Your winner, Davey Richards!

Really good back and forth match. Steen's antics were real entertaining.

Richards took the mic and said that at the next show, he was coming for Kenny Omega.

Joey Ryan & Scott Lost vs. KAI & The Great Muta

Streamers for Muta, who's wearing a more demonic mask. Muta and Lost started off. Lost was taken out by Muta early with a shoulderblock. Lost came back with several dropkicks. KAI and Ryan tagged in, Ryan preened a bit, so the fans got on his case. KAI and Ryan went back and forth. Ryan nailed a swinging neckbreaker. Muta tagged in and rode Lost, who had tagged in, to the mat. Muta locked in a chinlock. KAI tagged and nailed Lost across the back.

KAI nailed a spinebuster and turned Lost over into a Boston Crab. Ryan kicked him to break it up. Muta tagged in and grabbed Lost with a single leg takedown, then a Dragon Screw Legwhip. KAI tagged in and continued working over Lost's legs. He whipped Lost into the corner and nailed him, with a pair of knees. He nailed a double stomp out of the ropes. Ryan tagged in and worked over KAI. Muta tagged in but Ryan dropkicked him.

Lost nailed a spinkick on Kai. Kai hit a springboard kick. Lost tried to use a foreign object but the referee took it away. Muta blew green mist in his face. KAI kicked Lost. Muta nailed the shining wizard and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Great Muta & KAI!

Muta was obviously hobbling from his bad knees but worked as hard as could be expected. KAI showed some promise. It was solid for sure and anytime you get to see Muta in the States is awesome.

Jushin Liger vs. El Generico

A fan won a chance to ring announce the match and he was damn good. Liger controlled the early portion of the match. The building was chanting Liger like crazy. Liger used a single leg takedown and tied up Generico in a surfboard. They crisscrossed the ring and Generico used a Lucha armdrag to take Liger out of the ring. He faked a dive tease, then held the ropes open for Liger. Liger was cautious but returned tio the ring without incident. He shook Generico's hand.

Liger used head scissors to take Generico out, then faked a dive of his own. He brought Generico back into the ring and charged him in the corner but Generico cut him off. Liger came back with a bow and arrow, then cinched him into a rear choke while in the hold. Liger locked in a Camel Clutch, then an abdominal stretch. Generico finally made it to the ropes. Liger chopped away at Generico in the corner. Generico came back with a leg lariat,

Generico nailed a big dive to the outside on Liger. He nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. Liger avoided a suplex and nailed a tiltowhirl backbreaker. Liger came off the ropes but Generico avoided him. He drilled Liger with a running Yakuza kick in the corner. He went for a brainbuster but Liger reversed and nailed it. They made their way to the feet and exchanged blows. Liger caught Generico with a beautiful back suplex.

Generico drilled Liger wth a Yakuza Kick but Liger rebounded off the ropes with a clothesline for a two count. The crowd began chanting, "This is awesome." Liger placed Generico on the top rope for a superplex but Generico fought him off. Liger was tied up upside down in the ropes. Generico nailed the Coast to Coast. Generico nailed a brainbuster for a two count. Fans began singing the Ole song.

Generico placed Liger on the top and called for a brainbuster, but was fought off. Liger nailed a running Ligerbomb for a two count. Liger drilled Generico with a brainbuster and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jushin Liger!

Great match. Generico more than held his own against the legend.

Fans chanted "Thank you Liger" after the match. Liger helped Generico up and raised his hand. Generico refused and raised Liger's hand. Finally, they raised the other's hands and hugged. A really special and nice moment. LIGER!

Bill Apter came out and plugged all the plans for WrestleReunion tomorrow. Apter said ROH hit a home run tomorrow and PWG was doing the same. Gotta love Wonderful Willie.

Generation Me vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Paul London came out dressed like an astronaut. I have no idea why. Generation Me came out to Hansen's MMMBop. Hilarious. I'm going to call the former Young Bucks by their old names since I can't remember which is Max. Kendrick and London attacked at the bell and all four brawled. Matt Jackson worked over Kendrick. London broke it up and they exchanged forearms. London speared him in the center but Nick grabbed Paul in a front facelock. Generation Me worked them over and stood triumphant. They chanted TNA to get heat.

Kendrick returned from the floor and attacked both, running them off from the crowd. London and Nick went for a test of strength but Nick backed off. Kendrick charged GenMe in the corner. Nick and London finally locked up. Nick worked him over his shoulderblocks in the corner. London hit a bodypress out of the corner, the a running dropkick for a two count. Matt tagged in and nailed London with several strikes. GenMe began double-teaming London's arm. London made a comeback and soon it was he and Kendrick working over Matt's arm. Real good stuff.

The match went back and forth, The Jacksons worked over London, who finally tagged in Kendrick. Kendrick nailed a double stomp on Jackson but was soon overwhelmed. Nick held Kendrick in the corner. Matt did a cartwheel, stopped and raked Kendrick's back. Hilarious. Kendrick almost was able to make a tag but Nick Jackson nailed London. They drilled Kendrick with synchronized moves. They continued working on Kendrick and teased doing the Nasty Boys' armpit spot. Instead Kendrick tricked Matt into taking it.

