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За незапознатите: EVOLVE е нова indy федерация, която се управлява от бившия ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky. Основното/различното при нея е:

There are three divisions for EVOLVE competitors. They are:

1) Official Singles Division: These wrestlers will concentrate on singles matches. All bouts between official wrestlers will count towards their record. Competitors become "official" either by invitation from the EVOLVE board of directors or by winning a qualifying match (see #3).

2) Official Tag Team Division: Tag teams become "official" either by invitation from the EVOLVE board of directors or by winning a qualifying match. An official team must register as a regular tag team. There will be no makeshift or random tag teams in EVOLVE. A trio can register as a tag team and select two competitors for a match. The trio can also compete in six man tag team matches. All matches between official teams will count towards their record. This means that both regular and six man tag team matches can count towards records. Note: Substitutions can be made in the event of injury to prevent wrestlers from having to rush back early from injury.

3) Qualifying Match: This can be any type of bout, including, but not limited to multi-man matches such as four-ways or various types of tag team bouts. A qualifying match will include competitors trying to earn their way into one of the official divisions. The results of this match will not count towards records.


EVOLVE Competitors Are Expected To Follow The Inherent Rules Of Sportsmanship And Ethics That Govern All Sports.

Всичко е на точкова система (победи, загуби и равенства).

Обявените singles кечисти досега:

Davey Richards

Kenn Doane

Kota Ibushi

TJ Perkins

Arik Cannon

Bobby Fish

Brad Allen


Munenori Sawa

Kyle O'Reilly



Dark City Fight Club

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Hallowicked

Първото шоу ще се проведе на 16-ти януари 2010 в Rahway, New Jersey. Единственият обявен мач е main event-a: Davey Richards vs. Kota Ibushi.

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I just got home from the debut EVOLVE event in Rahway, New Jersey. I was really impressed with the show, everyone worked really hard and it came off well. It wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing show, however, as the lighting was bad, the microphone kept cutting out on people when they were speaking, and the entrances were unspectacular, as each man would walk to the ring to generic music and be introduced with no hometown or weight. But you couldn't say many bad things about the in-ring product. Here's what happened on the show:

-Kyle O'Reilly defeated Bobby Fish in a stiff opener. O'Reilly is from the same Tony Kozina camp that Davey Richards came from, and when Kyle cut a promo after the match talking about winning the first ever EVOLVE match, Davey came out and told him to get to the back so he could prepare for his main event match.

-Chuck Taylor defeated Cheech in a qualifying match to become a full member of the EVOLVE roster. Taylor cut a promo after the match saying that he thinks it stinks that he had to win a qualifying match to get on the roster while certain other guys were just signed right up, and he plans to keep on winning and making EVOLVE management's life difficult.

-Ricochet defeated Arik Cannon. After the match, Chuck Taylor came out and challenged Ricochet to a match at the second EVOLVE event, which Ricochet accepted.

-The Dark City Fight Club defeated Aeroform. Aeroform was much smaller than the DCFC and the match was a lot more competitive than you might expect it to be, but the DCFC came out on top after hitting the pop-up double powerbomb.

-Mercedes Martinez defeated Niya. This was just a one minute squash in which Niya got no offense. After the match, Mercedes cut a promo saying that EVOLVE is not just a men's promotion, and she's out to prove herself as the top female wrestler around.

-Brad Allen defeated Silas Young. After the match, Allen challenged Chris Hero to a match on the second EVOLVE event.

-Jimmy Jacobs defeated Kenn Doane. Doane originally won the match, but Jacobs had his foot on the ropes. This brought Tommy Dreamer out from the back to tell the ref about the foot on the rope. The match was restarted and Jacobs tapped Doane out to the End Time. Tommy Dreamer cut a promo thanking the fans for supporting him all these years and for coming out to support EVOLVE, then Jacobs took the mic and told Dreamer that he just came here for one more moment in the spotlight, and that he doesn't need Dreamer's help and called him a washed up hasbeen. This led to a brawl between Dreamer and Jacobs.


-Johnny Gargano defeated Chris Dickinson. This was short but fun. Gargano won with a Flatliner.

-Minenori Sawa defeated TJP (aka TJ Perkins). This was a really stiff match with both guys laying into each other with a ton of hard kicks and forearms.

-Team Lighting (Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, and Frightmare) defeated Akuma's Army (Gran Akuma, Brodie Lee, and Icarus). This was a pretty standard CHIKARA six man match that featured a lot of cool, innovative moves. It never ceases to amaze me the stuff these CHIKARA guys come up with.

-Davey Richards defeated Kota Ibushi in the main event. This match was off the charts and was easily the best match of the night. Ton of near falls, but Richards finally tapped Ibushi out to the Kimura Lock. After the match, Richards challenged Kyle O'Reilly to a match on the second EVOLVE event, then thanked everybody for coming out and being a part of the first EVOLVE show.

House looked to be in the 300-350 range, which was a lot more than I expected coming in. EVOLVE returns to Rahway for their second event on March 13th.

Ringside looked to sell out, and the bleachers were 80-85% full. I'm a bad attendance guess, but my friend guessed around 350. Commentary is by Lenny Leonard and Leeonard Chikarason. Both wrestlers or teams facing off come out one after the other to the same generic music as their opponent. There were three or four different songs that played throughout the night.

O'Reilly over Fish in about 6 minutes. Stiff as fuck. A lot like the DGUSA preshow match with O'Reilly and Cole, but more even.

Lenny Leonard is doing post-match interviews, like MMA. O'Reilly puts over Fish, but Davey Richards (his mentor) comes out and tells him it's just the beginning.

Chuck Taylor over Cheech in about 6 minutes with the Omega Driver. Match was okay. Taylor cuts a promo about Ricochet and and others getting in without needing a qualifier, and complains that he needed to win one.

Ricochet over Arik Cannon with a 630 in about 4 minutes. Really good while it lasted.

Chucky T comes out to talk trash. Says he's from below the mason dixon where they don't believe in evolution. Challenges Ricochet for the return date.

Dark City Fight Club over Aeroform with a Combo Cutter/Powerbomb in about 7 min. Tags not necessary, looks like texas tornado rules for the tag division. Match was good, but what you would expect.

Mercedes over someone named Nadia in about 2 minutes with a fisherman's buster. They acted like Nadia got hurt and Mercedes cut a short promo about needing real competition.

Brad Allen over Silas Young in 11 with an F5. Match was only okay. Big spot on the outside when Allen went for a moonsault off the top to the floor and Silas countered with a dropkick. Allen plants face-first. Refs run out, but Allen makes it in at the 19 count. People boo Allen during his promo but he thanks the fans so they applaud him.

Allen challenges Chris Hero who debuts in March.

Jimmy Jacobs comes out. Cuts a promo saying that if you support him, he'll die in the ring for you, but if you want to hate him go ahead and hate. He says Doan was handed everything he had, be that he (Jacobs) had to scratch and claw. He's the most over guy on the show until the main event. Jacobs vs Doan was slower, but good, but some fans were on Doan for the rest holds. Doan wins in 10 mins, but Jacobs' foot was on the ropes. Tommy Dreamer comes out, tells the ref, and the match is restarted. Jimmy puts Doan into the endtime really fast and the match is over.

Jacobs thanks Dreamer for advertising Evolve on his twitter, but says he won't thank him for his help tonight. Before he had Age of the Fall, but now he's on his own, and doesn't need Tommy's help. Says Tommy is back grasping for the spotlight as if crying on national TV wasn't enough. Then he burries Dreamer as being washed up. They're face to face and Jacobs says he won't punch Dreamer because Evolve would suspend him. There's banter, then Dreamer says "I'm not on the roster, I'm here to have fun." He decks Jacobs, they brawl, and Dreamer gets the better of it.

Gargano over Dickinson in another 6 minute match. Match was on the same level as everything else, but after intermission the crowd was dead for it. Gargano argues with a fat guy in crowd, may have been one of the guys from the Heartbreak Express in FIP.

Sawa over TJP in 9 minutes with the Octopus hold. Match was really over. 80% striking. This is awesome chant during the match. Lots of TJP chants after, but both guys were over. Best thing so far.

Team Lightning over Akumas Army in about 12 min. Really good match. About what you'd expect. Not as good as DGUSA's 8-man, but still really good. Match contested under Lucha rules, so it looks like that's how the trios division will work. Quack made some kind of challenge for a 4-corner, elimination trios match. Seems like a bad idea for record keeping to me.

Davey beats Ibushi in about 20 min with a hammerlock or a kimura or something. Amazing match, with an underwhelming finish, but it made sense with Davey working the left arm the entire match. Both guys were over huge, and the crowd was going bonkers most of the time. They both went balls out from the opening bell.

Davey tells O'Reilly that March is going to be a trial by fire and they will have a match against eachother.

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Звучи добре като за първо шоу. Даже наредиха вражди за следващото шоу. И въпреки че Taylor vs. Ricochet го е имало вероятно във всяка независима компания, Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tommy Dreamer звучи просто... гениално. Old school hardcore vs new age hardcore. Innovator of Violence vs. Sick Fuck Jimmy. Brilliant.

И все пак, като се изключи последното, не виждам какво по-различно EVOLVE дава от DGUSA, например? Започваш нова компания, вкарай малко японци и хора от CHIKARA (при това същите, които са използвани в DGUSA) и да, получава се страшно развлечение за вечерта, но не е нито ново, нито различно. Кое ще поддържа интереса към това, ако се препокрива с вече започнала компания?


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Effective immediately Davey Richards has been removed from all DGUSA and EVOLVE shows. I have been advised not to make additional comment right now. We just wanted to let everyone know so there is no false advertising. Thank you.

А? What the hell? Това пък откъде дойде? Интересно...

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UPDATE: Ring of Honor made the following announcement today, which explains why Davey Richards was pulled from EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA shows:

Ring of Honor is proud to announce that Davey Richards has signed a contract renewal.

After debuting for Ring of Honor on June 3, 2006 in East Windsor, CT, Richards has gone on to prove himself a standout in-ring performer and has taken wrestling by storm. He is a two time former ROH World Tag Team Champion (with Rocky Romero and Eddie Edwards), and had a standout year in 2009 with top shelf matches against a number of competitors, including the tremendous bout against KENTA at "Supercard of Honor IV", the brilliant contest with Bryan Danielson at "The Final Countdown Tour: Boston", and the excellent World Title match against Austin Aries at "Aries vs. Richards”.

As part of The American Wolves, Richards and Eddie Edwards set the tone for tag team wrestling in 2009 with classic confrontations against Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black at "Tag Title Classic", and Kevin Steen and El Generico in Ladder War II at "Glory By Honor VIII", in addition to bringing the tag team art back to a National audience with several tremendous matches which aired exclusively on HDNet.

"Davey has been a tremendous asset to our company for several years," said ROH President Cary Silkin. "He's an exceptional talent and we look forward to seeing him compete in ROH for a long time to come".

