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UFC 2009 Power Rankings

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This year’s edition features a slightly new format that considers the gross pay-per-view and gate revenue generated by each fighter in both main and co-main events. The revenue generated by an event will be split 70-30 between the main and co-main events for any given show. The switch was made to include co-main events because the appeal of many PPV shows is no longer singularly driven by the main event; fights like UFC 97, UFC 100, UFC 101, UFC 107, etc. all featured strong co-main events.


Fighter PPV* Gate Total Events

BJ Penn $73,080,000 $6,538,000 $79,618,000 3

Frank Mir $58,770,000 $4,039,943 $62,809,943 2

Brock Lesnar $50,400,000 $3,589,943 $53,989,943 1

Georges St-Pierre $46,800,000 $4,541,547 $51,341,547 2

Lyoto Machida $35,752,500 $3,619,310 $39,371,810 2

Rich Franklin $34,335,000 $3,500,000 $37,835,000 3

Anderson Silva $32,625,000 $4,495,000 $37,120,000 2

Kenny Florian $28,350,000 $2,485,000 $30,835,000 1

Mauricio Shogun $24,525,000 $2,809,165 $27,334,165 2

Forrest Griffin $23,962,500 $3,167,275 $27,129,775 2

Rashad Evans $20,002,500 $2,280,145 $22,282,645 1

*Note that the rankings consider gross revenue – the UFC receives about half of the actual PPV revenue generated by any given event.

Observe the change in position of MMA of the UFC’s fighters from the 2008 rankings:


Fighter PPV* Gate Total Events

Brock Lesnar $55,687,500 $5,753,096 $61,440,596 3

Forrest Griffin $50,085,000 $4,773,419 $54,858,419 2

Rashad Evans $48,195,000 $4,247,908 $52,442,908 2

Georges St-Pierre $36,382,500 $5,146,400 $41,528,900 2

Frank Mir $33,075,000 $2,747,055 $35,822,055 2

BJ Penn $22,050,000 $3,487,400 $25,537,400 2

Antonio Nogueira $22,275,000 $1,771,899 $24,046,899 2

Anderson Silva $19,687,500 $3,535,000 $23,222,500 2

Joe Stevenson $19,237,500 $2,319,703 $21,557,203 2

Patrick Cote $16,740,000 $3,000,219 $19,740,219 2

Rich Franklin $13,635,000 $2,310,000 $15,945,000 2

The results are obviously influenced by the host of factors that impede a fighter from entering the cage regularly, but in combining the results over the last two years we get to see which fighters are consistently involved in the highest grossing events. (Note: fighters that had less than 3 headlining fights were omitted for obvious reasons.)

2008 – 2009

Fighter Total Events

Brock Lesnar $112,782,143 4

BJ Penn $105,155,400 5

Frank Mir $98,631,998 4

Georges St-Pierre $92,870,447 4

Forrest Griffin $81,988,194 4

Rashad Evans $74,725,553 3

Anderson Silva $60,342,500 4

Rich Franklin $53,780,000 5

Predicting 2010

St-Pierre and Mir will likely become the early favorites to lead 2010 in generated gross revenue, but BJ Penn and Lyoto Machida may not be far behind with big fights rumored for each of them in April and May, respectively.

Anderson Silva’s talent should ensure that he continues to develop as a credible draw. Although it’s too bad he was unable to jump back into the cage soon after his destruction of Forrest Griffin at UFC 101 – that momentum and another stellar performance would have put him over the top.

The wild cards here are Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, and Rich Franklin. Griffin lost a lot more than the fight when he was crumpled by Anderson Silva – his drawing ability saw a dramatic decrease at UFC 106. Evans simply hasn’t competed a great deal, but he could revive much of his drawing ability should he defeat Thiago Silva at UFC 108 and set up the long awaited match between he and Rampage Jackson sometime in May or June. Franklin, isn’t a contender at either the 185 or 205 weight classes, but still retains the name value from his reign as middleweight champion to be an effective secondary draw on occasion.

Possible New Entrants?

Shane Carwin – The heavyweight could easily make next year’s rankings if he is able to defeat Frank Mir in their rumored interim heavyweight title bout this Spring. It would assure him another headlining date – possibly against Brock Lesnar.

Jon Jones – The talented newcomer is set to headline his first show – albeit a cable show on Versus – in March, but could easily land in a main or co-main event role by Summer 2010. He’s too dynamic not to feature, and the UFC has big plans for this kid.

Kenny Florian – Likely the second best lightweight in the UFC, he’s a virtual guarantee – barring injuries – to be a main or co-main on the UFC PPV in Boston next August. Expect him to fight three times in 2010, and perhaps even challenge for the title once more.

Honorable mentions: Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira, Cain Velasquez, Rampage Jackson, Vitor Belfort, Nate Marquardt, and Dan Hardy.


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