Kendrick almost made it to a tag, but London was taken down. They finally made the hot tag. London backdropped one over the ropes, the dropkicked another. London nailed a double stomp. They went into a cool dive sequence. Kendrick and London drilled Matt Jackson with several moves. Nick came off with a springboard dropkick on London. GenMe were back in control. Matt went for a powerbomb but London escaped and hit a superkick. Nick came off with a twisting DDT.

London charged Nick but was kicked. Nick went for a springboard DDT but Paul escaped. He tagged in Kendrick who went nuts on Nick. Matt nailed superkicks on Kendrick and London. GenMe nailed a wheelbarrow/facebuster combination on Kendrick for a two count. Matt powerbombed Kendrick into Nick's knees. Matt moonsaulted onto Kendrick for a two count.

The fans were chanting "This is awesome."

Matt speared Kendrick. The Bucks covered Kendrick but London broke it up. The Bucks went for their double backflip into dropkicks but London moved and dropkicked them both. London went to the top and nailed a diving kneedrop for a two count. Kendrick nailed Sliced bread #2. London hit the shooting star and scored the pin.


Your winners, Kendrick and London.

Loved this. Nice surprise in London appearing. He was rusty at times but the type of stuff he does requires precision work and he's obviously been out of the ring for quite some time.

Rob Van Dam vs. Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero

Van Dam had a band doing a song about him for his entrance. RVD was way over. Van Dam stepped out of the ring and watched Hero and Strong. They went back and forth as RVD circled the ring. Strong nailed a spinkick and RVD replaced Hero in the ring. He and Strong went back and forth with a great sequence and then faced off. Hero grabbed Strong and deposited him outside of the ring.

Hero and RVD faced off with dueling chants for each man. Hero caught Rob with a back elbow. They took each other down but couldn't get the upper hand and faced off. Van Dam elbowed Hero. Strong pulled the rope back and Hero went to the floor. Van took out Strong and nailed the spinning guillotine legdrop onto the rail. Back in the ring, Hero chopped away at RVD, then nailed him with a dropkick. Hero covered Van Dam for a two count.

Hero began cranking Van Dam's neck. He maneuvered him into the corner and nailed him with a right. Hero began chopping away and RVD. Van Dam reversed an Irish Whip and nailed a spinkick in the corner. Strong snuck in the ring and nailed a backbreaker on RVD. Strong locked RVD in an abdominal stretch. He worked over Rob, who came back with the somersault into a monkey flip out of the corner. Rob went to the top but Hero shoved him off to the floor.

Hero and Strong went back and forth in the ring with near falls. Strong suplexed Hero, who reversed and dropped him down. They went back and forth with chops. Strong nailed a big suplex for a two count. Hero caught Strong with a kick and a neckbreaker. RVD returned to the ring with a chair and threw it into Hero's head. Van Dam turned his attention to Strong, nailing Rolling Thunder. He covered Strong for a two count.

Van Dam did a leaping surfboard kick into a chair on Strong. It didn't work, so RVD did it again. Hero got to his feet so RVD took him out and hit the split legged moonsault for a two count. RVD went to the top but Strong nailed a leg lariat to the head. He set up Van Dam for a superplex but Hero attacked him from behind. They did a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Fans chanted for PWG. Lots of near falls.

All three battled back and forth inside the ring. Strong nailed a gutbuster on RVD. Hero drilled him with a roaring elbow then powerbombed him down. Hero and String went back and forth, with Strong drilling him with a big kick in the center of the ring. Strong sunset flipped Hero, who dropped down and nearly got the pin. RVD returned to the ring and threw a chair at Strong, who caught it. Hero punched the chair into Hero's face. RVD nailed the reverse windmill kick on Hero, then nailed the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin.

Your winner, RVD!

Real good match to end the show. RVD looked as good as ever and Strong and Hero worked great with him. An excellent show all around.

Hero ranted and raved that he wants a title rematch against PWG champion Kenny Omega when Omega returns from Japan. He put over the crowd, which was 1,100 fans. He said that he wishes everyone this strong could fit into Reseda and if you weren't a PWG fan now, you are now and to come back soon.

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Изпревари ме :). По-добре, това е по-детайлно.

Кофти размествания са се получили на места. Гледаше ми се Richards vs. Crazy, не Tornado vs. Crazy. Steen и Richards вече съм ги виждал, дори и да е добро - нещо ново да бяха показали.

London & Kendrick отново заедно... чудех се колко време ще им отнеме да ги съберат, макар че засела изглежда е само за един мач. Както казах, Young Bucks Generation Me ще стават по-интересни като heels, особено с такива провокации. Стабилна идея да си пренесеш mainstream името и в индитата, за да има повече разпознаване. Само че... позволено ли е?

Последният мач ми звучи... леееко разочароващ, въпреки участниците. Финалът не изглежда много вълнуващ.