Davey Richards is the first talent announced a gigantic weekend of action for Ring of Honor in Phoenix, AZ on March 26th and 27th. Richards will also be appearing in Philadelphia on February 5th and 6th, New York City on February 13th, Dearborn, MI on March 19th, and Mississauga, Ontario on March 20th, and will be a part of our debut in Charlotte, NC on April 3rd.

Втората част може би трябваше да иде в ROH темата, но както и да е. Вече и ROH ли го карат ексклузивно? За първи път чувам инди компания да тегли таланти заради договор. Също за първи път чета новина в ROH, че някой е преподписал...


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The main event for EVOLVE 2 on March 13th in Rahway, NJ at the Rahway Rec Center has been signed. It will pit Chris Hero vs. Ikuto Hidaka in a first time ever match!!! Go to www.EVOLVEwrestling.com for all the info on "EVOLVE 2: Hero vs. Hidaka" now. There is a preview article. Here is the skinny:

EVOLVE 2: Hero vs. Hidaka

March 13th, 2010

Rahway, NJ

Rahway Rec Center

275 E. Milton Avenue., 07065

Main Event:

Chris Hero (0-0) vs. Ikuto Hidaka (0-0)

Non-Sanctioned Elimination Match:

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Incoherence of Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. The Osirian Portal of Amasis & Ophidian vs. The Colony of Fire Ant & Green Ant

Official Singles Division Match:

Ricochet (0-0) vs. Chuck Taylor (1-0)

Also Signed:

-Aeroform (0-1)

-Gran Akuma (0-0)

-Brad Allen (1-0)

-Chris Dickinson (0-1)

-Bobby Fish (0-1)

-Johnny Gargano (1-0)

-Shane Hollister (0-0)

-Jimmy Jacobs (1-0)

-Mercedes Martinez (1-0)

-Kyle O'Reilly (1-0)

-TJP (0-1)

-Up In Smoke (0-0)

Keep checking EVOLVEwrestling.com for more info on these matches and updates to the card.


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Чак сега видях, че не са пуснати резултатите от второто шоу:

"EVOLVE 2: Hero vs. Hidaka" was almost ruined by a biblical rainstorm that shut down public transportation, saw roads blocked by fallen trees and others closed due to flooding. However, the enthusiasm of the fans that braved the elements and the wrestlers that worked their hardest in the ring made it a memorable event. Here are the complete results.

1) Brad Allen (2-0) defeated Chris Dickinson (0-2). After the bout Allen said he was working his way up to Hero.

2) Gran Akuma (1-0) defeated Brodie Lee (0-1) in a slugfest.

3) Up In Smoke (1-0) defeated Aeroform (0-2) in a fast-paced, innovative tag match.

4) Kenn Doane (1-1) defeated Caleb Konley (0-1). After the match Doane said he has proved all he has to in EVOLVE.

5) Kyle O'Reilly (2-0) defeated Hallowicked (0-1). Hallowicked was subbing for TJP, who injured his knee earlier in the day.

6) Chuck Taylor (1-0) defeated Ricochet (1-1) in a breakout match for both competitors.

7) Claudio Castagnoli (1-0) defeated Bobby Fish (0-2) in a must see match that saw the fans chanting "this is awesome" and applauding both athletes. After the contest, Taylor challenged Castagnoli.

8) Mercedes Martinez defeated Sumie Sakai in a WSU World Title Match.

9) Jimmy Jacobs (2-0) defeated Johnny Gargano (1-1) in a very competitive match. There was a lot going on in the locker room between these two, which will be seen on the DVD of the event.

10) The Osirian Portal won a four way elimination match over Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw, Hallowicked & Frightmare and The Colony. This was non-sanctioned, so it does not count towards records. The victory puts The Osirian Portal in the Official Tag Team Division. This one had way too much action to describe.

11) Ikuto Hidaka (1-0) defeated Chris Hero (0-1) in a hard-hitting, technical masterpiece that is a can't miss for any pro wrestling purist.

EVOLVE would like to thank everyone for making it to this event and being a great crowd. We hope to see you again on May 1st back in Rahway. Thank you.

~ Cледващ мач - Chuck Taylor vs. Claudio Castagnoli. ВСИЧКИ ли вражди от CHIKARA ще бъдат изнесени тук? Не че имам нещо против - всички са мачове по вкуса ми, но може да се приложи нещо ново, а?

~ Също така, отказаха ли се от Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tommy Dreamer?


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EVOLVE 3: Rise or Fall

May 1st, 2010

Rahway, NJ

Rahway Rec Center

275 E. Milton Avenue., 07065

- Claudio Castagnoli (1-0) vs. Chuck Taylor (1-0)

- Jimmy Jacobs (2-0) vs. Brad Allen (2-0)

- Chris Hero (0-1) vs. Bobby Fish (0-2)

- Jon Moxley (0-0) vs. Drake Younger (0-0)

- Johnny Gargano (1-1) vs. Ricochet (1-1)

- Kyle O'Reilly (2-0) vs. TJP (0-1)

- Up In Smoke (1-0) vs. Aeroform (0-2) vs. Team Beyond (0-0)

- Mercedes Martinez vs. Brittney Savage

- Gran Akuma (1-0) vs. Hallowicked (0-1) vs. Brodie Lee (0-1) vs. Chris Dickinson (0-2)

- Sami Callahan (0-0) vs. Adam Cole (0-0)

Изглежда интересно. Чудя се само кое ще бъде main event на шоуто. Мой фаворит е Catagnoli vs. Taylor, макар че не бих отказал и Jacobs vs. Allen. Вторият мач определено го очаквам с интерес, защото Brad Allen, от малкото, което съм гледал с него в EVOLVE, ми направи голямо впечатление. Изглежда добре, справя се доста добре в ринга - изобщо, чудя се как WWE го оставиха. Само да не бяха глупостите за майка му... както и да е. Чудя се и докога ще пускат хората от CHIKARA все в един мач, sheesh...


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EVOLVE returned to Rahway, New Jersey tonight with their third event. I would estimate the crowd size as being less than 200, but the show overall was probably the best of their three events so far in my opinion. Here's what happened at the show:

- Sami Callahan defeated Adam Cole in a hard hitting opener.

- Before the second match, an announcement was made that from now on in EVOLVE, every match must have a winner and there are no time limits.

- Johnny Gargano defeated Ricochet in a match that was solid when Gargano was in control and a spotfest when Ricochet was in control. Jimmy Jacobs came out and confronted him from the aisleway after the match.

- WSU Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez squashed Brittany Savage. This was Mercedes' third squash on an EVOLVE event, and she said she wants real competition and challenged Amazing Kong to a match in EVOLVE.

- Aeroform won a three way tag match over Up In Smoke and Team Beyond. This was just a flippy dippy spotfest with six young guys who look like my sister ought to be babysitting them. Aeroform and Up In Smoke had a face off after the match since they're 1-1 now in the two matches they've had against each other in EVOLVE.

- Drake Younger defeated Jon Moxley in a solid match that featured the worst bladejob I've ever seen, as Younger had Moxley on the top rope and would blatantly try and gig him with the blade, then headbutt him, then blade some more, then headbutt him again, then blade him yet a third time before Moxley finally started bleeding and then Younger equally blatantly stuffed the blade back in the front of his tights. That goofiness really took away from an otherwise solid match.

- After intermission, Chris Hero defeated Bobby Fish in a really hard fought match. Hero literally had to throw everything he had at Fish to put him away, finishing him with a flash kick and three rolling elbows. Brad Allen came out after the match to check on Fish and had a staredown with Hero, who he's been trying to get a match with. Lenny Leonard tried to get words with Hero but Hero blew him off and walked away.

- Brodie Lee won a four way match against Gran Akuma, Chris Dickinson, and Hallowicked. This was really bad and they blew half the spots they tried, particularly Dickinson. Brodie ended up pinning Dickinson for the win.

- TJP defeated Kyle O'Reilly in a really good, MMA-based match that featured a lot of submission work, escapes, and reversals as well as a lot of stiff kicks. I thought this was a great match and probably the best on the show. Afterward, TJP challenged Sawa to a rematch of their bout on the first EVOLVE event.

- Jimmy Jacobs defeated Brad Allen with the End Time. Solid match, though Jimmy was a little too physically dominant of the much larger and stronger Allen. It was fine otherwise. Jacobs' buddies were sitting ringside for part of the match.

- In the main event, Chuck Taylor defeated Claudio Castagnoli with a really nasty looking piledriver that I forget the name of. Lenny Leonard asked him for comments after the match since he had to win a qualifier to even get into EVOLVE, and then just two shows later was voted into the main event by the fans of EVOLVE and beating Claudio. Taylor said that from here on out, he's going to make his own rules and things are going to change at EVOLVE.

Overall, I enjoyed this show a lot. They seemed to have ditched the formula of doing 12-13 matches at 7-10 minutes apiece to instead do 10 matches (9 really, since the women's match was a two minute squash) and give them a little more time to build. As a result, I felt the wrestling was a lot more solid than what I saw on the first two shows.



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Айде, време и за следващия EVOLVE.

EVOLVE 4: Danielson vs. Fish

July 23rd, 2010

Union City, NJ

Ace Arena

725 Sip Street

The Main Event

Bryan Danielson (0-0) vs. Bobby Fish (0-3)

Chasing The Leader

Jimmy Jacobs (3-0) vs. Chuck Taylor (2-0)

Tag Team Action

Up In Smoke (1-0) vs. The Osirian Portal (0-0)

International Challenge

Drake Younger (1-0) vs. Akira Tozawa (0-0)

Challenge Match

Johnny Gargano (2-1) vs. Adam Cole (0-1)

Challenge Match

Sami Callihan (1-0) vs. Arik Cannon (0-1)

Plus more to be signed with:

-Brodie Lee (1-1)

-Jon Moxley (0-1)

-Chris Dickinson (0-3)

-Rich Swann (0-0)

-Aeroform (1-2)

-Super Sheng Long (0-0)

-Mercedes Martinez (3-0)

-Many more to be announced!!!

-Card Subject To Change


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EVOLVE 4: Danielson vs. Fish Results

7.23.2010 @ Union City, NJ

1. Brodie Lee (1-1) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1) ends in a no contest.

2. Drake Younger (2-0) beat Chris Dickerson (0-3), Richochet (1-2) & Rich Swann (0-1) by pinning Swann.

3. Mercedes Martinez beat local worker.

4. Adam Cole (1-1) beat Johnny Gargano (2-2) with a small package.

5. Jigsaw & Hallowicked (2-0) beat Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) (1-3).

6. .500 Fight: Sami Callihan beat Arik Cannon by submission.


7. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) (2-0) beat The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) (0-1).

