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WWC Euphoria - 16 януари 2010


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3-way Match To Determine The Top Puertorican Wrestler Of The Decade

"El Mesias" Ricky Banderas vs. Carlito vs. "Mr. Raytings" Ray Gonzalez

Orlando "The Nightmare" Colón vs. Primo Colón

WWC Universal Title Match

"The Rebel" Noriega © vs. "The Phenomenon" BJ

WWC World Tag Team Title Match

The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) © vs. The Illegal Threat (Bryan & Chicano)

Black Pain (w/ Chicky Starr) vs. El Bronco

Loser Gets Suspended For 90 Days

"The Sensational" Carlitos vs. "The Ruler of the World" Hiram Tua (w/ Debbie Ross)

Grudge Match

Shawn Spears vs. "Superstar" Idol Stevens (w/ José Chaparro)

Special Challenge

King Tonga, Jr. vs. Abbad

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WWC Euphoria

January 16th, 2010

Attendance: 5500-6000

= The broadcasting team of Centeno, Jerry Rodriguez, El Wizard & Willie Urbina come out and welcome everybody to the event. They tease they have a surprise and then Joe Don Smith comes out. Joe announces that he's better now and he's cancer-free.

1. Loser Gets Suspended For 90 Days: Carlitos def. Hiram Tua - Fastastic match.

2. King Tonga Jr. def. Abbad - Boring match. Tonga Jr. is one of Meng's sons. Abbad appeared to have improved his psychique quite a lot.

3. Grudge Match: Idol Stevens (w/ Jose Chaparro) def. Shawn Spears - The worst match of the night.

= Bronco comes out and starts insulting the fans and Chicky Starr which leads to Chicky bringing out Black Pain.

4. Black Pain (w/ Chicky Starr) def. El Bronco - Short but fun match. Black Pain (a.k.a. Sweet Papi Sanches) just got released from his WWE contract.

5. WWC Universal Title: BJ def. Noriega © to win the Title - Good match.

6. WWC World Tag Team Titles: The Illegal Threat (Bryan & Chicano) def. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lightning) © to win the Titles - Pretty good match. Bryan & Chicano won due to interference by their associate Cuervo.

7. Colon vs. Colon: Orlando Colon (w/ Debbie Ross) def. Primo Colon - Very good match that included technical wrestling, high-flying and brawling.

8. A Match To Determine The Top Puertorican Wrestler Of The Decade: Ray Gonzalez def. Carlito Caribbean Cool & "El Mesias" Ricky Banderas - Tremendous match. After the match ended Mesias & Carlito started brawling and had to be separated by security. It looks like WWC's going with Mesias/Carlito for this year's Aniversario.

= 3 clips from the main event:

Overall, it was a very good show.

Екстра! Радвам се да видя, че draw-наха толкова добре и че шоуто го е бивало. От няколко години насам не бяха draw-вали толкова добре за non-Aniversario шоу. Е, нормално де. Все пак може би трите най-големи пуерторикански кеч имена за последните 10 години бяха в главния мач, a и освен това имена като Chicano & Black Pain се завърнаха.

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