Общо взето, ако не издребнявам, изглежда е било страхотно шоу. Определено ще се гледа.

PS: Няма Chuck Taylor... NOOOOO! :(

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PWG “As The Worm Turns”

February 27, 2010 @ Reseda, CA

PWG World Championship

Kenny Omega © vs. Davey Richards

PWG Tag Team Championship

Generation Me (Max & Jeremy) © vs. 2 Skinny Black Guys of Low Moral Fiber (El Generico & Chuck Taylor)

Chris Hero vs. Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin vs. Roderick Strong

Brandon Gatson vs. “The Professional” Scott Lost

Brandon Bonham, Candice LeRae, & Joey Ryan vs. The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) & Christina Von Eerie

Johnny Goodtime & Jerome "LTP" Robinson vs. Malachi "CK" Jackson & Ryan Taylor

Edited by Remus
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ЛОЛ Мейн Евентът ще е стабилен! За tag team мачът не съм особено навит в интерес на истината, но с появата на Shelley & Sabin и то срещу какви опоненти това PWG спада към категорията "must see" ;]

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Аз пък лично ще гледам шоуто най-вече заради tag мача. Сега YB ще са с пъти по-интересни, а мач на Chuck Taylor си е мач на Chuck Таylor - просто трябва да се види. Яд ме е само, че победителят в този мач е предрешен, предвид факта, че Taylor смени трима партньори за два месеца - първо трябваше да се състезава с Omega, но той спечели PWG титлата, после трябваше да е с Human Tornado (откъдето идва и името на отбора), но той се пенсионира и сега го вкараха с най-любопитния партньор. С El Generico съвсем наскоро приключиха вражда и сега без обяснение ги вкарват в отбор, за титлите, при това с най-смешното като ги погледнеш име. Сега ще се види дали Taylor ще остане в отборната дивизия да враждува с YB, дали си е намерил отборен партньор за постоянно и дали поне едно име на отбор ще се задържи.

От другите чакам с нетърпение Strong vs. Sabin - ето това е must see. Също така ще се гледа и Lost vs. Brandon Gatson. Последният доста ме радваше на последните шоута, които гледах. Да видим сега дали ще направи нещо в по-сериозен мач.

А главният мач според мен е глупост. Да пуснат Davey като претендент преди Hero няма логика. Може би се гради някакво напрежение или дават на Omega да направи няколко защити преди да изгуби титлата - кой знае. Но за мен мачът е грешка. Ще е добър, спор няма. Но е грешка, че е за титлата.

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PWG “As The Worm Turns”


@ Reseda, California, USA - American Legion Post #308

Tag Team Match

Jerome Robinson & Johnny Goodtime beat Malachi Jackson & Ryan Taylor

Singles Match

Brandon Gatson beat Scott Lost

Singles Match

Roderick Strong beat Chris Sabin –Strong pins Sabin after the sick kick

Six Person Tag Team Match

Brandon Bonham, Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan beat Christina Von Eerie & The Cutler Brothers (Brandon Cutler & Dustin Cutler) – LeRae pins Von Eerie with the Mustache Ride

Singles Match

Chris Hero beat Alex Shelley – Hero pins Shelley after a raring elbow and Hero’s Welcome

PWG World Tag Team Title Match

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) © beat 2 Skinny Black Guys Of Low Moral Fiber (Chuck Taylor & El Generico) to retain

PWG World Title Match

Davey Richards besiegt Kenny Omega © – NEW CHAMPION!


- HOLY FUCK! Omega контузен ли е или нещо? Нямаше и една защита. Кофти, но от друга страна - Richards шампион! Дано сега Omega и Taylor се съберат пак и да вземят тия отборни титли. Това ще се гледа, основно заради последните два мача, Strong/Sabin и Gatson/Lоst. Определено изглежда добре.

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4.10.2010 @ Reseda, CA

PWG World Championship

Davey Richards © vs. Roderick Strong

PWG World Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) © vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

El Generico vs. “Intrepid Traveler” Paul London

Brandon & Dustin Cutler vs. Johnny Goodtime & Jerome “LTP” Robinson

Joey Ryan vs. Christina Von Eerie

Brandon Gatson vs. Ryan Taylor

Brandon Bonham vs. Malachi "CK" Jackson


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^ Лол защитата на Davey като New Born Champ ще кърти определено, а и винаги с Roderick са правили интересни нещица. Също ми грабва окото както може да се очаква защитата на Young Bucks срещу не кой да е отбор а BB и разбира се London-Generico които със сигурност ще сътворят добър мач.

Edited by G
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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Kurt Russellmania

ВЪОБЩЕ не останах разочарован! Общо взето винаги големите ИНДИ кардове се провалят незнайно защо (тоест с повечко hype & големи имена), но това определено ме грабна! Мачовете на вечерта бяха несъмнено Kendrick & London vs Young Bucks & разбира се М.Е... Three Way-ът който винаги съм искал да видя RVD vs Roderick Strong vs Chris Hero (RVD се раздаде в този мач, затова неговите фенове да ТЕГЛЯТ)!! Участията на Мута & Лайгър също допринесоха този евент да пожъне успех! Какво да кажа това си е P.. W... G! Препоръчвам Kurt Russellmania на всеки инди фен..