8. Chuck Taylor (3-0) beat Jimmy Jacobs (3-1) with the Awful Waffle.

9. Main Event: Bryan Danielson (1-0) beat Bobby Fish (0-4) by submission.

Evolve IV took place at the intimate Ace Arena in Union City, NJ. The place was near capacity, which means about 150 people. The building was very hot, which might have effected crowd energy. But, one of the better features of the building is the low ceilings, so there is nowhere for the noise to go. Direct quote from Gabe Sapolsky: "I like this building a lot, it's like a mini ECW Arena."

-Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee went to a no contest. Fun brawl. Lee's offense looked so much better than Moxley's. Ref called for the bell when they both grabbed chairs. They did a cool spot where Lee kicked a chair into Moxley's face as he was protesting the stoppage. Crowd was pretty hot for the match. But, it was the opener.

-Drake Younger beat Chris Dickerson, Ricochet, and Rich Swann in a four way match. Younger pinned Swann, so he gets the loss. This was a really fun match. Ricochet and Swann worked together most of the time doing high flying spots. Younger and Dickerson worked together and brawled. Younger took a sick back bump onto the floor. Dickerson was choking out Ricochet as Younger pinned Swann. So he was upset with the ending and continued his "hot head" gimmick.

-Mercedes Martinez pinned a local worker. The match was short and essentially a squash. A video played as Mercedes was being interviewed showing Amazing/Awesome Kong ripping up a picture of Mercedes and then a graphic read "challenge accepted". Match will happen at the 9/11 show.

-Adam Cole pinned Johnny Gargano with a small package. They did a great job of selling this as an upset. Match was pretty blah. Gargano has tons of charisma, but looks like he is moving in slow motion at times. Jimmy Jacobs came out as Cole was being interviewed and laughed at Gargano. Jacobs then made some homoerotic remarks towards Cole including wishing there was a shower in the building so they could take one together. Cole wasn't amused and challenged Jacobs at the 9/11 show. Jacobs said he wasn't interested in a match and left.

-Jigsaw & Hallowicked beat Aeroform. The crowd was really into the Chikara guys. Decent, fast paced match. There seemed to be some timing issues early.

-Sami Calihan beat Arik Cannon with a submission. Very good match. They worked stiff and did some neat spots. Crowd was really into this match after being pretty quiet for the previous couple of matches.


Lenny Leonard was in the ring, thanking the fans for coming out. Johnny Gargano came out. He had some funny lines, but the interview was pretty pointless. He played up the hostility between him and Jacobs.

-Up in Smoke beat The Osirian Portal. Fun match. Crowd was really into The Portal. Up in Smoke seemed to have no choice but take on the heel role.

-Chuck Taylor beat Jimmy Jacobs. Chuck won with the awful waffle, which seemed to come out of nowhere. They didn't build towards the end of the match. As was the case all night, crowd was really into the Chikara guy(s). They did some fun spots including Chuck throwing a woman's purse into the ring. Jacobs cut a promo before the match (which essentially gave away the result) and said he would wrestle Adam Cole at the 9/11 show.

-Bryan Danielson beat Bobby Fish. Crowd gave Danielson a superstar reception. A bunch of ties got thrown into the ring instead of the usual streamers. Match was very good and stiff. Fish's elbow got busted open hard way and the back of his legs looked like he was in a MMA fight. I thought the match suffered a little bit because no one in the building thought Fish was going to win. Afterwards, Danielson said he wanted Munenori Sawa on 9/11!


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EVOLVE 5: Danielson vs. Sawa

Sept. 11th, 2010

Rahway, NJ

The Main Event

Bryan Danielson (1-0) vs. Munenori Sawa (1-0)

Chasing The Leader

Chuck Taylor (3-0) vs. Mike Quackenbush (0-0)

WSU World Title Match

Mercedes Martinez © vs. Amazing Kong

One Win On The Line

Brad Allen (2-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (2-2) vs. Gran Akuma (1-1) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1) vs. Frightmare (0-0) vs. Rich Swann (0-0)

Battle For 3

Sami Callihan (2-0) vs. Drake Younger (2-0)

Special Challenge Match

Jimmy Jacobs (3-1) vs. Adam Cole (1-1)

Tag Team Rematch

Cheech & Cloudy (2-0) vs. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon (1-3)

Special Attraction Match

Kyle O'Reilly (2-1) vs. Ricochet (1-2)

+ Homicide will be a special guest at this card. He will be available for autographs.


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Събота ще е страхотна..Glory By Honor и EVOLVE, като гледам карда ще се получи много добро шоу..кефа се като има толкова много кечисти на CZW+ Danielson, Chuck Tayler, Ricochet...


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Chasing The Leader

Chuck Taylor (3-0) vs. Mike Quackenbush (0-0) - Quackenbush wins with a version of a crucifix rollup.

Tag Team Rematch

Cheech & Cloudy (2-0) vs. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon (1-3) - Up in Smoke wins with their double team finisher after crotching Flip on the top turnbuckle. Cheech and Cloudy were heeling it up. Post match interview with Lenny Leonard where Cheech claimed there are "no cheap wins, just wins." Lyndon tried to confront them on their cheating but thought better of it.

Special Challenge Match

Jimmy Jacobs (3-1) vs. Adam Cole (1-1) - Jimmy Jacobs wins with the Contra Code. Jacobs said, he did what Johnny Gargano couldn't do: beat that "sexy little" Adam Cole and "send him back to curtain jerker."

Battle For 3

Sami Callihan (2-0) vs. Drake Younger (2-0) - A pretty hard-hitting brawl where Sami bled a ton. Drake won with his version of the Cop Killer. Postmatch, he said that at 3 wins, he had his eye on Jimmy Jacobs.

One Win On The Line

Brad Allen (2-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (2-2) vs. Gran Akuma (1-1) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1) vs. Frightmare (0-0) vs. Rich Swann (0-0) - Johnny Gargano got the win after jackknifing Frightmare who had just hit Rich Swann with Kneecolepsy. Johnny Gargano said he "literally destroyed 5 lives" tonight and then called himself "the baddest man on the planet," which brought out Homicide who told Gargano to leave. Moxley got in the ring, and Homicide said he'd keep his eye on him. Then Homicide cut a promo saying he was here to rule the indies again.

A brief intermission.

To kick off the second half, Moxley came out and demanded a rematch with Brodie Lee, based on what happened at Evolve 4 at the Ace Arena.

WSU World Title Match

Mercedes Martinez defends vs. Amazing Kong - Martinez won via dq when Kong kicked referee Mike Kehner. She tried to powerbomb him, but he scurried away. Martinez and Kong brawled to the back.

Special Attraction Match

Kyle O'Reilly (2-1) vs. Ricochet (1-2) - Ricochet won with the 630. Good action playing up the striker vs. flyer. O'Reilly tried for a couple different submissions.

The Main Event

Bryan Danielson (1-0) vs. Munenori Sawa (1-0) - Danielson got streamers, a few ties, and his "You're gonna get your [expletive] head kicked in" chants for his entrance. There was a scattered "Next US Champ" chant as well. Danielson won with the LeBell Lock after 15-20 minutes. Hard-hitting, tons of strikes, submission attempts. After the match, Danielson thanked the Northeast fans for "making his career" and asked them to continue to support wrestling. Soundman played Final Countdown, more fans threw ties, and Danielson jokingly went after one of the photographers. He shook hands around ringside to end the show.

Most of the locker room came out to watch Danielson/Sawa. XPac came out to watch Ricochet/OReilly.


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Austin Aries debuts in November

EVOLVE обяви, че ROH звездата ще дебютира за компанията на следващото издание - EVOLVE 6, на 20 ноември. Негов опонент ще бъде Chuck Taylor (3-1).

FUCK. ME! A-Double vs. Chucky T - това автоматично се превръща в най-очаквания от мен мач до края на годината.


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EVOLVE 6: Aries vs. Taylor

November 20th, 2010

Union City, NJ

The Main Event

Chuck Taylor (3-1) vs. Austin Aries (0-0)

Bonus Main Event

Homicide (0-0) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1)

EVOLVE 1 Rematch

Kyle O'Reilly (2-2) vs. Bobby Fish (0-4)

Special Attraction Match

Ricochet (2-2) vs. Adam Cole (1-2)

Clash Of Egos

Jimmy Jacobs (4-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (3-2)

Tag Team Action

Up In Smoke of Cheech & Cloudy (3-0) vs. The Super Smash Brothers of Player Uno & Player Dos (0-0)

Special Attraction Match

Drake Younger (3-0) vs. Silas Young (0-1)

Four-Way Match - One Win On The Line

Rich Swann (0-1) vs. AR Fox (0-0) vs. Tony Nese (0-0) vs. Scott Reed (0-0)

AUSTIN ARIES! CHUCKIE T! ~ AUSTIN ARIES! CHUCKIE T! ~ Даже и не ме вълнува кой ще спечели, самото съществуване на този мач като main event е личният ми mark out момент на годината. И все пак не вярвам Aries да дебютира със загуба. Ако някой ще запълва местата на Bryan Danielson и Davey Richards, то това ще е той.

Останалите мачове са ми някак 'meh', освен може би Jacobs vs. Gargano. Adam Cole и Ricochet също може да се окаже нещо интересно, макар че още не съм свикнал на стила на Cole. Явно иде време на Bobby Fish да си получи първата победа. А Homicide/Moxley за мен е огромна грешка - тъй като същия мач го build-ват за DG USA не виждам какъв е смисъла да го хвърлят точно тук.


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EVOLVE 6: Aries vs. Taylor - Results

* Silas Young defeated Drake Younger with a Dumpster Roll into a springboard moonsault to hand Younger his first loss. Younger was visibly frustrated as he made his exit.

* AR Fox defeated Tony Nees, Rich Swann and Scott Reed in a four way match. There was one really scary part,when Fox went for some kind of shooting star move to the outside, but undershot and crashed hard on the floor. Fortunately he was okay and able to finish the match.

* Before the next match, "Larry" came out and took a seat at ringside with a couple of girls.

* Bobby Fish defeated Kyle O'Reilly in an incredibly stiff match that was more MMA fight than wrestling match, as they were killing each other with kicks and submissions. Fish cut a postmatch promo saying he knew he could do it and gives a shoutout to his girls at home.

* Up In Smoke defeated the Super Smash Bros when Cloudy pinned Player Uno with Code Red, then cut a postmatch promo saying they're 4-0 and 2011 will be their year.

* Jon Moxley defeated Homicide under relaxed rules when he got Homicide in a crossface chickenwing and the ref stopped the match. Homicide was mad he lost and attacked the ref and then brutally assaulted Moxley. It had to be seen to be believed, Homicide tore Moxley up with a fork, a scalpel, and the ring bell and hammer, and Moxley refused to fight back and kept mocking Homicide for losing and telling him he was going to be suspended. The assault went on for at least ten minutes, basically until Homicide got tired of beating him up.

