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WWC Una Noche Que No Necesita Nombre - 23 януари 2010


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Special Challenge Match For The "Wrestler Of The Decade" Cup

No Disqualification, No Time Limit, There Must Be A Winner!

"The One & Only" Ray Gonzalez © vs. "El Mesias" Ricky Banderas

"The Giant" Black Pain (w/ Chicky Starr) vs. Orlando "The Nightmare" Colón

WWC World Tag Team Title Rematch

The Illegal Threat (Bryan & Chicano) © vs. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning)

Grudge Match - The Rematch

"Superstar" Idol Stevens (w/ Jose Chaparro) vs. Shawn Spears


Abbad vs. King Tonga Jr.

"The Man Beast" Angel vs. La Sombra (debut)

"The Sensational" Carlitos vs. "Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo

The D'Jour Twins & Rikochet vs. The Fugitives From The Street (El Niche, Lynx & El Cuervo)

The WWC Universal Champion "The Phenomenon" BJ has a special message for the fans

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WWC Una Noche Que No Necesita Nombre

January 23rd, 2010

Attendance: 600

1. The Fugitives From The Street (El Niche, Lynx & El Cuervo) def. The D'Jour Twins & Rikochet

2. La Sombra def. Angel

3. Black Pain def. Orlando Colón

4. Carlitos def. Tommy Diablo

5. Thunder & Lightning vs. Chicano & Niche ended in a double dq. Niche replaced Bryan because Bryan had his knee operated on. The rest of the guys from The Fugitives From The Street joined in and all 4 attacked Thunder & Lightning after the match.

6. King Tonga Jr. def. Abbad. Abbad was about to win the match but La Sombra came out, disctracted him and then Tonga hit Abbad with a low blow and pinned him.

= BJ came out to address the fans and was confronted by Chicano. After exchanging some words they started brawling and had to be separated by security.

7. Idol Stevens def. Shawn Spears

8. No Disqualification, No Time Limit, There Must Be A Winner Match For The "Wrestler Of The Decade" Cup: Ricky Banderas def. Ray Gonzalez ©. The best match of the night. Ray lost the match because his arch-nemesis Orlando Colón came out and threw powder in his eyes.

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^ Определено само заради Мейн Евентът може да го прегледам.. но като цяло Card-a не е нищо особено, booking-а май също. Все пак Gonzalez vs Mesias ще е бил добър!

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