Edited by G
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Хмм онзи ден изгледах Kurt Russellmania и останах силно очерован.Не бях подозирал,че в PWG играят някой от големите имена.Само бях мяркал името на федерацията,но нищо повече,но вече смятам,че това ще се промени :)Иначе МЕ-та и отборният мач преди него очаквано откраднаха шоуто.Браво!

Ще вземете брадите, ве, маняци.

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PWG Titannica


@ Reseda, CA

Brandon Bonham beat Malachi “CK” Jackson with the Hammer of the Gods.

Brandon Gatson beat Ryan Taylor with a front flip side slam.

Brandon & Dustin Cutler beat Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Johnny Goodtime with a tandem tombstone piledriver on Robinson.

Paul London beat El Generico with a shooting star press.

Joey Ryan beat Christina Von Eerie with the Boobplex and a folding press.

PWG World Title Match

Davey Richards © beat Roderick Strong with a Texas cloverleaf (1st defense).

PWG World Tag Team Title Match

Matt & Nick Jackson [The Young Bucks] © beat Jay & Mark Briscoe with More Bang For Your Buck on Jay (13th defense).

First off we had Malachi “CK” Jackson go up against Brandon Bonham. Jackson still needs some work, but the guy has a lot of charisma and some nice flips. A highlight of the match came when Brandon was bent over outside of the ring and Jackson delivered a double foot stomp onto the back of Brandon. Another highlight came when Jackson nailed a pretty sick flipping stunner onto Brandon. However, Brandon did pick up the victory with what looked like a Canadian Destroyer. After the match, the crowd gave a pretty nice “That was awesome” chant to show their respect for the match. Not a bad opener, but as I said, Malachi needs some work, but I’m sure his brothers are helping him out.

Next match was Brandon Gatson versus Ryan Taylor. All I can say is WOW. For an undercard match, this was sick as sick can get. Some good pandering to the crowd to get them alive and active. Match had some good chops to go back and forth. Taylor was impressive with his kicks and submission moves. He got Brandon in what I think was a surf board submission move. The match had a lot of high flying action, especially on the outside. I nearly pissed myself as they crashed right by me (won’t be the first time that happened either). Gatson got in a nice stunner. Taylor then got in a nice scissors kick and then nailed a DDT before giving more stiff kicks. Then we saw a nice double cross body inside the ring after they hit the ropes which saw them flip in the air about 1.5 times. As they went outside, the ref counted to 12 and then restarted the count when I believe Taylor went back inside. When Gatson made it back into the ring, he played with the crowd and they loved it and chanted “Chillin’” throughout the match. As they continue to battle, Taylor shouts out “Fuck You” (won’t be the only time the F Bomb is used in the show) but misses his move in which I believe was a kick. Gatson gets the win with what I believe was a front flip sidewalk slam into a sitout side facebuster. Taylor wants to shake hands after the match, but Gatson walks away. He then turns back, yells “Just Kidding” and they shake. It was one hell of a match and ate up a lot of time.

If only the big promotions gave this type of time to undercard matches, we’d be in business. Outside of the two title matches, I have to say this was probably my favorite match of the night.

Next up is the Cutler Brothers against Johnny Goodtime and Jerome “LTP” Robinson. Sadly, I couldn’t figure out who was Brandon and who was Dustin, so I couldn’t tell who you started for them or what each guy did. Whichever brother did start out, though, did some pushups and then some clapping pushups. He had to have gone up to 20 or so before the match started. Crowd seems pretty spilt between the two teams. Goodtime starts out for his team and gets the advantage. When whoever started the match for the Cutlers went to the outside, Goodtime started doing pushups and even clapping pushups. That was pretty impressive. Back to the match and great teamwork by the Cutlers who were slower than LTP and Goodtime during the beginning. LTP is now in the ring and is getting his ass handed to him, but he gets a nice counter and tags in Goodtime. Goodtime takes control until the match spills to the outside of the ring. Cutlers go back to the double teaming that has worked in their advantage. Cutlers nail a codebreaker like move to Goodtime, I believe, but they don’t get the three count. LTP and Goodtime finally start working together and the match goes back outside. Goodtime is out of it with the Cutlers and LTP in the ring. The Cutlers nail a wicked looking tombstone Piledriver onto LTP for the win.

Fans chant “That was awesome” for the ending, which the move surely was. A good tag team match that picked up during the end.