* After intermission, Larry Dallas announced he would now be sponsoring wrestlers, and introduced the new backstage interviewer (didn't recognize her) and also his first charge, Chuck Taylor.

* Ricochet defeated Adam Cole. Crowd was not into this match at all.

* Johnny Gargano pinned Jimmy Jacobs by reversing the Contra Code to a rollup for the clean win. Larry Dallas came in and introduced Gargano as his second wrestler. Jimmy told Larry he doesn't belong in wrestling, so Larry offered Reby Sky to Jimmy, but Jimmy expressed his reluctance to risk his health by being with her. She smacked him, so he spanked her.

* In the main event, Austin Aries defeated Chuck Taylor with the Last Chancery. Taylor seemed to visibly dislocate his shoulder and had a lump sticking out for the rest of the match. Aries put Taylor over for his guts and told him he got an education tonight.


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Най-накрая дойде време и за следващото шоу на EVOLVE, въпреки че не разбирам защо Sapolsky не закрие тази компания и да се концентрира върху по-чести DG USA шоута. Така или иначе ростерите са едно към едно... И все пак - TAYLOR VS TOZAWA~! А, вярно - и последния инди мач на Moxley.

EVOLVE 7: Aries vs. Moxley

April 19th, 2011 @ BB King Blues Club & Grill, Manhattan, NY

The Main Event

Austin Aries (1-0) vs. Jon Moxley (1-1)

Spoiler Match #1 (Win Leader vs. New Debut)

Chuck Taylor (4-2) vs. Akira Tozawa (0-0)

Spoiler Match #2 (Win Leader vs. New Debut)

Jimmy Jacobs (4-2) vs. Shiima Xion (0-0)

Spoiler Match #3 (Win Leader vs. New Debut)

Johnny Gargano (4-2) vs. Jon Davis (0-0)

Tag Team Challenge

Jigsaw & Frightmare (2-0) vs. Facade & Jason Gory (0-0)

International Challenge Match

Sami Callihan (2-1) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (0-0)

Special Challenge Match #1

AR Fox (0-0) vs. Rich Swann (0-1)

Special Challenge Match #2

Silas Young (1-1) vs. Tony Nese (0-1)

Plus: Reby Sky, Larry Dallas and others!


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EVOLVE 9: Gargano vs. Taylor

July 26th, 2011

BB King Blues Club & Grill, Manhattan, NY

The Main Event

Johnny Gargano (6-2) vs. Chuck Taylor (5-3)

Bonus Main Event

Sami Callihan (3-1) vs. Dave Finlay (0-0)

Undefeated Teams Collide

Cheech & Cloudy (4-0) vs. Jigsaw & Frightmare (3-0)

In Need Of A Win

Bobby Fish (1-4) vs. Jon Davis (0-1)

Tag Team Attraction

Facade & Jason Gory (0-1) vs. Larry Dallas' Debut Mystery Team

Special Challenge Match #1

Shiima Xion (1-0) vs. Pinkie Sanchez (0-0)

Special Challenge Match #2

Tony Nese (0-2) vs. John Silver (0-0)

Special Challenge Match #3

Silas Young (2-1) vs. Sugar Dunkerton (0-0)


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EVOLVE 9: Gargano vs. Taylor Results

1. Bobby Beverly vs. Eric Ryan – No Contest after Kevin Steen interfered.

2. SuperSmash Bros. def. Façade & Jason Gory with the Gory Special/Blockbuster on Façade.

3. Silas Young def. Sugar Dunkerton with a headstand springboard moonsault.

4. Pinkie Sanchez def. Lince Dorado with a figure 4 leglock.

5. The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed) def. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy).

6. Bobby Fish vs. Jon Davis – No Contest after Kevin Steen interfered.

6a. 3 Way Match: Jon Davis def. Kevin Steen & Bobby Fish with the 3 Seconds Around the World on Fish.

7. John Silver def. Tony Nese with an arm-capture lungblower.

8. Dave Finlay def. Sami Callihan with a tombstone piledriver.

9. Chuck Taylor def. Johnny Gargano with the Awful Waffle.

EVOLVE 9: Gargano vs. Taylor Results

(1) Bobby Beverly vs. Eric Ryan. I can hear the announcers, but there’s no crowd noise. Beverly dominated the action early. Ryan fired back with a superkick and took Beverly down with a running knee strike. Ryan followed up with a coast to coast dropkick. He then hit a dive through the turnbuckles to the outside to take out Beverly. He went for another dive, but Beverly caught him with a kick. Ryan no-sold a Saito suplex and nailed Beverly with a clothesline that left both men down. Kevin Steen ran out and took out both men. He nailed Ryan with a package piledriver. The crowd appeared happy, but they’re not mic’d. Steen hit another package piledriver on Beverly. The people in the front row are sitting.

Steen, wearing a PWG shirt, got on the mic. I can’t hear what Steen is saying. He’s shaking hands with Ryan. He then nudged him out of the ring. Steen talked to the fans, but I couldn’t hear him. There’s literally no sound now. Naylor is saying “no, no.” Steen is still cutting a promo. The fans are clapping. Steen sat down in the ring just like Punk, but got up quickly.

Bobby Fish eventually came out and asked for the mic from Steen. Fish is talking to Steen. Steen hasn’t attacked him yet. Fish talked for a long time. Fish left the ring and dropped the mic. Steen waved to the fans and left.

(2) Super Smash Bros (Player Uno & Player dos) vs. Facade & Jason Gory. Dos and Gory started things out. There’s still no commentary. Dos took out Gory with a leg lariat and tagged in Uno. They nailed Gory with a double team move for a 2 count. Gory tagged in Façade, who hit a splash off the top, but Dos fired right back. Dos taunted the ref after another double team move that resulted in a nearfall. Facade fired back and hit a springboard bulldog on Dos. Gory followed up with a springboard leg drop on Uno for a 2 count. Gory & Facade continued to dominate the action. Uno fired back and took out both men with a DDT/faceplant combination. Dos got the hot tag and ran wild on Gory. He then hit a twisting splash on Facade. Façade and Gory hit a tandem moonsault onto Dos, but Uno broke up the pin. Uno fired back and powerbombed Gory into Façade. The action continued at a furious pace with the Smash Bros. dominating. Uno held up Façade for a Gory special/neckbreaker off the top combination for the win. (**1/2)

After the match, Uno said they wanted to reach 1 million wins when Leonard interviewed him.

(3) Sugar Dunkerton vs. Silas Young. Young came out with a basketball. He threw it into Dunkerton’s face. The ref did a tipoff, but Dunkerton didn’t jump. Young threw the ball into Dunkerton’s chest. Dunkerton bounced the ball of Young’s head and the bell rang. Dunkerton immediately took Young down and went to work on his arm. Dunkerton dominated the action for several minutes. Young tried to fire back, but Dunkerton nailed him with several chops. Young planted Dunkerton after he went for a float over. Young went for his finish, but Dunkerton kicked him to the floor. Dunkerton played to the crowd before hitting a dive through the ropes to wipe out Young. Young fired back and put the boots to Dunkerton. He mounted Dunkerton and nailed him with several blows from the top. Young hit a perfect plex, but Dunkerton kicked out at 2. Dunkerton got back to his feet, but Young sent him right back to the mat. Dunkerton fired back and nailed Young with a series of elbow strikes. He finally took Young down with a big clothesline for a nearfall. Young fired back and drove Dunkerton into the corner. Dunkerton fired back and nailed him with a face plant off the second turnbuckle. Dunkerton locked in a leg scissors variation on Young, but he got the ropes. The fans rallied behind Dunkerton as Young struggled to his feet. Young hit a jawbreaker and then a backbreaker moments later, but Dunkerton kicked out. Young and Dunkerton exchanged slaps. Young fired back and drove him into the mat. He then hit his headstand into a springboard moonsault for the win. (**3/4)

Young showed some signs of potential as a heel here. Dunkerton looked good as well getting the fans behind him. Leonard interviewed Young after the match, but I couldn’t hear the ring mic.

Gargano came out and confronted Young. It looked like he had some strong words for him. The sound came back and Gargano said he didn’t know what had gotten into Young. Gargano offered Young a handshake, but Young blew him off.

(4) Pinkie Sanchez vs. Lince Dorado. Sanchez ran right into a superkick from Dorado. Dorado went for a handspring, but Sanchez caught him. Dorado rolled up Sanchez for a 2 count. Dorado sent Sanchez outside and faked a dive. Dorado ended up taking out Sanchez with a dive. He went for a springboard back inside the ring moments later, but Sanchez caught him with a dropkick. Dorado fired back and rolled out of a sunset flip and nailed Sanchez with a shining wizard for a 2 count. Sanchez fired right back with a dragon screw and went to work on Dorado’s leg. Dorado nailed Sanchez with several elbows to free himself from the hold. Steen came in on commentary. The announcers acted like they were afraid of him. Sanchez continued to dominate the action. The crowd mic picked up and the sound improved. Dorado fired back with a hurricanrana. He sold his leg as he went on the attack. Dorado hit a handspring elbow. He followed up with a leg lariat, but only got a two count. The crowd clapped as Dorado continued the attack. He went for another springboard, but Pinkie caught him with a knee to the back. Sanchez went up top, but missed a moonsault. Dorado hit a big dropkick that sent Sanchez flying across the ring. Dorado favored his knee before nailing Sanchez with a super hurricanrana. Dorado then went up top and hit a SSP, but Sanchez kicked out and the crowd applauded. Steen made fun of Naylor on commentary, but didn’t say much of anything. Sanchez caught Dorado with a springboard DDT, but only got a 2 count. He then locked in a figure 4 and Dorado tapped. (***)

Leonard interviewed Sanchez after the match. He said it had taken him 10 years to get into EVOLVE. Sanchez said he was here to wrestle. They asked Steen what he thought of ROH and Steen said wrestling matters.

Leonard interviewed Larry Dallas. He said he had purchased some interview time. Dallas came to the ring with Ahtu. Steen asked which one was Ahtu and which one was Dallas. Dallas said the main event of Gargano vs. Taylor wasn’t going to happen. He said he had brought a great tag team to EVOLVE. This brought out Caleb Konley and Scott Reed.

