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IWA Histeria Boricua - 6 януари 2010


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IWA World Title Match

"The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo © vs. "Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell

Booker T vs. "The Giant" Colossus

IWA Intercontinental Title Match

Dennis Rivera © vs. "The Japanese Nightmare" Kahagas

Baseball Bat on a Pole Match

"Bushwacker" Luke Williams vs. Bacano

Extreme Combat Division Rumble Match

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IWA held their Histeria Boricua event on January 6 at the Pepin Cestero Arena at Bayamon. Results of the event were as follow:

1. Rumble match for the Extreme Combact Division Title (the champion Cuervo jumped to WWC a couple of weeks ago so the Title was vacant) - Empio is the new champion. He defeated Lash, Atomo, Vertigo, Julian Jamrock, Mike Picono, Enigma and Dimes. After the match Lash congratulated Empio but when the new champ turned his back to Lash, Lash attacked him.

2. Dennis Rivera defeated Kahagas to retain his Intercontinental Title.

The 2010 IWA Divas Search was won by a girl named Melissa. Runner-ups were Keila and Gissellemarie.

3. Triple Threat TLC Match for the Tag Team Titles - Doble R (Richard Rondon & Romeo) defeated the teams of the Arabian Connection (Hardam Kadafi & Zaer Arafat) and Los Dueños de la Malicia (Rick Stanley & Noel Rodriguez). Very good match. After the match Malicia attacked the new champions.

4. Open Challenge: The Kongs (w/ Savio Vega) defeated Kid Diamond & Justin Dream in a squash that lasted less than 2 minutes. Then Savio Vega came in and said that he wants challenges from any team in Puerto Rico and stated that no team could last 5 minutes against his new guys.

Then Savio Vega was interrupted by Edwin Vazquez, who demanded he must be re-installed as promoter. He told Savio he will reveal the results of the polygraph test he underwemt some weeks ago. Savio talked to him and got the papers. Then he destroyed the papers. But Vazquez extracted another copy and said that since the deal was to give the copy he already gave to Savio to be reistated as promoter, he now can reveal the results of the test from his own copy. Vazquez said that the results were negative. Then Savio left laughing.

5. Shane Sewell defeated Joe Bravo to become the IWA champion. At one point Shane had Bravo ready for the pin but The Dominican Revolution (Bacano, Puma, Balbuena and Eli Rodriguez) came to the ring. Shane fought with them until he dominated them but meanwhile in the ring Bravo recuperated and was expecting Shane back to the ring to attack him. Then Dennis Rivera came in and applied his finisher to Bravo. Then Shane came to the ring, hit his elbow from heaven (top rope elbowdrop) and that way Shane won the match and became the new IWA champion.

6. Winner becomes the #1 contender for the IWA Title - Colossus (managed by Savio Vega) defeated Booker T by DQ. Final segment of the match saw Savio Vega handling a knux to Colossus, but Booker took it away from Colossus and hit him with his finisher, and then Booker went for the win but the referee Pelayito Vazquez saw that Booker had the knux, believed he used it against Colossus and called for a DQ.

7. Texas Tornado Match - La Cruzz del Diablo (Cruzz and Diabólico) deefated Savio Vega & Gilbert. After the match the losers began to attack the winners, leaving them in a pile of blood until Miguel Perez came in and called Shane to do the save. When Shane did the save, Colossus came in and attacked him, leaving him injured in the ring.

Note: Luis Santiago is back as webmaster and as well part of the booking team.

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