Crowd starts a “We want AC” chant to the owner of the building, but sadly, the cheap owner doesn’t give it to us. El Generico versus Paul London is next in which if El Generico wins the match, up to 300 dollars would be used for the orphans in Tijuana, Mexico while if London wins, up to 300 dollars would go to the orphans in space. Yes, the orphan children in space. Anyways, as London comes out, he pulls a Bret Hart and gives his sunglasses to a kid sitting in the front row. Before the match, they do a cape off and show each other respect as, after all, it is for the children. Match starts off with some good ole fashion mat wrestling until the crowd makes a buzzing sound that sounds like bees. London trips out and starts looking around for the sound. Seems like London is having fun and loves to pander to the crowd. Match has a lot of down time as London walks around the ring, drinks the crowds beer, listens to the buzzing, makes his way to the bathroom saying he needs a drink before stealing some water. London then offers to buy El Generico some water from the concession stands. El Generico has his guard up, but they walk to the stand and get the water. From there, I couldn’t really see, but Paul either throws his water or spits his water at El Generico and goes on his attack and throws El Generico back into the ring. After what seems like a good 5 minute break, we get back to wrestling. London tries to take the mask off of El Generico and doing a clinic on him. It seems like London has turned heel. A huge highlight was when London took a crazy ass spill by me when as El Generico was hanging on the second rope, London ran the ropes and tried to nail El Generico, but El Generico ducked and London went outside and slipped on some spilt beer and landed hard on the concrete ground. It seemed like he got a sick rug burn on his back because of the fall. El Generico did a nice flip to the outside and nailed London in which was a nice spot to see up close. El Generico had control until London came back with a nice kick to gain momentum. London jumps to the top rope, but fucks up and a “You fucked up” chant starts. Seems like London might have a bit of rust and the spills are screwing up his body. London nailed a nice crossbody to send them both outside. Once they are inside, El Generico hits a nice big boot onto London who is on the turnbuckle. El Generico throws him to the other side, but when he tried for the boot again, London ducked. Paul goes to the top, but El Generico counters the move, but nothing comes from it. El Generico again nails a big boot by the turnbuckle and tries for a brainbuster from the top rope, but Paul counters and tries for a Shooting Star Press, but he misses. El Generico nails a nasty looking Suplex. Paul is now on the top rope, El Generico tries for the brainbuster again, but it’s countered as London tosses him away. London nails the Shooting Star Press for the win and for the space orphans. Great show of respect at the end as London raises the hand of El Generico. Crowd starts to buzz and El Generico acts like a bee. London then tells El Generico he’s apart of the Hive now. Paul puts over El Generico by saying he is anything but generic, that he’s an incredible fucking athlete and wrestler and puts him over like a million bucks.

After intermission we get the Joey Ryan versus Christina Von Eerie. It was your typical sleazy match, which I love. Ryan is truly amazing. Von Eerie had her fans and impressed with a codebreaker like move along with a Pedigree on the ring apron. Joey came back with a great dive to the outside that took Von Eerie out. After the pedigree to the outside, the referee counted to 19, but Joey made it back into the ring before the 20 count (guess it’s a 20 count in PWG). Lots of Joey trying to get a feel of Von Eerie, who can blame him, and getting her to feel his man parts. Funny stuff. Match ended with the boobplex and Joey got the win with a powerbomb cover. Guess this is a night of respect as Joey shook Von Eerie’s hand after the match.

As the music plays for the tag team title match, Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring, grabs the microphone, and tells them to cut the fucking music and he’s sick of getting fucking screwed and calls out Davey Richards right now. He throws the microphone back at the ring announcer and the owner barks about not breaking his fucking microphone. My thought is the cheap dirtbag needs to STFU and let these guys wrestle. I mean, shit, they probably sold out the arena or at least it looks like it. Anyways, Davey makes his way to the ring and here we go.

A “Fuck him up, Davey, fuck him up” chant starts. This Indy events sure do not censor anything ha ha. Great mat wrestling to start the match with each guy getting each other in a surfer like submission move. Great reversals and counters by both men along with arm bars and leg locks. Boy, can Strong chop, my God! I can feel them and makes my chest burn. However, this only pisses off Davey and as they go to the outside, Davey unloads with a bunch of kicks. Strong gets Davey in a torture rack like move before lifting him up and throwing him down to the edge of the ring. Strong goes to town on Davey with submission moves along with chops and headbutts. Davey finally has something awaken him inside and starts again with the kicks. It looks like a match of chops against kicks with each one a master of submissions. Davey gets a Texas Cloverleaf in and a nice loud “This is wrestling” chant happens. And boy is this wrestling alright. A very loud and long “Let’s go Davey, let’s go Roderick” chant to show respect to these two amazing wrestlers as we get more submissions. They go outside and Strong chops Davey all around the ring. As they get back into the ring, Davey gets in some nice kicks until Strong nails a picture perfect dropkick for the 2 count. Sadly, this is where my cell phone dies and I couldn’t send myself notes about the rest of the night. The rest comes from memory, so hopefully I can do this justice, but I urge you to buy the DVD. Anyways, a few near falls for Strong and then what looks like a Boston Crab, but Davey gets out of it. More chops from Strong and a DDT on Davey to the outside concrete. Very sick looking and if you get the DVD, look for a guy with a Snoopy Christmas shirt (came to the show from work and my work requires you to wear a white shirt under the costume). More near falls and Strong looks to have it, but Davey gets Strong in the Texas Cloverleaf again. Strong reaches for the ropes, but Davey pulls Strong to the middle of the ring and Strong is forced to tap. Davey Richards retains the PWG Championship. I believe they did shake hands and Davey celebrates his victory.