(5) Scott Reed & Caleb Konley (w/Larry Dallas & Ahtu) vs. Cheech & Cloudy. Reed took control of Cheech and tagged in Konley. They took down Cheech with a double shoulder tackle. Cheech fired back with a chinbreaker on Konley. Cloudy tagged in and Up in Smoke nailed Konley with a combination of move capped by a slingshot senton from Cheech for a 2 count. Up in Smoke continued to dominate the action, but Reed ran into the ring to break up a double team on Konley. Up in Smoke took out Reed and then hit a double kick combination on Konley. Cloudy got knocked to the outside. Reed whipped Cheech into a hip toss from Konley into the turnbuckles. Reed and Konley began tagging in and out to work over Cheech. Konley is growing on me with his limited appearances in DGUSA and now EVOLVE. Cheech tried to fire back, but Konley cut him off. Cheech ducked a charge in the corner and nailed Konley with a powerslam. Cloudy and Reed tagged in. Konley got tossed through the ropes by Cloudy. Cloudy ducked a clothesline from Reed and nailed Konley with a suicide dive. Reed set up Cloudy and nailed him with the Niagara driver, but Cheech broke it up. Dallas looked nervous on the outside. He was forced to stand on the stage because he doesn’t have a manager’s license. Konley nailed Cloudy with a flurry of moves capped by a standing senton for a nearfall. Konley and Reed continued to work over Cloudy. Cloudy finally fired back on Konley and nailed him with a missile dropkick. Cloudy and Konley tagged out. Cheech ran into the ring and ran wild. He hit a pump-handle suplex on Konley that dumped him on top of Reed for a nearfall. Up in Smoke hit a tandem DDT on Konley. The crowd fired up as Cheech nailed Reed with a dropkick in the corner. Cloudy fired up with a running knee strike. Cloudy made the cover, but Konley made the save. Konley hit the Gory special and locked in a nasty looking submission on Cloudy, but Cheech made the save. Cheech then hit a suplex on Konley. Cloudy then went on top of Cheech’s shoulders and got flipped onto Konley, but he got his knees up. Cheech sent Konley to the outside. Konley took an elbow from Cheech in the corner. Cloudy and Cheech went for a double team, but Konley broke it up. Reed & Konley hit a double team DDT followed by a German for the pin on Cloudy. (***1/4)

Dallas ran into the ring and celebrated after the match. Dallas didn’t have anything to say to Leonard after the match. Cheech turned on Cloudy after the match and nailed him with the Go to Cheech.

(6)Bobby Fish vs. Jon Davis. The crowd chanted for both men at the start of the match. Steen said hi to his son and wife. He then said he was going to show his son how to handle bullies at school. Steen ran into the ring and kicked Fish. The ref called for a DQ. Steen got on the mic and asked if that was against the regulations. Fish got on the mic and said he didn’t come here for this. Fish challenged Steen to wrestle them in an unsanctioned match. Davis got on the mic. Davis said he wanted to kick Steen and Fish’s asses. The ref agreed and rang the bell.

(6a) Davis took out the ref after the bell ring. He went at it with Fish on the outside. Steen took down Davis inside the ring and nailed him with a cannonball in the corner. Fish sent Steen to the outside. Fish missed a kick on the apron. Steen caught Fish and powerbombed him on the apron. Davis then nailed Steen with an inverted DDT on the apron. Fish recovered and hit a springboard to the outside to take out Davis. Fish locked in a leg submission on Steen the middle of the ring. There was still no ref and Fish was mad about it. Fish let go of the hold and another ref came out. Davis recovered and nailed Fish with a one-handed powerbomb for a 2 count. Steen nailed Fish on the apron and DDT’d him through the ropes for a nearfall. Steen set up for the package piledriver, but Fish kicked his leg. Fish nailed him with a big Saito suplex, but only got a 2 count. The crowd chanted off Steen while Davis and Fish went at it. All three men were down after Davis took out Fish with a huge lariat. The crowd clapped as all three men struggled to their feet. Fish nailed Davis with an overhead suplex, but Steen said hell no and broke up the pin. Fish then lit up Steen with a big kick, but he caught him off the ropes with a powerbomb. Steen then applied the sharpshooter on Fish. Davis broke it up and hit the jackhammer on Steen, but Fish broke up the pin. Steen sent Davis to the outside, but Fish countered a package piledriver. Fish got a sunset flip on Steen and rolled into the Fish hook submission. Steen teased tapping, but Davis ran into the ring. Steen fired back on Fish and set up for a charge, but Davis nailed him with the pounce. Davis then hit three seconds around the world on Fish for the win. This was a really good match. (***1/2)

After the match, Steen got a chair. He began exchanging blows with Davis, but security dragged him away. The crowd chanted to let them fight.


(7) John Silver vs. Tony Nese. Nese got a bit of a pop coming out. Silver is making weird hand gestures before the match. Fans could be heard taunting Naylor at ringside because he was doing double duty as timekeeper. Nese took down Silver and worked the arm. Both men went for a dropkick after a flurry of exchanges and came to a stalemate. Nese was impressive against Lee on the DGUSA “Uprising” PPV that debuts this Friday, but he’s on more of an even playing field here. Silver took Nese down and locked in an arm submission, but Nese lifted him up and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles. Silver went for a hurricanrana, but Nese sent him right into the ropes. Nese followed up with a running kick for a 2 count. Silver got out of the way of a springboard. He tried for a senset flip, but Nese stepped on his face and nailed him with a quebrada. Silver fired back and took Nese down with an enzuguri. He followed up with a running double sledgehammer for a two count. Silver hit a big running kick to Nese’s head, but only got a 2 count. Nese fired back, but Silver blocked a sunset flip and nailed him with a double knee drop. Silver set up for a dive, but Nese ran into the ring and nailed him with a clothesline that left both men down. Silver fired up and hit a tornado DDT for a 2 count. Silver set up for a superkick, but Nese caught his foot and sent him into the mat. Nese followed up with a German with a bridge, but Silver kicked out. I can hear a fan doing commentary in Ross’s voice on the announcer mic. Silver hit a kick to the back of Nese’s head. He went up top, but Nese nailed him with a dropkick. Nese set up silver and nailed him with a top rope German. Nese hung on with his legs and went for a moonsault, but Silver cut him off. Silver hung Nese upside down and nailed him with a huge double knee strike off the top, but Nese kicked out at the last second. Nese hit a running knee strike in the corner and went for the cover, but Silver kicked out. Nese hit a German after slamming Silver into the top turnbuckle, but Silver kicked out. Nese fired up and nailed Silver with a series of kicks. He hit a big powerbomb, but Silver kicked out. Silver fired up and went for a clothesline, but Nese nailed him with a kick. Nese followed up with an enzuguri. Silver looked to be out on the mat. The ref checked on Silver, but he let it continue. Nese covered Silver, but he kicked out and nailed Nese with several forearms. He followed up with a big punch, but Nese kicked out at the last second. The crowd popped for the spot and chanted for both men. Both men went up top and exchanged blows. Silver crotched Nese and laughed at him. Nese then crotched Silver. They began exchanging slaps up top. Nese kicked Silver to the mat and went up top. Nese missed a 450 and Silver nailed him with a backbreaker for the pin. (***1/4) I’m shocked at how good this match was. It was really good given what I expected going in.

Leonard interviewed Silver after the match. I couldn’t hear what Silver said, but he carried himself well.

(8) Dave Finlay vs. Sami Callihan. Finlay got a big ovation coming out. Callihan also got a big pop coming out for the match. Callihan charged right into a big forearm at the bell. Finlay took down Callihan and landed a couple of blows before Callihan bailed to the corner. Finlay nailed Callihan with a big kick and put the boots to him in the corner. He followed up with a short lariat and the crowd roared. This match is stiff. Callihan countered Finlay on the mat and got a head-scissors. Finlay fired back with an elbow to Callihan’s leg. They went face-to-face and Finlay headbutted him. Callihan fired back with a headbutt of his own, but Finlay just shook it off and hit a clubbing blow to Callihan’s back. Finlay grabbed a headlock on the mat and then turned it into a pinning combination for a 2 count. Sami fired back with a series of big chops. Callihan taunted Finlay and nailed him with another chop, but Finlay nailed him with a short right to the draw. Finlay yelled at Callihan and slapped him across the face. Sami tried to fire back with some chops. He nailed Finlay with several more chops, but Finlay pushed him off. Sami fired back again and hit another chop, but Finlay took him down and locked in a leg submission. Callihan quickly grabbed the ropes and both men got up and talked some smack to each other. Sami slapped Finlay across the face and nailed him with some big chops. Callihan went for a running kick on the corner, but Finlay got out of the way. He went to the outside and dragged Callihan off the apron to the floor. Finlay nailed Callihan’s leg with a kick and continued the attack on the outside. Sami fired back and nailed Finlay with a kick. They battled back outside and Finlay nailed Callihan with a big European uppercut. Callihan avoided a kick and Finlay crotched himself on the apron. Sami followed up with a big chop. Apparently they put Naylor on mute. Finlay shoved Callihan, but he nailed him with a bicycle kick and the crowd went nuts. Callihan tossed Finlay in the ring, but got caught with a kick as he got back into the ring. Naylor is back! Both men continued to beat the crap out of each other. Finlay stomped on Callihan’s hand. He followed up with a nasty looking body slam and Callihan bailed to the apron. Finlay began stomping on Callihan as the fans chanted for him. He hit another nasty looking slam before pausing to taunt Callihan. Finlay locked in a leg submission in the middle of the ring. Callihan’s shoulders went down several times, but he managed to get them up to avoid a pinfall. Finlay switched the hold and turned it into an inverted figure 4. Callihan struggled, but eventually got the ropes. The crowd began chanting for both men. Callihan staggered as he tried to get his knee to recover. Finlay used the ref as a distraction and nailed Callihan with a kick to the leg. Callihan spat at Finlay and bailed to the corner. Callihan flipped off Finlay as he limped around. Callihan told Finlay he wanted to go strike for strike. Finlay told Callihan he was the only man in the building and they couldn’t fight like men before nailing his leg with a big kick. Finlay tied up Callihan’s leg and locked in a variation of the stretch muffler. Callihan struggled, but got the ropes. The ref checked on Sami, who told the ref he could continue. Callihan charged out of the corner with a running kick. He then lifted up Finlay into a DVD, but Finlay kicked out at 2. The crowd clapped as both men gathered themselves on the mat. Callihan kicked Finlay to the floor and went for a dropkick to the outside, but Finlay slammed him into the guardrail. Callihan fired back with an enzuguri. He nailed Finlay with a series of big chops. Finlay fired right back and put Sami on the top rope. He then pushed Callihan off the top rope to the floor and Sami was down in a heap. Finlay went on the attack and slammed Callihan on the outside. Callihan was slow to beat the ref’s count, but he made it back into the ring in time. Finlay took control once again and went to work on Callihan. The crowd chanted for both men as Finlay tried to bring Callihan to his feet. Callihan fired up and hit a backdrop driver. The crowd roared as Callihan tried to make the cover, but he only got a 2 count. Callihan pulled down his straps and nailed Finlay with a diving forearm, but Finlay got the bottom rope. Callihan pulled Finlay to his feet and nailed him with a bicycle kick, but only got a one count. Finlay rolled to the outside and Callihan went for a suicide dive. Finlay got out of the way and Callihan went right into the guardrail. Ouch. Callihan tripped Finlay as he got back into the ring. He then went up top, but Finlay tossed him to the mat. Finlay then made the cover, but only got a 2 count. Finlay nailed Callihan with the island driver, but he kicked out at the last second. The crowd popped big for Callihan’s kickout. Callihan flipped off Finlay, who nailed Callihan with a second island driver, but Callihan kicked out again at the last second. Callihan fired up as the crowd went nuts. Callihan flipped off Finlay with both fingers this time. Finlay nailed Callihan with tombstone for the three count. (****)

I can honestly say I loved that match. It was hard-hitting, technical, and brutal. I love matches like this one and Finlay brought the heat tonight.

Finlay cut a promo with Leonard after the match. I couldn’t hear what he said. Whatever he said pleased the fans. Callihan got a big pop after the match for his effort. Callihan laid in a heap on the outside. It appeared Finlay was putting him over. Finlay went outside after cutting his promo and hugged Callihan.

Larry Dallas came out before the main event and appeared to be protesting Gargano and Taylor fighting. He appeared to ask both men to go to the back with him. The bell rang and the match was underway.

(9) Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor. Taylor and Gargano locked up and went at it. They went at it full bore and exchanged pinning combinations. Both men caught each other going for kicks and came to a stalemate. Dallas threw in the towel while he held Taylor in a headlock. Dallas was trying to screw Taylor again. Gargano wiped himself with the towel and then rubbed it in Dallas’s face. Gargano then fired Dallas as his agent. They reset and began exchanging forearms. Taylor caught Gargano with a dropkick and went for a dive, but Gargano caught him with a forearm. The action went at an incredible speed. Taylor nailed Gargano with a kick that sent him flying into the crowd. Taylor tossed Gargano back into the ring and locked him in a modified surfboard submission. Gargano blocked a charge from Taylor and nailed him with a doublestomp off the top. Gargano followed up with a neckbreaker. Taylor went to the outside and Gargano nailed him with a dive through the ropes. He followed up with a tornado DDT off the apron that left both men down on the outside. Gargano went for a spear through the ropes, but Taylor ducked it. Taylor went for a moonsault, but Gargano got out of the way and nailed him with a spear through the ropes moments later. Gargano began working over Taylor’s arm. He eventually cinched in an arm lock with a bridge. Gargano transitioned into a pinning combination, but only got a 1 count. Gargano fired back with a stunner and a kick to the head. Why doesn’t anybody sell the stunner huge anymore? Both men went at it on the apron. Taylor hit a superkick and went up top, but Gargano caught him with a kick. He then went for a lawn dart on the apron, but Taylor countered it into an inverted DDT. Taylor disappeared got a running start. He came running off the stage and nailed Gargano with a big dive and the crowd applauded. Taylor set up Gargano in the corner, but Gargano got his boot up. Taylor caught Gargano charging him and slammed him to the mat before nailing him with a kick for a 2 count. The crowd clapped as Taylor paused before going back on the attack. Taylor went for a springboard moments later, but Gargano caught him with a superkick for a 2 count. My feed went out for a minute. When the action came back on Taylor nailed Gargano with a fall away slam off the second rope. Gargano countered it into a pinning combination and locked in the Gargano escape. Taylor countered , but Gargano got him back in the Gargano escape. Taylor nailed Gargano with several headbutts and applied Gargano’s own submission on him. Gargano struggled, but eventually got the ropes. Gargano nailed Taylor with sole food and hit a twisting neck breaker, but Taylor kicked out. Taylor countered a lawn dart attempted and nailed Gargano with the lawn dart. Gargano countered the awful waffle into an air raid crash and both men were down. Both men slowly got up and began exchanging blows. Gargano hit a big running kick that sent Taylor to the outside. He went for a dive, but Taylor caught him with a kick. Gargano hit another kick and went for a spear, but Taylor caught him and nailed him with a DDT on the stage. The ref counted with both men down on the outside. Taylor made it back into the ring as the ref counted. The ref reached 14 and Gargano wasn’t moving. Gargano barely beat the 20 count. Taylor picked him up, but Gargano caught him with a small package. Taylor kicked out and nailed Gargano with the hurts don’t it for a nearfall. Taylor went up top, but Gargano pushed him to the floor. Gargano followed up with a senton off the apron. Gargano placed Taylor on the top rope and nailed him with the awful waffle, but Taylor kicked out and the crowd applauded. Gargano hit hurts dont it, but Taylor kicked out. Gargano locked in the Gargano escape in the middle of the ring. Taylor struggled, but Gargano held on. Taylor fought out and went for the awful waffle. Gargano countered, but Taylor caught him moments later for the pin. (***3/4)

This was a very good main event with some fantastic action. The crowd seemed burnt out from Callihan vs. Finlay, but got into the match towards the end.

After the match, Taylor offered Gargano a handshake. Gargano pushed his hand away and gave him a hug.

Overall thoughts: I’m not going to give the show a final rating right now because I couldn’t hear the sound for parts of the show, especially some of the promos and Steen’s initial mic work. What I can safely say is that this show was much better from a pacing and in-ring standpoint than the last EVOLVE show.

There were a lot of good to very good matches on the card. The Finlay-Callihan match is worth the price of admission alone as both men put on an epic hard-hitting match. Callihan took an absolute beating from Finlay, who has no right having a match this good at his age.

The main event was really good as well, but the crowd sounded like they were burned out from the previous match. Gargano and Taylor did everything they could to get the crowd into it. They told a good story that saw both men exchanged counters and hit each other with their signature moves. With the win, Taylor moves into a tie with Gargano for the wins lead.

Баси, нещо съм пропуснал момента, в който са коронясали Steen за крал на индитата...


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Последнотo кеч шоу (ever) в ECW Arena:


-Joey Styles, Balls Mahoney, and New Jack are all here signing autographs before the show starts.

-There are scheduled to be several surprises throughout the evening.

-EVOLVE will easily shatter their attendance record tonight as there is a line down the block of people trying to get into the show.

Larry Dallas comes out with Ahtu, who has an open contract tonight and will face a mystery opponent, and it is indeed a surprise!

Ahtu vs Low Ki

Ki floors Ahtu right off the bat with a rolling front kick, and Ahtu is out. The fans chant Low Ki's name as Ahtu slowly makes his way back to his feet...then slumps to the mat again. The fans chant "one more time" as Ahtu again starts to pull himself up, just in time to take a Tidal Crush. Ahtu's flat on his back again and Low Ki goes to the top rope and comes off with the double stomp for the win.

Winner: Low Ki

AWESOME way to start the show. Crowd is going nuts for Low Ki, and referes come out to pull Ahtu out of the ring and haul him away as Low Ki, who I now realize didn't even bother to take off his Bluetooth earpiece before the match, takes the microphone to say he's spent the last year plus sitting on the sidelines watching his profession fall by the wayside. People are complacent, actors are trying to imitate professional wrestlers, and he's here in EVOLVE to be a catalyst for change. He is here to put everyone in EVOLVE on notice that Low Ki is here and he's not going anywhere, and let it be known that he will be in Toronto and Miami and he's going to make a few surprise appearances so we'd better pay attention. He wants his profession back and if anyone decides they're man enough to step in the ring with him, he dares them to (as one famous man from Red Hook, Brooklyn said) beat him if they can and survive if he lets them.

Cheech Hernandez vs Cloudy Day

They're now using their full names and Cheech is the "New Wave" character we've seen him use once or twice in DGUSA and EVOLVE. Cheech takes Cloudy down with a waistlock, but Cloudy with a double leg takedown and goes after him with right hands. He charges Cheech, but Cheech just pops him up in the air and plants him face first. Greco Roman knucklelock that Cheech wins easily, but Cloudy rolls through and they exchange lucha stuff until Cloudy sends Cheech to the outside with a flying headscissors. Cheech dodges a dive to the floor, but Cloudy stops himself before going outside, he tries to catch Cheech coming back into the ring but Cheech slides around behind him and hits a Randy Orton backbreaker for 2. Cheech with a Lou Thesz press and then does the Up In Smoke clap before locking Cloudy in a no-hands Sharpshooter. Cloudy makes the ropes and Cheech charges him in the corner, but Cloudy gets the knees up and hits a flying headscissors that sends Cheech to the outside. Cloudy goes for a twisting dive through the ropes, but Cheech moves and Cloudy goes SPLAT on hte concrete floor. Cheech, ever the compassionate soul, picks him up and rams him into the ring apron, but Cloudy nails him and rams him into the guardrail,and then Cheech returns the favor and whips him into the rail. Cloudy goes for a Code Red on the floor, but Cheech blocks and counters to a Gory Bomb onto the ring apron. That looked painful. Cheech rolls Cloudy back inside and covers for 2, Cloudy tries going up top but Cheech kicks the top rope and knocks Cloudy down onto the corner. Cloudy blocks a superplex and goes for a tornado DDT, Cheech tries hitting a pump handle something, but Cloudy counters that as well back to the DDT and both men are down. Cloudy with a rolling cradle for 2, schoolboy rollup for 2, Cheech blocks a backslide but Cloudy ducks a clothesline and hits an Ace Crusher for 2. Cloudy ducks a Yakuza Kick and hits an inverted Frankensteiner for 2. Cheech blocks an other Frankensteiner and counters to a facebuster for 2, then hits the Superman dive in the corner followed by a facewash slide and then a 619 from the floor. That still only gets 2, Cloudy tries a rolling cradle for 2 but Cheech escapes and hits Go To Cheech and covers, but pulls Cloudy up at 2. He goes for a powerbomb but Cloudy counters to Code Red for 2. He tries another flying headscissors but cheech counters to a second Go To Cheech for the win.

Winner: Cheech Hernandez

Excellent match, they went out of their way to make each other look good and even though Cheech went over, Cloudy definitely looked competitive and I think will do fine as a single if he sticks around EVOLVE.

The Scene vs John Silver & Alex Reynolds

Konley and Silver start and Konley takes Silver down with a waistlock and goes to a front facelock. Silver switches out and goes to a hammerlock, Konley counters to a wristlock, and Silver takes Konley down with an armdrag and then stretches Konley out with a modified Rings of Saturn. Konley makes the ropes and tries to leapfrog Silver out of the corner, but Silver uppercuts him coming down and they go back and forth, wipe each other out with a double clothesline, and then go back to a stalemate. Silver ducks a clothesline, smacks Konley in the mouth, and rolls him up for 2. Reynolds tags in for the first time and they do a double drop toehold followed by sandwich dropkicks to the head for 2 on Konley. Konley finally tags out to Reed and he immediately gets hiptossed by Reynolds, but Reed turns him inside out with a clothesline and then gives him the Jesse Ventura boot laces to the eyes. Reynolds with a pair of back elbows and a big dropkick for 1. Reynolds ducks a clothesline and hits a high knee to wip Reed out, Konley tries to jump him from behind but Reynolds dumps him to the apron and then goes back after Reed, who appears to slightly mistime a Hotshot but still catch enough of it to get a respectable 2. HARD vertical suplex gets 2, then Konley tags in for a double elbowdrop that gets 2. Konley holds Reynolds up for a vertical suplex and Reed chops him before Konley drops him and covers for 2. Reynolds fights his way out of the Scene's corner and tries to make the tag, but Reed drags him back so he dumps Konley to the floor and hits a handspring enziguiri, and finally makes the hot tag to Silver, who comes in and destroys Reed with a double kneedrop for 2. Konley and Reynolds go at it before Konley dumps Reynolds to the floor and goes for an Asai moonsault to the outside, but Silver catches him and prevents him from going off the ropes and then Reynolds comes in and they hit a double top rope Stunner on Konley. Reed launches Silver into the corner and then whips Reynolds into him, then Konley catapults Silver into a Reed powerslam for 2. Silver again takes both of them out with stiff kicks, then a sick combo of strikes from Silver and Reynolds ends with Silver hitting a German Suplex on Reed with Konley breaking up the cover at 2. Reed neutralizes Silver and they hit the wheelbarrow DDT into a German suplex combo on Reynolds for the win.