The last match of the night was the Young Bucks against the Briscoe Brothers for the PWG Tag Team Championship. Briscoe Brothers are out first and they actually made the show. The Young Bucks come out, but only one of them comes out. The other jumps the Briscoes from behind. This is where the shit hit the fans as they go outside right by me and the Briscoes destroy the Bucks. Chairs are thrown, Briscoes jump from the ring to the outside I believe, all the chairs in the front are just destroyed. The match goes all throughout the arena and the Briscoes are just whopping the Bucks ass. Lots of “Fuck TNA” and “TNA Sucks” chants as one of the Bucks wears a Lockdown shirt. The whole match was crazy and the fans were truly behind the Briscoes except for a few fans scattered throughout. Briscoes seem like they have the match won a lot of times, but the Young Bucks pull the match away as they throw one of the Briscoes outside of the ring and nail their triple finisher for the win. Damn good match and I wish I could report more of the match, but that’s really all I remember. For guys that usually no show PWG, they really brought the fight and made the match very enjoyable as did the Bucks. Briscoe Brothers say they will be back and that was the end of a very enjoyable card. The card wasn’t stacked and was missing some marquee guys like Chuck Taylor, Kenny Omega, Chris Hero, among others, but all the guys stepped up and it was one hell of a show. Looking forward to the next one, PWG.

Brandon Bonham beat Malachi CK Jackson: Great opener! CK is getting better and better with each match and Bonham was very over with the fans. Bonham gets the win with the Canadian Destroyer to end a very good match. ***

Brandon Gatson beat Ryan Taylor: Another great match!Taylor looked very good in this match and is another guy who is getting better with each passing match. Gatson is super over with the fans and rightfully so because he is gonna be a big time player soon. Gatson gets the win with the flipping side slam. ***1/2

The Cutlers beat LTP and Johnny Goodtime: Another great match! (I'm sensing a theme here) Goodtime is so fun to watch and LTP looked good in this one too, The Cutlers have future champs written all over them and I hope they get a big push in the future. The Cutlers win after hitting LTP with their Double Tombstone. ***1/2

Paul London beat El Generico: Awesome! It took a bit of stalling for London to get into being the heel in the match but once it got going it was great, London botched a Double Jump Crossbody but it didn't effect the match too much. Generico teased the Super Brainbustah three times but the third time London countered with an insane Tornado DDT and hit the SSP for the finish. ****


Joey Ryan vs. Chirtsina Von Eerie: Good match! Von Eerie is super over and I can't see why Prazak hasn't tried to book her for SHIMMER yet. She has a great look and can work her tail off in the ring against guys and girls, Joey was his usual sleazy self and the fans loved it as he fondled Von Eerie several times until she started blasting away on him. She botched a sunset flip in the corner but they covered it up good and they kept going to have a good match, Joey won with a Boobplex followed by a folding powerbomb. ***

Gimmie Back My Bullets hits but Roddy comes out and wants to start the World Title Match now....

Davey Richards over Roderick Strong: EPIC! These two just beat each other silly and every strike had some much on it that people recoiled in horror especially Roddy and his chops. I would easily say that this match is much better than there Threemendous II match and frankly their best match against each other period.... Davey taps Roddy with the Cloverleaf after about 20 mins of non stop greatness. ****3/4 as this is an early MOTYC in my opinion

The Young Bucks beat The Briscoes: AWESOME!! The Briscoes bought their work boots with them for this one so for those in the crowd who thought they were gonna mail it in..... that opinion changed about 30 seconds into the match. The Briscoes were super over within minutes of throwing the Bucks around like it was nothing then proceeding to destroy them on the floor. Bucks got back in it and got some heat and "Fuck TNA" chants which is always music to my ears, Last few minutes are INSANE!! It looked like they were building towards an insane finish but changed their minds.

Bucks win after Nick hits Mark and Jay with the belt to counter the Doomsday Device as they hit More Back For Your Buck to get the pin. ****1/2 because it was their best encounter thus far and even though the finish was kinda disappointing it was still good stuff.

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Team #1

PWG Tag Team Champions

Generation Me

Max & Jeremy Buck


Team #2

The Briscoe Brothers

Jay & Mark Briscoe


Team #3

Scott Lost & Chuck Taylor


Team #4

The Cutler Brothers

Brandon & Dustin Cutler


Team #5


Akira Tozawa & YAMATO


Team #6

Johnny Goodtime & Jerome “LTP” Robinson


Team #7

Roderick Strong & Ryan Taylor


Team #8

¡Peligro Abejas!