Winners: The Scene

The Scene is now 2-0 in EVOLVE, and this was a terrific match. I really enjoyed watching Silver and Reynolds, they went all out and had a great match, with Silver in particular showing a lot of intensity. He may be my favorite wrestler to break onto the EVOLVE scene in the last few shows and I hope he gets the opportunity to move up the card at some point. Alex Reynolds reminds me a LOT of a younger Tyler Black.

Jigsaw vs AR Fox

They do a very complex wristlock exchange to start, with Fox coming out on top and barring the arm. Jigsaw rolls through and hits a drop toehold, then goes to a surfboard that Fox escapes, so Jigsaw goes to a crucifix instead for 2, then catches Fox in the Gory Special. Fox escapes but again finds himself on the receiving end of a series of armdrags and a dropkick right to the jaw. Fox finally scores with a dropkick for 2and hits a springboard dropkick in the corner, followed by a modified version of the split legged moonsault for 2. Fox goes for a tornado DDT, but Jigsaw just dumps him on his face and then sends him to the outside so Jigsaw can hit a dive through the ropes that sends Foxcrashing into the guardrail. That gets 2 for Jigsaw, so he leans Fox in the corner and hits a nasty chop, followed by a snapmare and dropkick to the back of the neck for 2. Jigsaw with a superkick, but Fox with a Stunner and then a Diamond Cutter out of nowhere, which would have killed someone in 1998 but barely fazes Jigsaw, who is back on his feet and dumping Fox to the apron in seconds. He tries to suplex Fox back into the ring, but Fox hangs him up on the top rope and then hits a springboard dropkick and a running back senton for 2. Fox drop toeholds Jigsaw onto the second rope, then hits a clothesline and comes off top with a swanky Swanton for 2. Jigsaw with a brainbuster for 2 and then Fox goes for a springboard move, but Jigsaw just steps out of the way and kicks him in the face for 2. Fox sits Jigsaw on the top rope and springboard dropkicks him out to the floor. Fox did a springboard 450 to the floor, then laid Jigsaw on the ring apron and repeatedly drilled him with forearms before coming off the top rope with a legdrop to the apron androlls Jigsaw back in for 2. Jigsaw with a small package for 2, then a spinning back elbow, enziguiri, and a German suplex for 2. Fox hiptosses Jigsaw into a seated position on the top rope and goes for his springboard Spanish Fly, but Jigsaw counters to a German suplex off the top rope and then superkicks his teeth down his throat for 3.

Winner: Jigsaw

I'm a bit surprised to see Jigsaw get the win, but very fast paced and athletic match. Jigsaw says it was a great win and we're going to see a lot more of Jigsaw in 2012. Fox is next for the postmatch promo and says last time he was in a DGUSA ring, Sami Callihan broke a beer bottle over his head. The sound of beer bottles clinking starts playing over the speakers, and Callihan comes out clinking bottles together and tells Fox that he dares him to come after him. Referee Mike Kehner tells Fox not to because he'll be fined and suspended, and then tells Callihan to get lost. Fox goes to the top rope to go after Callihan and the referee has to physically restrain him from jumping onto Callihan, who spits at him and continues clinking bottles.

Uhaa Nation vs Pinkie Sanchez

Uhaa is accompanied by Ricochet, and is now apparently a member of Blood Warriors. First I've heard of it, but okay, makes sense the top group in the company would want him. Pinkie ducks and dodges around Uhaa and then takes his shirt off to show off the physique. He ducks another swing and slaps Uhaa on the ass, then bails out to the floor before Uhaa kills him. Uhaa gets distracted playing to the crowd and Pinkie is able to come in behind him with a dropkick, then a springboard DDT sends Uhaa to the floor where Pinkie comes over the ropes with a somersault. Pinkie goes to the apron and wastes time dancing, then tries to springboard bacck into the ring and Uhaa kills him with a Samoan drop. Pinkie with a running knee and then springboards onto Uhaa for a Frankensteiner, but Uhaa catches him and htis a pair of powerbombs, a slingshot powerbomb, a senton, and a standing moonsault for the win.

Winner: Uhaa Nation

Total domaintion by Uhaa here, Pinkie got in a couple slight bits of offense but was mostly ineffective, which is the rightway to book a match between Uhaa and a guy Pinkie's size. Uhaa says that 2012 is his year and we just witnessed the power of Blood Warriors. Lenny Leonard asks Ricochet for his thoughts on his match later tonight against Johnny Gargano, and he says that they train in Japan and now come back here where the disrespectful fans should thank him for coming to their grubby little town. He's walking out with the Open The Freedom Gate Title, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Rich Swann and Chuck Taylor come out doing the Ronin rap and Swann says that Ricochet is CIMA's bitch and gets all the fans to sing along while calling Ricochet a bitch. Blood Warriors clear out so we can get to the next match.

Rich Swann & Chuck Taylor vs Super Smash Bros

Swann and Player Uno start off trading wristlocks and then chops and then Swann tags out to Taylor while Player Dos tags in as well. They go back and forth and Dos gets a flying headscissors and the SSB hit a drop toehold/kneedrop combo on Taylor for 2. Dos with a slingshot senton for 2, then the SSB with a side suplex/springboard Deathdrop combo for 2 on Taylor. Taylor comes out of nowhere and wipes Uno out with a clothesline, then tags out to Swann, who whips Taylor repeatedly into Uno and then takes him out with a running boot to the face for 2. Taylor knocks Dos off the ring apron and then gets Uno in a headscissors. Swann comes back in and trades chops with Uno, but Uno flattens Swann with a spinning sidewalk slam and makes the hot tagto Dos, who comes in and wipes Taylor out with a crossbody before dropkicking Swann to the floor. Dos with a tornado DDT on Taylor and a twisting dive to the floor on Swann. Dos off the top rope with a flying Rough Rider for 2, but Taylor hits Sole Food and then Uno and Swann come in for some bizarro double team I'm not even going to bother trying to identify. It's enough to get 2 on Taylor, but Taylor responds by powerbombing Dos onto Uno, booting Dos in the face, and laying out Uno so Swann can come in with a splash for 2. All heck breaks loose as they trade spots until all four men are down in the ring. Uno with a Flatliner on Taylor as Dos with a top rope Frogsplash on Swann and everyone's down again. Uno gets dumped to the floor and Taylor gets Dos in a fireman's carry on the apron, then Swann vaults over them to wipe out Uno with a dive. Swann with a Flitliner, Taylor with a top rope double stomp, and Swann with a standing shooting star press for 2. SSB with an Ontario Slam over the knees for 2 on Swann, then a Gory Driver/Blockbuster combo on Swann gets 2 when Taylor breaks up the cover. Uno blocks Sole Food, but misses a charge and tumbles to the floor as Taylor hits the Awful Waffle on Dos for the win.

Winners: Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann

Crowd is on their feet applauding a highly competitive match that made both teams look like a million bucks. Dos looks DEAD in the ring, but slowly rolls outside where Uno helps him to the back and Ronin do the postmatch promo. Taylor tells Ricochet that when he gets done touching his boyfriend CIMA, they want a shot at their title.

INTERMISSION (During which they play a great tribute video to the building which you can watch here.)

Jon Davis vs Kyle Matthews

Matthews goes to a side headlock, but Davis just lifts him up and tosses him across the ring. Matthews with a few shots that do no damage, but Davis flattens him with a chop. Matthews tries a sleeper, Davis backs into the corner to break, Matthews goes back to it andDavis easily reverses to a running powerslam. Davis runs him over with a back elbow and then nearly bodyslams him through the mat, then does it again because it's fun. Matthews tries a small package, Davis doesn't budge so Matthews tries a crossbody out of the corner and Davis catches him, then pumps him into the air for an Ace Crusher. Matthews caught him with a flying headscissors and a dropkick in the corner, but Davis flapjacks him and hits the Pounce, then Thirty Seconds Around The World for the fairly easy win.

Winner: Jon Davis

Not much to this one, but Davis lays out an open challenge to Fit Finlay, who he felt disrespected him at EVOLVE 9.

AR Fox is at ringside for the next match and tells Sami Callihan not to worry because he's just there to second Bobby Fish.

Bobby Fish vs Sami Callihan

They go right after each other with hard hitting offense, Fish killing Callihan with kicks while Callihan lays him out in the corner and hits a running facewash. Fish dumps Callihan to the floor and slingshots over the top rope onto him, then sends Sami back inside and goes up top where Fish beats him into the ring and comes off the top rope with a flying headbutt. Fish with a drop toehold and fires kicks into Callihan's chest until he goes down and covers him for 2. Fish whips Callihan hard face first into the corner and he goes down again. Fish charges and Callihan gets his boot up, but Fish catches it and legdrags him, but Callihan lays him out with a stiff kick of his own that sends Fish out to the apron where he kicks him high over the ropes. Callihan tries for the springboard clothesline out of the corner, but Fish has him scounted and just yanks him off the corner and into the ring. Callihan fires back with chops and kicks that tear Fish down like a tree trunk. Callihan goes for a bicycle kick but Fish dodgesand kicks Callihan's leg out from under him, he goes for a figure four but Callihansmall packages him for 2. Fish goes for the figure four again and Callihan tries to block, but Fish headbutts him and completes the hold. Callihan sits up and spits in Fish's face, so Fish just cranks on the hold and Callihan collapses to his back. Fish gets several two counts off the figure four, but Callihan reverses the hold and Fish is forced to go to the ropes to force the break. Fish unloads on Callihan with more kicks put Callihan rocks him with a right hand square to the jaw. Callihan goes for a charge but Fish catches him and suplexes him into the corner. Fish puts Callihan up top and they duke it out on the top rope, Callihan goes for a sunset bomb but Fish blocks, so Callihan kicks his leg out from under him and completes the powerbomb for 2 and then locks Fish in a figure four. Fish gets out of that and catches Callihan in a heel hook, but Callihan makes the ropes. They both get to their feet and trade kicks to the other's legs, then change it up and go to forearms, then back to the kicks until Fish kicks Callihan's leg so hard he simply crumples to the mat and Fish covers for 2. Callihan suddenly pops up out of nowhere and plants Fish with a backdrop suplex and then kicks straight on the inside of Fish's knee and traps him in the Stretch Muffler. Fish absolutely refuses to submit, so Callihan really cranks it on and Fox starts smacking Fish from the outside to fire him up, and Fish is somehow able to cradle Callihan for 2. Fish goes back to kicks, but Callihan blocks one and clips Fish's knee out from under him. Callihan gets distracted by Fox at ringside and goes for the Stretch Muffler again, but Fox spits at him and Callihan gets distracted again, allowing Fish to hit a backdrop suplex and trap Callihan in the heel hook right in the middle of the ring, forcing him to finally tap out.