El Generico & Paul London


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5.9.2010 @ Reseda, CA

DDT4 First Round Match

PWG World Tag Team Title Match

Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) © vs. Johnny Goodtime & Jerome "LTP" Robinson

DDT4 First Round Match

The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. KAMIKAZE (Akira Tozawa & YAMATO)

DDT4 First Round Match

"The Professional" Scott Lost & Chuck Taylor vs. ¡Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & "Intrepid Traveler" Paul London)

DDT4 First Round Match

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) vs. Roderick Strong & Ryan Taylor

Singles Action

Chris Hero vs. Brandon Bonham

DDT4 Semifinal Match #1

PWG World Tag Team Title Match

DDT4 Semifinal Match #2

DDT4 Final

PWG World Tag Team Title Match

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5.09.2010 @ Reseda, CA

1. DDT4 First Round / PWG Tag Team Title Match: Max & Jeremy Buck [Generation Me] © beat Johnny Goodtime & Jerome “LTP” Robinson when Jeremy pinned Robinson after double superkicks (14th defense).

2. DDT4 First Round Match: El Generico & Paul London [¡Peligro Abejas!] beat Scott Lost & Chuck Taylor when London used a shooting star press on Taylor.

3. DDT4 First Round Match: Brandon & Dustin Cutler beat Roderick Strong & Ryan Taylor when Brandon pinned Taylor after a tandem tombstone piledriver.

4. DDT4 First Round Match: Jay & Mark Briscoe beat YAMATO & Akira Tozawa [KAMIKAZE] when Mark pinned Tozawa after the Doomsday Device.

5. DDT4 Semifinal / PWG Tag Team Title Match: Max & Jeremy Buck [Generation Me] © beat Brandon & Dustin Cutler when Max pinned Dustin after More Bang For Your Buck (15th defense).

6. DDT4 Semifinal Match: El Generico & Paul London [¡Peligro Abejas!] beat Jay & Mark Briscoe when Generico used a victory roll on Mark.

7. Chris Hero beat Brandon Bonham with a deadlift Hero’s Welcome.

8. DDT4 Final / PWG Tag Team Title Match: El Generico & Paul London [¡Peligro Abejas!] beat Max & Jeremy Buck [Generation Me] © when El Generico used the BRAINBUSTAAAAAAH~! on Jeremy to become the 23rd Champions.

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla



June 11, 2010 @ Reseda, CA

PWG World Tag Team Championship

¡Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & Paul London) ©


Brian Kendrick & "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) & Joey "Malachi Cutler" Ryan


The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Malachi "CK" Jackson

Brandon Gatson vs. Chris Hero

"The Professional" Scott Lost vs. Akira Tozawa

Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)


Johnny Goodtime & Jerome "LTP" Robinson

Candice LeRae vs. Christina Von Eerie

Brandon Bonham vs. Ryan Taylor

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6/11/2010 @ Reseda, CA

1. Johnny Goodtime & Jeromo “LTP” Robinson beat Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star) when Goodtime used a fisherman’s buster on Phoenix Star.

2. Brandon Bonham beat Ryan Taylor with the Hammer of the Gods.

3. Akira Tozawa beat “The Professional” Scott Lost with a straight-jacket German suplex hold.

4. Joey Ryan & Brandon & Dustin Cutler beat Malachi “CK” Jackson & Generarion Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) when Brandon pinned Jeremy after a tandem tombstone piledriver.

5. Candice LaRae beat Christina Von Eerie with a moonsault press.

6. Chris Hero beat Brandon Gatson with a roaring elbow.

7. PWG Tag Team Title Match: ¡Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & Paul London) beat Kevin Steen & Brian Kendrick when London used a shooting star press on Steen (1st defense).


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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla



7.30.2010 @ Reseda, CA

Scott Lost Retirement Match

"The Professional" Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky

PWG World Championship

Davey Richards © vs. Chris Hero

PWG World Tag Team Championship

¡Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & Paul London) ©


Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alx Shelley)

Singles Match

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong

Tag Team Guerrilla Warfare Match

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler)


The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Singles Match

Brandon Bonham vs. Brian Cage

Six-Person Tag Team Match

Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime & Candice LeRae


Malachi "CK" Jackson, Ryan Taylor & Akira Tozawa


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PWG “Seven” Results

7.30.2010 @ Reseda, CA

1. Brandon Gatson, Johnny Goodtime & Candice LeRae beat Malachi "CK" Jackson, Ryan Taylor & Peter Avalon when Candice used a moonsault press on Malachi.

2. Brandon Bonham beat Brian Cage with the Hammer of the Gods.

3. Akira Tozawa beat Chris Sabin with a German suplex hold.

4. Scot Lost Retirement Match: Skorpio Sky beat Scott Lost via pinfall.

5. Bryan Danielson beat Roderick Strong with a modified crossface hold.

6. PWG World Title Match: Davey Richards © beat Chris Hero with an ankle hold (2nd defense).

7. Guerrilla Warfare - PWG Tag Team Title Match: El Generico & Paul London © beat The Young Bucks & The Cutler Brothers when Generico used the BRAINBUSTAAAAAH~! on Nick Jackson to retain (2nd defense).

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla "Seven"

July 30, 2010

Reseda, CA

PWG had a Standing Room Only crowd for their seventh-anniversary show. The claimed attendance was 500 fans and they reportedly had to turn away upwards of 100 fans at the door. In typical PWG fashion, the show started one hour late at 9:00 p.m. PST.