Winner: Bobby Fish

I enjoyed the hell out of this match and the battle of attritition as they both tried their damndest to not be the first one to go down, but I was not a fan of Fox's involvement in the end. Fox gets in the ring to call Callihan a bitch and make fun of Callihan, leading to referee Mike Kehner trying to separate them. Fox handcuffs himself behind his back to give Callihan an easy target, and Pinkie Sanchez comes out to hand Callihan a beer bottle. Callihan badly wants to crack Fox with the bottle, and has to repeatedly restrain himself before leaving entirely.

It's main event time!

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet

This match is not being held under EVOLVE rules and will not affect their records in EVOLVE since a DGUSA title is on the line. Gargano has Taylor and Swann at ringside, while Ricochet has Uhaa Nation in his corner. Ricochet gets a go behind and they trade wristlocksbefore going to a stalemate, Gargano takes Ricochet down and goes to an armbar, but then they go to a fast paced, back and forth sequence that again ends in a stalemate. Another back and forth and this time Ricochet gets an armdrag and a dropkick to finally build a bit of momentum. Ricochet with a European uppercut in the corner and hits the Guile kick in the corner, but Gargano ducks a clothesline and hits a Flatliner into the second turnbuckle and then goes for a neckbreaker, Ricochet backflips through it and goes for a standing shooting star press, but Gargano misses and this time hits the neckbreaker. Gargano comes off the second and Ricochet gets the knees up, then hits the Zig Zag on Gargano but, amazingly, only gets a one count. Ricochet with an over the backstretch and walks over and starts swinging his body to slam Gargano's head into the turnbuckle. What a heel! Ricochet goes for a suplex but Gargano blocks with a kneestrike and then a boot to the head and clotheslines Ricochet to the floor. Ricochet pops back in and Gargano goes for the spear from the apron, but Ricochet moves. Gargano clotheslines him back out and hits a dive through the ropes, Ricochet misses a moonsault but lands on his feet, and Gargano twice tries to pop Ricochet onto his shoulders, but fails so he goes for a powerbomb and takes two tries to get him up and barely powerbomb him into the guardrail without killing him. Gargano rolls him back in and covers for 2, then hits an unassisted Sliced Bread #2 for 2. Gargano goes for Snake Eyes, Ricochet escapes and gets a springboard Ace Crusher out of the corner and gets 2. Ricochet with a cradle suplex into the corner and then a springboard senton for 2. Ricochet just starts slapping Gargano in the head until he gets up and they start going blow for blow and then trade enziguiris until Gargano went for the running Snake Eyes into the turnbuckle, Ricochet no-sells and hits the Pelle Kick, and Gargano superkicks Ricochet and they're both down. Gargano with a running dropkick in the corner, then Ricochet gets one, then goes to a top rope Frankensteiner but Gargano blocks and goes to the Gargano Escape. Ricochet escapes the Gargano Escape and comes off the second rope but Gargano catches him with a Zig Zag and goes back to the Gargano Escape. Ricochet gets out and dumps Ricochet to the apron, but goes after him and Ricochet hits a German suplex on the apron and then a Space Flying Tiger Drop, then rolls Gargano back in and hits a shooting star press for 2. Ricochet goes back up for a shooting star press and Gargano superkicks him on the way down and hits Hertz Donut for 2. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and Ricochet hits a series of superkicks followed by a twisting piledriver and an inverted Frankensteiner. Gargano gets back to his feet but Ricochet hits a knockout kick for a very close 2. Ricochet htis the 630 splash and covers Gargano, who again kicks out at 2. Ricochet goes back up again, but thistime Gargano evades the 630, hits another Hertz Donut, and goes to the Gargano Escape to finally force Ricochet to tap out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

The crowd kind of turned on this one by the end, but I think part of that is because the match was kind of on the long side and the fans had been sitting here for eight hours already. I think if it weren't such a long day, this would have gotten a much better reaction because they told a good story with the two of them being so even that they were literally going back trading the same move to try and top one another. Ricochet looked great and the one spot where he hit the 630 I honestly thought he was going to get the win. Gargano appeared to get hurt somewhere during the finish and laid on the ring apron for several minutes while getting checked out by the commission doctor before being helped to the back by Taylor and Swann.

And now we come to the final segment of the night, as Lenny Leonard introduces the first ever ring announcer in this building, Bob Artese. He says it's a pleasure to be in this building one last time and they all appreciate their support throughout the years, and then he introduces the Extreme Announcer, Joey Styles. The crowd chants "OH MY GOD" at him during his entrance, and he says "All right, all right...OH MY GOD!" to thunderous applause. Joey thanks Gabe for having him and being here means more than working Madison Square Garden and Wrestlemania because this is where Joey Styles was created and this is where he spent so much of his life and thanks the fans for making it happen. He now wants to introduce some legendary figures from the past, starting with Pitbull 1 Gary Wolfe. Next, the guy who was on the wrong end of the first time Joey Styles ever said OH MY GOD, and the first man to ever dive off the balcony here, JT Smith. Next, the man who found Viking Hall and decided it would be a great place to hold a wrestling event, the man who founded ECW and gave them all their start, Tod Gordon.

Tod starts putting over the building and how everyone told him it was a toilet, but they made it their toilet and they're proud of what they've done over the last 20 years. DJ Hyde comes out with a bunch of CZW guys and says that it's not ECW's building anymore because CZW took it over and went beyond extreme and took it to ultraviolent. They ran more shows here than anyone, including ECW, and if anyone's going to close this building, it'll be them. They surround the ECW guys but Balls Mahoney's music hits and he comes out to clear the ring, but eventually gets outnumbered and beaten down. Natural Born Killaz plays and New Jack comes out with his trash can full of plunder and destroys the CZW guys until Justin Credible comes out with the Singapore cane, but then turns on ECW and lays New Jack out with the Singapore cane. The CZW guys take control until Sabu comes out and we start the final match to ever take place in this legendary building.

Justin Credible vs Sabu

Justin works Sabu over with the cane as fans chant "Justin Asshole" and whips him to the corner, but Sabu gets the boot up and comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT. Sabu out to the apron and comes in with the somersault legdrop for 2, then Sabu locks Justin in the modified Camel Clutch. Sabu gets a chair and goes for the triple jump into the corner, but Justin catches him coming in with a cane shot to the midsection. Justin with a clothesline for 2, then takes the chair and goes to toss it at Sabu, but Sabu ducks, Justin waits for him to turn back and this time tosses him the chair, but Sabu ducks again before Justin can do anything with it, but now Justin waits and superkicks the chair into Sabu's face. Justin goes under the ring and gets a table, balancing it between the ring and the guardrail, but Justin goes after him. Sabu rams Justin into the rail and puts him on the table, but Justin rolls off and yanks Sabu down off the ring apron and continues beating him around ringside before whipping him into the rail. Justin tries again but Sabu reverses and Justin flies over the rail and into the crowd, then Justin comes back over and Sabu bashes a trash can lid over his head. They head back in and Sabu hits a DDT in the middle of the ring, then sets the table up and grabs the chair. Justin low blows Sabu and he rolls onto the table where Justin hits him with the chair and leaves the chair on his chest. Justin goes up top and comes off, but Sabu launches the chair into Justin's face on the way down and breaks the table as he rolls offof it. Sabu springboards off the table and gets the half camel clutch while jabbing a spike into Justin's head over and over. Sabu sets the table back up and goes back to brutalizing Justin with the spike until referee Mike Kehner finally grabs it out of his hand. Crowd tells Kehner what they think of that, but Sabu goes up the ropes with a chair but Justin nails him and hits a weak That's Incredible for 2. They fight over the chair and drop it, but Sabu dropkicks Justin's legs out from under him and he crashes face first onto the chair. Sabu throws the chair at Justin's head and puts him back on the table, bashes him with the chair again, and comes off the top rope with the chair for an Arabian Facebuster through the table. Justin is laying on the mat twitching while Sabu crawls over and covers for the final three count in the Arena.

Winner: Sabu

Terrific final match, and Joey Styles comes in and says he can't think of a better way to close this venue than with...waiut, Sabu asks for the microphone. Joey says Sabu wants to speak (drawing a "holy shit" chant from the crowd), and he hands him the microphone. Sabu mulls over what he's going to say, but Sami Callihan runs out from the back and nailsSabu from behind, then begins assaulting him with the bottle. Sabu is a bloody messas Callihan says this is the alarm closing the book on the Arena. He's sick of the funerals, the Hardcore Homecomings, and wants to know how many reunions we're going to have before this thing finally dies. This ain't the era of extreme anymore because over the last few years, this has become his ring. He looks at Sabu and says "Hey, you" before stomping on his face. He says these are his fans and his building and if anyone's going to end the era of extreme, it's going to be him. He says to look at Sabu - a beaten, bloodied, broken corpse, just like every other extreme legend out there who won't go away. If anyone ends the era of extreme, it's going to be him, and if anyone thinks they can stop Sami Callihan, he dares them to try. AR Fox runs out and attacks Callihan, but Pinkie Sanchez comes out and goes after Fox and gives him a spike DDT. Callihan says one more thing before he goes: to all the DUFs out there, they're cool by him and if they're not, they should jump on the bandwagon and be like him. To all the people who have supported him, bought his merch, and helped him get married this year, he wants to tell them from the bottom of his heart to (explicit act deleted). The extreme era has finally died and been put out of its misery by the Death Machine, and he tells them to hit the lights. The lights do indeed go out and Callihan's music plays, and when they come back up the ring is empty except for a destroyed table and a chair laying in the middle of the ring.

Terrific show overall, great wrestling top to bottom and an absolutely appropriate and fitting way to close this legendary wrestling venue. This puts a ton of attention on Callihan, and if he hadn't made his name before, he sure has now.

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В интернет се говори, че Low Ki наистина е нокаутирал опонента си с този ритник! ММА боец си Low-Ki! :D

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