(1) Brandon Gatson & Johnny Goodtime & Candice LeRae beat Malachi "CK" Jackson & Ryan Taylor & Peter Avalon in a six-person tag match. Candice pinned Malachi Jackson (brother of the Young Bucks) after hitting a moonsault.

(2) Brandon Bonham beat Brian Cage with the Canadian Destroyer. Very strong match that got Cage over.

(3) Akira Tozawa beat Chris Sabin. Tozawa won with a pair of German Suplexes. Sabin was originally scheduled to team with Alex Shelley in a TNA tag champions vs. PWG tag champions match, but Shelley was scratched from the card with a reported knee injury.

(4) Scorpio Sky beat Scott Lost in Lost's retirement match. Surprising result with Sky going over. Before the match, fans threw purple and gold streamers into the ring for Lost, who is a noted Lakers fan. After the match, Lost gave a farewell speech noting he didn't want to wrestle past the age of 30, which is why he's retiring.


(5) Bryan Danielson beat Roderick Strong via submission in 15:00. Strong used a tie during the match, which fired up Danielson, used a tie himself. Danielson then forced a submission with the Crossface. During the match, the creative PWG fans acknowledged Danielson's WWE firing by chanting, "Cena got his f'n head kicked in" to the classic Danielson chant tune of "You're going to get your f'n head kicked in." This was followed by a chant of "(expletive) Michael Cole)."

(6) PWG champion Davey Richards beat Chris Hero via submission to retain the PWG Title. Richars won with the anklelock. Match of the night so far.

(7) PWG tag champions El Generico & Paul London beat Young Bucks (Generation Me in TNA) and the Cutler Brothers to retain the PWG Tag Titles in a Guerrilla Warfare match. The champs retained with Generico hitting a Turnbuckle Brainbuster on Nick Jackson (Jeremy Buck) for the pin. Typical spotfest of match, including unnecessary chair shots to the head. Apparently more education is needed. The show ended about half-an-hour past midnight locally.

Overall: Good show with the highlight being Scott Lost's last match and Richards vs. Hero being the Match of the Night. 8.5/10 overall for the show.


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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents


September 4th & 5th 2010 - Reseda, CA

Обявени кечисти:

sfj669.jpg "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

16bx18l.jpg Brandon Gatson

b4b62g.jpg Ricochet

2w1sj5v.jpg Rocky Romero

8yxkdh.jpg Chuck Taylor

5esj6h.jpg Roderick Strong

9kmu1d.jpg Claudio Castagnoli

+ Още 9 участника

Edited by Remus


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Terry Funk will be on hand at WrestleReunion at the Hilton LAX on January 27th of 2011. Funk will participate in the Legends Battle Royal being held at the event. That match will be a part of the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla card promoted in conjunction with the convention. Ring of Honor will also be presenting a show at the convention.

Announced for the convention thus far are Terry Funk, Ken Patera, a reunion of Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito, Mike Graham, Paul Orndorff, Tito Santana, Bob Orton, Traci Brooks, TNA Knockout SoCal Val and Alicia Webb (WWF's Ryan Shamrock).

Ще бъде интересно :)

Ще вземете брадите, ве, маняци.

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Davey Richards се отказва от PWG World титлата

Когато Davey Richards стана световен шампион на Pro Wrestling Guerrilla по-рано тази година, той изпълни една мечта в кариерата си. Но точно когато достигна върха си в Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, кариерата му извън компанията също се готвеше да направи голям скок напред. През юни Davey бе поканен да се състезава в Best of the Super Junior турнира на New Japan Pro Wrestling и благодарение на представянето му, той заслужи място като редовен състезател за компанията. Макар това да е добре за Davey и японските фенове, също е и лоша новина за всички останали, включително и Pro wrestling Guerrilla. Заради задълженията си извън компанията, Richards няма да може да участва в нито едно от събитията на Pro Wrestling Guerrilla до края на 2010г. Поради неспособността му да защитава редовно титлата на Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Davey Richards взе решение да се откаже от нея.

И съдбата на титлата:

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla


The Curse of Guerrilla Island

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reseda, CA

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brandon Gatson vs. Chris Hero vs. Joey Ryan

The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler)

El Generico vs. Ricochet

Johnny Goodtime vs. Chuck Taylor

"Azúcar" Rocky Romero vs. Ryan Taylor

"Pretty" Peter Avalon vs. Candice LeRae

Plus Brian Cage and more!

Мноого кофти ситуация, Richards тъкмо беше набрал инерция в PWG както никога досега, а титлата е овакантена за не знам кой път вече. Дано поне това означава, че Richards няма да се появява само през 2010, а през 2011-а ще се върне, след като се разбра, че няма да се пенсионира, дори и да е само за някои eventи. Е, лично аз предпочитам да гледам Davey в NJPW вместо в PWG, но пак си е спад в престижа, тъй като излиза, че обръща гръб на PWG и се получава повторение на ситуацията с EVOLVE и Dragon Gate USA миналата година.


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